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Friday, November 28, 2008

Casting Twilight

Here I am again. I guess my Robert Ramblings just never go away, do they? Um...no.
Rob is on his 3rd cover of EW this week. Amazing. This is why I subscribed to the magazine a few months ago. For some bizarre reason, EW isn't that readily available around here. But anyway, this post is about the cast of "Twilight".
For the most part, I think the cast is well done. Well, even though Kellen had to dye his blond hair black for Emmett. And Nikki Reed had to dye her brown hair blond for Rosalie...etc. I thought the Cullens were well played. The only cast member I seem to have issue with is Taylor Lautner...who portrays Jacob Black. Don't get me wrong. I think Taylor is PERFECT for Jacob in "Twilight". I really do. I mean, Jacob is 16, outgoing and friendly...a buddy for Bella. Taylor fits that bill wonderfully.
BUT. I don't think he can pull off the hot, sexy, HUGE wolfman that appears in "New Moon" and the following books/movies. Jacob in the next movie has to be enough to make Bella...stop in her tracks...and wonder if she has a future with him. OK, I know her one true and ultimate love is Edward...but she DOES fall in love with Jacob. She does actually picture her future with him. For anyone to have any chance in hell of Bella even pondering for one second, a life outside of Edward...he has to be fucking AWESOME. I mean...steamy, sexy...powerful. Sorry, but that's not Taylor. Taylor is cute and charming...but steamy sexy? No. I dunno. Taylor cannot come close to competing with Robert. I mean...in "Eclipse", Bella is basically torn between two lovers for a bit...and honestly, who in their right mind would believe that of Taylor? He's just too much of a boy to be thrown in with Robert...who is...OBVIOUSLY...all man. Jacob Black is a very important character in the Twilight series. The 3rd side of the triangle. You gotta get it right or it just won't work. Maybe I'm underestimating Taylor...but he will have to grow a few inches...and...um...get sexy hot in a few months. I don't see that happening, folks. Sorry.
Oh yeah. I'm kinda going through a "Twilight" withdrawal. I've seen the movie 2 times so far. And my goal is at least 5 times...but maybe more. And because of this holiday weekend (damn Thanksgiving!) I am going to have to wait until Monday, to see the movie again. For now I am partially satisfied with the Robert interviews and all the movie clips that I have on my computer.
But...Monday Monday...hurry up and get here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poor Robert.

Do you think that once the 'hype'
surrounding "Twilight" dies down, that Robert will get some peace? I don't know. I'm thinking that now that he is a known commodity, the paparazzi will always be following him around. The sickening gossip magazines are talking like Rob is headed for a nervous breakdown or something. I seriously don't think that will happen. He is so grounded, he has his family and friends, and even after all this hoopla...he doesn't take himself too seriously. If anyone can handle it, I think its Robert.
I understand that with fame and money comes the fucking paps...and as much as I love to look at pictures of Robert, I don't like seeing the ones where these photographers are hassling him, chasing him, and making him looked seriously annoyed. Remember the scene in the restaurant, where Edward tells Bella.. "I feel protective of you". That's how I feel about Robert. I want to shield him from all the bullshit that is out to get him. I want to make sure that he is OK. That he is safe. That he is happy. I honestly think he will get some peace when he goes back to England. I know that its a big deal there, as well...but Rob will have his family there...and he will know where to go to stay anonymous if he wants to. He just needs some breathing room before his next movie starts (which sounds like in January)...and then with "New Moon" in March. Oh Robert. Please take care of yourself. Don't let anyone mess with who you are. I'm glad that at least Kristen will be with him on the European press junket. He needs to do this with someone, to share the madness with.
I'm so worried about him. I just want to give him a hug. (((Robert)))

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight~ The Movie part 2

I went to see "Twilight" again.
Yes. Two days in a row. This time I went to see it on an "ULTRA SCREEN" which just means it was a massive screen. Excellent.
Guess what? I still love the movie. I still couldn't take my eyes off of Robert. I still love him.
A couple of things came to mind...
1. Why is Victoria at the prom? Wouldn't Edward 'smell' her there? I get that they want to carry her vengeance into the next movie...but at least make it realistic. And why is she there...but not Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett? Wouldn't it have been just a bit more fun to see the Cullens all dressed up? I don't understand that omission at all, unless it was just budget related.
2. The picture seemed 'dark' to me. Not dark like scary...but dark like...not bright. A lot of the scenes were so dark, it was hard to see clearly. WTF is that about? Trying to carry through a theme? I wish I could have seen some of the scenes more clearly. I doe know. (as Rob always says)
3. Oh yeah, I love the movie. And I probably will go see it again next week, after Thanksgiving and all the kids go back to school. When I went today, I bet there was maybe 6 people in this massively huge theater. Awesome. BUT. For some strange reason half of the people there were like...OLD men? Seriously. One guy came in by himself, had to be in his 60s...and then 2 more came in later...together...and in their 60s as well. I mean. WTF? Old men watching "Twilight"? Who da thunk? Kinda creepy to be honest. Like they were there hoping to stake out the tweenies or something.
4. I love everything about Robert Pattinson. You know the drill. His looks are only part of it. His personality, his wit, his modesty...his charm. He smokes, and that's not a good thing (for him) but at least it lets me know he isn't perfect. Although he is damn close.
5. I love "Twilight". I love Robert.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight~ The Movie

Well, I've finally seen the movie. Yes. What were my impressions...let's see.
1. There were less than 15 people in the theater. Excellent. Although why is it that in the empty theater...the person who talks the most and chomps on her popcorn the loudest...manages to sit behind me?
2. Seeing Robert so large and beautiful onscreen. He takes my breath away. Literally. I'm hyper ventilating just writing this. I'm totally in love.
3. I loved the movie. I have read a lot of negative reviews, but if you are a fan of the books (and a fan of Roberts) you will have loved this movie, too. How can you not? 2 hours of Robert. I don't care if he just sat and read the phonebook. It would have been worth it.
4. The casting was well done. Billy Burke as Charlie was outstanding. It was all good.
5. OK, so some cool parts of the book didn't make the movie. And they changed some stuff around. But. It is a movie after all. And like it's been said, 500 page book into a 2 hour movie some things have to go. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of Edward...dazzling Bella. And Bella losing all train of thought and forgetting to breathe (which I did on more than one occasion).
6. Did I say that Robert Pattinson is the PERFECT Edward? Well, I think he is. BRILLIANT. PERFECTION. Oh yeah, I totally love him.
7. All in all, I loved the movie. Even though I felt like I had seen most of it online. But it was wonderful to see it on the BIG SCREEN. I couldn't take my eyes off of Robert. I didn't want to. Why would anyone?
8. I'm totally in love with Robert Pattinson.
9. I'm pretty sure I'm going to see it again, tomorrow.
10. I'm totally in love with Robert Pattinson.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I decided to hold off on my adoration and addiction of Robert Pattinson. UNTIL. Until I see TWILIGHT.
It's been very hard to read how much everyone enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) the movie...and having to wait until Monday.
I'm just not much of a crowd person, so I don't do movies on the weekend. The annoyance far outweighs seeing the movie.
So anyway. This post is nothing. An excuse to post this great picture of Robert and Kristen (don't they look so so so SEXY?)
And I will resume my Robert Ramblings on Monday.
Bye for now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fan or Fanatic?

OK. Well. Loving this picture. I'm really into Rob's sideburns. Pretty hot stuff. And his eyes. His hair. You know the drill.
I wanted to talk about Robert's fans. I count myself among that group, but there is a line that I feel many cross. From FAN to FANATIC. I'm not going to repeat myself (at least not on this topic...today) on how rude and annoying the screaming fan is. This is about the KNOW-IT-ALL Robert fan. You know the ones.
They claim 'insider' knowledge on all the intimate details of Rob's life. They know who he is dating, who his friends are and where he hangs out. Yeah...RIGHT. These fans are also the first to proclaim just how long they have been Rob's fans. "I've loved him longer than you!" Oh brother. I find that kinda talk so tedious. Let's face it, Rob's career isn't that long. And while many of us noticed him in Harry Potter, unless you live in England where many of his TV movies or other projects were aired...you just didn't get a chance to follow his career that closely. Spare me the "I'm his number one fan" bullshit, OK? That's almost a stalker/psycho mentality.
So this morning, Rob and Kristen were on the TODAY show. Same shit...different day. Of course it's always wonderful to see Rob, but how he can possibly stomach the same boring questions day after day (and with a smile, no less) is beyond me. Kristen doesn't look as thrilled. In fact, I realize that she is only 18...but she really needs to smile more. I would tell her just to look at Rob...that would make her smile. Now don't get me wrong, I adore her. I'm all for her hooking up with Robert...but come on, girl...smile just a little smile. So Meredith Viera asked the same lame questions, and then proceeded to drag Rob and Kristen outside to the screaming throngs. WHY? Haven't they had enough of that bullshit? Ok, I will grant you that this group of girls wasn't TOO bad...but it makes me cringe. And btw? It makes Robert cringe too. He's not Edward Cullen. Edward doesn't exist. I mean, I love that character...but you have to be able to separate Robert Pattinson from Edward Cullen. I think he is perfect for the role...but offscreen, he's just Robert. And honestly...THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT! Robert is perfection all on his own.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Twilight Premiere

So. It was the premiere of "Twilight" tonight.
Lovely pictures, yes? Rob probably coulda done a little something with his hair...like maybe wash it. Or something. I dunno. It's not like I'm all about his hair or anything (although I will admit it is incredibly sexy) but this premiere is a HUGE deal. A little shampoo...maybe a comb through it once or twice. I dunno. NOT that he still isn't sexy as all get out. (what exactly does 'all get out' really mean?). He's sexy as living hell. Not sure what that means, either. Sheesh. Words are failing me big time. ANYWAY. I tried to watch the live stream of the red carpet of the premiere. Not fun. Choppy, loud...and of course...the screeching banshees were there in full force. Someone needed to hose them down. Kristen looked great. Didn't see the BF there...I was hoping she came with Rob. Seriously KS, why fucking fight it? Rob will win in the end. Give in now. I'm not sure why I love the two of them together. I think maybe I like the fact that she is strong and smart...and wouldn't let Rob get away with anything. I think he needs someone like her.
Back to the red carpet fiasco. So anyway...shitty picture. Shitty audio. and very little Rob. And like I said before screaming banshees chanting "Rob" over and over inbetween the screams.
Lovely. And what I did get to see...poor Rob was being pushed and pulled every which way. Damn, and they say being a 'movie star' is all fame and glory? Robert's nervous system has to be in shock. I only saw the screaming online...with the volume turned way down...but day after day of that kind of vocal attack has to wreak havoc on you in some way. I hope he gets a few weeks off after the movie comes out. Go home to London, Rob...get away from the loud Americans. Take Kristen with you. Heh.
OK. Not much else to say. Love the guy. He always amazes me with his grace and good humor walking head on into the madness. Hugs Robert Pattinson!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday with Robert Pattinson.

Again, I have nothing to say except my continued ramblings about Robert. Again, I just wanted to post this picture. OhMyFuckingGod.
I just watched another newsclip about Robs 'mobbing' in NY. It truly makes me ill. I know I have ranted about this before, but it is beyond ridiculous, isn't it? OK, let's wait in line for 36 hours, in the cold and rain...let's not get the wristband to meet him for 2 seconds, but at least we get to go to the Q&A afterwards. Let's stand there and scream at anything that moves. THERE HE IS! Let's scream and scream and scream! Rob is covering his ears and looking like he's in pain...LET'S SCREAM SOME MORE! Robert is trying to talk...SCREAM! And let's not just SCREAM...let's throw hard, sharp objects at him in hopes he will pick up our crude way of getting him our phone number (you just KNOW he will call!). Rob looks a bit scared, but what the hell...LET'S SCREAM!!!!! Oh well, because of all the screaming and the fact that no one can hear a word that Rob is trying to say...he is leaving after putting up with 5 minutes of lunatic screaming. So LET'S SCREAM!!!!
Seriously people. GET A FUCKING GRIP. I hope these Hot Topic mobbings are over with now, it gives me a headache just watching them. Poor Robert. I wonder if he thinks its as silly as I do? Probably not, because he is so polite and so much a gentleman...he would never tell how he really feels, would he? I just want to say "Back the fuck off." Sorry if this post is a bit...vulgar. But it irritates the living hell out of me...

Friday, November 14, 2008


Let's be honest. I don't have a damn thing to say that I haven't written about before...ad nauseum.
But I just wanted to post this picture of Rob.
There is something about his smile...his casual walk...the shades.
Truly...someone put me out of my misery.

OK. Well, Twilight comes out in a week. A week.
I won't be seeing it until the following week (you know, I don't want to be punching some tweeners in the face when they scream through out the movie...which would mean I would be probably punching out the whole theater. Not a good thing)
I can't wait to see it. I get like...butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. In fact, I get butterflies (and birds and pterodactyls) in my stomach just thinking about Robert.
I just reread what I wrote. And it's scary. Not the creepy, stalker, screaming, screeching fanatic kinda scary...but scary just the same. Now, I'm aware that I post this shit for myself. I don't do this in hopes of anyone reading this...and Lord knows I'm not anywhere near delusional enough to think Robert would ever find this and read it...but what would he think? What does he think about all these girls and women who just are throwing themselves at him? After watching him go from one 'planned mobbing' to another...I think he kinda likes being screamed at. I mean...he rather encouraged it. It's quite like a rock star, isn't it? Hell, he's young, gorgeous and probably having the time of his life. And while I realize that most of his fans are respectful, decent people...there are those that are VERY FRIGHTENING. Those are the ones that worry me.
I think I will just look at this picture a while longer....it makes me feel better. Rob makes me smile right along with him.
Yes... feeling better now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nothing much.

It's all changed for me. Somewhere in the last 6 months...my 'feelings' for Robert Pattinson have changed. It went from liking him...to actually LOVING him. I want all good things for him. I want him to have incredible success. I want him to find LOVE (hopefully with Kristen, or someone like her) and HAPPINESS. I want him to come hang out for a little while. Because you know...YOU KNOW he would be so cool and interesting to just have a drink with and talk to.
It might sound silly to say I 'love' someone I have never (and most likely never will) met...but it's just that the more I know about Rob...the more I care about him. I want to TAKE care of him. I can't find any faults with him...except the fact that he doesn't seem to have a clue to how wonderful he truly is. He's so beautiful. So God damn beautiful. Jesus.
He takes my breath away.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Random Thoughts

Are these not two of the most gorgeous pictures you have ever seen? And these are outtakes? WTF??
Sweet Jesus...Robert Pattinson is beautiful. So is Kristen. Look how completely at ease they are with each other. Takes my breath away.
OK. The Twilight blitz is on. There are interviews and photos and videos EVERYwhere right now. And guess what? I cannot get enough of Rob. Surprise! Surprise! I never get bored with him. He always has something cute, and honest and thoughtful to say.
This week is the 'Hot Topic' mall tour. I have never heard of Hot Topic, but there isn't one around here. Needless to say, after the horror show that happened in San Francisco, other venues were better prepared for the hysteria. I actually find it a bit tedious. Rob has stated in many interviews how frightening and surreal all this screaming is. Being mobbed and screeched at doesn't sound like a lot of fun to me. He said he DOESN'T WANT PEOPLE SITTING OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE. Good grief, I hope these shrieking lunatics never find out where he lives. I don't understand how treating Robert like he is a piece of meat...something to be pulled and ripped apart...is being a fan. Don't you people want to hear what he has to say? Can't you look at his face and see his terror? How does screaming and yelling help anyone? He looks scared a lot of the time...I just want to hug him and protect him from all those scary, creepy people. And you know what the rub is? Robert feels BAD for the fans. He has compassion for those who had sat outside and waited to see him. He's a better celebrity than most people are fans. Show him some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, people. It's not asking much, is it?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Worried for Rob.

OK. So, they had to cancel an appearance by Rob in San Francisco. Why you ask? Because they were expecting only 500+ to show up and they got over 3000 people. WTF? Do these people not have any idea what is going on with Twilight, and specifically Robert Pattinson? So, they didn't have enough security and police to handle all the people. PLUS, there are always going to be the lame ass fans who feel ENTITLED to push and shove and scream, no matter what anyone says. Honestly? I'm glad they cancelled it. Better disappointed fans than a hurt Robert. Some of these so called fans are fucking scary. Rob has said in countless interviews that its just one screaming mob to the next. Does that sound like he enjoys it? He does it as part of his job, but that doesn't mean he has to like it. Get a grip, people. I wouldn't blame Rob one bit if he cancelled the whole mall thing. It's just chaos anyway. One continuous scream. It doesn't matter what he does...what he says...it will all be just screams and screeching...
CREEPY AS HELL, OK? Don't forget Rob isn't a vampire. He's human, and he's only 22 years old. Yes, I said ONLY 22. Cause that's young. And to be thrust into this madness...is scary. I just want him to be protected and taken care of. (((HUGS))) to Robert.
Another thing. The movie is less than 2 weeks away. The onslaught of interviews and movie clips (God, I love the movie clips) is overwhelming at times. I know I use the word "overwhelming" a lot...but it's so apt for describing what I feel. I cannot get enough of Robert...and Kristen...and the movie...but there is so much going on, that I get discombobulated trying to keep up. *sigh*
But its a good thing. I love all the interviews with Rob. He's just so down to earth, so humble, so thoughtful. It's odd how soft spoken he is. I have to turn up my volume just to hear him sometimes. And dammit...he's so sexy. Ok, then.
Robert? Please, PLEASE take care of yourself. Don't let anyone put you in a situation that you are not comfortable with. Stay safe.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hidden Rob Devotion

Good Morning. Why do I persist in talking to myself? Not sure. "I dunno", as Rob always says. Well, he's right...I dunno.

Not sure how I feel today. This whole Rob thing is just so damn overwhelming. So...confusing. I took a huge step today, and mentioned "Twilight" to a non-Rob obsessed, non Twilight fan. My BEST friend. You could ask how she could be my best friend and not know about Rob? Well, I realize that 'most' people aren't all wrapped up in a book/movie and its stars. I was going to say most NORMAL people (unless you're a tweenager) just don't get so damn involved in this kinda stuff. My friend had NEVER heard of Twilight. Although when I told her the premise of the movie, she was agreeable to go and see it. I kinda told her that I thought the lead actor was pretty damn gorgeous...but I stopped myself from gushing over him. She wouldn't understand. Well, I know that *I* sure as hell don't understand, how could I expect anyone else to? But at least I get one showing of "Twilight" out of the whole thing. Oh, don't for a moment think that I will only see the movie once. HA! I will be there...alone, if need be...at least 5 times. That's my goal. 5 times. More if it is more than I can stand and I must see it as much as possible. Which is scaring me, because I'm pretty sure, even now, that seeing Rob in all his Edward glory on this huge screen...will be more than I can stand. I'm thinking that I should probably go and see the movie by myself first...to get all the pent up emotion out before I share the theater with someone who knows me. How ridiculously strange I am. We have some theaters nearby that have an ULTRA screen... let me quote the theater site...

The UltraScreens®, with razor sharp three-story tall picture, crystal clear digital sound and comfortable stadium seats are Marcus movie magic at its best.The UltraView® auditoriums, boast a screen 75 feet wide by 32 feet tall.*The UltraScreens® take moviegoing to a totally a new level of excitement that can never be experienced at home. The UltraScreens® are more than 500 times bigger than a typical 19”television screen.

Um...Can you imagine Rob 75 feet wide and 32 feet tall??? *Gulp*. It boggles the mind. And honestly, it boggles a few other things as well!! But anyway, I digress. Local theaters around here are selling tickets for the midnight showing of Twilight, but as much as I would love to see Rob as soon as possible...I truly think there will be so much damn screaming that the movie will lose something. I'm so NOT into screaming, screeching...especially when I am trying to hear Rob's voice. I would hate to have to punch some girl in the mouth for screaming in my ear...just as Rob says "GET IN THE CAR"...or "You ARE My Life Now". Oh, I'm not a violent person at all...but don't effin mess with me and Rob, OK??? So where was I before I lost myself in my latest Rob Rant. I dunno. Heh. Oh yeah, the movie. 5 times. Punching little girls. You know, the usual. (oh God...HELP ME!)

Well, It's about time for me to go off on another magazine hunt. Didn't I tell you? Yeah, I'm collecting every magazine with Robert/Twilight on the cover...or with some layout inside...because I just want to hold the mans face in my grubby paws. Did I mention that I am incurably ill and should probably be locked up for the rest of my life? Well, just another secret that I have to learn to deal with on my own...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need a break.

Truly, I don't know how much more of this I can take. Yesterday was a HUGE Rob day. Interviews, Radio, Planet Hollywood. It becomes very overwhelming. I don't want to miss a moment...yet, I find myself gasping for air.
Some of these 'fans' scare the living shit out of me. Screeching and screaming at him. WTF? So many of these fanatics seem so rude, like they are ENTITLED to Rob's attention. Give me a break. There was a clip of Rob signing autographs (and you know what? He doesn't have to do that.) and these people were pushing and shoving and screeching at Rob..."I didn't get my autograph!"...and what does Rob do? *He* apologizes to them. It kinda pisses me off. He's too nice for his own good. Not that I expect him to be anything other than a gentleman. You can tell the boy was brought up well. Big hugs to Mom and Dad Pattinson! I'm sure they are proud as hell of their baby boy. I just wish some of these fans would show him a little bit of respect. Treat him like a human being and not a piece of property that they think they have a right to. Rob seems to handle it all with such dignity and with a wonderful sense of humor. I love that about him. I love how important "Twilight" is to him, too. That he is so willing to take on this arduous task of promotion. I don't see any other member of the cast working so damn hard.
Rob? You're a good boy. Handsome, intelligent, witty, warm and compassionate. The total "package". And oh, yeah...I'm totally out of my mind crushing on you. *sigh*

Monday, November 3, 2008


You know the saying..."Dreaming my life away"...that's what it feels like I am doing lately. I keep wishing for things to come, instead of just living my life one day at a time. It's like I am delusional enough to believe that once "Twilight" is in theaters...life will be perfection. HA! Truly, my life is good. I have a kind and loving husband, who loves me...even given my Robsession. I have 2 beautiful and brilliant sons. Life is good.
Yet, here I am...posting yet again about a man who I know little about. A man who is handsome, talented, and is playing a character in a movie, that I am infatuated with. A man that I just cannot seem to get enough of. How many times am I going to post about this? I see no end in sight. Hell, the reason I do this blog is to get all our my overwhelming feelings for Robert Pattinson OUT IN THE OPEN. I need to do this. I need to understand. It helps that there are so many more like me in this world. So many who love and adore Rob. No, not the scary, creepy kind of love. But the kind of "I wish I could just hug him" love. *sigh*
Paramore's new video "Decode" came out today. It has a lot of scenes from the movie. Scenes I have never seen before. I like the song. I like the video. I love Robert. It just makes my stomach ache all the more. So I close my eyes...and dream.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Let's see...it's all about Rob.

Love this picture. Of course. But I love how Rob so easily turns on his "Edward" in this picture. Look at his face. How can you NOT look at his face?
I think I decided not to watch the film clip from Rome. You know the one...scenes from the movie...the screams in the audience...it end with Rob playing the piano.
I cry everytime the lullaby starts playing. I mean...it gets so bad that I get a headache from trying NOT to cry.
What's that about? Any idea? WTF?????
Why am I so infatuated with Robert Pattinson? HELP ME, DAMMIT.
He's sweet. He's funny. He's British (and thats a biggie). He's beautiful. He's humble. He has no idea the effect he has on women (well, he probably does now...but I still think he is overwhelmed by it all). He says weird funny things all the time. He's quirky. He's doesn't seem to care if his hair is combed, or clean...or if his clothes look good. He doesn't try to look gorgeous. But he does. And that makes him even more gorgeous. He's tall. He's thin (maybe a bit too thin...but still OK). He's a good actor. His emotions, his acting...he shows you everything on his wonderful face. He's not afraid to take risks in movie roles. He has an incredibly luminous, earth shattering smile. His eyes are truly the window to his soul. He's gorgeous. He's beautiful. He's kind. He's thoughtful. He doesn't take himself too seriously. He looks great with facial hair. He looks great without it. He's BEAUTIFUL.
Got that? Good.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Ok, a couple of things.
1. I'm not sure why my last post turned out like that. It looks like it goes on forever. And I didn't say anything really...that I haven't said before.
Rob is beautiful.
2. Look at this picture. OMFG. Do I ever tire of wanting to just stare at this man? No. Never. I am still trying to come to terms with my Robert Pattinson addiction. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. (Surprise! Surprise! I tend to overthink everything.) Where some people talk about being intimate with Robert...that's not how I really feel. For one thing, he's only 22 years old...for another...I have no delusions about meeting him and having him realize that it is *ME* that is his one and only true love. I'm married. I have kids. That's not how I look at it. I do find myself wanting to know everything about him. Wanting to know what he is saying, what he is doing. I do obsessively look for anything about him online. Watching him in clips of "Twilight" makes my heart ache. I know a lot of my obsession has to do with the character of Edward. Something about Edward has struck a chord with me (and millions of other women), and now I attach that same devotion to Robert. I'm not one of these people who gets all jealous and possessive of who Rob dates and is seen with. I hope he finds love and is happy. I have to clarify that my adoration of Robert Pattinson goes beyond his character in Twilight. I'm now a fan. I want to see other movies he has made (the only one I have seen in full, is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.). I still cannot fathom where this intense passion...yes, it IS passion, for Robert comes from. It is time consuming, emotionally draining, and it makes me anxious. Not necessarily good things.
For now, all I can do is enjoy Roberts time in the spotlight. Watch him be adorable and sweet in interviews. See how even though he tries so hard NOT to be gorgeous, he is. Breathtakingly Beautiful.
I'm not 'in' love with Robert Pattinson. But I do love him.