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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dear George - It's Real. So Deal.

I can keep secrets... 

Hi George!

I'm so sorry I haven't written in a while.
"Real" life. "Fake" life.
It all takes a toll on you after a while.
In all honesty...
There has just been SO much going on with 
Rob and Kristen
That I've been a bit overwhelmed.
Cannes was a HUGE success for both 
Robert and Kristen
(and for their fans as well.)

I wonder what he's thinking...

Yes, George...
Since Cannes, Robert has been busy promoting Cosmopolis.
Looking dapper and debonair as always.
And look George...

A walky sunglassy picture!
Walky and Sunglassy are words, George.
Don't be ridiculous.

Kristen has been busy herself promoting SWATH
First on MTV
Looking as beautiful and gloriously happy
as I have ever seen her.

And then we have Kristen in NYC
doing the morning talk show rounds...

And gorgeous.
I'm loving her wardrobe choices.
A lot.
Kristen just looks so damn happy.
I love it.
She's giggling and smiling
and enjoying herself...

But George...
You know that there are those out there...

The Sour Grape Posse.
Can't you just seem them, George?
All bitter and angry.
Trying like hell to keep their dying delusion alive.
They will say or do anything so they can cling to the illusion.

I just wanted to address a couple of things...

1. Kristen wasn't booed on any Red Carpet.
I watched them.
She wasn't booed.
Not even remotely.
There was a crowd reaction to an announcement being made
but it wasn't booing...
and it wasn't directed at Kristen.
A couple of photographers did boo at her decision
to not have her picture taken alone
at the OTR photocall...
But Kristen didn't want to be singled out
(opposite of a famewhore, btw)
because there's no *I* in ON THE ROAD.
But that's a far cry from the red carpet 
and not a big deal...
If she were booed all over Cannes
It would have been written about all over the place.
It wasn't.
Because she wasn't.

2. I would normally say that the above gif is supposed to 
be a zombie... looking for a meal.
But in this case...
It's the Ninnies looking for actual brains.
They don't have them.
Your adorable head is full of fluff and stuffing...
and you have more brains than the lot of them.

3. So many delusional lies, George.
So many.
And I usually can ignore most of them...
But since Rob and Kristen were caught 
on the balcony at Cannes...
It has gotten so much worse.
Why can't people just accept what's right in front of them, George?
Robert and Kristen are together.
That's all there is to it.
So simple.
So easy.

4. Don't you just want to say that sometimes?
Well. I do, George.
I just can't help being protective of Kristen.
Robert, too... but to a lesser degree 
because he doesn't get the severity of bullshit
that is thrown at Kristen on a daily basis.
Yes, George... I know they don't NEED my protection.
But I like them outside of being actors.
I like them as human beings.
And when I see someone I like being trashed
and attacked and lied about
for no reason other than you don't like who they 
choose to spend their time with...
That gets on my nerves a touch.
A tad.
A trace.

Because you know what George?
No matter how the bitter haters
spin their bullshit...

Robert and Kristen are together.

They showed their solidarity in Cannes.
They were there for each other.
They supported each other.
They were WITH each other.

It's real.
So deal.

Finally George...
It looks like Rob won't be making it to the MTV Movie Awards
on Sunday night.
To some people its the end of the fucking world.
To others...
It's just another flimsy straw to cling to.
even you know that Rob is busy with Cosmopolis promo.
Yes... I will admit that I'm a bit disappointed.
But that's only because winning 'best kiss'
was their thing.
And one of the few chances we got to see them
interact on a public stage.
But its not like they won't be at future award shows.
And you know what else, George?
I'm curious as to how they will handle this 
if they do win best kiss.
Or if they don't win best kiss...
Still not sure what to think about this...
But we shall see... won't we?
And Kristen will be there looking all gorgeous
and probably wearing something phenomenal.
So it's all good.

And finally, George...
You knew it was coming.
Our Thomas.
I adore him.
I'm still on a bit of a high from seeing him 
all dressed up with Kristen at Cannes.
And his part in OTR is getting good buzz...

OK George...
I've ranted enough at you, haven't I?
You are good at listening to me.
Thank you.

So this post is brought to you by the letter T

T for 
Like Rob and Kristen on the balcony
being all kissy and sweet
(Hush, George... kissy is a word too)
And together in life.

T for 
Thomas Sturridge
Because he's the reason I used the letter T.

T for
Accept it.

T for

You know what I mean.

Be happy.
Because Rob and Kristen certainly are.

"I feel it in my fingers,
 I feel it in my toes.
Well love is all around me, 
and so the feeling grows.
It's written on the wind,
 it's everywhere I go.
So if you really love me, 
come on and let it show."

Until next time.

Bye for now

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- Nothing Cannes Keep Them Apart


Cosmopolis and On The Road
were phenomenal at Cannes!!
They both received standing ovations!

I'm thrilled.
I'm proud.
I'm ecstatic.

And so I ask...
Can Cannes get any better?

Let's start with the basics.
And best of all?
He looks HAPPY.
Isn't Happy Rob... just glorious?
Hasn't he earned every accolade...
Every word of praise?
He's in one of the most gorgeous spots in the world...
His latest movie is being honored
He is getting glowing reviews
His love...
Is there to share it with him.

We all saw when Rob walked the OTR Red Carpet
in support of our dear Kristen and Thomas...

And what did they give in return?



I feel like typing in all shouty caps!
This is in my top 2 favorite looks of Kristen
And I have to say 2 only because right now my 
brain is a bit mushy and I can't possibly recall
every red carpet look in the past.
But my god.
She is sexy and stunning
and that dress.
That fucking red dress.
It fits her perfectly.
And the color?
I've said it before that she should wear red...
it suits her.
I love this dress.
And I don't say that about dresses very often.
I'm not a dress kinda person really.
I'm a jeans/t-shirt kinda person.
But this dress.
THIS dress.
The lace.
The cut outs.
The low cut front.
And the back.
There isn't anything I don't like about this dress.

Any truth that Robert helped pick it out?
Because I believe it.
That is definitely a dress a guy would want
his sexy beautiful girlfriend to wear at his premiere
on one of the most important nights of his life.
I believe it.

What do I even say to this?
I thought the OTR stuff was awesome.
Oh I was wrong...
Kristen in ravishing red
and Tom... handsome in black
and are they not the sweetest friends EVER?
Rob had to walk with his cast...
So who better to look after his girl?
His best friend.
And what a fine job he did.
He stood by her.
He held her hand as she walked up the steps.
He hugged her.
He was there for her.
He was her friend.
They are so damn adorable.
If you look up adorable in the dictionary...
The above picture would be next to the word.

And after all that...
When I thought my emo self couldn't take anymore...
What to my wondering eyes should appear?

Robert Pattinson.
Resplendent in his black tux...
Looking as handsome as I have ever seen him
and a smile on his face
A smile of such joy and happiness.
How can you not smile in return?

Smiling AND Walking.

The day was overwhelming.
The feelings it brought out in me...
I haven't been this giddy and excited in quite some time.
I was clicking and saving like a lunatic!
I'm not sure why this was so different...
except maybe the feeling of pride.
And on some level I realize it sounds kinda odd
to talk about being proud of actors...
But I feel like I've been on this long journey with Robert.
I feel like I was there in the beginning.
I've watched him grow as an actor.
I've watched him get better with each movie
I've watched a boy
become a man.
And yeah.
I'm proud of him.

Robert being happy...
Makes me happy.
and guess what?

Who is the person he most wants to share his happiness with?
He walked over to her almost immediately...
And look at them.
Both so happy and proud 
Both there to support the other.
Being intimate and loving
and in the moment.

So yes.
I feel a lot of emotions.
But mostly happy.

Which brings me to my final thoughts.

Robert and Kristen were seeing kissing
and holding hands
and snuggling
and together the whole time she was in Cannes.
So that makes the Hyenas 

It makes the Hyenas
Even more so than usual.

They are angry now.
They are so bitter.

They are disgusting scavengers.
Feeding off lies and innuendo.
Foaming at the mouth
ripping and shredding
at both Rob and Kristen.
And why?
Because Rob and Kristen were together
in public view...
Being Rob and Kristen.
Being happy and in love.
Just living their lives.
Good reason, huh?

Someone asked me why the sudden PDA?
Didn't I find that odd?
Sudden? Really??
There have been a lot of pictures since the beginning
and people who were with them
talking about Rob and Kristen behaving
for years.
People who come across them in bars
at concerts
So many people have tweeted about it
people have reported it
and people have written about it.
So no.
Its not SUDDEN.
At all.

You have eyes, huntsman...
But you do not see.

Blinded by jealousy
(yes you are consumed with it)

It's been there all along.
Right in front of your face.

You have to be getting tired of being wrong

Even your excuses need excuses...
That's how desperate and pathetic 
your rationalizations have become.


This post is brought to you by Cannes (again)

And I leave you with this...


You don't even need fucking words.

Thank you Cannes.

Until next time

Bye for now

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rob and Kristen on a Balcony- K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

I don't know where to start.
I really don't.
I'm beyond giddy.
I'm beyond sappy.
I'm... beyond.

I'm fucking TWIRLY OK?
Got it?

That's TWIRL with a capital T
and that rhymes with C
and that stands for Cannes!!

A little twirling...
A lot of smiling
Some major giddiness and gushing.


Thank you Cannes... THANK YOU!
I asked for pics of Tom and Kristen
and you delivered!
(oh I know.. . it gets better...
but first things first)

How fucking adorable are these two?
I love it.
I was going to say fucking love it...
But is it too much?
I can't help it today.
I don't use 'fuck' as some sort of vulgarity...
To me...
It just sort of EMPHASIZES the emotion.
I fucking adore Tom Sturridge.

So just a warning.
Lots of fucks.

Tom and Kristen were on the red carpet for OTR
They both looked wonderful
(And really... the scrunchy hair thing is growing on me)
Did you hear Tom talk during the press conference?
His voice could melt polar ice caps.
And I'm not even sure what I'm saying here.
It confuzzles me.
It overwhelms me.
It makes me all melty and warm.
I mean...
He's so damn ENGLISH.
And where Rob has kinda lost a bit of his accent...
Tom's is in all of its posh glory.
And he likes the word 
doesn't he?

Kristen is deservedly getting tons of accolades 
for her version of Mary Lou...
And Tom?
I don't always agree with Lainey...
But what she said about Tom is how I feel about him.

 "Tom Sturridge is incredible as Carlo Marx/Allen Ginsberg, 
at once vulnerable and light, cheeky but unforgiving. 
He was mesmerizing every time he came on.
I really wish they’d give him more chances.
Because there’s a lot of raw talent here that we’re missing out on."

Tom is mesmerizing.
And talented.
We need to see more of him.
People need to know how incredible he is.

Kristen obviously already knows how incredible he is.

Then fucking next.

Who should show up at the red carpet?

O fucking K
Does anyone wear at Tux like Robert?
Does anyone?
It's like Cannes brings out absolute sexiness from the man.
(Kristen agrees.)
He showed up at OTR premiere.
Was it for Kristen?
Of course it was!
He was there for his girl.
All bets are off now.
All the fucking cards are on the table.

And after the screening?
5 (10?) minutes of clapping.
And look.
Just fucking look at her face looking at his face.
How adorable is that?
And we all know it gets better.

The after party.
The fucking after party.
You know...
Where they all drink and talk and laugh
and kiss and snuggle and dance like penguins?
That fucking party.

I always hesitate using pics like these...
Because it feels like such an intrusion.
But sorry Rob and Kristen...
I can't fucking help it.
You were both so damn adorable and cute
and sweet!

And all those fucking idiots out there...
You know the ones.
The ones claiming Rob was there for Tom
(which I'm sure he's very proud of his friend)
But riddle me this, Batman
Where is Tom in this scenario?
Everything you heard about Rob was how he 
was ALL about Kristen
(nothing new there)
He was next to her ALL night.
(nothing new there)
He was affectionate and protective
and sweet and funny
(nothing new there)

And as much as I love Tom...
We ALL know why Rob was there last night.

And that brings me to this...

They are running off the fucking cliff now.
They can't stop themselves.
I mean the excuses are now cringe worthy
not that they ever made sense
But now there is such desperation and denial
(Is that like a non denial denial of the denial?)

1. Rob was there with his 'people'
So we know its just work/business.

2. Rob is SO drunk!
That's the only reason he behaves like that with her.

3. Rob and Kristen are just promoting BD2
and kissing to garner attention
for the MTV Movie Awards!!

OTR didn't do well!!
She pissed off everyone in France
So they are deflecting with PRsten!

4. Those pics on the balcony are ALL PR!
They are looking at the camera!
Those don't mean anything...
I bet the video will show the truth!

Be careful what you wish for Ninnies...
Not only is the video so much more adorable than the pictures
It shows how truly affectionate and intimate they are
with each other.
It shows how sweet and loving  they are with each other
It shows...
Two people in LOVE.

Go to Robstenation and watch it.
Again. and Again.
and then again.
It never gets old.
It's brilliant.
It's Rob and Kristen
Rob and Kristen.

Final Thoughts?

Your time is up Nasty Ninnies

You got nothing.
Outside of mild amusement...
You are irrelevant.

Kristen beat your ass.
She wins.
She has a phenomenal career.
She's naturally gorgeous.
She's talented
Rich beyond measure
And she has Rob.
Robert loves Kristen.
If you ever had a shred of doubt
about how that boy feels about her...
(and I can't imagine having any doubts)
He shows it in that video.
I imagine they both woke up this morning...
and just started laughing in pure joy.
They are 2 of the luckiest people on this earth.
In the prime of their lives...
and they are together
and in love.

They win.

This post is brought to you by Cannes.

It's been amazing so far...
What happens next?

And of course...
This post is brought to you by my 
complete adoration of
Thomas Sturridge

Can it get any better?
Wait and see.

Until next time.

Bye for now