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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, April 29, 2013

As Long As They Both Shall Live...

 I know.
You think I'm going to go on and on about Rob walking right?
I mean... I could.
But that's not what this post is about.

Remember a few days ago...
When the pics came out of Rob at LAX
Passport in hand.
Mustard bag all stuffed and ready to go?

Remember the speculation?

Some people assumed because he had his passport
that he MUST be going London or overseas.
(In fact he ended up in NYC)

The Lunatic Fringe were ECSTATIC!

Well... you know how it goes in the Fringe fandom...
As soon as Rob or Kristen go anywhere alone
it MUST mean trouble in paradise.
Or trouble in PR-dise.
I mean...
Run from WHAT exactly?

 It wasn't much after these airport pics were released 
that the pics of Kristen waiting for a VALET
were released.
And of course... we all know what happened next
The most rabid of the Lunatic Fringe
tried their hardest to start malicious rumors
about Kristen.

Only the shit rags put a blurb about their lies
and they even backpedaled on it once they
realized what a total crock of Fringe Shit it was.
Desperate Fringe.
So pathetic.
Didn't work... did it?
Another failure in a long list of failures.

The Fringe are still living in 2012.
They are almost as obsessed with Sanders
as they are with Kristen.
I bet if you were brave enough to read through
The loonies tweets and blogs...
They probably mention that one day in July
over and over again.
They cling to it like flies on shit...
It's their HOLY GRAIL.

They hold those pictures from that day close to their hearts.
They mean EVERYTHING to the Fringe.
It was the BEST DAY of their lives!
Imagine a day in someone else's life
being the most important and best in yours.
 Sad... Yes?

It's been over 9 months now...
Only the lowest gossip rags who need hits
(and even most of them have moved on)
and the Fringe Hags try to keep this old tired story
from fading into the past where it belongs.
But what else do they have?
They have to deal with the undeniable proof
that Rob and Kristen REMAIN together.

And when Rob was pictured heading back to LA
less than 48 hours after arriving in NYC...
What was the speculation this time?
Normal fans just knew that Rob was
going back to Kristen...
Where he ALWAYS goes.

If you are the Fringe
You scream

Of course.

There is no damage control, Lunatics.
You make up shit in your deluded minds
and expect Rob to act on it.
He doesn't.
In fact...
Rob pretty much does the OPPOSITE
of whatever you want him to do.
He doesn't give a shit what you say.
Kristen didn't need any damage control 
Because she didn't do anything wrong.
She went out to dinner with friends.
That's it.
All your vile attempts to stir old drama up...
was dead within 24 hours.
And now you are just left to wallow in your own shit
A place you are no doubt very comfortable.

And you get to know that Rob couldn't fucking WAIT
to get back to Kristen.
Couldn't. Fucking. Wait.

Because that's where he WANTS to be.

Rob and Kristen
End Up

This post is brought to you by the letters T and M

No matter what you say...
No matter how hard you try to pretend differently
Rob and Kristen 
are together.
For better... For worse
in plenty and in want 
in joy and in sorrow 
in sickness and in health 
as long as they both shall live...

A true commitment.
(That was a real priest anyway... right?)


Kristen was invited. Again.
It's next week.
And I cannot wait to see what she is wearing.
I have a feeling it will be...

And who knows what else we will see?

So I did put in a picture of Rob walking.
How could I not?
It's a cross I gladly bear.

And last...
But never least.


Until next time.

Bye for now

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's Kristen. It's Always Been Kristen.


The Lunatic Fringe.
Rabid disgusting beasts
Trying to devour Kristen Stewart.
That's how obsessed they truly are.

I actually debated writing about this bullshit...
Because that's all it is...
But sometimes you have to show how fucked up
some people truly are.
How badly they want to hurt someone
that they don't know.
How obsessed they are with every detail
Every second of Kristen's life.

Here's the deal

Pictures came out yesterday of Kristen
and a bunch of their friends
(Her and Rob's, of course)
Standing around a VALET stand.
Please remember the word VALET
It's an integral part of this story.

So she is OBVIOUSLY waiting for a car to be brought
back to her and her friends.
Why do I assume that?

So here we have the picture of the VALET
bringing the car up to Kristen and whoever redpants is.
Notice them walking towards the car?
Notice redpants is going towards the driver side?
We've seen this car before...
From pics taken the night of her birthday party.

It's not Sanders car.
It's not Sanders behind the wheel.
It's the VALET.
You know... the guy who works for the restaurant
and goes and gets your car for you.

How's this for logic?

1. Why would Redpants be coming towards the driver
side of the car if Sanders was picking her up?

2. Better yet... WHY would Sanders be picking her up
from a night out with girlfriends she obviously came with?

3. Better yet... these pictures were taken on 
Friday, the 19th of April.
Rob was still IN TOWN.

4. Better yet... Why would Kristen hang out with 
girlfriends and get into his car right in front of them?

5. Better yet... 
Why wouldn't Rolando (the pap)
who has been following Rob and Kristen
 NOTICE that Sanders was in the car?
Or if Kristen had gotten into a car with ANY Man
wouldn't that have been part of the story?
You bet your sweet ass it would.

The ONLY reason this bullshit story went anywhere
is because there are the most rabid of the lunatic fringe
whose sole existence is to hate on Kristen.
Does that make them the Lunatic Fringe of the Lunatic fringe?
The Fringe ~ Fringe?
Is it possible that there is something more vile
more pathetic and more disgusting?
They make up ridiculous twitter accts
where they @ her friends, costars... etc
and they think its 'cute and funny'
How is it possible that a normal rational human being
wouldn't be offended and embarrassed by these pathetic twitter accts?
As for these pictures?
They saw a chance to hurt Kristen
and they took it.
No matter that it was completely fabricated
No matter that they were trolling every gossip rag
hoping for the story to be picked up
They didn't care what the consequences of their
bullshit delusional lies were.
All they care about is hurting Kristen.
And sure...
Some rags picked up the story
Not surprising considering some of the other
trash that they have published in the past.

But here's the thing.
What do you think the REAL reason
these Bitter Betty's were so bent
on trying to hurt Kristen again?
Here's a hint..

That's why.
Those pictures.
All the time Rob and Kristen spent

It must have been hard to swallow their own regurgitated bile.
They can't stand to see anyone else happy in love
considering how tragically pathetic their own lives must be.
(Can you imagine living in constant state of Hate?)
They can't stand that Rob doesn't listen to
their shrill whining about what's best for him
and who he should go out with
They can't stand that no matter what...
Rob and Kristen

So its not beneath them to lie
and spread malicious gossip as truth.
That's what they do.
But if they think this will affect
Rob and Kristen's relationship...
They best reconsider.
(I hope you enjoy disappointment)
Rob isn't going anywhere.
Hasn't he proven that
time and time again?
Hasn't he shown you exactly
WHERE he wants to be and with WHOM?
Hasn't he shown you that the only
consistent and long term female relationship
he has is with Kristen?
Time and time again?

It's Kristen, bitches.
It's always been Kristen.

Choke on it.

This post is brought to you by the letter F

Fuck you Fringe.

Truth will prevail.
Everyone already knows what fucking schizophrenic psychos you are
You will get what you deserve.

I fucking adore Tom Sturridge.
He hates the Lunatic Fringe.
He hates anyone who causes pain and grief
to those he cares about.

Final Thought?

Idiots talk about "Karma" all the time...
But just you wait and see what
is coming at you.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Do You See What I See?

Rob and Kristen at Coachella.
Looking very snuggly.
And sweet.
And well...
Very Rob and Kristen.

It's very OBVIOUSLY Rob.
With his hand on her waist...
and getting all up close and personal
as Rob seems to like to do when it comes to Kristen...

Rob seems to enjoy the close proximity... yes?

And don't you love how they both
are just going to go about living their lives?

Just a normal couple deciding to go pick up a few things
so they get in the truck 
and decide to take along one of their dogs for the ride...

And come on...

Rob has 2 dogs.

Bear and Bernie.
2 dogs.
Dogs he shares with Kristen.

In the house(s) he shares with her.
Including the one in Malibu.
Why wouldn't they have at least 3 homes?
Gotta put some of that money to work.
How do you know they don't have more?
New York. London.
Lots of possibilities.
They are millionaires.
They can afford it.
Real estate is a great investment...
especially in Los Feliz and Malibu.
Don't ya think?

So this post is brought to you by a few random thoughts.

1. Tom Sturridge

Orphans had its opening on Thursday night
and most of what I read 
Tom was the stand out.
He's a phenomenal actor.
You'll see.

2.  Rob and Kristen don't have 
his friends or her friends.
They have THEIR friends.

They have a pretty big circle of friends now.
Nettie (Tom's ex) hanging with Suzie/Scout and the crew
after the concert...
And getting a taste of Malibu the next day with Rob.
And Marcus.
Remember when the Loony Fringe called him a famewhore
and claimed that him and Rob weren't really friends anymore?
Of course...
Don't forget that the Lunatics called Bernie a famewhore too.
(You have to be laughing at that idiocy... you HAVE to)
I guess Rob was just staging pics left and right.
Pretending to be all adorable with Bernie
and pretending to tolerate Marcus.
Just seeing Rob make faces at Bernie in the car...
I actually went out and bought ANOTHER BD2 DVD!!!
I couldn't HELP myself!!!

3. Rob is slated to star in Maps To The Stars.
Another Croneberg movie...
And it sounds fascinating.
Julianne Moore and John Cusack have signed on too!
Imagine Rob and John Cusack...together!

So why the vanilla ice cream you ask?
Because Sarah Gadon is also in this movie.
And before you get your ruffles all feathered...
I don't dislike Sarah Gadon.
At all.
It's just that now the Fringe will glom onto her
hoping that maybe this time...
Rob will actually have some sort of chemistry with her.
Fat chance.
Sarah kinda reminds me of Emilie de Ravin in that sense.
I have nothing against her either...
I actually like her in Once Upon a Time...
But she had no spark with Rob, either.
Kinda boring.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

It's been a horrific week in terms
of terror and death.
I don't usually discuss my feelings on these sorts of things
in this kind of setting...
But my thoughts and prayers have been
with Boston and West, Texas this week.
Peace be with you.
God Bless you.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hands. Touching Hands.

He's walking... yes indeed, he's walking...

Just sometimes.
So much awesome stuff happens that I don't even
know where to begin.
And of course...
Shit always happens on the weekend
when I'm usually too busy to be here.
But that's OK... ya know?
Because GOOD shit happened.
And now I'm looking at 'good shit'
and wondering how that is supposed to be positive...
because is there really such a thing as good shit?
These are the things that go through my mind.

How about we go back to good stuff.
Yeah. That works.

Random Thoughts.

1. Let's start with the above picture.
This is Robert Pattinson Intoxication after all.
So lets be all drunk on Rob strutting through Coachella.
And believe me when I say this...
Most of the daytime pics of Rob walking
looked as though he was about to fucking punch someone
in the motherbitching face.
The Fringe will claim he's 'miserable' 
because he's with Kristen...
But we all know that's not true.

THAT is not the picture of a man who is miserable
in her company.

That is just reminiscent of...

Rob was annoyed (and that's a kinder gentler way of putting it)
Maybe he just wanted to enjoy the music like everyone else.
Sure... everyone knows paparazzi will be there.
But do these guys have to chase them?

I mean...
Take your fucking pictures and leave them alone.
How many pictures is enough anyway?
10? 100? 1000?
Do they chase all the celebrities?
Because you know there were a lot of them there too.

Yeah, I know... I looked at the pictures.
But goodness...

If looks could kill
That fucking pap would be lying dead on the ground.
Rob IS protective of Kristen.
(Some people should remember that)
I mean...
LOOK at his face.
Did you ever... ever
think you would find our goofy adorkable Robert
looking like that?
Not I.
Everyone has their limits.
Everyone has the line drawn in the sand.
I don't want to see Rob fucking lose it on some asshole.
But if they don't back off...
I'm afraid he will.

2. Rob and Kristen holding hands.

Of course...
There are some who think there is a proper way
to hold hands and anything that doesn't meet their expectations
doesn't count.
Uh huh.
Rob and Kristen are not only holding hands
(it is kinda their deal, isn't it? Yes... Yes it is)
But they are SIDE BY SIDE.
No, Rob and Kristen didn't intertwine their fingers.
I guess they forgot to read
"The Lunatic Fringe guide to Hand-holding"
Touching Hands.
Reaching Out.
Touching Me.
Touching You.
(Sorry... a little Neil Diamond there)
They have been holding hands like this since 2009

But the point is...
Not even the hand-holding
which is ever so charming and sweet...
The point is
They are TOGETHER.
The details are nice.
The details are wonderful.
But the big picture is...
Rob and Kristen
end up

Because that's exactly where they want to be.

3. Remember the Kids Choice Awards a few weeks ago?
Kristen looked absolutely glowing and gorgeous...
She won a couple of their awards.
Remember how some people were all
"It's just a lame kids show, its not the Oscars!"
"Who cares if she wins, the Shippers just vote
endlessly because they have no lives!"
"It's a meaningless award!"

Uh huh.

So when Kristen is up for Best Hero in a movie
at the MTV movie awards
We get the Fringe frantically voting against her.
But wait...
Its not a BIG deal...right?
Its NOT the Oscars!
See... It's one thing to vote for Kristen
because you are her fan and want her to win an award.
That's normal.
It's one thing to be a fan of the Hobbit and naturally
wanting your 'hero' to win the award.
That's normal, too.
But to vote just for spite?
That's not normal.
That's the Lunatic Fringe for you.
Kristen OWNS them.
She even controls who they vote for.
Think about it.

And yeah.
Woe is Kristen
She didn't win the award.
I'm sure she was in tears all weekend worrying about it
while she was up close and personal with her boyfriend
at an awesome music festival.
Robert Pattinson.
That boyfriend.
Sounds like she was the winner after all.
Who's crying now?

This post is brought to you by the letter T

T for 
like Rob and Kristen.

T for

Tom Sturridge.
Whom I adore.

Until next time.

Bye for now.