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Monday, August 26, 2013

9 (Nine) Things I Hate/Love

1. I love Robert's look in the whole DIOR ad.
The man wears clothes
He looks ALL kinds of Sexy.
There was a wonderful "Behind the Scenes" video
of Rob and his co-star Camille...
which was incredibly charming.

2. And then this picture was released...
and you know what happened next... right?

It got real messy.

I get the normal fangirling over this Dior stuff...
because Rob is pretty fucking delicious in it.
But body parts exploding?
Sounds painful.
Sounds violent.
"This is the BEST day of my life!"
and of course
the requisite

It's a commercial.
And if that is the BEST day of your life...
That speaks for itself.

Admittedly it's well put together
and Rob and Camille have an adorable chemistry.
They both look great.

You're not watching one of Rob's private home movies, OK?
It's scripted.
It's acting.
Every thing they do... they are told to do.
You do understand that... don't you?

I find it most amusing that the people who are 
the first to screech that 'shippers'
can't tell the difference between Edward/Bella
and Rob/Kristen
can't seem to realize that there is no Rob and Camille.
It was just a job.

Rob isn't really playing the piano for Camille
after a night of passionate lovemaking
anymore than Rob sparkles in the sun
and can't resist Bella's blood.
He didn't really die on 9/11
and he never worked in a circus in the 30's.

3. See... the thing people seem to forget
as they lose their lady bits over Rob being
'so happy and free'
is that this was filmed well BEFORE May...
(which seems to be the line drawn in the 'Robsten' sand)
This wasn't filmed last week.
or last month.
Most of it was probably filmed last year.

The REAL reason they lose themselves over this
is because they think it represents Rob now.
That this is how he is living his life...
Single. Free.
Like 2008 all over again...
And without Kristen.
Anyone but Kristen.

Rob and Camille probably haven't even seen
each other since they wrapped filming ...
She went back home to her boyfriend
He went back home to Kristen.

Truth. Is. Truth.

4. I'm loving this ad as well.
She looks lovely.
And quite honestly...
I loved the perfume and really want to buy it.
I would never have done that if it wasn't for Kristen.

Now I'm not going to get into some
lame lunatic competition over their ads.
There isn't one.
There is no reason to cut one down to build up the other.
Parts of this fandom are all about pitting Rob against Kristen
in all sorts of asinine ways.

When in fact...
all the stupid bullshit drama is fandom induced.
It's not being fueled by Rob or Kristen
in any way.
They aren't trying to sabotage each other's career.
They are just living their lives
in the eye of the tornado...
and all the shit is flying all around them.

What therefore God has joined together, 
let not man put asunder.

5. There was lots of talk about frogs
and snails.
And puppy dog tails.
Or Tales.

Seemingly one of the creepier members
of the Fringe...
and by definition... they are all creepy
so if I say creepier... 
be afraid.
Be very afraid.

I digress.

One of the looniest of the loons
posted a picture taken from a private instagram acct
of one of Kristen's friends.
(She HATES Kristen and wants to devour her very soul
so she obsessively follows every moment of her life)
(remember what I said about being afraid?)
It showed the black puppy 
that Kristen has been seen with recently
and some comments relating to 'chilling' with the puppy
and how someone was 'dying' for her.

Puppies cannot be looked after on movie sets.
So chilling with someone who can pay attention 
to all a puppy's needs... makes sense.

6. Does Kristen have instagram?
It doesn't matter.
In fact...
People who think its OK to leave rude comments
and try to engage her friends/relatives
on insta or twitter...
because you believe you are entitled to harass and stalk them
Need to step the fuck off.
and a strait jacket.
Not necessarily in that order.

7. I get asked about the number nine.
A lot.
It's a good number
and it turns up in my life
A lot.
What does it mean?
The ninth day?
The ninth month?
Revolution 9.
Number 9 Dream.
99 bottles of beer on the wall?

8. Remember this:

GOOD Things Come To Those Who Wait.
BETTER Things Come To Those 
Who Don't Give Up...
And The BEST Thing Comes
To Those Who

This post is brought to you by
my complete adoration
Tom Sturridge

Love is Long.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

Stay Pressed.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Watch Out Chicken Little!

When will I see you again?

Parts of this fandom needs a sense of humor.
And most likely an enema...
because some people are FULL of shit.

But the sense of humor thing...
It's serious.
The Fringe doesn't have one.
At all.
They try... but fail.
(and don't even get me started on how much
they try to 'TWIRL' and end up looking like Elaine)

(Give up the Twirling... admit defeat.)

But you know how awkward it is when someone
THINKS they are ever so funny?
They say the most ridiculous stuff...
not even close to amusing
and then they kinda repeat it over and over again
if they regurgitate the same lame tired lines
it will magically become funny.

Somehow they think throwing 'unbroken'
or 'Suck it Sheeps' into
every other sentence is funny shit.
('s just shit.)
They actually believe that encouraging
a fellow lunatic into stalking/harassing
Rob and/or Kristen's family, friends, co-workers
on social media is not only acceptable behavior
but completely justified.
They think psychotic is hilarious.
They promote it.
They follow it.
They wallow in it.

See what I mean?
Personally, I don't find people
with multiple personalities amusing...
Just sad.

Which brings me to the stalker eggs on Twitter.
(speaking of multiple personalities)
I get these eggs almost every time I tweet anything.
I could say something as innocuous
as the sky is blue
and yet these cowardly eggs feel the need to 
tell me what they think... and what I should think.
Unfortunately for them
They usually get it ALL wrong.

So I thought I would share with you a recent egg
encounter that I had on twitter.
Let me remind you that I don't know
who these people are...
And I usually don't even engage these idiots
but I was in a rare mood that day.
Just notice how 'nice' they start out...
and how their true bitter hatred wins out in the end.

So lets take a peek inside their lunacy... shall we?

Quick reminder...
This was a reaction from ONE tweet.

 Sometimes when you are having INTENSE conversations... 
you need a guarded place where people
 can't drive by and take pictures and stalk you.

 BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee Are u for real? Other day it wasn't true now it's THIS?
 Funny is Mischa there for those "intense convos" I cannot w your bullshit

ǝsoɹ @RoseSee
@BPleaxxx No... I'm a figment of your imagination.
 And I never said  it wasn't true...
I said it was HILARIOUS.

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee You know what you need privacy for the parties 
Mischa and Michelle  would go to.
Those that involve drugs and alcohol. ;)

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee Your excuses are precious though. 
I love when you start chasing your tail. #admitdefeat

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee Well I'm happy for Rob. He's got Mischa and Michelle
 and the "stuff" that comes with them. GOOD FOR HIM.

ǝsoɹ @RoseSee
@BPleaxxx blah blah blah... you aren't happy for anyone.

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee Why do you guys keep ignoring Mischa and Michelle? #youscared

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee I Am Rose! I unlike you can see he's found women 
that he has more in common with than Kristen and is moving on.

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee Maybe you're just scared that the pretend Rob
 you created has nothing to do w the one who likes 
to hang w addicts, people who did

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee time for drunk driving,
 and is at the Chateau Marmont every other night.
 Maybe it's the falling of who you created you're mad about

BPlease @BPleaxxx
@RoseSee Meanwhile Kristen looks happy and free and funny enough 

isn't at the Chateau w addicts every other night. #differentpeople

This is where she changed her acct.
because I blocked her sorry ass...
should I be flattered?

Kstewfan @Kstewfxxx
@RoseSee Aw why'd you block Rose? Scared of Michelle and Mischa.
 Notice you leave them out of your posts, interesting, non?

Kstewfan @Kstewfxxx
@RoseSee Nice of Rob to slap Kristen around 1 more time though.
 All the articles on how he moved to get away from her. #classactRP

And another new acct...
Just for widdle ol' me.

Kstewfan @Kstewfxxx
@RoseSee You can block all you want but we won. 
You lost.
 And now you're acting fucking delusional and scared. #moveonbitch

You tell me...
WHO is acting delusional and scared here?
You won? Because you are acting like a loser.

Kstewfan @Kstewfxxx
@RoseSee But It's cute when you crazy ass gets challenged you run away. 
Go make up some more 'excuses'. THEY'RE TALKING. Like he does w

Kstewfan @Kstewfxxx
@RoseSee Mischa and Michelle!!! 
Funny Kristen still seems very present in LF.
 lol. Poor sad, pathetic, old, shipper.

And another new name...

Kstewfan7 ‏@Kstewfan7xxx
@Rosesee "ensures that he is better-protected from fans and paparazzi alike,
 as well as his ex." …

Kstewfan7 ‏@Kstewfan7xxx
@rosesee trying to get away from her to classy whores like Mischa and Michelle.
He better hope he's never seen anywhere

Kstewfan7 ‏@Kstewfan7xxx
@rosesee near Kristen again bc Kristen's fans are all done with his ass. 
Believe. He wants a war or we are going to take him down cunt.

I love how people throw around
Like it means anything.
And seriously... 'take him down'?
Who SAYS that??

Kstewfan7 ‏@Kstewfan7xxx
 He wants to keep fucking w

Kstewfan7 ‏@Kstewfan7xxx
@RoseSee Kristen and embarrassing her?
 Fine. It's on cunt.

@RoseSee Now block away bc I'm going to fucking destroy his ass.

Wasn't it sad/scary how this pathetic egg quickly deteriorated
from being fake HAPPY for Rob to saying she would 
'destroy his ass'
And FYI? This loonie mentioned Mischa and/or Michelle
7 times.
Obsess much?
Just goes to show you that there really isn't much difference
between the Nonstens and Nonberts...
Different sides of the coin, but the same bitter hatred.


Your sky will soon be falling, Chicken Little.
Watch out!

And now for something completely different.
And better.
Oh so much better.

Rob is back on set for Maps To The Stars...
Which means...
Come on now... I know you know this...

Lots and lots of walking!
And let's be honest
Rob walking is good.

and let's also add in....

Beardy profile Rob...
Win. Fucking. Win.

and last but not least...
never least...

Adorable lovely Kristen.
Because I will always be on her side.

Final thoughts.

1. This whole paparazzi thing.
Yeah, Rob pushed some guy in the face.
He apparently thought it was a pap
but it turned out to be a security guy.
(and in that crowd and lights... I understand why)
I defended Kristen's 'breathe my air' comment to the scum
and I defend Rob's right to defend himself.
Thing is...
We see snippets of this.
We never saw what happened BEFORE 
Kristen called the pap a fuck face...
And we all KNOW he is a fuck face.
As for Rob?
We don't know what was said...
or done to him.
Someone could have grabbed him
and he pushed back.
We don't know.
But after watching the video
and listening to the horrible things they called him
and how they giggle like schoolgirls...
At all.

2. Rob was pictured with an adorable smiling girl
who was in a hospital.
It was really lovely and this young girl
shared pictures of her and Rob with big smiles on their faces.
People need to accept it for what it is...
and quit trying to spin it negatively.
It was a good thing.
A nice thing.
Leave it at that.

3. Rob supposedly moved to Beverly Hills.
I don't know if this is true or not...
There aren't any pictures or anything.
Just the word of some real estate stalker.
So who knows.
It is a guarded community...
and maybe right now
Rob feels he needs that.
And like I said before...

"Sometimes when you are having INTENSE conversations... 
you need a guarded place where people
 can't drive by and take pictures and stalk you."

And fucking done.

4. There were some Dior interviews that came out...
they weren't in English so they had to be translated.
Idiots are acting like Rob admitted to being 'broken up'.
You sure about that?
It looks like the writer editorialized about Kristen...
Because we ALL know that Rob would never
discuss anything that personal.

"Life is decisions. I chose this job, and at the same time, 
I set out not to mix personal and professional."

And all the fools who continually 'ship' Rob with
the model in the ads
or any other female in his zip code...

"There's a very precise line that marks reality and fiction.
 If people aren't capable of distinguishing it, 
there's nothing I can do to explain it to them." 

But the best one?
The one where you KNOW exactly who he is talking about.
They can't seem to stop their ovaries from exploding...
The ones who ROBSESS over his every move...
His every breath...
Every pore of his body.
Those who want to dictate his life
and get upset with him when he disappoints them
and lives his life his way.

They look at a photo of me and think they have a special relationship,
 a friendship, an affair with me - someone they haven’t met their whole life. 
That’s crazy. And in some moments really scary and creepy.

Couldn't have said it better myself.
Oh wait.
That's exactly what I've said.

And I realize I may 'care' too much about
Rob and Kristen
I speculate on their lives...
Sometimes I focus too much on the gossip
and not their careers.
And after 5 years
I still am trying to figure out
why I became (and remain) so intoxicated with this...
But I do know one thing
What I do/say about Rob and Kristen
comes from a good place.
A wee bit crazy? Maybe.
But at least its a nice crazy.
I want them to be happy.
Because I adore both of them.

Thanks Rob.

This post is brought to you by...


Tom Sturridge's smile.
Because he has a wonderful smile.
I love it.
I adore him.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Hang in there.
It will be OK.

And I still see you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Viewer Discretion Advised.


I know.
This is a fucking rag.
And this was written in 2009.
But you do realize...
That even blind idiot squirrels
find an acorn every once in a while.

And the truth is
They were right then... and now.
Rob and Kristen are completely 
With each other.

"Desperate to be together...
and miserable when apart."

Who would have thought that OK
would have foreseen years into the future?
You go, Squirrel!


Let's talk about a couple of things.

1. Stephenie Meyers.

She was asked about Twilight.

"I get further away every day. I am so over it.
 For me, it's not a happy place to be," 
Meyer tells Variety while promoting 
the new movie she produced, "Austenland."

There was a lot of stuff said about Stephenie...

A lot of fans of Twilight felt betrayed.
Some idiots felt like she was talking about Rob and Kristen.
Some agreed with her.

I imagine she would like to focus on her present projects
without Twilight being thrown in there...
Where would she be without Twilight?
Surely she would be in the meadow...
all alone.

She could have handled it better.
It's that simple.
"I am so over it"
makes her sound less than thankful
for all Twilight has given her.
"It's not a happy place to be"
Kinda disrespects all the people
who have loved and supported Twilight
all these years...
And made it possible for her to have other projects.

Stephenie uses words for a living.
She chose poorly.

I hear circus music...

And Brad Walleye (I know that's not correct)
(His name doesn't matter)
He made some lame 'joke' about Kristen.
I never heard of the guy.
Not until a zillion people tweeted at him
and gave him attention.
I get that people want to defend Kristen.
I feel protective over her as well...
But truly...
Tweeting at this guy only brought attention
to him and what he said...

I'm sure he LOVED all the chances he got to
try and be all witty and amusing
while mocking "Kristen Stewart Fans"
Look at how engaged he was in responding
to everyone who mentioned him.
And didn't you find all the THANK YOU's
to the lunatics... heartwarming?

Now this nobody will be enshrined
in the Hater Hall of Fame
alongside Joan Rivers, Donald Trump
and anyone else who has made fun of Kristen
to get attention.

Scavengers stick together.

Some things are better left unsaid.
Some people are better left ignored.
Now this Bozo
Will know if he wants attention in the future
to just mention Kristen.


A new pic from BD2.
Aren't they just... fucking lovely?
My god.

And yeah...
There will be a box set of the Twilight movies...

I've never understood why people (usually lunatics)
always screech for people to 'get over' Twilight.
Do you screech at Harry Potter fans?
If people are fans of the books and/or movies...
Why does it matter?

Rob and Kristen 
have always been gracious and grateful
when talking about what Twilight has meant to them.
Rob doesn't hate Twilight.
I know some would love to believe that...
But I'm sure he has a lot of memories wrapped
up in those movies...
As does Kristen.
And both of them realize that Twilight was not only the 
vehicle that brought them fame and fortune...
but also each other.

Love is long.

You see things your way...
and I see the TRUTH.

This post is brought to you by 
the following announcements:

This blog post contains strong language.

Viewer discretion advised.

and last but most importantly...

This post contains pictures/opinions that some viewers may find disturbing.

And of course

This post is dedicated to
the always adorable

Tom Sturridge

Until next time.

Bye for now

I know you're here.
Thank you for letting me live
rent free inside your empty head.