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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Love Will Keep Us Together


I love and adore Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
I'm finding it harder and harder to stomach the absurd hate
that is thrown at them day after day.
Oh sure... you might just say...
"Don't read it, Rose"
But come on.
It's everywhere you turn.

This fandom goes in cycles.
And right now its in a severe drought cycle.
Never a good thing.
As soon as Rob and Kristen are off working on separate projects
the blisters and sores start to appear.
Oozing with bitterness, jealousy and hatred.
Gross, huh?

The thing is...
Neither Rob or Kristen have been 'caught' doing
anything remotely wrong or that would signify
trouble in their relationship.
Unless you count working as a sign of distress.
And I guess some people will cling to anything
in hopes that in means that Rob and Kristen are 'broken up'.

Why so adorable Kristen??


Complete and utter fools.

In this day and age...
People really think that Rob and Kristen 
don't stay in touch ALL the time?
The keyword here is...
Where do you think they are when both are off the grid?
Swallowed up by a big black hole for a couple of days?
Kristen has managed to fly in and out
(and in and out... and oh yeah... IN and OUT)
of many cities...
without nary a peep.
(OK... nary looks funny...)
And yet...
People still want to believe she hasn't been to Toronto?

Why so fucking cute Rob?

Oh and...
said that Rob and Kristen "Skype"
to keep in touch
(Keyword TOUCH)
And everytime SKYPE is thrown into a conversation...
I hear howling about how 

Did Rob say that?
Did Tom say that?
And just how LONG ago did Tom say that?
And what makes you think Tom
was telling anyone the truth about it?
What is stopping Rob and Kristen
from doing it now?
Some old rumor that they don't?


I love the happy smirk on her lovely face...

Enough of the stupidity.
It really does give me a headache to read such bullshit.

On to some good stuff.
And by good stuff...
I mean Rob and Kristen.
It just goes together doesn't it?
Rob and Kristen...
And believe you me
They are still together.



You know what it does to me...
I've gone on and on and on and on
and on.
About how mesmerizing and completely
Robert in motion is to me...
How I lose my train of thought
The sky is blue.
And how I fumble for words...
Pizza good.
And I generally make a fool out of myself
All over some pictures of Rob walking.
After the latest slew of walking pics came out...
I noticed something else...
Something even more intriguing
More charming
More adorkable
More Robert.

Pictures of Robert 
Trying to stop walking.
There's something innately charming
and so fucking delicious
about Rob trying to stop moving in one direction...
and trying to go in another.

Let's take a look...

You're just too good to be true.

Can't take my eyes off of you...

Pardon the way that I stare.
There's nothing else to compare.

The sight of you leaves me weak.
There are no words left to speak,


I'm just a fool for a man in red pants...
a beanie...
and scruffy sneakers.
All awkward and sweet.

Which brings us to...

Is this happening in Chicago too?

So I've heard that Tom is in Chicago with Sienna
while she is filming her latest movie.
Is it true?
There have been 'sightings' 
although no pictures have surfaced
and for some reason when people talk about her
being with someone...
its always an 'unidentified' male companion.
Why does that annoy me?
I think Tom is very identifiable.

I used to kinda think
That Sienna and Tom were just kinda doing 
stuff because Sienna likes to have her picture taken...
Especially since everytime a picture was taken of them...
She would be smiling broadly into the camera.
But now?
You don't follow someone all the way to Chicago
from London
On a whim.
You know what I mean?
And while a part of me likes the thought of Tom 
being only 90 minutes away from me...
A part of me is sad that he might really
Be into Sienna for real.

(See how easy it is to admit that people are together?
It's really not hard to do at all.
People show up all over the place together
time and time again...
You get the picture.)

Ah well.

This post is brought to you by the letter *S*

S for Strong.
Love is Strong.
And so is Robert and Kristens...

S for Sturridge.
Oh Thomas.
I love you.
Even if you are with Sienna.
And guess what?
I wont be starting a NONenna blog anytime soon.

With acceptance comes peace.

Almost forgot.
I got a lot of requests for the Decoder Ring

Shhhh... Super Sekrit.

Here's the deal.

Send in 3 labels from 


And the tag from...

Green Sheep

Green Sheep Socks.

With a self addressed envelope

Secret Decoder Ring
12345 S. Silly Street
LightenUp, IA 98765
In C/O Miss ItzNot Serious

You should get it in 8-10 weeks years.

And for those of you who already own the ring...

Today's clue:


"Ring around the Olive"

Bye for now

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Imagine That.

I'll be your man
And I'll understand
And I'll do my best
To take good care of you

You'll be my queen
I'll be your king
And I'll be your lover too
Yes I will...

Derry down green
Color of my dream
A dream that's daily coming true.

And ohhh when the day is through
I will come to you and tell you of
Your many charms

And girl you look at me
With eyes that see
And we'll melt into each others arms

You'll be my queen
And I'll be your king

And I'll be your lover, too

Yes I will.

Random Rose.

I don't think I have the energy to actually
go thru all the bullshit that is in my email and DMs.
I mean...

I love how Kristen is supposedly all up with Garrett
after going out to dinner in London
with Rob's best friend in tow, no less...
And going to the same after party...
And yet when she's seen with Rob
all over the fucking globe...
Over and over again.
It's just friends.

And the amount of time
since Rob and Kristen were seen in public
has magically blossomed from 3 weeks
into MONTHS!
Love how that works.

You really think...
that Kristen hasn't been to Toronto?
More than once?

We don't see every moment of their lives.
In fact...
we see mere seconds
And you can believe some random tweet
that one person saw her there.
Or saw Robert here.
But come on.
Robert was at the CM with Zac Efron
and not ONE picture?
Pap central??
No pics??
One tweet and its gospel?

I realize the 'drought' makes crazy people crazier
and then they start hallucinating 
that they see Rob and Kristen 
all over the place
(as long as its not together)
And then they start pulling out their hair
and walking into walls
and screaming

When the story is quite simple.
Imagine Kristen flying into Toronto for the last 2 weekends...
(Is she there right now?)
Imagine that she is only there for a couple of days...
They just hang out...
But Rob IS making a movie...
And Kristen IS in preproduction with a movie...
So shes not going to just sit and wait all day
for Robert to be done with work.
As much as some people want her to surgically attach herself
to his hip forever.
Robert has things to do.
Kristen has things to do.
Imagine that they figure out 
what is best for them...
and imagine...
try real hard now...
That just because its not on Twitter...
doesn't mean it didn't happen.

They have mastered the art of getting 
in and out of airports without being seen.
It doesn't mean they don't fly.
They have mastered the art of getting around
without being noticed.
Doesn't mean they don't exist.
They have mastered the art of being in love
and keeping whats important 
Which means we don't get to share
every moment of every second
that they are together.

Imagine that.

This post is brought to you by the letter *F*

F for faith.
Have some.

F for Foamers
Falling back on 
Exit Strategies again?
I can't wait to watch it
Crash and Burn.
Good thing you always have "PR" as backup.

F for 
Falling in love for the last time.
That would be Robert and Kristen.

Oh yes.
Almost forgot.
Pull out the decoder rings!
 Set it to...

"The Olive is eating socks."
I repeat.
"The Olive is eating socks."

Good Luck.

You ain't seen nothing yet.

Bye for now
Green Sheep Forever

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Bright Are The Stars That Shine

I give her all my love...
That's all I do
And if you saw my love
You'd love her too...

I love her.
She gives me everything
and tenderly
The kiss my lover brings
She brings to me

And I love her

  A love like ours...
Could never die
As long as I
Have you near me

Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky
I know a love like ours
Will never die...

And I love her.

Couple of Thoughts.

1. I love "And I Love Her" by Paul McCartney.
Love it.
Love him.
Since Kristen is such a big fan of the Beatles...
You think Rob ever plays this one for her?

2. I stepped away from Twitter/Blogs/Bullshit
for a few days.
It didn't do much good, I'm afraid.
I can't stomach the incessant whining
and constant foaming.
Over nothing.
It's always over fucking nothing.
It's like people really just want to fucking complain
about something...
So they just make shit up to agonize over.
This is on both sides of the fucking Robsten/Nonsten fence.
Fucking emo lunatics.
Really. Shut the hell up.
Self inflicted bullshit drama.

3. Take a good hard look at the pictures of Kristen
from the other night.
Look closely.
What do you see?
A vibrant, glowing...
Stunningly beautiful
Gloriously happy girl.
She's fucking radiating happiness.
It's oozing out of every pore.
So riddle me this...
Does she LOOK like someone who 
has broken up with Robert?
Does she???

Take into account how fucking happy her AND Robert
were just a few weeks ago at the MTV awards...
And how she is blinding us with her...
Dare I say it...
Robert Pattinson Intoxication??
And still people fucking insist that
must have happened because
Well guess what?
Sometimes we go MONTHS without seeing a picture of them
Even when they are working on the same movie
on the same set
in the same place.
Why do you think you will magically get a picture now?
Haven't you figured out they don't WANT pictures?
They don't fucking care if people NEED to see them together
Or if people are screeching and whining
Over their relationship.
I doubt they are in any hurry to parade around Toronto
just to satisfy some ridiculous desire some people have
to be constantly pacified and placated that

4.And people would rather cling to some random tweet...
saying Robert was here
or Kristen was there
Did you fucking see the tweet that Kristen
was heading to Toronto...
And she was going to cook a special meal for Rob...
Because he fucking LOVES her cooking.
Or the tweet about  how they are trying to figure out
The living arrangements while Kris (yes... Kris)
is in London filming SWATH?

You didn't see those?
Come on.
They were most definitely tweeted.

5. Do or do not... there is no try.

Yoda is wise.

So like I said before...
or Don't Believe.
There is no "I don't care"
There is no "This is how many fucks I give"
It's been proven that cares and fucks are abundant.
You participate?
You care.
You're reading these words?
You give a fuck.

Or No.

or Out.

I'm all IN.
All the way fucking in.
And until I see something that changes my mind
(and it's been over 2 years and I haven't seen anything 
remotely close to changing my mind)
I'm a believer.

Shaggy and Scrappy Reunion on the horizon!

Rob needs to be hanging out with Tom again.
Don't you think?
It will be good for Rob to be back home in London...
So so good.
And while I always hesitate to say I want to see pics of Tom
(because Sienna is somehow always attached)
I would love to see both of them all 
beardy and bushy
Shaggy and Scrappy.
And since they both love and adore Kristen...
It's Win/Win

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Toronto.
Maybe since shes staying longer than 36 hours...
Someone might actually spot her.
Or not.

T for Tom
And I love him.

T for Together.

Bye for now

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Forever and Ever...

Shes got this big green eyes, and there as wide as the moon.
They can take you to bed without you leavin' the room.

This is completely out of left field but...
Remember that song that Lee McDougall sang?
You know the one...
"Falling in Love for the Last Time"
And there was all this controversy about who wrote it
Because a lot of people claimed that if Rob didn't write the lyrics...
He at least had a hand in writing them.
I have a hard time believing that Robert didn't write this song
for Kristen.
It's just... 
TOO perfect...
You know?
It brilliantly describes where Rob was at one time...
Falling hard for Kristen Stewart.
Falling in love.
For the last time.

Just maybe.
Robert did write the lyrics.
Rob and Lee worked on it together...
Rob wanted to help out a friend.
It's the sublime way Robert wrote down
his feelings for Kristen at that time.
He has written so many more songs for her...
Can you imagine??

And she knows just what to say, just to brighten up my day.

I kinda got off track a bit there.

Kristen showed up last night at the LA Film Fest
to help Chris Weitz promote his new movie.
I think the mutual admiration between Kris and Chris...
Is all kinds of charming.

Kristen looked positively beautiful.
It seems she just gets prettier and prettier...
and lately
She just seems to be glowing with happiness.

Of course there was the usual bullshit drama
chasing her around...

People screeching about how she hasn't seen Robert in ages
(Yeah... OK)
How she looks happy because shes NOT with Rob.
How shes with Taylor and/or Garrett

I'm falling in love for the last time
I'm falling in love forever and ever.

One of the biggest claims was how happy Kristen is
whenever shes NOT with Robert.
Because I'm pretty sure she was pretty fucking happy
at the MTV awards thingy a couple of weeks ago.
Being all cuddly and cute with Robert...

Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time.

Holding his hand backstage...

I'm falling in love with a girl...

Whispering (Nibbling?) on his ear...
With her hands pulling him closer

Does that look miserable to you?
Does that look like a couple who can't stand each other?
Or does it look like two people who are
extremely close...
and in love?

I know a lot of people were losing their minds last night...
Some because Kristen is gorgeous and brilliant
and they are just bitter and angry...
And they can't go 60 seconds without criticizing her.
Some because if they don't get daily confirmation
that Robert and Kristen are together...
They lose their shit.
I'm not sure which is worse to be honest.

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

People are silly.

First off...
It's only been a bit over 2 weeks since Rob and Kris have
been seen together in public.
Hardly the end of the world.
But silly people.
Do you really...
Really believe...
that Kristen hasn't been to Toronto in that time?
Maybe more than once??
Come on now.

"Search your feelings... You know it to be true"

Kristen OBVIOUSLY can get in and out of Toronto
without being papped.
She has done it before...
(and that time before)
And she will no doubt do it again.
(and soon)

Just how did Bear get to Toronto?  ;)

I'm kinda sick of all the emo bullshit to be honest.
Robert and Kristen (and Bear)
are all kinds of good.
All kinds.
People need to relax...
Have a beer or something.
Some chocolate.
Take a deep breath.

There's more here than meets the eye.
There always is.

"Use the force, Luke"

Just because you don't see it...
Just because you don't understand it...
Just because you wouldn't act like that in a relationship...
Doesn't matter.
You aren't living their life.
It's not YOUR relationship.

So quit flipping out about where they are...
Or if Kristen is wearing a ring...
It will be OK.

I'm falling in love with a girl...

I'm falling in love for the last time

I'm falling in love forever and ever.
Falling in love with a girl that ain't mine
I'm falling in love for the last time.....
I'm falling in love...
 Final Thoughts.

1. Kristen is fucking stunning.
And she OWNS you.
Try to go a minute without thinking about her...
You can't can you?
That is being owned.
Enjoy it.

2. Kristen going back to Toronto?
Will we EVER see her there?
As much as it would be an awesome 
fucking dagger to haters..
(I can hear the excuses already)
I hope she doesn't get papped.
I can't wish that on her...
Never again.

3. Is Bear chewing tables?
Does putting hot sauce on it make him stop?
Or does it just make him sick?

4. London isn't that far away...
I love the thought of Robert being back home
with his family and friends.
And Kristen working on SWATH
(Which keeps get better and better!)
Mayhaps a condo together...
5.  Oh fuck 5.
I don't need no stinkin 5

And now for something completely different.
One of my absolute favorite pics of Robert.

Forever and ever...

This post is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter *G*

3 for the number of times Kristen has been to Toronto?

G for Get a GRIP.

Green Sheep
and all will be well.

Bye for now

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Good, Better... Best.

Really? How the hell is THIS fair??

You live.
You learn.

And I continue learning.
Which is a good thing.
I like to learn.
It keeps life interesting.
Even when you don't always like what you learn.
And before anyone gets their knickers in a twist...
I'm NOT referring to Rob/Kris.
Just about the fandom in general...
some things in particular.

Am I a bitch?
Do I push too many buttons?
Do I needlessly cause drama wherever I go?

I am a bitch.
Not always... but a good part of the time.
I'm kinda good at it.
I kinda enjoy it.
So why wouldn't I be one?
As far as button pushing?
That's just me not being able to pass up
the opportunity to giggle and point at stupidity.
I mean... come on...
Let's be fair.
If you are presented with prime laughing material...
Could you pass it by?
I'm sorry.
If someone is going to shove a big ol' button in my face...
I'm fucking pushing it.
I have zero willpower.
And laughing is always good.

Sometimes it hurts to look at him...

I've always understood why the Ninnies didn't like me.
They don't like what I have to say about 
They still come here and read my blog
and haunt my twitter...
But I get that they don't want to hear the 
About Rob and Kristen.
They don't like my thoughts and opinions...
because they know I'm right.
So I don't blame them.
At all.
 It can't be fun being wrong all the time...
and having your Exit Strategies
and Conspiracy Theories
continually fall apart and disintegrate
before your eyes.
ALL the time.
Seriously... Do you think she looks at Rob like this?

So what is the 'news' for today?
Rob is in Toronto...
Some people are hoping like hell
That Kristen isn't with him.
And of course...
That MUST mean that they are no longer together.

1. 2 weeks ago...
We all saw how cute and adorable
Rob and Kristen were at the MTV awards.
Pretty obvious how much fun they were having together...
and with each other....
and lets not forget the handholding backstage...
Oh no... 
Let's not forget that.
So now you would have me believe...
That they are no longer together 
Just because Rob went out for a beer?
Because you haven't seen Kristen?
You honestly don't think Kristen can get
in and out of Toronto without being seen?
How many times do you think she has done it already?
Think about it.
(Get back to me... I will be waiting.)
No wonder Rob fell in love for the last time...
2. I get asked A LOT
to prove that Rob and Kristen are together.
I often hear...
"You can't prove they are together
and you can't prove its NOT PR"
I don't have signed documents from
Robert and Kristen
stating they are in a loving and committed relationship.
(I tried...they said no way!)
But I have eyes...
and a brain.
And 1+1 still equals 2.
And while there's not signed proof its not PR...
(Nope, no signed document for that either)
If you are a fan of Robert Pattinson...
and a fan of Kristen Stewart...
And you have listened to them talk about such things...
and their feelings/thoughts on relationships
on fame
on keeping personal things... personal.
If you paid attention to what they actually said...
In their own words...
You would KNOW
That neither one of them would EVER
fucking ever
pimp out their private lives
or sacrifice their privacy
for the sake of a movie.
It's ridiculous.
They both have stated to the contrary.
Rob recently dashed any talk of a studio
telling him what to do in his life...
While it's not written on a stone tablet somewhere...
I will take Rob and Kristen's words for it.
(And the fact they always end up together
being all kissy and cuddly)
And before I get shouted at that they 
said they were 'not dating' or 'just friends'
at one time...
That was YEARS ago they said those things.
They stopped answering those questions LONG ago.
Coincidentally around the same time
that they started seeing each other.
Around that time.
Get it?
Got it?
Kristen. Kristen. Kristen. Kristen...

I hated seeing sad Robert...

Final thought.

Oh ye of little faith.
Robert and Kristen
are still together.
Remember that summer...
When Rob was making Remember Me in NYC
and Kristen was in California...
and they both looked so damn unhappy
and soooo miserable?
They aren't going to repeat that.
(it was on the note)
I have never seen Robert look as sad as he did during that shoot.
And when they were reunited?
It just kept getting better from there... didn't it?
Yes it did.
I would say its only been 2 weeks...
But I'm thinking it hasn't even been THAT long
And who's to say...
Where Kristen is...
Right this moment?
Will we know?

This is where I do my 

It's not that serious...
and the 2 people you saw at the MTV awards...
didn't just fall out of love in a matter of hours.
Don't be silly.

This post is brought to you by the letter *P*

P for Please lighten the fuck up.
It's good.
It's better than good.
It's great.
P for ...
I don't have a P for this.
I just wanted to say...
Sometimes I have no words. Not very often... but sometimes.
I miss Tom Sturridge.
Just Because.

Green Sheep People!
That's all.

Bye for now

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Funny How That Works

I miss beardy Rob. I bet he does, too...

Random Rose

1. JFC
The last few days in this fandom have been ridiculous.
Things are always ridiculous...
but imagine doubling... even tripling that.
Because people are truly fucked up.

Let's talk Petitions.
Oh yes.
You all have seen/heard about them.

It started a while ago...
When some Ninnies wanted to petition Fox
to keep Kristen away from the WFE premiere.
Sad... but true.
Oh sure
They claimed it was all a JOKE.
But we all know better.
They meant every bitter angry word.
(Nice try though... heh)

That brings us to the petition
to have Josh Horowitz interview Rob and Kristen together
for Breaking Dawn promo.
Is that a bad thing?
Does that hurt or harm anyone... in any way?
It's just people wanting to see Rob and Kristen
talking about the movie and Edward/Bella.
Normal... yes?
Co-stars in movies do that ALL the time.
But just because its 
People got all up in arms about it...
"Quit trying to force them together!"
Never mind that they are starring in the movies together.
Never mind that no outcry was heard 
when Rob and other female co-stars from his
other movies were interviewed together.
Just Kristen.

Funny how that works.
They look awfully comfortable together... don't they?

Next we get the 
"Lets get Kristen away from Rob" petition.
I don't know who did this...
or if it was a joke
But it was lame.
And desperate.

But that was nothing compared to the
"Kill the Nonst*ns" petition.
And spare me the self righteous indignation.
I wouldn't be surprised if a Ninnie started this.
(sometimes their alternate personalities get confused)
Then they can all lament on how picked on
and trod upon they are...
Needless to say
(But I will say it anyway)
Whoever started it.
LAME is the word of the day today.

I say we start a 
Imagine the howling.
The foaming.

Never mind.
Considering the amount of barking and whining...
It must already be painful.

Funny how that works.

We've only just begun...

2. JFC.
Supposedly Rob has been out carousing every night in Toronto!
He's cheating on Kristen!
He's with Caitlyn!
He's with Sarah!
The guy goes to one or two functions...
And he's an immediate manwhore.
I don't get that.
At all.
Are you really SO desperate to believe
that Rob isn't with Kristen...
That you would paint him out to be 
some drunken pig...
getting it on with whatever female is near by?
The man is working.
He is allowed to get out and have a beer with castmates...
Or listen to music...
What is he supposed to do?
Stay in his hotel every night?

And another thing.
How convenient that some random tweets
are taken as gospel.
Strange double standard.
All those tweets saying Rob and Kristen 
were walking Bear...
Or how about the tweets claiming to see
Rob and Kristen snuggling and kissing in restaurants?
THOSE were bullshit lies.
Of course they were.
But some random person sees Rob in a bar...
Or sees Kristen in any city 
as long as its NOT Toronto...
Whatever happened to 
Pics or it didn't happen?
Or is that just for the stuff about
Rob and Kristen together?

Funny how that works.

I love the look on Kristen's face...

3. JFC.
All sorts of speculation about where Kristen is.
Do you know?
Has anyone seen her since London?
I love that people assume she hasn't seen Rob
since the MTV awards show.
Are you sure?
So much chatter about what she is doing...
and why she isn't in Toronto with Robert.
And of course...
She can't have work related things going on...
No one is THAT busy.
And what happens WHEN (not if)
she shows up in Toronto?
Will she then conveniently become
the clinging famewhore?
See how that goes?
If Kristen were seen in Toronto
(and lets face it people...she hasn't been seen anywhere)
She's just a clinger and there for PR...
If Kristen isn't seen in Toronto
Rob isn't important enough to her
and they broke up!
I would say she can't win for losing...
But that's not true at all.
Because Kristen has already WON.

Funny how that works.

Work. Work. Work. (hahahaha)

4. So I'm not entirely clear about the 
Jeff Buckley thing.
I read that Penn Badgley (?) didn't get the part.
And that there were 2 different movies...
and that Rob didn't get the part...
and that they were looking for someone who
wasn't too well known to play the role.
Which kinda makes sense in a way.
(Tom Sturridge anyone???)

But there hasn't been an official announcement
(as far as I know at this writing)
as to who got the role.
It might even be good for Rob
to have some time off after Cosmopolis.
The guy has been working nonstop...
(yeah, I get the striking while the iron is hot stuff)
He needs some downtime.
Some time to not shave
and get all bushy and beardy
and he can get himself over to London
and hang with his family...
His friends...
(Tom Sturridge anyone?)
And of course...
He can be close to Kristen
while she is filming SWATH.

Sounds about perfect.

Funny how that works.

Just because.

This post is brought to you by the letter *W*

W for WTF?
Stop with bizarre and strange petitions.
How does one fulfill getting Kristen
away from Robert anyway?

W for No Worries.
I know people like to worry 
when they don't see Rob and Kristen together
for a while.
But it doesn't matter.
We shall see...
Soon enough.

Monday Monday...
    Can't trust that day.
Bye for now