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these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm Forever Yours--

Email day.

But first.
Robert Walking.
It's been a while...hasn't it?
So handsome.

And then we get a picture like this...
and we all remember the awkward goofy adorkable guy
that made us like him in the first place.

Rose Nose

#1 What happened to you Rose? You used to believe that
Rob and Kristen were together and now talk about them
like they are broken up!

Nothing happened to me.
 You must be talking about a different Rose.
I don't think they are 'broken' 
I also don't think they are laying in a field of flowers
staring into each others eyes...
I think they (still) have a relationship 
one that has ups and downs
and is a work in progress.
You know... because that's how relationships work.
Only they know where its going.

#2 What do you think about all the pregnancy rumors?

First off... I still don't believe she is.
But I also don't care if other people think she is.
Eh. To each their own.
What I don't like is that some people jump down
your throat and call you a 'hater' if you don't agree.
There are plenty of nasty haters out there...
someone with a difference of opinion isn't one of them.

How cuddly and cute is Cole?

#3 How can you possibly think Rob and Kristen are still together?
They haven't been seen together since May of last year.
It's pretty obvious Rob wants nothing to do with her.
Why can't you move on? They have.

 They have obviously been together more than you know.
(Maybe a lot more than you know)
But there has been plenty of 'evidence' since May.
His car at her place (numerous times)
Her car at his place.
(You know to discuss dog food for 5 hours... bwahahaha)
Their cars following each other.
He has the dogs.
She has the dogs.
They have the dogs.
Here a dog. There a dog.
Everywhere a dog. Dog.

But for you to say that Rob wants nothing to do with her
is wishful thinking on your part.
Rob is still in Kristen's life.
Deal with it.

As for moving on?

You seem pretty stuck in the same place.
Your record. It's broken.
Fix it.

sorry. couldn't resist. hahahahaha.

#4 I love that you still believe in Rob and Kristen!
Sometimes it gets hard to do with so many negative nellies
and debbie downers out there.

I've come to a place in this fandom
where I really don't give a shit what other people think.
I know what I believe.
I believe what I know.
The rest is just noise.

#5 You keep saying 'to each their own'
So why do you even bother with people who don't agree
with you? Why do you keep trying to change peoples minds?
Why must you all follow the herd?

I don't try to change anyone's mind.
People ask me... I answer.
No one is holding a gun to their head or forcing them
to come to this blog.
Again, I don't give a fuck if you agree with me or not...
The only people I have any issue with are the ones
who are hell bent on hurting Rob/Kristen.
It's ridiculous and psychotic.
And if I am going to be lumped into some animal group...

better a herd of gentle, soft cuddly sheep
than a pack of rabid, disgusting Hyenas.

#6 Where do you think this all will end up?

I don't have a crystal ball.
No one knows what is happening in their own lives
in the future...
let alone trying to predict what is going on
with other peoples lives.
All I know is that I hope we see this...


Sometime in the near future.

I still believe in Rob and Kristen.
You don't have to...
But I do.
Hope springs eternal.

And hope will continue to spring eternally
until one or the other shows me a reason not to
Or something.

Let's just say...
I hope Rob and Kristen's love 

Oh man.

This post is brought to you by 
Rob and Kristen.

And being apart
Ain't easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you
Oh, girl, you stand by me
I'm forever yours

And where would a post be without some Tom?

I fucking ADORE him.

Until next time.

Bye for now

hang in there

P.S. I'm taking ideas for birthday wishes...
It's in two days... give me your thoughts.
Not real life wishes
(those go without saying)
But fandom wishes...

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rob and Kristen

I love Rob in black and white.
I don't know exactly why...
But I do.
I like it a lot.

So what's new in the R/K world?
Not much.

It's funny...
(or maybe it's just sad... not sure)
But when I first started writing this blog
I would post something every damn day.
Imagine that.
Of course
There were only a handful of people who read this blog
back in the olden days of yore.
And I really kinda just lamented on how beautiful Rob was
and how I couldn't figure out my current state of intoxication.

Now I just write in here about once a week...
And no
It's not because I'm less intoxicated with Robert.
It's just that I feel I've grown up WITH Rob.
Ya know?
Maybe back in 2008
when Rob was considered a 'teen' heartthrob
all that angsty ovary exploding thing was expected...
But I feel like he's past all that teenage-y kinda stuff now.
I know I am.
Yes. He's an absolutely beautiful talented man
and I look forward to his future movies...
But you can admire him without needing a bib.
You can.

Rob on the set of LIFE.
There is something about this whole thing
that is beyond exciting to me.
The time period.
The subject.
And look at Rob...
being all 1950's
and doing it so fucking well.
And truly...
When he smiles like that
You just HAVE to smile too.

Kristen is beautiful
Incredibly so.

I'm kinda intoxicated with her too...
I find her completely fascinating.
Don't you?
Everything she does...
what she wears.
how she combs her hair.
if her t-shirt is tied or left out
what she says
how she says it
is analyzed and scrutinized.
Is anyone else out there so closely watched?
She shared a poem with a magazine
and immediately EVERYONE is talking about it.
Some to make fun.
Some to praise her.
But needless to say...
EVERYONE is still talking about her.

She is so loved.
And so hated.
The people who hate her try so hard
to ruin her... to put her down.
But it doesn't work.
She's still standing.
She's still working.
She's still wanted.
She's still talented.
She's still beautiful.
She's still fascinating.

Kristen wins.

 BURNS doesn't it?

this is just carrying on my penchant for giraffes.
Rob and a baby giraffe.
look how sweet.... how beautiful.
People shouldn't kill these animals.

Still makes me sad.

This post is brought to you by...

Andrew and Thomas.

That was then

This is now.

They've come a long way...
rather nicely
I might add.
Like really really nice.
extremely nice.
amazingly nice.
Are you feeling the nice?

I believe we will see this again.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Love is fucking LONG.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Love is LONG

Couple of thoughts...

1. Want to know something kinda amusing?
If I ever want to catch up on all the latest 
news on Kristen Stewart...
I go to a 'hater' site first.
That's right.
Because the people
who claim not to want anything to do with Kristen...
are always the first people to get the news/pics
about her.
They can't get enough of her.
They analyze every word she says.
They dissect every picture.
Every move she makes.
Every breath she takes.

They have been doing this since she's been
connected to Robert.
5 -1/2 years.
And even though they believe
that "Robsten" is over...
Do you think it has stopped?
Oh no no no.
They obsess more than ever!

Why do you think that is?
They have supposedly 'won'... right?
Shouldn't they be basking in all the Rob glory?
Exploding ovaries and all?
Why can't they seem to let Kristen go?
They spend 75% of their time obsessing over Kristen
over the measly 25% they spend talking about Rob.
Makes you wonder why they are really here...
Doesn't it?
Kinda like those shit accounts whose
sole purpose is trashing Kristen.
They don't even talk about Rob at all... Ever.
Yet all the Ninnie Robsessed follow them faithfully
and encourage their vile behavior.
Makes you wonder why they are really here.
Doesn't it?

2. Ok.
So the other night I was sitting with my laptop
on my... lap.
I had the TV on
but I wasn't really paying attention
You know how that goes...right?
So here I am.
Sitting here all reading whatever it was
that I was reading
(not that it fucking matters)
And i hear a familiar song come on the TV...
Led Zeppelin.
I look up.
I see Robert running across a roof...
And I'm gone.
My initial reaction was
And then...
The music.
The man.
It all fucking works.
It was...

No matter how many times I watched the commercial
on my computer...
I was completely blown away seeing it on my TV
for the first time.

Good job, Dior.

3. Kristen is on the cover of Marie Claire.
(yeah...kinda obvious at this point)
She looks
Every word you can think of to describe her beauty...
Just add that in.

She also gave an interview which seems
to have put some people up in arms.

Kristen talks about a lot of things
in this interview.
But never once does she mention Rob by name.
Of course...
During the course of reading this interview
(which to be honest I thought was pretty good)
The writer interjects Rob's name...
Of course they do!
What's an article about one
without mentioning the other?
Peanut butter and jelly.
Sonny and Cher.
Bert and Ernie.
Lennon and McCartney.
Rob and Kristen.

They just GO together.
You know what I mean?
You can't seem to bring up one
without thinking about the other.

But I digress.

Kristen said:

"I stand by every mistake I've ever made, so judge away."

This is the one most people are fixated on.
Somehow people seem to believe that she doesn't give a fuck
about the mistakes... 
I don't see that at all.
She owns up to her mistakes.
She apologized immediately.
(and don't forget... declaring her love for Rob)
About a very private matter.
She didn't have to do that.
Do you think that was easy for her?
She didn't owe the public a god damn thing.
she still doesn't.
People seem to think she hasn't PAID enough.
Like she fucking owes them something
for what happens in her life.
And those same people still think she deserves to be stoned
or burned at the stake.
She owns her mistakes.
How can you not stand by them?
She doesn't say she has no regrets.
She doesn't say that they haven't hurt her or other people.
But she is saying...
It's her fucking life.
Because you think you know.
But you have NO idea.
As always.

4. Green Fucking Sheep.


This post is brought to you by the truth.

You can twist and manipulate and bend
Rob and Kristen's words...
any way you want 
Still doesn't make it true.
Still doesn't change a thing.

truth is fucking truth.

And this post it brought to you by ...
A few months ago someone I know
told me about a person they worked with
who went on 'safari' in Africa
and went out and killed a giraffe.
(among many other beautiful harmless animals)
I mean...
I was so upset by this.
I can't even begin to tell you.
Someone shooting something
for its hide.
So they could take back its hide and put it under a table
or on a wall.
And now...
I see the story about the young male giraffe
that was brutally killed in some sort of 
disgusting display
Because it was the easy way out.
Who really wants to find a solution that lets
this beautiful animal LIVE?
So I'm completely disgusted.
And sad.
And god...
So fucking sad.

People hurt other living things...
because they can.
They think its acceptable.
That it's OK.

Is that what you do?
Think about it.

Until next time.

Bye for now
Love is LONG.