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or similarity to any person living or dead
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rob and Kristen- 24/7

See Rob and Kristen laugh.
Because funny shit is funny (although still shit)

I have a plethora of pictures of Robert doing what he does best
(in my oh so humble opinion)


Let's have a peek... shall we?

Outside of the WFE premieres...
Not much going on in Rob/Kristen land.
Well... outside of the usual bullshit.
There was an interesting interview from Germany...
Where you can clearly hear what the person is asking
and you can clearly hear what Robert is answering.

Interviewer: In this movie, you have a secret love affair... seems that's what you try to do with your girlfriend as well? Is it hard to have a relationship that is observed 24/7?

Rob: Um... yeah, I just think... I think that its strange to accept that people try to take photographs and stuff...
Mainly because people try and sell it and any kind of life where people are trying to sell every aspect of your life... Things that aren't intended to be sold... it just makes me feel tacky... it makes me feel cheap...
So I prefer, you know... to keep my personal life personal. Try to at least.

So how can one spin this?
She clearly asked him about his girlfriend...
She clearly asked him how hard it was to have a relationship
that is observed 24/7...
Did he deny it in any way?
Did he scoff and deflect?
He just said Yeah... he doesn't like people selling his personal 
relationship... Things that are not intended to be sold...
Makes him feel tacky and cheap...
and he would prefer to keep his personal life... personal.

Now I know the Foam is spewing that hes talking about fame in general
and not talking about Kristen...
But everyone knows he is.
There is NO doubt who and what he is referring to.
So sorry about your 'non denial denial'
I'm afraid that is as dead as your exit strategy theory.

This is getting more fun by the day.
The hour.
The minute.

It's never ending.

Why aren't 'relationship' questions no longer forbidden?
Interesting.... yes?
What will come next?
I can't wait to find out.

Just because.

 This post is brought to you by the letter *D*

D for Denial.
Rob has never denied anything...

D for Delusional
I know the word gets overused...
but my God
It fits.
It's over.

D for Delicious.
That would be Robert.
And Thomas.

D for Do you know where Kristen Stewart is?
I miss her.
I hope we see her... soon.

Bye for now

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Walking and Twirling

This is me.
This is me twirling.
And twirling.
And twirling.


Need I go on?

I'm loving this.
I'm all melty and swoony
Robert Pattinson
I'm STILL intoxicated!
What's going on today? 
Let's see...

Is it true?
Will Kristen really be at the Met Gala?
The MET Costume Institute Gala Benefit will be on May 2nd in NYC.
 The day before the WFE London premiere...
Things that make you go HMMMMMMM.

And there are already sightings of Kristen in NYC
and L.A.
And London.
And Paris.
And well... you get the point.

Is Kristen in L.A. with Bear?
Will she fly to NYC for the Mets Gala?
Will she still show up in London?
Where IS she right now?
I gotta be honest...
I love the speculation.
And I'm not gonna lie...
I have a HUGE smile on my face.
*This just in:*
RTL interview from Berlin premiere.
Rob was asked "Where is you girlfriend?"
His answer?
"She's back in L.A., Yeah."

Let the Foaming begin!

EW does it again!
Don't they look wonderful?
Aren't they all dreamy and sweet?

And of course...
This is all Summit and Kristen trying to sabotage WFE.
Um. OK.

You know what?
Movie studios plug their movies.
Lots of them are doing it right now in fact.
Are they ALL trying to sabotage WFE?
Or is that just Summit?
I see lots of commercials about other movies...
I see other actors talking about other movies...
I see a lot of magazine covers and articles
about other movies.
How come I didn't see it before??
Summit and Kristen RULE THE WORLD! 

Give me a break.
Do you think that Rob wants BD to fail?
Seeing Rob on magazine covers
doesn't hurt WFE.
Kristen isn't in competition with Rob.
And its not a huge conspiracy against WFE.
Crazy fringe lunatics are Crazy.

 Oh yeah.
Still TWIRLING!!!!
Still SMILING!!!!

I say you might as well get used to it.
Because it seems that Robert is more inclined to talk 
about his girlfriend
kiss his girlfriend
hold hands with his girlfriend now.
And that would be...

I just feel like laughing all damn day.
My stomach actually hurts.
I've been trying to finish this post since 9am
but since Twitter exploded with Rob
admitting his girlfriend was back in L.A.
to his showing up at the Paris Premiere for WFE
Looking all dreamy and shiny...

This has been a helluva day, Folks.
A helluva day.

Come twirl with me!

Someone on Twitter asked me what the foam index was today

Foam index: HIGH ALERT! 
Proceed with caution.
Be aware of your surroundings. 
The Foam is highly toxic and extremely BITTER!
Avoid contact with the skin
as it will BURN!

Let's be careful out there!

This post is brought to you by the letter *G*

Rob's girlfriend is in L.A., Yeah.

G for GREAT!
It's been a great day to Twirl!

G for Gorgeous

 Just because.

G for Goodbye
I'm sorry if this post is all rambling and out of sorts.
But its just the way I feel today.

I hope everyone is as smiley and twirly as me!

 Bye for now!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Up Close and Personal

Who's That Girl?

I'm laughing right now.
There were a bunch of pictures like the one above...
Rob out to dinner with Nick and 'friends'.

Here's what I learned...

1. The lunatic fringe seem to break out in hives
every time a picture shows up when Rob is near
anyone female.
That's on both sides of the fringe, mind you.

2. I'm incredibly jealous of this 'mysterious' blonde.
Look how intently they are all looking at her...
How they are all smiling at her
(and who is the cute guy across from her?)
She has completely captivated her audience...
AND she's sitting next to Robert.
AND she has lovely hair... doesn't she?
Lucky bitch.

3. I'm sure her identity will come out
(If it hasn't already)
And it will be sweet and innocent.
Besides the fact that Robert is a one woman kinda guy
and if anyone has opportunity to 'cheat' it would be him
and yet...
It's ALWAYS Kristen.
(Yeah, I just had to get her name in here)

I love press junkets and promotions.
I get endless pictures of that adorkably wonderful way
he has of loping across a stage... a street...
wherever he may be.
That sexy stride
that just fucking enthralls me.
How many more walking pics will I get in this next week?
I'm all melty just thinking about it.

Something in the way he moves...
Moves me.

What end?

The end is near.
I've been hearing that a while now.
The end of what?

1. Well, you all know about how once Breaking Dawn
was finished... so were Robert and Kristen.
And well...
We all know that that was complete bullshit.

2. The end of Nonst*n?
Doubt it.
Although their very existence is moot.
Remember their motto...
"We give it one more movie"
That was at least 2 movies ago.
Now it's more like...
"We give it until the BD2 DVD comes out"
That should keep them in the game a bit longer...yes?
Something to cling to.

3. The end of common decency.
I'm going to address this...
But it's pathetic that it even needs to be.
People are once again...
taking someones kids pictures
and posting them on the AT boards.
And not only that...
I was told they are making fun of these young children.
What is fucking WRONG with you?
Poke and jab all you fucking want...
But you NEVER
Bring someones kids into this bullshit.
Why do people fucking INSIST on making this personal?
I don't get it.
This is on BOTH sides of the lunatic fringe.
Hating someone because they don't agree with you
is beyond pathetic.
Posting personal info
(no matter how it is obtained)
At the end of the day...
Does it really matter that much to you?
Are you living your life based on whether or not
two young people are dating or not?
Because that is fucking SCARY.


I need to cleanse my palate...
what better way than to look at this fucking picture.
(Sorry.. the 'fucks' are out in full force now... there is no turning back)

I MISS this Robert.
The floppy greasy hair...
casually strolling down the street...
The days before bodyguards.
The days before lunacy.
The days when Rob was surprised anyone wanted
to take his picture at all...
and we were surprised by how fucking awesome he was.
And how the more we found out...
The more we loved him.

I miss this Robert.
And fucking A
This picture has just made my top 3 walking pics.
And if you saw my collection?
That is saying a helluva lot.

Do you think they are sharing that cigarette? ;)

Final thoughts.

Where is Kristen?
Even though I have my thoughts on that...
I think maybe I will just leave it there for the moment...
I want her to not feel hunted and chased
I want her to be able to travel with her guy
and not resort to distractions and diversions
to get where she wants to go.
I want both Rob and Kristen to find peace and happiness
and to be safe.

Kristen will show herself if she wants to...
and as much as I love to see her (and Rob)
She knows what is best for how she handles her life.
I do miss her already...
Let's just wait and see.
Just because.

My beloved Tom.
He has one more week with his play Wastwater...
Then on to other adventures.
I've seen people online talking about watching
"Waiting for Forever"
but it doesn't come out on DVD until May 3rd
at least as far as I know.
Because let's face it...
I would have that bitch in my DVD player right now
if it were available.

I'm crushing hard on Tom right now.

This post is brought to you by the letter *S*

S for

S for Tom Sturridge
If you only knew.

S for
(Mary Poppins was on the other day... Sue me)

Bye for now

P.S. I still haven't seen WFE...
I know. I know.
Either today or tomorrow.
Blame it on my best friend.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Leaving On a Jet Plane

Side by Side

There were a lot of airport pictures released yesterday.
Mostly of Robert.

There are some from days ago...
Showing Rob and Kristen on their way to the Virgin Islands...
But since then?
Only Robert.

I find that fascinating.
Pictures of Rob leaving the islands...


So yeah...
Look everyone!
Rob is leaving the VI all by his lonesome!
Looky look.
No Kristen.

Where is she?
Still laying on the beach?
Heading somewhere else and no cameras
were around to capture her departure?
Rob's leisurely stroll through the airport
was just a diversion?

Did I say W A L K I N G?

Nice sweatshirt.
Rob always wears so many layers of clothing.

And of course the conspiracy theories were everywhere
about the 'meaning' of the sweatshirt.
Was Rob telling everyone to "fuck off"
Was he telling the Ninnies that he hates their guts?
(Yes, I meant Ninnies.)
Was he telling everyone to just fucking leave him alone?
Did he just find the sweatshirt in a thrift shop
and pull it on with no real intent?
Did it just happen to be at the top of the shirt pile?
Why is he wearing a sweatshirt in a tropical climate?
So many questions.
And so many lame answers.

Fuck You.

I would HATE for Robert to look at me like that.
I think I would fucking die.
Or something.

I'm still pondering the whole 
LOOK AT ME (and not Kristen) vibe in the recent pics.

Now supposedly Rob is in Berlin.
He does have a premiere tomorrow.
Truth be known...
It's pretty common knowledge where Rob will be 
for the next week or so...
It's all been written down.
Kristen is the one I'm interested in.

Where is she?
People assume she just went back to L.A.
I don't know.

Side by Side. Again.

Rumors abound.
Kristen was invited to the Mets Gala in NYC on May 2nd.
Will she go?
The London premiere of WFE is May 3rd...
Doesn't appear she can do both.
Where will Kristen be?
But more importantly?
Where is she now?

I'm almost afraid we won't see her for awhile.
She's so good at not being seen.
Where will she turn up?

Do you remember last Christmas...
When Rob supposedly was in London all by his lonesome...
And people spotted him here and there...
But not Kristen?
And then lo and behold...
It turned out she was there after all.

Something like that.

All the little birdies...
All the birdies are chattering.
Not the one with the hat...
Other birdies.
All sorts of interesting stuff.

1. Kristen is in London already.
Hanging with Tom and Rob's family.
Waiting for Rob to get back.

2. Kristen is in L.A.
Hanging with her family and Bear and Jella.
She will head to London soon.

3. Kristen is still in the Virgin Islands
because no one saw her leave.

4. Kristen was inside Rob's guitar case the whole time!

5. Kristen traveled with Rob to wherever he is
at the moment!

6. Kristen has disappeared off the face of the earth.
Complete Ninja mode.

I think she will show up in London.
That's just me.
(and the birdies with no hats)

If she's not already there.
Who knows.
Since all the attention has been on Robert.
Kristen has been able to go wherever she wants.
And that's good, isn't it?
We won't know where Kristen is...
Until she wants us to know.
I just hope its not that long.
Cause I kinda like Kristen.
A lot.


Where does that leave us?

You know how it goes.
Whenever Rob is seen somewhere without Kristen
people go crazy.
Foam sprays.
Like it means something more than Rob
going on a trip to promote his film.
Like Rob and Kristen have to be connected 24/7
or their relationship is doomed.
Yeah. Yeah.
And when they do show up together
(and they will)
Then it's back to Summit somehow controlling their 
every move and all staged for their
delusional version of fucked up "PR".
It's nice that they always have the "PR" bullshit
to fall back on isn't it?

I guess "EXIT STRATEGY" has all but disappeared?
What a shame.
Because that was so much fun to laugh at.
I guess Rob bringing Kristen to his BIG WFE Premiere
and holding hands and kissing her kinda erased
all the Exit plans?
Thought so.

So this post is brought to you by the letter *W*

W for 
Where is Kristen Stewart?

W for 
What happened to the Exit Strategy again?

W for
When will we see Kristen in London?

W for
Where has Tom Sturridge been?

I miss the red plaid.
Just Because.

Bye for now