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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Obviously 2

Just pointing out the Obvious...

1. Obviously Kristen's fans are phenomenal.
They raised over $27,000 for Alzheimer's Association
in honor of Kristen's 25th birthday.
 Never underestimate the power of Kristen
and those who adore her.

2. Obviously Rob was with Twigs at Coachella.
Obviously Rob was dancing with Twigs...
Obviously they are together
whether you like it or not.
The pics weren't photoshopped.

Obviously Kristen likes hanging out with Alicia.
Obviously they are very close.

Obviously Twigs and Alicia don't matter to me.
And even if I don't care about them either way...
I don't get why some people need to call them names.
They obviously haven't done anything wrong.

Rob looks happy.
Kristen looks happy.
You can love it or you can hate it.
But the heart fucking
wants what it wants.


3. Obviously Rob's dancing skills are part of his charm.
Don't we all love dorky wonky Rob?
I've kinda become disenchanted with the word 'adorkable"
as of late...
But my goodness
He is SO adorkably cute.

4. OBVIOUSLY some people need to look up
the definition of PARODY (and pregnant)
Rob and/or Kristen aren't sending you 
super secret messages with the fake Scott acct.
It's fake.
A joke.

A parody (/ˈpærədi/; also called spoof, send-up or lampoon),
 in use, is a work created to imitate, make fun of, 
or comment on an original work, its subject,
 author, style, or some other target, 
by means of satiric or ironic imitation.

5. OBVIOUSLY Kristen isn't pregnant...
Never has been pregnant.
And just because she uses the word PREGNANT
in a sentence... doesn't mean she is/was pregnant either.

She's OBVIOUSLY not married to Rob.
It is obviously the most far fetched delusional bullshit
to continue claiming that Rob and Kristen
would go to such extraordinary lengths to hide
something as normal as being together.
The media/haters aren't perpetrating a hoax.
There is no rational reason to do so.

6. OBVIOUSLY Nicholas Hoult is cute as hell.
I like him.
I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward
to seeing him and Kristen in EQUALS.

And the promo.
The Promo.
Obviously I'm looking forward to that.

7. Obviously the Twigberts and assorted
"anyone but Kristen" Rob fans
Loved the bit where Rob and Twigs were dancing.
I get it. Bravo.
But please..
Enough of the
"They're just upset they never got stuff like
that when Rob was with Kristen."

You can't erase it.
You can't rewrite history.
So give it a fucking rest.

8. Obviously I fucking ADORE Tom Sturridge.
For obvious reasons.

9. Obviously Rob and Kristen are gorgeous and talented.
Obviously it's possible to be a fan of both.
Obviously I am.
Why would I fangirl the same way
about two different people?
You don't treat every person in the same way.
What works with one... might not work with another.
It's possible to love the same
only differently.
Obviously I adore them both.
How I choose to show that
is my business.
Obviously its not yours.

10. Obviously this post is pregnant with sarcasm.

This post is brought to you by
Green Sheep.


Until next time.

Bye for now

Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Chatter

I get a lot of emails.
I'm not sure why.
75% are pretty nice.
(so you see... there is hope for our future)

But yeah...
25% are pretty nasty.
Or amusing.
Depending on how you look at them.
I choose to laugh
because what else can you do when
you get stuff like this?

"What's the matter, Rose?
Are you crying on your Edward pillow?
Rob and Tahliah are engaged!
Eat it, Bitch!"

"Poor Rose. Her Robsten heart
must be broken!
Rob and Kristen
will never EVER get back together!"

"How do you feel about 
Rob and Twigs engagement?"

Oh my.
I suppose I should be crying and upset?
Not even CLOSE.
Why would I be?
My initial reaction was laughter.
Well it was.
It was leaked on April Fools Day.
But everyone and my grandmother
pretty much think its true.
Is it?
Who knows.
I guess we wait for the epic announcement
that Rob will never make.
(or will he?)
Because when has he ever talked about his personal life?
Maybe keep our eyes on Twigs ring finger
to see if a giant rock suddenly appears...

Watch to see if she starts carrying
around BRIDES magazine.
Hold out hope for bachelor party pics
(And who wouldn't want to see those!!)
(Will Tom be the BEST man??)
And seriously the most awesome thing about 
this whole thing has been
Ol' Patty!
Gotta love it! 

I will be perfectly honest.

I'm actually glad that Rob and Kristen
aren't together right now.
Truth is truth.
The whole "Robsten" thing
must have been very hard to deal with.
And let's face it...
they were known for their relationship
a lot more than their work.
So now...
Kristen has been focused on her career
and when they talk about her...
thats what is the core of the discussion.
It's paid off. Big time.

Rob has been working on his career, too
getting interesting roles...
but the media seems intent on focusing
on his relationship with Twigs.
How does that saying go...
out of the frying pan - into the fire.

Like Kristen recently said in THR:

 "I love what I do and so it's worth protecting," 
she says, adding, "Hopefully, one day people's
 priorities will shift a little bit." 
After a pause, she adds,
 "Unfortunately, onto somebody else."

But I'm happy for Rob.
I'm happy for Kristen.
They appear to be happy.
They are both obviously
 where they want to be.
And it's all good.

"HAHA! Rose!
Kristen was in the picture with Rob!
Open your eyes!"

"You don't visit your ex on a photo shoot.
You don't wear your ex's clothes.
They are married.
They have a daughter.
This is FACT."

I just want to type
It would be so easy to do.
But I shall refrain.
For now.

According to those who are desperately
clinging to the bosom of someone else's relationship
That person in the background
of Rob's Dior photoshoot

drum roll please

None other than our very own
Kristen Jaymes Stewart!
Imagine that!
Kristen hanging around with Rob
in public
with lots and lots of people
and cameras around...
And hey
NOT ONE PERSON noticed her!
How did she do it??

I mean...
in the picture 
there are two people just crossing the street.
It doesn't look like they are hiding
or running
or trying to not be noticed.
So how in the world
did EVERYONE miss that she was there?
Because she wasn't.
I'm really sorry...
But it's been almost 2 years
Not 2 days
Not 2 weeks
Not 2 months
Since Rob and Kristen have been pictured together
And you don't think ANYONE would have noticed
Kristen nonchalantly hanging around Rob?

"Rose, why don't you ever talk about 
Rob's work? You seem to be all about Kristen"

"Change the name of your blog!
Why are you using Rob's name
to promote Kristen??"

"Don't pretend to like Kristen
its obvious you only care about Rob"

"Fans of ~both don't exist.
If you like Rob why do you talk to Rob haters?"

"Your blog should be TOMSTUintoxication"

"Why do you only defend Kristen?"
"Why don't you talk about Alicia?
Does she upset you?"

"Why do you ignore Twigs?"

1. Whew.
If I had a dollar for every time
some anonymous egg
or "Rob Only" Mommy
asked me to change the title of my blog...
It's not going to happen.
I'm kinda fond of the name.
I've had it for over 6 years.
And just the fact that it chaps your ass
and you keep obsessing over it...
Makes it highly entertaining as well.

2. And I talk about Rob's work.
I talk about Kristen's work.
But I don't keep up to date on all their projects...
I don't have the time.
I am lucky if i post once a week.
So if someone is looking for daily news
on their projects
Go to KStewartFans or RPLife.
Both excellent blogs.
I do know that they are BOTH doing some
interesting cool projects
that I am eagerly looking forward to
And that 2015 is going to continue to be great!

3. I don't ignore Alicia or Twigs.
I just don't care about them.
What can I say?
I wouldn't know who either of them are
if it wasn't for who they hung around with.
And I'm not about to pretend that I'm 
interested in Twigs just because Rob is dating her.
I can't tell you just how indifferent I am.
And lordy... Its WONDERFUL.
I want to say I will never ship again...
As soon as you say never...
something happens.
Let's just say...
I'm on a break.

4. Do I talk to Rob 'haters'?
Kristen 'haters'?
I don't see it that way.
I'm not on twitter enough to know what
people are saying on all topics.
I don't police what the people I follow talk about.
I don't go foraging thru everyone's tweets
making sure they are following some absurd
fandom guidelines.
I'm not the fandom police.
Neither are you.
I talk to people I find interesting.
who make me smile.
who make me think.
I follow all sorts of people.
I don't necessarily like all of them...
But I follow them for a reason.
As for following 'haters'?
I look at it as people who are...
perhaps disappointed in Rob/Kristen
at the moment.
And that's OK.
I don't care if people agree with me
or don't see things the same way.
They don't have to like everything I do
for me to want to talk to them.
I still adore BOTH Rob and Kristen.
 I don't hate anyone.
And thats the bottom line.
I stand behind MY words.
I'm not responsible for what anyone
else has to say.

This post is brought to you by

Nicholas Hoult!

 I will now get accused of loving him
more than Rob
and how I should change the blog name
to NICintoxication
or some such tripe.
But the truth is?
I just like the guy.
And he's all kinds of cute.
And hey?
If it annoys some people that I talk about him?
That's just the icing on the cake.

And of course...
This blog is always brought to you by

my enduring adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

EFFIE came out this past week...
Go see it if you can.
Look at him.
Beardy shaggy Tom
for the win!

and final thought

Until next time

Bye for now