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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Better All The Time...

Alrighty then.

Man... this fandom is fucked.

I still adore Rob and Kristen...
But hanging in the fandom for any length of time
can be incredibly toxic.
It used to be more fun.
(and don't get me wrong, I still get plenty of laughs)
But now its pretty much centered on hate.
Hating Kristen.
Hating Rob.
Hating Kristen and Rob.
Hating those who hate on Rob and Kristen.
Hating those who don't hate who you hate.
Hating people who hate people you don't hate.
Hating people who hate people you don't hate who you hate.

Someone asked me why I bother to try and change
peoples minds about Kristen.. or Rob.
And the simple answer is...
I don't.
I never did.
I've always welcomed differing opinions
as long as they weren't soaked in bitter hatred.
But people
(all sides)
are SO fucking angry all the time.
Every little thing sets people off on rants and twitlongers.
And as much as I care about Rob and Kristen...
It's just NOT that serious.
Regardless of what we think or say
It won't change a thing.
Rob and Kristen WILL be OK.
Even if you stop twitlonging for them.
Or against them.
Doesn't matter.

Rob and Kristen aren't perfect.
They have issues just like every other
relationship in the real world.
They aren't holding hands romping thru
meadows filled with purple flowers
and gazing into each others eyes.
And contrary to lunatics belief...
No one thinks they are Edward and Bella...
(at least nobody I know)

I believe something happened in May.
(sorry to all the conspiracy theorists out there)
I won't bother going into lame gossip and speculation...
Because that's basically all there is.
It's not anywhere near as serious as some
(and by some I mean the hags and rags)
would like you to believe.
Not even close.
If a guy seeks out a friend to talk to...
How is that a confirmation of a 'break-up'?
Oh right.
Cause its a girl.

Did you hear that noise?
It was a huge drama bomb going off...

Katy Perry talked about Rob and Kristen 
in an upcoming interview.

She was asked.
She answered.
Could she have handled it better?
Does it matter in the end?
Not even a little bit.

“I sent (Stewart) a text message saying: 
‘I know you've seen all this stuff but you know I would never disrespect you.
 I’m not that person.
I’m just trying to be a friend to him
 but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits.’”

How does that confirm anything
other than someone being a 'friend' to Rob and Kristen?
But all the media and idiots out there
jumped on it and made it into something it wasn't
Because she is female.
Yes. She has tits.
In other words...
If she was a guy this wouldn't even be an issue.
And let's be real...
No matter what Katy said
even if it was 'no comment'
The drama would be the same.

And then we get Lainey...
Who has a major fixation on Katy and Rob
who claims this means Rob and Kristen are 'done'.
You remember Lainey and her predictions before...
She was POSITIVE that Rob and Katy 
She even said that John Mayer was just hanging
around to throw people off the
scent of the relationship between them.
Remember that?
How wrong can you get anyway??

Every once in a while Lainey is fed
some info that turns out to be true.
And that's all well and good.
But this my friends... is not info
This is her OPINION.
And its a very biased one at that.
She has been wrong a lot more than she has been right
when it comes to Rob and Kristen.
In fact...
I can't remember the last time she was right.
It might have something to do with the fact
that neither Rob or Kristen's 'people'
want anything to do with her.
Just a hunch.

Looks like someone got a new puppy.
Kinda reminds me of...

A lot.

I'm guess its a similar mix breed.
Very cute nonetheless.
Do you think Bear and Bernie will welcome
Baxter with open paws?
Will Briggs fit right in the doggie family?
(Come on, you know the dogs name starts with B)

So anyway what happens next?
Of COURSE Lunatics spew that
Kristen got a new puppy to replace
Bear and Bernie.
Because Rob took the dogs 
and they were never seen again.
(except that time that their paws recently turned
up on instagram at Kristen's house... heh)
Do these crazy people have pets?
You don't REPLACE a pet.
You don't just forget about the animals you love.
It's well documented how much she loves her dogs.
I know that Lunatics want to believe that
Rob and Kristen hate each other now
and never talk or see each other...
But they would be VERY wrong.

I'm sure we have all seen the conveniently edited pap video by now.
(Amazing how we don't see what the paps say or do BEFORE)
Kristen calls the guy a 'fuckface' (hahahaha)
and says he doesn't deserve to breathe the same air.
Is she wrong?

If you watched the video
(and it was painful)
Didn't you hear how upset she was?
You could hear it in her voice.
She was trapped.
Being harassed by a bunch of men.
In what reality is that OK?
Of course the haters will focus on the
"same air" comment...
Because that's what they do.
But how can you ignore the fact that 
these paparazzi continually
cross the fucking line?

Kirstie Alley @kirstiealley
the thing is.. there are cool paps and creepy paps..
the creepy ones rip blankets off your new babies head to get a shot. 
what would u do?

The paps don't have to verbally harass and abuse
the people they are taking pictures of
just to get a reaction.
They can be 'cool' paps.
They can keep a decent distance
and not be all up in their personal space.
Take your pictures and be done with it.

If you saw a young girl being hounded on the street
by a bunch of older men...
And they were saying rude and lewd things to her...
What would you do?
Sit there and laugh and say she 'deserved' it?
Make fun of the way she defended herself?
Because that is exactly what the Hags and Rags are doing.
The only difference is these guys happen to have cameras.
(Somehow making it acceptable??)
They think it's amusing that it's happening to Kristen.
"Oh look... Kristen is being an entitled brat because
she has the audacity to defend herself from attack"
"That's what she gets for being so superior and smug."
"This is fantastic"

This shows you how fucked up this fandom
has become.
Smothered by bitter hatred.
I shouldn't be surprised that the rabid hater hyenas
would side with their own kind...

Pack mentality... Yes?

And by the way?
There is NO way in hell
Rob or Kristen have ever called the paps
or worked out any deal with them
I doubt you would find 2 people who hate
the paparazzi more than they do.
When you are constantly stalked...
Why would they have to call them?
Rob and Kristen haven't ever
needed to get the attention of anyone...

Poor Rob.
No matter what he does.
Where he goes.
He's being linked to the 'mysterious' girl
who happens to be in the same frame.
All this blather about 'being single'
He doesn't act single to me.
He acts like a guy hanging out with friends...
who actually goes out of his way NOT
to be connected to anyone of the opposite sex.
Kinda like he always has.

You can believe he's single...
and he's moved on.
And I can believe that he's still
deeply in love with Kristen
(and she, with him)
and working shit out.
Like daily.
Like now.
Like right now.

I've said this before...
When the day comes that Rob and/or Kristen
start hanging out with someone else
all the time...
Then that's when I will believe it.
But I wouldn't hold my breath If I were you...
(but in a way... I wish you would.)
(is that bad?)
The heart will always find a way.

I want them to be happy.
And I just happen to think that means
 Rob and Kristen
always end up

We shall see.

So to all the Rob and Kristen haters...

Your anger and bitterness
shows how worried you truly are...
And let's face it

This post is brought to you by the number 9.

It's a good number.
Wait and see.

And by my complete
adoration of
Tom Sturridge

Love is long.

Until next time.

Bye for now

P.S. I see you there...
reading my words.
Can't stay away... can you?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

We Can Work It Out

Rob likes to kiss. Kristen.

Oh boy.
You know...
You step away for a day or so
and come back to the same tired drama.

Don't people ever get bored of feeling anxious or angry?

Rob and Kristen will be OK.
They both are working and enjoying life (and each other).
Isn't that what everyone should be doing?
Don't WORRY.

I came across something that was pretty disturbing...
Some Rob 'fan' decided it would be oh so funny
 to troll the fandom (again)
with a 'I saw Rob and Kristen together' tweet.

Do people really think that stale shit is funny?

Is it really sooo hard to rile up
the anxious and needy?

Think about it.
This person...
Had to make up the lame 'troll' accounts
months in advance.
They had to get followers
tweet a significant number of times
All to make it look real.
And better yet...
WHO wants to do that?
For what gain?
To get 5 minutes of giggles and attention?
 The time and effort put into numerous troll accounts
makes them look like an
obsessive schizophrenic.
Yeah... I can see how appealing that must be.
(and the people who hang on their every word.)


Oh look!
Rob is in the background of a picture
of Michelle Rodriquez!
He must be 'doing' her!
He was with her in the same bar!
But wait...
Is that a sliver of blonde hair next to Rob?
has resurfaced!
He must be 'doing' her too!
In fact... 
SINGLE FREE Rob must be schtupping
(Yes. Schtupping)
any woman in the same air space as him now...

Let's see.
Since this media imposed breakup
(remember~ neither Rob/Kristen or their team 'confirmed' anything)
(remember~ this is based on a few pictures)
(remember~ there is so much more we DON'T see)
Rob has been linked to
a mysterious blonde.
a mysterious redhead
a mysterious brunette.

ANYONE but Kristen.

I hate (not really) to bring up this again... 
But still having doubts about the girl
in the truck with Rob?
It wasn't Riley.
It wasn't Odessa (hahaha at that one)
Or Katy. Or Caitlin. Or Camille. 
Or Emilie. Or Sarah.
WHO was it?
Tiny girl in front seat.
Like Kristen.
Red hair in sun.
Like Kristen.
Like Kristen.
Like Kristen.
Everyone agreed it was a
"Kristen look alike"
Could it be.

Kristen is busy with work.
She always says that she needs it.
She looks great.
And man...
Is she tiny or what?
So cute.

I will never.
understand the constant need for some
to hate on this girl.
Nothing she has ever done in her life
has been worthy of the abuse some people
think is OK to throw at her.
No matter who she hangs around with.
No matter what she wears.
No matter if she smiles or flips someone off.
No matter if she makes mistakes
or has the love of a man
that so many other women want.

Kristen doesn't deserve any of it.
I will continue to adore her
and support her.

I guess others will continue
to be completely obsessed over every move she makes
and call themselves Rob fans.

Kristen still

Fucking OWNS you.

LOVE this picture.
The smile on Rob's face is brilliant.
I guess this is what he looks like
when he takes pictures with fans 
who don't stalk and chase him?

Sometimes I think Rob is WAY too nice to fan(atics)
The ones that hunt him at airports and hotels...
Chasing and shouting at him for an autograph
and a picture.
I wonder if these fan(atics)
think Rob (and Kristen)
deserve a moments peace?
Do they believe that every time
they are in public they owe people
a smile and a picture?

People keep linking Rob and Kristen
to whoever they work with
or stand next to.

Everyone seems to be waiting for
the moment when
Rob or Kristen
step out with someone on a regular basis.

Because that will be the defining moment...
The... THIS IS IT moment.

And I agree.
That will be fucking huge.

Thing is...
Don't be too shocked 
if it's with each other.

This post is brought to you by



Until next time.

Bye for now

Monday, July 22, 2013

Yes. No. Maybe So.


I finally have some time to myself...
Trying to go thru my emails and catch up on what
has been going on in Rob/Kristen world.

Some things are good.
Some things are OK...
Some things are kinda annoying.

This is my 
Maybe So.

And by the by...
Don't get all offended and bent if I don't just
go all dreamy eyed and vacant over everything 
Rob and Kristen do.
I see them as human beings...
Sometimes they get it right.
Sometimes they don't.
I can be a fan and continue to adore them
and not always agree with everything surrounding them.
I doubt they would want to be put on 
some kinda lame perfection idol pedestal anyway.

1. YES.
Kristen is rocking the military uniform.
Camp X-Ray.
She looks happy to be back working.
She looks happy.


I get that the paparazzi are fucking scum
and say rude vile disgusting stuff to you.
(and writing on your car? enough said)
We don't understand what you deal with every day.
You're not the only celebrity who flips off these asspipes...
But every time you do it just draws
negative attention.
It just gives those hungry hyenas something else
to howl and bark about.
Just stop.
It doesn't hurt the paps.
It actually makes them happy.
They WANT you to flip them off.
So why give them the satisfaction?

If looks could kill...
You'd be lying on the floor.
If only it were that easy.

And damn... her hair is RED in the sunlight.

There is something natural and sexy about Rob
playing music.
A piano... guitar.
Doesn't matter what.
Dior knows what they are doing when it comes
to the pictures released for their new campaign.
But to be fair...
It's pretty fucking hard to mess up a picture of Rob.


Just about the whole written Dior copy.
"One perfume. 1000 lives"
The one part that stood out the most to me
while I tried so diligently to read the whole thing...
"An attitude that shuns pretension"
While some of what they say about Rob is true...
It's the way they say it.
Shuns pretension?
Dior... you define it.

Here's the deal...
You don't need long winded overwrought
paragraphs defining Rob.
You have pictures of him.
Lots of glorious, stunning beautiful pictures.
A picture is indeed worth a 1000 words...
Let those speak for him.
Believe me...
People will listen.


OK. So there is a James Dean quality to Robert.
Rob and a white t-shirt.
I like it.
I like it a lot.

Rob on the set of MTTS.
He looks happy to be back at work... too.
People really focused on the bottom right picture.
I see why.
Intense Rob with a cigarette
hanging out of his mouth.
And of course the white tee.


I don't understand the big deal about the cig.
If Rob isn't smoking a REAL cigarette
it's because he's SINGLE and FREE.
E cig or real cig.
The boy has an addiction.
Well... make that two.
Because he's completely addicted to Kristen.
(whether he smokes or not.)

Of course...
Kristen is addicted as well...
Just like Rob.
To Rob.


I saw Paul McCartney for the 6th time
on Tuesday night.
The man is 71 years old...
and he still puts on an incredible show.
He. Is. A. Beatle.
Need I say more?

See the inside of that oven?
That's how it felt inside Miller Park on Tuesday.
The temp was 97 degrees.
The 'its feels like temp' was 104 degrees.
We were squished onto the floor of the stadium...
and there was no air flow. 
Big Fucking NO.

Seeing and hearing Paul sing...
"All My Loving"
and countless other Beatles/Wings songs...
was worth the discomfort.
I think.


There is something ever so charming about 
Bear and Bernie.
Ever. So.
I guess this acct is private...
But someone (who hates Kristen... btw)
is following her friends and relatives on Instagram.
Sounds rational to me.
But needless to say...
I got a few 
about this picture.

"It's an OLD picture! They are puppies in it!"

Good grief.
So put out by this.
I doubt it's an old picture.
Why would Alicia post an old pic?
On her PRIVATE acct?
For what purpose?
And secondly...
Bear and Bernie weren't puppies together.
Bear was around a bit before Bernie came along.
And thirdly.
You need to deal with the fact that Bear and Bernie
belong to Kristen as much as they do to Rob...
and that if B/B were at Kristen's house
There's an excellent chance that Rob was there, too.

There is no NO.
No. No.
There is Rob.
There is Kristen.


Tom Sturridge isn't a maybe.
He's a definitely.

This post is brought to you by... YES.

It's coming.

Until next time.

Bye for now