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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Random Thoughts

Ti Amo Robert Pattinson

Random Thoughts.

1. The Italian Vanity Fair.
THIS is what the cover should have been for the US version.
Not some silly Boy George looking guy with an alligator
Robert is so fucking beautiful.
It's so hard to mess it up.
Near impossible.
But honestly...
They did a pretty good job of it.

2. I was going through my emails
(I know, I know... I'm a glutton for punishment.)
And I just want to comment on the AT boards.
I know there are some sane and rational people 
who post over there regularly.
(The few... the proud.)
But what I find really amusing
is that certain factions of this fandom 
use the AT comments as some sort of barometer
into what the true fan is thinking.
They take all these frenzied comments by anonymous posters
and then label them 'shippers' and 'sheep'
And all the while its probably the same one or two
delusional posters who post the same sorry shit day after day.
In fact...
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Hatestens are the ones
planting these ludicrous comments in the first place...
And then trying to pin the lunacy on 'shippers'.
"Look at how the sheep are losing their minds!"
(insert comments that they probably posted)
I didn't see anyone getting upset over anything.
Now, granted...
I make a point of not following the lunatic fringe
that exists on both sides of this fandom...
But no.
No one was panicking over a magazine interview.
In fact...
From where I sit... its all smooth sailing ahead.
Hatsten might want to buckle up
and batten down the hatches...
I see rough waters and stormy weather for you.

How fucking cute is this? That giraffe has good taste. Or maybe Rob tastes good?

3. Water For Elephants is killing me.
Dammit to hell.
I haven't looked forward to a movie this much since...
Well... Twilight was my peak in terms of these movies so far.
And by 'these' movies...
I mean ALL Robert and Kristen movies.
I don't think anything will live up to the Twilight hype
I was totally OBSESSED with both Robert/Edward
and that damn movie.
I can't even tell you how many times I watched that bitch.
I can't.
So many fucking times.
Like more than once a day.
 I know.
I know.
But I'm better now.
I really am.
I mean...
I'm not as obsessed with Robert as I used to be.
You can tell that... right?
Oh sure...
I STILL love and adore the man.
I don't think that will ever change
But I feel like I'm not as...
NEEDY as I used to be.
Hungry for Robert Pattinson news/pictures 24/7
Now I feel more relaxed...
I'm still intoxicated.
Perhaps a bit tipsy...
But not blitzed drunk out of my mind.

Why did Rob hold the cigarette to Kristen's mouth? Don't you find that incredibly intimate? ;)

Lookie here.
First Lainey is all 
"The costars were extremely flirty at dinner, 
sneaking in a few kisses, sans tongue, here and there
and eyeing each other and smiling 
when they weren't doing some "familiar touching."
And of course...
Ted the Butthead has to parrot this tale.
Ted really needs to make up his mind.
Or not.
Who cares at this point.

Do I believe this?
Yes and No.
I wouldn't doubt that Rob/Kristen were flirty 
and close and affectionate...
But 'sans tongue'?
Like... how close would you have to be to know this?
Right. Sure. OK.
So tell me...
Is this part of the PR showmance...
Or are they going to argue it NEVER HAPPENED!
Hatesten is kinda between a rock and a hard place right now
Hitting the PR wall so hard... 
Every time Rob and Kristen are together somewhere
And then getting hit in the head with a ton of rocks
when you rush to 'debunk' (bwahahaha) any sighting
and claim Robert is working on his 'EXIT STRATEGY'
(Why bother denying they are together if you truly believe it's PR?)
How confused you must be.
No wonder you are chasing your tails all the time.

Exit? Stage Left. Together.

5. Yes.
I wrote Rob/Kristen-- London.
Because I feel pretty strongly that they both will be there
Is it guaranteed?
Of course not.
Plans change all the time.
But the WFE premiere is a great reason to go...
(I mean... Tom is there right now!)
What would happen then?
How would Kristen going to Australia with Rob
fit into the whole PR scheme?

It's just a thought.
Just Because.
Tom is in London right now
working on a play.
How sweet it would be if he could hang with
Robert and Kristen at the WFE premiere??
I'm sure they must miss each other...
And besides...
Tom was the perfect excuse when the 3 of them hung out..
It was ALWAYS for Tom.
Never Kristen.
So they could throw him in the mix again!

Whatever gets you through the night...

This post is brought to you by the letter *S*

S for Snark

S for Smirk

S for Sarcasm

I hope you all can apply these things
to this post.
They are all there.

and last but not least...


I'm Smiling
Are you?

Bye for now

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rob and Kristen- You Can't Handle The Truth.

Yes. Yes. Yes. And Yes.

Random Thoughts.

1. I've been seeing a lot of commercials for 
WFE the last couple of days.
One word.
Good Grief.
I've said it before and I repeat myself
Robert has NEVER looked better than he does in this movie.
Stop it.
Don't even try.
This movie looks so gloriously beautiful...
I adore Reese Witherspoon...
Robert is prettier.

2. Latest Chatter?
You've heard it all before.
Does it bear repeating?
Not really.
Oh but TED has put forth some more bullshit.
Funny how people want to believe him when he
says what they want to hear.
Face it kiddies...
Ted wants the hits.
He doesn't give a shit about Rob or Kristen.
What will you do tomorrow when he
 says that Rob and Kristen are madly in love?
Because you know he will.
It's the game he plays.
It's just his speculation.
No matter what he says.

Think what you want... but this is STILL going on.

3. Robert.


Why is beat-up walking Rob so sexy?

4. Back to the 'exit strategy'.
This fascinates me.
Rob and Kristen PRETEND to go out on dates
to make people buy tickets to a movie
that is still being made.
And Rob and Kristen PRETEND to hang out together
at weddings, in their homes for the holidays, vacations...
In HOPES that someone will 'leak' pictures
(Kristen no doubt... its always Kristen)
so that they can promote a relationship that doesn't exist
for a movie that is still being made...
If they are constantly promoting themselves as together...
For the sake of Breaking Dawn...
WHY would there be an EXIT strategy for when filming is over?
How does that make sense?
Why would Rob distance himself from Kristen if its only for PR?
Part one isn't released for months...
Surely they must go on pretending at least until November?
And then the whole of 2012...
Until Part 2?
I mean...
Why bother pretending for all these years...
Just to quit when the last movie is finished?
Rob and Kristen are under contract to mislead us... right?
It's all one big conspiracy...
To promote a movie.
So why get so angry when they are seen together?
Why try to shoot down rumors and innuendo?
Isn't that part of the 'plan'?
Why try to dismiss and degrade the time Rob and Kristen do spend together?
It's all part of the game...
Yeah. Right.

It's just built in excuses.
Sure... as soon as filming BD is over...
Oh wait...
Except if they are seen together after...
Well... then its because of PR!
Because... the ONLY reason Rob and Kristen
hang out together is because they are have to!
Yeah. That's it.
Because we need SOMETHING to explain why they
are always turning up together.
Rob really has a secret blonde girlfriend!
It was in one of his super secret non denial denials messages
that only we can decipher!
Notice how Rob and Kristen are ALWAYS with a group of people
when they are out on a date?
Well.. except when they do turn up alone...
Oh I Know! That was DAMAGE CONTROL!
We have an answer for everything!
Everyone who sees Rob and Kristen together are LIARS!
But wait a minute... aren't they SUPPOSED to be showing up together?
Isn't that part of the illusion?
And so what if Rob took Kristen to a wedding...
He felt sorry for her! His hand on her face was pity!
And the Christmas pictures in Rob's parents house...
Those are OLD!!! And it wasn't even Christmas!
And look at Rob's parents...they obviously hate her!
And IOW2?
Well we ALL know that didn't happen.
Kristen paid off the entire town to talk about them being there
and staged fake pictures
and threw in some old ones from years ago!
And theres no way they kissed at midnight!
Rob's hair is all wrong and his mole on his neck
is a fraction of an inch off...
That works... right?
Aren't they supposed to be together to keep
up the showmance?
Why get all worked up over something you think is all for show anyway?
Why argue and 'debunk' sightings and pictures
if it's all part of the grand PRsten?
You must be SO confused.

 You do see how fucked up this is...
I hope.
Using PR to explain every sighting of Rob and Kristen...
And when that doesn't quite work...
Just say it never happened.

Thing is...
PR and Exit Strategy don't work well together.
You can't have both.
Exit Strategy says Rob is out after BD is done filming.
Done is done.
So... don't come crying back to PR!
When they start showing up together again.
Because they will.

Explain this one bitch.
You'd be smiling too if Rob was caressing your face...
Rob and Kristen hanging out, holding hands. Again.  
If she were any closer to Rob... she would be in his lap.
Rob and Tom... Walking. Die.

Final Thoughts.

1. Make up your mind.
PR or Exit Strategy.
Which is it?
Is Rob in it for the long haul
Is he out in a couple of weeks?
Can't have it both ways.
Hurry up now and decide!

2. I doubt Kristen would do the Red Carpet anyway...
But man oh man...
I hope she shows up at he WFE premiere.
Make all those nightmares come true.

3. Sorry for the bitchy post.
I'm just in that kinda mood today.
Shut up.
I'm not ALWAYS bitchy...
Maybe sometimes.
A little.
I'm a woman.
I'm allowed.
Shut up.

4. I adore Tom Sturridge.
Just because.

This post is brought to you by the letter *B*

B for

Just you fucking wait and see.

And for Brother!

Remember that one?
Someone needs to write all these lame excuses
and rationalizations down all in one place.
It's good shit.
Shit being the key word.

Bye for now

Friday, March 25, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Twirling Time is Here!

Keep 'em coming...

Good Fucking Grief.

After reading the major FUCKERY that has gone down the last
couple of days... a beer would be good.
Did I say "A" beer?
Maybe more than just one.

I cannot even tell you how many damn emails I have
gotten from people sending me comments from 
Ted's forum.
I don't want to read that shit.
I don't.
There's a reason I don't go there.
Stop it.

But it's like so horrifically delusional I can't turn away...
I've seen a few random sane comments.
But honestly...
It's obviously the same one or two people
typing the same lame bullshit trying to create drama.
And people believe this shit?
Did I say Good Fucking Grief already?

So lets say a couple of Hatesten decided to go
on the AT boards and try and rile up the masses.
They type all these hate filled comments about Rob...
And then turn around and say
"The Sheep are losing their minds over the EW article!"
Because truly...
NO ONE I know was upset by the EW article at all.
No one.
No sheep. No ducks. No bunnies.
(oh my)

No fluffy animals were harmed 
in the reading of this interview.

There was nothing new in the EW interview.

You can twist and turn every word you want
to be whichever way you want.
Doesn't matter.

Rob could say...
"I love Kristen Stewart"
in an interview tomorrow...
And it would be twisted.
And bent.
And fucked up.
Doesn't matter.

Print interviews are always more open to
misinterpretations because you can't see the emotion
behind the words.
You can't know how the words are taken out of context
or the meaning behind what he is saying.

And EVERY TIME there is a print interview with Robert...
Hatesten is all aglow in the belief that Rob is sending
super secret 'non denial denials' just to them!
Oh yes.
Robert Pattinson is now a "Nonst*en".

THAT is some funny shit!

That anyone could believe for one second...
That Rob would have anything but complete disgust
for anyone who continually attacks and hates on Kristen.
Come the fuck on.
Even if you didn't believe that Rob and Kristen are together...
Even if you just thought they were friends at the very least...
You can't POSSIBLY believe that Rob would be OK with anyone
who was ripping apart someone he obviously cares about.

Fuck You. You got that?
My head actually hurts from reading this shit.
Like a fucking headache.

THIS is why I don't go to these forums.
It worries me that there are people out there...
Believing this bullshit.
Eating it.
Enjoying it.

Make up your own mind.
Agree or Disagree.
But don't let anyone tell you what to think.
And for God's sake...
Don't buy into the hyped up bullshit hysteria.
Only the lunatic fringe do that.
It's all self inflicted drama.
There aren't hordes of people out there
losing their minds over anything.
It's just the same sorry assholes
Who will go to great lengths to make you believe
in their complete and utter delusion.
And that's on both sides of the fence.

Rose! We've been waiting for you! I already ordered your drink...

What else?

Yeah... there are some more 'print' interview with Rob.
Some have to be translated.
Some are kinda weird and skewed.
I don't know.

I'm definitely not going to over analyze every word.
Fuck that.
I got an interesting email from PRPRO 
(Thanks again!)
someone who in fact... works IN Public Relations.
Imagine that!
Anyway... in regards to the recent spate of interviews..
She had this to say:

Totally doesn’t sound like Rob, right?  And the reason is that there’s a 99.9 percent chance that this was all taken from the answers he gave at the WFE press day.  Once again, a writer constructed it to make it sound like an interview, linking various comments together to make it sound like a one on one conversation. However the idiomatic nuances between English and Italian are glaring in the translation, as is the attempt to transport answers across contexts to make it appear that these are original questions.

As I’ve said before, very common practice. For the record, just about anything you read outside of the top tier US publications _Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, etc --  is compiled this way. If Rob gave a personal interview to all of the magazines all over the world that put him on the cover he would never do anything but give interviews!

But there isn't a better interview than seeing/hearing
Robert talk with his own words...
Hearing him laugh and giggle at things that are meant to be funny...
Seeing him pull his fingers through his hair or crack his knuckles
when it is something he might take a bit more seriously.
Seeing. Hearing. Robert.
Does it get any better?

Right. THIS is an outtake?

And Twitter.
Rob and Kristen hell.
But always amusing.
Always interesting.

So Chris Weitz is quite the chatty devil.
I mean...
He really takes the time to answer peoples questions.
And I can't even begin to know just how many
(and how fucked up)
questions he gets asked in just 5 minutes time.
I give the guy tons of credit for dealing with the crazy.

Here was a recent one I found rather interesting...

@chrisweitz are rob and kristen actually together in real life 
or are you not allowed to say because it will damage the films profits?

His response?
There's no financial conspiracy,
I just think what R and K each do with their private lives is their own business.
It's all up for your interpretation.


Am I done now?
I think so...
Did I cover most of the bullshit?
I doubt it.
There's always SO much.

OK... the boy looks hungry. Or hungover. Or both.

1. Wastwater rehearsal pics.
Sweet dear Tom.
He likes 'jumpers' doesn't he?
Maybe it is cold in the theater.
So cute.
So completely cute.
And not like a bunny is cute.
Like adorably cute.
Just because.

2. Robert and Kristen are 
abso-fucking-lutely fine.
Finer than fine.
And even when BD is done filming...
Only the movie will be over.
You will still see them together.
Here. There. Everywhere.
Rob may be done with the Twilight lunacy
(and who could blame him?)
but that has nothing to do with his relationship with Kristen.
A 24 year old man who talks about leading a quiet life
and having children is a man who knows what he wants...
and knows who he wants to have it with.
He's not looking for someone to share his life with...
He already has found her.

3. I don't really have a 3...
more like a 2 1/2
I keep wondering if Kristen will show up 
in NYC for the WFE premiere.
I suppose it all depends on how convincing Rob can be...
How much he wants her there.
You know she doesn't enjoy that sort of thing...
But I'm sure he wants to share this with Kristen.
Of course he does.
And her birthday isn't too far away...
So many fascinating thoughts.
So many possibilities.

So get ready for some major twirling!
Set Visits

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*
(Man, T always seems to bring these posts)

T for TWIRL!
Let's Twirl again
Like we did last summer...
Let's Twirl again
Like we did last year!
Do you remember when, 
things were really hummin',
Come on, let's Twirl again,
Twirlin' time is here!

Bye for now

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rob and Kristen- There Will Be a Next Time

Hello Gorgeous. And Gorgeous.
Rob on another cover of EW.
Love it.
He fucking OWNS this cover.
Look at him.
How can you NOT just stare at him?
He is the reason I subscribed to this magazine.
I haven't regretted it.
And I, in turn... Love EW.

So the accompanying article was interesting.
I loved it. I thought it was great.
I've seen people interpreting his words all over the place.
It all depends on what side of the fence you are on.
Let's take the following quote for instance...

EW: How was working with Reese?

Rob: She's really cool and just... never, ever annoying.
God that really is the worst description, isn't it?

So Hatesten 
(And let's stop with the cutesy nicknames. 
You know it. I know it.)
Looks at this quote and rubs their paws together 
in feral glee.
"Rob is saying how annoying THAT GIRL is!"

I look at this quote and see how adorable Rob is
with calling Reese "really cool ". 
Sound familiar?
Of course it does.
It's how he described Kristen recently as well.
So its an insult to Kristen when he calls her cool...
but it's grand praise when he says the same about Reese.
Funny how that works.
And we have Rob all bumbling about how to
describe his co-star.

Who wouldn't want to put their nose near Rob's face?

EW: Where's home? Does L.A. feel like home at all?

Rob: Sometimes. I just started missing L.A. a bit when I leave it. But any city, I have a shelf life of about two months - then there's the paranoia. When I had a house here, you just really are waiting for it to be discovered. I'd love to have a place but I'd just be freaking out about it all the time. I'd be constantly thinking someone was going to come in and take stuff.

"WHEN I had a house here"
Um. No shit.
Of course they rented a house...
I can't believe people actually thought the guy was
living out of hotel rooms for such a long length of time.
It really does go back to that time when the Paps wouldn't
fucking leave Rob alone... and he practically begged them
to just take their pictures and go...
And they of course had no fucking feelings for
Robert as a human being and just stayed with him
and he said "I don't want you to follow me home"
Because if he was living in a hotel...
He would SURELY make such a huge fuss about that.
Who else do you think he was protecting?
Well... whose car was parked in the driveway?


Pattinson. Robert Pattinson.

EW: Do you think after Twilight ends in 2012, You'll be able
to start living a more normal life?

Rob: It's funny how it's ending in 2012.
This is how the world will end.
But, um... I don't know.
I think most of people's recognition is based on the magazines
and stuff. All the gossip stories won't work--
They're always combined with Twilight,
So once that's done and it can't be combined with the
promotion of the film, I think it will end.
Because I have an obscenely boring life.

Oh man.
Once again Rob is bringing up the bullshit drama
that surrounds the Twilight phenomenon
(Can't ya just hear Oprah saying that?)
Of course Hatesten looks at this as Rob
telling the world that his relationship with Kristen
will end once the movies are done.
That's not what I see.
I see someone who just wants a 'normal' boring life.
Who wouldn't be tired of the constant stalking
harassment, screaming lunatics?
So once the movies are done...
His relationship can't be combined with promotion
of the Twilight movies.
He just wants his life back.
I don't think people get how insulting it is to insinuate
That Robert would 'pretend' to be in a relationship with someone
for the sake of promoting a movie that needs no promoting?
That people actually think hes so fake and shallow
that he would allow himself to be manipulated for YEARS
to act like he's romantically involved with Kristen.
Does that sound like Robert Pattinson?
This sincere, honest, modest man...
Would basically LIE to his fans year after year...
All for money? All for some movies?
Does money really seem that important to him?
How does ANY of that ring true about Rob in any way??

In an Italian Magazine called "STYLE"
Rob was quoted as saying (keep in mind this is translated)

in a long interview to Style he declares:
“Luxury hotels, hot models and designers buzzing around me? 
All of them are traps, I want a quiet life.” 
The actor continues: “I’m not interested in casual relationships, 
 I need to get to know people. I’m not making an existential statement:
I just want a family with two or three kids”. 

Rob wants a QUIET LIFE.
He's not interested in casual relationships.
He wants a family.
I'm guessing it's with the person he is in a
REAL relationship with... Kristen.

Because as much as some people would like to believe
that everytime Rob and Kristen have been out in public
it was forced or staged or some kind of conspiracy theory
(I know... I know... scary)
There are far too many pictures out there
of two people spending an extraordinary amount of time
together doing stuff that have nothing to do with work.
Close stuff.
Family stuff.
Vacationing stuff.
Relationship stuff.

I know some people would like to imagine it never happened.
But it did.
And when it KEEPS happening?
Even when the movies are over and done...
What then?
Let's wait and see how long 
until we see Rob and Kristen 
together again...
In a completely Non-Twilight situation.
It won't be long.

When is Kristen's birthday again?

Hot bitch is fucking hot.

And speaking of magazine covers...
How was THIS not the cover of Rolling Stone??
They put that Snooki on the cover...
WTF does she have to do with music?
Kristen played a rock legend...
She sang and played guitar...
What else do you need to warrant a cover of Rolling Stone?

I know this was completely random...
But I had to throw a picture of beautiful Kristen
in my post somewhere... right?

Which one stays? The hat or the girl?

Final thoughts.

1. I'm SO excited about WFE.
I can't even put it into words.
Well... obviously I've tried and probably failed
But I'm just thrilled for Robert.
I want this movie to be HUGE
I want people to love Rob
Appreciate Rob
Adore Rob
and realize that he is much more than
a sparkly, brooding vampire.

2. Tom and Sienna.
Seriously... when was the last time you saw
so much of Tom?
Even when he is hanging out with Rob/Kristen
he doesn't seem to get this much press.
Is someone calling the paps?
Somehow I don't think it's Tom.
Doesn't seem his style.
Is Sienna geniunely interested in Tom?
Or does she want the world to see
(or specifically Jude Law)
How happy she is and that she has moved on?
Maybe a little of both?
Well... I can't complain because I get to
see Tom's adorable face.
And don't forget to vote for Tom
in MTV Movie Awards
For Male Breakout Star!
That would be so awesome!

How beautiful can two people be?

3. I got a few emails about pics I put on my blog.
I just want to say a couple of things.
I don't own ANY of the Rob pictures.
I have never claimed to.
I go to Rob sites or Google
and save the ones I like.
I know I don't 'source' them
but that's usually because I have no idea
who actually owns them.
I don't think taking them off someone else site
is 'stealing' because they don't own the pics either.
Unless you took the picture
You shouldn't be tagging them.
I realize there are a lot of Rob blogs out there
and they are competing for hits and followers...
But I'm not.
I'm not a 'news' blog.
I'm just an opinion blog.
So... I don't mean any harm
nor am I taking credit for something I didn't do.
I just like looking at Robert Pattinson.

4. Let the games begin!
Roll the dice!
This is going to be a GOOD time.
Oh yes.
Excitement is in the air!
This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Tom Sturridge.
Just because.

T for Truth.
We all know the truth.
Your Non denial denial isn't working.
Not that it ever did.

T for Time

Bye for now

i do not know what it is about you
    that closes and opens;
    only something in me understands
    the voice of your eyes
    is deeper than all roses...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rob and Kristen- I Know That You Do

Why do I always want to say
that I have nothing to say?
I don't feel like I do.
At all.

There isn't anything really going on.
Except for the usual bullshit.
And it's so fucking stale and dried up.

Oh yeah...
Rob and Kristen were supposedly seen on some cable car (huh?)
while Rob was on a plane (What?)
And Rob had another interview translated...

That had this:

There's always rumors about you having a romance with Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, Emma Watson. Rumors about romance with what actress or singer it would have been nice to hear for you?
Rob: Hmm .. There is nothing good about these rumors (laughs). I'm trying to remember someone interesting, but no one comes to mind. Maybe someone, like .. No, nothing comes to mind. Sorry.

Which of COURSE translates to Rob being single...
Or doing his famous Non Denial Denial!
Or hating Kristen or something.
(I'm sure he wasn't being facetious at all.)
And I bet you believe that after watching "Greystoke"
Rob REALLY became possessed and behaved like a monkey
for 7 hours while eating orange chicken wings.

Okie Dokie.

Bottom line?

Kristen Stewart is better than you.

Robert believes it...
And at the end of the day
His opinion is ALL that matters.

And I still find myself going back to this picture...
The one that started it all.

Oh yes.

Tom and Sienna Miller out and about last night.
It kinda pains me to put this here...
It's good to see Tom's adorable face
(and seriously...the hat is growing on me)
And well...
There are a shitload of pics online showing
Tom and Sienna in various locations...
Walking to various places.

Is love in the air?
Or are they just good friends?

If they keep hanging out together....
and say...
Start vacationing together.
Visiting each other at work.
Spend holidays together.
Get a dog together.

You get my point... right?

I know that you do.

This post is brought to you by the letter *C*

C for Care.
I don't care if Tom is hanging with Sienna.
I still adore him.

Just Because.

Bye for now

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rob and Kristen and a Dog Named Bear

I know... I know...

Leno One

Leno Two

Leno THREE!!!!
What do I fucking say here?
Look at Robert...
All glidey and smooth
Strolling out on stage with Jay Leno.

Damn it to hell.
Leno One still wins.
Hands fucking Down.
I'm sure the wrinkled, unpolished Rob just appeals to me more...
And let's face it... the smirk on his face?
That is ALL kinds of sexy.

 Rob was all kinds of adorable on Leno...
Although he seemed a bit uncomfy with the suit.
And didn't the brown shirt look familiar?
I'm sure we've seen all of this before...
And I realized that makes me sounds all obsessive and stuff
But it's hard not to notice what Rob wears 
because he has a habit of wearing the same clothes
again and again.
And again.
And again.

"I knew I should have left when I was done..."

Rob did great.
He was funny and charming...
and the only time I think he was truly uncomfortable
was when that lady who keep yelling about VAMPIRES
came out and was screeching at him about being
sparkly and bullshit like that.
I was thinking
And you DO realize he's not REALLY Edward Cullen... Right?

This is more like it...
The MTV interview was wonderful.
I loved it.

Rob admitted that he was misquoted in the VF article.
Seems like that happens a lot in the print interviews
(Stay away from the print, Rob... Don't go into the print!)

Nothing too revealing of course.
He was giggly and adorkable and witty.
The Rob we have all come to love.
He was obviously much more comfortable in this setting
With Josh Horowitz
in his regular clothes...
No big shockers.
He did take a road trip from L.A. to New Orleans.
But well...
We already knew he did that... didn't we?
Oh and he did adopt a shelter puppy.
So sweet.
He calls it "Bear"
So I guess that was all true too.
"They" did adopt a puppy.
I'm not sure what the regulations are about transporting dogs
across the Canadian border...
But I'm guessing the dog is somewhere in L.A. right now
Maybe keeping a certain cat company...

Shabby Perfection.

 Kristen was only briefly mentioned in this interview
and only in the capacity that they 'act' together
That seems to be the safest way for Rob to discuss her...
But of course people are dissecting his facial expressions
and the fact he cracked his knuckles
(Something that Kristen is known to do as well)
as some sort of sigh that he hates Kristen.

I find all the over analyzing and dissection tedious.
Give it a rest already.

Rob was funny and cute and wonderful...
and he seems so proud of WFE
He looked incredible in the clip they showed
and LOVE LOVE LOVE the accent.
He did a phenomenal job with it.

I really don't like giving interviews...

So what do we take away from yesterday's overflowing Robness?

1. Rob is still funny and charming and witty
and gorgeous and wonderful and everything good.

2. Rob did get a shelter dog.
I guess the sightings in L.A. 
with him and Kristen at the vet...
and Nikki's oopsie about 'their' dog... can fill in the blanks.

3. Rob looks absolutely BRILLIANT
in WFE and he's so proud and happy 
and lights up when he talks about
Tai the elephant.

4. Rob/Tom/Sam did take a road trip to New Orleans.
Where Kristen just happened to be working...
And while they were in an Apt
I mean HOTEL room... that's right...
They acted like monkeys and ate orange (?) chicken wings.

5. Rob does so much better...
in live interviews.
I know his words will still be twisted
and there will be intense scrutiny of his every move...
But it was wonderful to see him talk and laugh
and just be Rob
(and lets not forget the walk...
NEVER forget the walk)

6. No declarations of love.
No non denial denials.
(that's a lot of no's)
Just Rob talking about stuff.
Being all cute and adorable while doing it.

7. I love Robert Pattinson.

Just because.
8. Did you hear someone yell out "TOM STURRIDGE"
during the Leno interview when Rob was talking about the 
road trip and said something about one of his 'friends'
being recognized as in 
"Hey aren't you friends with Robert Pattinson?"

I mean it's cute and all that...
But Tom should be recognized for more than being
Robert's best friend.
Not that its a bad thing to be...
Oh no.
I would LOVE to have that role...
But Tom is probably way better at it than I would be...
Cuz I would be all starry-eyed and shit...
and Rob would be like...
"Rose! Why do you keep asking me to walk across the room??"
Tom is a good choice.

He really is.

This post is brought to you by the letter *R*

R for

The INTOXICATION level is still

Bye for now