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Monday, February 27, 2012

Random Rose and Rob and Kristen.

Kristen Smiles. You would too...

Hello there!
I have a couple of random thoughts today...
Interesting weekend in Rob/Kristen land.
Well... sorta.


Let's see...

Guess whose waiting at home for me?

Random One.

Kristen was seen with a Balenciaga dress bag.
And I'm dying to see Kristen wear whatever is in that bag.
And to see her wear it next to Robert.
And guess what else?
I actually spelled Balenciaga correctly without looking it up.
I am.
I don't even know how to pronounce that sucker...
And after all this time
I STILL don't know how to spell Oregano's last name
Arbananarama Ding Dong.
Not that it matters.
Oregano suits him...

Life is hard for the Spice after Kristen...

Ah yes...
Where's Oregano.
Those silly videos Trixie and I made...
So much fun was to be had.
I miss you Trixie.

Rob and Kristen ALWAYS end up together....

Random Two.

Oscar Weekend.
So many parties...
So much to do.
And we get to see Rob and Kristen.
Of course.
Yeah... they hung out with other people
(You kinda do that at parties, don't you?)
And oh my ....
Kristen wasn't wearing sneakers
so it must have been WORK!
At least so sayeth the desperate.

Really? You going to stick with that?

Oh to cling so tightly to nothing.
Surely you must feel the ground you trod upon
crumbling and shaking to its core.
The haters are falling and stumbling at an alarming rate now


You see...
If you clear out the foamy bitterness...
There were many tweets about how Rob and Kristen
were holding hands...
being 'loved up'
Next to each other 
ALL night long...
Basically Rob and Kristen
Being Rob and Kristen.
Tweets from people who were there.
Tweets from people in the industry who cover such things.
Not one tweet.
Not two...
And then of course...
You get the ONE tweet from some random person
who claims that Kristen played on her phone ALL night
while Rob drank.
Of course.
I'm sure that happened.
ALL night, mind you.
So yes...
they will CLING desperately to that tweet
PLEASE PLEASE let it be so!!

It's kinda sad, really.
I mean.
At first it was just fun to mock the idiocy.
And don't get me wrong... 
It still has its entertainment value.
But now there is a fair amount of pity involved.
Because they have SO much invested in their
Conspiracy theories
Exit strategies
Damage control plots
PR Propaganda
That they really do look like complete fools.
And the more they hang on...
The more ridiculous they look.

Remember Jerry.
It's not a lie if you believe it.

But they are disappearing...
Slowly but surely.
Retreating. Backpedaling.
Giving up.
Shutting down.


Always. Together.

So not sure if this is Random Three or not...
But will we see Rob and Kristen in Paris?
(Fashion thingy)
(Do I do the underpants thing here? No. OK.)

I hope so.
They could use a nice trip...
This Kiss.

So where does that leave my randoms?
I don't know.

There are some things I do know.

1. Rob and Kristen remain together.
Whether she wears heels or not.
Or they share cigarettes...
Together isn't even a good enough word
to describe what Rob and Kristen are.
It's not ENOUGH...
You know what I mean?
Because they are more than together.
But I guess I will leave that definition up to them.
As always.

2. Rob and Kristen have some houses.
Maybe a house on their own...
Perhaps one or two together.
Why is that a big deal?
If you had that kinda money
and could afford that kind of real estate
Wouldn't you?
It doesn't matter where they are
Because wherever they are together
It's home.
Their home.

Green Fucking Sheep.

3. I absolutely adore Thomas Sturridge.
The more I learn
The more I love.

4. I also wanted to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.
You all made my day that much better.
If I could hug every one of you ...
I would.
Thank You for thinking of me.

This post is brought to you 

Green Sheep.

Until next time.

Bye for now

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The George.

See how easy he is to talk to?

Dear George,
It's been a while...huh?
I guess that I like to write to you when there is something
fascinating to write about.
And boy oh boy Georgie...
We got ourselves a doozy.
Oh dear.
I'm not even sure where to begin, George...
Because it's kinda bittersweet.

Let's start at the beginning.
The Good.
The Bad.
The Ugly.

Say what you will... but he only has eyes for HER.

Let's set the stage, George.
There was a picture released yesterday.
A picture that although it is EVERYwhere at the moment...
I hesitate posting it.
I don't know.
You know how I am George.
This picture was taken the other night
showing Robert sitting at a table...
With Kristen standing behind him
with her arms draped around him.
I know, George...
So let's see what's good


1. Well George...
Upon first look
You see Rob and Kristen all together and cute
being all normal and sweet
Hanging out at a party...
You know what I mean, George?
Acting like Rob and Kristen.
A typical couple.
2 people who spend their time together.
It's not the greatest picture, George...
Let's face it.
But it clearly shows Robert and Kristen
Robert and Kristen.
Kinda how we know they always are.
(and we do know that... don't we, George)
That's the Good part.
The sweet part.
Being able to see them naturally together.
But then if you start to think about it George...
You see the bad.

The Bad

2. The bad part George?
The bad part is that Rob and Kristen can never relax.
They can't just be at a friends party...
And let their guard down completely.
Someone is always around to sell them out.
To betray them.
I can guarantee you something, George.

A. Whoever took that picture and posted it....
Won't be invited back.

B. People wonder why Rob and Kristen
never totally can just be themselves.
This is why.
Someone is always out to steal their moments.
Their time.
Their peace.
Someone is always out there
acting like a friend...
Smiling to your face
Stabbing you in the back.
Nothing good about that.

I know its only a picture, George.
And its pretty tame as pictures go...
But if you look at the picture
and you see Robert's face?
You know.
So does he.

There are plenty of pics of them TOGETHER.

And now the UGLY, George.
Plenty of that.
Because this picture got dissected.
Twisted and turned...
It got studied and enlarged
and George?
Ugly can be amusing.

Because its 

Don't ever turn your back on a Hyena...

3. So much ugly, George.
So much.

The red circles and arrows
were thrown out at a record pace..

Rob's head is over here...not there!

People had to try so hard...
So very hard, George
To try and disprove what was 
once again
right in front of their face.

People went to all sorts of trouble
working overtime 
scouring the Internet for pictures
For proof
That could make that picture be a fake.
It's standard operating procedure for them
to immediately cry "MANIP"
at a picture of Robert and Kristen together.
And if MANIP doesn't work...
They scream PR!
Always an excuse at the ready.

And then guess what happened, George?

If they can't prove the pic is fake...
Then let's attack Kristen!
Her hair.
Her clothes.
How she clings to Robert
(like you fucking wouldn't if he was yours)
It never ends, George.
Of course...
The picture was planted by Kristen!!
She wanted it out there
for some voodoo foamy imaginary damage control
Because we all know Kristen doesn't get enough attention
as it is, George...
Oh no...
She needs MORE.
She demands that people fucking betray her 
private moments to the Internet!
Makes perfect sense, George...
If you have rabies.
And I know Rabies touches a bit close to home for a dog...
(Cujo and all that... hahahaha)
But these people truly are rabid hyenas, George...
This lunatic fringe
Who spew their bitter foam everywhere.
And George....
It's SO bitter
Be careful not to come in contact with it
Because I bet it fucking BURNS.

And more ugly?

Well suffice to say, George...
That whenever Robert doesn't do what the fringe wants...
They turn on him.
He's ruining his career.
He should know better.
Why is he hanging out with her?
What is he thinking?
Why doesn't he listen to US!
We know what he should do with his life
better than he does!!!
"Lie down with dogs wake up with fleas"
(Sorry again, George)
They prefer their Rob to be the manwhore
who gets drunk at bars 
instead of the boyfriend who spends time with his girl.
And see...
That's the point, George.
People can criticize Kristen and Robert
all they want...
But the bottom line?

Rob and Kristen 

Some people will make excuses.
Some people will refuse to believe what is always
there in front of their faces...
But the fact of the matter is...
Rob and Kristen 
are in fact
And Again.
And Again.
(and again)

Makes you wonder, George...
Do you think they ever get tired of being 

Put your hand on my thigh... Whisper in my ear... Baby...

So what have we learned today, George?

The Good.
1. Rob and Kristen remain together.
As always.

The Bad.
2. Rob and Kristen need to tighten ranks
once again.

The Ugly.
3. The Hyenas will continue to foam and blather
and make excuses to placate themselves.
Usually at Kristen's expense.

But just taking the picture at face value
is good enough for me.
It shows two people who are comfortable
and intimate with each other.

And George...
This letter is brought to you by

Thomas Sturridge.
That's GOOD.

Is he in a bathtub with a sweater on?
Shouldn't that sweater be the one with the duckies on it
if he is taking a bubble bath?
I can kinda make out Thomas...
But is that really supposed to be Sturridge?
He's really too fucking cute for words.
As always.

Thanks for listening George...

Until next time.

Bye for now

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- Random Rose

 Hear Ye!
Hear Ye!
Never mind.
I don't have much to say
and you know how I always say that
and then manage to ramble on forever.
And ever.
And ever too.

You did WHAT?

Ramble One.

Robert was in Berlin to promote Bel Ami...
A movie I'm thinking is more and more likely I will
never see on the BIG screen.

But it was a grand time had by all...

Yeah... I'm about to TWIRL bitches...

 Robert looked phenomenal... of course.
Even with the shorn hair.
But you know how it goes...
People need to piss on everything.
Yes... it's gross.
But it is what it is.
Rob cannot look at his co-stars without supposedly
leering at their cleavage...
Because you know
THAT'S the kinda guy Rob is.
A leering, drooling caveman
who cannot 
under any circumstances
control his inner manwhore.
Even when there are a million people taking his picture.
Imagine that.

Is that what you THINK of him?

 It still boggles my mind that people...
People who supposedly are Robert's fans
People who supposedly find his awkward
self deprecating modesty
part of his many charms
Are so damn eager for him to be some sort
of egotistical tramp.
Bedding co-stars
no matter their relationship status
Bedding ANYone he can get close to.
Endless drunken nights out...
Sitting at bars.
All of that.
is preferable to these 'fans'
Than accepting that Robert loves Kristen.
That Robert prefers quiet nights at home
with the woman he loves.
The ONE woman he has loved for years now...

Cute? Adorably so.

 Which brings me to...

Ramble Two.

Robert bought a house.
Someone showed pics of it.
Someone posted the address online.

I don't get what anyone gets out of knowing
where Rob and Kristen live.
(Yes. Rob AND Kristen. You know its fucking true)
I get that there are idiots out there
that will stop at nothing to find out every intimate
detail that can be found.
And I get that being one of the most famous couples
on the face of the planet right now
will make this knowledge more sought after...
I still don't get what anyone gets out of it.
Didn't we kinda know that Rob had bought a house?
I mean...
The guy is settling down in California.
With Kristen.
Of course.
But do people ever kinda think...
About the impact of divulging this information?
I mean...
Just because you KNOW it
Doesn't mean you have to tell.
Here's the thing.

I don't want to be seen...

People seem to forget that while 
Rob and Kristen may be extremely famous right now...
That the paparazzi and the helicopters
and the lunatic fringe are stalking their every movement.
Why give them a heads up?
Why help the Fringe?
Don't you look at Rob and Kristen...
And see 2 human beings?
People who work hard for what they have...
People who love their fans.
Who love their jobs.
Who give above and beyond for people
who show up at their premieres and public appearances.
People who just want a place to call home.
A place that is safe.
A place that they don't have to worry about the Fringe
trying to get to them.
And we all know there are twisted fuckwads out there
Who are volatile
and messed up.
And who hate Kristen for having what they want.

Almost home...

So riddle me this...
Why do you think Robert came back to LA so fast?
It's all about Kristen.

Whoop De Do
You know where Rob (and Kristen) live.
What does that get you?
It gets them more security.
Less privacy.
And more scary moments...


This post is brought to you by the following picture...

Rob. Kristen.
It's all about what's inside.
Not the madness without.

Are you looking at me??

And finally...
Thomas Sturridge.
I loved him being in NYC looking all happy.
I never mind seeing pictures of him.
No matter what.
As for this picture?
My first impression was 
He's kinda smoldering in this pic...
Looking all kinds of sexy
But then someone said to me...
"He looks confused."
And then I thought...
He kinda does.
"What the fuck AM I looking at?"

Oh Thomas.
I adore you.


Bye for now

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rob and Kristen-- Hearts Don't Lie

Happy Valentine's Day!

I do hope that everyone who reads my words
has a happy and well loved heart.
Not just today... but always.

Valentines Day is a nice way to let someone know
that you love them...
So I thought I would write about things...
I love.

I don't want to get too personal here...
So suffice to say that 
I love my family... my friends...
My 2 incredible
More than life.
And I really love life.

But lets move on to a simpler
less complicated love.

Things I love
In no particular order.

1. Paul McCartney.
I've loved him for a very long time...
Since I was but a wee lass of 10
and I found the Beatles.

I love the Beatles.
Their music means everything to me.
Yeah... I know.
Me and a zillion other people.
But as I sit here today
I have no doubt that Lennon/McCartney
saved my life.
They were there for me at the lowest part of my existence.
If it wasn't for their music coming through my headphones
Drowning out everything else...
I might not have made it.
I've always had a particular fondness for Paul.
He does write 'Silly Love Songs'
But he has also written some of the most beautiful lyrics
Usually for the women he loves.

"Bright are the stars that shine
Dark is the sky...
I know this love of mine
Will never die
And I love her"

"Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still.
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
If you want me to...
I will."

"Baby, I'm amazed at the way you love me all the time,
and maybe I'm afraid of the way i leave you.
maybe I'm amazed at the way you pulled me out of time,
you hung me on the line.
maybe I'm amazed at the way i really need you."

I could go on and on here...
The man loves love.
He loves being in love.
He loves singing about love.

Paul was on the Grammys the other night.
Still rocking in his 60's...
He performed a classic Beatles song...
Carry That Weight/The End
And the classic line...

And in the end
The love you take
Is equal to the love you make.

That is brilliant.
That is incredible.
That is SO Paul.
And that is so True.

2. I have this thing about baby bunnies.
Well... all bunnies.
I love bunnies.
I have lots of bunnies in my house.
(I try to be discreet in my bunny love)
But there is something about baby bunnies...
I mean...
Look at this guy.
Is that the most adorable bunny ever?
You can't look at a picture of a baby bunny
and NOT smile.

My love of bunnies goes to Bugs Bunny too...
My favorite cartoon.
Smartass Rabbit
Who is sarcastic and obnoxious
and always gets the last laugh.
What's not to love?

3. Breaking Dawn Wedding Scene.
Rob and Kristen are beyond adorable here.
Look at her squish his nose all cute and sweet.
Look at him loving her squishing his nose...
I'm sorry.
I always go back to Robert's smile.
His smile when he is around Kristen.
It's a movie.
He's acting.
But he smiles like that ALL the time around her.
That's what hits me about this wedding scene...
How REAL it seems.
Beyond Edward and Bella.
How Rob and Kristen embraced the moment.
The feelings.
The "I love you"

4. Oh my.
Look at Tom's adorable shoes.
I love Robert and Thomas.
I love that they are great friends.
I love that no matter what...
They remain loyal
and true.
I love how they are both so damn gorgeous.
And how they both have had an effect on me.
I love watching them in their movies.
I love watching them.
Being awkward.
Being adorable.
Remaining as they were.
and True.

5. I adore Kristen Stewart.
I love her smile.
I love how she embraces who she is...
I love that sometimes she gets nervous and shy.
I love that she would rather wear t-shirts and jeans
than get all dressed up...
I love how intensely she feels for her work.
I love how she can't wait to kick off her heels.
I love how she looks at Robert.

I love how she makes Rob smile.
I love that she loves him.

I love that he has fallen in love with her.

6. Robert Walking.
Still does something to me.
Affects me.
It's a combination of things I guess...
He seems a bit shy about it
A bit awkward.
But he somehow always manages
to stride
In a most mesmerizing way...

And this one?
Top 3.
Top 2.
He's all wrinkled and tousled
His hair is a lovely mess
He has an incredible smirk on his face.
Early Robert.
Some of the best Robert
Love it.

7. Robert and Kristen.
2 people who I have come to love
watching them be in love.
I'm not sure why it makes me so damn happy
that they are in love.
But it does.
I guess love and happy are good things to be.
It's been quite a journey seeing them fall in love
Over 3 years now.
They have proven to me
time and time again
That they choose to be together.
That there is nowhere else
they would rather be.

You know the mantra by now...
"Rob and Kristen always end up together"

I love the truth.

8. I love Tom Sturridge.
I know I have 'waxed poetic' about him endlessly...
But I love how good he is to those he loves.
How he protects Kristen.
And Rob.
And how he doesn't feel the need to discuss
his personal relationships with the press.
things that are happening in his life.
He deserves happiness.
If Tom is smiling and happy...
So goes Rose.

9. This is one of my favorite pictures of Tom.
No hat.
And staring intently into the camera
with those incredible blue eyes.
One of his lopsided smiles would have made this perfect.
But I'm not complaining.
At all.

This post is brought to you by Valentines Day
and Love.
And Bunnies.

It's true you know...
Some bunny loves you.
and Forever.

You are so beautiful...
To me.

Happy Hearts Everyone.

Bye for now