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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Rose. Robert. Rachelle. Robsten.

I haven't really given much thought to what
I am going to post about today...
So I am just going to write down my thoughts
as I am thinking them.

1. The whole Rachelle Lefevre drama.
I like Rachelle. I think she did a great job as Victoria.
I've read her statement. I've read Summits.
I think Summit is full of shit.
I don't think Rachelle would blow off being
in one of the hottest movie franchises.
She would be a fool.
And I think Rachelle is anything but.
Great job... again... Summit.
You fucking rock.

2. Rob.
Another day without seeing his beautiful face.
Another day where the throats of the screaming
banshees are silent.
I know it doesn't seem right for someone
so addicted to Rob...
To be glad that he is out of sight.
But I am.
I feel like my whole nervous system
can relax and rebuild.
And it just goes to show you...
That if Rob doesn't want to be seen...
You don't see him.
Makes you wonder what else he has been up to.

3. Robsten.
I've had a lot of thoughts about Robsten lately.
I've enjoyed all the clues that supposedly
point to Rob and Kristen being in love.
I've enjoyed how one carefully placed
pro-Robsten comment...
Can send some people into attack mode.
So when I read about Robsten...
I always have a smile on my face.
Kinda like how Rob and Kristen always do
when they are together.

4. I was out with some NON Twilight friends yesterday.
We were discussing topics of interest.
Of course, I couldn't bring up what really interested me.
But then the conversation turned to blogs.
No one in my 'real' life knows about this blog.
No One.
So my GFs were happily discussing blogs that
they have come across online...
One friend couldn't believe the stuff
people put on their blog.
She was amazed that people were so
willing to put themselves out there.
And I was just sitting there mute.
All the while thinking about how
I spill my guts almost every day right here.
And they had no fucking idea.
Now... a couple of these girlfriends are on my Facebook.
So they have to have an inkling how I feel about Rob.
I mean...
I am constantly referencing him...
and my beloved RKs are always sending me pictures...
and other Rob-related links...
But I still find it so strange that I can't even share
This blog with people I've known forever.
It's actually kinda sad, isn't it?

Here I am...
Baring my very soul...
And I can't share it with the people in my life.


You will be the end of me, Robert Pattinson.

Bye for now

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Robsten Romance

I don't know.
I'm starting to feel protective...
about Robsten.
Well... for starters everyone and my grandmother
seem to be 'in the know' about the relationship.
And while I don't expect everyone
to see things the same way...
Kristen gets the brunt of the negativity.
And I like Kristen.
A lot.
And it kinda pisses me off.
So there ya go.
It is what it is.
Bye for now

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Robert Pattinson Withdrawal

Do you feel it?
The calm in the air?
Since Comic Con, there has only been one day
with new pictures of Rob.


And as much as I love looking at Robert...
It has actually been kinda nice.
It's almost like this tight corset has been taken off...
and I can breathe again.

Ah yes.
I love Robert Pattinson...
That's a given.
But sometimes its just nice to not have to
deal with all the bullshit that surrounds him.

I hope he is happy not having a camera shoved in his face...
If only for a little while.

Bye for now

P.S. Since there aren't any new pics of Rob...
I decided to post a few of my favorites.

"You are so beautiful... to me"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Robsten Rants

I'm not even sure where to begin...
I'm sure you've read all the most recent Robsten 'clues' out there.
The backpack.
The wristband.
The hat.
The fact that Rob flew into San Diego airport... but flew out of LAX.
(and was incognito for 3 days, before he flew back to NYC)
The body language.
The leaning.
The eye fucks.
Well... you get the drift.

And when a Robstenite excitedly offers
up another reason for their devotion...
There is an Anti-Robstenite gleefully ripping it apart.

I've stated before, that I like the idea of Rob and Kristen together...
for no other reason then they seem to enjoy each other...
and always seem to laugh and smile when they are in close proximity.

Needless to say, I'm not on a quest to prove that they are together...
But then again... I'm not pushing like hell
for them NOT to be together, either.

And so comes the crux of this post.
Who has the most to gain... or lose...
if Rob/Kristen are indeed in a relationship?
And why do people get so worked up over this topic?

Yes, there are some overzealous Robstenites out there.
They latch onto every hint... every possible excuse to
believe that Rob and Kristen are together.
But aren't the Anti-Robstenites just as bad?
They sit in waiting...
Salivating at the chance to rip their theories to shreds.
The objections they come up with are just as impulsive.
Whats the point?

I'm not sure why people care if other people want to believe
that Rob and Kristen are together.
So what?

You can still believe what you want to believe...
It shouldn't matter what others think.

I don't know.

Maybe the Robstenites do grasp at straws
when they come up with some of their
reasons why they believe Rob/Kristen are together.
But it's not hurting anyone.
The Anti-Robstenites do seem to attack Kristen
on many of their reasons that they don't want
the two of them together.
Is it jealousy?
Is it that they just don't want Rob with ANYone?

I don't want to lump all Robstenites together..
or Anti-Robstenites.
There are extremes to both sides.
And you can be one or the other without
the exaggerated behavior that both have exhibited.

I guess I just want to understand why this is such a huge deal.
Someone else's relationship.
And why people just can't let people have their opinions...
without attacking them for it.

That being said.
I will continue to believe that
there is indeed something between Rob and Kristen.
(and I'm loving all these clues... I feel like Columbo)
But I will accept that I might be totally full of shit.
Because when all is said and done?
Not one of us knows anything.

I'm OK with that.

Bye for now

Monday, July 27, 2009

Inside The TWILIGHT Bubble...

I have to step outside of the TWILIGHT bubble.
It seems so much calmer...
more rational out there.

But I rarely leave the bubble.
And why would I?
People understand me in the bubble...
They don't scoff at my love of Robert Pattinson.
They GET it. They GET me.

Bubble people.
I love bubble people.
I can talk to them endlessly about how beautiful Rob is.
We can discuss our hopes for Rob's career...
Or how sexy hot he looks in the latest pics that turn up online...
We can dissect his body language...
Talk about his clothes... the way he walks...
and bask in the glory of his smile.

I can't do this outside of the bubble.
Non bubble people...
They would look at me like I am fucked up crazy.
And maybe I am... a little bit.
I can admit that.
But in the bubble...
I don't feel like a lunatic...
I just feel... happy.

Yeah, there is some angst in the bubble.
There is heightened emotion in the bubble.
But we are dealing with overwhelming feelings.
Loving Robert Pattinson isn't easy.

Wait... check that.

Loving Robert Pattinson is very easy...
Dealing with the feelings that surround Rob... not so much.
But being in the bubble makes it easier.

So every once in a while...
I have to step out of the Twilight Bubble.
I do what I have to do.
I take care of business.
But I can't stay out for long.
All the stuff that is inside me...
only comes out inside the bubble.
The bubble soothes me.
The bubble makes it OK.

Bye for now

P.S. Any idea how many fucking times I wrote 'bubble'?

P.S.S. I love you bubble people!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Rose and Robert.

Random Thoughts.

1. You ever notice how Rob can do no wrong?
Things that Rob does are sexy and hot...
but if people in my life did the same?
Not so much.

Rob smokes. Some of his sexiest pictures are those that have
a cigarette hanging out of his mouth...
(give me a second... whew... OK)
Other than that... I'm not a fan of cigarette smoking.
It stinks... it gives me a headache...
Not even going into the health issues.
If husband smoked...
Well, lets just say... he probably wouldn't be husband.

Rob is a slob.
He admits that he doesn't clean his apartment.
He obviously doesn't give a shit about his clothes.
Yet... the 'dirty boy' image is sexy as hell.
Well... husband is kinda a slob, too...
but not so sexy... just hell.
It just irritates me.
I mean, honestly...
He leaves his garbage on the counter.
The fucking garbage can is 6 inches away.
Whatthefuck is THAT about?

2. Nikki Reed.
I feel kinda guilty for bashing on her.
Don't get me wrong... all her damn glomming
onto Kristen and Rob was incredibly annoying...
But all those rumors that Kristen and her
were no longer friends...
That she and Rob had a falling out...
Obviously total bullshit.
Nikki and Kristen looked very chummy
at Comic Con.
And it was cute.
And Nikki behaved like a good friend...
and didn't glom...
And she looked very pretty.
Sorry Nikki.

3. Robsten.
*cleansing breath*
I'm finding the whole thing rather tedious.
While I do like to stick my paddle into the fucking pot...
and I do like to fucking stir the shit out of it...
I don't take it seriously.
I have fun with it.
Some people get SO damn upset about it.
My basic thoughts on Rob and Kristen?
They like each other.
They are comfortable with each other.
They smile and laugh with each other.
That's fucking good enough for me.
It was good to see Rob have a genuine smile on his face...
After watching day after day of him with his head down
while being stalked in NYC.

But one more thing...
Rob hasn't been seen since Thurs at Comic Con.
Wonder who he is hanging out with?
I hear Rob is REALLY into Joan Jett these days.


4. Outside of this blog...
My online presence has been... quiet.
So not like me.
But I get tired of the same shit...
Different damn day.
It's not Rob... It's what goes on around Rob.
It's like there is no original thought anymore.
No individuality.
Just Sheep. Sheeple.
And all I hear is...
Baaaaaaaaa? Baaaaaaaa. Baaaaaaa.
Nothing new.
Same tired bullshit.

5. I'm still passionately crazy about
Robert Pattinson.
I have no control over it...
Wherever he wants to take me...
I will gladly follow.


Bye for now

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Do You Wanna Know a Secret?

There has been a lot of speculation
about Rob and Kristen
and how they behaved at Comic Con.
It was said that they were distant.
It was said that Kristen looked like she
didn't want anything to do with Rob
And was all about Taylor.
That's not what I saw
I did see situations
where it was clear that Summit
wanted the focus to be on
But let me tell you whats else I saw...
Kristen should really smile more.
She really is so pretty...
So I guess she should just make sure that
she is next to Rob...
Touching Rob.
Looking at Rob.
Kristen is looking like she's
pretty into Rob here...

Some people were saying that
Kristen's body language here...
with her body turned slightly away from Rob
is very telling.
I beg to differ.
1. There is a sizable gap between her and Taylor.
2. There isn't any gap between her and Rob.
She might be turned away a bit...
But she is leaning into him.
3. Do you see Rob's hand on Kristen's arm?
He has his arm around her...
holding onto her wrist.
Just sayin'.

It looks like to me...
and of course...
this is just my Robsten addled opinion...
That Summit really wanted to play down
the whole Rob/Kristen thing.
And we all know how awkward and nervous
Kristen is in public...
But again...
This picture tells me another story.
Kristen looks kinda defensive.
Another sizable gap between her and Taylor.
Another lean into Rob.
And she looks pretty comfortable
leaning into Rob's lanky frame.
Not that I blame her.
She does fit rather nicely...
Doesn't she?
Bye for now

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Ugly Truth.

I hold these truths to be self-evident...

1. Comic Con scares the shit outta me.
Rob looked wonderful
(as usual)
He seemed fairly comfortable
and didn't seem to mind
handing off the screaming to Taylor.
Rob seemed like his usual
adorkably goofy self.
I was worried.
Rob is still Rob.

2. Kristen Stewart looked exhausted.
And she needed a shower.
And a comb.
And maybe she needed to wash
off the Joan Jett make-up.
She's still fidgety and nervous...
but when Rob is next to her?
She's better... and she smiles.
They both smile.
I like that.

3. Nikki Reed was there.
She is obviously still friends
with Kristen.
She looked lovely.

4. Why do people have to scream?
Rob walks on stage...
And they scream and scream
and scream and scream...
(and scream and scream)
Rob tries to talk...
They fucking scream.
Don't they want to know
what he has to say?

5. At the Comic Con panel...
People kept yelling out
while the cast were trying to talk.
"You're sexy!"
"You're hot!"
and the best one?
"I love you, Edward!!"
Really? REALLY??

6. Why do people insist on talking
on cell phones while driving?
Its not against the law
in Wisconsin.
And everywhere I looked today...
People were chatting away.
They were also slow to react to
the change of the signal...
Swerved in and out of traffic...
And drove below the speed limit
Because they couldn't concentrate.

7. I saw the NM clips that were shown
at the Comic Con panel.
Both of them were good.
But the one where Bella
is racing to the clock tower?
I cried.
I cried.

Edward is in the shadows...
about to step out into the sun...
And I get all angsty
and start to fucking sob.

I know.

8. I probably shouldn't drive a car.
I become SUCH a lunatic when I drive.
Someones behind me?
"Back off, asshole"

Someone turns in front of me?
"Nice blinker, fuckface"

Someone just happens to be
on the same stretch of road
that I am driving on?
"I hate ALL you muthafuckers!"

So you see...
I'm a bitch on wheels.

9. Robert Pattinson.
I've reached my saturation point.
I never thought I could.
But all the damn Remember Me
pictures and videos...
The endless photo outtakes...
And now the fucking hype
of Comic Con and New Moon.
It's too much.
I don't want to see him right now.
It's too damn emotional.
Its too fucking hard.
I'm done.

10. I went out to lunch and a movie
with some girlfriends today.
It was nice.
No Rob.
No Twilight/New Moon.
A couple of drinks
(raspberry margaritas)
An oriental salad...
"The Ugly Truth"
It was a cute movie...
And I laughed.
And No Rob.
So it was exactly
what I needed today.

Bye for now

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Robert Pattinson is Edward Cullen is Robert Pattinson...

Comic Con is today.
are supposed to be there.
My stomach is in knots.
I'm so nervous for Rob.
I'm scared he won't be the same
smiling, goofy guy
he was last year.
I'm scared the banshees
will scream him into a coma.
I decided to talk about
Twilight and New Moon.
This is one of my favorite pictures from Twilight.
This was the picture
where I knew...
That Rob could be Edward.
He looks frighteningly handsome.
Menacingly beautiful.

This is one of the new pictures
released for New Moon.
Again... it affects me so deeply.
Edward perfection.
Tortured magnificence.
Tormented resplendence.
I feel his pain.
I had the Twilight picture
as my desktop background
for a long time...
I never tired of looking at
Rob as Edward.
Now I have the New Moon
picture staring at me.
Edward as Rob.
Beautiful Perfection.
Bye for now

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rob's Love Life? Rumors? Are You KIDDING Me?

I have to comment on this cover.
I have to.
1. OK. Rob is finally on the cover of PEOPLE.
May I ask...
What the fuck took you so long?
I mean...
Rob has been in the magazine before...
He's been on the cover in the little sidebar...
But this is his first real cover.
2. And what does PEOPLE decide to talk about?
Rob's love life.
You put the most beautiful, fascinating, interesting man
walking on the face of this earth
on your fucking cover...
and you talk about love triangles and rumors?
3. Wouldn't it have been nice for PEOPLE
to have talked about Rob's latest acting roles?
Maybe talked to him...
ask him some intelligent questions
about New Moon and Remember Me?
But no.
We get unsubstantiated bullshit.
And you know me...
I'm all for the whole Rob/Kristen thing
But sorry...
This is
How disappointing.


Another 'OUTfuckingTAKE'.
If I could put my emotions into words...
I couldn't put those words here anyway.
I would be too embarrassed...
or maybe even arrested or something.
So it's just as well.

He's sexyhot gorgeous.

Bye for now

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Fall To Pieces...

I fall to pieces
Each time I see you again
I fall to pieces
How can I be just your friend?

More fucking outtakes.
Pictures not good enough
for the final cut.

Fucking Right.

I'm sure you have seen them all by now...
I couldn't tear myself away.
No matter how much my heart aches...
I had to look.

I don't know what else to say.
What else IS there to say?


That's all that comes to me.


Robert is so fucking beautiful.
And it fucking kills me.
And it fucking hurts.
Bye for fucking now

P.S. I think the pic in this post...
Is my most fucking favorite of all...


Edward, Robert and Me.

I watched a video yesterday...
Where this young guy kinda ranted and raved
about all the attention Rob was getting lately.
And even though he was a bit maniacal...
I agreed with him on a few things.

1. He talked about the set stalkers who go to
wherever Rob is filming...
and sit there for hours and hours...
just to get a 5 second glimpse of Rob
going in/out of his trailer.
a. Now... don't get me wrong.
If Rob were filming near me...
I would find a way to go and watch.
Like... it's cool to watch him film a scene from the movie.
Or to actually see him working.
But... it's kinda creepy when the lunatic fringe
just stake out his trailer and screech at him
when he walks by.
He rarely even acknowledges these people.
His head is down... and he walks as quickly as possible.
Big hint.
2. The guy also talked about WHY Rob was so sought after.
He concluded it had to be because of Twilight.
And ONLY Twilight.

b. Again... I have to agree... to a point.
Rob was in a fucking Harry Potter movie for God's sake.
He was BEAUTIFUL in that movie.
It was a significant role in a huge franchise.
And nothing really happened for him after it.
He actually thought about quitting acting all together.
Why is that?
It's not his looks. I mean... like I said...
He was gorgeous in Goblet of Fire.
I do remember him in the role.
And I do remember thinking he was beautiful.
But that was all.

Fast Forward a few years.
Rob is cast as Edward Cullen.
The whole fucking female population
is in love with him now.
In love with Robert... or Edward?
Now, I know a lot of women LOVE Robert.
They love not only his looks and personality...
but they are fans of all his movies.
If Robert hadn't been cast as Edward...
Would any of us ever have noticed him?
Would any of us fallen so hard... so fast?
I often ask myself what would have happened
if someone other than Robert had been cast
as Edward Cullen in Twilight.
Would I find myself lusting and loving that man?
Did it matter WHO was cast as Edward...
As long as they brought Edward to life?

I love and adore Robert Pattinson.
Twilight has brought me to him.
Edward has given him to me.
And while it was originally Edward Cullen
that made me love Robert Pattinson...
It is Robert Pattinson...
That I love.
Because of Edward...
I have gotten a better glimpse
into Robert.
Everything about him... draws me in.
(I know... I know)
Getting to see Rob in interviews...
To see him speak and thoughtfully answer questions.
To learn how intelligent and witty he is...
And to realize he is so modest and shy
and totally oblivious to his own beauty...
These things have cemented my love for Rob.

Robert IS Edward.
I cannot imagine anyone else in that role.
But unlike so many others...
I see him outside of the Twilight series.
I see Robert.

Bye for now

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Robert Pattinson Is My Twin...

I'm going to be REALLY delusional today.
Even more than I normally am.


Is there such a thing as normal delusion?
See how fucked up I am?
I think it's NORMAL to be delusional.

I was thinking about the things that Rob does...
That I do...
(yes... I'm fucking insane... we already covered that)

How are we the same?

Let me count the ways.

1. Rob always has something to drink in his hand. Always.
Diet Coke, Snapple... Bottled Water.
Well... OK...
*I* always have bottled water with me.
All the damn time.
I can't go anywhere without it.
If I do happen to go somewhere and forget my water...
I'm immediately parched and dying of thirst.
Bottle of water with me... always.
That's one.

2. Rob rakes his fingers through his hair.
I do too... a lot.
Rob does it when he is nervous...
I do it cuz I need a damn haircut
and I hate when my hair is falling into my face...
Actually... my hair raking is more like Kristen...
But fingers... hair... raking.
That's two.

3. Rob wears t-shirts, hoodies and jeans... same clothes over and over.
I know his fucking wardrobe better than my own.
I live in t-shirts and jeans.
I have a well worn hoodie that I love.
I'm a bum. I'm a total tom-boy.
I'm anti-girlie.
And I wear the same shit all the time.
I have my favorites, and I live in them.
Over and over.
That's three.

4. Rob hates having his picture taken.
I hate it too!
Now, obviously, Rob takes fucking INCREDIBLE pictures.
I... do not.
I hate it.
That's four.

5. Rob wears his sunglasses ALL the time.
I fucking live in mine.
When husband and I went to England last summer...
Husband complained that EVERY picture of me
I was wearing sunglasses.
(and *gasp*... he was actually right! Every picture!)
Rob hides behind his sunglasses
(and looks fucking great doing so)
I hide behind my sunglasses.
That's five.

6. Rob loves to read.
He is often photographed with a book...
Well... I devour books.
I can't get enough.
I lose myself in every word.
That's six.

7. Rob LOVES music.
It's obvious that music is very important to Rob.
He puts his very soul into every note he plays.
He is so thoughtful about what he likes... and why.
It is his calm... in the storm.
Music saved my very life.
If it wasn't for The Beatles music...
I doubt I would still be here.
Music is vital to me.
It reaches places that I didn't know existed...
That's seven.

8. Rob has a wonderful sense of humor.
He's sarcastic and witty.
A sense of humor is the number one reason
I married husband. He's funny as hell.
(what? you think I married husband for love?)
I've been told that I can be witty and funny...
And I know that I am a wee bit sarcastic at times...
Wee bit.
That's eight.

9. Rob is tall.
Rose is tall.
I love that Rob is tall.
I love that Rob is taller than me.
Rob is 6' 1
I'm 5'9
Match made in heaven.
I've been tall my whole life.
Even going back to grade school.
There is a classic picture of my whole class in 2nd grade...
All of us girls were standing in it...
And theres me... a whole fucking head taller than everyone else.
No shit.
It was awkward growing up tall...
But I did grow into it eventually.
That's nine.

10. Rob is awkward and kinda pigeon-toed.
Um... hello? I'm incredibly awkward...
and shy. Just like Rob.
I use humor to make others comfortable...
Just like Rob.
I have a habit of walking all pigeon-toed
and goofy. Just like Rob.
That's ten.
I will stop here.
As delusions go... this is a good one.

Rob and me... two peas in a pod.
Oh I so wish Rob was in my pod.
And honestly, I'm not even sure what that means.

Rob is my twinkie.


Delusion complete.

Bye for now