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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Total Eclipse of The Heart...

"Staring into his eyes always
made me feel extraordinary —
sort of like my bones were turning spongy.
I was also a little lightheaded,
but that could have been
because I’d forgotten to keep breathing.
Bella Swan, Eclipse, Chapter 1, p.17

Is he done yet?
I'm getting kinda tired of this.
Every damn day...
Picture after picture of Rob.
Looking so beautiful...

It makes me want to cry.
And sometimes I do.

As much as I love looking at Rob...
I can't keep this up much longer.
I feel like I've seen the movie
with all the pictures and videos
that are out there.


I long for the closed sets of New Moon...
I wish for small glimpses into the movie
instead of seeing every outdoor scene played out.
And the look in Rob's eyes.
He loves to work... there is no doubt...
But you can tell he is not comfortable
being watched while doing it.
The hair raking.
The need to have something
in his mouth...
(Seriously? Kill Me Now.)
Hiding behind his sunglasses...
All his nervous ticks.

Yeah... look in Rob's eyes...
That's a major part of my problem here.
Looking at Rob... Period.
He's kinda like an eclipse
You shouldn't stare directly at him...
It's overwhelming...
and you could go blind.
Or in my case...


Too late...

I am doomed.

Bye for now

Monday, June 29, 2009

Losing My Religion... Devoted To Rob Pattinson.

This picture wrecks me.
I'm absolutely shattered.


But who the hell am I kidding?
Every damn picture destroys me.
No matter what Rob is doing...
no matter what he is wearing...
no matter the look on his face...
I am completely owned.
No fucking doubt about it.

I had a 'fangirl' encounter yesterday.
And with the experience...
I realized that keeping my ROBsession incognito
is a good thing to do.

So I was hanging out with some friends...
We were sitting around a bonfire...
just shooting the shit.
Well, some spew the shit better than others...
But for some reason a teenage daughter
of one of my friends started gushing about Rob.

Now... that's all fine and good.
Rob is very gushable.
She talked about his hair (gush)
She mentioned his eyes (gush)
She commented on his abs (gush)
and while I was silently gushing...
appreciating all the fine qualities she talked about...

She then began to call him Edward.
I mean... as if that is all he is. was. could be.

(gushes are drying up rapidly)

"Edward is cute and all... but what else has he done?"

"I love Edward's hair, but it's not as hot as Zac's"

"And Edward's voice... it's so weird...
and you can't understand a word he sings."

Yeah. No more gushing.
In fact... is there an opposite of gushing?
I looked it up.
You know what I got?
Trickle. That doesn't work for me.
Well, I could feel my face actually pucker...
Like I had just sucked on a major lemon.

It took really a lot...
I'm talking a monumental effort....
To not defend Rob.
I wanted to tell this clueless girl...
That Rob is so much more than his face...
His hair... his looks.
I wanted to tell her how intelligent he is...
How thoughtful and well spoken.
That Rob is modest and charming...
Witty and so self deprecating.

But I bit my tongue
(honestly, I tasted blood...)
Because I realized it wasn't worth it.
And I realized that if I started
defending Rob...
Not only would people realize
that I knew a bit too much
about Robert Pattinson...
They would realize just how
passionate I am about him.

That would be bad.
Trust me.

So I just gulped down my drink...
And sucked up my nearly
over powering need and desire
to protect and defend
Robert Pattinson.

I'm telling you...
Loving Rob is hard work.
It's a full time job.
It's a religion.
And I'm devoted.

Bye for now

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where's Oregano~ Part Deux... Again.

It's a lazy Sunday afternoon...

And I'm a lazy Rose.

Like totally, extremely lazy.

Like I don't want to do shit today.

So I'm so not going to.

Yeah. That's it.

And I love this video.

So here we go again.

Bye for now

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Robert Pattinson Is Watching You...

"Well, I’m so sorry that I can’t be
the right kind of monster for you, Bella.
I guess I’m just not as great as a bloodsucker, am I?"
Jacob Black, New Moon, Chapter 13, p.307

This is the 'new' New Moon book cover.
I like it.

A lot.

Of course there are those...
who complain about the picture
showcasing Jacob Black...
All I have to say is...
Did you read the damn book?
Go... read it...
Get back to me.
I'll wait.


1. Bella/Kristen
As usual, she looks gorgeous...
but even though she is finding solace
in Jake's arms...
She doesn't look comfortable.
She's still keeping a distance...
Her arms look awkward.
And her eyes tell you her mind...
her heart...
are somewhere else.

2. Jacob/Taylor
Months ago...
I expressed my doubt
that Taylor could sufficiently
play a love interest/rival
in New Moon.
He has proven me wrong.
In Twilight
He was a cute kid...
who was kinda charming.
In this picture...
He is showing that
he is smoldering...
and up for the fight
for Bella's heart.
And he looks phenomenal.
3. Edward/Robert.
There isn't a lot of Rob
on this cover.
And there's not a lot
of Edward in the book.
So it works.
But it just shows
that Edward is there...
In the New Moon.
And as always...
Rob looks beautiful.
Edward perfection.

Seeing all of these new
New Moon images...
does make me anxious
to see the movie.
And what I have seen so far...
Leads me to believe
I won't be disappointed.

Bye for now

Friday, June 26, 2009

Who Is Robert Pattinson??

He’s like a drug for you, Bella.
I see that you can’t live without him now.
It’s too late.
But I would have been healthier for you.
Not a drug;
I would have been the air, the sun.

Jacob Black, Eclipse, Chapter 26, p.599

From my point of view...
Robert Pattinson
is a HUGE movie star.
Hundreds of women
and paparazzi
stalk his every move.

His face adorns the covers of
countless magazines...
He is all over the gossip sites.

But how big a star is he really?
In my world...
A world where I am constantly
searching the internet for any news...
scouring websites for new pictures and videos...

But I look at the people in my life...
My family, my friends...
And they don't give a shit about Rob.
Many of them have little idea
who he is.
"Oh yeah... The Twilight guy."
My sons are aware of him...
(and I admit a lot of that is because of me)
but they are of an age
when they know what is going on
with popular culture.

But if you think about it...
Robert is a step up
on the ladder of fame...
Because he played a newly
iconic literary character.
Edward Cullen.

Outside of that...
Do people really care?
Ordinary, non-ROBsessed people?
I wonder...

Rob is on the cover of a lot
of magazines, lately...
But has he ever graced PEOPLE?
(and not the little side pic)
If he's the hottest guy in the world...
Why hasn't he been on the cover of People?
Or any 'legit' entertainment magazines?
Outside of EW and GQ...
The magazines that have his face plastered
all over their issues...
are the shit rags...
like Life&Style, and OK, etc...
The gossipy rags that make up
almost everything they write.
I don't know.
I've never followed a celebrity
this closely before.
This is all new to me.
I imagine if I followed...
Johnny Depp...
I might see things differently.

I think Robert is a small to middling fish...
in a big, big pond.
I think he's the 'hot' new guy
and people are aware of him...
But I also think
I project my love and adoration for him
onto everything.

Thinking that everyone must
love Robert Pattinson...
Because *I* do.

I do think that if
Rob keeps being true to himself...
and doesn't turn "Hollywood"
and keeps focusing on his work...
He can be like Johnny Depp.
I see a lot of similarity already.

I like that.
A lot.

Bye for now

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Should Hate Robert Pattinson

There was nothing special about this place without him.
I wasn’t exactly sure what I’d hoped to feel here,
but the meadow was empty of atmosphere,
empty of everything,
just like everywhere else.
Just like my nightmares.

Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 10, p.234

I have typed and deleted
what I have been feeling
4 times now.
Nothing is coming out right.
Nothing seems to make sense.

I should hate Robert Pattinson.
Hate him for having this control over me.
Hate him for making every other man in my life...
pale in comparison.

Hate him for making me sit with my laptop
for hours on end...
Searching out new pictures
and videos...
Any tidbit of information...

I should hate him for making
me feel ashamed of my ROBsession...
For making me hide my true feelings
about him

I should hate him
for becoming Edward Cullen...
so perfectly.

I should hate him for always
looking so damn beautiful...
For always making me smile...
For always making my stomach flip...
and my heart race.

But most of all...
I should hate Robert Pattinson...
because I love him.
And I do.

I hate loving him.

Bye for now

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Temptation Eyes... Looking Through My Soul.

I must have gone back in time...
Because I have received the "Sexy Stars Of Twilight"
in the mail today...
And I feel like I am 13 years old.
Beautiful Glorious pictures of Robert...
in all their full color... 8x10 glory.
75 pages of one smoldering sexy look
after another...
7 pull-out posters...
All but one has Rob pictured.
And God help me...
He is sexy hot in every one.
Did I say 13?
Make it 11 years old.
Because I want to hang these posters
on the wall by my bed...
I want to kiss them goodnight...
I want to sing love songs in my hairbrush
Just to Rob...
I want to write "Mrs. Robert Pattinson"
on every notebook and folder.
I want to scrawl our initials in ink...
inside big hearts... on my arms.
I want to hug him and squeeze him...
Forever and ever.

Do you think my husband would mind?
And by mind... I mean commit me to
an insane asylum for intense therapy.

Bye for now

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello... I Love You

Rob: Hey Kris... Finally got a moment to talk to you. It's been fucking insane!
Kristen: Hey. I know. It's been ridiculous..
Rob: BTW you rock the whole plaid/hoodie look. I know you did it for me...
Kristen: Of course I did it for you... I'm missing you like crazy! I can't wait to see you again.
Rob: I know, Baby... It will be soon enough.
Kristen: Yeah, but it doesn't make it any easier...
Rob: Not easier, but definitely worth it when we are together again...
Kristen: Gotta go, Joan is yelling for me... Back to work, I guess!
Rob: Yeah, me too... miss you, baby.
Kristen: Love You.
Rob: Love You.

Bye for now

Monday, June 22, 2009

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away...

I'm having one of those days.
Where you just wanna crawl back into bed...
and throw the comforter over your head
and just not face the world.
The ROBsession is feasting on my heart...
And sometimes I just don't understand


What was it about Edward Cullen?
What IS it about Robert Pattinson?
Why has he affected me so strongly?
Why him?
Why not someone else?

Why does he make me say and do things...
That I have never done before?

What is going on?

I feel like I'm under some sort of spell...
Like I don't have control over my actions...

Over my emotions.

Over my life.

What the hell?

Bye for now

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Now You See It... Now You Don't.

Let's just get this out of the way, OK?
This is about chemistry.
Exhibit A:
We have Robert and Emilie kissing.
The first word that comes to mind?
Now, even giving them the benefit of the doubt...
and saying that maybe the movie
called for this kind of kiss...
It's just not there.
I saw the video, too...
If anything... it was worse.
Look at Rob's hands.
He is barely touching her.
Where is his other arm?
Emilie looks stiff.
And the way their bodies are barely grazing each other.
It's almost painful to look at.
And not because Rob is kissing her.
It's HOW he is kissing her.
It looks mechanical.
Exhibit B:
THIS is a kiss.
Both of his arms are wrapped tightly around her.
His eyes are closed...
His lips are smushed to hers...
She has her hand in his hair..
Their bodies are pressed closely together.
It's ALL there.
I know all the bullshit
that goes around about this kinda thing.
And honestly, I take it all with a grain of salt.
This is just my opinion on sexual chemistry.
You got it...
Or you don't.
It's obvious who does.
And I'm not hating on Emilie.
I'm sure she's very nice
And she's pretty enough...
But I feel kinda blah about her.
And it looks like Rob does, too.
Bye for now

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are You Talking To Me???

The above picture isn't an outtake from "Where's Oregano Part Deux"...
The above picture is my oldest son's idea of a joke.

You see...
Oldest son has been aware of my ROBsession for quite some time.
I'm not sure what it is about kids, but they seem to pick up on the signs
a lot quicker than say... husbands.
Husbands who to this day... are still pretty clueless.

But anyway.

While working on O2,
Oldest Son would occasionally be around...
snickering at me... as I set up some of the pictures...
Making the random snarky comment...

"Mom... WHAT are you doing? Nevermind, I don't wanna know."

"Um... Mom? A Disney Castle? What could you possibly use that for?"

"Wow Mom. Where the hell did you get all this shit?"

" I can't watch. You scare me."

"Mom? What's with the jar of Oregano?"

And so it goes.
So anyway...
One day after a rather fruitful 'photo shoot' for O2
I was downloading the pictures onto the computer to look them over...
and then...
I came across one that I didn't recognize.
I was like...
It seems that oldest son...
Thinking he was incredibly hilarious
(and let's face it... he was)
Staged his very own O2 pic
when I was gone.
And he even used Baby Oregano!

I have to say...
I laughed and laughed when I saw this picture.
I sent it to Trixie...
and she had a whole new appreciation
for the sense of humor that my sons have.
So there ya go.
A little Saturday Surprise.
My oldest son's contribution to O2.
I hope you laugh as much as I did!

Bye for now

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ain't Too Proud To Beg...




I'm on Rob overload.
And quite frankly...
I'm sick of it.
Rob? Fucking stop it, OK?
Give me a break...


Do you have any idea what all these pictures are doing to me?

Huh? Do you?

I'm just a girl...
standing in front of a boy...
Asking him to LOVE ME!
No wait...
I'm asking for a reprieve...
A day... maybe two...
without seeing your beautiful face.

Maybe they need to make the umbrella (ella) bigger?
Maybe they need to fucking not post where
the movie is shooting?
Maybe I just need to step away...
Just fucking step away from the computer.
Because let's face it...
All this pain...
All this angst...
is self-inflicted.
I am my own worst enemy.
Enough about me and my achey-breaky heart...

A couple of things.
1. Rob got grazed by a taxi yesterday...
(and I purposely didn't post yesterday... the emotions were running high!)
First he was being chased by the hyenas...
And raced into traffic to escape...
Then it was just his bodyguards
(who quite honestly need to be fired... come on)
pushing him into oncoming taxis
to let them clip my beloved hero.
So maybe it wasn't the hyenas fault this time...
But he still could have gotten hurt.
You had better start taking care of our boy, Summit...
I don't give a rats ass who is responsible for his safety...
I just want him SAFE.

2. *sigh*

The pictures I have posted today.


Robert is kissing Emilie.

Yes... I know its a movie.

Yes... I know he is 'acting'.

Yes... it bothers the living hell outta me.

Yes... I need serious help for my problems.

Why does it bother me to watch Rob kiss this chick?
Why doesn't it bother me to watch Rob kiss Kristen?

Geez Louise.

I could point out that the body language in these pictures
shows that Rob really isn't all that into the kiss...
One arm around her...
his hand barely touching her...
The other arm... well...
its not holding her.
But then again...

I'm a complete total fucking lunatic
and if you listen to one word that I say...
You are too.

So there.

OK. Sorry.
It's just that my head and my heart are heavy.


Rob needs a vacation.

Rose needs one, too.

Bye for now

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Robert Pattinson~ I Hate Myself For Loving You

I hate myself for loving you
Cant break free from the the things that you do
I wanna walk but I run back to you,
that's why
I hate myself for loving you...
(Thanks Joan Jett)

I am really trying to get a grip
on my emotions today.
So much to sort through...
so much going on.
Rob is in NYC
and his picture is all over the place.

I'm shattered.

People that I know
are going to the movie set...
and getting to put their eyes
on Rob.

I can't imagine.
I truly can't.
I have to close my eyes...
and take deep breaths.
My stomach is in knots.


I feel like I'm 15.

I watched some videos
that people took who were there
watching Rob film...
And they were getting all giddy
and squealing when they even
caught a glimpse of his hair...
And as I'm watching these...
I can feel my heart start to pound
and all these feelings
come bubbling to the top.
And I know...
I fucking KNOW
That I would be in tears
if I saw Rob in person.

Isn't that ridiculous?
It feels silly just to type it.
Right now...
as I am writing this...
I am crushed by how strong
my feelings are.

I keep trying to make sense of it all.

Rob is beautiful.
But it is so beyond how he looks.
It's everything about him.


I am so drawn to him...
I can't get enough of him.
It scares me.


I'm starting to think that I will never
figure this out.
That some things cannot
be deciphered.

They just ARE.

Is it strange for a woman...
married with kids...
to be completely
Robert Pattinson?


Yes it is.


Truth is fucking Truth.

Bye for now

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Loving Robert Pattinson~ The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!

You might as well get comfortable...
I might be here a while.
I'm in a mood.
Oh... and you might want to grab a bottle of water or something...
I don't want you getting all dehydrated on me.

By now everyone has seen the pictures of the lunatics who call themselves fans...
attacking Rob.
But I fucking refuse to show their pathetic asses on my blog.
They molested Robert.
They chased him. They grabbed him.
They pushed and pulled at him...
They shoved cameras in his face and demanded pictures.
They screamed at him.
1. When did behaving like that with ANY human being become OK?
What kind of thought process does one have to
believe that you are fucking ENTITLED to virtually attack
someone just because he is 'famous'?

Do these types of 'fans' even care about Rob?
Haven't they read the endless interviews where he stated how creepy
that is and how he is scared of that kind of reaction?


Not only did watching the video of these Harpies make me cringe for fear of Rob's safety...It fucking pissed me off.

2. The Harpies give the 'real' fans a bad name... a horrible image.
Their damn pictures were all over the place yesterday
(and I'm sure that was their real agenda...
the whole 15 minutes of fame, no matter the cost)
and 90% of Rob's fans DON'T behave like that.
My good and adored friend, Trixie was there.
She was excited and in awe of seeing Rob up close...
in the glorious, beautiful flesh...
But it was a subdued... respectful excited.
I was on the phone with her...
We quietly squeeeeee'd as she described
"Rob walking down the street... Now Rob is smoking...
He's walking again...
" Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
But did Trixie cross the line?
She stayed behind the barricades.
She treated Rob like a human being.
She didn't scream at him or chase him...
she respected his space.
She was a true Robert Fan...
(a RobKat, if you will... heh)
But you still have the gossip sites
falling all over the negativity
and painting all of Rob's fans with the same lunatic brush.
And that is a sad day.
3. Rob's bodyguards. What.The.Fuck?
He had like 3 big burly guys around him...
and still the Harpies got their arms around Rob...
and pushed into him and grabbed him...

Do you remember the bodyguard from Cannes?
The RKs call him "Sir Kevin" (long story)
This guy was really HANDS ON with Rob in Cannes...
A bit touchy-feely...
But he did a helluva job, didn't he?
You didn't see anyone get to Robert in France...
No one got past Sir Kevin.
Rob was safe in his oh so capable hands...
(and yeah, his hands were always on Rob... heh)

Get on the fucking ball here.
Protect Robert Pattinson.
Get Sir Kevin over here to look after Rob...
and maybe he can teach those guys from yesterday
what guarding a body is supposed to look like.

4. I worry about Rob.
I really do.
The Harpies are really only the tip of this horrible iceberg.
Summit really does need to step up here.
Why was this movie set so accessible anyway?
When Trixie was deciding to go over there...
There was no way we thought
she would even get close to seeing Rob.
And yet, there he was... right there.
And while I am supremely happy for her...
I am scared for Rob.
He really shouldn't have to work under these kinds of conditions...
The details for the shoot were all over the place...
It was bewildering.

Rob is such a gentle, shy soul.
He even managed to smile while being publicly assaulted.
But he shouldn't be subjected to that kind of abuse.
And he should feel safe in his working environment.

I know its probably difficult filming in NYC...
but you need to protect Rob.


Before something bad does happen.
Don't go breaking my heart.
Rob? Please take care of yourself.
You need to be OK.

Bye for now