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Monday, September 14, 2015

Gimme Some Truth...

I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
-John Lennon

It's a word bandied about this fandom
 ad nauseam

What is the truth?
What is true?

It depends on where you're sitting.
Because when it comes to this fandom...
There are multiple versions of the truth.

This is what I know (think?) to be true.

1. Kristen is BEAUTIFUL
and ever so happy
and more smiley and giggly than I have ever seen her.

Smile... and the whole world smiles with you.

She looked lovely at the EQUALS premiere 
at the Venice Film Festival.

I didn't love her dress...
It was very pretty... don't get me wrong
but it seemed bunchy in the middle.
Looked weird.
But from the back?

Kristen is a princess.


Pretty People

She truly looked amazing at the TIFF premiere of EQUALS.
And I added in Nicholas just because... I can.
(He's all kinds of pretty too)

2. Kristen and Nicholas Hoult are adorable together.

Lean on me...

For reasons unknown...
Some select people (judgey judgersons)
actually get all bent out of shape
when people get excited over pictures like this one.
They get all...
weirdly defensive and strange
when people want to ship Kristen/Nic.
Why do they care?
What the fuck is it to them?

I've jumped off the shipping thing.
(for now)
I don't ship Kristen and Nicholas.
But if I did...

What a maroon.

If I want to ship Kristen and Bugs Bunny
it ain't none of your damn business.
It's not hurting anyone.
And I can guaran-damn-tee that no one
isn't losing sleep over what strangers tweet about.
"Shipping" is harmless.
It's not serious.
Lighten the hell up, Francis.

And please...
for the love of God
Would the Ninnies
stop pretending that they care about Kristen
and her relationships and her happiness.
(and about Alicia's feelings)
No one buys it.
Your agenda is crystal clear.
Just stop.

3. I love beardy Rob and Tom

Hey where did we go... Days when the rain came?

I mean...
I'm a HUGE fan of beards.
But even I have my limits.

But they are still fucking adorable
and how can you not love their friendship?

Smiley and Shaggy.

Friends 'til the end.

4. Rob and Kristen
both gave some good interviews.

He is smiling under that beard...

A question to Rob from a recent Neon Magazine interview...

Q: Some of your persistent fans didn’t only aim at you. 
Your ex girlfriend Kristen Stewart was insulted 
and also your fiancee FKA twigs
 is getting racially abused repeatedly .

R: The trolls and net commentators play guardians of morality. 
The abstruse is, that this people apparently don’t have a life
 but to sit in front of the computer
 and flush the internet with their hate.
 I never have met a person who comments on the net. Never.
 But this assholes judge your life.
 Now I always say to myself: this is just an unhappy person,
 always talking the same shit.

This interview was translated
so it's always a bit 'off'.
But here's where different versions of the TRUTH come in.

Some think he was referring to the Baby Loons
and how they constantly lie about R/K
and call Twigs disgusting names.
Some think it was about the "Sessed" fanatics
and how they have continually 
trashed and attacked Kristen for the past 7 years.
Some think its about the "Save Rob" group
who constantly bash and trash Rob (and Twigs)

I'm thinking he was referencing ALL of them.
Anyone who spits out bitter venom
and think they have the right to judge his life...
or the people he cares about in his life.

"Assholes play guardians of morality and judge your life...
Always talking the same shit."


Can I please have this movie in my face.. PRETTY PLEASE?

And this one too... PLEASE.

Kristen's interview with THR

There seemed to be a parallel in the film with the celebrity world, 
being told what to do, eat, wear all the time.
 Is it difficult for you sometimes to do your own thing?

It's never difficult for me to do it
 but it has been difficult sometimes to hear people's response to it,
 to things that I just think are so insignificant,
 as insignificant as not wanting to wear heels for five hours or more
 significantly the way people choose to live their lives.
 Why do people care? Why do you care?
 I'm sorry, have I let you down or something?
 You don't even know me.

I think this snippet of the interview really 
says it all...

I've always said that people focus on 
the most insignificant details..
They obsess about things
over which they have no control.
What good does that do?

 but the real clincher is...

"I'm sorry, have I let you down or something?
You don't even KNOW me."

Both Rob and Kristen have told us again and again...

We don't know details of
Kristen and Robs relationships...
We don't know what they're thinking
We don't know how they feel
We don't know anything at all.
They don't talk about it.
Stop talking about them like they discuss
Their most intimate feelings with you.
It's all just speculation... And innuendo.
It's not the truth.


Do you know whats NOT true?

Those were the days, my friend
We thought they'd never end...

1. The above picture.
No matter how wonderful it was...
no matter how in love they were...
None of it matters.
They aren't together anymore.

You can pull up all the old pics
and wax nostalgic over them
all you want
Nothing wrong with that
I love them too.
But the pics are OLD.
There are zero recent pictures of
Rob and Kristen together.
It's been over 2 fucking years...
You know why?
Because it's over.

But honestly
and truthishly (thats a joke, son)
Rob AND Kristen
are both where they want to be.
It just happens to be with other people.
And sorry (not really)
That once again the 'epic' was delayed.
What a shocker!
As usual... No big revelations or surprises 
Just more excuses when what was promised...
Is denied.

His smile lights up his whole face...

I fucking adore Tom Sturridge.
I have for years now.

I've gotten a lot of shit over the fact
that I mention him in every post.
But I fucking like who I like
And no one will tell me what I can write about...

So don't even try to tell me
that I can't be his fan
because of some warped twisted perceptions
of what you think a 'fan' should be.

Tom stands alone.
He doesn't need Rob or Sienna
or anyone else
for someone to adore him
and be interested in him
and be a fan of his work.

This post is brought to you by the truth...

there are lots of cutesy saying out there
but I like this one...

Until next time.

Bye for now