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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Robsten Rumors and Rubbish

It's been pretty quiet today...
Unless  you want to count the 'rumors' that are out there.

It's funny to see what people come up with, isn't it?
What's funnier is what people latch onto as TRUTH.

Let's see what is out there... shall we?

1. Kristen is going to show up at the TCA's.
I guess E! had something about this on their news.
I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere except Twitter
(and we all know how dependable THAT is)
Of course I would LOVE for her to show up with Robert.
Of course I would!
It's been a few weeks since we have seen them together...
It would be nice to see this...

Or this...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see them smiling like that?

But alas...
All I have heard is that Kristen's appearance is
"Up in the air"
Unless it's confirmed on more than a few hopeful tweets...
I would just keep your fingers crossed.

Remember this scene at the beginning of the movie...
Robward is so sweet... so tender...
"Marry Me"

On to Rumor #2

Rob is in Georgia wrapping up filming for WFE.
(April 15th, 2011!!)
So of course... they have to 'tease' me with pictures 
like this...


With Robert Walking.
If I could even convey what watching him move...
How it...
I mean...

Something in the way he moves.

But I digress...
which I'm pretty fucking good at lately.
The other rumor out there is that Kristen
is in Georgia WITH Robert.

Supposedly this was reported on the local news.
Supposedly someone saw this and said someone who 'looked' 
like Kristen was in the video.
Supposedly someone on Facebook was talking about
her hair, and how she knotted her t-shirt...
But lo and behold...
The facebook comment has been removed.
And it all goes back to being Rumor.
Unsubstantiated innuendo.
Now obviously I would LOVE for Kristen to be there with him.
Does it make sense?
Not really.
He's only there for a couple of days...
I see him going to Montreal
before I see her in Georgia.

BUT you never know.
People didn't believe she was in Budapest either
until pics came out of her LEAVING the country...
With Robert by her side.
So Kristen does have a habit of getting places 
and not being seen.
I'm thinking that until something a bit more
substantial shows up as proof?
I will just keep thinking that Robert's next stop is...

Rumor #3

THIS picture has been photoshopped...

You know the drill.
It's FAKE!


THIS picture CLEARLY shows Oregano and Kristen.
There is NO DOUBT
That the blurry plaid blob is Oregano
and that little black blob is Kristen's head.

And this picture...

There's NO WAY this was Rob and Kristen
(until it was proven that it indeed WAS Rob and Kristen)
No... it doesn't look like Kristen at all...
Or Robert.
Not at all...


That blurry... distant person in sunglasses...
The one in the shadows...
Is MOST definitely Robert.
There can be NO DOUBT!
It's him!
And look at what he's doing!!!
And not with Kristen!!

I hope you read that with *SARCASM*

I mean...
A picture that is Robert and Kristen...
being touted as fake just because they don't like
what the picture shows...
And yet... those same people cling to 
Blurry, grainy pictures that could be anyone...
and claim it to be Rob or Kristen
just because they can make up any story they want 
to go along with them.

That's enough bullshit for now... yes?
Truth always wins out in the end...
And we shall see...
Oh yes...
We shall see.

Every little thing she does is magic
Everything she does just turns me on
Even though my life before was tragic
Now I know my love for her goes on 

This post is brought to you by the letters *S* and *R*

(and if you don't get it... I feel sorry for you)


Because let's face it...
99% of what you see is bullshit.

Bye for now

Friday, July 30, 2010

Kristen Stewart Intoxication

Well... it's finally come to this.
I want to talk about Kristen Stewart.
Because I miss her.
I like her.
A lot.
And you may find this hard to believe...
But that wasn't always the case.

I didn't know who Kristen was before Twilight.
My first glimpses of her were the MTV interviews.

There she was... this young girl...
This wispy little thing...
Brazenly flirting with Robert Pattinson.
Interview after interview
They seemed to get more intimate.
I wasn't all that thrilled with it.
I can admit it... I was kinda jealous.
She was always next to him.
Touching him in some way...
Showing the world with every word...
Every move...
Every touch...
That something was happening between them.

But it wasn't just Kristen.
Oh no.
Robert responded the same way.
He obviously admired Kristen.
He obviously adored her.
He obviously fell hard and fast for her.
He may have joked about having a crush on her...
Or asking her to marry him...
But there was a real spark there
And where there's smoke...
There's fire.

I saw how happy Kristen made Robert.
I mean...
He was always smiling and laughing whenever she was around.
And even though I was completely addicted
and thoroughly intoxicated with Robert Pattinson...
Seeing him happy made me happy.

And so I wanted to know more about Kristen Stewart.

My first impression of her is her incredible beauty.
It's natural.
It's effortless.
It's powerful.

It doesn't matter how she wears her hair...
or if she is wearing make up...
Her face is flawless.

The next thing that comes to mind...
She's not your average young woman.
She's serious about her craft.
She chooses parts that mean something to her...
She doesn't care if she has to chop off her hair...
or if she isn't playing the pretty ingenue 
It's the part that matters.
She loses herself in her roles...
and when its time to move on
she has a hard time letting go.

Kristen is awkward.
Kristen is shy.
Kristen doesn't always say the right thing at the right time.

Kristen stays true to herself.
And Kristen is misunderstood.

Shyness makes people think she is aloof... distant.
Being awkward makes people think she is unpolished... coarse.

But some people don't want to see beyond the misconceptions.

While I don't believe Kristen worries about whether some
people like her or not...
She's made it clear that she loves her fans...
She appreciates them.
She wants you to understand that she loves Bella
and Twilight the same way we do.
Oh... and she can smile.
Especially when she is with Rob.

Kristen is just a girl.
Trying to figure out life... just like everyone else.
She never claimed to be special...
She never felt entitled to her fame.
She just wants to work...
and she wants to live her life.

"I can relate to Bella in that I think that I would not necessarily choose the easy road. I would definitely, if it felt right, and I was in love. It wouldn’t matter what obstacle. I’d face it." -Kristen

 I know it's silly...
But I can't help but feel protective about Kristen.
I feel the need to defend this girl...
Who comes under such brutal attacks on a daily basis...
 is shown such hatred and venom from people...
who are petty and jealous.

Why do some people seem to hate Kristen Stewart?
All the reasons are shallow and irrelevant.
No matter how much blathering and foaming
about the 'real' reason haters hate...
It all comes down to one thing.
Robert Pattinson.

If the Haters didn't think Kristen Stewart 
was with Robert Pattinson...
They wouldn't care one way or another about her.
She wouldn't matter.
But she does...
To Robert.
And to the millions of people like me...
who appreciate Kristen for who she is...
what she says...
And what she does.

Remember when this picture was released?
The uproar?
The yelling?

Do you remember how angry people got?
This picture was released quite some time after the actual photoshoot.
Why was it delayed?
Probably because in terms of picture quality... its not that good
In terms of controversy and drama?
It sure did get analyzed.
Every damn pixel.
Which leads us to this picture released today...
The howls of agony!
The whining.
The foam.

So what are we looking at?
Rob trying to listen to what Kristen is saying?
Rob nuzzling Kristen's neck?
Rob most definitely pushing up against Kristen...
with his hand on the small of her back...
Is he just leaning over her?
Is he going in for the kiss?
Do we see lips to neck contact?
Does he just see chicken wings on the other side of her?

All I have to say?

Just another "ROBSTEN" pic.
Get it?
Got it?

I love and adore Kristen Stewart.
Thank you for making Robert so happy.
I love and adore Robert Pattinson
Thank you for making Kristen so happy.

This post is brought to you by the letter T
because I'm all about the 


Bye for now

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dear Rose and Robsten.

This is a post dedicated to all the wonderful email/comments that I receive on a
daily basis. Some of them are just too good NOT to share. You know what I mean?
So here's hoping you find these as entertaining as I did :)
Oh and I corrected all spelling errors.. Believe me, there were a lot of them ;)

Dear Rose,
 Why do you continue to use paparazzi pictures in your posts? Don't you realize that 
you are contributing to what they do? It is because of people like YOU that Rob is treated like that on a daily basis. What do you think Rob would think of you if he read your blog?
-High Horse

Dear Horse,
I continue to use pap pics in my posts... because I want to. At least I don't claim to be "Paparazzi Free" and then proceed to post the Paparazzi pictures. It's not fans like me that are responsible for the way Robert and other celebrities are treated by the Paps. If you want to get angry with someone, how about starting with the gossip sites that send out photographers to harass and stalk Rob? Or the other gossip sites that pay money for them? Unfortunately, as long as Robert is so famous, there will always be people willing to stalk for money. I love and adore Robert. I wish I could shield him... but I can't.
-Protective Rose

What do you think of the attached picture (the one above)? Rob looks like he knows this beautiful blonde lady. Rob looks like he is really attracted to her! So much for ugly bitchface! GO ROB!
- Satisfied

Dear Satisfied (with delusions),
What do I think of the picture? It looks like a lucky fan got to meet Robert! Attractive? Well, that's hard to see from this angle, but Rob is smiling, so I'm sure she was being very nice to him. Keep up the good detective work!
- Wishes That Blonde Was Rose

Ridiculous Rose,
You really think your shit doesn't stink, don't you? I'm here to tell you it DOES! You are so pathetic with your attempts to prove that PRsten exists! The tarmac picture is NOT them holding hands! Give it up, already! At best she is holding his wrist! Besides, it was all for PR! They knew someone was going to be there to take pictures! You are such a loser. 
I wish you would just shut the fuck up already!

Dear FU,
I love this picture for so many reasons. Let me show the ways...
1. It's not just the handholding that is so intimate here... it's their body language... the smiles on their faces (in Rob's case a HUGE smile) that make this picture so incredible.
2. Haters HATE this picture! And that makes it all the more entertaining! I love to post this picture every few days... just to get this kind of reaction!
3. Let me get this straight, they AREN'T holding hands... yet it's for PR? *cuckoo cuckoo*
4. Am I a pathetic loser? I don't think I am... and one thing is certain... My shit doesn't stink... it smells like ROSES! DUH!
-Everything's coming up Rose(s)

Dear Rose,
I love love love your blog! It's like a little island of sanity in this crazy fandom! I don't know how you do it, but you always manage to say what is in my head. Can you read minds? lol.
I don't understand how the hyenas can't manage to see how in love Rob and Kristen are with each other, but it's their loss! Thanks for all you do.
- A grateful fan

Dear Grateful,
Thank you! It's always nice to hear such kind words about my blog. I come here everyday and just try to get my thoughts down... and it's always wonderful that so many people agree with what I have to say! So Thank You!
-Grateful Rose

I don't get how you can possibly believe Rob and Stewpid are together. He looks like he can't wait to get away from her, and she looks miserable every time they are next to each other. Why are there never any pictures of them together if this is the most epic romance in the history of the earth? Don't try to pass off the PR pictures as proof, either. Are you telling me there is NEVER a camera around to record their epic love? Right. You are a complete idiot and when PRsten comes crashing down, I hope it lands on your head.
-No Pics, No Proof

Dear Chicken Little,
Wow. So... let me get this straight... you want me to 'prove' that Rob and Kristen are in a relationship, but I can't use the pictures that are out there... because its only PR?
Did the insane asylum have a massive escape today? There are plenty of pictures of Rob and Kristen together, on their own time. I can't help that you refuse to see them for what they are... and have to scream PR every time another picture of them hanging out shows up. You see things your way... I see the truth.
- Wearing a helmet Rose

Kristen is NOT Bella. She is an ignorant, self-centered bitch who only hangs around Rob for publicity. She hates that Rob gets more attention than she does, so she attaches herself to him any way that she can. She barely has a career outside of Twilight, so she acts like a pathetic puppy and follows Rob around hoping that people notice her, too. I don't know why Rob puts up with her other than he probably just feels sorry that she doesn't have any friends. Even TomStu hates her guts. I hate her and I hope she disappears back under the rock she came from after the Twilight movie are over. You suck.
-Kristen is a bitch

Dear Bitch,
So much anger. So much venom. So much foam. So many loonies.
I'm pretty sure you aren't talking about Kristen Stewart. No way. Not the Kristen that goes out of her way NOT to be in the public eye. The Kristen who goes out of her way not to discuss a relationship that would garner her endless publicity if she so desired it.
Not the Kristen who goes where Rob goes... because that's where she wants to be (and that's what people in relationships do... BE TOGETHER). Kristen doesn't need ANYone to get noticed... she's beautiful, talented and stands out from a crowd of common drones who all look and behave the same way. And get over the TomStu bullshit. It's pretty obvious he enjoys Kristen's company, no matter how much that eats you up inside (I bet you taste... bitter)
-Sucks To Be You And Not Rose

That's enough for now (more than enough, I suppose). I'm sorry that I shared more Foam filled emails than the nice ones... because I do receive way more nice ones. But I just like to put out there what some people really believe. It's fascinating to me.
Oh and another thing that bugs the haters?

* I wonder who he is talking to?*

I don't wonder at all.
This post is brought to you by the letters *P*
For *PUSH*
And the letter *T* for the TCA's...
I hope Kristen shows up so we 
can get more of this...

And this...

Life is good.

Bye for now

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rob to Kristen- "I'll Be Your Man"

I'll be your man
I'll understand 

I'll do my best to take
good care of you 

You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
Yeah yeah

Yes I will

Derry down green
Color of my dream
A dream that's daily coming true. 

And ohhh when the day is through
I will come to you and take you on
Your many charms


And you'll look at me
With eyes that see
And we'll melt into each others arms. 

You'll be my queen no no

I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too


I could listen to Robert sing that all damn day.
And sometimes I do.

Couple of things...

1. Waiting on the TCA's.
Will Kristen show up even if she's NOT on the list?

2. Which comes first...
London or Montreal?

3. If you could only see...
What I see.
You would

4. Sorry that I don't have much to say today.
Guess we have to wait until next weekend?
Oh and I had to add this...


2 things are obvious here...
1. These pictures are taken by Paparazzi
2. Rob looks annoyed.
 And 3. Rob is fucking gorgeous...

This post is brought to you by the letter B

And a 

Bye for now

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Rose and Robsten

Major shit being stirred.
Big paddle being used.
Take it...
Or leave it.

Random Thoughts.

1. The Pap thing has gotten out of control...
As things usually do in this fandom.
The above picture is a Pap pic.
It's not an official release from WFE.
So if you are refusing to use Pap pics
You shouldn't be posting this picture on your site.
It doesn't matter if he is working...
or if he is just walking down the street.
If you are going to preach RESPECT ROB...
Then you shouldn't use ANY Pap pics.
You rant and rave about people 
using Paparazzi pics on their sites...
But then turn around and say these are OK...
You want to be PAPARAZZI FREE?
Awesome. Go for it.
But if you are going to do it
Then do it all the way.
You either are...
or you aren't.
No picking and choosing.

2.There have been a lot of pictures of Robert walking lately.
I guess they are just there to 'tease' me.

3.One more paparazzi thought.
When Rob was being harassed...
He sat in his car for 45 minutes
so the paps wouldn't follow him.
He even said something like...
they’d never find out where he lives.
Think about it.
Rob was VERY protective of his HOME.
Their Home.
Where he LIVES.
The same house...
with a loquat tree in the backyard?

4. I miss Kristen.

She is so good at staying out of the public eye.
Too good?
I like that she can move around...
make a movie...
and wait on Robert's arrival 
without being seen.
Good for her.

5. Yes. The necklace.
She is never without it anymore.
If someone had something like that...
specially made just for you?
You would wear it all the time, too.
Especially if it was from a 
deliciously handsome guy.
And the gold ring?
What does that symbolize?
Does it really say R-O-B?
Is it a promise?
Does it represent a commitment?
Fascinating... yes?

6. Montreal.
I know we didn't get it last weekend like we all hoped.
But like I said before...
It's not IF... It's WHEN.
Matter of time.
Rob will be done with WFE early next week.
He has the TCA's that weekend.
Then what?
Let's speculate, shall we?
*Sticking the paddle in deeper*

A. There has been talk about Kristen showing up
for the TCA's now.
It hasn't been made official.
But they are always adding people to the list...
So you never know.

B. Rob's schedule appears to be free after WFE.
Until Breaking Dawn in October.
That seems like a long time for Rob, doesn't it?
But the boy has been working non-stop for the last 2 years...
He should have a well deserved vacation.
Is Montreal his first stop?

C. Lots of talk about Robert going to London for a bit.
That would be great for him.
He seems to be able to live a more normal life there.
Kristen feels the same way...
After Kristen is done with OTR...
(and her part isn't that big... how long will it take?)
Does she in fact go On the Road with Robert?
Extended time in London...
Sounds kinda nice, doesn't it?

Admit it...
THAT is an interesting thought.

 7. Final thought.
(I think)

Everytime Robert and Kristen are separated
people start up with the whole
"Are they broken up?" bullshit.
It's what happens when you are both actors.
They went through this last summer...
for a much longer period of time
and they managed to handle it just fine.

It won't be long.

(and that is MY opinion)

I can't wait for Robert to go to Montreal.
I think it's only a matter of time.
And if he shows up?
What will be the rationalization then?
Summit is still promoting Eclispe?
Summit is beginning to promote BD?
What kind of strange voodoo PR will emerge?
We shall see.
Oh yes...
We. Shall. See.

This post was brought to you by the letter *S*
*Shit Stirring*

Because remember people...
It's all speculation...
with a bit of common sense thrown in.

Bye for now