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Monday, January 31, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Always Have, Always Will.

That would be the howling of the Hyenas.

My goodness the news about Rob and Kristen
is far and few between.
Kinda sucks.
For us.
Kinda great.
For them.

They are busy busy busy
working working working
And spending what downtime they have...
You know its true.

If you think about it...
Hanging out together
all the time 
isn't that difficult to do.
Which is why we never see them out and about too much.
I think there was a sighting of Rob at a grocery store...
Hanging out with the guys.
But no pictures.
Never any pictures.

It seems that Rob doesn't agree to that anymore.
And considering that we haven't seen a picture of him...
It seems that people are actually listening to him.
Imagine that!

And you know that Rob and Kristen are perfectly content
to just spend their evenings quietly.
Nothing wrong with that.
At all.

Um... Edward doesn't HAVE a beard...

This old clip from People has been making the rounds lately.
Not quite sure why.
But really... could Kristen BE any more obvious?

"Is there a downside to kissing Robert?"

"He has the thickest beard! At time you don't notice it until you're
like -oh wow, I think I'm bleeding."

Now I'm fully aware that Robert Pattinson grows his scruff pretty damn fast.
In a couple of days he could have a nice beard going...
Edward Cullen does NOT have a beard.
No way.
No how.
And IF she was only kissing  Robert on screen...
When he was being all clean shaven like Edward...
She wouldn't have encountered his 'beard'
Would she?
I'm guessing that Rob's scruff would have been in control
while he was being Edward...
Can't have a beardy Edward.
This is just a way of sharing how it feels to kiss Rob...
When he wasn't being Edward.
When he wasn't shaving.

Can't stay apart for long... can they?

Don't you just love the fact that
Rob and Kristen are never apart for long?
It doesn't matter where they are...
Or what they are doing.
They make time to be together.
Hypothetically speaking (of course)
That they had a sort of rule about the length of time
they would be apart.
Say like...
10 days.
You know?
So wherever they are...
One will go to the other.
 Kristen to Budapest.
Robert to Montreal.
Kristen to NYC
Robert to New Orleans.

It's cool how they make their relationship work...
That they don't let anything get in the way of being

Rob looks SO happy. Wonder why? ;)

What really makes me giggle sometimes...
Is this supposed competition between Rob and Kristen.
Why would that be?
Are they up for the same roles?
Why would Kristen want to try and take attention away 
From Rob's movies?
And how does pictures from Breaking Dawn...
Harm Robert in any way?
He's in the movie... isn't he?
People act like Kristen begged and pleaded to get on Vogue...
for the sole purpose of upstaging Rob and the attention
he was getting for WFE.
Scary people are fucking crazy.
There is no competition.
There is no reason for one.
I'm willing to bet that Rob and Kristen support each other completely.
There is no 'damage control' either.
Controlling what damage, pray tell?
Both Rob and Kristen make no apologies.
Why should they?
I love that people want to believe that Rob and Kristen
are at war with each other
trying to one up the other all the time...
Crazy people are fucking scary.

Big smiles. Check. Touching hands. Check. Hand on thigh. Double check!

The Baftas.
Will she or won't she.
Will he or won't he.

I see it like this.
If they get to where they need to be in terms of BD...
Then they will go.

Come on...
Be honest now.
You do realize that if Kristen flies to London
to present the award
(Hopefully to Andrew Garfield! How cool would that be?)
Robert WILL go with her.
You know that.
Even though they were just in London a month ago...
You don't really think that Robert will let her go alone.
Do you?
Remember the 10 day rule people.
It makes it all so much easier to understand.

I hope they get the chance to go.
Dress up.
Hang out.
And maybe we might even get a picture!
How sweet would that be?
I mean..
How long as it been since we have gotten a pic of them
Too long.

You know what it means when you share clothes... right?

Anything else?

Oh yes.

Remember the ELLE UK interview?

Where the writer talked about Robert as 'deliciously handsome'?

"Bella is in love with the DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME Edward Cullen a 104 year old vampire stuck in the body of a teenager played by the also DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME Robert Pattinson."

And then we got Kristen's reaction to being asked about Rob...

Then she opens up in a rant about Robert Pattinson when the interviewer sees the photo on the display of Stewart's iPod: "It's a familiar DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME young man with an arm around Kristen and an arm around Jella, her cat," the reporter's quoted saying. "Without saying a word, [Stewart] quickly shoves the device back into the glove compartment and turns up the volume before I can say anything."
"It's so weird, that you have to be worried about people seeing things," Stewart finally says in response to the iPod image. "You want to be excited about something, normal people can be excited about their lives, and I am, too, but it's such a different thing.

It comes out as entertainment for other people and that makes me want to throw up."

People STILL go on and on about this picture on her iPod
NOT being of Robert.
She talks about the DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME
Robert Pattinson...
Then talks about the 'familiar' DELICIOUSLY HANDSOME
young man in the picture with Kristen.
How obvious does it have to be, folks?
Tell me.

Outside of that...
What hits me the most about this interview is

1. Kristen WANTS to be excited about her life...
and she admits that she is.
She's just a normal girl...
wanting normal things.

2. People being entertained by their relationship.
I'm not sure entertained is the right word...
At least for me.
But I'm fascinated by it...
I love seeing them together...
and how happy they make each other.
Seeing Rob and Kristen happy...
Makes me happy.

Anywhere you go...  I will follow.

I apologize for all the rambling today.
I suppose I just wanted to touch on some of the more
aspects of Rob and Kristens relationship.
People say they hide it.
They really don't.
They just don't flaunt it.
Theres a big difference.
And I know people will continue to cling to the 'PR' bullshit...
But everyone knows that vacations together...
traveling to movie sets on your own time...
Going to private weddings together
Spending the holidays with the others family...
and just generally always being where the other is
no matter what is going on in their lives...
Is what 2 people in a relationship do.
No need to flaunt that.
It's right in front of our eyes.

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for Tom Sturridge

I miss his face.

That hat. And wait... is that the red plaid under that jacket??


That's what Rob and Kristen are.
Always have been...
Always will be.

Bye for now.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wine, Popcorn and Robert Pattinson.

Let's all go to the lobby
Let's all go to the lobby
Let's all go to the lobby
To get ourselves a treat.
Got your popcorn?
A nice big glass of...
Depending on what time of day
I guess it could be soda
or wine
or beer
or wine
Wine and Popcorn?
Oh hell...
Wine goes good with anything.
Or nothing.
Who needs popcorn?
I've decided to talk about Robert's movies today.
Since he's not giving me much else to discuss.
I mean..
How many times do I have to say 
Robert and Kristen are in love?
So since first and foremost I am an 
Intoxicated Robert Pattinson fan...
I thought I would go through his movies.
And I'm not counting "Vanity Fair"
Because his scenes were cut.
But he looks absolutely gorgeous in the scenes
that didn't make it to the movie.
2004: Curse of the Ring, aka "Ring of the Nibelungs" 

Um. Yeah.
Not Rob's best look... but still smiling that smile.
I've only seen bits and pieces of this movie.
If Rob's voice hadn't been overdubbed
(Who the fuck replaces THAT voice?)
I would have added it to my Rob collection.

Rob has a small role...
and it's kinda a "Lord of the Ring" kinda thing
My favorite memory of the movie?
When Rob was on Leno with Heidi Klum
And he shyly looked over to her...
pulling his fingers through his hair...
And mentioned he was in a German movie.
That interview remains one of my all time favorites to this day.
That's all I got to say about this one.
How many wine drinkers out of 5?

And that's only because Rob is in it.

2005: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Cedric Diggory.
Can he be any more handsome?
Gotta love Harry Potter movies.
At least I do.
And I will admit that even though I thought
the actor who played Cedric in the movie
was incredibly handsome and sweet...
I guess the thought that he was a teenager
immediately negated him from being on my radar at all.
(Yeah, Rose... Cuz being 21 is SO much better!)
I love this movie.
I love Rob in this movie.
The handsome hero.
Well, I guess Harry is the hero...
But Cedric really outshines Harry in this movie
In every way.
And I love Dan Radcliffe... I do.
But he should make it a rule to never stand
next to Robert Pattinson again.

Five drunken fools.
Because it's Harry Potter.
It's a good movie.
Rob looks absolutely gorgeous in it.
And even though the end is a bit sad
(Yeah, Cedric bites the dust)
One of the better Potter movies...
OK, I'm being prejudiced.
So what.

2006: The Haunted Airman
Ahh... The story of Toby Jugg.
Rather depressing movie.
Depressing color.
Depressing setting.
Depressing story.
But Robert?
Ever so beautiful!
And it is a creepy kinda movie...
But I liked it.
And everyone remembers those little clips of Rob
smoking his cigarette... deep in thought.

Rob's character has an affair with his 'aunt'.
(Hahahaha... I'm only kidding. I think.)
She puts her hand in his hair...
More than ONCE.
I hate her for that alone.
(Truly... I'm kidding I don't hate her. Much.)
But that all aside...
My favorite bit of the movie...
is when Toby is lying on the ground when he first
gets to this depressing rehab place thingy.
And he says something like
(I can't find the exact quote at the moment)
"Here's where we come to meet
the end of the world"
That's close enough.

Three drunken sots.
Rob is gloriously gorgeous.
2007: The Bad Mother’s Handbook
Oh sweet Daniel.
Quite possibly my favorite of Robert's pre-Twilight movies.
And hes not even a main character
Sweet story.
Very cute.
Robert is just plain ADORABLE.

I loved this movie.
I love Robert.

Four Pissed Twits

2008: The Summer House
I will admit to not seeing this in its entirety.
But damn... what I have seen is incredibly sexy.
It doesn't even kinda look like Robert.
What gets to me is this...

Talulah Riley.
I think I might just hate her.
(Yes, I'm being facetious)
Because not only did she get to do this movie
with a deliciously handsome (heh) Robert...
But she also plays the fair Marianne in "Pirate Radio"
and gets to KISS Tom Sturridge.
What's up with THAT??
How is that even remotely fair?
Tell me!

3 Blitzed Boozers.

2008: How to Be
Art imitating Rob.
I've always felt that Art was kinda how Rob really is.
You know what I mean.

I loved this movie.
Rob is completely charming.
It's a cute story.
he plays guitar and sings
albeit not like Rob would sing.
But still cool all the same.

4 inebriated lushes.

2008: Little Ashes

Rob is phenomenal in this movie.
He proves how serious he is about acting.
He takes risks.
But it wasn't my favorite movie.
Maybe its just because of Dali.
I don't know.
But I do appreciate Robert in this.
And its a beautiful movie, too...

Three Boozy Bozos

2008: Twilight

What can I say?
This movie gave me an Edward that I could see...
That I could hear...
Robert Pattinson is the closest to Edward this world will ever see.
I was so taken with this movie when it first came out.
I couldn't get ENOUGH of it.
Rob strutting into the cafeteria?
Top 5 best scenes EVER.
Love this movie.
Love Robert.
Love everything.

Robert became Edward.
Robert met Kristen.
Need I say more?
5 Stewed Guzzlers 

2009: The Twilight Saga: New Moon
More Edward.
Nothing wrong with that!
Of course I loved this movie...
Not as much as Twilight
Because Rob wasn't in it as much...
and less Rob
is less fun.
But still.
That alone is worth the price of admission.

3 Tipsy Winos.

2010: Remember Me
Oh dear.
Oh my.
I truly loved this movie.
Yes, mostly because of Rob.
What can I say?
I'm a true fan.
I will follow him through all his choice of roles.
Tyler was a beautiful lost soul.
Rob can portray that wonderfully.
And look good doing it.
I hated the end.
But that's because Tyler dies.
I didn't need that.
Not after Cedric
(MY BOY!!!)
Not Tyler, too...
4 Plastered Carousers

2010: Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Probably the most beautiful Edward so far.
Probably the most romantic Edward.
Probably the first time we get to see the tough
'Don't mess with me, Victoria' Edward.
He takes that bitch DOWN.
Eclipse was my favorite book.
Not sure if it is my favorite of the movies
(thus far)
I find myself getting nostalgic for Edward of old.
But yes... I loved this movie.
Even if there is no strutting Edward.
And truly...
Why would you wanna break my heart?
5 Intoxicated Sponges.
I can't wait to see how many glasses of wine
Water for Elephants
Bel Ami
will get.
Maybe I might need to add more glasses...
You can never have enough wine.
Or popcorn.
Or Robert.

Prospects look good.

I have quite the collection of Rob movies so far.
I don't see that stopping anytime soon.
 He just keeps getting better and better.
And if at all possible...
Better looking as well.

I wonder if I will ever get over this intoxication.
I wonder if I will ever want to.

This post is brought to you by the letter *W*

W for Wine.
Me and wine have become intimidate lately.
Close friends.

Cheers for now