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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Rose Rants Regarding Robert

Sunday Morning.
Still have a headache.
So excuse me if I'm even bitchier than normal.
Is there a normal bitchy?
Is there such a thing as a normal bitch?
How many more times do you think
I can put bitch in a sentence?

Never (bitch) mind.
On to my bitchy rants.

I was going through my emails...
and there was a decided push in one direction.
Let's see...

I'm using Remember Me pictures today.
Because Rob is beautiful in every one.
Because Rob is in NYC promoting the movie.
Because I fucking love Robert Pattinson.
I said LOVE.
Because I do.

Email #1

Rose: Why must you keep trying to pound the fact
that you believe Rob and Kristen are dating?
We get it! You don't have to keep trying to prove
that you are right. Can't I just love Rob?
- Rob Fan

Dear Rob Fan: I usually blog about what is
going on in the Rob Universe.
And unfortunately (for you) it is often about 
Robert's relationship with Kristen Stewart.
I can't help myself when there is actual drama
about the yellow bag that Rob is carrying at the airport.
I mean, seriously... "Robstens" and "Nonstens"
were scouring the Internet trying to prove that it
either WAS or WASN'T his bag!
Like the bag was the holy grail of 
relationship status!
Anyway, Rob Fan...
It's pretty obvious that I'm a believer
of Rob and Kristen...
WHY oh WHY do you read my blog???
-A Rose is a Rose

What is sexier than walking Rob
running his hand through his hair...
Carrying a pink sleeping bag??
I dare you to find it!

Email #2
Dear Rose: Thanks for writing what I feel.
I have read on IMDb that some people were
going to throw tomatoes at Kristen if she shows up
at the Remember Me premiere!
Why do people have to carry their hatred so far?
-Scared for Kristen

Dear Scared: I wish I had an answer to your question.
I know the haters don't like it when the word
is thrown around... but I really don't know what else
would explain the intense hatred of a 19 year old actress
that they think they have all figured out.
Obviously no one is required to like Kristen
just because Robert does...
But wishing bodily harm on her?
Throwing things at her?
That is beyond dislike.
That is fucking scary.
-Protective Rose

Have I mentioned how damn gorgeous
Robert Pattinson is?
Have I?
Oh yeah... I probably have.
Sometimes I just can't stop myself...
He has this effect on me.
It's bewildering.
I like that word.
It's perfect.
It's what he does to me.
Email #3

Rose- I really don't see how carrying a bag
at an airport means Rob loves Kristen.
I don't see it at all. It's so obvious that they
are just good friends. Nothing they do
is out of the ordinary or points to them being a couple.
Why don't YOU open your eyes and see?
-20/20 vision

Dear 20/20-
I'm so HAPPY for you!
You have seen the light and have the
good grace to share it with me!
How can I ever thank you enough?
I'm pretty sure there is room in the world
for more than one opinion.
Admittedly I see Robert and Kristen
with my 'Rose' colored glasses...
But it is what I see.
I have no agenda...
No sinister motivations...
I have no reason to WANT Rob and Kristen
to be a couple.
I just think they are.
It's really that simple.

You go ahead and believe whatever you want.
I will believe the truth ;)
-Realistic Rose

Bye for now.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday's Sarcastic Soapbox

I survived.
And sometimes that is hard to do.
Birthdays can be a real bitch.
Especially when friends buy you 
'birthday shots!'
Mixing alcohol never works for me...
And that is why at this very moment...
The guys with spiky helmets
and pointy shoes
are running all around my stomach.
And I won't even describe my head...
Mostly because I fucking can't.

And huge THANKS to all of you
who wished me a Happy Birthday!
So sweet. So kind.
And it honestly made my day
so much better!
Thank You. Thank You.

A couple of things.

They are in NYC!
So surprised!
OK, I'm not.
Truly if you just think logically...
It all works out.
But there you go.
Rob, Kristen and the beloved TomStu
all landing safe and sound.
Lots and lots of clinging, folks.
The clingy clinging Cling-ons
can't fucking let go.
They can't.
They won't.

TomStu is adorable, isn't he?
I love how he's such a great friend to Robert.
LOVE it.
And the yellow bag that Rob is carrying?
Supposedly its Kristen's!!
The Hatey Clingys can't stand that!
He can't be carrying her bag!
He mustn't!
Is it so bad that Rob is a gentleman??
Oh and the Hatey Cling-ons
just cannot stand that Kristen is in fact...
In NYC with Rob.
If you were with Robert Pattinson...
and had the chance to like..
fucking BE with him as much as possible...
The End.

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality 
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see 

Open your eyes and SEE.
I know it's just my opinion.
Yada Yada Yada.
But let's try and look at this
Rationally. (is that even possible??) 
1. Kristen has now flown to England
Twice in as many months.
Both times she was pictured with Robert.
They hung out.
Pubs. Concerts.
Where do you think she slept at night??  
2. Robert and Kristen have flown to 
NYC together.
I know some will say that they are 
just sharing a plane...
or some nonsense...
She doesn't HAVE to stay in NYC!
She's there...
He only has a few days in the States
before I'm sure he has to go back to London
and continue filming Bel Ami...
They are spending this time 
3. It's NOT coincidence.
It's not happenstance.
They are together
Because they want to be!

 4. And oh yeah...
even when the clingers begrudgingly
admit that maybe this 'miserable' couple
are possibly dating....
They have to pepper it with
"It won't last." 
(How long has it already been??) 
Is this the real life, is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality 
Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see 
Bye for now. 

Friday, February 26, 2010

Spending My Birthday With Rob and Kristen!

They say its your birthday.
Happy birthday to you.

It's my birthday.
And I don't say that to get people
to wish me a happy day...
I say that...
Because it's my fucking birthday
And I feel like writing anything I want.
I always write whatever I want.
But this time I can do it while eating CAKE!
(You remember the delicious cake
with all the icing? That one)

Should I feel like this today?
The sun is shining.
I didn't wake up dead.
I get presents.
And the walls of Robsten denial
are crumbling...
crumbling down.

Yeah... This is how I feel today.
Jumping for joy!
Eating yummy cake dripping with icing...
And enjoying all of the excuses.
of the people out there
who just cannot accept what is right in front of them.


1. Rob and Kristen are together in London.
This isn't the first time, either.
They have been seen out and about.
No pictures?
So what.
Does it really matter?
The sightings are coming fast and furious now.
You know it bugs the hell outta you.
It's fucking eating you up.

2. Not liking Kristen Stewart is your right.
You also have a right to your opinion.
But hating her?
Trashing her?
That's an opinion?
That's just sad.

3. People can keep saying that
Rob and Kristen are just 'friends'
Rob feels sorry for her because she
doesn't know anyone else in London.
Kristen is a lesbian
and Rob is helping her comes to grips with it.
Kristen is just using Rob because
he's the famous one now...
Rob is just using Kristen
because she's convenient.
Well hell...
Just make up shit as you go along!

Where's Robert?
Where's Kristen?
Oh yeah... TOGETHER.
And its not like this is the first time
oh no.
This is ALL the time.
Whenever they can be together...
They are.
If Rob were hanging with 
like he is with Kristen?
Of course they would be dating.
You can justify your hate for Kristen all you want.
If she wasn't WITH Robert...
You wouldn't give a shit about her.
You wouldn't have forums erected
just for the sole purpose of hating on her.
(and really... you are on the same side
as Perez. How fucking scary is THAT?)

And that concludes my birthday post.
I know its all been said before.
I know it will be said again.
I know that even if there were pictures
of Rob and Kristen making out in a pub...
There would be excuses and rationalizations
as to why Rob's lips were on Kristens.
I look forward to Robert and Kristen in NYC.
Will she be on the red carpet with Rob?
Probably not...
There will be after parties
and there will be sightings.
And there might be a picture of the 2 of them...
Bye for now.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Are Robert and Kristen going to NYC?

I want to talk about Remember Me.
There have been a lot of trailers released.
Typical Summit... Typical Overkill.
It's like with New Moon...
I feel like I've seen the whole damn movie!
But honestly?
The more I see...
The more I like.
Robert looks so damn beautiful in this movie.
And I know he's got a quiet determination
in his voice... his actions...
But Robert's face has always been a 
huge part of showing his emotions...
Of his acting.
That gorgeous face shows everything he's feeling.
I'm SO excited to see this movie.
To see Robert.

Is it March yet?

Some of the BEST pictures of Rob
are from the Remember Me set.

Do you think this movie will attract the teen fans
that all the Twilight movies do?
But I'm guessing there are so many
people who are actually fans of Edward first.
Who won't be interested in this.
Kinda hard to believe...
That's why its so important that this movie does well.
So people realize Robert isn't Edward.
There is more to him than the sparkly vampire.
(not that I don't love Edward... but you know what I mean)
As a fan of Robert...
I want EVERYthing he does to do well.
Because I want him to keep making movies
beyond the Twilight Saga.
I don't see me getting over him.
He owns me.
For life.

Ah yes.
I'm gonna guess that Rob and Kristen
will be traveling to the States together.
This weekend.
It just makes sense to me.
Rob has stuff going on...
Jimmy Fallon, The View, RM premiere
Kristen has Leno, Oscars, Runaways premiere
Will Kristen go to NYC with Robert?
I would like to think so.
Kristen haters are all up in arms
about her showing up at the RM premiere.
Of course she is just there riding his coattails.
Stealing his thunder.
How DARE she go to upstage RM!!!
How is it any different then when Emilie
showed up at the New Moon premiere?
Some people got all upset that she was there.
And the haters defended her right to be.
If it was OK for Emilie to be at NM
on the basis of working with Robert/Summit
and promoting RM 
Surely its OK for Kristen to be at RM
on the basis of working with Robert/Summit
And maybe...
because Robert WANTS her to be there?
Who the hell knows.
Maybe she won't show up.
But I hope she does.
I kinda think the relationship ball is 
rolling pretty good right now...
Why stop it?

Bye for now

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Robert and Kristen... So Sweet :)

 LOVE this picture.
It's SO nice to see Kristen smile.
It lights up her whole face!
This was taken yesterday in London.
She's still in London.
Oh and Rob is in London, too.
And there are all sorts of tweets and articles
talking about seeing Rob and Kristen
out and about.
It's kinda weird.
People don't believe anything unless there
is a PICTURE as proof.
And then when there IS a picture...
It either means nothing
("Big deal, I do that all the time with my friends")
it was STAGED.
("They are just messing with the fans.
Summit is making them do that...")
So does a picture really matter?
Doesn't seem like it...
 This is the only picture I have seen
of Robert and Kristen together in London.
It's good enough for me.
But then...
I don't need constant 'evidence' 
of their relationship.
It is what it is.
And if the last few months have taught us anything...
It's that Rob and Kristen have become
VERY good at avoiding cameras.
They have both flown in and out of London
without being detected.
That is an amazing feat.
They have managed to stay pretty much
out of the public eye since New Moon.
(give or take a couple of times... )

So basically...
NOT seeing pictures of Robert and Kristen
doesn't mean anything either.
Seeing isn't believing.
Not seeing isn't believing.
Kinda a no win situation...
So what do you believe?

Oh wait.
I pulled this one out again.
But this picture is what sealed the deal for me.
And the pictures that have followed?
Just icing on the "Robsten" cake.
Just the fact that Robert and Kristen
manage to be with each other 
EVERY damn chance they get.
More icing.
Dripping with it.
And guess what?
That cake is sooo sweet.
It tastes wonderful.
You should try it...
Unless luscious, divine cake isn't your thing?
I guess you can stick with your
Sour Grapes...
Bon Appetit!


Bye for now.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is Kristen Stewart a Fashion Icon?

Elle UK's Woman of the Year Award
Kristen won it.
She's having quite a week in London!

I'm no slave to fashion.
I just know what I like...
I actually relate more to Kristen
when she is wearing her jeans and t-shirts.
But she dresses up well.
And I'd say 9 out of 10 times...
She is brilliant with her wardrobe choices.
The dresses she wore on the NM press tour
were reason enough for her to win this award.
No "Daily Cling" today.

Not that there aren't zillions of 'stage 5' clingers out there.
That will never change.
Sometimes you just don't want to read
the constant negativity and bullshit.
Like an incessantly whiny buzz of a gnat.
There are times you just want to swat it...
But then you realize how minuscule and useless
the gnat really is...
It will be gone soon enough...
So why bother?
*For now, anyway :)*

There was a 'rumor' that Rob had spilled his guts
about his relationship with Kristen
to the SUN or some UK paper.
I didn't really pay attention to which one.
But come on.
No one REALLY believes that... right?
Like Rob is just going to talk about 
his relationship with Kristen all of a sudden?
Unless he was rip-roaring drunk
(which is a possibility, I suppose...
being drunk, not the talking)
But still...
I think most rational people know in their gut
if something is total bullshit or not.
It's kinda like on Twitter...
People just fucking make up shit.
And there is always someone who will believe it.
I could tweet
"Rob and Kristen spotted making out in the London Eye"
And although most would scoff...
(I hope)
There would be those few that would wonder
if there was any truth to it.
So OK.
Take Gossip with a grain of salt.
Take Twitter with a grain of salt.
Big grains.
Someone had a tweet that said
some Haters/Nonstens really did have a conscience
and a heart...
We KNOW that's not even close to true!

Kristen was just at the Burberry fashion show in London.
I watched the show online...
and I really enjoyed it.
I saw Kristen sitting next to Clare Danes
and who people were saying was Kate Hudson.
She was kicking her leg to the music...
I loved the fashion
and I can totally see Kristen wearing this stuff.
Good fun!

Bye for now.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The BAFTAS Brought Rob and Kristen Together!

So many lessons learned.
So much knowledge.
So much... denial?
You know what I'm talking about.

Let's start at the beginning.


1. She won the "Rising Star" award!
Some people can't even let her have that.
"It's a popularity contest".
Well... being NOMINATED was a huge honor.
That they thought her body of work was worthy
of being nominated for this award...
Says it all.
Kristen looked humble and overwhelmed.

2. I have to say it...
This wasn't Kristen's best night in appearance.
The dress was pretty... but ill fitting.
And while her face was gorgeous as always...
Her hair. Well... it didn't do anything for me
but that's also part of the reason I adore her.

3. There was an interview after she won the award...
Kristen looked emotional.
She looked like she was overwhelmed by 
winning this award...
Like she didn't feel she deserve it.
She is shy, nervous and awkward in public.
Often confused for 
aloof, distant and cold.
She deserved the award.
She has earned it.
I'm thrilled for her.

4. Rob on the red carpet.
OK. He looks pretty good...
He does.
I'm not feeling the hair.
Yeah, OK...
I know he's filming Bel Ami...
and I know he has the longer hair
and I don't have a problem with it.
Just the hunk hanging in his face.
Did Kristen and him use the same stylist?
Very similar hair...
Kinda the just showered (together)
better get ready kinda look.

5. Who the hell am I kidding?
Robert is sexy and beautiful as ever!

Was it raining in London?
Low flow showers?
Now that I think about it...
Not too many people had good hair.

6. The host of the BAFTAS?
I have no idea who he is.
But he was awful.
And not even close to funny.

7. I know that the BAFTAS is like the
British version of the OSCARS.
OK... cool.
But such a different production.
Oscars are all glitz and glamor...
Baftas were all business.
They had Robert.
In a tux.
And that is always a good thing.

Oh so much conversation about one picture.
I've been giggling and chortling all morning.

I thought I would share some of the Clings
that I have read this morning...
Ready? Cuz even though you've heard
most of this before...this gets kinda good.

Before there was a picture...

1. "Please. All this talk about them leaving 
the after party together. 
NO picture. NO proof.
There were cameras EVERYwhere.
There would be a picture if it were true."

2. "There is no way there is a relationship.
There weren't near each other all night.
Kristen looked miserable."
AFTER the picture.

3. "Who cares! I share cabs with friends
So what? Doesn't mean true love!"

4.  "That doesn't even look like Kristen.
Are you sure it is her?
I think her face was photo-shopped in..."
5. "Rob looks like he doesn't want
to be with her.
Kristen is so ugly."

6. "OK. So there is a picture.
So they did leave together.
Kristen doesn't know anyone else in London.
Rob is just making sure she got back to her hotel
safe and sound.
It's what friends do."

7. "Rob had to work this morning.
Kristen was probably tired.
That's why they left early.
9. "Thanks a lot for being discrete!
The relationship is DOOMED!"

10. "I don't care.
The shippers are crazy.
I don't care.
The shippers are crazy...
I don't care..."

You get the gist of it.
Does the picture MEAN anything?
I guess it means that Rob and Kristen
decided to leave a party... Together.
Because let's face it...
Whenever Robert and Kristen are in the same place
at the same time?
They are TOGETHER.
It's just a fact.
Kristen didn't have to hang out with Rob.
Rob didn't have to hang out with Kristen.
They do it...
Cuz they WANT to.
Might as well get used to it.
It's been happening again and again.
And again.
It keeps happening.
No amount of clings will change it.
Cling on.
Bye for now.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen- All Dressed Up With Somewhere to Go!

Is this what Robert will look like today?
All shiny and pretty?
The man dresses up real nice.
REAL. Nice.

It's like 4 pm over in England right now...
So I'm guessing they are getting all ready to go.
I can't wait to see him.
I can't wait to see Kristen.
I can wait for all the drama that inevitably surrounds them.
You have to admit it's entertaining
reading about people scrambling for an explanation
to every glance...
Every movement.
Every THING they do...
I'm gonna need some popcorn.
Will we get any pictures like this?
It would be nice.
Since we didn't get any pictures of them together
(and really... wtf is that about?)
At the New Moon premiere...
I'm not holding my breath.

I'm sure Kristen will look stunning.
Both Robert and Kristen...
All dressed up...
After parties.
Hotel Rooms.


Love this picture.
Here's hoping we have some to add from today.

Good Luck to Kristen Stewart
I hope she wins the award she is nominated for.
She deserves it.
All of the good things coming her way.
(including Robert)

Someone commented that I should
clarify what I say...
That I am only speculating.
Because SOME people will believe me
when I say that Rob and Kristen are together.
Couple of things.

1. I never claimed to be an inside source.
I write what *I* believe.
Everyone is free to their opinion.
Even if they don't agree with me.

2. I wish there was a sarcasm font...
Because it's pretty clear to me
that people can't decipher sarcasm.
At. All.
Oh well...
If you don't possess that ability.
If you don't have a fucking sense of humor about
all of this over the top drama
about 2 people dating?
Get. The. Fuck. Out.

The Daily Cling.

"I don't care if they are dating or not.
I don't think they are. But if they are
it means nothing to me.
Everyone else is delusional!
Everyone else is crazy!
I just hate  don't like Kristen Stewart.
I just don't like the way she looks.
The way she acts.
The way she dresses.
The way she talks.
The way that Robert is always around her.
I don't care! I don't care!
I'm not JEALOUS!
Now leave me alone so that I can post
a zillion more times about how much
I don't care!
I don't care!
I have to convince everyone that 
Do you believe me now?"

Cling on.
Bye for now.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Robert and Kristen at the BAFTAS

(Laura made this <3 )

There isn't much happening at the moment.
So I've decided to do my
Another example of the Haters clinging onto
some desperate scrap of bullshit.
Silly Cling-ons

"The reason Kristen is SO bitchy all the time?
Because she loves Rob way more than 
he cares for her.
He's basically just using her for sex.
He has his needs.
She's there and she's convenient.
That's all it is.
Friends with Benefits."

We've all heard this before.
Kristen's only use to Robert is sex.
I say...
Having someone come over to England
for New Years just for sex...
Surely someone like Robert Pattinson
has a plethora of women available to him.
Yet, he still manages to hang out with Kristen
Every damn chance he gets.
Cling to the edge...

Pleasure at the price of madness. 
With delusion their minds are full.
Damned to misery are those who
succumb to temptations pull.
Their lapse of control bleeds over onto all of us.
At risk to harm as they indulge themselves.
The floor beneath crumbles into dust.
Screams of the wretched cut silent.
As they submerge into the cesspools depths.
I cling
to the edge battered by the torrent 
of disease that rages past.
Of disease that rages past.
Of disease that rages past.
Of disease that rages past.
I cling, I cling to the edge.
(Earth Crisis- Cling to the Edge)

I adore Robert Pattinson.
But this picture is a bit... strange for me.
Maybe I'm just fucking jealous
that the model got to put her damn fingers
in his gorgeous, floppy mop of hair.
Can you imagine what that would feel like?
I mean, seriously...
Rob pulls his fingers through his own hair
all the time.
Even he likes the way it feels!

Can't wait until the BAFTAS!
Rob + Tux = Fuck.Me.Dead.
Yeah... that's what Kristen says!

Tune in tomorrow
for another Daily Cling!

Bye for now.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kristen and Robert - Reunited and it Feels SO Good!

Kristen at the 'Yellow Handkerchief' premiere.
Gorgeous as always.
While some may have you believe that
Kristen is just riding on Rob's popularity...
That she doesn't have anything going on.
I beg to differ.
Yellow Handkerchief
The Runaways
Welcome to the Rileys
The girl has been busy.
And I'm so loving all the pictures of her
with Eddie and the cast...
looking all happy and glowing.
She's adorable.

So yeah...
Kristen is a busy girl.
Promoting 4 films.
Flying over to England for the BAFTAS
Presenting at the Oscars.
Truly... no one likes Kristen Stewart.

Is this what it will look like
when Robert picks Kristen up at the airport?
*wink wink nudge nudge*
People are getting their knickers all twisted
about Kristen and Robert being in the same place
They are pulling up the damn seating chart
at the Baftas to make sure Robert isn't
sitting next to Kristen.
And good gracious...
They hope that Rob isn't the one who will
be presenting the award to Kristen
(if she wins it)
And let's not forget
"The award that Kristen is up for 
isn't even a REAL award. It means nothing"
Whatever helps you sleep at night.
And please let the whole
Dog/emotional connection bullshit go...
(that's my new word for the haters)
Rob made that comment while Kristen
was probably sleeping in his bed that morning.
Cling to that!

I'm looking forward to the BAFTAS
and seeing Rob and Kristen all dressed up
with plenty of places to go (together)
I have a feeling that the above picture
will be played out...
over and over again...
Except it won't be Edward and Bella.

Bye for now.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert and Kristen... Kiss Like This.


What can I possibly say?
I absolutely love Robert's face in this pic.
I would like to imagine Robert from
the point of view of the model.

Sweet Kristen.
Look at that wonderful smile!
And that arm belongs to Sean Penn.
He's about to hug her.
She worked with Sean.
Sean obviously likes Kristen.
Have you ever heard someone she worked with
say a bad word about Kristen?
People that actually KNOW Kristen...
seem to really like her.
Imagine that.

Is kissing with your mouth open
(and possibly some tongue)
Something a director tells you to do?
Do you have a choice about HOW to kiss a co-star?
Like say...
You don't really get on with this person...
Do you kiss them like this?
Just wondering...

Bye for now.