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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Quick Brown Fox...

I wasn't going to say anything about Liberty Ross.
Because I don't give a shit about her.
Sorry. But I don't.
Vanity Fair had absolutely no faith
in LR's appeal in pushing this article either
She isn't even the one mentioned on the cover...
Is she?

Of course not.

My final thoughts on this.

1. The only people who will like this article
are the Hags and the Rags.
Haven't we been down this road before?

I'm sorry...
but if you are truly a fan of Robert Pattinson
(and it's blatantly obvious some are not)
You would cringe at the sight of this type of thing...
not joyfully RT it in your Twitter timeline
and relish in his pain.
Because it IS his pain you are gleefully tweeting about...
like it or not.
Rob's name is brought up EVERY time.
Yes. You are a REAL TRUE fan of Rob's!
Good work.
I'm sure Rob appreciates EVERY hit 
the article gets from you.
You throw mud at Kristen?
Rob is getting splashed too...

2. When is it ever enough?
It's been almost a year and a half...
and NOW LR regurgitates it back up?
What is she promoting?
Say what you will...
But NO ONE cares about her.
She has to use Kristen's name to make
anyone remotely interested in what she has to say.
Her only claim to 'fame' 
is that her lecherous husband
kissed on a girl 1/2 his age...
It 'was really the worst...really the worst'
that she wants to keep talking about it 16 months later
She wants to keep bringing up this painful horrible 
thing that happened in her life.

Makes sense to me.

3. No one I know condones cheating.
And no, I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories.
It happened.
Kristen apologized immediately
She admitted her mistake.
She has tried to move on.

The Hags don't think she has 
been PUNISHED enough!

She has been crucified in the tabloids
and she has had her relationship
with Robert scrutinized to the breaking point...
And yet all she is trying to do is live her life
Quietly working.
Staying under the radar.
Moving forward.


4. If your first instinct is to hire a P.R. woman to handle the media
That pretty much tells me everything I need to know.

I have children.
My first instinct would be to protect them...
Shield them.
If she truly wanted 
" to keep as far away from it as I could
 and to understand that this is my family 
and it’s the most precious thing to me."


5. I get a lot of
"Rose... Rob and Kristen have moved on
So should you"

Back at ya.
The difference is that I'm hopeful for the future...
and focus on LOVE.

You just focus on the negative past and the HATE.

6. I still want to know how Kristen was 'outfoxed'.
She's not the one wallowing in the past.
She's not the one using someone else's name 
to get attention.

If Kristen's name wasn't attached to this article...
and LR was just talking about her 'career'
You wouldn't give a shit, either.

7. Rob and Kristen.
Guess what?
Like it or not... this is OLD news.
She's not saying anything she hasn't said before.
It doesn't impact their relationship now.
They know where they stand.
They still talk and see each other.
A lot.
You would be surprised at how much.
They still love each other.
(and that is what REALLY worries you)
They don't look back...
They are looking ahead to the future.

This is the last time I will ever discuss
LR or that day in July.
Believe it or not
I don't hate her or wish her ill
I actually hope that LR finds happiness somewhere...
and that she can do it without using Kristen's name.
Because THAT would be 'classy'.

This post is brought to you by mistakes.

Everyone makes them.
Even You.
What's important is picking up your life...
and learning from them.
Have you done that?

And this post is brought to you 
by my complete adoration
of Tom Sturridge.

He is a bright star
in a dark sky.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

P.S. I'm a child of divorce...
I went thru a similar thing as a child
and that is where most of my sympathies lie.
This article doesn't do them any good...
LR needs to focus on her future with her children
and stop ripping open wounds that need to heal.

Monday, October 21, 2013

5 Years of Being Intoxicated...

It's been 5 years.
5 years of being INTOXICATED

I started writing this blog
Oct 20th, 2008.

And as I reflect on what brought me here...
I have to ask myself

5 fucking years?
Is that a good thing...
or not?


I looked back at my first post...
(and I will admit that my early posts
make me cringe just a bit)
It was titled...

You see...
I was ALL about Edward back then.
Edward is what brought me to Robert.
And as soon as I saw this picture...
I KNEW that I was in big trouble.
And here I am 5 years later to show you
just how deep I was in...

5 years.

How about a trip down memory lane?

1. My first post was October 20th...
By October 28th
(Keep in mind this was only a week later)

I posted 'Chemistry'
Here's an excerpt:

I wanted to talk about chemistry.
 As in on screen chemistry.
 As in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
 They have it.
 And better yet, they have it off screen as well. 
I think it is so obvious that there was a little sumthin sumthin
 going on between these two...beyond Edward and Bella. 
I have watched all the videos of the two of them...
and they are just so INTIMATE with each other. 
The way they look at one another...the way Kristen touches Roberts face 
(and that, my friends, is intimate), 
the way they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other at Comic Con...
their body language on and off screen. 
But especially off screen,
 because they are always touching...always close.
Now, I know that they are supposed to be dating other people or whatever.
 But there is definitely something there. 
I don't care what anyone says.

Oct 28th, 2008.
I already could see two people
falling in love with each other.

Do you remember this 'behind the scenes' video
of the EMPIRE photo shoot?
It was... and still remains
one of my favorite videos of Rob and Kristen
(We won't even discuss the Vanity Fair video
What else is there to say?)


On October 31st
This is what I had to say about that video...

And then the "Empire Magazine Shoot"...OH MY GOD. 
That is one of my favorite videos thus far. Watching Robert stare at Kristen...
watching Kristen steal a glance at Robert 
(and honestly, who can blame her for wanting to stare at him?).
 The sexual tension... the CHEMISTRY between them is so obvious. 
Yes, I saw Kristen's BF get out of the car with her in Rome...
but seriously...does he even stand a chance? Nope.
 After watching how Robert and Kristen interact with each other...
looking for each other...watching for each other...
feeling obvious comfort being next to each other...
I say its only a matter of time.
 In almost every picture that they took together...
she leaned into him. 
So intimate. 

And you still see it.
there is something I adore about this video
above all else...

Look at the end shot...
They are all standing together...
Kristen next to Rob
She looks over at him
and quickly looks away
like she couldn't control herself.
Did you see Rob react even though
he never looked directly at her?
He flinched at the same time she looked...
THAT'S how connected they were
even 5 years ago.

Beautiful People are indeed Beautiful.

2. I'm going to be completely... shallow here.
I just realized how much I miss Rob's "Edward" hair.
Looking at these old pictures...
watching old videos.
Sure... Rob always looks good no matter how
he has his hair cut...
But I really miss that greasy mop of hair.

3. I love the way Rob walks.
Rob's appearance on The Tonight Show
kinda sealed the deal with me.
Especially in how I became completely intoxicated
with the way he moves.

Look at him.
THIS is the Rob I miss the most...

And that fucking walk?
I remain slayed... to this day.


I may not obsess over Rob 
like he's a piece of meat to be devoured...
And my ovaries remain completely intact
My sweet Lord
I can still appreciate
this fucking moment in time.

I truly miss that floppy hair.
I miss it a lot.

Falling in love...for the last time.

4. I might also be missing what the fandom was then...
BEFORE the hate and constant drama.
It was simpler.
When we all just loved Rob.
(and yeah, some of us love Kristen too)
But we enjoyed what was given to us...
and we laughed.
And we ogled.
And then we laughed some more.
And we had the whole Twilight experience
in front of us...
and we were all anxious and giddy
about what was yet to come.

I miss that anticipation.
I miss being overwhelmed by all the interviews
and TV appearances
and magazine photoshoots
and premieres

And number 5.
Tom Sturridge.

Because surely as Edward led me to Robert...
Robert led me to Thomas.
And for that I will be forever grateful.

Tom is my green sheep.


So let's raise (another) glass
and celebrate 5 years of intoxication.

The BEST is yet to come.
(and won't that be fine?)

Until next time.

Bye for now

Thursday, October 17, 2013

REPOST: Whispers 10/2/2012

This is one of my favorite posts... 

Kristen: I Love You

Rob: I Love You, too

Kristen: Prove it. Scream it to the world!

Rob: *Whispers in ear*  I Love You.

Kristen: Why did you whisper it to me?

Rob: Because You are my World.


Until next time.

Bye for now

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's 11pm. Do You Know Where Your Rob and Kristen Are?

This is pretty much the fandom right now.
Crawling through the dry desert...
Looking for something
about Rob and Kristen.

They both have 2 movies 'in the can'
(is that right? because it seems wrong somehow...)
Not sure what's next.
Kristen was seen coming back into LA
Safe and Sound.
Oh and...
Rob was seen
driving his car.


How positively THRILLING!

Or not.

You know how it is when people are so thirsty... right?

They see things that aren't there.
They hallucinate.

Kinda like Rob 'dating' around.
Because I'm pretty sure we haven't seen any evidence
of anything remotely close to that.
I want to ask how sitting next to someone
(and not even close or intimate in any way)
automatically indicates two people are dating...
But then again
Rob was dating Riley Keough based on... nothing.
Not even a picture.
Just a 'source'.
And twitter talk about the mysterious redhead.
That's all it takes.
Rob has basically been connected to anyone he is next to...
Going all the way back to Nikki Reed.
I mean... seriously.
Think about it.
How many girls has he been linked to in the
past 4.5 years?
So many.
And how many has he really been with?

She's been the ONE girl who has been with him
these past four plus years.
And yet...
Some people STILL don't believe it.
Kristen has been the one constant.
The steady companion.
Consistently in his life.
Year after year.

Not anyone else.
So many names.
So many mysterious blondes 
Yet they all fall away...

But who always remains?

I  try to understand why some don't want to think
that Rob and Kristen will end up together.
To each their own.
And believe it or not...
I get that some people don't want 
Rob with Kristen
Kristen with Rob
for whatever bizarro entitlement you feel you have
over who Rob/Kristen fall in love with...
And as long as you don't trash and hate on either
that's all Fine and Dandy with me.
Believe what you want.
It matters little.

But let's be honest...
We are ALL playing this waiting game right now

It's OK.
You can admit it.

Whose hand will Rob be holding?
Who will Rob smile at like she's the only person on earth?
What guy will Kristen be holding on to?
Whose t-shirts will Kristen wear?

My cards are on the table...
Look at the above picture 
if you still don't know what I think will happen.
Here's a hint.

Rob and Kristen.

I don't want to be all 'jinxy' here...
But I believe what I believe.
And let's be real...
our opinions don't have any effect on the outcome.

Whatever will be.
Will be.

I just happen to think
Rob and Kristen
will be.

Final thoughts?

1. As much as I enjoy seeing
Rob and Kristen 
If (and this is a major if here)
it turns out differently
for whatever reason...
I will still be here.
And I will still adore
both of them.

2. And you might not believe this
(but it's so very true)
I'm liking that they are under the radar right now.
I love when they aren't seen for days... weeks.
(and BOOM as soon as I post this
something will happen!)
I love that they get to be normal people
with no cameras in their faces...
if only for a while.
So yeah...
I might speculate a bit
but when push comes to shove
I think it's fucking BRILLIANT
that they remain out of sight.
May you do so 
for as long as you like.

This post is brought to you by

Two people
who fell in love with each other
right before our eyes.

And I think that's a big reason
it's so special 
and why
I care so much about 
their happiness...
I think they will find it.
(with each other)

And of course...
This post is brought to you
by my undying adoration
Mr. Thomas Sturridge.

I miss his face.

Until next time.

Bye for now