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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Random Thoughts

Sometimes when I have time
(which hasn't been much lately
thank you summer from hell)
 I sift through my emails...
Twitter and read some blogs
And wonder why fandom things 
are so important to some people.

Beyond important.
Life and death important.
It's fucking serious and this is
Their fucking job important.
They will cry for you
die for you

It's just a fandom.
That's all.

You live.
You learn.
And hopefully the lunatic fringe
will someday learn
that this shit doesn't matter.
Not really.
I learned it 3 years ago.
After being too invested in 2 people
and a relationship.
That wasn't mine.
It's like I woke up.

It's entertainment.
It's a hobby.
And shouldn't it be enjoyable?
Shouldn't it be about the laughs?
The fangirling over new projects?
If you're not having fun...
and find yourself angry and defensive 
Why are you still here?

There was a lot of talk about photoshopping recently.
Well...not just recently.
It seems that every time there are pics 
of Rob/Twigs
or with anything that doesn't fit the "agenda"
(or old, staged... etc etc)

Take this one.

Supposedly this is a manipulated picture.
But why?
Rob walking to a car?
I can see how this is a damning picture
and why someone would want to change it!
If people are going to mess with pictures...
why wouldn't they at least be a bit creative?
Like maybe him and Twigs making out or something?
I think I will add an extra hand to his reflection!
That's it! FOOLED YA!!!
Everyone will believe Rob is with Twigs now!!!
*insane cackling*

A pic of Beyonce walking by a car...
There's like a person with 3 faces in the reflection!
Why would they do that???
Are the paps manipulating everyone's pictures??
Or maybe with the curvature of the car
and the refraction of the light and movement...
stuff just gets bent and twisted in the reflection?
Could it be something as logical and simple as that?
Could it??
Can you imagine going thru endless pics
and trying to prove they are fake?

I'm not sure what people even get out
of all the lying and making shit up.
Fandom notoriety?
Hits on their blogs?
Attention they are lacking in their 'real' lives?
It reeks of needy desperation.

I'm 99.9% certain that Rob and Kristen
are no longer together
(And haven't been in over two years)
and most definitely have no children
(There has been zero evidence to tell me otherwise.)
I was on the "Robsten" ship for a LONG ass time.
And it took a fucking lot to get me off of it.
A lot.
I had to be pushed.
I held on as long as I could.
I loved them as a couple.
Nobody championed them harder than me. 
I loved watching them be in love.
Because I'm a sucker for that kinda stuff.
But when the party's over...
Its fucking over.
You know?
You have to accept it.

How about we promote this...

Because AMERICAN ULTRA is going to 
fucking rock.

Or how about EQUALS
(And fucking A if this picture doesn't make me angsty for this movie)

And Childhood of a Leader

(And yes... Beardy shaggy Rob is a good Rob)

BOTH being premiered at the
Venice Film Festival!

Bottom line?
Rob and Kristen are much more than Robsten.
They always have been.
I look back now...
and see that it had to happen this way.
It was full of drama
and it wasn't easy...
But change seldom is.
Both Rob and Kristen need to be known
For their career choices... As actors.
Not just a relationship.

And look at Kristen now!
She's so fucking bright and shiny 
and slaying the whole damn world.
And seriously
Has she EVER looked fucking better
or happier?

Can't you fucking GIVE her that?

And Rob...
He's going at his own pace.
And that's OK too.
It's what he wants to do.
It's where he wants to be.

They are both where they want to be.
Are they happy?
I hope so.
I think so.

And that's all we need to know.

This post is brought to you by

My constant admiration of Thomas Sturridge.
He might be going through stuff right now.
But I have to believe he will be all right.
Life does go on.

And this post is also brought to you by

Cecil the Lion.

It breaks my heart that he was stalked and hunted
for his fur... for fun.
A magnificent beautiful animal.
Can't people look at him and see he has feelings?
That he deserves to live as much as you or I?
He wasn't just a trophy.
Another inanimate object that you can kill
and hang on your wall.
The man who killed him willfully slaughtered him.
I say we take this dentist out in the wilderness...
lure him out of safety with false promise
Shoot him with a bow 
and then hunt him for days
until we finally shoot him 
skin him.
behead him.
Is that too harsh?
But maybe if these asshole hunters
Who kill for the thrill knew what it was like
To be stalked and hunted...
Knew the pain and agony that Cecil had to endure...
Maybe... Just maybe
They would realize that all living creatures have 
A fucking right to be here on this earth.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Once Bitten... Twice Shy

In what seems like a very long time ago
Approximately 7 years
 Which I guess is ancient in 'fandom' time...
I used to write the same thing in my online bios

"I love Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.
Together or apart.
(Hopefully together)"

Here's the thing...
That really hasn't changed.
(Except the hopefully part)
I still like BOTH Rob and Kristen.
Together or apart.
You don't have to...
I don't care if you like them or not.
That's cool.
But I do.
And I'm not even sure why I'm apologizing for it.
But there is such hostility attached to 
"Fans of both"
It's ridiculous.
Like I have to pick a side.
Like its a competition.

I don't NEED (or even want for that matter)
Rob and Kristen to be together
in order to like them.
I never have.
And I can say with all honesty
that since I enjoyed every fucking minute
of Rob and Kristen being together...
(ALL of it. No REGRETS. None.)
I'm actually perfectly happy with the fact
 that they aren't together anymore.

Because life goes on...
And have you SEEN Kristen lately?
She looks so fucking happy and gorgeous
and beautiful and relaxed and stunning
and and and

Kristen is on FIRE
(Pun intended)
and I love it.
I love her.
And I love that it fucking burns all the people
who thought she would fade away
never to be seen or heard from again.

There was much ado about the interview
that went along with these gorgeous pictures.
Being Kristen
was very candid and honest.
But the quote that seemed to get the most attention?

"I lit my universe on fire," she admits 
 "and I watched it burn."

Of course
A lot of people assumed she was talking about
what happened 3 years ago.
And maybe she was.
And maybe her whole fucking world did go up in flames.
And maybe she got burned in the process...

"The public kind of burned me at the stake. 
But that's OK, I can take it. 
I'm not dead."

And maybe she learned from it.
Grew stronger.

"I've lived hard for a young person.
And I've done that to myself--
But I've come out on the other end
Not hardened... But strong."

Isn't that the point?
Isn't that what you want to do
when you make mistakes in life...
Learn from them? Move on? Do better?
Isn't Kristen allowed to do that?

What constitutes a Rob "fan"?
I have to ask because I often get people 
(The same ones who police my tweets-- go figure)
telling me that I'm not his fan anymore.
Is it determined on how much you tweet about him?
Is there a daily quota you are expected to reach?
Or is it how much you flail and squee over his girlfriend?
Do your ovaries have to burst on a weekly basis?
Maybe it has to do with how much you feel the need 
to defend him by pointless arguing on Twitter
Or trolling the gossip sites comment sections
and spending endless hours attacking anyone
who doesn't see Rob quite like you do?

No. Fuck. Jesus.

I'm interested in Rob's career.
I don't care about his relationship with Twigs.
I'm looking forward to "LIFE" coming out.
I'm glad he signed on to "Good Time"
and will be working on LCOZ soon...
(forgive me for being wary until he's actually on set-
But once bitten... Twice shy)
I want to see him in a movie.
Or on a talk show...
Or a photo shoot in a magazine.
I go to his movies. I buy the DVDs.
I talk about him if there is something
interesting going on...
That's what a fan does.
That's what I do.

So get off my dick.

This post is brought to you by 
"Same shit... Different day."

For years fans of Rob and Kristen
had to deal with the Lunatic Nonstens
Screaming "PR" every time a picture came out of
Rob and Kristen together.
They tried to disprove their relationship
claiming the pics were fake... Or staged...
And tried to convince people that it was all just
part of their contract... A job.
All the while they wasted no time trashing and insulting
Kristen every chance they got.

Sound familiar?

Now we have the Lunatic Baby Brigade.
Same song. Same dance.
They scream "PR" every time a picture of
Rob and Twigs come out...
Claiming the pics are old, fake or staged.
They try to convince people that it's all part of a contract
That its just a job.
All the while they continuously trash and insult 
Twigs every chance they get.

A bullshit conspiracy
Based on lies and delusion.

This post is also brought to you by...

My endless adoration of
Thomas Sturridge.


Until next time

Bye for now