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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Trick or Treat

I'm not really all that into Halloween...
I appreciate the dressing up
and the candy 
and the parties
and the decorating.
More so if someone else is doing it.

But since today is Halloween
I truly do hope you all are enjoying the day
however makes you happy.

I thought I would talk about some
in this fandom.


First a Treat.

Rob is possibly (not confirmed at this time)
the face of Dior's new men's fragrance.
3 years.
$12 million.
But as lucrative as that is...
(and its nothing to sneeze at)
I'm liking the 3 years.
Dior is a classy brand.
Rob is taking steps to show his audience
that he is growing up.
Perhaps walking away from Edward Cullen.
I love Edward but...
That's a GOOD thing.
Smart move.
And how many women will buy this fragrance
to either want to know what Rob smells like...
or to get their man to smell like Rob?


All the 'real' fans of Rob's who are calling him a sell out.
"Rob said he would never do that sort of thing"
Well guess what?
Rob probably said that 3 years ago...
and lo and behold
People are allowed to grow up
and change their minds.
I can't believe the way some fools hold Rob
to certain things he has said years ago...
Yet so blatantly disregard things he says today.


When Twilight came out...
I can honestly say I had some disappointments.
Parts of the book left out...
(the meadow scene was kinda fucked up)
Parts that didn't exist put in
(The greenhouse?)
But being as hindsight is indeed 20/20
I can also say 
(Not counting the final movie, of course)
That Twilight remains the best of the movies released.
Let's face it...
Chatty Cathy got a lot of stuff right.
Rob for one.
Brilliant perfection.
Kristen was a perfect Bella...
The rest of the casting was great.
Cathy didn't have the budget the later movies got
so she had to work with what she had...
and she still knocked it out of the park.
Edward strolling into the cafeteria?
Still remains one of my favorite scenes from all the movies.
But the one thing that she gave us...
Was Robert on the piano.

So it's good to see that BD2 has Edward at the piano.
That shit NEVER gets old.


I know I will get shit for this... but who cares.
Here is Paul and Nikki McDonald giving an 'impromptu' concert
after some Q and A thing for BD2.
Cute, huh?
Look at Kellen all sweet in the front row!
I think it's been pretty obvious from day one
how I feel about Ms. McDonald.
And no... contrary to popular belief
it has nothing to do with Rob.
I don't HATE her
(no blogs... no forums dedicated to obsessing over her)
I just don't care for her.
There has been something about her that has always 
hit me as incredibly fake... false.
And as someone who will glom onto whomever can get her
the most attention.
Right now... it's her singer/idol husband.
Before that it was Kristen.
And before that... Rob.
She did manage to get 'their' song on the BD soundtrack.
So bravo to her.
It might extend her 15 minutes of fame a bit longer.
But judging from the crowd (or lack thereof)
of people listening to them sing...
15 minutes might be about it.
Can you imagine Rob and/or Kristen in this room?
Just saying.


Look at her.
Is it any wonder Rob is...
dare I say it...
INTOXICATED with Kristen?
But you know its more than the way she looks.
You've seen them together.
In sync.
They have this magnetic force between them.
It pulls them together... always
and its nearly impossible to pull them apart.
The force is strong.


Josh at MTV was asking for questions for
his upcoming interview with Rob/Kristen/Taylor
There have been some inventive and interesting questions submitted.
The haters.
They have shown how toxic and vile they really are.
Some of the things they have sent out there
in the twitterverse are disgusting.
How in anyone's world...
is it ever OK to be so obscene and repulsive?
Kristen has never done anything to you.
No matter how personal you want to make it.
For you to think being so depraved...
so repugnant and vulgar is somehow acceptable behavior
shows what kind of person you are.
And guess what?
Rob still has chosen Kristen.
Fucking sucks to be you, doesn't it?


Let's face it.
Rob. Sunglasses. Smiling.
Big time treat.


I usually like Ashley.
She's gorgeous.
A bit fluffy perhaps...
She has always respected Rob and Kristen.
But if this quote is true?
She's lucky because she doesn't get typecast?
What has she been cast IN?
For her to say "Rob is so screwed"
is ridiculous.
Every move Rob has made outside of Twilight
has been a move away from Edward.
Maybe she was misquoted.
Or maybe she is namedropping Rob because well...
It gets you attention.
If anyone knows how to get attention?
It's Ashley.


Tom Sturridge in a bow-tie?
And a 'jumper'?
It's the treat that keeps on treating.
You ever notice how when you type a word a lot...
it stops looking like a real word?
Treat is doing that to me right now
Back to Tom.
What is it about him and sweaters that go together
Well like...
Rob and Kristen?
Some things are just meant to be.


Here is Rob arriving at LAX
(I think it was LAX, not that location matters much)
Yeah... really... Rob is in there somewhere.
You can see Dean... you know Rob is nearby.

And here are Rob and Kristen seen leaving the 
private Prince concert the other night.

Tell me again how Rob and Kristen 
would WILLINGLY subject themselves to this madness?
Idiots claiming that Kristen's 'people' called the paps
to catch her and Rob together for...
wait for it...
I mean... honestly.
(who throws a shoe?)
(If you don't get that last remark... its OK)

For ANYONE to think they stage this shit
for the purpose of promoting a movie
is a few seeds short of a full pumpkin.
(you see what I did there? I made it all halloweenie)

Rob and Kristen are doing plenty of legitimate promo
for the upcoming movie.
Interviews. Red carpet events.
Pictures with their heads down...
at private events
not so much.
(which BTW... sounds like Rob and Kristen
were REALLY enjoying themselves. Wink Wink)

And hey... OK...
I get that some actors DO hang out together
for the benefit of their soon to be released movie...
But for 4 years?
Why didn't Emma Watson and Rupert Grint
'pretend' to date for the last few Harry Potter films?
How about Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson?
They have a series of movies coming out...
Same studio. Same situation.
Oh right.
ONLY Rob and Kristen are FORCED to hang out together
for years.
Forced to vacation together.
Forced to snuggle on the rooftop at Cannes.
Forced to spend holidays with one another's families.
Forced to travel to each others sets.
Etc. Etc.

Obviously the Zombie's got your brains already.

Last Treat.

This picture pretty much started it all...
Holding hands in Paris.
(Paris does seem to be their city)
Rob's big shit eating grin.
Look how fucking happy he is.
And you know what else?
He's still happy.
He's with Kristen.
The next two weeks are going to be full
of Rob and Kristen.
Some of it will be promo...
some of it won't.
Maybe it will be so mixed up...
so interchangeable at this point
That it doesn't really matter.
There aren't any boundaries really left.
Rob and Kristen
are together.
In the movies...
In life.

Truth is fucking truth.

This post is brought to you by Love.

Rob Loves Kristen Loves Rob.

Happy Halloween!!

Until next time.

Bye for now

Monday, October 29, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Q and A

Mail Day!

I know... I know...

So many questions.
So few brain cells.
So little sanity.

(The names have been removed and the spelling has been
corrected to protect those of us with functioning brains.)

This Kiss. This Kiss.

Why do you think nothing was really said about the mystery blonde?
We see all these pictures of Rob flirting and smiling and then nothing.
Do you think Summit is behind squashing this to protect their movie?

I think nothing was said about the 'mystery' blonde because there
was never a real mystery.
Rob knows who he was talking to.
His friends know who he was talking to.
Kristen knows who he was talking to.
The people that matter
KNOW who she is
so there isn't a mystery except to the lunatic fringe
who get all worked up because Rob was talking to someone.
If Summit had the POWER to squash pictures...
There would never had been any drama this summer.

Rob seems to have a thing for Kristen's upper lip...

Rose you really are such a stupid dumb bitch. You act like you are an insider
and know what is going on with Rob and that slut. You don't know shit.
It's obvious those pictures in her house were staged. It was something right out
of their movies. It's all damage control to try and save that skanks career.
Rob is just doing his job. When BD2 is over, so will your beloved Robsten.

Thanks. You're too kind.
I have never claimed to be an insider. 
Anyone who actually knows Rob and Kristen would never betray them
by discussing intimate details with gossip sites.
I do enjoy how idiots like you scream PR/Damage Control/Exit Strategy
every time there are personal pics showing Rob and Kristen being
well.. Rob and Kristen.
If they show up to a PRIVATE Prince concert...
where there were a zillion other celebrities and their phones
were confiscated at the door...
That somehow becomes Promo for a movie.

Rob and Kristen don't have to stage pictures with the paps.
They are stalked and harassed everywhere they go.
Why would they sell out the privacy of their home
if they could simply walk down the street holding hands?
 The PR bullshit is done.
You know it.
I know it.
Anyone with an IQ over 50 knows it.
(Unfortunately... that leaves out most of the Ninnies)
Everyone is just laughing at your excuses now.
Laughing at YOU.

Not with.

Was this for a movie?

What do you make of this Riu person on Twitter
who is always crying and creating so much drama about Rob and Kristen?
She's an embarrassment to real Robsten fans.

I think this 'person' is a fake and a troll.
I've seen some of her tweets and seriously...
The only people that are falling for her act are the fools
who lack common sense and logic.
Come on.
I'm sure it's some bored hater who wants attention
so what better way than to 'act' like lunatic 'shipper'.
It wouldn't be the first time someone from opposite sides
pretends to be delusional and needy to make themselves look better.

And seriously...
You tell me who are the people RTing her every word?

Robert. The REAL 5th Beatle.

I just had to post this...
5 of my favorite people. Ever.
(is there a way we could get a running Tom into this picture?)

What are your thoughts on the Rob twitter that so many
actually believe is Rob? He calls himself the "beautiful stranger"
and really seems like it could be him.

Yeah... I've been sent some of his tweets and stuff.

Here's a couple of hints.

1. Rob would NEVER call himself a beautiful stranger.
Good grief.

2. This guy says he never claimed to be anyone...
but has posted blurry pics of Rob and/or someone
who closely resembles Rob. 
He also magically goes to Australia at the same time...
Plays guitar. Wears the same baseball hats.
And tries way hard to be "English" 
You get my drift.

3. Biggest clue that it's NOT Rob?
He is chatting and flirting pretty much with just Ninnies.
How did he manage to just find them?
He panders to their 'hate Kristen' mentality.
Rob would never do that.
I have no doubt that Rob probably goes on social media
and reads about what is happening in this fandom.
But there's no way he interacts with the biggest
known psycho in this fandom.
No way.
No how.

Nobody Does It Better. Nobody.

How can you be Kristen's fan after what she did to Rob?
You can't possibly be a REAL Rob fan if you can forgive her for
hurting him and publicly humiliating him.
She fucked Sanders for all the world to see and who knows
how long it was going on before she was caught?
Kristen will never work in this industry again, unless its porn.
Rob gets to go to all these A-list parties and functions
and Kristen sits at home alone and uninvited because she is
a slut and a home-wrecker and no one wants anything to do with her.

Oh dear.
Such hostility.
Here's the deal.
I don't need to forgive Kristen.
She didn't do anything to me.
That is between her and Rob...
and oh my... guess what?
Looks like Rob has forgiven her!
That must burn your biscuits.
And honestly.
She let that old lecherous fool put his arms around her
and kiss her a few times.
Hardly a scandal.
Definitely not cool.
But not the end of the world.
I don't get where she was 'fucking' him?
In a Mini?

Have you ever seen the inside of one of those cars?
Does the word MINI give you any kind of hint?
Besides the fact if there was any thing more scandalous
than some awkward kisses...
You don't think anyone would have noticed?
I know you would LOVE to think this was some long ongoing affair
But at her most vulnerable...
 her most emotionally honest public moment...
Kristen called it a 'momentary indiscretion'
and I believe her.
Why? Because she is constantly followed and stalked
and if there was more... we would have seen it.

Kristen OWNS you (and Rob). Admit it.

As for Kristen's being blacklisted because of a few kisses?
Good Lord.
You don't think her fellow actors haven't made mistakes?
Much more serious and damaging than anything Kristen did.
Arnold Schwarzenegger slept with his housekeeper 
while married and she gave birth to his child.
And golly gee... he's still working.
Aston Kutcher stepped out on Demi with a few ladies...
and now is the highest paid actor on TV.
Robert Downey Jr. had years of drug problems and arrests.
One of the biggest stars in Hollywood right now.
I can see where Kristen is so much worse than those examples.
Thing is...
Hollywood has already forgotten what happened last summer.
The only people clinging to this are the delusional haters
and gossip sites.
Outside of this fandom...
People have moved on.

Rob and Kristen have...

I'm cool. Truth.

What is your silly obsession with Tom Sturridge?
You should change the name of your blog to 
Tom Sturridge Intoxication.
Do you even like Rob any more?

I admit that I'm quite taken with Mr. Sturridge.
It kinda started with "Pirate Radio"
He was so damn cute and charming in that movie
and his voice...

It makes me all melty and stuff.
I adore Thomas.
I admit it.
He's been a true, loyal friend to both Rob and Kristen.
Did you see the way he took care of her
during the Cosmo red carpet in Cannes?

Lean on me...

How can I NOT adore that man?

And stop with the name change of my blog.
I've been getting shit about that from day one.
I hate Rob because I talk about Kristen.
I hate Kristen because I talk about Rob.
I hate Rob and Kristen because I talk about Tom.

I love and adore Rob and Kristen.

Bye Rob!

Unlike so many others...
who were SO eager to throw Rob and/or Kristen
under the bus.
I have never turned my back on either of them.

This post is brought to you by Truth.

Rob and Kristen

Until next time.

Bye for now

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Really Reality


I've been reading a lot of 
and it's been fascinating...
and also scary creepy.

All the shouts about Lainey's post
saying that Rob and Kristen
staged the pictures at their house.
(and how cool that now you WANT to believe her!)

Thing is?
Although Lainey does have a source or two...
(She was right about them being together)
Her opinion on whether those pictures were 'staged'
is just that.
Her opinion.
What is gossip without controversy?
Pretty boring, huh?
Here's the deal...

1. Rob and Kristen would never pay paparazzi
to take staged pictures.
No way.
No how.
They have shown nothing but disdain
and disgust 
at the way those vultures do their job.
The paps shout obscene things at Kristen
they start fights and are rude
to the people around her
They harass and stalk
and scare the shit out of her.
Rob stood around for hours
pleading with them to just leave him alone...

You REALLY think they stage pics with these assholes?

Besides common sense
(It's too bad its not really common)
tells you that Rob and Kristen 
don't have to stage pics
when they are hounded 24/7 by these scavengers.
Now they are going to cut them a deal?
And from their HOME??
Their home.
Their sanctuary.
Their safe place.

Give me a fucking break.

IF Rob and Kristen wanted to show the world
they are together 
They could have easily been all kissy and huggy
when they were standing outside the restaurant
in the bright shiny light of day.
Nice clear pictures.
Not some grainy shit that was taken
who knows how far away with a powerful lens.
If you are going to 'stage' pics...
Surely they could have gotten better access?
Better quality?
Surely Kristen wouldn't have been in camera range
wearing ripped up pants
and swimming in her underwear?

They could 'stage' pictures anywhere
But invading the privacy of their own home?
Yeah. Sure.
If you need to believe that...
I feel sorry for you.
I truly do.
I bet even you feel sorry for you.

Those pictures really were the proverbial straw
that broke the hater's back.
You could just call that straw...

Here's another thing...

2. For four years...
The Ninnies have been screaming PR.
Oh yes.... Poor Rob
being forced to pretend to be in a relationship
with that evil Kristen.
Poor poor Rob.
Summit really roped him in with their binding contract.
4 years of Ninnies screeching PR
every time there was a picture
showing Rob and Kristen
going on vacation together
visiting each others movie sets
spending holidays together
4 years of excuses

So why are these pictures any different?
NOW people are whining about what a sell out Rob is...
NOW people are complaining about how this isn't the
"Rob" they thought they knew.
NOW they are SO disappointed in Rob.

But wait a minute...
Hasn't Rob been doing this since day one?
Hasn't he been selling himself and his personal life
because he's obligated to?
Why have these pictures...
Showing a happy Rob and Kristen
Caused such an uproar this time?
Isn't it the same deal as always?

Remember that Reality straw?

The reason so many Ninnies
are so distraught and angry
is because they actually see that
Rob is in fact...
In love with Kristen.
There's Rob bringing a towel
and a nice cup of warm tea
(Yeah, I see Rob making Kristen tea...)
With a big ol' smile on his face...

Rob has forgiven Kristen.
Rob loves Kristen.
Kristen loves Rob.
They are together.

If you want to believe its for the sake of movie box office...
See you in December

If you don't approve.
Too bad. So sad.

It's always been pretty obvious to me
that neither Rob or Kristen
will let 'fans' dictate their personal life.
They don't care what we think.
Why should they?

Say you had a neighbor...
A stalky neighbor
who watched every move you and your partner made.
He sat in his house staring out the window at you
with his binoculars and telephoto lens.
For  years.
He never talked to you.
He never got to know you.
And then one day the neighbor comes across the street
and knocks on your door...
and proceeds to tell you how you should live your life.
He thinks you should break up with your partner...
He doesn't approve of your partner.
He has watched from afar and thinks he knows 
what is best for you.
You should listen to him!
He has watched you everyday!
He has every right to tell you what to do
with your personal
private life.

I'm guessing you would think the fucker is crazy
and slam the door in his face.

And that's what Rob and Kristen are doing.
They aren't listening to the lunatic fringe.
They don't fucking care about the crazy neighbors out there
that think they have a right to tell them how to live their lives.

They are following their hearts.

And that has led them to each other.


The BEST picture of Rob from Australia.
That 2009 mop of hair.
Buttons... Unbuttoned.
(Why is that so endearing?)

And Kristen.
All smiles and cuteness.
Looking lovely as always
after a long flight to Japan.

And Tom
Because I adore Tom.
And I like posting pics of Tom.

This post is brought to you by the letter D

D for 

The orange Oompa Loompa guy
with the weird hair
who name-dropped Rob and Kristen
to try and be relevant on Twitter.
The only people who listen to this
Misogynistic blowhard
are those who realize that 
THIS is the best they can do.


Until next time.

Bye for now

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Twirl Together


Here we are.
In a place that I always knew we would be.
(I never really left)
Come on...
You know how it goes by now.

Rob and Kristen
Always (ALWAYS)
End Up

I sit here thinking that I really don't have much to say.
That the pictures really say everything.
You know what pictures.

So yeah...
I feel like I don't have a lot to add
so you better sit down 
because whenever I say that...
I say a lot.

First off.



3.  I'm not going to go off on some
self righteous rant about paparazzi pics.
I've pretty much stated how I feel.
I hate to be so cliche...
But it is what it is.
I looked at the pictures.
I smiled at the pictures.
I saw two people happy and in love.
But I'm not a fan of pics taken from private moments.
From her house.
There really should be some place
they can go and not have to worry
about intrusive fuckers taking pictures.
That place should be home.
Rob and Kristen have a right to feel safe
in their own home.

I'm inclined not to post any of the pictures
Let's just say

It was some of this...

A little of that...

Maybe even some of this...

But most definitely all of this
and the Other.

Paparazzi pics are a part of this fandom.
Everyone deals with them in their own way.
Don't judge others because you feel that
Your way is the only way.
I don't need anyone telling me what to post...
or how to be a 'good' fan.
Fuck that noise.

4. I can't deny that I have enjoyed the epic
Ninnie meltdown.
Serious bitter foaming.
How quick they were to turn on Rob.
That alone tells you how they are the "real" fans

All I really have to add to that is two things...

A. Good Riddance.
I only wish when someone says they are 'leaving'
They would fucking stay gone.
Just once.


Couldn't resist.

5. On October 20th it will be my 4 year
Blog Anniversary!

Once in a while I go back to those early posts
and I kinda cringe because I was sooooo
Infatuated with Edward/Robert.
It was pretty much Edward at first.
Then came Rob.
Then came Kristen.
Then came Tom.

But as I peruse my posts...
I did come upon the first time I wrote about
the chemistry
the obvious attraction
between Rob and Kristen.
8 days later.
8 quick days after I started writing down my
feelings and trying to understand why Rob
was so different from any other actors that
I was ever a fan of...
8 days later
I realized that Rob and Kristen
were already something.

And then of course...
being that my mind is always full of lyrics
My brain immediately connects to the Beatles.

Love you every day girl,
Always on my mind.
One thing I can say girl,
Love you all the time.
Hold me, love me, hold me, love me.
Ain't got nothin' but love babe,
Eight days a week.

Eight days a week
I love you.
Eight days a week
Is not enough to show i care.

So 4 years ago
It was already so obvious
where Rob and Kristen were going.

This post is brought to you by the letter T

T for Thomas.

And by the letters P and R
which have lost all meaning.

Last but not least...
by the overall feeling of being happy.
Rob and Kristen looked happy.
We might not like how the pictures were obtained...
But we can't deny we liked what we saw.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Aren't you glad you hung in there?