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Monday, November 30, 2009

Missing Rob and Kristen...

It's been pretty dry out there in
the land of the ROBsessed.
Which is a good thing.
Well... for Rob and Kristen.
I'm sure they are just enjoying
each others company right now.


I hope they are having a wonderful time...


Someone sent me the link for
this video the other day.
(It's at the bottom of the post)

It's Sam Bradley (and the Men)
It was taped on Nov 13, 2009
in Minneapolis, MN

Now... I was told that Rob supposedly
co-wrote this song with Sam.
But I'm skeptical...
and until there is actual confirmation...
I will leave all the credit to Sam.

It's a GREAT song...
and Sam is incredible...
But the lyrics?
Fucking A.
It sounds like something Rob
COULD have written... yes?
I fucking LOVE it.
Love Sam
Love Rob.
Love Kristen.

Listen to the words.

Bye for now.

Here are the lyrics...

Fucking lights, straining my eyes.
No sleep at night. It's just a waste of time.
And LA's burning... NY's painted black .
London's calling, calling me back.
Simple patterns make me crack.
Fucking lights, Hurts my head.
Borrowed youth.
All those wasted years.
And LA's learning. NY too.
London's calling, I'm calling you.
What doesn't matter, Still holds its truth,
That nothing matters, When I'm with you,
Cities only fill the void of people wasting, wasting time on you.
Pretty lies and secret love,
Nothing gets me what I want from you,
From you, All I want,
what I want from you.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Scornification of Nikki Reed ;)

Let's get to it, shall we?
SO much chatter about this picture.
And the most I could muster was...
So what?

I mean... Rob did have a life before Kristen... yes?
While Kristen was dating the green flaky one...

And here's the deal... as I see it
(and remember... I have Rose colored glasses on...)
I've read a lot of interviews with Nikki Reed.
She claims to NEVER have been with Rob.
She's all about team Jacob now...
But I think Nikki and Rob hung out a bit
back when Twilight first started...
There were pics of them doing stuff.
Rob admitted he didn't know a lot of people in the US
Why wouldn't he hang with Nikki?
I mean...
At first glance...
She's attractive
She's edgy and hip...
She even appears to be fun to be with.

Rob was pining for Kristen...
and she was dating the stumpy spice...

To me this picture is more what I envision
their relationship being like.
Nikki being Nikki...
High Maintenance.
Nikki being all needy and trying to get
Rob to notice her...
to want her...
like he wanted Kristen.
He realized where his heart was...
And he waited.
And he finally got what he wanted.

The reason I don't think there was much
between Rob and Nikki?
Is because I don't think Kristen could have
started a relationship with Rob...
and still remain friends with Nikki.
And she seems to still be friends with her.
I think Nikki tried really hard.
I think Nikki wanted Rob.
(and who doesn't?)
But I always got a friend vibe from their pictures...
and of course Nikki trying too hard to be noticed.
Which is what that top pic suggests to me.
Nikki trying to make
happen between her and Rob.
I don't think it worked too well.
But I give the girl an E for effort.
At least she tried.

And please...
Don't get all in my face about
'hating' Nikki Reed.
I don't hate her.
I'm indifferent when it comes to her.
It annoyed me when she tried to attach
herself to Rob and Kristen...
But it looks like they both figured it out.
So when it comes to Nikki Reed...
All I can muster is...
So what?

Bye for now.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Rose and ROBkriSTEN

Random Thoughts.

1. Watched New Moon.
5th time?
Not that the number counts...
because it will surely change before it
is out of the theater.
But I was thinking about Kristen and Taylor.
How good they are in this movie.
How good they are together.
I really never gave much thought to
Taylor in Twilight.
His role was minimal...
and I honestly doubted
whether or not he could pull off
New Moon Jacob.
He did.
And then some.
Taylor is good in this movie.
He not only looks fantastic
(I mean, seriously... WoW)
But the emotional scenes with Kristen?
Yeah... I got a bit teary.
I especially liked the end...
When he says... "Bella".
And the way he looks at her...
He is the perfect Jacob Black.
I have to give CH kudos on her casting.
And honestly... Giving her praise hasn't been easy...

Just goes to show what a great actress Kristen is...
She has chemistry with both of her leading men.
They both think the world of her...
And only have wonderful things to say about her.

2. No Rob.
I wonder how long it will be before we see him again?
I wonder if there will be pictures of him in London?
(With Kristen, of course)
And you know what?
I would be perfectly fine
NOT seeing pictures of Rob (and Kristen) in London.
Because that would mean that they
are staying under the radar...
And having some peace...
And getting to spend some quality time together
without camera shoved in their faces.
But I'm sure the Paps are on the lookout
for anything Pattinson...

Do you think that if there are pictures
of Rob and Kristen together...
That all the relationship speculation would stop?
I mean...
Going to London for Christmas...
That's a kinda big deal.
It would kinda solidify the whole thing...
Wouldn't it?

As Fucking If!

Well... in the normal world...
Seeing 2 people together as much
as Rob and Kristen are...
You would naturally 'assume' they are a couple.
But this isn't the normal world, is it?
This is the fucking Twilight Universe.
Nothing is easy.
Nothing is predictable.
Nothing is what you expect it to be.

So you just shrug your shoulders...
Roll your eyes.
And look forward to the next
Rob (and Kristen) sighting.

You know it's coming...

Bye for now.

Friday, November 27, 2009

3 Words- Rob and Kristen

Rob and Kristen.
3 simple words.

I like to write about them...
Well first of all... I like them.
Together and apart.
But I have to admit that I enjoy the reaction
that writing 3 words creates...
Rob and Kristen.

I have previously alluded that I thought
Rob and Kristen
Would be spending Christmas together
in London.
The reaction was intense.
I got some hate mail.
I received some interesting comments.
All because I have suggested that
2 people
(Rob and Kristen)
who seem to always be together...
Would continue that trend.

And the fact of the matter is this...
Rob and Kristen
hang out together... a lot.
Hotels. Dinners. Concerts.
Airport tarmacs ;)
If Robert was with any other girl that much?
You can be sure that the romance rumors
would be all over the place.
And with good reason.
But since it is always
Rob and Kristen...
People seem to scoff at their connection.
And whether
Rob and Kristen
are dating... or not
(OK, you know they are)
They are close.
VERY close.
And yeah...
I think Rob would love to show
Kristen his city.
I think Kristen wants to be with Rob.
I think Rob wants to be with Kristen.

It is beyond want...
It is reality.
They are always together.
Why wouldn't that extend to spending
Christmas in London?

I suppose it is a matter of schedules and commitments
But I'm thinking that if
Rob and Kristen
can be together in London...
That's where they will be.
I hope they enjoy their down time...
and each other.

Rob and Kristen.

Bye for now

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day! On To London!


I know everyone everywhere doesn't celebrate this day...
And that's OK.
As long as we can all look inward...
and realize the good things in our lives...
To be thankful for.

I'm thankful most of all for my 2 boys...
and my husband...
The very best part of my life.
And my family and friends...
Whom I love dearly and I'm so lucky they are in my life.

I'm thankful for all the wonderful people
that I have met online...
People who share my passion...
Who make me laugh...
And who let me know that its OK
to feel the way I do.
I'm thankful I have found you all.

And last but not least...
I'm thankful for Robert Pattinson...
For always making me smile.
And I'm thankful for Kristen Stewart...
For always making Rob smile.

*See you both in London!!*

Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Defending Kristen Stewart... Again

Here I sit... the day before Thanksgiving... and not feeling very thankful.
It seems the more 'real' the relationship between Rob and Kristen becomes...
The more the insults and put downs have come out about Kristen.
And sometimes about Robert...

We've heard it all before...
She's toxic.
She's bitter.
She's ungrateful.
She's a cheater.
She's a liar.
She's a lesbian.
She's ugly.
She's fat. (Yes... some people have actually said that!)
The list goes on and on...

Kristen has said in interview after interview that
she doesn't want to talk about her relationship with Robert.
She wants to keep her personal life... her own.
Is that wrong?
So what if she talked about Oregano?
That's hardly the same thing is it?
Surely you cannot compare her and the stumpy spice
and their relationship with the whirlwind that is Robert Pattinson?
Do you really fucking BLAME her for not wanting to discuss it?
Can you fucking imagine how often and how much she is asked about it?
Can you imagine how often she would be talking just about that?
Can you fucking understand why
she just wants to keep what is hers... HERS?

And then... It's totally cool for Rob to have supposedly
had a fling with Emilie de Ravin
over the summer... even though she is (still) married...
even though it was pretty fucking obvious that outside of the movie set...
Rob and Emilie were incredibly platonic.
I swear Rob went out of his way to not be pictured in
close proximity with her off set.
Why is it OK for Rob to be a manwhore with a married woman...
Yet he and Kristen got all kinds of slack for supposedly

cheating on Oregano?
Double standard much?

And I have nothing against Emilie.
I'm sure she is very pleasant in her vanilla mediocrity.
(Let's face it, she pales in comparison to the fierceness that is Kristen)
But when people poked fun at her on Twitter

all hell broke loose.
And yes... some people were asking for her to die...
which is obviously wrong... and very extreme....
But thing is?
People fucking attack Kristen night and day.
They say the most vulgar, rude things about her.
Some people talk about finding her and beating her up (no shit)...
But that somehow is OK?
It goes with the 'territory'?
She asks for it?
That's what she gets for hanging with Rob?

I don't get it.
The double standard.
The harsh light that so many people dissect Kristen under...
Why it is OK to trash her relentlessly again and again...
But when someone stands up for her?
We are somehow throwing "Robsten" in their faces?

I'm not. I don't have to.
The pictures tell the story... they don't need my words.
I'm just defending Kristen's right to be with who she wants to be with.
To have a relationship with someone... and not allow the media...
And the haters out there to try and destroy it.
To destroy her.

It's yours, Kristen.
Keep it safe.
Keep yourself safe.
Enjoy your time with him...
Smile... Make him smile.
And be thankful this Thanksgiving.
You have a lot to be thankful for...

Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rob + Kristen = Together ;)

Ah yes...
Rob and Kristen landing back in L.A.
Just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Surely you have noticed how where there is one...
So goes the other?
The two of them are never apart.
Please don't give me the
"They just shared a flight back to LA" bullshit either.
I mean... really?
The thing is...
Rob and Kristen seem to share EVERYthing lately.
And how sweet that they are spending
Thanksgiving together...
You know they are.
And both Robert and Kristen
have a lot to be thankful for... yes?

So, I went to see New Moon again.
I may or may not have mentioned that
I saw it on this ULTRA screen this time.
Big fucking screen.
So much Robert!
The screen is 75ft wide by 32ft tall.
It was pretty amazing.
So I get to the theater...
And its Noon... on a Monday...
and there is a damn line to get a ticket.
I find a seat... and of course teenage girls surround me.
It's OK, though...
Because I found their chatter most interesting.
These girls are all about Taylor Lautner.
All of them are team Jacob.
I'm kinda blown away.
I'm not used to people not being
crazy about Robert.
It feels strange to hear girls dismiss Rob.
A lot of what I heard was how much
They LOVED the book Edward...
a lot more than movie Edward.
They talked about Rob's eyes in the movie...
They were totally creeped out.
And I must admit that his eyes were a bit... creepy.
It looked like he was crying... a lot
Or the contacts they made him wear really
irritated his eyes making them red and watery.
You know my favorite scene...
Where Rob is strutting (gliding, striding... killing me)
towards Bella in the parking lot?
Not a sound from these girls...
Not a fucking peep.
But when Taylor shows up?
Ooohs and Ahhhs...
Sighs and giggles.
I guess this movie belongs to Taylor.

One more quick note....
Kristen Stewart is flawless.
So gorgeous in this movie.
Even when she is supposed to be sad...
she is so pretty.
And her acting with Taylor?
Excellent. Brilliant.
Her crying in the rain with him...
breaks my heart every time.
This movie belongs to Kristen, too.

Bye for now.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Rob Eating Turkey in L.A.?

So many thoughts.
Where do I start?

1. Watching pirated copies of New Moon is bad.
You must go to the theater and see it.
A lot.
Be G.O.O.D.

2. I'm going to see New Moon again in a couple of hours.
I've seen it twice.
Will the 3rd time be a charm?
Will my obsession come back full force?
Do I want it to?

3. I was hanging out with friends yesterday...
(Yes, I do have some)
And a New Moon commercial came on the TV...
My friend looked at me and asked...
"So... have you seen New Moon, yet?"
I told her yes.
She seemed surprised that I had...
"You did? Already?? Wow"
I neglected to tell her that I was going again today.
And probably at least once a week (more?)
for the foreseeable future.
Yeah, I kept that nugget to myself.

4. Kristen Stewart.
Spending Thanksgiving with family in L.A.
Robert Pattinson.
Spending Thanksgiving in L.A.
1+1 = 2
There's no way around it...
it all adds up.

And do I care passionately where Rob and Kristen
spend their holidays?
Not really. But I read stuff... I think about what I read.
Sometimes I post about my thoughts.
It's a vicious cycle, isn't it?

5. Will New Moon sustain me through Pattinson withdrawal?
Will the upcoming Remember Me take off the edge?
Will there be pictures of Robert and Kristen making out?
Will Rob find another baseball hat to wear?
Will Kristen keep knotting her t-shirts?
Will New Moon topple Titanic?
Will Rose ever get off the computer
so she can get ready to see New Moon again?
These are the questions we want answered.
And soon.

Bye for now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Is Kristen Spending Christmas in London?

"Now I got that feeling once again.
I can't explain, you would not understand.
This is not how I am.
I have become... comfortably numb."

I can't seem to shake this...
It's kinda like I'm in this fog.
I'm trying to figure out where I am...
but it's so thick, so dense...
I can't really see.
Strange... yes?

So New Moon is online.
Not a surprise.
I know a lot of people get offended by the online thing.
It doesn't stop me from wanting to watch it.
I already paid to see it.
I will pay to see it again (and again)
(oh yeah... and again)
I will buy the DVD.
But anyway...
I have access to watching
a poor copy of New Moon...
And I even started to watch it.
So... after Robert struts on over to Kristen...
(that part really makes me incoherent)
I watch this shitty copy...
and then it freezes.
And I'm OK with that.
And that blows my mind.
Because when Twilight came out...
I couldn't get enough of it.
I watched that lousy copy online...
over and over again.
I would go to the theater to see Twilight
and then come home to watch it
on my computer...
I was obsessed.
I had to watch Robert.
HAD to.
This time?
I don't feel that need.
WTF Rose?

It could just be that I'm fucking raw
from all the hype.
That's kinda the fog that I'm stumbling through.
I'm trying to find Robert.
Has my obsession...
My intoxication...
reached its zenith?
I don't know.

I'm going to see New Moon
again on Monday.
Have to see it on the "Ultra" screen...
Have to see Edward...
But I guess only time will tell.
Will I find my way back?

Oh and.
This is going to be serious Robert withdrawal now.
He talked about spending Christmas
with his family in London.
Will Kristen be with him?
You know how couples work...
You have to trade off on spending the holidays with family.
Thanksgiving in LA with Kristen's family.
Christmas in London
With Rob's family.

It will be most interesting to see
where Kristen and Rob turn up in the future...

I look forward to the 'down' time...
but when pictures do show up?
I know I won't be disappointed.

Bye for now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Crazy? I'll Show You Crazy.


1. I'm going to talk about New Moon...
I really don't get the whole spoiler thing to be honest...
Have you read the book?
No big surprises.

2. I purposely stayed off the computer pretty much
all day on Friday.
I went to see the movie...
and then I just needed to step back.

3. See the first picture up there ^
Robward walking towards Bella.
My favorite part of the movie....
he parks his damn shiny Volvo...
and fucking struts over to Bella.
Then he kisses her.
Funny thing is...
My favorite part of Twilight
was Robward walking into the cafeteria...
Where do you think his legs will take him in Eclipse?

4. I'm a bitch.
I can admit it.
I actually relish my bitchiness.
So on the way to the theater...
I was all nervous and angsty.
I went from one extreme to the other.
First... I felt like every asshat on the road
was heading to the theater to see New Moon.
I felt like a complete idiot...
driving to see New Moon...
All nervous and excited...
but I was still envious of all the people
outside the Twilight bubble...
Who had no fucking clue about New Moon...
Who didn't give a rats ass about Robert Pattinson.
Have I broke on through to the other side?

5. I loved the movie.
I loved Robert.
I loved Kristen.
I even loved Taylor.
I will go see it again.
But yet...
Something was missing for me.
I talked it over a little bit with Trix...
She felt the same way.
(not a surprise... she and I agree on most things)
When I left the movie...
I had to actually reflect on what I saw.
How I felt.
I think New Moon is a better made movie.
It looks better.
The acting is better...
I loved the movie.
But the thrill...
the overwhelming euphoria
I felt for Twilight...
wasn't there.
Well... for one thing...
I'm fucking burnt out on New Moon.
Toast. Crisp.
I'm actually glad all the hype and frenzy is behind us.
I was completely and totally saturated with everything.
I couldn't take any more.
Full. Stuffed.
Another thing...
Part of the huge draw of Twilight...
was seeing Edward Cullen brought to life.
Not just part of the draw...
The fucking reason I'm here right now.
Edward Cullen.
I couldn't wait to see Robert become Edward.
(and yes... he was perfection)
With New Moon...
I still was anxious to see Edward...
But I kinda knew what he looked like already.
You know what I mean?
Who knows...
Maybe once the buzz and fever over the movie
has died down some...
And my nervous system has had time to heal...
I will get all bent over New Moon.
Maybe I just need to see it a few more (dozen) times.
That might be it.

6. I loved most of the interviews with Rob and Kristen.
Rob on Letterman was great.
Kristen on Conan and Jimmy Fallon...
Fucking outstanding.
All 3 of them on Kimmel was fantastic!
I love Ellen.... but...
Rob came out and the audience fucking
screamed for 10 minutes.
Um... SHUT UP!
You are wasting precious minutes...
Minutes that I could be listening to Rob talk...
Or laugh...
Don't you want to hear what he has to say?
Can't you tell he is uncomfortable with it?
Don't you fucking CARE???
Irritating. Frustrating.
I think Kristen fucking killed on her interviews
she wins the charming and witty award.
Rob, of course was all of that...
But I have one complaint.
He always slouches.
Such a tall beautiful man...
slouching in the chair...
Like he's trying to be as small as possible...
trying to hide.
I guess I understand.

Bye for now

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 50- New Moon. KPattz Walking in Love.

Well... We made it.
Midnight tonight.... New Moon hits the theaters.
Tomorrow at this time...
Well... I will just be a nervous wreck waiting to go see it.
All this Rob.
So much Rob.
Is there such a thing as too much?
Is there a saturation point?
I think there is.
I think I've hit it.
Now... don't get me wrong...
I will always love Robert Pattinson.
Beyond the Twilight madness.
But the all the frenzy... the hype...
is exhausting.
I need to stop.
I need to fucking breathe.
My nervous system is shot to hell.

As you may or may not have noticed...
I have an infatuation with Rob... Walking.
I've posted about this before...
I will post about it again.
Something in the way he moves...

I thought I would add a sweet pic of Kristen walking.
Especially since this is day 50 of adoring her daily.
She really is incredible.
And I'm so thrilled that other people are finally realizing it, too.
Kristen did a round of interviews yesterday...
Today Show, Regis/Kelly and Jimmy Fallon.
She rocked them all.
But she was especially cute and charming with Fallon.
He obviously has a bit of a crush on her...
(and why wouldn't he?)
But they had adorable banter...
And she showed everyone that she has a great sense of humor.
Love her.
So happy that others do too.

What would a walking pictures post be...
Without one of the best ever.
Sorry.... BUT
This pic is worth a zillion words.

*Just watched Rob in the 'Remember Me' trailer.
And I'm crying.
He is THAT good.
He is THAT beautiful.
Just writing about it... makes me cry.
It is impossible for me to focus right now.
I need to stop.*

Bye for now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 49- Robert, Kristen, Edward and Bella

Couple of days until New Moon.
Couple of thoughts.

1. Yes. Yes. YES.
More VF outtakes of Robert.
VF should just put out a fucking book there are so many.
And as always...
The outtakes are better than the ones used in the magazine.
Well... kinda.
Robert is beautiful perfection.

2. I just watched Kristen on 'Live with Regis and Kelly'.
Now I remember why I don't watch that show
(unless someone awesome like Kristen is on)
Regis seems clueless...
Kelly always seems to bring topics back to herself.
(I call that the Tyra syndrome)
I had read on Twitter that Kristen might be sick.
I wouldn't doubt it with all the traveling she is doing.
She was her wonderful self...
trying to push through the same questions
over and over again.
Brave, strong girl.

C. I've been thinking about Rob and Kristen.
I know... right?
Some people have said that I just want to bring
Bella and Edward
off screen.
But that's not true.
For one thing...
I think Rob/Kristen have more chemistry off screen.
And I don't have a problem separating the actors
from the characters.
And another thing?
I love Rob and Kristen.
Together or apart.
Relationship or not.
I will still love them.
I happen to enjoy KPattz...
Their happiness in pictures together is contagious.
They make me smile.
I think Rob and Kristen have influenced each other
in a very positive way...
No matter what the 'fiending' says or does.

F. Rob is on Letterman tonight.
I'm a bit excited.
The hair pulling.
The goofy laugh.
I'm so excited to see him one on one
in an interview that lasts more than 2 minutes
and isn't surrounded by screaming.
Or that scary blond publicist
who always holds up 2 fingers...
and then swipes at her throat...
And... looks like she was sucking on
a very sour, bitter lemon....
Who actually makes me appreciate
Manager Nick a little more.
And that is saying a fucking lot.

5. Do I have a 5?
Probably not.
I should have stopped back at 1.
I'm just so damn giddy.
All these TV interviews.
And its Wednesday.
New Moon is here on Friday.
My stomach.

It's all been leading up to this, hasn't it?
Watching Robert bring Edward Cullen to life.
Edward Cullen.
I truly cannot get enough of Edward Cullen.
It begins and ends with Edward Cullen.
It's all about Edward Cullen.
Edward. Cullen.
I will stop now.


Bye for now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 48- Dreamy KPattz Love

I was going to write a *warning*
But you know what?
I'm pretty sure anyone who comes here
and reads this blog...
Knows what they are getting into.
I make no secret about how I feel about
Kristen Stewart...
My need to defend and protect her.
I make no secret about my obsessive adoration
of Robert Pattinson.
And most of all...
I make no secret that I love the idea
of Rob and Kristen.
(Forever and ever...)

No more warnings.

Yes. Robert Pattinson looks fucking dreamy.
Of course he does.
It's not like he can take off the dreamy.
He's pretty much stuck with it.
It's just sometimes he is even dreamier
than other times...
Even though...
He's always dreamy.
It's all a matter of degrees of dreamy.
Sick of the word yet?

We didn't get any photos on the red carpet
of Rob and Kristen together.
I didn't see Rob pose with any of the cast.
But there were plenty of them together...
At the after party.
Kristen looked a bit tired...
Or maybe she was just tired of posing for pictures...
and having people shout her name...
and having people push and pull her
to where they wanted her to be...
I'm tired just writing that.
Rob really seems to get pushed and shoved around too...
it's rather disheartening to watch.
And I'm sorry...
but that Nick manager guy?
He bugs me. Big time.
Not only is he within inches of Rob
at all times...
He always manages to get his smarmy face
in a lot of the pics of Rob.
Step back Nick... No one cares about you.

Ah... Kristen.
The Belle of the Ball.
She looks beautiful.
And I love the dress.

She was on Conan O'Brien last night as well.
I was so happy for her.
She was cute and funny...
She had drawn an ink tattoo of Bella on her hand.
She posed for funny pictures with
Judd Apatow and his cardboard kids.
(who says she doesn't have a sense of humor??)
And Conan was sweet and funny with her.
I love Conan.
He was a good choice for a talk show for her to do.
And considering that after she left his show...
she had to go to the premiere of New Moon...
She did brilliantly.
Love her.

Bye for now.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 47- New Moon Week Begins!

Loving Kristen Stewart.
(no kidding??)
Her sense of style.
And the hair???
I mean... the grown out Joan Jett...
is totally working for her.
I think I might actually like it better
Than the long Bella hair.
Let's just say she looks great
no matter how she wears her hair.
How can she lose?
That beautiful face remains the same.
Kristen is on the Tonight Show w/ Conan
Don't fucking miss it.

OK. Some more random thoughts

1. New Moon Week.
I can't believe it's here.
There are TV appearances galore!
It's almost more than I can stand.
(and I can stands a lot)
One of my fave interviews ever
was Rob on Leno last year...
I'm so excited to be able to add to that...
Sorry... that doesn't come close
to describing how I really feel...
But it will do for now.
I've cleansed the DVR...
it's almost empty...
waiting to be filled.

2. Is it wrong that I want to go to
Burger King and order their NEW MOON meal?
I want the Edward water bottle.
Big time.
Yeah, OK...
and maybe I like those little hamburger thingys?
Well, I've never had them...
but I might.
They come with some Edward.
Everything is better with Edward.

3. I keep getting blindsided on Twitter.
I respond to someones Tweet...
and then all of a sudden...
my Tweets are personal attacks.
Um... no.
I don't do twitter to attack people.
In fact...
I'm pretty sure I wasn't even aware
that you were there...
I don't scope out the Twitterverse...
I don't keep track of where the 140+ people
I follow are at any given time.
I twitter tweetly about Rob and Kristen.
No fucking surprise.
What you see is what you get.

4. It's probably better if there isn't
a number 4, today.
I might say something...
and not regret it later.

5. Bye for now.

*Watch Kristen on Conan.
That is all.*