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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

The last day of August.
Where the HELL did the summer go
and why am I so happy its over?
I don't like how fast time seems to go by
the older I get
but I must admit I am NOT a fan of summer.
Too hot.
Too many bugs.
Too many people.
Bah Humbug.
Hate it.
Good Riddance.

I wanted to get in my 'monthly' blog 
before the calendar changes over.
So lets discuss recent pictures
shall we?

And here's a shocker...
I'm actually starting with ROB!!!!
I know I know
I ALWAYS talk about Kristen
(How dare me!)
and yeah...
its been easier to do that lately...
She is fucking EVERYWHERE
doing fucking EVERYTHING.

But hey...
Rob wins first picture this post.
A set pic from his movie "Damsel"

I mean...
this picture is ALL KINDS OF GOOD
isn't it?
It's got it all.
Rob looking amazing.
As good as I've seen him look in a while.
He's wearing cowboy type clothes.
He's got a damn guitar across his back.
He's walking.
And even more amazing than that...
He's walking a damn pony.

This was ALL good.
Don't these pictures make you wanna see this movie?
Will he sing?
What's with the pony?
What's it's name?
Isn't that a lot of bullets around his waist?
What kind of hat is that?
All questions I want answered.

Kristen has been working on her own short film...
she's been out and about getting coffee
and doggie toys
and flipping the finger.
You know...
The usual.
(But somehow being all cute when she does it)

And although the Baby Crazies want her
to be around 6 months pregnant right now...
This picture shows that her stomach 
is enviably flat.
It must suck to be a Loony-Tick
(A crazy diseased parasite)
and always be clinging to... nothing.
Holding on to the past...
that gets farther and farther away every day.
Kinda like their break with reality.

Maybe some of you follow Lainey...
Maybe not
I do.
I find her point of view interesting...
even when I don't always agree
especially when it comes to Rob and/or Kristen.
But she is right on the money with this recent post
on her site...

Of course you know that there are some serious TwiHards
 who are very serious about the conspiracy theory that
 Kristen and Robert Pattinson are actually still together,
 married, and raising two secret children
 that she birthed while we were looking but not really seeing.

Now that she’s spoken his name out loud,
 for the first time in a long time, this will give them life.
 It’s her way of sending him an open Valentine,
 never mind that she follows up her comments about “Rob” 
with an unadulterated gush about girlfriend Alicia Cargile:

“Look how cute she is. I love her so much.
 I would never talk about any of my relationships before,
 but once I started dating girls it seemed
 like there was an opportunity to 
represent something really positive. 
I still want to protect my personal life, 
but I don’t want to seem like I’m protecting the idea,
 so that does sort of feel like I owe something to people.”

And this is exactly why those conspiracy theories are so troubling.
 I mean the crazy is entertaining, for sure. 
But to willfully believe that Kristen Stewart is faking it as a lesbian
 in order to hide her true and straight love isn’t just lunacy, 
it’s nefarious, it’s dismissive, and it’s insulting.



Kristen has been on the cover of a bazillion magazines.
Looking stunning and gorgeous and beautiful.

Isn't it wonderful?
How she has been working so hard...
and finally getting where people talk 
more about her work...
than who she's with.
Of course there will always be interest in 
her relationships
(The curse of celebrity)
But isn't it nice when the gossip 
no longer overshadows her movies?

I finally got to see EQUALS.
And it's quiet...
but interesting.
Can I be honest here?
Nic and Kristen have hella chemistry.
On and Off screen.
So it wasn't hard to watch this movie.
Lots of close ups.
And basically...
I can watch anything that Kristen does...
I find her fascinating on the big screen.
She commands your attention
just by stepping in front of the camera.

It was a good movie.
Made all the better by
Nic and Kristen's appeal.


This post is brought to you by 
the letter T

T for

Sweet Thomas.

Hello from the other side
I must've called a thousand times...

Until next time.

Bye for now