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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Favorite Things...

Raindrops on Roses
And whiskers on kittens...

Parking lot strutting

And looking all Smitten.

Brown paper packages tied up with strings

These are a few of my favorite things.

Girls in red dresses

Or wearing sunglasses

Kristen made up with a ton of eyelashes...

Silver white winters that melt into springs.

These are a few of my favorite things

When the dog bites

 When we want rings...

When I'm feeling sad...

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad!


This post was brought to you by the letter P
(and no... I won't bring up THAT word today)

P for positive.

As I'm Positive its not over
for Rob and Kristen.
(Far, far... FAR from over)

P is for 
Practicing what you Preach.
You might want to listen to your own advice.

I've never seen so much hypocrisy 
in my entire time in this fandom.
And that is saying 
a whole fucking lot.

And P for
Pretty fucking wonderful.

I adore him.

Until next time...

It's going to be OK.

Bye for now

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baby Talk

Read at your own risk...
 I not only talk about my belief
in Robert and Kristen
I also discuss 'The Baby'

You've been warned.

We WILL see this again.

Well another week has flown by...
I mean
It's the middle of March already!
Life does have a way of moving along
even if you wish it would slow down.

What's new in the last week?

1. Rob still looks fantastic in his 50s haircut.
And clothes.
And let's face it... 
The whole look suits him.

So we got a bit of him running
and laughing
and riding motorcycles
and just looking like he's enjoying every minute of LIFE.
Even with the grumpy face above.
Even grumpy Rob face is cute face.

oh and...

How long have we been waiting for THIS???

Then we have Kristen...

She's on set.... working with Julianne Moore.
Kristen looks so happy and in her element.

Both her and Rob look FANfuckingTASTIC.
Maybe being out of L.A. has its benefits?

And truly...
How GORGEOUS is Kristen in the shot with her stylist?
It's pretty obvious they adore each other
and there really isn't anything sweeter than
seeing Kristen laugh...
Except maybe to see Rob laugh.
Or maybe to see Rob and Kristen laugh together?

I know.
I'm all crazy and weird just because 
I believe Rob and Kristen are FAR FROM OVER.
That's just me.
I've said it once...
I will say it again.

I know what I believe
I believe what I know.

oh and...

Each year, fans of actress Kristen Stewart come together and raise money for charity in honor of her birthday, which is April 9th. This year, fans voted and have chosen Alzheimer’s research as the cause they want to contribute to. Kristen is currently filming the movie, Still Alice, based on the book by Lisa Genova which is about a woman who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Many fans have had loved ones also affected by this disease and want to help find a cure.  Our goal is to raise as much money as we can by her birthday. If you make a donation via PayPal or check, please be sure to note Kristen Stewart's name in the memo field.
Thank you to all who contribute to this important cause.
- See more at:

This is a wonderful cause
and a great way to do something good in Kristen's name.
If you can....

Rob seems to like kissing foreheads...

I was going to talk about recent emails in this post
But 95% of them have been 'about the baby'
So not much really new...

How can you not see the baby?

Don't you believe in the baby?

You're just jealous that you weren't the one
who started babygate!

Why are you terrified of the baby?

You don't want to believe in the baby because
you are a hater!

Kristen is definitely having a baby and you
will never have Rob!

Did you see the video of the baby moving?

You have to be blind and stupid not to see the baby!

I love that people are having meltdowns over the baby.

The 'inmates are restless' because of the baby!


It doesn't even look like a real word anymore.
In fact...
None of this seems real.

Couple of things...

No. I'm not terrified of Kristen being pregnant.
If she chooses to have a baby...
I would be thrilled for her.

No. I'm not afraid, blind, stupid,
restless or having a meltdown.
I'm not on a 'high horse'
I just don't agree with you.

Yes. I saw the video of Kristen's blouse moving.

No. I'm not jealous of anything remotely 
connected to this.
Jealous of what exactly?

No. I don't want Rob or Kristen to myself.
I believe they belong to each other.

Yes. I've been pregnant. Twice.
(and I have the 2 most perfect, handsome
smart, adorable boys on the planet,
Thank you very much.)
So I'm pretty sure you can't 
'suck in your stomach'
with a baby in utero 

Kristen doesn't look pregnant to me.
Maybe she does to you.
Whatever floats your boat.

But disagreeing with someone
doesn't make them a hater.
It's not mocking you.
It's not bullying you.
It's a difference of opinion.

No. I don't have another 'secret hater blog'
(because there are only 2 or 3 people who write blogs... right?)
This is the only blog I have.
I say all I need to say right here.
I've never been shy to give my opinion.
The "Book Blog"  is not connected with me.
I have no input in their posts.
They have no input in what I post.
Just because someone comments on a blog
doesn't mean they are involved in writing it.
Sorry to disappoint you.

Yes. I look forward to the day this is over.
It can't be long now.
This has been going on since those
pics of Kristen swimming from Sils Maria.

Taken the last week of September 2013.
That's almost 6 months ago.
And for someone to be noticeably pregnant...
I'm guessing she would have been 10-12 weeks along?

Here's a picture from the last couple of days...
Do you see 6 months difference?

I don't.

But hey...
That's just me.

Like I said... believe what you want.
It's matters little to me.
But I am allowed an opinion...
and I did it without calling names
and making it personal.

Imagine that.

This post is brought to you by
The Moon.

Shes got these big green eyes, and they're as wide as the moon.

I have COMPLETE faith in Rob and Kristen.

I’m falling in love for the last time
I’m falling in love forever and ever.

And by

Tom Sturridge.
Who hangs the moon and the stars.

Final thought.

what you have just read is MY opinion.
I haven't chased anyone down and tried
to make them change their mind.
I don't go harassing people who don't agree with me.
I haven't personally attacked anyone.
(can you say the same?) 
You came here to read my thoughts....
I didn't come to you.
Remember that.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

And don't forget...
LOVE is fucking LONG.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Double Vision

I know.
It kinda sounds weird and strange to say...
"I miss them"
But I do.
They are so incredible together.
So yeah...
I miss seeing these sorts of pictures.
It's completely selfish on my part.
I admit it.
But seeing them together makes me happy.
and I think being together makes them happy.
And don't get me wrong...
I believe this sort of stuff does happen.
Because... yeah.

"It's fine. We're fine."

I still believe that.

What happened since last I wrote...
Let's see.

There was an adorable story written by Jennifer Lawrence's
best friend... about going to the Oscars with her.
It was very sweet...
and cute
and funny how she rubbed shoulders with all these famous 
people and was so matter of fact about it all.
So why am I bringing this up?

Just to kinda show another major double standard
when it comes to "JLaw" and Kristen.

Look at the above picture.
Cute, isn't it?
2 BFF's hanging out...having fun.
Nothing wrong with that.
All girls do it.

Except if you're Kristen...
If you're Kristen
and hanging out with your girlfriends
you are called names.
Your friends are called names.
You are called a lesbian.

Imagine a picture of Kristen doing this
with a girlfriend...

Imagine the uproar!
Sitting on a hotel balcony...
in your pajamas
hugging your girlfriend.
Jennifer does it...
and its cute and adorable.
If Kristen did this?
I cannot even fathom the insults 
and innuendo that would be thrown at her.
And her friend.

And before people get all bent...
I. Like. Jennifer. Lawrence.
I really do.
She's quirky and awkward
and says inappropriate things at the wrong time
she's clumsy and has a weird sense of humor.
She flips off the press.
She says odd things in interviews...
And she likes Kristen.

I think Jennifer and Kristen are a lot alike.
All those things I just said about Jen...
You could say about Kristen.

I think its why they like each other.

It's why I like both of them.

I guess I just find the bullshit double standards...

And to all the Ninnie Fringe out there...
the ones who said Kristen's career is over
Painted her with the big scarlet A

and said no one would ever want to work with her again
and that she was finished in Hollywood.

How you liking her now?

2 films finished.
One currently being filmed.
And 2 more on the horizon.

Let's not forget the Balenciaga fragrances
and the upcoming Chanel collection 
that she will star in.

Poor Kristen.

Just goes to show that only the narrow minded fools
think it's OK to judge and condemn someone 
when they don't have all the facts.
And you don't.
You never will.

It's the same lunatic core of people
who hold onto those pictures from almost 2 years ago like grim death.
They probably have them pasted on their ceiling above their beds.
Or have a hidden shrine in the attic somewhere.

Kristen and the rest of the world have moved on...
Kristen wins.
And yes...
she still owns you.
and bottom of the barrel
that you so eagerly scrape.

Wet. Walking. Robert.
I mean...
How is that even fair???

God, I love movie set pics..
There are new and improved walking pics
just about every day!!

and this...

Rob in the vicinity of a small child
is always adorable.
Look at the little guy.
And Rob being all Dad like.
So sweet.

I can't wait for this movie!!!

Speaking of movie sets...
Here is Kristen walking to... from... hers.
And ewww.
The green goop in the cup again.

People keep asking why she has an umbrella.
She's trying to not let the paps take her picture.
No. I don't believe she's hiding anything else.
But a lot was made of the fact she was wearing
a gold band on her... wedding finger.
Does it mean anything?
You would have to ask her...
but I doubt very much she would tell you.
I will admit to having liked the ring she got from Rob.
('everyone already knows')
and it made me smile 
but everything else is just speculation, isn't it?
I still think people focus on things that don't matter.
arbitrary things.
insignificant things.
People are so busy looking at that damn forest...
You miss the fucking trees.


Still one of my favorite pictures of them.

This song has been going through my head all morning

When will I see you again?
When will we share precious moments?
Will I have to wait forever?
Will I have to suffer and cry the whole night through?

I'm not a patient person by nature...
I don't want to wait forever.
But if you are in this fandom
you have to learn patience.
You have no choice.
But good things come to those that wait.
I have no doubt 
good things are coming.

This post is brought to you by Sides.

I'm pretty much over the baby drama.
I've made myself perfectly clear what I believe.
And even though I've said it AD NAUSEUM
I honestly don't care if you think Kristen
is expecting one baby or alien twins.
Believe what you want.
It matters little to me.
I do hope your bike pedals backwards though...

Just saying.

believe it or not
(babies aside)
we are on the same side.
We have faith in Rob and Kristen.
We feel protective when people try to hurt them.
We even kinda... sorta... want the same thing.
Rob and Kristen.
We just don't see things the same way.
And I'm OK with that.

To each their own.
Go in Peace.

Leave me with my crickets.

And this post is brought to you by...

Walking. Smiley. Tom.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Green Fucking Sheep.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Hang in there...
It's good.
They're good.