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or similarity to any person living or dead
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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

YaY, NaY or CraY?

Rob would NEVER give up his beloved Bernie (or Bear). Get real.


Let's see...


There is so much to look forward to
in terms of Rob and Kristen's careers.
They have been busy making movie after movie
and now they both have one in competition at Cannes.
It's so exciting to think they both will be at
Cannes together (hmmm) again.
And I will be honest...
I'm all about seeing how they look
and what they wear.
Does life get much better?


Some producer or something
(it really doesn't matter)
tweeted that Rob and Kristen would be 
going 'head to head' at Cannes.
Needless to say
(but of course I will be saying it)
Some Robsessed Ninnies got all bent out of shape
immediately chasing the man down
and screaming at him 
put Rob and Kristen in the same sentence!
Was the guy using "Robsten"
to promote his film?
Of course he was.
But he didn't put down either Rob or Kristen
And yeah... just another person using
Rob and Kristen to get attention.
Dime a dozen.


But the fact remains that they are in fact...
in competition at Cannes.
That's part of what Cannes is... ya know?

Key word?
Truth is Truth.
Yelling and screeching at the man on Twitter
only makes you (and this fandom) look...

Hang on to him, Kristen...


Over $24,000 was raised in Kristen's name
for Alzheimers Disease.
And there is one for Rob's birthday as well.

Donate if you can.


While Cannes is a competition
Donating to a charity in Rob/Kristen's name is not.
They are both excellent charities.
Some fools were making this a contest
and worried about who followed who.
Who does that?
Who sabotages a great way to raise money
for petty fandom bullshit?
Find some.

Someday soon...


A lot of celebrities are getting pregnant.
(Yes... I'm going there)
OK... that's not really a YaY...
But it brings fascinating reactions.


I have to admit I got quite the chuckle
When comparisons were made between
Mila Kunis and Kristen.

I still don't think Kristen is pregnant.
Mila's pregnancy was 'outted' a few weeks ago
and already she has a cute little bump
(but let it be known I hate the word bump now...
funny how people can suck the meaning
out of perfectly harmless words)
Kristen has supposedly been heavy with child
since October.
7 months ago.
And Mila is already bigger than someone
who is 'ready to pop'.


Not sure how much longer this can go on.
It's never really been about the 'message' anyway...
People can believe whatever they want
It doesn't matter.
It's more about the messengers.
If you don't 'believe'
you are a blind stupid hater who wants to sleep
with Rob and/or Kristen
You're not a 'TRUE' fan...
and then you are called all sorts of names
and attacked because you don't agree.

Back tracking is already happening...

It should be an interesting implosion.

Back the fuck off.


The Ninnie Fringe are pushing the
"Kristen is gay" bullshit.


Thing is?
Kristen hasn't been seen in any 'lesbian' situation.
Not being a girly girl and
hanging out with girlfriends doesn't apply.
Unless we all are gay.
The Robsessed Fringe just can't stand
the thought that Rob and Kristen
are in a relationship
so they have to break it down any way they can.
If its not PR...
Kristen MUST be gay!
Rob and Kristen can NEVER EVER have been together!!
They throw around gay like its an insult.
They keep pushing their incessant rhetoric to anyone
that will listen...
Including a couple of bottom feeder rags
(Seriously... the Star?)
that thought they would take it and run with it...
and of course... it died a lonely death.
Because there isn't any truth to it.
"why hasn't she debunked it?"
Because she never will talk about her private life.
Just like Rob.
Neither of them have been in a romantic relationship
with someone of the opposite sex in a year.
That's a long time.
Just maybe...
They are still IN one?

What goes around...
Comes all the way back around.

Looks fucking real to me.


Kristen has
Camp X-Ray
Clouds of Sils Maria
Still Alice
in the can.
She's working on American Ultra...
She has Equals coming up in August.
Filming in Japan!
How exciting is that...
but the Piece de resistance?

Kristen gets to work with him.
Nicholas Hoult.
I'm kinda a sucker 
for tall, lanky Englishmen 
with blue eyes...

Win fucking Win.

Karl. Kristen. Chanel.
Say no more.

Rob has 
Maps to the Stars
The Rover
All done and ready to go.


Red carpets.
TV Interviews.
Magazine covers
Photo shoots.
Lots of
Rob and Kristen.

Can we ask for anything more?

(Ok, we can... and often do ask for more...
but let's just go with the flow... for now)

This post is brought to you by...

My complete adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

Green Sheep.

Until next time

Be happy.
Be safe.
Be leave.

Bye for now

Hair Peace.
Love is Long.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

We Cannes Work It Out.


Maps To The Stars
Clouds of Sils Maria

are BOTH in competition 
at the Cannes Film Festival!

I'm so thrilled for them!

There is SO much to be happy about!
Rob and Kristen
are making great career choices...
and being recognized for it.
Isn't that what any fan wants for them?

So what can we look forward to?

1. Rob in a fucking tux.
Hopefully with sunglasses.
Because quite honestly...
NO ONE wears either of them quite like he does.

Am I right?

2. Kristen in some tight... slinky number.
(yes. that's why)
But truly...
The dresses that Kristen wore last time she was at Cannes

Were gorgeous...


This is my all time favorite Kristen look.

But I suppose I might be a bit biased...
Considering her adorable accessory.

3. Let's celebrate these three movies!
I can't wait to see them...

Clouds of Sils Maria.

(A trailer would be nice)

Maps to the Stars.



While its not in competition...
It will have a screening!

I'm sure by now you all saw the trailer...
And Rob.
It was a far different Robert than we have seen before.
And it was good.
HE was good.
Rob is showing the world
he is more than a 'pretty face'.

Isn't that enough to focus on?
No need to get all wrapped up in
 Will they
Won't they
No expectations.
Enjoy the moment.
and if something fanFUCKINGtastic happens?
All the better.

We got lucky once.
(three times a lady)

Our fandom NEVER gets shit like this.
And we did.
and it was wonderful.
It was a fucking miracle.
We should be grateful.
We were blessed.

What are the chances of lightening striking
the same place again?

Final thoughts.

1. I don't think I have stated enough
(Or have I?)
that I really don't care if people
feel the same way about
Rob and Kristen
that I do.
Believe what you want.
I believe what I know.

But I do care about
Rob and Kristen.
I want them to be happy.
I realize that some things have changed...
But what hasn't changed is the love
they have for each other.
They are still in each other's lives.

And I'll be your lover, too...
(I love how he sings this song...)

So let's enjoy the good things
that are happening in the fandom.
Because that's all we can do.

Whatever will be.
Will bee*

So smile.
Be happy.
Be safe.
Bee* leave.

and last but never least...

This post is brought to you by
my enduring adoration of

Tom Sturridge.

Listen to the man.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Love is fucking Long.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

She's just a girl...


I adore Kristen Stewart.

I feel strongly about her.
I want to defend her.
Protect her.

I want her to be happy.

I think she is.

I'm often reminded of a scene from
"Notting Hill"
when thinking about her...

Anna: The fame thing isn't really real, you know.
Don't forget I'm also just a girl...
Standing in front of a boy...
Asking him to love her.

She's just a girl.

Maybe she's a bit awkward sometimes.
Maybe she's not comfortable talking about herself
or her private life.
Maybe she prefers jeans and t-shirts
to high fashion.
Maybe she likes kicking off her heels
and putting on her old comfy Chucks.
Maybe she's shy.
Maybe she doesn't always do
and say the right thing
But that only means she's just
a flawed human being.
Just like you and me.

Kristen isn't perfect.
And I don't think she wants to be.
But that's part of what makes her so lovable.

She's just a girl.

So for Kristen's birthday...

I want her to find 

When the birthday cake is placed in front of her
And they light the 24 candles.

I want her to close her eyes
and make a wish...

Because when she opens her eyes
and sees the face looking back at hers
with love and adoration

She will know that all her wishes
have already come true.

Happy Birthday, Kristen!


It's amazing what people can do together
if they want to.

Until next time

Bye for now