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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Or Something...

Well damn.

I haven't written in almost a month.
Someone who usually has so much to say...

Someone who used to post daily.

I'm not quite sure what it is.
Maybe there isn't much to say right now.
Maybe I just don't have the time like I used to...
Sometimes "REAL" life does get in the way
of "FAKE" lives... Ya know?

I mean...
Beardy Rob is filming in the jungles of Columbia
or something.

Luminous Kristen is filming 
on the streets of NYC
or something.

Tom is probably really beardy right now
and who the hell knows what the hell
he is doing... or where he is.
or something.

See what I mean?

I'm not really a 'info' blog
nor do I feel obligated to go over anyone's schedule
and try to decipher where they are
and what they are doing
(and with whom)
at any given moment.
So basically...
It's pretty parched up in them there fandom.

Oh sure...
we still have all the lame drama going on...
But I doubt that will ever stop.
The names change
The game remains.

I used to get quite the giggle out of the
whole baby cray stuff...
But at this point
isn't it more sad than amusing?

This was actually written...
on a blog.

"The cuz said it’s unbelievable how big Sweet Pea is getting.
 And she is the spitting image of her daddy.
 She has his personality too. 
Jelly Bean looks more like Kristen 
and her Daddy calls her his butterball!"

I mean... 
First off... I can't believe
anyone believes one word of this rubbish.

I'm SO sure the "Cuz" has all this insider access
to the imaginary babies!
And I'm also sure that imaginary parents
Rob and Kristen
would have NO problem with someone
ratting out their children on social media
giving up personal intimate details...
Why would they mind?
It's just their imaginary babies after all!

I'm still waiting to see if/when
I will be able to see Equals...
Because I really
Really Really Really Really
need to see it.
and him.

Are you kidding me with this? 

And her...

Doing stuff like this...

And maybe some of this...

People still get bent outta shape 
when I mention Nicholas on Twitter.
Why Chuck... WHY?
I had gotten this response to me posting a picture of NH
the other day...
(and remember... all I did was post his picture-
there was no mention of Rob)

"He could never take the place of Rob, ever"

What did me posting a picture of Nicholas
have to do with Rob?
Absolutely NOTHING.
Yet... somehow... these people
seem to think I am betraying Rob somehow
like its some weird sort of competition.
It all comes back to the people who spout
"Fans of both"
like its an insult.
 They can't conceive of admiring
and being interested in more
 than one person at a time.
It's so strange...
and narrow minded.
"You can only like ROB 
You can't like both!
How DARE you!"

I like a lot of different actors
and actresses...
and musicians
and artists.
I love movies and music.
I guess that makes me a FAN OF MANY!!
Oh my!
Whatever shall I do?
Wherever shall I go?

Fuck ALL the way off.

And yeah....
I wanna see LIFE
(imagine that! I want to see both
Rob and Kristen's films!!)
and I'm pretty sure it won't be shown around me
because most of their films aren't...
But I'm looking forward to it.

Rob looks GOOD in this movie.
(Now can I see him in it, Please??)

One last thing.

A picture of Rob/Twigs walking a dog.
I can see why this was such a big fucking deal.
Not really.
Walking a dog is a pretty normal thing to do.
But the Baby Cray said it was fake.
(like every picture of Rob/Twigs)
and there was this big uproar
about the name of the dog...
"lady bear"
or something.

1. Why in the WORLD would anyone
fake such a mundane picture?
The whole damn universe isn't in on
manipulating every picture that doesn't 
fit your agenda?

2. The Twigberts (formerly known has Nonstens)
were all atwitter at this picture...
Not only for what it showed
(and hey... good on you)
But because some people
were giving Twigs a hard time
over the choice of the name.
Because apparently 'bear'
(which is probably not even the real name)
can only be used once in all of dog names... Ever.
Sorry all you people out there
who have dogs named Bear...
Which my sister happens to be one of-
The bitch!

3. But what I found MOST amusing
and the real reason I brought this insanity up...
was because the Twigberts
were all shouty about how lame
some fans were to make a big deal out of a name.
They went on and on making fun of them...
How quickly we forget, huh?

Does anyone remember what the Ninnies
were screeching when these pictures came out?

"That's not Bear! That's a litter mate that
Kristen bought so people would believe its the same dog!
That's NOT the real Bear!!"

"Summit is making her walk the dog
so everyone believes they are together.

"Kristen even using the same collar with "Bear"
on it and the same leash so she can be
connected to Rob and stay relevant!"

The Faux Bear debacle.
Hilarious shit.
And let's be real...
The Faux Bear bullshit
is ever so much more ridiculous
than the lame name bullshit.

Just a casual reminder...

This post is brought to you by...


I miss his face.

Also by...

Nicholas Hoult.

Because the boy gives good face too.

Until next time.

Bye for now