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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rob and Kristen- Drought Fever

We are in a drought.
Big time.
And I'm fucking thirsty.

We have gotten to see Rob riding a bike
and talking to some guys in a pub
and lets not forget the mystery blonde!
(Who by the way, was just a lucky fan)
But somehow it doesn't seem complete...
Does it?

Well... obviously
That's because we are missing Kristen too!

How fucking long as it been?

Yes. Carrying HIS jacket.

January 12th.
That's how long.

It feels ridiculous to say I miss Kristen.

But I do.
Of course Kristen's name is still being brought up
in every Rag article they can put it in.
Because without her name?
No one cares.
Liberty whatshername...
Oregano someone...

All meaningless drivel that no one really
gives a shit about...
But just add Kristen Stewart
or Robert Pattinson...
and it calls ALL the lunatics to the yard.
This is standard drought behavior.
People start to actually believe their hallucinations.

Art Imitating Life.

So as it goes with a 'drought'
There isn't much to really write about.
Which I guess is Good for them...
Maybe not so much for us.

Final thoughts.

1. I like Jennifer Lawrence.
But she has nothing to do with Rob or Kristen
or their relationship.
Even if she has become the Ninnie Poster girl.
Even if the Rags want to make up bullshit about her and Rob.
I'm guessing she would prefer not being dragged into the drama.
Imagine what it would be like if the lunatic ninnies
actually focused all their attention on someone
they actually liked?
You would think they would at least focus on Rob...
But they don't even do that.
They don't seem to have the time for Rob.
All day. Every day.
It's all about Kristen.

She owns them.
Lock, stock and strait-jacket 

2. Some people are SO afraid that Kristen is going 
to show up in Australia soon.

I seriously think heads will explode 
WHEN she gets there.
Although I'm sure they have plenty of excuses
at the ready.
Most likely the standard lie of
On one hand
The Fringe are all about Rob being 'single and free'
while he's in Australia
Even if it puts a damper on their whole PR theory ...
But it's good for them to keep it handy
when Rob and Kristen are together again.
And you know... They will be.
I'm not sure what they will do once the DVD comes out.
There will be nothing left in the PR excuse tank...

Just like their lives...

This post is brought to you by the letter T and the number 7.

T for

Thomas Sturridge.
I adore him.

T for

I don't know.
Some good word that starts with T.
Someone sent this to me...
(Thank you btw)
This one kinda is in my top 5 now.
What a fucking swagger.

T for

Do I even have to say it?
Do I?

Rob and Kristen

Sooner rather than later.

And by the number 7

Seven times a day.
Need I say more?

Until next time

Bye for now


Friday, January 25, 2013

Lists, Lies and Lunatics.


It's been an interesting few days in this fandom.

A week of Lists.
And Liberty.

Here's my list...

 I always thought that these low class rags were written
by schizophrenic idiots...
They can never make up their mind whether
Rob and Kristen
Not that the truth actually matters to them.
So they just continually go back and forth...
Letting the voices in their heads argue.
For example... Australian rags have been harping on
 Rob getting together with Emilie de Ravin?
I'm pretty sure she is filming her TV show
Once Upon a Time
(Which I love btw)
But... hey... she is Australian
(and married)
So why not throw them together?

Just goes to show how they can make up
any lame bullshit they want
and print it like its true.

It's ALL made up.
They don't have any sources close to the couple.
They don't know ANY intimate details.
They don't know.

2. This picture created quite the buzz.
Because there's a sorta kinda drought thing going on.
So any picture is clutched tightly to the fandom bosom.
Even ones where he is simply riding a bike.
All I have to say is...
Where is your helmet, Rob??

You best be careful, Mister.
That's some pretty important stuff you have up there...

3. Lunatics.
This is kinda how I picture the Lunatic Fringe...
Always green.
Always bitter.
Always wanting what they can't have...
and jealous of those who have it.
Always stalking and hating and obsessing
over one small girl.
And always getting what comes to them in the end.

What a world... what a world...

Guess what?
The witch doesn't win.
I hope you're ready for it.

4. Lists.

There were some lists being made on Twitter.
List of haters.
List of people who blocked haters
List of people who made list of haters
List of people who made lists of people
who blocked haters who made lists...
And the list goes on.
But some 'people' were getting pretty bent
over being on a list.
It was kinda amusing.
How many times did I type list?
Get back to me on that
or you will be on a list.

5. Lunatics.
Liberty (who?) Ross filed for divorce
from Ruperv Sanders today.
Yeah I had forgotten about them too.
Lo and behold...
She's being touted as some sort of saint now.

I don't wish any ill will on Miss Ross.
I just don't care what she is doing.
But every now and then (like today)
Her face and that of her lecherous soon to be ex
get thrown in my timeline...
The woman is getting a damn divorce, people...
Get off the ridiculous soapboxes about
what a great heroine she is.
People get divorced.
ALL the time.
That doesn't make her special.
Or brave.
Or an incredible warrior.
It makes her 1 out of every 2 marriages
that have failed ~ ordinary.
Sad. But true.
Sure... the Fringe will pounce all over it and
use this as another opportunity to call Kristen vile names...
Instead of pointing their green talons at the real bad guy.
But according to previous interviews
and previous filing for separation...
Things weren't all shiny and pretty
in the house of Sanders anyway.

Let's be real.
The ONLY reason anyone even knows
anything about these two people
is because Kristen's name is sadly attached to them.
Remove her name.
No one gives a shit.
Only the HAGS and the RAGS
 will squeeze every bit of blood
out of this tired, dried up old topic...
The rest of the world has moved forward.
Leaving it behind.

Join us.
Or watch out for that bucket of water...

In each others arms... AFTER.

6. Here's the deal.
As awe inspiring as LS is for getting a divorce
(yes, I'm judging you)
It doesn't impact Rob and Kristen's relationship.
Why would it?
Rob and Kristen have made it perfectly clear
where they stand.
Next to each other.
They have moved FORWARD
They are looking ahead.
They have worked through the past issues
and are living in the present...
with eyes on the future.

Rob is in Australia because he's working.
He does that from time to time... you know?
Sometimes it takes him out of the country.
Sometimes Kristen has stuff to do before she can join him.
That's all there is to it.
So simple.

Rob and Kristen

Always true.

This post is brought to you by Orphans.

This is a big fucking deal.
Tom's talent will be seen on a bigger scale.
He's SO watchable.
I can't take my eyes off of him.

The best is yet to come, and baby wont it be fine
You think you've seen the sun, but you ain't seen it shine

Until next time.

Bye for now

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rob and Kristen- Candles in the Wind

Well... looky here...
Rob. Check.
Red striped polo. Check.
Walking. Check.
Smiling. Check.

All GOOD things.

The Rags and the Hags would have you believe
that Rob is enjoying his 'freedom' and is 'single'
Because... you know...
Rob going to another country for work
is something he has NEVER done before!!

How very predictable.

You would think by now...
People would realize that
Rob and Kristen know exactly what they are doing.
Everything works out.
It always does.

I think that the sane good side of the fandom should disregard and ignore
any Gossip Rag or Bitter Hag who routinely uses the following words.

Exit Strategy
Ruth paid them off
On/Off again
Home wrecker
Damage Control
Breaking up/Broken up/On a Break
Mysterious Blonde
Epic Love

(I'm sure I've forgotten a few)

 None of them have ever had any real significance.
No relevance.
Only Excuses.
Rationalizations. Bitter Jealousy.
There might have been a brief flickering moment...
But that is long OVER
Now the flame is strong and steady.

And it seems to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind 
Never fading with the sunset when the rain set in

Rob and Kristen are more determined than ever
to make their relationship work.
As always...
You can see Rob's resolve and certainty
all over his face.
And in his actions.

See... some people cling to 'exit strategy'
It makes an appearance every time Rob goes to work
And Kristen isn't with him.
But Rob had his chance... didn't he?
I mean...
If he had really wanted out
He had the perfect opportunity.
The perfect exit.
But no.
He REMAINS by her side.
In her life.

Choosing to be with her.
Choosing love.
Choosing Kristen.
Always Kristen.

There's a feeling of...
You don't love this long
This hard
This much
and just let it go.

And if anything?
Rob and Kristen are holding on tighter than ever.
So very close.
They are

Keep your eyes on the horizon...
Good things.

This post is brought to you by acceptance.

Accept that Rob and Kristen

Accept that you can compare Kristen to
any other actress...
But that it won't change how
Robert feels about her
or affect their relationship.

Accept that there will always be
people who hate...
just for the sake of hating.
And will always be needy and insecure
and creating drama where none exists.

Accept that
Rob and Kristen
Will prove all the naysayers and haters wrong
once again.
They always do.

And accept
that I absolutely adore
Thomas Sturridge

Until next time.

Bye for now

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dear George... Rob and Kristen?

I will love him and hug him and call him George.

Hi George!
It's been a while... again.
I'm sorry.

You're looking well.
You haven't aged a day.
You're still all kinds of adorable.
And so huggable.

Anyway George...
Not really all that much to write about.
You know how it goes...
Same shit.
Different year.

Robert landed in Australia.
He's going to start filming The Rover.
Kinda exciting... right?
New movie to look forward to.
Seeing Rob stretch his wings... and fly!
What's not to like?
And come on, George...
You know what I'm going to say next
Rob. Is. Walking.
With sunglasses.
With a big ol' smile on his face.
And with his fucking guitar!
Life really is good, isn't it?

But alas, George...
As soon as Rob and Kristen are not in the same city
What happens?
You get the rags and the hags
desperately clinging to the same tired bullshit.
Regurgitating the same boring lies...

 Rob is in another city!
They broke up.
Rob is smiling!
They broke up.
Rob has his guitar!
They broke up.
Rob is wearing sunglasses!
They broke up.
Rob is breathing!
They broke up.

Get my drift, George?
This shit has been going on for as long
as Rob and Kristen have been together.
That's 4 years of this nonsense.
So some gossip rags...
Rags so disreputable that no one takes
anything they say seriously.
(Except the desperate lunatic fringe)
spews some break up garbage to get some hits...

 Anyone with even a small measure of sanity
would look at those types of stories
and laugh out loud at them.
But not the Fringe, George... Never the Fringe.
They hold onto those sort of lies like their
very lives depended on it

Thing is, George...
They ignore everything that preceded
Robert going to Australia.


Rob and Kristen live together.
They are always together unless work or obligation
keeps them apart.
Rob and Kristen live together.
Just weeks ago... pics of Rob and Kristen
in London surfaced.
Rob and Kristen live together.
 Kristen flew to London
to BE with Robert.
New Years Eve in London is part of their tradition.
She flew into London on the 27th...
And she landed back in LA on January 12th.
How long is that, George?
5 days in December
11 days of January.
Over 2 weeks, George.
Nice vacation, huh?
Kristen and Rob were together for New Years Eve...
and some time later flew into NYC.
No... there aren't pictures.
And I'm glad.
No pictures of them leaving London.
No pictures of them arriving in NYC.
No pics of Rob leaving OR arriving anywhere for that matter.
I know people like to scream
Pics or it didn't happen...

 But obviously it fucking happened, George...
Rob being in LA proves he had to get on a plane
and fly from one city to the other
EVEN IF there weren't pictures... IT HAPPENED.

But that's not all George...
The Fringe also forget that Kristen met up with Rob
for a Golden Globe after-party.
Convenient... isn't it?
Rob broke up with her... 
yet waited for her outside until she showed up
and then they proceeded to party the night away.
Golly Gee Whiz, George...
Does that sound like a 'break up' to you?
Not if you have functioning brain cells.

I do love how one of the major rationalizations
is that Rob and Kristen never do anything ALONE.
Every time they go out... they seem to have a group
of their friends to go out with.
I never understood how that ever mattered.
At all.

Rob and Kristen share a home together.
They get all the fucking alone time they want.
Whenever they want.
You know?
Why wouldn't they hang out with friends
when they go out in public?
Besides the fact...
Rob and Kristen have to assume they are being watched
Whether it be a casual observer,
Someone who is a fan...
Or the asshole paps who stalk them for a living.
Being in a group makes them less noticeable.
And like I said, George...
They have all the ALONE time they want.
Where it counts.
When it matters.

So now George...
Now the wait is on.
The vultures are tense and on high alert

Will Kristen show up in Australia?

Will they be apart the whole time?

The Fringe are nervous, George.
They are already working on their excuses
if she shows up.

But it's really very simple, George.
Rob and Kristen

That's all anyone needs to know.

This post is brought to you by numbers.

The number of days until Kristen shows
up in Australia.
The number of lame excuses idiots will
try to come up with.
The number of alternate personalities
that the Fringe have.
The number of times people actually type PR
in connection to Rob and Kristen...
and actually BELIEVE it.

This post is also brought to you by...


My complete adoration of Tom Sturridge.

Tom is completely Hobolicious.
Do you think we could get him to carry one
of those red sacks on a stick?
I can actually see him doing that.

My name is Rose.
I'm a Hobosexual.
There is nothing you can do about it.
I'm completely smitten.
I'm OK with that.

Until next time, George.

Bye for now