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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Robert and Kristen - Careless Whispers

Hold on to your butts.
We've got BIG drama today, folks.
Are you ready?

1. Robert was seen out and about in Vancouver.
Kristen wasn't with him!

How DARE Robert go out to lunch 
with his friend
without her!

2. If you look closely you can see half
of Sam Bradley.
So can anyone tell me why its a big deal
if Robert goes to lunch and hangs with his buddy?
Kristen was allegedly working all day
And given the scruffy look that Robert is wearing
He obviously is not.
Say it with me...

Oh, and another mind boggling CLING is
"Rob prolonged his stay in London instead of
jetting over to be with Kristen as soon as possible."
I'm thinking it's pretty obvious
(to people who don't have rabies...)
That Robert wasn't needed on set since he has been in VC
He did come earlier than necessary...
Unless Edward has a scruffy beard in the re-shoots.

 Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to address the
staggering amount of bullshit that runs rampant in Twi-Fandom.

I just write about what is currently going on...
And this is it.
Kinda sad at the moment.
Oh wait...
There was lots of talk about the shit all over Rob's jacket.
And then someone went and found the same jacket on eBay
or some such place...
And it looked the same.
So I guess it was 'distressed'.
Not powdered doughnuts.
Not bird shit.
Go figure.

She is gorgeous.
Kristen in Elle Magazine UK
Yeah, there's no reason why Robert
would be incredibly attracted to her.
Absolutely none.

I really need a sarcasm font...
I would have used it this whole post.

I could go on...
But the question is... why do I bother?
(OK, it's mostly the entertainment value)

For some reason 
(Desperation? Delusion? DeRabies?)
Some people have really held onto 
The original Shorty Spice... Oregano.
Seemingly clinging to blurry photos
of the back of some guys head...
To mean that Kristen is 'seeing' Michael again.
I. Can't. Even. Go. On.

Sorry Shorty Spice.
You lose.

You know the truth.

So... just exactly what are they re-shooting up there
in the 'Couve?
I heard talk it was supposed to be the meadow scene.
Like the above.
Was it too hot before?
Did Stephenie Meyers decide it needed to be 'toned' down?
Did Robert and Kristen's passion for each other
just roll right over the whole scene?
When the director yelled "CUT!"
Did Robert and Kristen refuse to stop??


Well, you can go on Twitter and come across
any number of "Know-It-Alls"
They will tell you because they KNOW exactly
what is happening.
They know what Robert is thinking.
They know what Kristen is feeling...
They know super secret insider info...

It's just another day in TwilightLand

Time can never mend
the careless whispers of a good friend
to the heart and mind
ignorance is kind
there's no comfort in the truth
pain is all you'll find

Bye for now.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Robert and Kristen- And I Love Her

Lookie here! 
Robert has arrived in Vancouver.
You would think the fact that he was safe and sound...
And possibly had a bit of a smile on his face
would be reason enough to be happy.
But no.
Silly silly people.
Why not create drama where none exists?
Let's argue about WHEN he got to Vancouver.
Because it really really matters...
I'm just happy to see him where he's supposed to be.
And yeah, I heard all sorts of talk about how the 
Paps were chasing him in cars...
And if that's true
I hope I see them burn in Hell
(from Heaven, of course)

Robert. Robert. Robert.
What can I possibly say that I haven't said a million times already?
Robert was selected #6 on Time's 2010 Most Influential 100.
Like... WOW.

I'm so impressed with our guy.
Chris Weitz (LOVE him!) wrote a little bit about Robert...

I have to be careful about what I write here because it will be tweeted the moment TIME hits the stands. And if I say something bad about Rob Pattinson, I'm dead meat. That's the devotion the Twilight films inspire. It's certainly not how he planned it. And though I am continually impressed by the aplomb with which he handles the hysteria, I occasionally think he would take it all back if given the chance. Because essentially, Rob, 23, is a reserved, bookish sort of specimen, a guy who'd rather spend the night at the corner table in the pub with friends — a bit of a weirdo, frankly, in the best sense.

So how to write about someone who seems to answer Freud's rhetorical question, What do women want? Perhaps it's just worth pointing out that it'd be fun to have a beer with him even if he weren't Edward Cullen. That we haven't seen a tenth of what he can do onscreen. And that important things, beyond the veil of Hollywood, occupy his time too — music, conversation, ideas, a sense of the absurd. Which, maybe, explains why he never gets to my e-mails. I love you, Rob! Call me!

What Chris says about Robert...
Is how I look at him.
Reserved, bookish guy who'd rather spend the night at the corner
Pub with friends.
Interested in music, conversation, ideas and a sense of the absurd.

I know sometimes I let my ROBsession get the best of me.
But my fantasy of Robert isn't falling into bed with him.
Not at all.
My dreams are of just being his friend.
Getting to hang out with him in the pub...
Talking about music, laughing at the absurd.

I've always thought that Kristen was simply beautiful.

It turns out that I'm not alone in that thought.
Kristen was number 6
in FHM UK's 100 sexiest women in the world 2010
But of course she is!

Both Robert and Kristen were listed in
People Magazine's Most Beautiful People issue.
Like that is a surprise!

Inside and out.

And of course...
I leave you with this visual.
Robert and Kristen.

And in the words of Lennon and McCartney...

I give her all my love
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too

I love her

She gives me everything
And tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me
And I love her

A love like ours
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know this love of mine
Will never die

And I love her

Bye for now

P.S.  If the comments continue to spew
bitter hatred towards Robert and Kristen
I will have to block Anonymous comments.
I don't like to police peoples opinions...
But my blog is about loving Robert and Kristen
Together or apart.
I won't deal with the hate.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Come Together, Right Now... Over Me.

Kristen at LAX
Leaving for Vancouver.
The only reason I am posting this picture?
Her necklace.
You can actually see it here.
She goes to great lengths to keep it hidden...
So I was surprised to see it 'out'.
(but I guess she was preoccupied)
And what do you think of this necklace?
You know...
The one she started wearing AFTER her birthday?

There has been plenty of speculation
on what it is...
St. Christopher's Medal
(which is a nice thought... but no)
Other fancy jewelery...
Kristen doesn't seem like a flashy kinda gal
when it comes to what jewelery she wears.
She seems to wear things that have meaning to her
But that's just my opinion...
as always.

Kristen in Vancouver.
Not that I blame her...
She has every reason to be happy doesn't she?
I love smiley Kristen.

Now all we have to wait for is...

And there he is!
Leaving for Vancouver.
With his guitar!

I love how he still wears that hideous jacket.
And the sunglasses.
Man, I've missed his face.

And he's walking.
Yes, indeed he's walking...

Right back to...

And so I leave you with this visual.
Mostly because I love this picture...
And because...
I'm thinking this scene will be played out...
Why do I think that?
Because it IS what it IS.

And cover your ears...
The howling and whining
is going to be LOUD.


Bye for now.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Robert and Kristen- I Kid You Not

Good thing Robert and Kristen are under the umbrellas...
There is a lot of bitter foam being spewed today.
OK, so it's always foamy
But it reeks of desperation
I mean...
The things the Haters cling to...
It's so so sad.
(too bad)

Robert Pattinson turned up in Camden last night 
to show his support for a fund-raising event held
for the Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The event was held at Proud Camden 
a unique live music venue.
R-Pattz was seen dancing and cheering on the bands 
and paid special attention to the burlesque girls, 
who put on a provocative performance 
in honour of their special guest.

Sadly for the female guests R-Pattz night 
came to an abrupt end
when a guest DJ announced to the crowd 
that the Twilight star was there 
prompting R-Pattz to make a quick exit.

 Oh yes... the Hyenas clamped their jaws on that one.
They had to... pickings been scarce lately.
They are really (really) hungry.
Thing is...
Rob is at a charity event
His friends were said to be with him
His sister was even supposed to be there.
So I'm afraid I don't get the drama?
And of course...
No pics... no proof?
Isn't that how it's supposed to work?

Why is it so wrong for Rob to spend time with
family and friends before he heads over the States...
Where he will most likely be for an extended period of time?
Well, there is nothing wrong with it...
Only in the rabid minds of the hopeless.

This is an ice cream wrapper or something.
Interesting picture.
Kristen looks good.
Robert looks... scared?
And Taylor looks really tall.
Like taller than Rob.
And I like Taylor.
I really do.
And who knows...
He's still a young guy
Maybe he's still growing?
Yeah, let's go with that.

I know.
I've been talking a lot of Hyena today.
But sometimes you just gotta say what
you wanna say.
I know the Hyenas are starving...
They got nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Even they know how ridiculous the
"PR" bullshit is.
(If that is PR? They need to fire whoever is
in charge. Worst PR EVER. 
In fact, it's the OPPOSITE of what PR should be.)
They are clinging to Kristen turning up in Budapest
Just to get papped at the airport
Then turn around and fly to London...
Get papped again...
And then fly home.
Like within a couple of days.
Really... they think that.
I kid you not.
They have also been holding tight to the thought
that Oregano is somehow back in Kristen's life.
Or how she has been secretly still seeing him
Really... they think that.
I kid you not.

The Hyenas would rather you believe 
that Robert is some sort of manwhore
who just goes after anything that breathes.
Robert Pattinson.
That Robert.
The shy, humble, modest man
who wears his heart on his sleeve...
Who says he is a one woman kinda guy.
That Robert.
People would rather believe the absolute WORST
about Robert...
Than believe he is with Kristen.


I kid you not.

Bye for now.

I'm guessing Robert is soon to be 
on a plane...
Flying to Vancouver.
Is Kristen already there?
Waiting for him?
All signs point to 


Monday, April 26, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Pretty Lies and Secret Love?

A few months ago
there was a video of Sam Bradley
singing "Lights (Fucking Lights)"
Great song.
At the time it was discussed that 
Robert had co-written it with him.
I never read anywhere where this was confirmed...
But the lyrics to the song...
It's almost like Robert was talking to Kristen
last summer when she was in LA
and he was in NYC...
(Or anytime they are separated, for that matter)

I love it.

Fucking lights, straining my eyes.
No sleep at night. It's just a waste of time.
And LA's burning... New York's painted black . 
London's calling, calling me back.
Simple patterns make me crack. 
Fucking lights, Hurts my head.
Borrowed youth.
All those wasted years. 
And LA's learning. New York too.
London's calling, I'm calling you.
What doesn't matter, Still holds its truth,
That nothing matters, When I'm with you, 
Cities only fill the void of people wasting,
wasting time on you.
Pretty lies and secret love, 
Nothing gets me what I want from you,
From you, All I want, 
what I want from you.
I'm in a great mood today...
No NONsense...
No talk of slobbering beasts.
Just pretty words...
and pretty pictures.

In a couple of days...
Robert and Kristen will be together.
So consider this a nice quiet lull
in the ongoing drama.
If I were you I would stock up on popcorn...
The beverages of your choice
And make yourself nice and comfy.
It only gets better from here.
Bye for now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's Sarcastic Soapbox

I've always loved this picture.
Yes, they both look stunning in it...
But it's something else
Something more.
I think it has to do with the look on Robert's face
As he looks at Kristen.

I'm in a black/white kinda mood today.
I'm not sure whats that even means
But I seem to gravitate toward b/w pictures
So I decided to go with those today.

What's to talk about.
Let's see what I have found.

1. Honestly. 
There is just something about Robert with a cigarette
that affects me.
Normally I hate cigarettes.
I don't like anything about them.
Except when Rob has one hanging off his lips.
I'm sure Freud would have lots to say
about the images and sexual innuendo
and why I find it so damn intoxicating...
But I can't think about that right now
Robert has a cigarette in his mouth.

2. Kristen is beautiful.
Sometimes she is just ordinarily beautiful
There are times when she is stunningly beautiful.
But she is always beautiful.
Even when she doesn't try to be.
Even when it seems she goes out of her way NOT to be.
It's like this bright light
That won't be dimmed...
No matter what she does.
No matter what people say.
The light blinds you.

3. There is always so much NONsense to deal with.
I don't look for it.
But it always finds me.
I see it on Twitter.
I see it in emails.
I see it on the comments on this blog.
I find it amusing that some people 
are so threatened by my words.
My thoughts.
That they feel the need to follow me around
and make sure I know they don't agree with me.
But it screams of desperation.

4. I believe that Robert and Kristen are together.
Let me count the ways...
Since the days back in October 2008
I watched Robert and Kristen...
seemingly fall in love.
It was so obvious to me.
The looks.
The touching.
The intimacy that they shared.
That was 18 months ago.
And if anything...
My initial reaction to what I saw
has been reinforced
And again.
They spend as much time together 
as their busy lives allow.
They always find a way...
To be together.
I don't need someone to tell me
 their version of the truth.
I don't need constant validation 
of my opinion.
I just see what is right in front of me.
(You know you see it, too)
And if there ever comes a day
when I don't see it?
I will accept that as well.
Because it's not about what I want.
It's what I believe.

5. Man, I'm rambling today, aren't I?
I apologize.
It's just so quiet here this morning...
and the thoughts are just flowing.
Robert and Kristen on Oprah
has caused quite a stir.
Some NONpeople are all worried that
Oprah is gonna ask THE question
and they won't like the answer.
And for some reason the fact that it's on
Robert's birthday was horrific.
Well, it's probably a taped show being shown on his birthday
But I'm still not sure why that is so threatening...
Does it mean that Rob has to tell the truth 
if it's his birthday?
Does it mean that Rob's birthday wish will come true?

6. Last but not least.
The Eclipse trailer came out on Friday.
Within minutes people were complaining about it.
Yeah, I would have liked more Edward/Bella
But I still LOVED it.
People were upset with all the Riley.
People were upset with Bella's ring.
People were upset...
With everything.
Remember the days when we were just
excited and happy to have a trailer?
Thrilled to get glimpses of Edward?
I miss those days.

And finally.
(Yeah, I'm almost done)
Robert is in London
(for a couple more days?)
And for some reason because he didn't follow
Kristen to LA
It means all sorts of negative things.
If Robert follows Kristen then
it's just PR (pathetic rants)
or work related.
If he doesn't immediately follow her
then of course it's because he doesn't want
to be with her.
It doesn't matter to the Hyenas
All that matters is the scraps of bullshit
that they continue to digest.
You can not only see the desperation
You can fucking FEEL it.
Bitter. Vile. Foam.

And it's only going to get worse for them.
Because the BEST is yet to come.
Bye for now.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

I'm tired.
My life has been really busy the last couple of weeks.
So busy that I don't have time to
wallow in all things Robert Pattinson.
But that's OK.
Robert isn't exactly OUT there right now.
He's still in London...
soaking up his hometown before he comes
 back to the States for a while.
He's been way under the radar.
So has Kristen.
They are pretty damn good at it... yes?

They seem to be able to get in and out of major airports
with relative ease.
Did anyone see Kristen get back from London?
I like how they have learned how to handle the Paps.
Oh sure...
They still get caught sometimes
It's inevitable that they will...
But I like the whole "Where are they?" drama 
that starts up when no one has seen them.

It's already starting for Robert.
Why the huge deal?
No idea.
Robert is in the UK.
Probably enjoying his last weekend
with family and friends...
before he ventures back to the States
and Kristen

He will be over here soon enough.
They will be together...
Soon enough.

I'm so tired today that I don't even have
the energy to laugh at the whole "Pathetic Ranting" thing.
Man, I must be exhausted.

But I know that the show is just getting started.
Robert and Kristen on Oprah 
is JUST the beginning.
There is going to be so much whining and snarling
going on right up to the Eclipse premiere.

I've stocked up on my favorite popcorn.
I have drinks at the ready.
Because you KNOW it's going to be 
a FUN ride!
Sit back and enjoy the show!

Promo picture of Kristen from Eclipse.
Obviously the one they are going to use
for the cardboard cut-out thingy.
But man oh man...
She's so pretty.
Even with a wig.
There is something about the brown contacts
that just make Kristen SO Bella.
Completely makes her all innocent
and she looks younger...
and well...
Like Bella.


It's starting again.
Every time there is a Robert lull
I start believing that maybe my obsession
with him has peaked...
Who am I fucking kidding?
It doesn't take much for me to realize
that I am as fucking deep as I ever was.
Oh just seeing him as Edward Cullen...
Speaking in that Edward Cullen voice
with those Edward Cullen eyes
and those Edward Cullen lips...
With that Edward Cullen hair.
And I'm right the fuck back up to my neck
in Robert Pattinson Obsession.

Can I be honest?
I don't see it ever stopping.
I think Robert Pattinson will always fascinate me.
I will always wonder what his next movie will be...
I will always want to listen to him talk
in that halting, quirky, adorkable way that he speaks.
I will never tire of looking at his face...
Listening to his voice sing a song...
He owns me...
For life.

He is the magnet
I am the steel.

Bye for now.

If the whole Robert/Kristen thing
is too much for you to handle?
You ain't seen NOTHING yet.

"Summer Lovin had me a blast..."


Friday, April 23, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Working My Way Back To You...

This was how I looked...
(OK, I could never look THAT good)
But it's how I felt waiting for the ECLIPSE trailer
to make its appearance on Oprah.
She's a fucking tease.
It didn't show up until the very end of the show

And was it worth it?

I loved it.
But I LOVE Eclipse.
Fire and Ice.
But there was too much of the above...
and not enough of...

Bella and Edward.

Lots of vampires.
Lots of wolves.
Which is all cool.
But needed...
More Edward and Bella.

But the best part about Oprah today?

THIS will be on her show on May 13th.
Robert, Kristen and Taylor.
On Oprah.
On Robert's 24th Birthday!
Will Oprah ask the magical question?
Will Robert or Kristen answer it?
I guess we shall know in about 3 weeks.

I just love when Robert and Kristen 
get to sit down and actually talk...
And people actually listen.


Oh you have NO idea.

I guess this is a fan picture of Robert in London 
taken a couple of days ago.
(looking pretty damn dreamy if I do say so myself...
and I frequently do.)
You would have thought he was kicking puppies
The way people were talking about him.
The guy is having a beer.
So of course...
Right away he's a 'drunk'
or an 'alcoholic'
People are so fucked up.
And not only do these haters know how much
Robert was drinking that night...
They also said that since he was still in London...
It's so obvious that he doesn't give a shit about Kristen.
So mind readers as well.
I guess it never occurs to people that he might
have had other obligations to take care of
so that is why he remained in London?
I'm snickering.
Out Loud.
I can't help it.

He will be here soon enough.

Yes. This is what they will continue to do.
Trying to grab hold of something that will forever
remain just out of their reach.
And the sad thing is they know it's futile...
But they continue to chase after it anyway.

I'm SO looking forward to the next few months.
I expect a lot of howling and whining...
But it will all be worth it in the end.

And that my friends...
is ALL she wrote.


Bye for now.