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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Good, The Bad... The Crazy.

It's been a while, hasn't it?
Need to catch up on the fandom hijinks?
 I do.

How about the GOOD
and the CRAZY?

Let's start with Crazy...
always the most entertaining.

JELLY BEAN was born!
Imagine that!!
Rob and Kristen
had another invisible baby!
I mean if you are going to have a 2nd fake baby
invisible is the way to go.
Invisible poopy diapers.
Invisible 2am feedings.
Invisible crying.

And you can travel all over the world
and never have to worry about babysitters!

Here is a picture of Kristen
taken at the end of May 2015
(Could her stomach BE any flatter?)

Supposedly she is heavily pregnant
(over 8 months)
and ready to deliver...
I guess being invisible pregnant
is a plus too!!
No stretch marks.
No weight gain.
No discomfort.
No labor!!
Lucky Kristen!

So far we have a Sweet Pea
And now a Jelly Bean...

What's next?
Peach Pit?

 Little Pumpkin Seed?

I know!!!
Since the Baby Brigade are convinced
the next one will be a boy...
(The "CUZ" magically seems to know this)
And they also seem to have this food obsession...
How about...
They can call him BB for short!
The bouncing baby boy!

 How about some BAD (and some crazy)?

 You've all seen the 'interview' by now.
Kristen's mom Jules Stewart
Was supposed to be interviewed about her wolf project.
And amazingly...
Completely unexpected 
(Please read with major sarcasm)
The talk turned to Kristen.
And her sexuality.
And her millions.
And her relationships.
After it was posted...
Jules denied ever mentioning Kristen.
The reporter made a huge deal about her 'integrity'
(which she obviously never had)
And made claims about proving Jules talked about Kristen.
And then...
No proof.
Who is the liar?
Kinda moot at this point... Isn't it?
It's like pulling out the knife
After stabbing someone...
'Oops sorry!'
But the wound is still there.
Here's the thing...
What was annoying about this whole situation
wasn't Kristen's sexuality.
It's 2015
Why is it even a topic?
Why is it a big deal?
Why was it mentioned at all?
What is irritating is that either Jules
Used her daughter to garner more attention...
Or the reporter used Kristen to garner more attention.
Either way...
It's Kristen being used
and her personal business being talked about...
when there was NO REASON to bring her up.
And that is bullshit.
There wasn't anything shocking or horrible
being said in the article
Kristen isn't hiding her life from anyone...
She's too busy living it to give a fuck
what other people think.
But it's the fandom hyenas who have to

Rip and tear at everything Kristen does...
Even when she hasn't done anything.
They were the most vocal in supporting
this supposed writer...
(of course they were)
They debated the topic for days
And they defended the writer
(and then quickly backtracked)
And as usual they were 
Don't they have other things to focus on?
(Like Rob or his current girlfriend perhaps?)
I mean...
If you want to believe in this interview
Then don't forget that Jules also said...

"She’s still friends with her ex-boyfriend 
and she’s moving forward."

I guess that would shoot down the 
'Rob and Kristen hate each other' theories...

 Bottom line?
This whole drama isn't Kristen's issue.
It's the people who want to poke their noses
Somewhere it doesn't belong
Making assumptions on things they know nothing about.
And people using Kristen's star power
To get attention for themselves.
It seems the whole point of the interview 
was about Kristen all along.
 And That just fucking sucks.


Here is Kristen the same night all this 
Bullshit drama was taking place.
Speaking at 'Women in Film' in L.A.
Looking radiant and happy...
Focused on her work
And not giving a single fuck 
what some online assholes think about her life.
She's doing just FINE.
(And that pisses the hyenas off... Big time)
Better than fine...
Fucking GREAT.
Thank you very much.


 A trailer for Queen Of The Desert.
There's not a lot of Rob...
But what you see looks good.
And I have to admit it was wonderful hearing
him speak with his normal accent.
I've missed hearing his voice.
I'm not usually one for 'epic' type films
but of course
for Robert Pattinson
I will always make an exception.


Drake Doremus tweeted:
"Mixing EQUALS this week!"

Can we have a YAY?

And just who do those fingers...
who are caressing Kristen's face...
Belong to?

Mayhaps those fingers be these fingers?
That belong to that guy...
with that FACE?
(Talk about GOOD)

I cannot tell you how badly I need this movie
Must. Have. NOW.

And guess what?
Who da thought in this fandom??

LIFE Stills.
How adorable is Rob with the little boy?
How wonderful is the smile that lights up his face?
How anxious am I to see this movie?
When will we ever get a damn trailer?
Why does Rob look so good in a suit and tie?
So many questions.
Never any answers.
Such is LIFE.

This post is brought to you by
my endless adoration
Thomas Sturridge.
Always GOOD

He was there from day one.
Imagine the stories he could tell.
Not that he ever would.

"I don't talk about my friends behind their back."

“When you agree to be interviewed,
it’s an opportunity to review your own moronic-ness” he says.
“It’s OK if I come across as a complete idiot,
 but it’s not fair for me to describe or refer to anyone else.
 Anyone can be tainted by my mention of them”

Anyone that has Tom as a friend...
is very lucky indeed.

Until next time.

Bye for now.