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Sunday, April 12, 2020

I Love Love

Time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin'
Into the future

Either that or time has just fucking stopped.
You tell me.

I know this isolation/quarantine thingy
is hard for some people.
A lot of people.
So many people have died...
so many are sick
It breaks my heart 
how much pain and suffering 
is going on right now.
And I feel so helpless.

I want to keep thinking that there is a light
at the end of this dark, anxious tunnel.
I want to believe that we will come out
on the other side.
 I do have faith.
I believe that although
there are some people 
who are inherently stupid and selfish...
That the majority are good and kind
and that we will prevail.


So that brings me to this post.
2 posts in a few days?
I must have time on my hands!

Since I'm feeling particularly nostalgic right now
Since I'm longing for the days
when laughter and light
filled my timeline...
I thought I would bring up 
some of my favorite 
Robert/Kristen pictures.

I mean...
Do you remember how you felt
when you saw these pictures?
And if you were like me
(A very Robstenny Robsten fan)
These pictures brought you
smiles and happiness.
Because yeah...
I love LOVE.
And watching 2 people
fall in love
against all the odds
of being in the eye
of a fucking hurricane...
or tornado.
Or both combined, even.
They still managed to find love.
And that made me happy
and if you're reading this...
It probably made you happy, too.

This one kinda started it all.
I still remember the furor
surrounding this picture.
Rob and Kristen holding hands.
This really was the first public
that Rob and Kristen
It was glorious.

So close.
So very very close
And so happy.
This whole time
was incredible.

This was always one of my very favorites.
Kristen was filming "On The Road"
Rob came to visit her on set...
And I honestly don't know
if I have ever seen Rob so happy
to be in her presence.
Man, I love this picture.
It still makes me smile.
Big time.

The pictures that broke the fandom.
There really was no getting away
from the fact that
Rob and Kristen
were together and in love...

Rob at Cannes.
(Don't ask me for details...
I'm going on memory at this point.)
Kristen was there supporting him
After his movie played for the audience...
Who did he seek out?
Never underestimate
how important they were to each other.

For some reason
when I look at these pictures
2 thoughts come to mind.
1. Kinda cringeworthy
in their invasiveness
They still make me chuckle.
Oh man.
Rob still loved Kristen...
Even after all the drama.
Even after all the bullshit.
He still wanted to be with her.

Love is fucking long.

Enough for now.

For the record

that Rob and Kristen
have both moved on 
to other relationships
and its been years 
since this all happened.

But I don't care!
I can still enjoy what was...
I can still sigh
and smile
at all the good times
this fandom shared.
And they were GOOD TIMES.
I can be nostalgic
and remember the gloriousness of
Rob and Kristen.

And what coulda been...
Who knows.
Different times.
Different circumstances.

Random thoughts...

1. Rob and Kristen had an intense
relationship for years.
Can you imagine?
Burned hot.
Until it burned out.

2. Rob and Kristen
don't hate each other.
They still talk about each other
(to each other?)
with kindness and affection.
And doesn't that tell
you something?

3. I wanted to just say...

I still adore
Tom Sturridge.
That will NEVER change.

Please be safe.
Please be healthy.
Please be happy.

And so it goes
Until next time.

Bye for now


Donna said...

Yes! MY Twitter quote is I Love love! so I had to pipe in on this one. Perfect picture selection, feelings = same. I want them both to be happy - but DAMN, it would have been nice if they were enough for each other.

Collettej2020 said...

Hey Rosesee..hope your day was filled with love, kindness, and joy ������

M.Dutchess said...

Hi Rose I'm so glad you came back. I love and remember all the pictures, how happy I was for them and still am for their happiness. Your part always make me smile. It will certainly help me escape the darkness of the world, even for a little bit. Thank you

rolange said...

Thank you Rose! I agree 100% with what you said. I miss them. I know they've moved on and it's been years but...yeah, I still miss them. I miss the possibility of them. The "what could have been" of them. I wish the fandom and the media could have been easier on them, could've given them room to breathe. Who knows if things could've been different? Oh well, we won't know. But thanks for these lovely memories during these strange times. I hope everyone is well and safe. Take care.

Lily said...

Hello It’s a crazy world we live in. I found such hope,love from these 2 people maybe I went thru something in my life at that time I lost my husband.. Their love that grew in front of us and a crazy romantic book Twilight and movies that followed. I loved them and I went to all the comic cons ( I live in San Diego) all the premiers even snuck in to a few of the after parties with a friend .i camped out over night to see them. So easy they just loved the books it was Rob and Kristen and their palatable love for each other. The cast was awesome as well when it all changed I was sad. Life goes on change is good they seem happy again and I still just love the two of them and enjoy their work.

CW said...


PamH said...

Hello Rose ! I used to post here and always loved your blog. I’ve participated in a few blogs since the whole fandom started and sadly all of them end or end up in drama. Fans picking sides and in turn going to opposing fan blogs and social media just to keep drama going. I’m glad to see you posting again because you are one (or only) blogger left that still supports both. Me being a fan of both find myself not really fitting in most of the time. I have meet some wonderful people over all these years in the fandom and for the most part they are the reason I stay at a blog.
Rob and Kristen and Twilight gave us so many wonderful memories and there is nothing wrong with anyone reminiscing over those times. All the photos take me instantly back to those wonderful days. We all know they have both moved on and as long as they are happy...I’m happy.

I’m happy about how well both are doing in their careers and it will be nice having somewhere that I can express that without drama to follow.
Can’t express how excited I am to finally be able to read Midnight Sun....It’s about time !!!!

Hope everyone stays safe and healthy.....

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Jewels64 said...

Hey Rose! We are trying to get the original band of crazy Robsessed women back together! Specifically after the current release of Midnight Sun! We are wanting to touch base and laugh and love! Miss you...

Rose said...

Hey Jules! Crazy Robsessed? Do we still exist? I just started reading Midnight Sun and it does bring back a lot of memories! I’m in... let me know where and when... and maybe who... hahaha❤️

Super RN Gas Passer said...

Hi Rose ! I am reading Midnight Sun as well and am over the moon that she finally finished the book...DK told me that you had made a few posts just the other day and I very much enjoyed reading them and seeing the pictures etc. YES it was so exciting and FUN ! Love to All

PamH said...

Finished Midnight Sun and it was so good !!! Brought back so many wonderful thoughts and memories.
It was nice to find out more about the Cullens and what was going on behind the scenes of Bella’s POV.
Stay safe everyone...

DreamerKind said...

For Rob and Kristen


Shirley Bassey

Till the moon deserts the sky
Till all the seas run dry
Till then I'll worship you
Till the tropic sun grows (turns) cold
Till this young world grows old
My darling, I'll adore you

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I'm yours, be mine

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I'm yours, be mine