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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Dancing the Night Away

The whole running aimlessly in circles has got to be tiring.
But yet they continue... on and on.

This weekend was amusingly tedious.
Not sure if that makes sense or not...
but that best describes the bullshit.

"Rob is in LA... Kristen is NOT with him"
(this one is particularly amusing)

"Rob is at the WFE screening without Kristen
I know this for a FACT."

"Oh shit, Kristen is seen at LAX"

"Damn. Kristen IS in LA"

"Rob and Kristen were seen at a Vet's office"

"Rob and Kristen were dancing and kissing at a party"

"Rob doesn't dance"

"Pics or it didn't happen."

"Rob will show up at the Oscars with his parents!"

"Rob took his parents to the WFE screening!"

"I have friends in the industry!"

"Kristen is back at LAX"

"Kristen is back in Vancouver because
she wasn't invited to the Oscars!"

"OK. Kristen obviously was in LA...
That's the ticket!
Pics or it didn't happen!!"

So... yeah.

People were adamant that Rob was in L.A.
WITHOUT Kristen...
So when she shows up in L.A.?
Of course Rob was never there.

I'm guessing that the sightings at the party were true...
(It's just my hypothetical opinion after all)
They got to hang out at a place where they wouldn't stand out
(well, they always stand out, but less so with other celebs)
They got to enjoy themselves...
And just be Rob and Kristen.

Did Rob get out of LA before Kristen... or after?
Look how much easier it is for them to travel
when one is without the other.
This time it was Kristen walking thru the airport.
She almost makes it look leisurely...
Makes sense to me.

Had to throw a pic of Tom in... of course.

Although I am starting to seriously wonder how old that hat is.
Because he's been wearing it pretty steadily for quite some time.
He does occasionally put on the beanie
(which I think he looks adorable wearing)
But this hat...
I'm starting to worry.
And what's with that black cord thing...
stretched across the front?
The hat NEVER looks any different.
It's like the hat of Dorian Gray.
Tom has been wearing this for years
and it doesn't age.
There's a picture of it somewhere in his flat...
It's like all falling apart and torn
the black cord dangling sadly 
The word "NIKE" is no longer legible
It's all dirty and crumpled.

Oh yes.
I LOVE that hat.

Just a picture of Rob and Kristen dancing.
Fast forward a few years...
Change the music.
Change the clothes.
Change the location.
But the look in their eyes
That remains the same.

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for True
Sometimes things that are Good...
Really are true.

Bye for now

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rob and Kristen- OBVIOUSLY!

So more 'personal' pictures were released.
(Oh wait... I'm not)
But at least whoever leaked these pictures
didn't feel the need to cover them with some lame tags.

And the pictures?
4 of them...
Tom/Rob/Kristen being all drunk and happy.
being all drunk and close and happy.

Of course...
ENDLESS 'drunken' pics of Rob with other females
have been dredged up...
and of course...
Rob is 'making faces' at Kristen...
and 'obviously' wants nothing to do with her.

You wouldn't know obvious if it bit you in the face.

1. They aren't just drunk in these pictures.
They look completely blitzed.
All of them.
But it does show how comfortable and at ease
they are with each other.
They are goofing around and having fun.

2.They are in a bar/club celebrating RM premiere.
Funny thing is...
How come there aren't any other people around?
You know...
Like Rob's co-star Emilie...
who he was OBVIOUSLY so close to
She is absent from this party.
In fact...
It's Kristen who is with Robert...
Once again.
No mysterious blondes.
No other co-stars.
It's Kristen that he has chosen to 
hang out with.

3. This isn't the first time I've seen these pictures.
I'm just wondering why they didn't 
leak the ones that are far more interesting...
and more telling.
Fascinating choices.
Maybe next time?

Eeny Meeny Miney Moe
Catch a Robsten by the toe
If they're kissing
Let them go.
Eeny Meeny Miney Moe


“I have footage of their first meeting at my dining-room table,” Hardwicke says. “Kristen was like, ‘It’s got to be Rob!’ She felt connected to him from the first moment. That electricity, or love at first sight, or whatever it is.” Hardwicke gave him the part, but he had to make a promise. “You’ve got to realize that Kristen is 17 years old,” she told him. “She’s underage. You’ve got to focus, dude, or you’re going to be arrested. I made him swear on a stack of Bibles.”

Chatty Catherine Hardwicke discussing
how she came to hire Rob for the role of Edward.
How she came to realized that there was something there between
Robert and Kristen almost IMMEDIATELY.
How she understood the complete and total infatuation
that Robert was already feeling for Kristen...
That Kristen was feeling for Rob.
And how she felt the NEED to make Rob keep it under control.

Thing is...
Yeah, Kristen was only 17
but its not like Rob was a damn cradle robber.
Let's not forget that Oregano is only a year younger than Rob.
So how would that be any different?
Not that it really mattered...
Rob knew what he wanted.
And he went after her.
And he got her.
The heart wants what it wants.

Oh and...
We have all heard this before...
I just want to know ONE thing.


And now...
Previously 'leaked' Rob and Kristen Pics...

It never gets old.
And they will just keep on coming.
And no matter how intimate..
The scavengers will not only find a way
to avoid facing what is right in front of their snouts...
They will continue to blame Kristen for everything
that pisses them off.
And you know these pics do that.
Oh yes.
They most certainly do.

So gnaw on this...

No matter the personal pics that are out there...
I can guarantee one thing.

You can pick apart how he 'looks' at her
or how close they are...
or try to pretend they are faked or staged...

Fact remains.
Robert and Kristen are together.

How's that taste?
I'm guessing pretty damn bitter.

This post is brought to you by the letters *P* and *B*

P for Personal and Private.
Is there a difference?
I'm not sure.
It does seem that there are people out there
who have no boundaries
when it comes to Rob and Kristen.
They think the end justifies the means.

B for Bitter/Sweet.
Bitter Foam
because you know that even though on the 'outside'
they want you to believe these pics don't bother them...
On the inside another piece of their blackened heart
has shriveled up and fallen off.
How's that EXIT STRATEGY working for ya?

Sweet because the pictures are just another example
of Robert and Kristen wanting to be together.
Just another instance where they didn't HAVE to
be with each other...
There is NO PR... 
(I keep waiting for this to be dredged up again)
But yet...
There they are
You really think you would be used to it by now.

Just because.

Bye for now

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rob's Birthday Wishes?

This was made for me by my beloved Trixie
a birthday or two ago.
It still remains one of my all time favorite 'gifts'.
Who wouldn't want Robert Pattinson
wishing them a Happy Birthday?

I love it.
I still love it.
I still love Trixie.
I still love Robert Pattinson.

Not so much.
Once you're past 21
they kinda lose their significance.
And once you're a Mom
Birthdays are all about your kids.
That's just the way it is.

I decided to just post some
of my favorite WALKING pics of Robert.
I have SO many to choose from
(Yes, you would be amazed)
so it wasn't easy to pick just a few
but since it is my birthday...
I thought this would be a fine way to celebrate.

Just being fucking amazing.
As always.

This one kinda started it all for me...
Still one of my all time faves.

Until this one showed up...

Strut. Sunglasses. Suit. Smile.

But then THIS one showed up...

(Although after a night of celebration, I'm well on my way)

And there are so many more...
So many.
I will just post some of my favorites...
and shut up.
And let you enjoy the majesty of 
Robert Pattinson

And what would my birthday be without 
including the adorable Tom Sturridge?

This one is probably my favorite of Tom and Rob.
So cute.
Just like them.

That's it for me.
I gotta do birthday stuff...

Thank you for all of the wonderful 
Birthday wishes.
It means more to me than I could possibly express...
and I'm pretty good at expressing myself.

So a couple of final birthday thoughts.
1. Robert. Walking.
NOBODY does it better.

2.  You all need to go see this...
Smitty is the sweetest.

Thank you again, Dear Smitty.
I <3 You.

3. A final serious thought...
I wish people would stop making this stuff
so damn personal.
Everyday something else is going on
that shocks and stuns me.
I've said it before and I will say it again
(and probably again and again)
I don't understand why people
feel the need to try and hurt people
and to take it real life.
I just don't fucking get it.
It's just Rob and Kristen.
It's not that serious.
At least it shouldn't be.

This post is brought to you by the letters *H* and *L*

H for 
All the Happy Birthday wishes.
Thank You.

L for Love
I love you.
You know I do.

I wish there was more love...
and less bullshit drama.
But I can only control my own actions.

Thanks again to everyone
who were so kind to send me birthday wishes.
Every one made me smile.
Thank You.

Bye for now

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rob and Kristen- When You Say Nothing At All

I'm not really in the mood today.
So much bitterness.
So much anger.
So much foam.

I had read that Rob's parents were spotted in Vancouver.
I guess someone had taken 'secret' pics of them out and about.
Kinda like... followed them and stuff.
(and stuff)
Can I just say...

Rob's parents seem like a lovely couple.
Rob obviously adores them.
They obviously adore their son.
Why must people insist on dragging them into the fuckery?
So they came to visit their son.
Did you HAVE to stalk them?
I don't know.
It just seems so wrong on so many levels.
 And of course the action of one person
is suddenly blamed on everyone!
I'm actually shocked that Kristen wasn't somehow blamed for this.
You know...Because she is the one who is always out to 'GET'
Rob and his family by leaking pictures all the time.
How fucking tedious.
(And step off the soapbox now... OK?)

Just leave Rob's parents alone.
They don't deserve to be stalked
just because they produced the most beautiful
decent, thoughtful, gorgeous man on the planet.
They should be revered.
Not harassed.
You know?

The debate is still ongoing about this Daily Record thing...
Yeah. Rob bought a puppy because of his CRUSHING lonliness.
(which of course means Kristen isn't up to task)
Does Robert really have time for a puppy right now?
Although it's nice to think he saved one from death.
I guess we will see soon enough... right?
I was sent this from a friend...
(PR PRO you did it again)

Here’s how news pools work – The owner  of the Daily Record, Trinity Mirror Publications, either sent a single reporter to the press day or more likely paid an licensing fee to get a transcript of the interview.  NOTE that Trinity also owns the Daily Mirror as well as 240 regional  publications.
Note that there’s only a passing mention of WFE --  that’s because the WFE references are most likely under a time embargo to ensure that they are printed closer to the date of the film; however anything not specific to the movie is fair game.  Or its also possible that the paper violated the embargo.  It happens all the time.
Rick Fulton (who is credited as the writer) was almost certainly not in the room for this interview.  Note that it never says “I asked Rob” nor are there any  comments on any details such as facial expressions or mannerisms.  Plus the structure reflects that it is basically a collection of excerpts stung together.
Each reporter  who writes from the news-feed content chooses the angle he or she wants to emphasize so it doesn’t seem like the same story appearing over and over again --  Fulton honed in on the puppy.
However ,writers do not write their own headlines – they submit their copy and another group writes the headlines.
Headline editors have one mission --  attract eyeballs to the story. That means you go for the most sensational thing you can find, regardless of its relationship to the rest of the story.
Bottom line:  the story is probably accurate, but not exactly; the headline is subjective and exaggerated.

See how it works?

And the VF interview.
Relax, OK?
The VF still hasn't been seen in its entirety
(at least at this writing)
And people are fucking whining about it.
Shut up.

Robert doesn't talk about Kristen.
Deal with it.
Neither one of them talks about the other.
They don't DENY a relationship.
They don't CONFIRM a relationship.
They just don't fucking talk about it.
They haven't in quite some time.
So stop reading drama and controversy into every word
It's not there.

Believe or don't believe.
Just stop lying and making shit up to fit your agenda.

Someone sent me the following...
(no idea who wrote it)

Kristen was with him on NYE last year (and this year), her birthday in Budapest, his birthday in Laguna, living together in a rented house on Stone Canyon Reservoir, her visiting him on his WFE set, him visiting her in Montreal and New Orleans, the kissing pics, attending that wedding as his date, staying together in Brazil, Baton Rouge and Vancouver while filming, same flights everywhere they go..Rob must know that we know they are a couple. No one does all those things together if they aren't a couple, not even good friends and co-stars. These are the things that couples do. Not just friends and not just co-stars in the same crazy situation.

All of that.

If you think back to all the pictures...
All the sightings of them acting like a couple...
The comments about them from people who know them...
The fact that no other man has consistently been in Kristen's life
as much as Robert as been with her.
The fact that no other girl has consistently been in Robert's life
as much as Kristen as been with him.
It's as plain as the nose on your face.

Rob and Kristen aren't hiding ANYTHING.
It's all right there in front of your eyes
They just don't shove it down your throats 
like so many other couples seem to like to do.
They aren't going to 'perform' for you.
Rob and Kristen don't discuss the other in the press.
How many times have they said this?
It's not even ALLOWED in interviews.
So... tell me again...

Pretty obvious that they figured this out together.
Safe to say they are on the same page.
They worked out their game plan.
They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

You don't agree with how they handle their relationship?
Tough Shit.
It's not for anyone else to dictate what is right and wrong
in how someone lives their life.
Maybe as fans we would like to see 'more'
But that's just selfishness on our part.
We aren't thinking about their happiness...
We are being greedy and thinking about what makes us happy.

For me
Knowing that Robert and Kristen are happy
is enough for me.
I'm good with that.
It makes me happy... too.
 I don't fantasize about their relationship.
I don't confuse them with Edward and Bella.
It just makes me smile to see two people in love.
And isn't that better than being all 
bitter and angry and foamy all the time?
I think so.

And you know I had to end this with Tom.
Because this is my blog...
and I do what I want.
And I want Tom.
In fitting with our magazine cover theme...
This is the closest I could get.

And I know I have posted these lyrics before...
But to me...
This is kinda how I see Rob and Kristen.

When You Say Nothing At All
Alison Krauss

It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don’t say a thing

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

There’s a truth in your eyes sayin’ you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

All day long I can hear people talking out loud
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd
Old Mr. Webster could never define
What’s being said between your heart and mine

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me

There’s a truth in your eyes sayin’ you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all.

Bye for now

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Vancouver Loving, Having a Blast.

Pictures from the set of the Vanity Fair photoshoot
(On stands March 3rd!)

I subscribed to Vanity Fair JUST because of Robert.
In fact...
I have subscribed to a few magazines cuz of him.
Yeah... so what.

Does Robert look all dreamy with his black amish hat?
And it's really probably like a 30s fedora or something...
to take us back to the whole WFE era
But it matters not.
Robert ALWAYS looks great.
And Annie Leibovitz?

I'm looking forward to all the press/interviews 
Rob will be doing to promote WFE
He should do Conan...
and definitely Fallon again.
We need another 
Because seriously...

Was there ANYTHING cuter than Rob up a tree??
Prove it.
He is the most adorable man on the planet.
And no matter how hard anyone tries to prove me wrong...
They can't.
So there.

On to more pressing business.
Or not.
The random bullshit.

1. The whole VF blurb about Rob doing the 'roadtrip'
just to get to where they were filming WFE.
(And not to get to Kristen)
Come on...
You know it doesn't fit.

From Robstenation:
Rob wrapped his scenes for WFE on August 3rd and left Nashville via BNA airport August 4, 2010. The Britpack's road trip started September 5, when he was first spotted in New Mexico until the last sighting of him in Louisiana with Kristen around September 11th. Then he popped up in London September 18th to watch Marcus Foster's show in London while Kristen continued filming for 'On The Road'. This only means he was done with WFE before the 'great hobo road trip'.

Now people were howling at me saying
I was calling Rob a 'liar'
I did no such thing.
I just said the timeline didn't fit...
and that I would wait until the article was read in its entirety.
The problem is...
People fucking NITPICK every syllable that Rob utters.
He's not always serious.
He's not always to be taken literally (that's lit-trelly)
Come on!
Like the whole 'I'm soooo lonely I need a puppy and big screen TV
to haul around with me from hotel to hotel'
Good Grief.

I keep getting asked that if I have 'private' pics of
Robert and Kristen...
(Obviously I'm not the only one...)
Maybe because I gave my word?
I know that is a foreign concept to people who
pounce on anything and post it for attention
(and cover it in lame tags like they own it)
But when someone asks me NOT to do something...
And I promise that I won't?
Guess what?
I don't.
Imagine that.
And even if said pictures would make the hyenas
cry and whimper in sheer agony...
I still won't do it. I have nothing to prove.
I feel no need to validate what I already know.

Oh and another thing.
I get stuff that says that I'm all about the 'sex'
with Robert and Kristen.
I don't ever talk about that.
I might allude to the fact that Rob and Kristen live together...
(Yes. They do)
Or like to kiss and be all cute together
I do a lot of 'wink wink' kinda stuff....
But I don't discuss their sex lives.
Because honestly?
That's so not my thing.
It kinda creeps me out when people have cropped pics
of Robert's crotch and arrows pointing to parts of his anatomy.
Not for me.
I don't look at Rob as a piece of meat.
He's SO much more to me.
(And hey, if you do, to each their own)
But I'm not comfortable with that.
 I don't have sex fantasies of Robert and/or Kristen
My fantasy is hanging out with him (and Tom)
in a pub...
Listening to some good music
Laughing and talking 
Having a few pints of beer.
That's it.
Sorry to disappoint.

So its not certain if Rob (and Kristen?) will be going to the Oscars on Sunday.
And although I would LOVE to see him all shiny and sparkly
A part of me doesn't really want to deal with the bullshit
that always surrounds events like this.
It might be more relaxing and peaceful not to have him there.
But hey...
It would be great for him to promote WFE with Reese...
I have mixed feelings on the whole thing.
I guess I can just stay off Twitter during the show...
Since that is the epitome of lunacy whenever Rob is on TV.

That being said.
I would 
Kristen to show up with Rob at the WFE premiere.
Because she belongs with him.
Might as well get used to it and start dealing... you know?
People are allowed to bring their significant others to their premieres.
Do you think Reese will be there with her fiance?
That's OK... right?
So why not Kristen?
And Kristen being there has nothing to do with trying
to undermine WFE
Promoting BD which doesn't come out until Nov.
It's just about being there for Rob.
It's ALL about Robert.
It's being supportive.
Because maybe Robert wants her there...
THAT'S what I would love to see.
But will I?
Tick Tock
On the clock.

 So that's about it.

Just wanted to say that 
I love Tom Sturridge.
I do.

I know Rob doesn't mind.
(He's OK with my split intoxication)

This post is brought to you by the letters *F* and *T*

F for FACT!
I love when people come at me with their FACTS.
You know shit.

on the clock

T for Tweets
Stop tweeting me.
I don't know who you are.
I don't know what you are talking about.
You're creepy.

T for TOM!
Because I never can seem to get enough.

Bye for now

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rob and Kristen- They're Laughing AT You.

I have absolutely nothing to add to this...

Guess what?

Nothing wrong with a giggle in the morning.

So there was an interview with Lee Macdougall
and OH NO
he had the fucking audacity to answer a question!
I mean...
WHO answers questions in interviews?
The bastard.

Lee was asked about his song
"Falling in Love for the Last Time"
And of course the interviewer brought up Robert.
They asked him how he felt that fans linked the song to Rob and Kristen...
And now we get to the good part.
The part that made the foam fly...

"It's really good, its really sweet.
You know they are a great couple
So I'm really pleased that my song goes with their relationship."
Another reference to their being a couple
by someone who actually KNOWS Rob and Kristen.


I'm falling in love for the last time. I'm falling in love forever and ever...

What else?

Oh there was another 'new' pic of Rob and Kristen
posted from the summer wedding.
Except it wasn't new at all.
Kinda desperate really.
Maybe now there will be a 'private' pic war!
People can post all the unleaked pics
and put their lame 'tags' all over them
like they actually own the pics!

"See! I do have sources!"

George Costanza: Jerry, just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it.


Cut! Cut! Oh hell with it... let 'em keep kissing.

Ah... and Ted.
He does know how to rile the masses...
Especially the rabies infested kind.
All he has to do is mention that they are 
and the foam flies.
Tsk Tsk.
Thing is...
Ted isn't saying anything that people don't already know.

Yes. They are staying TOGETHER in Vancouver.
Like anyone needs Ted to verify that?
Yes. They hung around with each other while in L.A.
Don't they always wind up together?
But one thing he mentioned...
About Kristen going to WFE premiere...

Dear Ted:
Wondered if you knew anything about the cast that Kristen Stewart was sporting when caught at the airport last week. She always seems to have some sort of little accident during Twilight films. Hopefully, it's nothing serious. Also, with Water for Elephants (which I'm so excited to see because it's one of my favorite books!) right around the corner, do you think she'll make another supportive appearance at the premiere like she did for Remember Me?

Dear Concerned Krisbian:
Well, she did fly in with Rob, so I'm thinking she'll play the good GF and go, unless Kris is going to go all morbid on us. We'll see. And the chick has been known to be a bit clumsy on and off the set, so I'm just going to take a wild guess and say its only minor damage.

Now wouldn't THAT be special?
Can you imagine?
Oh dear.
I think we just might have to build an ark...
Because IF Kristen shows up at the WFE premiere
There will be no end to the foaming.
40 days and 40 nights of epic foam!
Maybe the End IS Near!
I'm smiling just typing it.
I guess we will just have to wait and see...
Won't we?

Last but definitely not least...
Never least.
Not Tom.

There was a promo he did for 
"Waiting for Forever"
Where he answered questions that were sent in.

One of the questions was...

"What was your favorite place visited in the USA?"

Tom's reply:

"I did a road trip from L.A. to New Orleans.
Um. And it was one of the best experiences of my life.
And there's a place in New Mexico called 'Zuni'
Which is one of the most extraordinary places I've ever been to."

This interview was awesome for all sorts of reasons.

1. Tom talking.
Tom talking is like Rob walking.
I could listen to him for hours.
Sexy as hell.

2. Tom pretty much verified that the 'Britpack' roadtrip with Rob
ended in New Orleans.
Just like everyone thought.
Rob worked his way to Kristen.
Because that's what he does.
He goes to where she is.
And when he can't go to her...
She goes to him. 
(I guess the sightings were true!)

 (And yeah, I read the blurb from the upcoming Vanity Fair
interview where Rob supposedly
says he made the roadtrip to film WFE.
But the timeline doesn't work... AT ALL.
Not that he would actually discuss Kristen anyway.
So I will reserve judgement until the whole interview is out.)

Can't wait to see what happens next!

This post is brought to you by the letters *T* and *L*

T for...
I was supposed to write something here for someone...
But I can't seem to recall what it was.

So let's do T for TOM!
Because I absolutely adore him.


L for Liar.
You know who you are.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Rob Loves Kristen Loves Rob

Oh my.

So many thoughts.
So very many.

Let us begin.

1. YES! Rob and Kristen arrived back in Vancouver yesterday!
We got to see Rob and Kristen (kinda)
They got stalked, chased and harassed.
So not cool.
For months now... Rob and Kristen have been
in and out of airports with nary a sighting.
Unfortunately, the Paps were lying in wait
(kinda like Hyenas)
Because they knew the cast was coming.
Oh well.

2. A few pictures of Robert WALKING!!
You know what that means.. right?
Of course you do.
I'm in heaven.
NOTHING is better than watching that man walk.
It just hypnotizes me.

3. And.
There is only one brief pic of Kristen
and a zillion of Rob!
Silly mutts.
Foaming about Kristen again.
Scratch that.
Not again.
It's a continual FOAMING.
They never stop.
Bitter, vile foam.
Does it taste good?

Here's the thing.
She runs and he gets papped...
that's not hard to figure out, is it?
if they walk together the assholes make money.
They aren't going to walk together.
Robert isn't going to rush to 'protect' her.
Kristen has a big burly bodyguard for that.
They purposely stayed apart so they wouldn't be
able to get a shot of them in the same frame.
Kristen gets into the car...
Rob walks through the airport...
They leave her alone.
THAT is taking care of Kristen.

I want my MTV.
4. Nice Jacket.
Rob is SO cute.
Though the jacket looks a bit...snug on him.
I wonder if my hypothetical friend was right?
That the jacket belongs to a member of the Stewart family.
Interesting thought.
I like it though.
Very retro.
Very Robert.

5. I think some gossip site talked about
Rob and Kristen as 'co-stars'
and for some reason...
That really brought out the foaming.
Hate to break it to you...
They ARE Co-stars.
And what happens when every other media source
calls them an 'on and off screen' couple?
What do you do then?
HOWL at the moon in agony?
Choke on your bitter foam?
 Deny and Lie.
That's what you do best.

Notice Rob's bodyguard in the background? Waiting until she is out of frame?

6. Speaking of lies.
So I was kinda waiting for the rabid attack.
I mean...
I did kinda mention someone in passing.
But see...
When Hyenas don't like what you have to say
They make it PERSONAL.
It's what they do.
They whine and whimper if someone pokes fun at them...
'how dare you make fun of my picture!'
But have no qualms about bringing someone kids into play.
I remember not too long ago when someone made
horrific comments about a Nonst*n's children.
It was disgusting.
I never understood why someone would stoop that low
when it comes to whether or not you agree
on if Rob and Kristen are together.
What do anyones kids have to do with anything?
Why bring them into this argument?
How low can you go?
Obviously pretty damn low.

The only reason I'm even dignifying this with any type of response
is because my children were brought in to it...
and this isn't the first time they have sought to hurt me
by attacking my children.
And why?
Did I attack them personally?
Did I bring up their families?
All I did was give MY opinion on their opinion.
All I did was disagree with them.

Desperate Lies are DESPERATE.
I have NEVER said I loved Robert more than my family.
You can twist my words all you want...
but fucking leave my children OUT of your filthy mouth.
They aren't involved in this bullshit.
Call me all the names you want.
I give a shit.
But stay the fuck away from my kids.
I love Shaggy and Scrappy Do.
This is what happens when people lie and bring my kids into their lies.
I get a bit protective.

Let's recap.

Rob and Kristen got to Vancouver.
Rob didn't walk with Kristen.
The End is near.
They took separate cars
The End is near.
Someone called them co-stars
The End is near.
Rob wore a MTV jacket.
The End is near.
Taylor traveled with them (where was he?)
The End is near.
They went to a hotel.
The End is near.
They wore sunglasses.
The End is near.
They didn't smile.
The End is near.

Gnaw on this.
Rob and Kristen didn't go to separate hotels.
if you think they are staying at a hotel for the duration
of this shoot...
The rabies are more advanced than I realized.
It looks like Kristen had on a NEW necklace yesterday...
Valentines present perhaps?
(The day that Rob and Kristen spent TOGETHER)
Wonder what kind of significant meaning this one has.
I imagine Robert to be incredibly sweet and romantic...
Keep howling about your 'exit strategy'
and then keep falling back on your lame excuses
every time Rob and Kristen show up somewhere else together.
"PR! PR!"
You can hang on to that at least until 2013!
That's quite an EXIT strategy.
*cue maniacal laughter*

This post is brought to you by the letters *P* and *S*

P for Personal.
For people who claim to not 'care'
they go above and beyond to attack someone.
You always bark about it not being that serious...
Yet... that's exactly where you take it.
Thanks for showing everyone exactly
why you are Hyenas.

S for Sorry.
I'm sorry if I ranted a bit today.
Everyone has their limits...
Mine is when someone has the fucking nerve
to lie and bring my kids into it.
 S for
Rob and Kristen are SO together.
SO in love.
SO happy.

Bye for now