The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Rob and Kristen- The Year of Living Dangerously

Creepy Stalkers are Creepy!

Happy New Years Eve!

Big plans?
I don't know...
Perhaps a quiet party on some silly Isle...
Just like last year.

I know Foamers don't want to believe Kristen is there...
But in their bitter guts...
They know she is.
Just Like Last Year.
And the excuses are lined up and at the ready.

"Pics or it didn't happen"

Sorry to say...
It happens whether someone is there taking a pic or not.
A lot of stuff happens where no pictures are taken...
Imagine that.
For example...
I'm here typing on my laptop this very minute...
Am I?

There will be some pics soon enough, I imagine...
and then when they are 'leaked'
People will find something to foam about...
Whether its their 'privacy' being invaded
or the nerve that Kristen has to show up in IOW with Rob...

Love. It.

 And even though this is one of my favorite pics of Rob and Kristen...
and it's a pap shot...
And a piece of me would love to see this again
A bigger piece of me...
The 'leave them the fuck alone so they can enjoy their time off' piece of me
is still glad that up to now...
2 blurry pics of Rob in a pub are all that we have seen
and that was a week ago.

I will take an airport shot...
when the vacation is over
and no one can harass or stalk them anymore.
That is good enough for me..

I'm Always Happy When We Are Together.

I guess that's all for today.
Not much more to add.
Rob + Kristen = Together

As always.

The Look of Love.
This post is brought to you by the end of 2010.

It was a pretty good year...
but there is always more to look forward to
Always ways to make life better.

Paul McCartney said it best, I think...

And in the end...
The love you take
Is equal to the 
Love you make.

Here's hoping Rob and Kristen continue to find
in their lives together.
They deserve every moment.

Bye for now!
P.S. Stop saying it was a joke.
It wasn't.
You know it.
Everyone else who read it knows it.
You meant every nasty word.
At least you could admit it and own it...
Instead of hiding behind excuses.
As usual.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Words Will Never Hurt Us

 This picture is ALL kinds of perfection. Thank you.

Could he GET any cuter? No. No he can't.

WFE is going to probably kill me.
So I have a few more months of living
before I hit the great beyond.
I don't care.
It's fucking worth it.
Robert is worth it.
All of it.

Just because.

Tom's new movie is coming out soon.
He will most likely being doing some press for it.
I will most likely be trying to catch every moment.
Is this poster incredibly sweet?
I love Rachel Bilson.
She is adorably beautiful.
And well...
I guess it's pretty obvious that the more I know
about Thomas Sturridge...
The more I want to know.
He's majorly cute.
And that's where I will leave it.



I just deleted a huge paragraph about the 
Fox petition fuckery.
But it's really nothing new...
A bunch of lunatics who think they should have a say
in Rob's personal life.
They actually think they should be able to dictate
who Rob brings to his movie premiere.
I wish I were kidding.
I'm not.

Foamers gotta Foam.

Suffice to say that hating a 20 year old girl...
for doing absolutely NOTHING to you
except being the 'lucky' girl that Rob wants to be with...
shows nothing but anger and bitterness.
And now even more people are aware of just how far you will go.

Bravo! Well done.

Same place... Same time?

New Years Eve.
More of the same?


I Wanna Hold Your Hand...

Do You Want To Know a Secret?

Close Your Eyes and I'll Kiss You

If I Fell in Love With You...


And I LOVE Her.

You Really Got a Hold On Me.

Got To Get You Into My Life.

I Want You.

I get this in my emails a lot...


The thing is...
The above pictures are only some of the 'coupley pics we have seen
over the last couple of years.
There have been lots of pictures of Rob and Kristen
Vacationing together.
Spending Christmas at his parents house.
Movie sets...
Etc... Etc.

Do these pictures PROVE they are dating?
They do.
Because it's been going on for years...
Yes, they have given us glimpses of private moments.
Yes, they have been caught snuggling and kissing.
Yes, they have acted like a couple again and again.
Calling it 'PR" doesn't mean you can't 'count' them.
You want 'proof' of their relationship...
You have it.
You can't discount any picture you don't like
by saying it was staged or manipulated.

With Robert.
As Always.

This post is brought to you by the letter *B*

B for backpedaling.
If you don't want people to think you are a lunatic...
Stop acting like one.
Then you won't have to cry 
"It was only a joke"
when the heat gets to be too hot to handle.

B for Bitterness.
Don't you get tired of being angry bitter shrews?
Stomping and yelling and snarling and growling.
Do you want to know how I know I'm right about Rob and Kristen?
Because I'm HAPPY for them.
I'm happy that they make each other happy.
I'm all about the happy.
I'm twirling and dancing and laughing...
NOT Foaming.

B for 
Don't be ridiculous...
of course Kristen is with Rob in London.
Where else would she be? 

Bye for now.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rob and Kristen- With Acceptance Comes TWIRLING!

I honestly don't think Rob has ever looked better...

Random Thoughts

1) A different WFE trailer was released.
Can I just say...
Forgive me for thinking that my intoxication would ever lessen
Because it is more than obvious that all I need to see 
are some pictures of you and an elephant...
to remind me why I became intoxicated in the first place.
This movie looks incredible.
Everything about it draws me in
His face.
His voice.
(Yeah, I did that on purpose)
This movie looks gorgeous.

I. Can't. Wait.

I Love You.

2) I watched Twilight the other day.
I think its my favorite of the three.
And it's not because it is better than 
New Moon or Eclipse..
It's because when I watch it
it still makes my stomach do flip-flops.
Edward walking into the cafeteria.
Edward telling Bella that he
"can't stay away from" her.
Edward kissing Bella on her bed
and being thrown into the wall.
(I love his face there...
Who am I kidding? I always love his face)
You get the point I am making.
Twilight reminds me of all the good things I used to feel.
It will always be where I got to see Edward come to life.
It will always be where I knew that I would fall hard
for Robert Pattinson.

I'm gonna kiss you and hug you...

3) So I was flipping through the channels a couple of night ago...
and what did my twitchy finger rest upon?
The MTV Movie Awards!
And guess what...
I watched them.
Well... OK... I was kinda doing other stuff at the same time
But I was keeping my eyes on the screen
on the lookout for Rob and Kristen.
It was interesting that now I can watch them...
and really concentrate on Rob and Kristen.
Rob's beaming face when Kristen got her award.
He was so proud of her!
And the Awkward Kiss?
And this is scary to admit...
but I will
Cuz... what the hell I've come this far... right?
I watched it in slow motion.
I did.
And I know that Rob and Kristen tried to be awkward...
But watching Rob's face was priceless.
(and always rewarding.)
Kristen was totally NOT expecting him to go in for the real kiss.
And the look of satisfied glee on his face afterward?
He is so damn adorable.
He shows his every emotion on his beautiful face.
And lastly...
When Rob got his awards...
When he thanked Kristen...
He looked like he was trying to find a way to say
what he wanted to...
watch it in slow motion.
It shows a lot.

Oh and...
The kiss was real.
Rob really wanted to kiss her.
And he did.

"Thanks Catherine for everything I have... Especially for Kristen."

4) This is where I do my *heavy sigh*
Because the absolute bullshit I read online everyday
is so damn pathetic.

Is Kristen in London?
Yes, I believe she is.

How do you know that? There haven't been any pictures?
There haven't been any pictures of her since Rio.
Does that mean she is still there?

Kristen is only there for PR!!!
She is doing press for something... right?
Oh wait... she's there for the Baftas!
Can't you just fucking accept that Kristen wants to 
be with her boyfriend for the holidays?
She just got done working on BD and is on holiday...
Do you REALLY think she would be doing press?
And for what exactly?
Kristen is in London because that's where Rob wants her to be.
2 years in a row...
and all you got is PR?
How far gone can you be if you are still clinging to that?
It makes no sense whatsoever.
Not that sense has ever played any role in your
foam induced delusions before.


And come on...
Aren't they ALWAYS together?
Yes they are.

Now please go get a towel and wipe your mouth...
The bitter foam is making a disgusting mess.

Just because.

5) Ninja Robsten 
Ninja TomStu

And I'm still glad that there aren't any pictures of them.
I don't need 'PROOF'.
Everyone knows where Kristen is.
Everyone knows where Rob is.
They are with each other.
As always.


This post is brought to you by the letters *P* and *R*

Pathetic Rants

Pretty Ridiculous

Pitiful Rhetoric

With Acceptance...
Comes Twirling.
And it's LOTS more fun than Foaming.

Bye for now


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Robert and Kristen- Déjà vu

It's my job.

Déjà vu

Surely I'm not the only one experiencing this?
Rob is in London.
Kristen is nowhere to be found.
But people REFUSE to accept that she is there.
That she has been there...
possibly for days.
(wink wink nudge nudge)
And did you really expect to see a picture of her?
The girl has become skilled at blending in.
I mean, seriously...
Kristen hasn't been seen since Rio...
I guess that means...
She isn't ANYWHERE!
Kristen has ceased to exist!

2 Extremely Gorgeous People

People are so silly.
It's JUST like last year...
Refusing to accept the obvious.
"Kristen is still in L.A."
And then lo and behold...
She showed up with Rob in the UK.
Imagine that.

And yet...
These same hyenas people will fight tooth and nail
to believe Kristen is anywhere else but with Rob.
Say like...
On a date with Garrett Hedlund?
That is SO believable.
They jumped right on that one.
Some jackwad spouts that Kristen is with this guy...
Kristen is cheating on Rob!
Except she can't really be cheating on Rob
because she's not really with Rob...
Their whole relationship is staged and for PR...
But if that were true, 
wouldn't Kristen and Rob be more public?
Wouldn't part of their PR job be to show PDA
and get their picture taken as much as possible?
How in the world have they gotten away
with doing their PR job so horribly?
I didn't think being private and staying out of public view
was part of promoting a staged relationship.
Or could it just be a convenient EXCUSE
for every time there is a picture of them together?
LOVE This Picture. Hand under the sleeve? Doubt the photographer told her to do that...

The thing is...
Kristen can't win with hyenas some people.
Let's say Kristen flew to London at the same time as Rob...
Perhaps on a different flight to make it easier to get into
London without being noticed...

Then she is a horrible daughter.
She is a clingy famewhore.
Can't she leave Rob alone?
Must she follow him everywhere he goes?

Although I'm pretty sure if YOU were in a relationship
with Robert Pattinson...
YOU would stay the fuck away from him as much as possible.
Of course you would.
Why in the world would anyone WANT to be with Rob?
This incredibly intelligent, witty, adorable, beautiful man.
Makes absolutely no sense to me.

They all screamed MANIP on this one. BWAHAHAHAHA!

And since Kristen is already in London...
And even the haters are bracing themselves for it...
Well then...

Kristen has a lot of money!
Why wouldn't she fly to London to spend NYE with 'friends'?
I would!
Doesn't mean anything.
We all knew she would show up there...
If we know about it...
It's not romantic!
London isn't romantic at all.
Zero romance about traveling across the world
to spend Christmas and New Years with your boyfriend
in his beloved hometown...
with his family and friends.
Nothing  remotely relationship like in that scenario.

We Are Gonna TWIRL Together on NEW YEARS EVE!

Final thoughts.

Do I have 'proof' that Kristen is in London?
I suppose she COULD show up somewhere eventually.
Baton Rouge? Los Angeles.
I'm guessing she will.
I admit that I am looking at this from *MY* point of view.
Robert and Kristen are in a committed relationship.
Every time you see one...
It's only a matter of time until you see the other.
And honestly...

With Rob...
Of course.

I'm kinda liking that there are no pictures.
More and more.
Sure... it gives the haters more to foam about...
*whine whine*
But who the fuck cares.
Rob and Kristen can actually enjoy their time off...
Without people chasing them down
and stalking them.
They deserve to be left alone.

Besides... I'm still all for no pics getting out until AFTER
they are back in the States.
Maybe landing in NOLA...
Or Los Angeles...
From London.
That would work for me!


Déjà vu
Admit it...
You are feeling it too.
I hope Rob and Kristen
are enjoying their time in London.
I'm guessing their NYE will be spectacular!
Can you imagine getting to kiss 
Robert Fucking Pattinson
at midnight on NYE?

This post is brought to you by the letter *N* and *T*


One shitty pic of Rob in a pub and that is all.
One pic.
So awesome.

And both Rob and Kristen have gotten into London
without being seen.
Not one pic.
So brilliant.

And you know that Rob isn't just staying home
knitting booties.
The boy is enjoying his city.
And he's doing it in PEACE.
(and with Kristen)


And the letter T for...

Still missing his face.
And you know that if Rob is in a pub...
Tom has to be around sometime.
Come on...
Search your mind, Luke...
You KNOW it to be true.
Kinda like Rob and Kristen.
Bye for now

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rob and Kristen- I See LONDON!

This is an ACTUAL picture of me!

So I write a little bit about Rabies 
and people start... 
acting like they have rabies.

Yeah, OK...
I can admit my post yesterday was a bit harsh...
But all it really is ...
and write this down because I'm sick of repeating it...


That's all it is.
I get up in the morning...
(if I'm lucky)
I do my wife/mom things...
(Yes, I'm married with kids! The HORROR!)
I make a cup of tea.
(Can't stand coffee and I need my caffeine.)
Put my laptop on my... lap.
Flip it open
(OK, is this as thrilling to read as it is to write?)
I proceed to read thru the zillions of emails that I received since
the last time I opened my email account.
I proceed to Twitter and bask in the glow of incredibly
hilarious tweets and DMs (private messages, if you will)
And then...
I usually open up the ol' blog and start typing away
about that which I have just read about.
No, I don't go haunting Anti-Kristen/Rob sites.
I don't read the AT message boards unless someone sends me stuff.
I just give my opinion about what I have read that morning.
I don't understand why some people get themselves in a tizzy
over my opinion of current Rob/Kristen events.
Unless of course...
They just don't want to 'read' what I have to say
which brings us back to why they read my blog in the first place.
Why DO you?

On to bigger and far more interesting things.

I don't want to see this kind of picture this week...

I really don't want to see some creepy stalker picture of Rob and Kristen.
I don't.
In fact...
Although I would be willing to bet my first born son that
Rob and Kristen are together in London...
(Don't get your panties in a bunch about my son...
I wouldn't REALLY bet with him.
Unless he was being really really annoying...
which he seems to aspire to lately.)

Shit...where the hell was I?

Oh yeah.

I don't want to see creepy pics of Rob/Kristen.
And I will take it one step further and hope
we don't get ANY pics of them out and about in the UK
until maybe the very last day they are there...
or maybe after they have already left.
That way maybe they can have some peace and quiet
and just enjoy their holidays.
And each other.
I said it.
Kristen and Robert.

"I don't know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year."-Rob

"That's totally the reason," Stewart concurs. "They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there’s no story. We are just good hiders now."

They only have like a week to spend in London...
Rob has to catch up and spend time with his family and friends...
They don't need to be chased and harassed.

Is Kristen in London with Robert?
I believe it is so.
Maybe we will see them when they land back in Baton Rouge.
Now THAT would be a great picture.

I don't know who made this... but... BWAHAHAHAHA!

I see Rob...
I see Kristen...

But where the HELL is Tom?
(OK, I do spot him in the picture...)
I blame Robert for this.
I was only vaguely aware of Thomas before...
And now I'm like kinda intoxicated with him.
It makes me feel a bit giddy and bubbly.
And I'm not even sure how one feels bubbly...
and am I even spelling that right?
Cuz right now 'bubbly' looks pretty damn silly.

Seriously... is that not pretty fucking gorgeous?

I figure since people are always all bent out of shape
whenever Rob and Kristen go all ninja...
I thought maybe we should all be wondering where the hell Tom is.

I'm pretty sure he's in London, too.
Why, you ask?
(why would you ask?)
Tom lives there.
His family is there.
Robert is there.
Kristen is there.
He loves his family
and Rob
and Kristen.
Where else is he going to be?

When was the last time we actually saw a picture of Thomas?

Do you think Tom is buying green plaid boxers?

I don't know about you...
But just seeing a picture of Tom makes me smile.
And when you see a picture of Rob with Tom...
Rob is usually smiling too!
See how perfect it all is?

Thomas... where are you?
I keep expecting to see you in some shitty phone pic
that someone can't wait to 'share' with the world...
Showing you laughing and drinking pints of beer
in some obscure pub that only you and Rob (and Kristen)
would even venture into.

Just hanging out with the same t-shirt/necklace. The red plaid. And that godforsaken hat.

This is kinda what I picture going on in London.
 A lot.
(Do I even have to add Kristen here?
We all KNOW she is there with him)

Man... I am a bitch.
Or not.
I'm just a rambling Rose today.

Maybe I'm just highly Robert Pattinson Intoxicated.
It happens.
I would say...

On a level from 1-10... 
10 being 'death' by Robert.

Wait. Is that the same t-shirt/necklace combo? Is that like 3 separate pictures?

1. Nice face by Tom here.

2. Yes. It IS the same tshirt/necklace
(and let us not forget the red plaid)
What the hell IS that necklace anyway...
It looks like a record or something.
Should we make it super secret significant??

Robsten Decoder Ring.

Number 4
Letter T


Pretty X 2 = WIN!

So I've rambled enough, haven't I?
Did I offend you in some way?
I would say 'sorry'
But I'm not.
Because if you were upset by anything I said in my post...
Then you really shouldn't be here.

P.S. Dear Mr. Sturridge...
I'm only joking about the red plaid and hat...
You look charming in it... really.
Don't ever change.
(And I mean that lit-trelly)

This post is brought to you by the letter *H*

H for hiding.
I'm glad you all have gotten so good at it...
Even though I miss your faces.
Enjoy your time in London!

Bye for now.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Rob and Kristen- Bullshit Day

Rob in London? Color me SURPRISED (or not)

Today is 'Boxing Day' in the UK...
I'm thinking it's 'Bullshit Day' in this fandom.

Let's discuss.

1. I had a lot to catch up on from the last couple of days.
Well... not really.
Just a lot of bullshit drama.

Robert Pattinson went home to London for Christmas!!!
Oh wait...
Is anyone really surprised?
My great aunt Eleanor even knew Rob would go home for the holidays.
It was THAT transparent.
And oh yeah...
Why was it such a huge deal to the foaming masses?
Um... because for some desperate reason...
They would like to believe that somehow Rob going home
for Christmas is somehow related to him not being with Kristen...
The rabid seem to see it as some sort of delusional victory.
Over what? Over who?
That is yet to be determined.
(At least if you are not frothing and foaming at the mouth)

3. And I don't mean to disparage the girl story who took the above pic...
I mean... she obviously happened to luck out and see Rob at a pub...
RPatz @ “pub” in London "It’s from tonight, it’s London, about an hour ago (thats about 00.30 in London) N ( the one on the right) spoke to him for about 40 mins, shook his hand, got a ciggie from him (she doesn’t smoke) and he kissed her cheek!

Sorry. I call bullshit.
Not that she saw him... oh no... I believe that.
But she claims to have talked to him for 40 mins, received a cig
shook his hand AND he kissed her on the cheek...
All she could manage was a kinda stalkerific picture of him
where she was pretending to take a pic of her and her friend...
And trying like hell to get him in the background.
40 minutes.
KISS on the cheek.
And no picture?
Surely anyone Rob would kiss on the cheek he would
agree to one quick picture?
And while she may have had conversation with him...
and even pretended to smoke to get a cig off him...
Fine and dandy.
But the kiss on the cheek?
Ain't buying it.
Rob isn't a random stranger 'kiss on the cheek' kinda guy.
Shy, awkward, adorkable Rob?
Big Red Flag.
I might have actually believed the story up until that part.

And people always howl about how no cameras EVER work
when Rob and Kristen are out...
Yet just ONE pic of Rob at the pub?
Where are all the cameras?
Maybe because people don't want to be rude...
Or maybe because not everyone whips out a camera
everytime Rob and/or Kristen are around.

THIS will happen VERY soon... If it didn't already.

Where am I on the count?

4. Kristen.
Where is Kristen Stewart?'s the thing.
LOTS of blather about her heading to London with Rob.
And then ...
ONE person tweets that she sees Kristen in L.A. 
and that is taken as gospel? 
 ONE person who claims to have seen Kristen...
Not numerous sightings...


Is that how it works now?
 No 'pics or it didn't happen' fits in here?
Just one random person's word that she saw Kristen in L.A.?
Why not believe the people who saw her in London?

So I could ask my friend who lives in London...
To tweet that he saw Kristen at a pub with Robert..
Then what?
Would it be so easily believed and taken as fact?

Fascinating how it all works... yes?

IF Kristen isn't aleady with Robert in London...
(Bwa.Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. She is NINJASTEW after all.)
She is on her way...
And she WILL be with Rob.
And then what?
More screams of PR!
More screeching that she needs to stay away from him?
More delusional howling that it doesn't 'mean anything'?
Pretty much.

Keep chasing that tail... I'm sure you will catch it... Someday. Or not.

5. Thing is...
If Kristen has been with Robert in London all along...
Or if she shows up Tomorrow...
It doesn't change a thing.
Not one thing.
They will be together.
As always.

A couple of days apart here and there...
Mean nothing in the scope of any real relationship.
And believe me...
It doesn't get any more real than what Rob and Kristen share.

6. And stop with the 'fake' Twirling.
One. You're not good at it... (and original.)
Two. Bitter Haters can't Twirl.
Three. It's not really twirling.
You are mistaking symptoms of Rabies as twirling...

Rabies specific symptoms may include insomnia, anxiety (about Rob being with Kristen) , confusion (Thinking that Rob and Kristen aren't real)  slight or partial paralysis, excitation (Foaming over Rob being in London), hallucinations (Thinking that every time Rob and Kristen are together is PR), agitation (Being extremely bitter and angry all the time), hyper-salivation (That would be all the FOAMING) violent movements and uncontrolled excitement (That would be what you have sadly misinterpreted as *Twirling*... Poor things)

This post is brought to you by the letter *N*

You ain't seen NOTHING yet.

Believe it.

Bye for now

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas and a Twirly New Year!

A Very Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year!

They make this look easy, don't they?

Well... They make this look easy too...

And oh so Natural. Like they BELONG together...

They always find some reason to touch each other...

Again... and it looks so natural...


Just because I miss BOTH of their faces...

Christmas Thoughts.

There is the usual drama over where Rob and Kristen
are spending the holidays.
Like if Rob goes to London alone... it has significant meaning...
But if Kristen goes with him..
Well then she is just a clingy famewhore.
Do you hear the music?

It doesn't MATTER who goes where...
Or when they get to wherever they are going.
What matters is that they are SAFE
and that they have a quiet PEACEFUL holiday.
They WILL be together.
They ALWAYS are.
New Years Eve?
Doesn't anyone remember what happened last year?
Didn't you learn anything from that?
 Love always finds a way.
And so do Rob and Kristen.

Count on it.


And a very TWIRLY year to come!

Bye for now