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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Anything You Cannes Do... They Cannes Do Better


I don't even know what to say here.
Rob and Kristen OWNED Cannes.
Sorry (not really)
But they did.

There are so many pretty pictures...

I honestly cannot choose...
so I won't.
Because I would be here all damn day.

You can go to the respective Rob/Kristen sites
to get your perfection overload.

Let's just talk about the GOOD.

Both Rob and Kristen got great reviews
for their roles in their movies.
The movies got standing ovations.
They both looked absolutely
and happy
and healthy
And I'm so thrilled for them!

Kristen was only there for a couple of days...
but she owned every minute.
Have you ever seen her so happy and comfortable?
Maybe because she was dressed in something that was very Kristen.
Relaxed yet beautiful.
Quietly stunning.

And Rob?
He seemed to enjoy every moment as well.
And who wears a tux better than him?
But the main thing for me...
Besides all the praise their work was receiving
was the smiles.
The joy.

It was such a POSITIVE experience!

the Lunatic Fringe is always barking about something
or other
But unfortunately... that will never change.
Miserable people wallow in hatred and drama
and try and make everyone as miserable as they are.

They are like those annoying gnats
that buzz around your head on a warm summer day.
Irritating as hell
But insignificant and easily dismissed.
And they know it.

Rob and Kristen had a phenomenal time in Cannes.
They were the King and Queen.

Living well
Doing well
Being well
is the best revenge.

Final Thoughts.

1. This picture brought about an 'end'
to the supposed pregnancy...

Not sure exactly why this one did it...
Kristen hasn't looked pregnant in ANY picture.
But I guess seeing her actual stomach
being flat and baby free
put an end to that speculation.
Never fear.
Now the baby has gone 'ninja'
(Can I just say I hate that fucking word?)
You knew it was coming... right?
Of course you did.
You didn't expect these people to just
admit they were being lied to...
that all their harassment and attacks
on people who didn't agree with them
were all based on an 'inside' source
who never existed.
They claim that no one told then what to believe
They can make up their own minds
blah blah blah
But that's not even the point, is it?
No one really cares what they believe.

You see...
There have been speculations about Kristen being pregnant
for years now.

Made up Gossip.
No one ever pays them any attention.
It's just recycled bullshit.

But some people seem to think that if you
don't believe that Rob and Kristen are having a baby
You are a HATER!
You either hate Rob and want Kristen
or you hate Kristen and want Rob
Or you never were a TRUE fan because
a true fan would want this happiness for Rob and Kristen
and you aren't a real fan and you don't want them together!
If you don't believe you are delusional
and stupid and blind and holier than thou!
Get off your high horse!

Bottom line?

This behavior further fractured a fandom
that was already ripping at the seams.
It's one thing to believe in something
its quite another to go harassing and attacking people
who didn't agree with you.

Many of us were always on the same 'side'
We have faith in Rob and Kristen.
It's sad to see people who were once friends
and could discuss things rationally and calmly
fighting and arguing over something
that is nothing more than fucking gossip.

The truth is right in front of your face.
You see it.
But sometimes people get themselves in so deep
they can't seem to find a way out.

2. No one who knows Rob and/or Kristen
would ever speak about something so personal
and intimate as a pregnancy
and let it get put out there on a blog.
No matter how irrelevant the blog is.
No one close to them would ever reveal
the kind of details that some people claim to know.
They would never claim to be an 'insider'
or a 'source'.
They would never risk their place in Rob/Kristen's lives...
or their happiness and safety.
For what? Why would they do it?
Nothing to gain.
Everything to lose.

Think about it.

3. I still love and adore Tom Sturridge.
I really think he is a brilliant actor.
I can't wait for the day he is the talk of Cannes.
Because I believe that will happen
sooner rather than later.

4. The following 2 gifs
pretty much sum up the
Cannes Experience
for me.

Kristen reacting to seeing a fan's sign.
(All credit to whoever isolated these images)

But isn't this a great way to feel?
Everything was wonderful.
They both did so well...
they are being recognized beyond Twilight.
They are being recognized beyond "Robsten".

Those things don't define them or their careers.
They are working hard on doing work
they can be proud of...
Work they love being a part of.

I know some believe Rob and Kristen are over.
I know some believe they are hiding in some safe house
staring lovingly at each other.
I know some believe they were never together.
I know some believe they were never apart.

I say nothing is that simple.
No relationship is so easy to define.
Rob and Kristen are complicated.
About everything.
Including each other.

Let's enjoy their tremendous careers...
They have so much to show us.
If they want to share anything more
That's entirely up to them.
I'm OK with that.

Wherever they go...
I will follow.

Until next time.

Happy Memorial Day!

Bye for now

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Robert Pattinson!


I hope you find 

Today and everyday.

Still intoxicated
after all these years...

This post is brought to you by Happy

Happy Birthday Rob!

Happy that Rob and Kristen will both
be at Cannes this year!

Happy that there is so much to look 
forward to in the coming year.

Happy that I still fucking adore
Tom Sturridge

Until next time.

Bye for now


Friday, May 9, 2014

Deep Thoughts.

 1. This is Kristen leaving her hotel
to go to the Met Gala.
This is how Kristen looks
leaving her hotel to go to the Met Gala.
leaving her hotel to go to the Met Gala.
Kristen leaving her hotel
to go to the Met Gala
is better than most people
posed and smiling for the camera on the red carpet.
Kristen leaving her hotel
to go to the Met Gala
is fucking better than anyone.

2. Kristen and Riley Keough
getting ready for the Met Gala.
(OK, I'm ODing on the words "Met Gala")
I think these two are adorable.
Just goes to show how absolutely lame
the rumors about Riley and Rob truly were.
(as well as all the other women
that Rob has been 'dating')
And Riley doesn't need to use Kristen
to get attention.
You do know who her grandfather is... Right?
Her mother?
Her grandmother?
You don't get much more famous than that.

3. Kristen looked lovely.
Her makeup was excellent
and her hair?
She was smiling and happy
and seemed to really have a lot of fun.

Is it just me...
or does she have an incredibly tiny waist?

Some people seemed to think that feathers
are the newest thing in surreptitious maternity wear.

Does anyone else find it strange that no one else
seems to see this pregnancy?
A story that any gossip rag would literally
chew their own arm off for?
Kristen Stewart is one of the most watched
celebrities in the world...
Yet not one word about it.
Not even a hint of speculation.


Just a thought.

4. There was a new "The Rover" clip released...
Gotta say
Makes me ANXIOUS to see this movie.
Rob does so much...
with so few words.
His face.
THAT face
Does so much of the acting for him.
His eyes say so much.
I love this role for him.
Every new part he just keeps growing
and showing everyone that he's not afraid
to get dirty and look grungy 
for a good character.
Love it.

5. Cannes.

The schedules are out.

The Rover premiere will be on May 18th.

Maps to the Stars premiere will be on May 19th

Clouds of Sils Maria premiere will be on May 23rd 

As it stands right now
Rob will be there.
Kristen hasn't confirmed.
Of course endless drama about this.

The excuses run from nesting and giving birth
to not wanting to run into Robert.
(Both completely untrue)

How about....
And its 2 weeks away and I'm guessing
if she can go
She will be there.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Rob+Kristen+Red Carpet= STUNNING!

Cannes is a great honor
and you know both of them are thrilled
that their movies are being shown there.

Just enjoy the moment for what it is.
And if anything else happens...
Just imagine how fucking happy you will be!

6. Rob is once again being linked to any female
that is in the same zip code as he is.
That's a lot of girls.
The latest was some friend of Dakota Fanning.
I don't even remember her name...
that's how relevant it all is.

I've said it once...
and I will say it now.
(You knew that was coming... didn't you?)

I know there hasn't been pics of
Rob and Kristen for a while.
(depends on who you ask as to the 'when')
But here's the deal.
Neither Rob or Kristen
have 'moved on'
If Rob starts hanging out with the same girl
over and over
and let's just say...
OVER again
Then I might think differently.
Same for Kristen.
But they have supposedly been broken/on a break
for a year now...
And yet
they don't have anyone new in their life.
That says a fucking lot.

So until Rob and/or Kristen
show me differently
Remember this...

What you see is what you get...
But what you don't see?
Is better yet.

7. My beautiful Thomas.

This is an image from his movie

"The story, which is based on Tom McCarthy’s novel,
 follows a young man who tries to reconstruct 
his past out of fragmented memories. 
His obsessive efforts are funded by a large financial settlement
 for an accident he cannot remember,
 but neither his friends nor he can anticipate the extremes
 he will go to in realizing his quest."

Sounds GOOD... doesn't it?

God... I adore him.
Look at that face.
He gives good face.
GREAT face.

This post has been brought to you by the letter S

S for Stunning.
Like Kristen at the Met Gala

S for Surreal
Like Rob's photo-shoot for PREMIERE

S for Stupidity
How I wish it were painful...

S for Superb
Like Rob's performance
in The Rover clip

S for Serendipity
Which is the perfect word
to describe
Rob and Kristen.

S for Sturridge
Because I always have to end
my posts with him.

Until next time.

Love is a many splendored thing.

Bye for now