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Monday, December 21, 2015

Best and Worst- 2015 edition


The POWER of Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart, Clouds of Sils Maria 
Best Supporting Actress

Kristen has been nominated... (or won!)
at least 12 times by all these
film critics associations...

I'm fucking overwhelmed 
(but not surprised)
by all of the attention Kristen is getting
from critics for Sils Maria.
It's a wonderful movie
and her role is...
It's THAT good.
There is something so profoundly watchable
about Kristen.
When she's not on screen...
There always seems to be a void...
You're waiting (hoping) for her to show up again.

she didn't get a SAG
or a Golden Globe nomination
And I'm not going be all bitchy
and moaning about it.
Because although it would have been
fantastic and well deserved...
If not now.



Maybe not the best...
But good.
Rob was good IN it.
It wasn't an extremely exciting movie
but it was very watchable
and Rob looks great.
I liked it.

Rob also has LCOZ coming up next year
and possibly
The Trap and Good Time
as well.


I'm glad Rob found her and seems happy with her.
The heart wants what it wants.

The worst?
All the hatred she gets.
She doesn't deserve it.
Like Kristen before her
Twigs hasn't done anything to anyone
for people to call her horrific names
and say all that vile disgusting stuff
all over social media.
What did she do?
Fall in love with Rob?
Have Rob fall in love with her?
That's all she is 'guilty' of.
Loving someone.
You all know I don't usually concern myself
with Twigs... outside of Rob.
And I don't care if you like her or not
But come on now...
Some lines shouldn't be crossed
This is no different than all the shit that
was thrown at Kristen
(years before the 'scandal' and every day since)
just because SHE was dating Rob.
Not liking someone is one thing...
but this level of hatred is wrong.
It wasn't right when it happened to Kristen...
It's not right now.

The Baby Lunatic Fringe.

I know some people think if you ignore them
They will go away...
But it didn't work for the Ninnies...
Did it?
No one really gives a rats ass
what they want to believe.
They can claim Kristen is a green alien
for all I care.
 Although I do find it immensely fascinating
the degree to which they will go to
to try and justify their beliefs.
Mostly because...
I don't get it.
I don't understand why they are so frantic
to believe that Rob and Kristen are together
when it's obvious to every other person
in the known universe
that they've been apart for years.
It actually BOGGLES the mind.
(Which is why it's so fascinating)
Why can't they let it go?
What do they get from believing this?
Why do those people who claim to
be 'in the know' LIE so much?
Why oh why do people believe them?
Don't you find it convenient that anonymous accounts 
Show up just in time to bolster their claims?
Why are people so eager to believe someone just because they
use words like 'Truth! Fact! Trust!'

There has been no substantial proof
of any connection between Rob and Kristen for over 2.5 years
All there is are OLD pics of the two
of them together
(Seriously, an ARM is Kristen, but they claim a
Picture of Rob's FACE (when he's with Twigs) is false.)
and some lame 'sharing is caring' bullshit...
(Psssst... The guitar and case belong to Kristen... duh.
People who play... Usually own more than one.
My brother has 10, with their own cases!)
And when you have to scream that the whole world
is in on some conspiracy to photoshop
every (EVERY!!!) picture that doesn't fit your agenda...
You need to step back and ask yourself...
why would anyone go to such lengths
to hide a relationship from the general public?
Who really cares that much anyway 
Who they are dating??
(Except this fandom.. And gossip sites... Not really anyone)
Does it make any sense at all?
What kind of husband and father
spends all his free time with another woman
who is supposedly a 'client'
hugging and kissing on her?
Is that something Rob would do?
Is it something ANYONE would do?
Why would Rob and Kristen take on a client?
Money? Fame?
Don't they have enough of both?
Who does that??
Here's a clue...
No One.
And If Twigs was just a project...
Why does Hatersnoshit and her vile friends
attack her and call her names?
Does it makes any sense at all?
That would be NO.
Not one bit of this is sane and logical.

I'm sure by now everyone has read
this article about Obsessed fans
who can't seem to face reality...

How does it feel to be the fucking JOKE
of this fandom (and many others)?
Well done.


Kristen has been working her ass off this past year.
And it's paid off.
I hate to say this (I think)
but since the break up with Rob...
Kristen has been more focused and driven than ever.
And now that he's dating someone else?
The tabloids are mainly watching their relationship
and letting Kristen do what she does best.
I think this is what Kristen has always wanted...
to work hard and when you are talked about
in the press...
its about what you are working on...
not who you are with.


Those are the movies we have to look forward
to in the coming year.

Did I say BEST???
Fucking right I did.
 And lets not forget this guy...

Good. Better. BEST.
Equals Promo?
Yes Please.

6. Fucking BEST

Tom Sturridge

What can I say that I haven't said before?

He's a beacon of light in all this crazy.
I absolutely adore him.

And one more thing?
Just because Tom shows up with his ex
doesn't mean they didn't break up.
People seem to forget that they do have a daughter
and they have remained good friends...
What is it about 'breaking up'
that some people just cannot handle?
It happens.
Life goes on.
Good lord.

And also


I hope all your dreams and wishes come true
and that you have many green sheep in your future!
Because green sheep fucking forever.


It's the Holiday Season
Lots of Family

I hope you all find Peace, Love and Happiness.

Look around.
Be grateful for what you have.
Give someone a hug.
Tell someone you love them...
Be happy.

Life is good.

Until next time.
(yes there will be a next time)

Bye for now

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Seven Year Itch

It's been 7 years.
The first date on my blog is
October 20, 2008.

I figured I should reflect on the last seven years
in this fucked up fandom.
Although, to be fair...
It's really only the last 3 that have been kinda shitty.

A lot has changed over the course of those 7 years...

But at least I lived... and I learned.
More than most people can say.

When I first started writing this blog...
and tried to come up with a name
All I could think of was my overwhelming feelings
for all things Robert Pattinson
and Twilight.
Because yeah... it all started with Twilight
and it was intoxicating.

I began writing my thoughts and feelings down here...
in hopes of discovering WHY 
I was thinking and feeling the way that I was.
Because I honestly didn't get it.
I'm a writer.
It helps me to put my thoughts into words
and put them where I can read them.
I didn't understand the impact that Twilight
had over me.
I mean... 
They're fucking books for Gods sake.
But I was enthralled.
Especially with Edward.
Of course Edward.
And then along came Rob.
I mean...
Not only was he pretty to look at...
But he was
Smart and Charming
and Witty and Sweet
and sometimes he said the wrong thing

and sometimes his shirts weren't buttoned the right way
and sometimes his hair looked like it hadn't been
combed or washed in a very long time.

He wasn't polished or rehearsed...
He was open and honest...
I've never come across anyone like that.
yet completely humble to how good looking he was...
yet seemingly shy and awkward.
He had it all.
And I was completely captivated.
 I had never felt like this over 
any celebrity before.
(Except maybe Paul McCartney
but he's a fucking BEATLE)

So I took to writing down my thoughts.
It didn't help very much at first.
All I seemed to do is just be completely 
flummoxed over everything Rob did.


Everything mesmerized me.
What was so different about Rob
than any other actor?
I'm still not sure.
But after seven years I can tell you...
It's a combination of everything he is.
And He was just the right guy
at the right time.

I can also tell you that in 7 years
what I loved most about Rob
was that he was human.
I think that's another part of his charm.
He can be THAT guy
That handsome rich actor
but he owns that he's not perfect...
And I doubt he would want to be.
He's not a God.
He's not some golden Idol to be cherished and adulated.
He's just a guy.
Special? Yes.
Extraordinary? Most certainly.
But still just a guy who puts his pants 
on one leg at at time...
Maybe farts in bed
Burps at inopportune times
You know?
Like a regular kinda guy.
I like that.

What else have I learned in 7 years?

 That I adore Kristen Stewart.

I didn't really know her before Twilight
but I'm so glad she's on my radar now.
Big Fan.
BIG fucking fan.
There is something about her...
More than her beauty
More than her unapologetic way of living her life

More than how she is fucking magnetic...
Because she is.
I'm drawn to her
because she is so damn fascinating.

I can't wait to see what she says
what she will do next.

I'll admit that I loved Kristen and Rob together.
(Please note the past tense)
But I love them apart, too...
I thought their love was sweet and delightful.
I will always have a soft spot in my heart for them
and I will always smile at all the memories.
It was fun watching them fall in love
 around the enormous spotlight of Twilight...
It was fun seeing their relationship bloom and grow.
And while it was hard to see it come to an end...
You have no choice but to accept their choices.
but as Rob recently said in an interview...

"The truth is its not anyones fault
when a love story comes to an end.
What really matters is keeping good memories
but looking ahead.
I did it."

That's a wonderful way to look at it... Right?
Rob doesn't blame anyone...
That means KRISTEN.
Stop blaming Kristen...
Stop blaming Rob, too.
Shouldn't we all just look ahead?
He's moved on.
Kristen has moved on.
They are both where they want to be
and they both look perfectly happy being there.

 I spent a lot of the past 7 years 
writing about Rob and Kristen.
One name smoothly followed the other.
I also spent a lot of that time
defending Kristen from the 
frothing pack of hyenas.
I wish I could say that with the end
of "Robsten"
would be the end of the hyenas
but alas...
They haven't gone anywhere.
If anything they have become more
brazen and cruel.
They still foam and attack Kristen
every chance they get...
and they attack anyone
who they think is maligning their idol.
And even though I've never said a bad word
about Rob or his current girlfriend
They seem to be extra critical of 
what I have to say about Rob.


This picture was posted a week or so ago...

Silly me...
I tweeted my observation that...
and I quote:

Rob looks skinny... 🍔🌮🍟🍕
9:35am · 25 Oct 2015 · Twitter for iPad

That was ALL I said...
Because Rob DOES look skinny
(and he was supposed to be for his movie?)
And my sweet lord...
That simple observation set the foam in motion.
The hyenas circled and attacked...

1. I supposedly only noticed Rob was 'alive'
so that I could insult him by calling him skinny.
(Since when is skinny an insult?)

2. Somehow me not confronting racist fans was
thrown into the mix...
(Huh? Where did that come from?)

3. Apparently I also PRETEND to be a fan of Rob's
just so I can throw 'shade' at him.
(Why in the world would anyone pretend to be a fan?
What would be the motive?
And do you really need to be a fan to throw shade?)

4. My 'Nicsten' shipping is funny. And Nic's weight is perfect.
(I like Nic and it has nothing to do with Rob...
Why are they so threatened by him?)

5. I also supposedly insinuated that Rob being skinny
was because of who is engaged to...
(Never mentioned who he was engaged to..
in fact I rarely bring her up at all)

6. Once again, I evidently ignore blatant racism
and my 'world view' is fucked up.
(Is that the GO TO argument now?
Just throw racism into everything?
How does 'Rob is skinny' equate to racism?)

7. I'm also seemingly.. Jealous.
(Jealous of... What???)

8. I supposedly want Rob and Kristen
back together and spend all my 
days and nights pining for them.
(I'm glad they are no longer together..
so theres that.)

9.  I'm a 'granny'.
(Another lame attempt to be insulting.
I guess being a granny is a bad thing.
I actually hope to be one some day)

10.  Evidently if R/K were still together...
I wouldn't have said Rob was skinny.
(I'm pretty sure I still would have said
Rob is skinny... because he is!
No matter who he is with.)

And let's not forget that I was also called
stupid, uneducated, sad and a fucking bitch.

All of that
(and believe me there was much more
and much worse...)
because I tweeted...
"Rob is skinny"

It was a simple observation.
(and the truth)
That's all.
No mention of Kristen or Twigs or Nicholas.

Here's the deal.
I've never insulted Rob.
Or Twigs.
There are people out there
who truly don't like them...
and I suggest these people spend their well worn lunacy
on those who actually do try to hurt and insult him.
One of the reasons I rarely tweet about Rob anymore
is exactly this reason...
Idiots who swarm in and attack
over nothing.
It gets tedious.

I still like Rob.
Still go to his movies
(do you?)
Yeah, Maybe the whole intoxication level has lessened a bit...
and I'm glad.
That's a good thing.
It's been 7 years.
I would be worried if I remained the same
and didn't grow and change.
(But I will never change my blog name... hahaha)

Maybe I find Kristen's career more interesting right now.
So what?
Maybe tomorrow that won't be the case.
Big deal.
Is there some insane fringe quota that needs to be
met before you can be considered a real fan?
Have you asked yourself why you care??

One more thing.
Yeah... I've admitted that I was over-invested
in Rob and Kristen's relationship in the past.
And I was decidedly sad when all that shit happened
and two people were completely devastated.
But you know what?
I'm fucking over it.
That was 3 years ago...
And I let that shit go.

I don't care about either 
Rob or Kristen's relationships 
It's so much more fun not giving a shit
about those kinda things.
Way WAY more laughs.
If Rob wants to marry Twigs...
Then I hope he follows his heart.
(And to see HKN and company heads explode)

And although I think Nicholas Hoult is cute as fuck
and I think he and Kristen are adorable together...
I ship no one... I ship nothing.
The only ship I see is the one that has fucking sailed.
It's GONE.

Oh... and...
I know the fringe Pressed Sessed like to make out
like every thing wrong in the world 
is because of 

99% of Kristen Only fans don't give a shit about Rob or Twigs...
and most certainly do NOT want them back together
The Sessed fringe glom onto that 1% who live for the drama
of attacking someone for the sake of the reaction.
Those aren't real fans of anyone.
And they most definitely do not represent
the majority of Kristen's fans.
Just like bitter "Nonstens"
who can't let go of 2012
and act like frothing vile hyenas
don't represent all of Rob's fans.

This post is brought to you by rabid hyenas.

They have always been in this fandom...
and they are always surrounding
Rob and his relationships.
I feel sorry for anyone who falls in love with him.

And lets not forget...

I ADORE Tom Sturridge.
I love that face.
I miss that face.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Or Something...

Well damn.

I haven't written in almost a month.
Someone who usually has so much to say...

Someone who used to post daily.

I'm not quite sure what it is.
Maybe there isn't much to say right now.
Maybe I just don't have the time like I used to...
Sometimes "REAL" life does get in the way
of "FAKE" lives... Ya know?

I mean...
Beardy Rob is filming in the jungles of Columbia
or something.

Luminous Kristen is filming 
on the streets of NYC
or something.

Tom is probably really beardy right now
and who the hell knows what the hell
he is doing... or where he is.
or something.

See what I mean?

I'm not really a 'info' blog
nor do I feel obligated to go over anyone's schedule
and try to decipher where they are
and what they are doing
(and with whom)
at any given moment.
So basically...
It's pretty parched up in them there fandom.

Oh sure...
we still have all the lame drama going on...
But I doubt that will ever stop.
The names change
The game remains.

I used to get quite the giggle out of the
whole baby cray stuff...
But at this point
isn't it more sad than amusing?

This was actually written...
on a blog.

"The cuz said it’s unbelievable how big Sweet Pea is getting.
 And she is the spitting image of her daddy.
 She has his personality too. 
Jelly Bean looks more like Kristen 
and her Daddy calls her his butterball!"

I mean... 
First off... I can't believe
anyone believes one word of this rubbish.

I'm SO sure the "Cuz" has all this insider access
to the imaginary babies!
And I'm also sure that imaginary parents
Rob and Kristen
would have NO problem with someone
ratting out their children on social media
giving up personal intimate details...
Why would they mind?
It's just their imaginary babies after all!

I'm still waiting to see if/when
I will be able to see Equals...
Because I really
Really Really Really Really
need to see it.
and him.

Are you kidding me with this? 

And her...

Doing stuff like this...

And maybe some of this...

People still get bent outta shape 
when I mention Nicholas on Twitter.
Why Chuck... WHY?
I had gotten this response to me posting a picture of NH
the other day...
(and remember... all I did was post his picture-
there was no mention of Rob)

"He could never take the place of Rob, ever"

What did me posting a picture of Nicholas
have to do with Rob?
Absolutely NOTHING.
Yet... somehow... these people
seem to think I am betraying Rob somehow
like its some weird sort of competition.
It all comes back to the people who spout
"Fans of both"
like its an insult.
 They can't conceive of admiring
and being interested in more
 than one person at a time.
It's so strange...
and narrow minded.
"You can only like ROB 
You can't like both!
How DARE you!"

I like a lot of different actors
and actresses...
and musicians
and artists.
I love movies and music.
I guess that makes me a FAN OF MANY!!
Oh my!
Whatever shall I do?
Wherever shall I go?

Fuck ALL the way off.

And yeah....
I wanna see LIFE
(imagine that! I want to see both
Rob and Kristen's films!!)
and I'm pretty sure it won't be shown around me
because most of their films aren't...
But I'm looking forward to it.

Rob looks GOOD in this movie.
(Now can I see him in it, Please??)

One last thing.

A picture of Rob/Twigs walking a dog.
I can see why this was such a big fucking deal.
Not really.
Walking a dog is a pretty normal thing to do.
But the Baby Cray said it was fake.
(like every picture of Rob/Twigs)
and there was this big uproar
about the name of the dog...
"lady bear"
or something.

1. Why in the WORLD would anyone
fake such a mundane picture?
The whole damn universe isn't in on
manipulating every picture that doesn't 
fit your agenda?

2. The Twigberts (formerly known has Nonstens)
were all atwitter at this picture...
Not only for what it showed
(and hey... good on you)
But because some people
were giving Twigs a hard time
over the choice of the name.
Because apparently 'bear'
(which is probably not even the real name)
can only be used once in all of dog names... Ever.
Sorry all you people out there
who have dogs named Bear...
Which my sister happens to be one of-
The bitch!

3. But what I found MOST amusing
and the real reason I brought this insanity up...
was because the Twigberts
were all shouty about how lame
some fans were to make a big deal out of a name.
They went on and on making fun of them...
How quickly we forget, huh?

Does anyone remember what the Ninnies
were screeching when these pictures came out?

"That's not Bear! That's a litter mate that
Kristen bought so people would believe its the same dog!
That's NOT the real Bear!!"

"Summit is making her walk the dog
so everyone believes they are together.

"Kristen even using the same collar with "Bear"
on it and the same leash so she can be
connected to Rob and stay relevant!"

The Faux Bear debacle.
Hilarious shit.
And let's be real...
The Faux Bear bullshit
is ever so much more ridiculous
than the lame name bullshit.

Just a casual reminder...

This post is brought to you by...


I miss his face.

Also by...

Nicholas Hoult.

Because the boy gives good face too.

Until next time.

Bye for now