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Saturday, April 9, 2022

Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!💕


 Yes, you know it must be a special day
When I dust off the ol’ blog 
To write a post…

This was always one of my favorite pictures of Kristen.
She’s just so naturally gorgeous
And these last couple of years 
She has really embraced
How incredible she truly is.

I mean…
LOOK at her!

The older she gets the more beautiful
she becomes.

Kristen has had a helluva year
Hasn't she?
Critically acclaimed performance
In “Spencer”
Nominated for an ACADEMY AWARD!
We got to see interviews 
And photoshoots
Lots and lots of promo
and it was wonderful.

I loved “Spencer”
Kristen was mesmerizing as Diana.
She deserved every bit of praise
All the accolades…
All the awards.
And I will be perfectly honest here…
There was smug satisfaction
that all those ‘haters’ out there
Who said that Kristen was finished in Hollywood…
And tried to destroy her and her career
Had to swallow a bitter pill.
(Because KSIBTU)

 But enough of that…
Kristen has been positively GLOWING with happiness.
Her career is on fire
and she’s in love and engaged to be married.

I hope she’s having the birthday she deserves…
But I’m pretty sure she is.


Until next time

Bye for now🌹


Lilian said...
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Lilian said...

Hello. I just suddenly want to see if you updated anything. Thanks for another HBD post for Kristen. :) This comment is very late but it means a lot that a Rob's fansite published this :)

penguincullen said...

Just found you on social media...miss your lovely blog we share a love of Tom as well Cheers!