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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Under Calico Skies

It was written that I would love you

So the other day I posted about good things
about Twilight... This fandom.
So today
I guess turnabout is fair-play?

There's no need to keep kicking that dead horse...
Which btw...
Is very dead.

From the moment I opened my eyes
But I do have some random thoughts...
And they may or may not kick dirt on that horse...
But hey...
Just my thoughts.

And the morning when I first saw you
Gave me life under calico skies.

Random One:
Can anyone tell me how Harry Potter's
(which I loved before Twilight)
Latest movie doing well at the box office
has any impact whatsoever on Twilight?
I'm glad that Deathly Hallows 2 did so well!
Yet there were so many people who were all about
"Eat shit, Twilight!"
And oddly enough...
It's always the people who don't like Kristen...
Who do this the most....
Harry Potter doing well will somehow negate
the fact that Rob and Kristen are together?
Nice Robert Fans.
Hoping BD1 and 2 fail at the box office.
And then when stuff was released to promote BD...
It was to offset Harry Potter?
Good Grief.
They should realize that there are a bunch of movies 
being promoted on a daily basis...
And they aren't all Summit movies.
Or are they?
(Cue sinister music)

I will hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life

Random Two:

I love when Bill Condon gushed over Kristen.
Another in a long line of directors who had only 
wonderful things to say about her.
They all seem to completely adore her.
And her talent.
It's good to see positive things about her
from people that actually KNOW her.

Always looking for ways to love you

Random Three:

Kinda annoyed with the 'superior fan' bullshit.
You know...
Their way of being a fan is the right way
YOUR way sucks.
Sometimes I get hate from people
who think I provoke hate.
(The irony is delicious)
I do point out the lunacy of some of the fandom...
Because it does exist.
And talking about it isn't promoting it.
It's exposing it.
Maybe even giggling a bit at it...
And watching the walls come crumbling down.
You don't have to watch.
If you can even see from your high horse
that is standing on that soapbox.

Never failing to fight at your side

Random Four:

Can someone tell me what a "Stan" is?
All these lame names out there.
Starting with Robsten.
Hate it.
I'm still not sure what a Krisbian is supposed to be...
And isn't 'shipper' kinda obsolete?
You can't ship two people who are together.
Sheep and Hyenas.
And I think I saw "Sten" somewhere too...
Although I guess I get that one.

While the angels of love protect us
From the innermost secrets we hide

Random Five:

We just got through another Comic Con.
I will admit that I usually cringe at the thought.
We always get fantastic pictures of Rob and Kristen
being all...
Rob and Kristen.
But good lord...
Having to deal with the screaming.
I will never understand it.
It just runs up and down my spine...
and kicks me in the teeth.
If you watch the panel with the fans...
the silly screaming over nothing.
Now, I will admit that its not as bad as the first year
When Rob just made a face and they screamed.
They showed the Summit logo and they screamed.
Rob blinked.
They screamed.
But I never understood how they could scream over
Robert answering a question.
He's talking.
And he puts such thought... into his answers.
And then you scream over it.
What. The. Fuck?
And I wish it were just the teenagers and kids who did
the majority of the screaming.
But we all know its not.
We all know it's not.
I'll hold you for as long as you like
I'll hold you for the rest of my life

Random Six:

And as we all know in life, 
it's useless to obsess about things over which we have no control. 
Rob and Kristen are together.
They have been.
They still are.
They will be.

I'll love you for the rest of my...
For the rest of my life
Random Seven:

Is Kristen on her way to London?
How long will it be before Rob joins her?
Rob was put on the list for the Teen Choice Awards.
More screaming.
More bored Rob.
More Rob staring off in the distance
when the camera catches him unaware.
Thank God Ashley, Kellen and Taylor will be there
to buffer Rob and Nikki...
If there is one thing that is undeniable?
It's the wall of solid ice that Rob has put up
between him and Nikki.
It's just so odd to see the naturally warm and open
and smiling Robert...
Immediately freeze up and get a serious look on his face
whenever Nikki is near by.
And no... I'm obviously not a fan of Nikki's.
(And I really don't mention her too much)
I see her as a major stage 5 clinger.
Who seems to like to bad mouth Rob...
And if Robert doesn't like someone that intensely
I'm thinking there are good reasons.
Let's just say...
Robert is extremely protective over Kristen.
And leave it at that.

Green Sheep.

“You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.
You are responsible for your Rose."
This post is brought to you by Calico Skies.
Thank You Paul McCartney.

Bye for now

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rob and Kristen- 10 Good Things.

One look says it all...

There is a lot of negativity out there in this fandom.
I know... I sometimes promote it.
Hey... What can I say?
I'm a cynic by nature.
I see some of the bullshit... I respond to it.
So sometimes it's better if I just post without reading
my email/DMs/Twitter/Blog first.

I decided to try and write about the 10 things
I love about this fandom...
The movies... the books... the people.
OK... OK...
10 might be a stretch
(See? Cynicism)
But there really have been GOOD things
to come out of all this.
There really has.
And btw...
Before I get started.
You DID note my being a cynic... right?
And me...
Who doesn't believe anything at face value
Who doesn't trust easily
Who has doubts on the best of intentions
Has no trouble believing in 
Rob and Kristen.
Imagine that.


10 Things I Love About Twilight
And its Fandom
(in no particular order)

This is as close to Edward as I am ever going to get...
1. Edward.

Funny thing is...
Over the course of the last 3 years
(Yes, it's been 3 years and I'm still here!)
I've forgotten about my love for Edward.
I mean... he started this all.
I know the Twilight books get a lot of shit...
And OK... they aren't classic masterpieces.
But they were enjoyable to read
and they had Edward.
You gotta give Stephenie Meyers credit for that.
I was completely fascinated by Edward.
And I had a version of him in my head...
And when I saw the above picture of Rob?
I knew everything was going to be OK.
This is why Twilight remains my favorite of the movies
(Thus far)
Because it gave me my Edward...
and with Edward came Robert Pattinson.

Hello Edward!

I can admit it.
I STILL get chills when I see this scene.
Edward strolling into the cafeteria...
Looking all beautiful and complex.
It was the first time I got to see my Edward
up close...
and outside of my head.
I wasn't disappointed.

Why so gorgeous Robert?
2. Shit... I'm only on 2???

So Edward leads us to Robert.
And oh what a joyous wonderful trip it has been!
Robert Pattinson.
Whom I briefly recalled as the beautiful boy from Harry Potter...
Crashed into my head...
and my heart
with every new picture I saw...
with every adorable, charming
completely mesmerizing word he uttered.
And it never seemed to have an end...
Because with every interview
I found something else to love 
about this modest, witty and adorkable man.
And he still has that effect on me
Even now.

And that brings us to...

Big green eyes and they're as wide as the moon.
3. Kristen.
Twilight led me to Kristen as well.
And OK...
At first I was a bit envious of her close proximity
to Robert Pattinson.
I didn't know much about her
But as time went along
I saw a lot of things I liked.
First of all...
She's naturally beautiful
She's shy and awkward in public
(Although she is proving to have conquered that recently)
She's not a girly girl..
who is overly concerned with her hair and makeup
She dresses for comfort rather than style...
and yet has a unique style all her own.
She's immensely dedicated to the characters she portrays on screen...
and puts a piece of herself in every one...
which makes her vulnerable.
She's quirky and funny
and she swears as naturally as breathing.
She's honest and doesn't suffer fools gladly.
Best of all?
She makes Robert happy.
Well it's obviously a mutual thing
seeing as they both are beautifully happy
and full of smiles and laughter
when they are together.

And yes.
I find myself kinda protective of her.
I think a lot of the shit that gets thrown at her 
on a daily basis 
is undeserved and based on jealousy and hatred.
Both wasted emotions.
So I choose to focus on the love and happiness
That I see between her and Robert.

Twirling > Foaming

Those eyes...

4. Thomas Sturridge.
Well... Robert led me to Tom.
I didn't know who he was at first either.
But I kept seeing him...
Kinda in the background where Rob was.
All beardY and lurkY.
And the pictures that came out of Rob and Tom together
always showed two guys who were really great friends.
How can you NOT love that?
Tom goes out of his way not to discuss his friend.
Tom is loyal.
Tom is true.
Tom is Rob's best friend for a reason.
But lets get past Rob for a minute.
Let's look at Tom on his own... OK?
I mean... sometimes I think you have to have 
piercing eyes and a great jawline
to even be a member of the "Brit Pack"
But Tom is more than gorgeous...
Have you watched some of his movies?
I'm particularly fond of Pirate Radio.
He's funny and sweet and sexy
and his accent?
I stand by my opinion that Tom's accent
trumps Rob's.
It just does.
Listening to him talk makes me meltY...
and swoonY
and any other word I can randomly attach a Y to.
I adore Tom Sturridge.

3 amigos
How can you look at this picture...
and NOT smile?
Rob and Tom.
Laughing and walking.
Being friends.

Loyalty and Friendship mean a lot.

Triangle of heaven?

5. Halfway there!!

Being in this Twilight fandom...
has also made me aware of the above...
I know you are all aware of my penchant 
for the man in motion.
Maybe it started when he strolled thru the cafeteria 
in Twilight?
Interesting thought.

Sexy Strut.
Then seeing Rob stroll across the parking lot in New Moon?
I can thank Twilight
(and Catherine Hardwick, I suppose)
for exposing me to my 
Robert Pattinson Walking Addiction.
But guess what?
I'm not complaining.
Not me.

Rob. Piano. Died.

7. Robert.
I must thank Catherine Hardwicke for bringing this to the screen.
She cast Robert.
She introduced him by walking into the cafeteria...
she not only had him play piano in Twilight
but she put a couple of his songs on the soundtrack.
I mean...
Music is important to Edward...
And the imagery of Robert at the piano?
You get it.
I know you do.
So thanks to this...
I'm a huge fan of Rob and his music.
Have you really listened to him play guitar?
It breaks my heart.

I hoping if he has time off that he gets a chance
to explore his musical side...
Perhaps write some (love) songs
and work on a CD?
Puppies are adorkable.
8. Bear
Bear is a positive...
He was in a shelter.
Rob and Kristen
(You know it's true)
rescued his adorable floppy eared self.
Rob says where his dog is... is home.
And since it's their dog...
I guess Kristen is home.

And one small thing...
I have a German Shepherd
(which Bear is part mixed with)
And when I got Kaia...
She was almost completely black
and had floppy ears...
She is Tan/Black
and her ears are straight up..

Don't mess with her...
That's what happens with puppies.
They grow...
They change...
Their ears sometimes stop being floppy.

As long as they only have ONE personality... I'm OK.

9. Twilight led me to Robert...
And Robert led me here.
3 years ago the forums and blogs about Robert
weren't as plentiful as they are now.
And I found myself commenting at one in particular
more and more often.
ROBsessed was my first taste of what this community
could really offer.
I found women there... who shared my love of Rob
and Twilight.
We could laugh and chat
and knowing they were there...
Sharing my thoughts and feelings...
Made it better for me.
Made me feel OK.
Made me feel like I wasn't completely insane
for crushing on this actor.
I made some good friends there...
And I still love them to this day.
Rob also led me to Twitter.
Twitter is where I go to have a laugh
(and my lord, there are plenty to be found there)
To hang out with like minded people...
Again... I've made some good buddies on Twitter...
People I truly consider friends.
Twitter is also a great place to get 
UP TO THE MINUTE news on Rob/Kristen/Tom
and anything else you might have an interest in.
I know that a lot of stuff you see on Twitter
needs huge amounts of salt
And you really need a good sense of humor
to plow through the daily bullshit and drama.
But good people.
Good times.
A few laughs...
and knowing its not serious stuff.
It's fucking Twitter.

10. Vampires.
So what if I liked vampires before Twilight?
I've always kinda had a thing for them.
Goes back to "Salem's Lot" by Stephen King
(Good should read it)
I'm kinda fascinated by them.
When I first heard about Twilight 
the thing that actually made me buy the books
were that they were about vampires.
So can we thank Twilight for
Vampire Diaries?
True Blood?
Probably not...
I think those were books before Twilight...
and obviously vampires have been around for a long time.
But the look of Vampire Diaries?
That is ALL Twilight
(and more Edward)
And I love both Vampire Diaries
and True Blood...
And sometimes I wonder if those shows would
have been even made if not for the phenomenon
(Damn I can hear Oprah saying that word)
that was Twilight.
Maybe so?
It doesn't really matter.
When I don't have Edward to watch...
I can watch Damon and Stephen
or Eric

Now THAT'S a werewolf!

or Alcide
(OK, Alcide is a werewolf... but HOT DAMN
The lyrics...
"Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man"
Just pops into my head.)

So there you have it.
10 Good things that Twilight brought me.
And my next post?
1 million shitty things about Twilight.
I will try to cut it down by the time I actually post it.

This post is brought to you by the sheep that is green.
Long live the sheep.
May it always be green.

Bye for now

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Robert and Kristen-- Do Bears Fly?

Smirk and Strut.

There has been a tremendous amount of
Rob and Kristen goodness.
Bountiful goodness.
Sweet sweet goodness.
I just feel like typing goodness.

After recovering from all the gorgeousness (goodness)
from the Breaking Dawn panels at Comic Con...
We were treated to Kristen and SWATH.
I think I'm going to LOVE this movie.
Now if you would have told me about a bad ass Snow White 
wearing armor and shields and being well... bad ass
I would have pointed and laughed.
Snow White?
The tra la la la la Snow White?
With the birds singing and the deer prancing
and the bunnies dancing...
THAT Snow White?
That is NOT Kristen Stewart.
But this tough, strong warrior Snow White?
I can see Kristen in that role.

Wickedly pretty.

And what a cast.
Can't wait for this movie.
How gorgeous is Charlize Theron?
And Kristen.
I swear to God...
She's looks more beautiful by the day.
It's like
All is right in her world.
She has finally found acceptance.
And with acceptance comes peace.
Doesn't she look peacefully happy?
Serene almost.
She's got a great career.
She's got a blockbuster being released in a few months.
She's young. Gorgeous. Talented.
Who is always by her side?
Robert Pattinson.
Acceptance indeed.

He kinda looks like a vampire here... HAHAHAHA!

And oh my God.
The Bel Ami trailer was all over twitter.
I'm sorry.
But it's hard to be coherent.
I love seeing mean nasty yelling Robert.
Because its so opposite of most of the stuff you see him do.
Seeing him shout at people
and manipulate and use and abuse?
That is all kinds of sexy.
I know how fucking warped that sounds...
But its so out of character for him
It's fun to watch.
And it looks good.
Really good.
I just hope this one opens where I can go see it...
Because that really pisses me off when a movie
I really want to see... isn't playing anywhere around me.
I might get all shouty and bitchy then.
Too bad no one will notice the difference.

Do Bears fly?
Lots and lots 
and lots
and lots
(and lots)
of chatter about Bear.
And London.
And whether Rob will go with Kristen...
Because Bear apparently hasn't earned his wings.
I've been told that he has to be quarantined...
And I don't think he has to be.
There are criteria that have to be met...
Mostly time restraints concerning shots...
But I'm thinking that Rob and Kristen have been
working on this for a while now.
You know?
Shots and microchips and passports and such...
Because they kinda knew this was coming.
Some people tell me Bear won't be going...
and I think he will be.
(now... just speculation. don't get all worked up)
I think Rob/Kristen/Tom
will all make the trip back to London.
I guess whether its together or not remains to be seen.
It might not be all at the same time.
But Rob/Kristen history has taught us one thing...
No matter where/when/what
They ALWAYS end up together in the end.

As long as you don't get too close...

So true story.
I was hanging out with my cousin the other day...
We started talking about her current guy.
I've met him.
He's a nice guy.
I liked him.
But then she proceeds to tell me that all her friends
and other people think he looks like Robert.
As in Robert Pattinson.
I was like... HUH?
I mean... I've seen this guy.
Rob never crossed my mind when I looked at him.
So she tells me that his nickname is "Eddie"
So I tell her...
"Robert Pattinson? Really?
Because I'm kinda fond of the guy...
And if there was any real resemblance...
I'm thinking I would have noticed."
So then she kinda got offended.
I'm taking away her Robert (Eddie... Really??) fantasy.
She starts in with how hes tall like Robert
(and no... because I'm 5-9, and he had me by an inch... maybe)
And his hair is all like Robert's...
And OK. the hair was kinda similar...
but more "Eddie" Twilight style than Rob.
And I really couldn't argue with her about Rob... you know?
"Well, Kelly... I have 10,000,000 pictures of Robert Pattinson
on my damn computer... I KNOW what he fucking looks like"
I couldn't very well say that... could I?
Or how about I probably have looked at Robert 
everyday for the past 2.5 years?
Do you think she would have backed down?
Yes. I am a complete lunatic.
But I didn't really want to take away her Eddie...
And if the whole Pattinson Connection made her happy...
Who am I to hit it over the head and bury it?
With acceptance comes peace.

Final Thoughts.

1. Remember the time when you didn't mention my name
every other word? Remember?
"It's not about RoseSee"
But yet... it always is.
Let it go.
You don't know me.
At all.
You can't speak for my motives.
You can't speak for anything.
Please go away.

2. I want more pictures of Tom Sturridge.
I do.

Like maybe like this...

Or even like this...

When was the last time we saw a picture
of the three of them together?
It's been while.
But no...
I won't wish the paparazzi to chase them down...
But if say...
Someone in the airport... 
Who happens to be a fan.
Politely took a picture of them...
I wouldn't be opposed to that.

Thing is...
Now that I have a taste of 
Robert and Thomas together...
I want MORE.
I'm all kinds of selfish.
I apologize.


This post is brought to you by Green Sheep.
If you only knew.

Bye for now

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rob and Kristen-- Comic Con Connection

Comic Con 2011.
They just get more fascinating with every year
Don't they?

I honestly don't know where to start
I thought I would begin with something that makes me happy.

I feel calmer already.


 I get it.
Robert has to keep his hair all Flock of Seagulls
until they are completely finished with Cosmopolis.
I get it.
If he tried to even things out...
and they needed to reshoot something...
I get it.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Sure sure
I'm all kinds of shallow.
I admit it.
I LOVE his hair.
Let's just say it's not his 'best' look.
Still charming.
Still adorable.
He just needs to buzz that all off and start over.

So was Kristen all kinds of relaxed glowing happiness
or what?
I know people gave her shit about what she was wearing
But jeans and a t-shirt is what Kristen wears to CC.
Why so shocked that she didn't put on a short dress and heels
and look like the rest of her castmates?
Because she's not like them.
And while I'm guessing that Summit probably didn't 
approve of what she was wearing...
Just goes to show that Kristen doesn't let them
tell her what to wear... 
Or who to spend time with.

And honestly...
Were Rob and Kristen all kinds of cute?
They are so much more RELAXED together now.
It's like...
They don't care what anyone thinks anymore.

It's kinda like when Josh asked Rob if he would like
to work with Kristen again...
and he said he would LOVE to...
that he didn't care if audiences liked it or not
That he would want to work with Kristen.

Comic-Con is all about embracing your inner nerd. What are some of the nerdy or geeky things that you’ve learned about each other?

STEWART: I think I’m always cool.

PATTINSON: I don’t think Kristen would say it’s nerdy, but she literally only watches the cooking channel, especially on set. It’s bizarre. She has a TV in the make-up trailer, which is always on. It’s her only diva-ish behavior, having the cooking channel on, at all times, in every room.

STEWART: And, you all reap the benefits. 

Don't you love how Robert is so aware of what Kristen
is ALWAYS watching?
In every room.
And how he 'reaps the benefits' of those cooking shows?
Oh yes.
We know... we know.
And every where you looked you saw the famous
Rob/Kristen Bubble.
They were always looking to the other...
In sync.
Kristen grabbing onto Rob's shirt (again)
Kristen touching Rob's leg (again)
Kristen all smiling and happy.
Robert watching Kristen.
Robert never veering too far away...
Both of them laughing
at some sort of inside jokes all the time.
The biggest thing is how much they laughed.
They made me laugh.
They seem so happy.
And that makes me happy.

Ain't nothing wrong with that.

And looky here...
I guess Rob and Kristen didn't show at the Summit party?
Aren't they told what to do?
Wouldn't Summit have forced them to be there??
Did Rob and Kris just head back to wherever it is
they are staying...
And decide to just stay in
Did they decide to do something on their own?
So apparently Summit can make two people
give up years of their personal lives
all in the name of a movie franchise 
and the mighty dollar...
But they can't make them go to a Summit sponsored party.
What better "PR"??
But yet...
They didn't show up.

Final Thoughts.

1. How does the bottom of that barrel look?
Because you're scraping that bitch pretty damn hard.
I'm thinking even you see that there just
isn't anything down there anymore.
No more excuses.
No more conspiracies.
No more exit strategies.
No more PR bullshit.

What happens when Kristen goes over to London
and Rob goes with her?
What happens when they are seen somewhere together?
When she is working on a Non-Summit movie
and Rob will be working on nothing 
but growing out his beard
and maybe his music?
What then?

2. Everytime I see Rob and Kristen together
it just solidifies my opinion
that they are completely committed to each other.
They come together.
They leave together.
They stay together.
They don't show up together.
They laugh together.
They love together.
As I have often said...
being the keyword.

3. Do you realize that its just 
Rob and Kristen
They don't even need last names.
Rob and Kristen.
It's like one word.
They just go together.
It's natural.
Like its the way it should be.

Green Fucking Sheep.

I approve of everything you do and say.
All of it.
Every tiny little nook and corner of every thought you have had, 
are having, or will have.
Everything you do, have done, will do.
Everything you have been, are being, or will be.
Truth is truth.
Green Sheep Forever.
This post is brought to you by the number 2

It's my favorite number.

Bye for now

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Robert and Thomas-- Oh My

What a day this has been
What a rare mood I'm in...
Why it's almost
like being...

Could they BE any happier?

What a beautiful day.
A gorgeous most splendid day!
I finally got my wish...
Oh yes.
Robert and Thomas.
Together again.

I'm actually so thrilled and giddy right now...
I'm having a hard time focusing on what I want to say
What DO I want to say?
I don't know.
I forgot.

Oh Shaggy and Scrappy... I have MISSED you so much!!

Oh yeah.
Robert and Thomas.
And Bear.
(Oh my)
Just LOOK.
Rob and Tom are so damn smiley...
(they were until Rob saw the pap)
Just walking along
Being all smiley and cute
and charming and delicious
and wonderful
and pretty
and beautiful

I'm seriously losing my train of thought.
That's what these pictures are doing to me.
What the hell.
I guess I really missed seeing Rob and Tom together.

I will be twirling for the rest of the day...
I'm afraid I just might be on Auto-Twirl 
from now on...
Just going about my life
and twirling.
I will NEVER get enough of this.
People need to stop going on and on
about Tom's beard.
So it's a teensy bit bushy...
and OK
it might be a wee bit out of control...
Come on
You gotta remember what is underneath that hair
Near perfection.

Probably my favorite picture... Damn.
is hiding under that hair.
It's still there.
Waiting for its moment to reappear.
And seriously...
Like Rob isn't going to give Tom 
a run for his beard money?
It will be a matter of days
(No, really)
Before Rob has a bushy beardy thing on his face.
Oh I see great things...
Wonderful things ahead.

Which brings us to...
Completely Cute.
Our lovely Kristen.
OK sure...
It would have been fanfuckingtastic
to have seen Rob and Tom and Kris
smiling and walking Bear...
But 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

And it seems like since Rob has gotten
back to LA...
We haven't seen Kristen.

But we have Comic Con starting tomorrow...
And we will see both Rob and Kristen
and who knows what else we might
get a glimpse of...
Oh the possibilities!
Oh the joy!
Oh the many awesome
things that lie ahead.

You know Kristen is thinking "Man... he's CUTE!"

Do you think she could lean into him any more?

Taylor who?

Thing is...
It doesn't matter who else is around.
Not at all.
Because Rob and Kristen
always seem to be in the 'zone'
when they are together.
You know what I mean...
The 'Bubble'.
They are the only two people who exist.
I feel like I'm intruding just looking at this picture...
My love must be a kind of blind love
I can't see anyone but you.

Are the stars out tonight?

I don't know if it's cloudy or bright
I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear.

The moon maybe high

but I can't see a thing in the sky,
'Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.

I don't know if we're in a garden,

or on a crowded avenue.

You are here

So am I
Maybe millions of people go by,
but they all disappear from view.
And I Only Have Eyes For You.

That is the Rob/Kristen Bubble.
It exists.
And it's lovely to watch.

This post is brought to you by Bear.

Thank you Bear for getting my 
2 favorite people together...
Smiling and Walking.

Bear likes Green Sheep.

Bye for now

Day 1