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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Six Degrees of Robsten

It's becoming dangerous to be a Robsten fan lately.
I find myself being verbally attacked
Just because I happen to like
Rob and Kristen together.
Yeah... really.
And I find it so ridiculous that
I need to defend myself...
Because of an opinion.

There are degrees to Robsten...
Let's say...
Six degrees to Robsten...

6. If you a Six... You don't really give a rats ass
who the hell Rob dates.
In fact, you don't really give a shit about Rob.
You just think he's cute.

5. Fives are undecided.
They feel intrusive if they have an opinion...
It's none of their business who Rob dates.
At least that's what they keep telling themselves...

4. Fours are accepting.
They aren't actually fans of Robsten...
And they aren't really fans of Kristen...
But they love Rob...
And will try to give her a chance.

3. Threes are wary...
They like Robsten...
But are scared something bad is going to happen
and then the movies will be ruined.
Or the chemistry will be lost...
They worry that Rob's heart will be broken...
Or that Kristen will change him somehow.

2. Twos are giddy.
They thoroughly enjoy all Robsten has to offer.
The pictures of Rob and Kristen together...
The gossip and innuendo that surrounds them.
Twos are so happy with their Robsten...
That they can accept opposing opinions with a smile.
Twos just like to see Rob's smile when he is with Kristen.
Twos are happy when Rob is happy.

1. Ones are scary.
Robsten or Nonsten...
The determined Robsten
who will say anything...
Twist any story...
To make their point.
The delusional Nonsten
who insists no matter the evidence...
That there IS no Robsten.
Ones stalk Rob.
Ones threaten Kristen.
Ones threaten opposing viewpoints.
Ones write emails to blog and websites
verbally attacking people.
Ones cannot separate fantasy...
from reality.

I think I'm a Two.
I enjoy Robsten.
I have fun with Robsten.
I love Rob. I love Kristen.
I love Rob and Kristen together.
But I would still love each of them apart...
Either way.

I'll be honest here...
The most important part of Robsten to me?


He's the reason I'm here.
And no matter what path his love-life travels...
I will still be here.

Bye for now

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Edward Is The Cure...


It's never a good thing to start
a post with a heavy sigh.

1. Here's a picture of Rob
leaving a restaurant.
He looks like I feel.
I hate seeing pictures of him like this.
It makes me sad.
It makes me protective.

It's a double edged sword.
I want to see him.
I don't want him to be harassed and stalked.
Can't win without losing.

2. There was a Kristen sighting on set.
It wasn't a great picture.
Her hair looked... interesting.
I hope everything turns out OK.

We have seen Robert
out and about...
I'm kinda needing to see Kristen, too...
Preferably in Rob's company.
Holding hands...
In his arms...
On his lap.

I want to see them smiling at each other.
Those happy, beautiful smiles...
That they save just for themselves.
I need to see them happy.

3. Sorry if this post is a bummer.
It's cloudy.
It's rainy.
It's maybe 50 degrees.
It's August.
Definite Vampire weather lately.

Seeing Edward
would make all of this go away.
Edward is the cure
to everything that ails me.


Bye for now

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You...

Well there you have it.
Pictures of Robert Fucking Pattinson.
The famine is over...
Well... it was really just a snack...
A nibble...
Not really a meal...
But enough to make us happy.
A handful of pictures.
The first from the set of Eclipse.
One in the back of a car (looking miserable, I might add)
And a few of him walking from his trailer.
(But he was smiling... and that's a good thing)

Good Fucking Grief.

The anxiety. The anticipation.
The actual PAIN I went through yesterday.
Twitter was... well... tweeting like crazy
about these pictures all damn day.
And while I was happy to see him...
Looking very Edwardly...
(And fuck me dead... it was Edward.)
Looking fucking sexy hot as always...
I didn't like how my very emotions
seemed to be controlled by him.

How does that happen?
How the fucking hell did I get on this train...
that keeps barreling at break neck speed...
crashing through any barriers that used to be my life?

I used to be a wife and mother.
I used to be a best friend and sister.
I used to read real books...
I used to have other interests.

Now I'm just ROBsessed.
My happiness...
My very existence...
Seems to teeter precariously...
On where Robert Pattinson is...
What he looks like...
What he's wearing...
And who he is with.
(and we all know who he is with... heh)

And do you wanna know the strangest part?
Well... one of the strangest...
There are so many weird things to pick from.
I truly believe that I am in love with Rob.

I've tried not to be.
Believe me.
I've tried to step away...
I've tried to not care...
I've gone days without Robert...
But it doesn't matter.
My heart won't let go of him.
Even though my head is screaming...


My heart won't budge.
It stubbornly clings to this addiction...

My heart wants what it wants.

I am completely owned by
Robert Pattinson.


Bye for now

Thursday, August 27, 2009

When You're Gone, How Can I Carry On?

Where are those happy days,
they seem so hard to find
I try to reach for you,
but you have closed your mind
Whatever happened to our love
I wish I understood
It used to be so nice,
it used to be so good
So when you're near me,
darling can't you hear me
The love you gave me,
nothing else can save me
When you're gone (when you're gone)
How can I even try to go on
When you're gone (when you're gone)
Though I try how can I carry on

I'm going through severe withdrawal.
Yeah... sure... at first I laughed about it...
Boldly stating how happy I was that Rob
was getting some peace and quiet.
But who the hell am I trying to kid?
It's been like... 2 weeks? Months?
I can't even remember anymore.

Let's face it.
I'm sad.
I miss him.
It actually hurts to think about him.

I just need to see him.
Just one little picture?
I need to know he is OK.
I'm not asking much, am I?
A brief glimpse...

That face.
That smile.
That hair.
I have to see him.
I want to see him.
Every fiber in my body is screaming for him.
Just one little hit of Robert?
A little one.
That's all I am asking for...
I promise that will be enough.
I will do anything to to see him again...

I don't usually pray for this sort of thing...
Can you let me know that Robert is OK?
Can you just let me look at his beautiful face...
Maybe watch him walk...
Let me see what shirt he is wearing?
That's not a lot to ask... right?


This is so hard.
I'm not sure how much more of this I can take.
My head hurts.
My heart aches.

I need Robert Pattinson.
I do.

Addiction is tough.

When you're gone...
Though I try
How can I... carry on?

Bye for now

(Lyrics for SOS belong to ABBA)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Are You Talking To Me??

I usually post in the morning.
I'm all groggy and bitchy...
and the words seem to spew forth effortlessly...

It's 2:30pm.

I had a very pleasant day with my BFF.
Talking... Shopping... Talking... Lunch... Talking.
I'm in a great mood.

Yet... I'm still feeling incredibly bitchy.
It's like this blog holds the key to my bitchy heart.


This eeny teeny tiny blog... has its share of critics.
And I'm honestly OK with that.
I don't expect to please everyone
(you got to please yourself).

But I wanted to address some emails
I have received lately.

1. "You do a bad job of keeping up with Rob news"
First off...
Blow me.
Second... This isn't a 'news' blog...
It's just a place for me to vent and rant
about my unrequited feelings for Robert Pattinson.
If you want constant updates and the latest
pictures and videos...
Go to ROBsessed.
They are the best.

2. "I get that you love Robsten, but just because I don't
agree with you doesn't make me a Twi-Twat."
I've never said that. EVER.
I actually like differing opinions...
It keeps things interesting.
But like I have stated before...
(and sometimes I wonder if people comprehend my words)
Twi-Twats are a special breed of Twilight Fan.
Delusional. Bitter. Jealous. Insane.
And dangerous.
Dangerous to Kristen and Rob...
These kind of fans make me worry for their safety.
I've seen a Twat up close and personal...
and believe me... its not pretty.
It's fucking scary.
It's best not to confront Twats yourself...
They are better left handled by professionals.

3. "You swear too much"
Fucking blow me.
I swear. It's how I express my feelings.
I don't mean to offend anyone...
but I'm not going to censor myself...
or write what I think people want to read.
Oh and fuck that noise.

4. "Kristen Stewart sucks and so do you"
What can I say?
I'm in good company.
I'm loving Kristen these days.
I know she would probably say something like...
"I don't fucking care what you think."
And I would just add...

First comes Denial
Then comes Anger.
Then comes Bitter Disappointment.

Get the fuck used to it.

Bye for now

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Thinking...

Day 10 (? I'm not sure... could be 10... could be 110)
of the Robert Drought of 2009.
(Is it still 2009?)

1. No Rob. At first I was kinda happy about it...
Selfishly it means that my heart beats normally...
My blood pressure remains in a safe zone...
And my stomach has stopped flip-flopping like a fish out of water.
But now I just want to see him again.
I want to see the "Eclipse" Edward...
Just a glimpse and I will be satisfied.
For now.

2. There was a recent release of some
unknown Rob photoshoot.
You know which one I am talking about.
The 'batman' pics... with Rob in previously unseen poses.
There is one in particular that caused quite an uproar...
Rob laying on his stomach, on some sort of fluffy rug...
Showing a bit of skin where his shirt pulled up by his ass.
Um. No.
Just fucking no.
That picture is ALL kinda wrong.
First, Rob laying on some bullshit rug
in some lame ass shit pose?
I don't see it.
Rob letting his ass crack be exposed in a pic?
I don't see it.
The whole lame ass pose in general?
I don't see it.
And whats with Rob's head?
It looks abnormally large for his body.
It looks like a badly done manip.
I've heard all the arguments as to why it is real.
I get it. I do.
But it looks fake to me.
It doesn't look like something Rob would do.
I guess time will tell.

3. Robsten.
You didn't think I couldn't NOT talk about them...
Did you?
It seems that even the die-hard Nonstens are starting
to realize that Rob and Kristen are together.
Oh sure... you still have your Twi-whores who will
never stop fighting the obvious...
Who will let their bitter jealousy sustain their lives.
But only medication will help those unfortunate people.
So sorry.

4. Nikki Reed has been seen dancing around Vancouver.
*gasp* What a surprise!
She cannot glom onto Kristen anymore...
So she has set her sights on... Elizabeth Reaser?
I'm truly sorry if you are a fan of Nikki's.
I mean... shes pretty and all...
But she's such a famewhore.
She attached herself to Rob and Kristen
and rode that horse for as long as she could.
She will take whatever she can get...
Her 15 minutes have to be close to being over.

5. Let's talk about Twitter.
I'm really loving it.
I didn't get it at first...
(and I'm still slowly figuring it out)
But it really is a lot of fun...
And there are some terribly cool people there.
Awesome people. Interesting people.
And man, the news about Rob just fucking flies on there.
Twitter is the place to be if you want to know
the latest news on all things Robert.
OK, some people give out Rob's locations...
And some people use it to stalk him...
But for the most part it fucking rocks.

Oh and theres this site...
called Cursebird...
"A real time feed of people swearing on Twitter."
I put my name in...
and this is what came up...

Rosesee swears like a Scottish Comedian
Ranked: 147,090th worldwide Swears: 21 Score: 94 of 100

A Scottish comedian? WhatTheFuck?
I know I can do better than that!
Fucking A.
94 of 100??
That's fucking bullshit!
I need to work on that bitch.
Big fucking time.


Bye for now

Monday, August 24, 2009

Do Dollmakers Hate Robsten?

Ah Yes.
The first... the original...
Pocket Edward.
Do you remember when this doll came out?
Everyone fucking hated it.
"It's strange looking"
"It doesn't look like Rob at all"
"They fucked up this doll!"
Yeah, yeah.
Now everyone including my cat owns one.
(To be honest, I don't own a cat,
but my dog wants to chew on him, does that count?)
PE is a star in his own right.
He has his own blogs, fansites, videos...
PE is in pockets everywhere!
I will admit that I wasn't all that keen on him at first...
But that didn't stop me from buying one immediately.
He's staring at me right now, in fact.

Um. OK.
A new PE.
This one with sunglasses.
That's cool.
They don't come off... but he looks more like Edward!
But Bella?
WhatTheFuck did they do to Bella?
It's like they beat the shit outta her
with a major ugly stick.
There's no way that doll resembles
in any remote way... Kristen Stewart.
It's like these guys really...
Fucking REALLY hate Bella/Kristen.
Yes, I own these dolls too...
But I tend to keep the Bella doll
out of sight (and blissfully out of mind).
The Tonner Dolls.
Did these people even see the movie?
Is that supposed to be Rob and Kristen?
The clothes they are wearing are fuck cool.
But... While Edward/Robert is odd...
Bella/Kristen is scary.
It's like they made her face out of Silly Putty...
and pulled and stretched the shit out of it.
And then put that on the doll...
So not cool.
And I don't have these dolls...
I wasn't going to pay $160 (each)
for ugly.

The Barbie version.
What's with Edwards hair line?
And although Bella isn't fuck ugly...
She's just...
She looks like a fucking Barbie doll.
No personality... no distinction.
Blah. Vanilla. Boring.
I suppose that's a step up from ugly.
The clothes look kinda cool...
And yeah...
I'm so buying these.

Look at this.
Someone (and I don't know who
I got this pic from Google)
finally likes Robsten.
These dolls actually look more like
Rob and Kristen.
The hair is fantastic...
The eyes... the lips...
They took the blah Tonner dolls...
and made them into
Edward and Bella.
These dolls I would gladly buy.
A real representation
of Robsten.
Bye for now

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Looking For Twilight

I was 'out of town' this past weekend...
Husband does that to me now and again.
Maybe its to get me away from Vampires...
I'm not sure.

But anyway.

Our place is located in the "North Woods".
Which basically means its in Northern Wisconsin.
But driving up there (it takes about 4 hours)
I noticed how much it looks like Forks does
in the Twilight movie.
We were smack dab
(Really? smack dab? When did I turn into my grandmother?)
in the middle of the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.
I kept expecting to see Edward running around
with Bella glued to his back...
Looking really cheesy and lame...

But alas... No.

The North Woods has 9 Indian Tribes
(and they have casinos... woohoo!)
So my chances of seeing a Jacob Black would
have been far greater.
If I ever had the need to look for Jacob...
Which I don't see happening anytime soon.

I decided to go out in search of Twilight...
And I found nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Oh sure... lots of red pickup trucks...
Lots of waving bears carved out of logs...
But no Twilight related anything.
No merchandise, no posters...
No Edward, No Bella.
I wonder if the movie was even shown here...
The local library did have one copy of the book.
And it was there. Right next to "New Moon", "Eclipse"
and "Breaking Dawn"... all available.
I found myself asking anyone I could if they had
heard of Twilight...
And the best line I heard all day?

"Yeah, Twilight. Sure. That's the best time for fishin'"

I give up.

Robert Pattinson?
You will be the end of me.

Bye for now

Friday, August 21, 2009

Tragic Twi-Twat Thoughts

It's early on Friday morning
(is 8:30am considered early?)
And I'm bitchy and tired...
and so not a morning person.

OK. Like I'm not bitchy all the damn time?
Yeah, let's blame it on the hour of the day.
That works.

My brain isn't fully functioning...
but there are some random thoughts
trying to break through...

1. We are going through a Rob drought right now.
He's been deep under "Eclipse" cover in Vancouver.
A lot of people don't know what to do.
They need their daily fix of Robert!
"Remember Me" spoiled everyone
with the daily barrage of Rob pics...
Everyday there were hundreds of new
delicious pictures of Robert.
And now... nothing.
I know that Rob bloggers and devoted fans
are scrambling for something to put on their
Robert Pattinson sites...
But me?
I kinda like it.
I feel like I don't have to worry about Rob.
I feel like he's... safe.
He's out from the glare of the paparazzi...
and the adoring (and not so adoring) fans.
He doesn't have to race to his trailer...
He doesn't have to endure screeches and screams.
He can relax.
Hang with Kristen.
And do his job in peace.

2A. Twi-Twat Delusion- beliefs with which a person
is preoccupied and to which the person firmly holds,
despite the logical absurdity of the beliefs
and a lack of supporting evidence.

2B. I want to clarify my whole take on...
Do you think I was harsh?
Do you think that the TT's are crying in their cornflakes?
Fat Fucking Chance.

Here's the deal.
I'm sick of the Kristen bashing.
I find it tedious.
The bitter jealousy is tired and futile.
And when I wrote about delusional TT's...
That is a small portion of Twilight Fans.
If you read what I wrote about the Twats...
and shook your head and laughed?
If you smiled and thought "I know someone like that"
You aren't a TT.

If you got fucking defensive and punched your dog?
If you cried and sharpened knives in hopes of finding me?
If you booked a flight to Vancouver to stalk Rob
with dreams of beating up Kristen?
YOU are a Twi-Twat.

The only people to get upset over what I wrote...
are the people who see themselves in my words.
And how very sad for you.

See... it's totally cool to have Rob fantasies...
We all have them.
It's cool to dream about meeting him someday...
Or getting his autograph...
But lying to yourself that you and Rob are meant to be together?
Booking flights so you can physically assault Kristen?
NOT cool.

Twi-Twats are an embarrassment to the decent fans.
And their delusional, paranoid behavior is always
what the media and the public seem to see.
It's not the decent, respectful fan...
who treats Robert like a human being
that is portrayed in the media...
It's the screaming, raging lunatics...
Demanding attention and feeling entitled
to not only Rob's time... but to HIM.
Fucking scary.

So in closing.
(I need some breakfast)
If I disappear some time in the future...
Have unexplained absences from my blog...
Look to the TT's.
They will know where my body is buried.

Bye for now

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Defending Kristen Stewart...

I've been thinking about Kristen Stewart.
A lot.
Maybe it's because it has been pretty quiet
on all things Rob...
But I always find my thoughts going
back to her...

I like her.
And the weird thing is...
I didn't expect to.

Honestly, I really didn't know who she was
when I heard she was cast as Bella...
I had seen "Panic Room", but she was so young...
I didn't get a feel for her until MTV started doing
Twilight Tuesdays.

And there she was.
Pretty, petite... and awkwardly shy.
And flirting up a storm with Rob...
I didn't like that very much.
(hey, unlike others, I can admit that I was jealous
of her close proximity to Robert)
She was very touchy-feely with Rob...
They were always touching in some way...
A lot of their interactions were very intimate...
They always had sly looks for each other...
like they had secrets and were keeping everyone else out.
They were always laughing and smiling around each other...

And most of all?
Rob looked seriously happy whenever he was with her.

Yeah, sure... there was Oregano...
But come on, you knew that he was on the way
out as soon as Rob appeared in the picture.
I mean... HELLO?
The little spice boy didn't stand a chance.
Oh, its not like he didn't fight for her...
He did.
He was fucking glued to her for months.
Everywhere Kristen was...
There was the stumpy spice
lurking in the background.
Poor Oregano.
Eventually he became stale and green
(because he was jealous... and well...
because he is Oregano)
And disappeared altogether.

I like Kristen Stewart.
She's confident.
She's talented.
She's doesn't dress to please anyone but herself.
She's smart.
She knows what she wants.
And even if she is nervous and awkward
in interviews...
That's part of her charm.
And oh man...
She is simply... gorgeous.

So many haters out there.
The delusional Twi-Twats
who actually think they have a chance with Rob.
They are constantly attacking Kristen...
Calling her names...
Making fun of her...
Some have even stated that they would
"beat her up" if they ever saw her.

Are you fucking kidding me?

And again...
If you are reading this...
and think I am talking about you?
I fucking am.
No doubt.
You. Are. A. Twi-Twat.

Over the past year...
There have been zillions of pictures...
Showing Rob and Kristen...
Gazing into each others eyes...
Touching intimately...
Nuzzling and smiling...
And perhaps even kissing.

Why does this make me happy?

Kristen is perfect for Rob.
Outside of the fact that they
are obviously attracted to each other...
They share a love of reading...
Quirky fashion...
And they always seem relaxed
and happy when they are together.

Kristen knows what Rob is going through.
She is in the same Hurricane...
huddling with Rob in the calm center.
And they are holding on tight...

I like that thought.

Bye for now

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Roads Lead To Robsten...

I was forced... against my will.
Taken outside of my Twilight Bubble.
I was forced to interact with Non-Bubble people.
Is there a name for that?
Kinda like what muggles is in Harry Potter?
And if there isn't a name for it...
We definitely need to work on that.
For now, I just call them family and friends.

Yes. Family and Friends.
Sometimes 'real' life beckons...
Sometimes you have to do stuff
that is totally unrelated to adoring Robert Pattinson.

*shiver* Anyone else feel that chill?

I'm having lunch with a couple of girlfriends.
And yes, as I have stated before...
Even I have friends.

We are talking about shit.
And really... it was shit.
I mean...
After a few minutes...
I swear...
It was just "blah blah blah"...
"Shit... shit... shit."

Now these GFs...
They aren't stupid...
(well, not THAT stupid)
So they know that I have some sort of affection
for Rob and Twilight stuff.
(In this case affection = obsession...)
I mean... it is kinda hard to hide everything.
(I always have the Cullen crest keychain...
Rob is the wallpaper on my cell...
"I'll Be Your Lover, Too" is my ringtone...
The Twilight CD has been in my cars cd player
since the day I got it... cued to Track 10.
I could go on... but do I really need to?)

And so GF 1 brings up the topic of Rob.
And immediately... I go into defense mode.

GF1 ~ So, I saw part of the TEEN
(and she totally emphasis this word... for my benefit)
Choice Awards the other night.
I saw your vampire.
He is kinda good looking.

*My Vampire...
I swear everyone in my life
thinks its all about fucking vampires.
And KINDA good looking?
Does the phrase 'Cutabitch' mean anything?*

Me~ Yeah. I caught part of the show
(I DVRd that bitch)

GF2~ What is it with his vampire look?
Is he trying to look like a vampire?
It's like he tries to be brooding.

*More vampire bullshit
I feel my teeth clench.*

Me~ Um. I'm pretty sure he's not really a vampire.
And he's just shy... so he puts his head down.

GF1~ Oh. Well, it does look like he's trying too hard.
And whats with that Bella chick? WTF did she do
to her hair? He's not REALLY with her, is he?

*Fuck. Even outside of the bubble...
I'm assaulted with Robsten.*

Me~ *sigh* Kristen cut her hair for a movie.
And its only hair... it will grow back.
And although it looks like Rob and Kristen
are indeed a couple...
I couldn't tell you for sure.

GF2 ~ I just find all the hype ridiculous.
I don't get it. What's the big deal?

Me~ *heavy sigh*
So... what do you think about this weather?

And so on it goes.
Non Bubble people.
Trying to get inside my Bubblehead.
That totally suits me.

It's scary to venture out of the Twilight Bubble.
It really is.
I always feel like I have to explain myself.
It makes me defensive and edgy.
Why can't people just accept that
I have kinda a thing (total addiction and devotion)
for Robert Pattinson?
Totally unrelated to Vampires?

And yeah... there is always ongoing drama
INside the bubble...

(Robsten Robsten Robsten)

But at least Rob is in the bubble with me.
I feel safe there...

Oh and...
Rob and Kristen are so fucking totally together.
Totally fucking together?

I just have to say it.

I have to.

Long Live Robsten.

Robsten. Robsten. Robsten.


Bye for now