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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm fucking done.

Here I sit, with my laptop humming on my fucking lap. And as much as I would love to stop inserting 'fucking' into every sentence, I fucking can't. So far, it hasn't come out of my fucking mouth...just off my fucking keyboard. Maybe I'm not completely fucking insane.
I just wanted to fucking write in here before I am taken somewhere, where I won't have computer access. Fucking bullshit. How am I supposed to survive without my fellow RobKats? Fucking how? I am leaving fucking Jan 1st and will be home sometime on Jan 4th.
My Robsession will be on dangerous fucking overload by the time I get back.
The lovely ladies of Robsessed...have helped me with my fucking addiction. My fucking overwhelming NEED of all things Robert Pattinson. They fucking understand me. They fucking get me.
They fucking help me deal with this fucking passion, they help me figure out why the fuck I react to Rob so fucking strongly.
Yes. I will be in grave peril come Sunday afternoon. I hope I survive that long...I fucking hope so.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're kidding...right?

Someone mentioned to me earlier....that people might actually read this blog. It kinda makes me cringe. Not that I have anything to hide or anything. No. But I truly just write this for my own get my Robsession under some kind of control (how's that working for you?). I don't go to any great lengths to write properly...or try to impress anyone. Hell...I'm a long way from proper writing style.
I swear too much. I use improper English. I use my coveted "..." way...WAY too much. And I just ramble and rant endlessly about Robert Pattinson. And although I find him most mesmerizing and totally sexy hot...I'm not sure anyone else who reads this would feel the same. But, since I know I, myself, have stumbled upon other peoples blogs...I guess it's only fair to think a few people have stumbled upon this...and probably raced the hell away as fast as they could! Heh. It's OK. Really. I truly understand. My feelings about Robert Pattinson are a bit overwhelming...even for me. And I'm fucking living them. Anyway. Just had to get that off my chest. Or whatever part of my body it was residing.
Cest la vie'. Life goes on.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Fucking Over Thinking...

OK. I was thinking more about the whole Edward/Rob thing. (and seriously, my last post didn't make any fucking sense at all, did it?)
I mean...when I am reading Edward....the picture in my mind...isn't quite Robert. Although it's fucking close. I think the reason is because I had read the books like a zillion times before the movie came my vision of Edward is pretty solid in my head. Shit. I so overthink every fucking thing. And I'm swearing even more than I used to because of that fucking brilliant story "Wide Awake". It's so like "Midnight Sun" fucking get all wrapped up in it...and then it fucking stops. UGH. It's very frustrating.
I think I need to watch "Twilight" or something. I am so fucking addicted to Edward/Robert...I need fucking help. And I can't fucking stop adding fucking to every other word.
Too Fucking Funny.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I just realized...

You know I love Robert Pattinson. I loved Robert Pattinson in Twilight. He was perfect for Edward. And I love Edward. I can't deny that Edward is where my Robsession all started. But I just realized something today. I was reading a fan-fic..."Wide Awake". Fucking Brilliant, by the way. But I digress...I'm reading this story (and might I add, that I am continually reading Edward/Bella fan-fic) and this story, this fucking brilliant story of a human Edward/Bella...made me realize that I don't picture Robert as Edward in my mind...when I read about Edward. I have this vision in my head... This perfect, gorgeous, beautiful, FUCKING GLORIOUS Edward. And while Rob is probably the closest existing human on the face of this fucking planet that looks like Edward...he's not quite who I see when I read about Edward.
How the fuck is THAT for a revelation? And excuse all my fucking language. It's from reading "Wide Awake". Fucking Brilliant!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rob back in London

Although Robert looks absolutely, positively GORGEOUS...he also looks a bit annoyed. Like..."hey asshole, if you weren't here taking my picture, no one would even fucking notice me...Thanks"
I'm loving the hair. I'm loving the face. I'm loving the whole God damn package. Seriously...HELP ME! I'm crushing so hard on this guy. I've NEVER had this kinda obsession with an actor before. I admit that I've obsessed over Paul McCartney and the Beatles...but for some reason musicians seem different...
I wonder if there is any parallel at all. I've seen Paul in concert 5x...and I've seen Twilight(in theaters) 5x. OK, I know I'm stretching here. But other than Paul McCartney, who I have loved and adored for many...many years...Rob is the only other person to ever make me feel the same way.
And although I'm well aware of all of his charm and good looks, I'm still not entirely sure what it is exactly that makes me feel this way. need to dissect my obsession. I guess I should just accept it and keep obsessing! Or Robsessing, I guess.
Anyway, Rob is back in London...YES! I always feel better knowing he is away from LA and the paparazzi there. Have a safe and happy Crimbo, Rob!

Sunday, December 21, 2008


What can I possibly say here? Rob cut his hair. And he looks hotter than ever! LOOK AT HIM! I mean...FUCKING LOOK AT HIM! Good God. I seriously wonder how much of this I can take without exploding into a million pieces. WHEW. He looks great. Wonderful. Beautiful. Gorgeous.
Just noticed the guy in the background with the cellphone up to his ear. "Hi Honey...guess who is at the Box Store?"
OK, I would respect Rob's space. I would. He said what would he want a fan to do if they see him on the street? IGNORE him. I would try to do that to my best ability. But...well...I couldn't IGNORE him..but I wouldn't scream at him...or even ask for his autograph...Hmmm...Maybe I shouldn't talk of things I really have no idea about. Heh.
OK. Just wanted to post this hot picture of Rob. LOVELY!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

5X a charm!

Well, I did it! I met my Twilight quota. I have seen it 5x in the theater! (countless times on my computer)
I'm not sure if I will be able to catch it again in the theater. I guess it depends on how long it stays in theaters. They are cutting back on the number of showings I have to wonder how much longer. And school is out for Christmas break...and I'm not sure I want to hang out with tweenies.
I might be able to talk my gf's into going one more time...we shall see.
I was going to do a post about my favorite parts of the movie...and I will, eventually. But I counted at least 17 different times that I was blown away by pretty much everytime he's onscreen, right? Anyway...I will try to narrow it down to my top ten favorite Rob moments...if I can. Otherwise it will be my 17 favorite Rob moments. Heh.
I am just getting over a real nasty head I haven't had the patience to write in here much. Sorry. But I will be back to my rambling, inane self soon enough.
Bye for now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Note to self.

OK. This is just a quick note to myself. I just now realized that I don't have hardly any Rob pics on this computer. I have all of them on my laptop!! This one will do, I suppose! Ha!
I am probably going to go see Twilight for the 5th time (in theaters, anyway) today. I was making mental notes of my favorite moments...and I think that will be my next post.
Why am I posting now? Good question. Because I'm a lunatic? Because I just wanted an excuse to post a picture of Rob?
Because I have all this nervous energy and don't know where else to use it? Did I mention that I'm a lunatic?
Well, that's about it for now. Later, Alligator (wow that was lame)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've lost count.

I am officially nuts. Completely fucking crazy. Absolutely.
I went to see "Twilight" for the 4th time at the theater.
Sad to say that it was moved into one of the smaller venues...nothing like the huge ULTRAscreen I first saw it in.
But that's OK with long as I can still go and see it. Now, I have downloaded a version of Twilight off the internet. I had to. Seriously. The picture quality isn't fantastic...but I can watch it whenever I want to (and let's face it...I always want to). You wanna know how insane I truly am? I went to the movies yesterday to watch it...and then came home and watched it again on my computer. I is wrong with me? I'm pretty sure I've seen the movie at least 10 times...and I'm far from being done with it. I definitely have to get theater #5 in before Christmas break. I'm glad I have a way to watch Twilight for when it does go out of the theaters, and I have no other way to watch it...until the DVD comes out in Spring. There is NO FUCKING WAY I could go months without seeing it...hows THAT for crazy? I can only imagine what will happen to me when I do get the DVD...I better buy at least 2, for when I wear the first one OUT. Damn. I'm so totally fucked up crazy. OK. I'm sorry that I am so full of vulgarities this morning...but sometimes I just can't help myself. I guess that's true in more ways than one.
Bye for now.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rob in Paris...

Yep. Robert is in Paris...for yet another "Twilight" promo thingy.
He does look delicious, though, doesn't he? Um...yeah.
So...interesting news on the Twilight Movies front. Looks like Catherine Hardwicke isn't coming back to direct either New Moon or Eclipse. Fascinating. The story out of Summit is that they couldn't jive with CH's schedule...but you gotta wonder.
Also said that they were going to film NM and Eclipse back to back. Which is a good idea since the actors are all aging and most of their characters aren't. It also says that in about a year from now New Moon will be out. WOW. I hope this isn't a rush job from Summit. Cash in on the Twilight train while the hype is high. New Moon will be a tricky movie to make in my opinion. First you have to deal with the fact that Edward/Robert isn't in that much of the story. A little in the beginning...and a bit at the end...but there's a whole lotta non Edward in the middle. As much as I LOVE Edward/Rob...I'm not sure how they can bring in more Edward and stay true to the heartbreak/depression that the book sets. Bella can dream about him, I suppose. She does dream in the book...but I'm not sure Edward is actually in the dreams or not. They could just show what Edward is doing...tracking Victoria...moping around being depressed...but doesn't that take away from the angst and sadness that Edward isn't there? Doesn't that take away from the joy and ecstasy when he does finally return? Rob has said he hopes they stay true to the book...I have to agree. Then, of course, they have to deal with the whole werewolf thing. Not gonna be easy if they stay away from cheesy. Heh. And most of all...the whole Taylor/Jacob thing. Not feeling the sexy, you might be able to make me forget Edward vibe from Taylor. But then again...who the hell am I? I'm not sure how I feel about CH being dumped as director, either. I did enjoy her enthusiasm and love of Twilight...but I guess we shall just have to wait and see.
I wanted to go see Twilight again today...but because I keep putting off my whole fucking life because of my Robsession...I really couldn't do it in good faith. Besides the fact that its supposed to snow like a bitch tonight and I guess I won't be going anywhere then.
I'm so unmotivated about Christmas. Christmas...Robert...Christmas...Robert. It's a slippery slope, my friends. And I'm sliding down it like a motherfucker. Pardon my French. Which brings up full circle back to Rob. He's in France, or at least he was. I was there last summer. And while Paris is a beautiful, historically rich, city...I could honestly take it or leave it.
OK. Enough of my inane ramblings for now.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire...

Hello! Did I ever tell you how much I love the picture of Rob that is on the header of my blog? Um...WOW! So fucking hot and sexy. I seriously have to close my eyes and take a deep breath.
So, I'm not sure what I want to talk about today. Nothing much is really going on. Rob has been in the news here and there, but nothing like when he was in the States. Which, I think, is good for him. I'm actually glad that he's not all over the Internet at the moment. Maybe that means he is finally finding some peace. Who knows.
I just wrote a couple of paragraphs ranting and raving about online liars. But I had to delete it because I really started rambling. I really abhor dishonesty. Stupid people (and let's face it...90% of the population are idiots) frustrate the living hell outta me. OK, there's the 'living hell' phrase again...what DOES that mean? Shit. I should just stop typing. I'm in a really REALLY irritated place right now. Probably not a good thing to be putting my emotions and thoughts out there.
I'm being a total bitch. Put up or shut up. That's all I have to say about that.
BTW. I am hopelessly and unconditionally in love with Robert Pattinson. Crushing BIG time on that guy. It kinda hurts to feel this way...ya know? I think maybe you do.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lots of Robert

*whew* HUGE Rob day today. The Little Ashes trailer came out today (the real one, not just a snippet) and Rob looks awesome in it. I love how he loses himself in this role. I can't wait to see it.

The picture here is from the London premiere of "Twilight". Yes, thousands of screaming teens showed up to show Rob that, they too, can scream and screech at him as good as the Americans! Robert said of his hysterical fans: "It's absolutely mad. I'm in a daze. They're here for the character, not for me. I don't know what to do. I'm terrified of doing the sequel."

I'm wondering how true that quote really is. I'm going to guess that 80% of the tweeners that love Robert right now, call him "Edward". And will probably hate his new movie "Little Ashes" because it isn't Edward at all. I hate to think he's scared of doing the sequels because the screaming banshees have him terrified. Again, I can only imagine how well he is really holding up. It does make me happy that at least he is back home in London, with his family. There has to be a bit of sanity attached to that. I hope he can enjoy his time there to some degree. Kristen was there, too...unfortunately she brought her actor/bodyguard boyfriend with her. His name is Michael Aragano...or something like that. I never heard of him until "Twilight" came out and he was in pictures lurking behind Kristen. He's always lurking behind Kristen. He obviously doesn't have a job. And hasn't for quite some time since he seems to have so much time off to escort his girlfriend around the world. Nice life, I suppose. No offense to Kristen...but it's time to trade up, girl. The boyfriend you get at not enough for you now. You need someone a bit older...taller...better looking, say....with an English accent. You know who I mean.

On another note. I went and saw "Twilight" for the 3rd time yesterday. 6 other people in the theater. Nice. I also downloaded a version from some movie site...its not the best quality...but I love being able to watch the movie whenever I want to. Never fear, I will probably see the movie at least 2 more times...and there is no doubt in hell I will be buying the DVD when it comes out. I am already on Amazon's Twilight list to let me know when it is coming out.

Other than that...I guess I am done. Time to get some more of Rob. Lots to look at...lots to listen to. Life is good.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Ashes

*sigh* I lust after this man. I want to protect him. Conflicting emotions. Scary combination, yes?

OK. As usual, I don't really have much to say today. I didn't get to see "Twilight" today, much to my eternal sadness. We got over 6 inches of snow last night, and it was really blowing and drifting all over the place. Even though after living in Wisconson my whole life, I know how to drive in the snow, there is no need to take risks when not absolutely necessary. I have "Twilight" penciled in for tomorrow afternoon. I really REALLY need to see it again. How's that for scary?

A lot of chatter about the trailer for Rob's next movie coming out this week. "Little Ashes", where he portrays a young Salvador Dali. It is such an interesting and complex role for Rob to take on. It's definitely the polar opposite of Edward. I can't imagine the screaming teenies will want to see Robert in this role. But that's just a guess. As a TRUE fan of Robs, I really REALLY want to see this movie. Rob's acting fascinates me. How he is so willing to lose himself in his he takes his career so seriously. LOVE that. I'm just hoping that the hype of "Twilight" will let "Little Ashes" be shown somewhere that I can go and see it. And that goes for "How to Be" as well. Rob is so adorable in that least from the clips that I have seen. I find myself searching for other movies of Robs now. But the majority (outside of Harry Potter, of course) were like TV movies made in England, or little unknown indie films. I'm sure that will change now. I hope so. I would like to build my Robert Pattinson Collection very soon.

That's it for now. I need to watch me some Rob. Bye for now.