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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2016!


It's 2016.
I don't need to tell you how fast time 
seems to go by...
At least for some of us.

I don't usually make 'resolutions'
for the New Year...
Or Do Not.
There is no Try.
You know?
But I am going to make an effort
to post a bit more often.
Did that make you cringe?
I hope so!

Let's take a look at what has
happened in the fandom
in the past week.

1. Kristen's HOT January.
(and its only the 11th)

If you are a fan of Kristen's
(and if you read this... 
you know I most certainly am)
and even if you aren't a fan
All the critics awards she has been nominated for
haven't gone unnoticed.

Someone sent this to me...
I'm not sure its completely accurate
but even if there are one or two mistakes
(and I'm not saying there is)
Fucking A... Right?
How incredible and well deserved.

So what does this have to do with the first week of 2016?


We got this:

Kristen Attends The “Clouds of Sils Maria” 
Special Screening Q&A In NYC

And this:

Kristen Attends The New York Film Critics Circle Awards

And this:

Kristen at film society of Lincoln Center's luncheon in NYC 

And this...

Kristen at the tonight show with Jimmy Fallon


Kristen attends the national board of review gala in NYC.

Bundle of Energy.

The girl works hard.
And its paying off.
Big time.
Look at her.
She's never looked better...
or happier.
And I'm positively THRILLED for her.

And I would be lying if I didn't say
that I got some smug satisfaction
that all those nasty bitter bitches
who said she was 'washed up'
would never work again
And wanted to burn her at the stake...
have to eat their fucking words.
You know it has to be hard to swallow...
and I hope they choke on every syllable.
(Sorry? Not even a little bit)

2. Rob's Dior Ad.

As commercials go... it was OK.
After the last ad...
I gotta say it was a wee bit underwhelming. 
But Rob does look great in it.
Who does dark and broody better than him?

He also starts filming "Good Time"
some time soon...
I'm looking forward to seeing set pics.

(and I'm sorry if I don't have a lot to say
about Rob...
But there isn't much to talk about right now.
And no...
I won't change the name of my blog.)

3. The 3D Club.

What is the 3D club you ask?

When you're referencing the Baby Loons...
The D's stand for

they've been busy so far this year.

As usual whenever new pics of Rob and Twigs show up..
They go into rabid overdrive trying to show the pics
are fake and photoshopped.
And of course the "Cuz" has to make an appearance
to soothe the savage beasts.

HKN even went so far as to put this on her blog...

"Red circle for the dipshidiots that don’t get it.
 And the cuz says yes that’s who we think it is."

Who do WE think it is?
Because it most certainly isn't Rob.
And if you watch TMZ's video of this 
you can see very clearly that this guy
who is certainly NOT Rob
doesn't even get in the car with them.
So tell me HKN/Cuz?

And honestly.
IF Rob had been anywhere near Kristen...
You don't think TMZ or any of the Paps
would have been snapping endless pictures of him?
You don't think it would have been all 
over entertainment media? 

So how is that for Delusional?

Then this was posted...

Imagine that!
Rob wasn't at the airport.
Rob wasn't at his friends birthday party.
Rob wasn't out to dinner with his parents and Twigs.
Rob wasn't at a store
or walking the streets of London.
And Lord knows...

Rob wasn't out walking in London
holding hands with Twigs!!!

Rob is in NYC with his wife Kristen
and their 2 baby girls!

But wait!
It gets better!

See the shadowy hooded figure in the reflection
of the window behind Kristen??
(although its probably the fan's friend)
Don't worry that no mention was made of 
him being there...
That the fan who is in the pic failed to include Rob
in this fantastic picture!
Never mind that the ghost in the reflection...
doesn't even look like Rob
unless you are counting the grey hoodie...
which in that case
the fan in the pic could be Rob too!!!

And this is (not)ROB too!!!
See that leg??

No mention of him being anywhere near Kristen.
Not a peep from anyone.
I'm sure these fans just don't care... Right?
iRob and Kristen were wandering around NYC together.
And somehow ...
Some way...
The paps managed to miss the biggest coup of the year!!!

It doesn't even look like Rob...
except background guy has legs.
And Rob has legs too!

Lets recap...

ALL the pics where Rob is clearly seen
with his friends and Twigs... etc
( in London)
ALL the pics where you see a leg
and a blurry reflection...
Look at the way he's holding his drink!
It's Rob!!!
(Feel free to add FACT! Or TRUTH! to the end
of these sentences to make it more convincing)

And they don't even see the insanity of it all.
That's the scariest part.

Edit: Just in case you don't 
Comprehend the sarcasm...
I don't for one second believe that
Rob and Kristen are married with 2 babies.
No way.
No how.

4. NicSten >>>> RobSten

Lookie here.
Leaving their hotel together....
Cute as hell.

I'm not a "Nicsten".
Yes I think they are adorable together
but whatever their relationship is...
I'm not concerned.
But it's apparent that there is some 
sort of relationship... Yes?
It does piss a lot of people off though...
and that I do find amusing.
Too bad Kristen doesn't ask for our advice.
She seems happy just living her life
with whomever she wants.
The thing is?
Nic and Kristen have hung around kinda a lot
when they get the chance..
(And not always work related)
and considering how busy they both are
that's quite the feat.
Whenever they are in the same vicinity...
there they are.
Things that make you go...

(and is it any wonder she is so damn smiley
and happy these days...)

Let me reiterate that
my feet are firmly on the ground.
No ships for me.
I'm just standing on the shore...
and saying how pretty that ship is.
Look but don't ship.
That's my motto.
(for now)

But Nicsten over Robsten
because hey...
Robsten is over.
Since May 2013
There have been a shitload more pics
of Nicholas and Kristen together
than Rob and Kristen
(because there hasn't been any of Rob and Kristen)
"just saying"

5. Thomas Sturridge

There really hasn't been much Tom news unfortunately.
(I did recently watch "Far from the Madding Crowd"
and I liked it... Loved Tom)
Although there was a birthday party with all his mates
(Rob included)
but no pics of him that I saw.
He's a low key kinda guy.
There was a tweet where someone in Soho
said they saw him and Rob hanging out the other day...
I like that idea.
Shaggy and Scrappy.
Friends to the end.

Nothing wrong with that.

Happy 2016

I truly hope you find all the 
peace and happiness
that you deserve.

Until next time.

Bye for now.