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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Never The Twain Shall Meet...

this made me smile. of course. thank you.

Remember when the fandom was only split in two?

The ones who believed Rob and Kristen were together.
The ones who didn't.

That was pretty much it.

Oh sure...
Ninnies and Nonberts were still around
but it wasn't as vicious
and hateful and bitter as it is now.

Now the fractures have fractured...
And it runs to extremes.

We go from those who never believed
that Rob and Kristen were ever together...
to those who believe Rob and Kristen 
are happily married and expecting a baby.
How far apart can you get?

I reside somewhere in the middle.
People seem to think its so clear cut
but its not.
It's complicated.
It's layered.
It's not black and white...
but so many colors.

I'm sure they are in a relationship.
But I can't begin to know
(nor should I)
the extent and depth of that relationship.
I can't say with any certainty
what is going on between them.
Neither can you.
It belongs to Rob and Kristen only.
And guess what?
That's the way it should be.

People say they haven't been seen together since
Rob followed her in his car.
(at least that we got a picture of...)
But I also know that neither one of them
have stepped out with anyone of the opposite sex... 
in anything close to being a romantic relationship.

Robert Pattinson...
THAT Robert Pattinson
That face.
That man.
And no one is in his life?
(and that doesn't count the fake relationships
that have all been shot down)
And if you go so far to say
"he's seeing people but staying out of the public eye"
That means the 'people' could be Kristen....
Couldn't it?
( works both ways.)
And if you're one of those 
who is clinging to the fact that Kristen
hangs out with her girlfriends
as some sort of sign that she is 'gay'
 Rob has been hanging out with his buddies...
(does that mean he's gay too??)
Because isn't that how it works?
You hang out with friends of the same sex
so you of course must be gay?
(Not that there's anything wrong with that)
As. Fucking. If.

I say that both Rob and Kristen
have gone out of their way
to NOT be seen with people
that they could be linked to romantically.
To me that is VERY telling on its own.

This will never resolve
until Rob and Kristen
are ready to step out publicly
with the one who holds their heart.

I'm not worried.
Are you?

Final thoughts.

1. The Rover teaser trailer came out... FINALLY.
And it was intense
and dark
and showed how Rob doesn't have to say
a fucking WORD
to convey what he is feeling.
I love that about him.
It was indeed the perfect teaser...
Doesn't it make you want to see MORE??

2. "Kristen Stewart, Alec Baldwin and Kate Bosworth
are now confirmed alongside Julianne Moore
 in Memento Films International’s hot -selling drama Still Alice."

That's a sort of teaser too... yes?
Incredible cast.
Everything is coming up Kristen.

The best revenge...
is living well.

3. My adorable Tom.
Let's break this down, Ok?

First we got these pink(?) and blue
swim shorts...
And on close inspection
What I first thought were sharks...
Might just be
( fucking CUTE is that?)
and then...
We get the flannel shirt.
On the beach.
Paired with his shorts...
although I don't think I've ever seen anything
clash so much in my life.
And last but not least
(never least)
is the 
Pièce de résistance...

The Hat.
Personally, I love it.
As hats go...this is one of his best ones yet.
I'm not sure what it is on the hat...
Umbrellas? Fruit? Blotches?
But I love it.
I love him.

Because Green Sheep forever.

This post is brought to you by Happy.

Be happy.
And know...
It will be OK.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You Know Who You Are...


It's been a while... hasn't it?
Come on now...
It's not like I don't care
Cuz I do.
But contrary to some opinions...
Sometimes you just have stuff to do in life
that has nothing to do with this fandom.
In fact...
Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

Let's look at the above picture.
Isn't it adorable?
I mean seriously adorable.
We've got Rob
(which is always a good thing)
We've got Kristen
(in the same frame with Rob... a brilliant thing)
We got some Matilda
Some Sam
(and I'm sure the Fandom CSI know who the rest are...)

But you know what makes this picture even more 
fucking adorable than Rob and Kristen?
My sweet lord.
That RED hair!!!
How damn cute is he?
(like a bunny ~inside joke~)
But the way he is looking at Kristen...
and they are all smiles.
(and prepare yourself... I may be using profanity
even more than usual this post.)

Next picture.

Take a good look at this picture.
Really good look.
I'll wait.
What do you see?
Kristen fucking Stewart
being all gorgeous
That's what!
This isn't a photoshoot...
or a movie set
or a red carpet.
Oh no no no no
This is how she fucking looks going to 
a motherbitching magazine stand!
I mean...

I'm sorry.
But this just proves that
Kristen really is better than you.
And you.
And good fucking grief...
Definitely better than you.


This picture isn't new
(and its not that old...but you get what i mean... Right?)
But I love it.
Rob has got that big ol' smile on that purty face.
Wouldn't you like to be on the receiving end of that smile?
Wouldn't you like to be the one to have made him smile?
Goodness me.
We haven't gotten a lot of pics of Rob recently...
and surely not ones like this.
How can you look at this picture...
and not smile?
I suggest to the hags and nags of this fandom
(and you know who you are)
That you just look at this picture...
Or this one...

With Kristen being all beautiful and silly and wonderful...

And maybe you could learn to smile too!
Kristen was all kinds of smiles at Sundance.
And can you blame her?
She got wonderful reviews
She was in her element in that atmosphere...
and oh yeah...
she got GREAT reviews for  Camp X-Ray.

Oh sure...
You know the lunatic ninnies
(and you know who you are)
scoured the internet looking for the few negative reviews
(and let's be real... every movie gets them)
in hopes of making themselves feel better...
But alas
They failed.
As they usually do.

Sundance was awesome for Kristen
and this proves it...

Kristen has this connection with Roberts...


This is the 'latest' pic with Rob...
People don't seem to know when it was taken.
There is all kinds of bullshit drama surrounding it
that I won't even get into.

People focus on the most arbitrary shit.
(who throws a shoe?)

Some asshat on twitter
(You know who you are)
Was commenting to me about how 
I somehow always said 
"caring is sharing"
And that's complete bullshit.
Although I used to think it was cute
(like a bunny!)

when Kristen was spotted out with one of Rob's t-shirts
I don't pin all my hopes and dreams to an article of clothing.
I kinda think its funny now...
How people dissect everything they wear
as some sort of secret code...
And it's even funnier when the lunatic ninnies
work even harder to disprove they aren't the same.

And if you can't laugh at this shit?
Why the hell are you still here?
It's not life or death.

It WILL be OK.

Final thoughts.

1. The Lunatic Ninnies can't seem to make up their minds
when it comes to Kristen...
(and obviously they don't have much to work with)
I know they desperately want to believe that
Kristen is a 'lesbian'
(Not that there's anything wrong with that~
but in this case it's not true.)
Not because they really believe it...
(remember... small itsy teeny minds.)
But because they really can't wrap those tiny brains
around the fact that Rob LOVES Kristen.
They hate the fact that Rob and Kristen were (are)
in a relationship for years and years...
living a life together.
That Rob CHOSE Kristen.
And he REMAINS in her life.
(Believe it)
They would rather believe that Rob was 'bearding' for her
for years, mind you.
No integrity. No honesty.
That he also went year after year after year
after year
after year
PRETENDING to be in a relationship with Kristen
and sacrificing any chance of a 'real' relationship
all for money.
Because millions and millions of dollars
just isn't enough for Robert Pattinson.

Some FAN you are.

there. there.

2. The word HATER is being thrown around 
a lot lately.
Here's the deal...
When someone doesn't agree with your opinion...
that doesn't make them a HATER.
A HATER is someone who spews vile lies and innuendo
and tries to hurt someone.
That's a psycho hosebeast.

3. And speaking of psycho hosebeasts...
(You know who you are)
If you leave comments on Kristen/Rob's friends
family members
anyone connected with them
You are fucking scary.
Step the fuck back.
Whether you think you are defending them...
or you are trying to further your bullshit agenda
or whether you actually think they give a flying FUCK
what the hell you have to say...
Get. Off. Their. Dicks.
You embarrassing Fuckwads.
(You know who you are)

and by the way...
just a little tidbit on the 'sharing' thing since I brought it up...
Although the color on these two pics make them seem 
like different t-shirts...
they are indeed the same one.
imagine that.

This post is brought to you by...


I adore him.
And guess what?
It doesn't mean I don't adore Rob... Or Kristen!
People can actually like more than ONE PERSON
at at time!!

Isn't he cute???

and by 
Robert Pattinson Intoxication!

I'm not going to change the name of my blog.
You know...
the one you NEVER read
but somehow always seem to know exactly what I'm saying?

I see you!


This blog is dedicated to everyone
who wonders if I'm writing about them.

I am.

Until next time.

Bye for now.

Friday, January 10, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I was sorting through my emails
and was reading all the questions that I get asked...
I decided to respond to the ones I keep seeing
over and over
and over
and let's not forget 
OVER again.

Dear Rose- How can you not think Kristen is pregnant? You have to noticed how much her body has changed over these past few months! Her clothes get looser and looser and the bump gets bigger and bigger! We are not obsessing over her body, but we can't help but notice the obvious!

Rosee- How dare you mock anyone for thinking that Kristen is pregnant! What do you know anyway??

Hi Rose! I agree with you! I don't think Kristen is pregnant either. I can only imagine the crazy emails you get about this topic. I don't know how you do it! Stay strong!

That was just a small sampling of the 'pregnant' email
I have received lately.
It seems to outweigh most topics at the moment.
My mind is still boggling over the fact
that people got so offended just because
I don't think Kristen is pregnant.
So what?
Does my opinion make you doubt your own?
I honestly don't get it.
If you believe...than BELIEVE.
As for 'mocking'...
Unless you have written me emails
asking me about this topic...
I wasn't talking about you.
To be honest
I don't take a great interest in this debate
So up until recently... I hadn't said much.
Kinda like the whole "TGC" thing.
I don't have anything against people
who like to talk about the offspring
of Rob and Kristen.
And believe me...
If Rob and Kristen decided to have a baby
I would be thrilled for them.
But it's just not something that is important to me.

To each their own.

Dear Rose- What do you think about this stuff with Alicia/Alannah? Do you think Kristen is gay now? What happened?? They share clothes all the time now and shes always hanging out with Alicia. What's going on?

HAHAHA ROSEEEEEEE! Kristen is all about Alicaboy. Isn't it adorable how they share their clothes? You used to think it was when she shared Robs. HAHAHAHAHAHA. How does it feel to LOSE? Kristen is fucking gay and her and Rob were just a PR fauxmance. EAT IT!!!!

Oh poor Rose. How hard is it for you to admit that Rob and Kristen are OVER? They didn't spend any of the holidays together, Rob couldn't wait to get to London and even when he comes back to the states for NYE, he still doesn't see her! Face the truth, Rose.
Kristen is all about Alicia. That's who she is sharing clothes with and hanging out with now.

This type of bullshit gives me a headache.
If hanging out with friends means you are 'gay'
Then I guess we all fall into that category
(at least those of us who have friends.)
And anyone who has close girlfriends...
Are you telling me you have NEVER borrowed their clothes?
Good Grief people are idiots.
Here's the deal.
 You don't have ANY IDEA where Rob was for Thanksgiving
nor do you know where Kristen was for NYE.
That's the TRUTH.
People talk with such certainty about 
the wheres and the whos
but you are basing it all on a few pictures
that consumed mere minutes of time.
How about you face the fact that you have 
no fucking idea what you are talking about?

I actually find it ~interesting that Rob flew to NYC
for New Years...
Kinda in the middle of LA and London...

That's enough for now.
It truly does give me a headache to read some of the
pure unadulterated hatred and stupidity
I get in my inbox everyday.
Which is why I usually delete most of it.

Final thoughts.

1. Rob looking good in the airport.
There was a big debate about where he was going to go next...
LA or London.
We've already discussed how NYC
was the midpoint between LA and London...
And the boy does have a movie coming up.
So why wouldn't he go back to London?

2.  My Sweet Lord.
Kristen in a BTS video for Balenciaga.
How can anyone look at this
and not realize how fucking gorgeous she is?

Is it any wonder Rob fell so hard for her?
I don't see him ever letting go.
Just my opinion...
Of course.

3. Bernie.
Bernie at Kristen's house.
This surprised some people.
Not sure why.
Bernie is Kristen's dog... too.
Some people got all bent outta shape...
Calling Kristen's friends names.
Remember when the Ninnies called 
Bernie a famewhore?
They did.
They seriously said that about this sweet dog.
A dog, mind you.
Like Bernie was selling her soul for attention.
That's what happens when you don't behave
the way the psychos want you to..
They let the crazy loose and attack dogs.
Then they start attacking Kristen's friends 
on Twitter and Instagram.
The more insecure the lunatics become...
the more they lash out at Kristen (and Rob)
and Bernie.
And Bear.
Yeah... once upon a time they even called Bear fake too...
They said Kristen bought a litter mate of Bear's
just so she could pretend she had the same dog
to carry on the 'illusion' of Robsten.
They really did.
I know.

At least know that the more hate they spew...
the more nervous and insecure they are.
They must be really worried.

4. Love this picture of Thomas.
I miss his face.
Which usually means he will pop up somewhere.
I hope so.
He gives good face.
excellent face.
brilliant face.

This post is brought to you by Love.

It's Long.
So very long.
And when you find the one
you are supposed to be with...
You just don't walk away from it.
You can't.
You stay.
You figure it out.
No matter how long you have been together
one month....
one year.
One decade.
You are always working on relationships
And they are worth the effort.
Because nothing good
comes easy.

Until next time.

Bye for now
Love is Long

Sundance is days away.
Rob might already be on set...
Exciting days ahead.

It's getting BETTER all the time.