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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Private Practice

Ignore the man behind the curtain...

Just having fun...

I know.
It's a Pap picture.
Let's face it... 90% of the pics out there are Pap pics.
But there are degrees...
At least to me.

1. The Paps are clearly not in their faces...
shouting nasty shit at them.

2. Kristen and Rob both are smiling.

3. This pic suits my purpose.

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Do you see a clingy famewhore...
desperately holding on to their "15 minutes" of celebrity?
Do you see someone who deliberately called the paps?
Do you see a couple who are frantically trying to overcome
the popularity of Hunger Games??


Do you see Robert and Kristen...
Hanging out with friends
Having a smoke and a few laughs?

Keep digging...

Some people would have you believe that 
Rob and Kristen
going out with friends...
whether it be to a concert
out to dinner
or someones video shoot...
is flaunting their relationship in our faces...
that these 'private' people are anything but.

But lets take a look at what private means... OK?

Rob belongs to Kristen... publicly and privately.

1. belonging to some particular person: private property.
(Kinda like how Rob belongs to Kristen and vice-versa)

2. pertaining to or affecting a particular person or a small group of persons;
 individual; personal: for your private satisfaction.
(Kinda how their personal lives... shouldn't affect yours)

3. confined to or intended only for the persons immediately concerned;
 confidential: a private meeting.
(To whom it may concern... Not you)

4. personal and not publicly expressed: 
(Personal. Private. Not Public)

Yes. This is the way he always looks at her.

People often screech that Rob and Kristen
don't REALLY want to keep their lives PRIVATE
because they keep showing up together...
doing stuff together.
But what is privacy?
Do you expect them to just hide away 
in a basement somewhere
(where a lot of the screechers live)
and never go out...
Never do anything?
Private is not talking about their relationship.
Private is not flaunting it.
(Case in point... Nikki Reed)

What would you sell out your wedding pics for?

People are confused.
Or stupid.
Or both.
Probably both.

Rob and Kristen have both stated that they
will not discuss their relationship.
They don't.
They don't stop and smile for the cameras
while on their PRIVATE time.
But that doesn't mean they will never go anywhere
or do anything together.
They will still live their lives.
They will.
They do.
And guess what?
They do it...
are you ready for this?



Get fucking USED to it already.

He will be her man.

Couple of thoughts.

1. All this bullshit talk about Rob ruining his career.
Based on... what exactly?
Do you know what he is doing?
Who he is talking to?
Maybe he's working on his music.
Maybe he's taking his time deciding
what to do next.
Just maybe...
He has earned the right to take his time
and do what he wants.

2. Want to hear something REALLY funny?

Ninnies actually believe...
I mean. Seriously.
That not only do Rob and Kristen read their toxic waste
But that when Ninnies suggest something...
Rob and Kristen DO it!

So Kristen wearing Rob's hat the other night?
Or hanging out with Kristen's friends?
We can thank the Ninnies for that!

Oh My.
And you know...
I don't doubt that someone somewhere
is out there keeping tabs on what fucked up Ninnie bullshit
is out there.
It's good to know your enemies... isn't it?
And that's what it comes down to
Make no mistake about it...
Rob despises them.
He's made that clear.
Any good decent man would.
Who would EVER for one moment
side with vicious, hateful, lying harpies
whose only purpose is trashing and hurting 
someone you love?

3. I'm going to see HUNGER GAMES today with
some girlfriends.
It wasn't my idea... but I'm looking forward to it.
I've read the first two books now...
and almost done with the third.
They are good books.
But they did NOT affect me like Twilight.
Not even close.
And I admire the Katniss character...
she is strong and brave.
And guess what?
I like Jennifer Lawrence too!
But I don't get the lame competition.
Totally different stories.
Totally different actors.
Just totally different.
Just because its a 'Young Teen' trilogy
and it stars a young beautiful girl?
And honestly...
Why must people trash Twilight to like Hunger Games?
You can like both...
Or you don't have to like any of them.
It's not a prerequisite to hate Bella to like Katniss.
People are lame.
It's just another rather obvious excuse
to hate on Kristen.
And Twilight.
I'm glad Hunger Games is doing so well.
But if people think it impacts
Rob and Kristen in any way?
They will be disappointed.

To each their own.
I say go forth and prosper.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

This is who Robert fell in love with...

4. Rob and Kristen are only going out to be seen
because Hunger Games is doing SO well at the box office!

Isn't the BD2 teaser trailer in front of Hunger Games?
Aren't they from the SAME company now?
Is having some grainy pap pics of Rob and Kristen 
standing around with friends...
REALLY considered promo nowadays?
In what universe?

Laughing AT you... Not with you.

5. I don't even have the energy for a 5.
Laughing takes a lot out of you... you know?
I do know that the only 'clingers' 
in this scenario 
are the people desperately clinging to
Exit Strategy
Damage Control

They can see the writing on the wall

Robert loves Kristen loves Robert
They just refuse to read it.

6. Tom Sturridge.
Of course.
I always talk about him.

I miss Shaggy and Scrappy... a lot.
I adore Thomas Sturridge.
I can't help it.
It's just one of those things.
Those things I do.

So in closing...

This post is brought to you by one of my
all time favorite movie quotes.

"Everything seems like nothing to me now, 
'cause I want you in my bed.
 I don't care if I burn in hell. I don't care if you burn in hell. 
The past and the future is a joke to me now.
 I see that they're nothing.
 I see they ain't here. 
The only thing that's here is you - and me." 

It's from Moonstruck.

The only thing that's here...
is you-- and me.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Friday, March 23, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- March Madness

What can I possibly say about this?

You got me Cosmopolis.
You got me.
Just show Robert walking...
I'm all in.

I just had to comment on all the wonderful
ongoing Robert and Kristen goodness
we have been getting this month.
March Madness... INDEED!!

The teaser trailer was just that...
But the imagery
The music.
Seeing Rob become this brutal man...
Who appears not to care about anything
was mesmerizing.
He obviously goes places he's never gone before...
(and now I sound like a Star Trek voice over)
And that is beyond fascinating.
A lot of people get all up in the fact that Rob 
just might get naked...
But I think he is anyway
with or without his clothes on.
And that is worth watching.

Snow White and the Huntsman.
I already talked about this trailer.
I loved it.
Being physical and brave...
That suits Kristen.
She's beautiful... yet tough.
And the scene where one of the dwarfs says:

" You have eyes, Huntsman, but you do not see.
She is destined to end the darkness."

That got to me.
The whole thing did.
I feel like that quote could be about Kristen.
So many look at her...
But do not SEE her.


Bel Ami.

Another movie where Robert steps away from Edward.
It's good to see that look in his eyes...
The look of disgust.
The look of someone who knows what they want
and goes after it.
Any movie role where Robert can stretch his wings...
and show the world he is more than just
a brooding vampire...
Is proof that there is more to him
than just his floppy hair
and strong jawline...
You can see it all 
if you look in his eyes.

I know this isn't a 'real' poster.
But I like it...
So it will do.

There was a teaser for the BD2 teaser trailer.
It was mere seconds.
Just enough to get you all wondering
and hopeful...
Glimpses of Bella.
But guess what?
I still am way
excited for this movie.
It's not like the other movies 
that Rob and Kristen have coming out...
And that's the point, isn't it?
To have a variety of roles...
To change and grow.
I still love Edward and Bella.
And I'm more excited for this movie
than any other...
I remember
Sitting in the theater
Watching the end of Breaking Dawn 1...
And you see Bella's eyes open.
And they are red.

Cut to black.
I remember my stomach falling to my feet
knowing I would have to wait a year.
to see Vampirella.
A year to see Edward and Bella as equals.
to see the happily ever after.
But I will be there.
You can count on that.

And I saved the BEST for last.
In terms of movie posters...
Definitely the BEST.


**Deep Breath**


It's about fucking time that face was on a poster.
I mean...
And THAT FACE with glasses?
I need to catch my breath again...
Oh sweet sweet Thomas.
And I know I've discussed this before...
But those lips.
And that's all I will say.
(I bet he's good at pouting... probably always gets his way)

I want Tom to have such success.
I want people to see this movie and really want
to know more about him.
Maybe watch some of his other stuff...
Maybe read some of his interviews.
Tom is quiet.
Tom is serious.
But when you see him with Robert...
or his friends...
He's all kinds of smiley.
And when he smiles?
It lights up his eyes...
his whole incredible face.
And honestly...
The boy can act.
Wait and see.
Oh yes...

looks AMAZING too...
I mean...
It's fucking Kerouac.

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes "Awww!”

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.”

And finally...
This isn't a movie poster...
But it could be.
"Robert and Kristen in Love"

I love the look on both of their faces...
She looks... smug.
(He IS mine.)
Cuddled up to Rob's back...
Her arms tightly around him.
Holding on.
He looks... sure.
(She IS mine.)
Sure of his love for that girl.
Sure that she is safe...
Sure that wherever the road leads
They will be together.
As always.

You can love all of these movies...
You don't have to trash one to like another.
I'm sure Robert and Kristen
want ALL of these movies to do well.
And never forget...
That if it wasn't for Edward
(And yeah... I do remember Cedric)
Rob wouldn't have this amazing career.
Edward opened up a lot of doors for Rob.
It showed him to the world.
The world LOVED him
And wanted to see more of him.

And of course...
Like I said the other day...
Edward led Robert to Kristen.
And look how happy he is now.
In love.

This post is brought to you by proposals.

They do.

Until next time.

Bye for now

The future's so bright...
I gotta wear shades.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rob and Kristen- Isn't It Lovely?

Hunger Games! Twilight!

I have this girlfriend.
(really... I do)
She is an avid reader like myself.
She is the only 'real life' friend who shares my
love of all things Twilight.
So she calls me the other day and asks if I want 
to go see "The Hunger Games" when it comes out this weekend.
She read the books.
Now... I've seen LOTS of THG talk online.
My Twitter Time-Line is always full of it.
My emails are forever comparing THG books to Twilight.
You see the supposed 'fight' between Jennifer Lawrence
and Kristen...
It's endless.
I've stayed away from getting involved in any 
of THG fandom.
Seriously... who needs more lunatic fringe?
And I hadn't read the books...
Until now.

The only competition is in your head.

I read "The Hunger Games"
and I'm 1/2 way through "Catching Fire"
And yeah...
THG was a good book.
And I'm hearing great things about the movie.
And yeah...
I will go see it with my girlfriend
and I will probably like it.
See how that works?
You can like BOTH series of books/movies!
And you want to know something else?
I loved the Harry Potter Books/Movies Too!!!
How could I??

I don't get the big 'competition' with Hunger Games.
At all.
Now... granted...
I haven't read all the books yet in the trilogy...
They aren't anything like Twilight.
At all.
At least for me.
Don't get me wrong...
Katniss is an incredible character.
I love her.
And while there is a love triangle
with Peeta and Gale...
(and hell... Liam Hemsworth is all kinds of cute)
The books are good in their own way.
Not in a Twilight way.
Not to me.

This picture of Robert sealed the deal for me...

It was Edward that drew me into Twilight.
It was Robert's Edward that made me see the movies...
And Again.
It was Edwards thoughts...
His feelings.
And I love that Edward is a vampire.
I have a thing for vampires.
It was Robert's goofy charm and wit.
His complete adorkably sweet self
It was all of it.
(And let's not discount how incredibly gorgeous 
Edward and Robert are...)
But it was mostly Edward.
He made me fall in love with these books.
I can't tell you how many times I've read them.
It was Edward that drew me to Fan Fiction...
Because I wanted to read about Edward/Bella
beyond the Twilight restrictions.

And it was Edward that led me to Robert Pattinson.
And all these years later...
I'm still intoxicated.
And no other book character has ever affected me like Edward.
And no other actor...
(With the possible exception of Tom Sturridge)
Has ever knocked me off my feet like Robert.
It's still perplexing to me.
So no...
Hunger Games didn't do that for me.
It's still Edward.

And of course....
Twilight also brought Kristen to Robert.
Or Robert to Kristen.
Either way...
They found each other.
And it has been fun
(and often amusing)
taking the journey through this fandom...
and following Rob and Kristen's relationship
and seeing them fall in love.
In. Love.

What have we learned?

1. You can be a fan of more than one book series at a time.

2. Other than a love triangle... I see no real similarities
between a book about a girl who falls in love with a vampire...
and a girl who is fighting for her life in a post apocalyptic world.

3. I adore Kristen Stewart.
But I really like Jennifer Lawrence as well.
I saw her on Letterman last night...
And she was all hyper and silly
and admits that's how she gets when she is nervous.
Very cute.
They are two different personalities...
Both beautiful and talented.

4. Whether Hunger Games does well at the box office or not
(And I assume it will)
will NOT affect Robert and Kristen's relationship.
Comparing Kristen and Jennifer
will NOT affect Robert and Kristen's relationship.
Why would it?
Robert made his choice long ago...

Is it possible that I miss that damn hat of Tom's?

Marcus Foster was on Fallon last night.
He was really pretty damn good.
The boy can sing.
And you know what else?
He looks better 'live' than he does in pictures.
Not sure why that is...
But he fucking rocked on Fallon.
I will admit...
I don't follow the other 'Britpackers' around.
Bobby Long
Sam Bradley
I've heard them all play
And they are very good.
Like Rob.
(Why doesn't Tom sing??)

I will be honest here and admit that I probably never
would have even heard of them
if it hadn't been for Rob.
And I'm sure a lot of their fans are because of Rob.
But that's OK.
Because they really are a talented bunch of guys.
And it's good that they are getting heard.
And imagine...
One day...
Seeing Rob on stage with any of them
All of them.
Now THAT would be a show.

I miss shaggy and scrappy do....

And Robert was photographed yesterday...
coming out of an office or something.
I don't know.
The pictures were shitty as hell.
All grainy.
Even though there were a few walking pics...
(and you KNOW how I love me some of those)
I just couldn't post them here.
Robert walking is always good stuff...
But you want to SEE him
You know?

Walking AND a cigarette...

So I got a bit nostalgic...
And decided to add a couple of my faves...

and this one?

Suit. Sunglasses.Smile.Swagger.

One of the BEST ever.

And come on....
Don't you feel better now?
How about one more?

Fingers in his mouth...
Being adorkable.
And that little triangle of tummy.
How cute is that??
You KNOW you feel good now!

Haven't done that in a while.

So natural...

Final Thoughts.

1. I can only hope that all the people who are hating
on Twilight and Kristen/Rob at the moment
will get the fuck outta Dodge

and get into The Hunger Games!
Go join that fandom.
The people who are SO disappointed in Rob
for following his heart
(and aww... it didn't lead to YOU
What a shame)
The people who are toxic and relentless in their
hatred of Kristen
(and awww... He still didn't pick YOU)
The people who seem to think comparing
actors from other book/movie series
is somehow going to change anything
(and awww... He will still love Kristen!)
Go to The Hunger Games fandom!
You might even have a day or two
before they get sick of your creepy ass.


2. Dare I ask where Tom Sturridge is?
Should I just be happy to post a picture or two
and leave it at that?
Because every time I ask...
I receive.
I do.
And then I see Tom alright...
Being all snuggly and happy with Sienna
Who is looking all glowing and lovely...
Let's wait and see.

But I do adore Thomas.
SO much.
I could say more.
But maybe another time.

And another picture
Because it's my blog
and I can.
So there.
Nanner Nanner.


I love that Robert and Kristen are in love.
Maybe I feel like I've been there from the beginning...
I've gotten to see them fall for each other
And finally succumb to their hearts true desire.
It's been an interesting journey.

I look forward to the next step...
and seeing Rob and Kristen continue down their chosen path

Until then...

Bye for now

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear George: Rob and Kristen. No Matter What.

He's laughing on the inside. Really.

Dear George,

     It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm sorry for not writing sooner...
There is much to talk about. Laugh about, really. 

Yes. I'm pointing at YOU.
Where do I start, George? Where?
Hmmm. Let's see...

Welcome to the jungle!
 How about this picture, George?
Recognize the shirt Kristen is wearing under her jacket?
Take a closer look George...
I know you don't usually notice these types of things.
But here's a hint...

Another day... another shirt.

And what was the hub-bub all about?
Some of the reactions,  George...

1. Kristen desperately needs attention so 
she wears Rob's clothes.

2. I'm sure both Rob and Kristen got the same shirt
from... Cincinnati?

3.  Kristen just goes out and buys duplicates
of everything Rob owns.

4. I wear my friends clothes ALL THE TIME
it doesn't mean anything.

What do you think George?
Any of those 'reasons' sound logical?

A. The only people who really notice that Kristen
is wearing Rob's clothes would be people in the fandom.
While the average person might notice the sweatshirt
(Kristen has become a fashion icon of sorts... so her clothes get noticed)
Most would never connect it to Robert.
Kristen is out promoting her HUGE movie SWATH right now.
Does she NEED more attention?

B. Oh George.
That people are so UPSET
(I'm sure you can hear the whining)
over shared clothing is hilarious.
And to actually think that Kristen goes out and buys
copies of Rob's shirts...
They don't share clothes. NO!!!
Well.. George...
It's beyond comprehension.

Bottom line, George?

Kristen and Robert share everything.

And the thing is, George...
That sweatshirt looks a bit smallish on Robert.
(Look at how short the sleeves are.)
It's very possible that it is
in fact
Kristen's sweatshirt.
And Robert is the one who borrowed it.
We all know that has happened before, George


Rumor has it that this was Kristen's T-shirt
(or perhaps her brothers...)
Winky. Winky.

So it's not the first time they have worn each
others clothes.
Nor will it be the last time.
It only cements the fact that they have 
access to each others wardrobe.
You know...
Like people do when they LIVE TOGETHER.


Mirror. Mirror. On the wall... Whose the fairest of them all?

There were SWATH trailers and videos released
Kristen and Charlize have been giving interviews...
It's been a plethora of Kristen goodness.
And I keep watching the extended trailer, George.
There is even a part in it that makes me a bit... weepy.
I mean...
It's only a fucking trailer, George...
5 hurried minutes.
And I'm already all involved and anxious
and want to see what happens next.
Charlize Theron is a goddess.
She's not only gorgeous...
But she is witty and charming and you can tell
she is looking out for Kristen...
Perhaps helping her out when she gets a bit shy.
They are the perfect team.
Brilliant casting.
Kristen looks amazing.

Go here

To watch the videos and trailers
and get all the good Rob and Kristen pictures.
Brilliant blog.

I just want to keep what's MINE.

And finally, George.
The desperate Hunger Games comparison.
Some people want Kristen to fail so badly.
They will compare her to anyone they think will do 'better'.
So now the hateful will latch onto Jennifer Lawrence.
Perhaps she will save them.
So they go on and on about how much better she is.
In every conceivable way.
And believe you me, George...
I have nothing against JL
She's young and gorgeous and talented
Just like Kristen.
But people are trying so hard to make it a fight...
A competition.
Like it matters to Robert.
Guess what?
No matter what they say about JL...
and no matter how well THG does in theaters...
It's not going to alter Robert's feelings for Kristen.
He's still going home to her every night.
He's still flying to Paris to be with her.
He's still smiling that smile only for her.
And she still is in his arms...
Whether you prefer JL or not.
Because Rob has made his choice.
It's Kristen.
It's always been Kristen.
She wins.
No matter what.

So last but not least...

This letter is brought to you by my complete
adoration of Thomas Sturridge.

Good Lord.

And by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Whom I love and adore
and knowing they are happy together...
Makes me happy.


Thanks George... 
For listening.
You are a wonderful stuffed dog.
And a great listener.

Until next time.

Bye for now