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Sunday, January 29, 2017

I'm Still Standing...

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,
 it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness,
 it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity
 it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, 
it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair...
- Charles Dickens

That was written in 1859.
I mean...
Doesn't it somehow always fit 
the times we live in?

I realized I hadn't written here
in over 2 months.
I guess the presidential election
or may not
have influenced that.
Probably may.
Definitely may.

I'm usually not incredibly political...
I vote my heart.
My conscience.
Regardless of 'party'.
I vote for whomever I believe
will be the best person...
for our country.

Needless to say,
I didn't vote for Donald Trump.
And while this may offend some people...
I cannot
I will not
ever understand those who did.
I will forever look at people who voted for him...
Even those I love.

That's all I'm going to say about that.
For now.
I do believe the boat will right itself
in due time...
and as karma often does
it will go around
and come all the fucking way back around.

OK then.

Let's talk about 2016.
It ended up being a shit year
didn't it?
Not really for me, personally...
I had weddings 
and babies being born
and happiness and joy.
So it couldn't be ALL bad.
Election results aside...
It just ended on such a fucking bummer.
So many good, talented
wonderful people died.
Many way way (WAY) before their time.
I felt punched in the gut more than once.
The following hit me the hardest...
David Bowie
Alan RIckman 
Glenn Frey 
George Martin 
Garry Shandling
Muhammad Ali
Anton Yelchin
Gene Wilder
Florence Henderson
George Michael
Debbie Reynolds
and most of all
Carrie Fisher

Every one of these people affected my life in some way...
Made it better. 
Made me smile.
Made me think.
Carrie Fisher was somehow the most 
devastating to me...
Maybe because she was flawed
She made mistakes and she owned them...
But she was brilliantly funny
and smart
and had an incredible sense of humor.
I adored her.
It hurt to say goodbye.

And what was the BEST and WORST
of this fandom in 2016?

I wish I could find something new to say.

The Best?
Kristen had a phenomenal 2016.
Critical praise.
Lots of interesting projects.
(Rolling Stone video? Who saw that one coming?)
She even directed her own short film "Come Swim"
that went to Sundance.
Girl is on fire and IN CHARGE.
Oh and to add fuel to the flames...
This girl is going to be on Saturday Night Live
this coming weekend.
Live TV.
I mean.
Huge step for her... yes?
I'm beyond thrilled for her
because I believe she will be wonderful...
but damn... I'm nervous, too.
I want her to do well
but comedy is fucking hard.
I cannot wait.

As a fan... I really can't ask for anything more...
Except for MORE.
I can't wait to see everything she does
and will do.
She is endlessly fascinating
and magnetically watchable.

The worst?

Well, you know.

Still have the HardlyKnowsNothing's of the fandom
who still want to claim Kristen is married to Rob
with 3 bouncing babies attached to her hips
(and incredibly... number 4 'on the way')
And there are still the people out there
who want to argue with them everyday.

Day in.
Day out.
Same bullshit
Over and Over
and then over again.
What exactly is anyone really trying to prove?
It's one thing to have an opinion
But you aren't getting anywhere fighting on twitter
everyday repeating yourself.
As far as I can see...
It's jut an excuse for one side to shit 
all over Twigs...
While the other side shits all over Kristen.
What a fantastic way to spend your time!
You all do know the definition of insanity...
Insanity is, 
doing the exact same fucking thing over and over again,
 expecting shit to change. 
That. Is. Crazy.

It's not going to change.
Rob has been with Twigs for YEARS now...
and it's been well documented.
Kristen has been dating women...
and she's one of the most photographed women
in the world.
No question who she is spending her time with.
There hasn't been a real picture of Rob and Kristen
together since 2013.
If that doesn't have an effect on the
insane delusional conspiracies?
What will?

Rob has had a relatively quiet year...
He has been working on interesting movies
with good directors
He's been pretty low key.
Which I'm sure is exactly what he wants.
He's been in a long term relationship
with Twigs
and seems happy with the choices he's made.
Maybe once more of his movies come out...
We will get to see more of him.
Pulling his fingers through his hair...

Being all awkward and cute.

Tom Sturridge.
Tom has been working much like Rob...
Working on projects that mean 
something to him.
Staying close to his daughter.
Wearing hats.
And goofy 'jumpers'.
Not really smiling much...
but when he does?

Look out.
Thank you, Ma'am.


The same tired asshats who continually judge Kristen
for basically breathing.
Kristen was at Sundance...
Talking about motivation behind her movie
"Come Swim"

She talked about heartbreak...
things she wanted to say.

And what did the asshats do?
Piss and moan about how Kristen
is using Rob for promotion!
Is that it, really?
How many songs...
are based on peoples feelings...
things that happen in their lives
heartbreak and love and pain?
Just about everything, you know?
But oh no...
Kristen is NOT allowed to do what others
have done before her.
How dare she?
Who does she think she is bringing up Rob!
Its only her life, after all.
Her relationship.
Her heartache.
Her pain.
Her love.
And just like so many do every single day
 using their feelings and experiences for art
she uses what she lived.
And honestly...
Do you really think Rob cares?
Uh huh.
Sure. Sure.

I don't usually talk about Twigs
except in passing about Rob.
I've kinda made it a thing to not discuss
Rob and Kristen's relationships.
It's so much easier to not care
and not be invested... 
But I did want to say this about Twigs

Her and Nike are a great fit.
She's a helluva dancer.

This post is brought to you by
the number 9.

It is still a number that shows up in my life
all the time.

Until next time.

Bye for now.