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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DuRob is Killing Me Softly.

I'm going to try and not be sarcastic today.
Can I do it?
Why would I want to?

Fucking Robert Pattinson.
Robert Fucking Pattinson.
Either way.
Top hat.

Bel Ami looks like it is going to be AWESOME.
There are pics/videos of like an angry DuRob.
Why is that so damn sexy?
Because it's Robert.

I watched Twilight last night.
Robert and Kristen looked so young.
It's kinda hard to believe that they are done
with Eclipse now...
I love Twilight.
With all its flaws...
It makes me nostalgic for a happier time
in Twilight fandom.
Before the war of Robsten.
Before ... everything.
It makes me remember 
WHY I fell in love with Robert Pattinson.
Why I am so mesmerized by him.
Why I will always be a fan.

Yeah, Twilight has its flaws.
The makeup was weird.
The wigs were strange.
Rob's eyebrows were overplucked.
It left out important lines...
But still.
Twilight did give us Robert Pattinson.
And it does give us Robert Pattinson...
Playing a fucking piano.
There will always be something so 
incredibly sexy hot...
about Robert and music together.
His guitar.
His soulful voice...
I remember Catherine Hardwicke saying in an interview
that there were 2 hours of Rob playing piano.
Is that on film?
Is that anywhere???
I can't imagine a better concert.
I wish Rob would put out a CD...
"I'll be your man..."
This is one of the many reasons
I love Robert Pattinson.
Just the way he makes me feel.

And a pic from Eclipse.
Robert looks beautiful.
And Kristen's wig doesn't look too bad.
And Taylor.
Well, I might be in the minority sometimes...
But I like Taylor.
I'm impressed with how he worked so hard
to be Jacob Black.
I was impressed with his acting...
And I love the chemistry he has with Kristen...
On and off screen.

Eclipse is my favorite book.
Will it be my favorite movie?
I hope so.
I need Eclipse.

Bye for now.

*Pssst. See? I can be nice. Maybe.
Anyone know where Kristen is?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kristen and Robert... On The Wings of Love.

The MTV Movie Awards.
Fucking really?
I swear...
People will fucking bicker about anything.


Fucking MTV.
The only good thing about these awards
is that Robert and Kristen show up to them.
And Robert on TV is always good.

The Hateful Hyenas are just as bad
as the Rabid Robstens.

You know both sides are frantically voting.
I haven't voted.
I might not vote.
I'm not sure I care enough to vote.
But I must admit...
That if having Robert and Kristen
win a 'kiss' award...
and then proceeding to come onstage 
and maybe kiss (or maybe not)
Irritates the Hyenas?

I'm kinda on that side.
Can't help it.
And I do like that both
Remember Me and The Runaways
are nominated for stuff.
That's kinda cool.
I will.
Hateful Hyena.
Not a pretty picture, is it?
Big mouth.
Snarling and drooling...
I never knew that Hyenas were so damn clingy.
You learn something every day.

There is 'talk' about whether or not
Kristen will show up in Budapest.
(You already know what I think)
I admit that its just speculation.
No one has seen Kristen's airplane ticket...
and as far as I know
She hasn't been spotted...
Well... anywhere for the last couple of days.
Who knows?
The HH's are already foaming about this...

"If she shows up there,  it really is pathetic.
He's WORKING. Something she should be doing!
If she is there it's only for PR!!!
They are messing with the fans and the media
to keep people talking about Eclipse!"

Cling cling cling went the Hater...
IF you were young, rich and in love...
And your fucking hot guy was making
a movie in a fucking hot city...
And you had a chance to BE with him
after you were separated for awhile...
You KNOW you would be there.
So don't give me bullshit about PR.
Kristen traveling across the world
to hang out with Robert 
is a bit above and beyond
fucking media hype.
Don't you think?
(Do you think?)
It's all just speculation.
We all know that Rob and Kristen
are both capable of getting into and out of
major cities without being papped...
Right now...
It's all up in the air.
(Kinda like Kristen in the airplane?)

I'm really not a morning person.
And for some obscene reason
I post in the mornings.
And that could go a long way
to explaining why I'm so damn bitchy
so much of the time.
Like I need an excuse?

Truth is Truth.
And I'm adding this cuz...
I love Rob in profile.
And I love DuRob...
and I just love Rob.
The End.

Bye for now.

*Yes, you are the hyena I
was writing about.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rob and Kristen. Working My Way Back To You...


Isn't he DuLovely?

Yes. Yes. He is all of that.

And walking DuRob...

And with that...
I DUly apologize for being
incredibly reDUndant and DUlusional.
Truly. I'm sorry.
I'll stop now.

Lots of comments yesterday.
I guess some people felt like I was calling them
a hyena.
Was I?
Some 'anonymous' commenter kept telling me 
I was being a bully.
But I have to ask who was I bullying?
The Hyenas?
I gave my opinion on what they do and say.
I didn't name anyone specifically...
I comment on the bullshit that surrounds
Robert and Kristen.
Does that mean I stick my paddle in?
Yeah. I guess it does.
But that shit is already bubbling and brewing...
I didn't start the fire.
I just stir it now and again so it doesn't boil over.
And really... 
I know it hit close to home
I know the shoe is a tight fit.
Oh well.

For the record...
I've never discussed 'intimate' details
about Robert and Kristen.
I don't care about that shit.
I just believe they are together.
I don't fantasize about their relationship.
I just think there is one.
I like pushing the Hyenas buttons
and nudge nudge
wink wink 
on Rob/Kristen
(In Budapest??)
I find it fascinating that some people
can dish it out...
But just cannot take it.

I found this on the internet
the other day...
I thought it was APT.
(Lisa Simpson reference... in case you were wondering)


One more thing.
My theater better fucking get
The Runaways
next week.
That movie is like in my head.
I'm all about the Runaways.
Don't let me down, Marcus Theaters.
Don't let me down.

And ready for the countdown?
Screams of joy...
Moans of sorrow...

Bye for now.

Wink Wink.
Nudge Nudge.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Soapbox

I guess Robert is in Budapest.
Looking wonderfully charming as always.
But wait...
Is he really there?
No! Yes!
Seriously, people were like
arguing over him being there.
Why do I ask?
Because petty arguments are what some
people live for.
Also read that TomStu is there with him.
But wait...
Is he really there?
No! Yes!
Why do people bicker about such
mundane bullshit?
Why do I ask?

I know why.
Because the Hyenas are afraid that Kristen is
going to show up.
They are already making excuses for her being there.
They are whining and yapping...
"Get a life!"
(isn't THAT ironic?)
And somehow...
If TomStu is there...
It makes her going there somehow less meaningful?
Something like that.
Because the
are close personal friends of TomStu
(We all know he has better sense than that)
And they KNOW that he doesn't like Kristen.
The way he looks at her?
(isn't THAT ironic?)

So brace yourselves, dear readers.
WHEN she shows up in Budapest...
Will start foaming at the mouth.
Attacking and tearing...
Because that is what they are good at.
Their food of choice is Kristen Stewart...
But they are scavengers
They will bite at anything that gets in their way.
And then they whimper about how misunderstood they are.
(isn't THAT ironic?)

I hope this happens soon in Hungary.
What a wonderfully romantic place
to spend your birthday with the one you love.
Gotta love it.

I look forward to the next few days...

Bye for now.

*Pssst... this post isn't about you.
Unless you think it is.
Shoe. Fits. Slide. It. On.*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Rose. Robert. Runaways.

Robert out and about in London.
I posted this picture because I miss his face.
And he's walking.
Yeah... you know.
He looks unhappy to be photographed...
But except for occasional glimpses
Rob has managed to stay off the radar.

It's such a weird situation.
I want to see Robert.
I love to see him.
I need to see him.
And then I see him...
and he looks miserable
(and no, I'm not going to say he looks
like that because he misses Kristen...
I hate that shit.)
And then I'm ashamed that I miss him so much.
Can't. Win. For. Losing.

It would be easy for me to say
that if I would just look at pictures
of Robert when he wants his picture taken...
When he is on a red carpet...
Or some other publicity event
I would see him smiling.
And not looking so damn forlorn.
Did you get the part where I need to see him?

Sorry Robert.

I've been on a bit of a "Runaways" kick lately.
No. I haven't seen the movie yet...
But I've devoured clips and pictures
I've watched countless videos of 
Joan Jett, Cherie Currie... Lita Ford.
I'm all into watching interviews
live performances.
And damn it to hell if
Cherry Bomb
isn't a song that just fucking stays in your head.
All day.
I go around 'ch ch ch-ing'
and B looks at me like 'Huh'??
I like the music.
I found a video from 2001
of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
where Cherie came on stage to sing...
Cherry Bomb.
It was interesting. It was cool.
Cherie still did a lot of the same moves
from when she was 15 years old.
And what kills me the most...
Is when I watch movie clips...
Dakota and Kristen 
fucking KILL as Cherie and Joan.
You could watch the old clips...
with the new clips...
and hardly tell a difference.
Love it.
Can't wait.

What's a day without a picture of
Robert and Kristen
getting all cutesy and adorable with each other?

There is still a lot of anger online.
A lot of drama surrounding these 2 people.
But all I can do is be a fan.
I went to see Remember Me...
and Robert was great in it.
I want to see The Runaways...
and I will continue to support 
these 2 actors.

As for the whole "Robsten" stuff?
People get confused.
I guess it's not surprising.
They get too involved.
Too intense.
Like it's life or death
whether these 2 people are together.
Here's my thing...
It's not like I am 'shipping' for them 
to be together.
It's not like I need or want them to be together.
I just think they are.
It's really that simple.
And if there comes a day when
I don't think they are together?
That will be OK.
Whatever happens, happens.
There is a difference from believing
2 people are in a relationship...
(and kinda poking fun with all the absurdities
that surround the whole thing)
and being a raving lunatic
hellbent on proving they are together...
or aren't together.
I speculate.
I don't shove it down anyone's throat.
I've never gone to another board/blog
to demand to be heard.
I don't attack Kristen or Robert.
It's OK if you don't believe it.
It's OK if you don't feel the way that I do.
That's life.
I'm OK with that.

Bye for now.

Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Not Robsten... It's Personal.

A lot of shit has been said.
And it has gotten very scary...
Very sad.

I just have a couple random thoughts.
Things that have popped into my head
Feelings about how hard it is...
to just love Robert Pattinson.
To adore Kristen Stewart.

*I put this beautiful picture of Robert here...
Because I want to try to remember why I write this blog*

1. There was a lot of hatred spewed yesterday.
Did I contribute?
I made my comments about the Hyenas
who circled and attacked someone when they were down.
It wasn't a question of guilt or innocence.
It was a full on attack.
Of someone they don't know.
Gleeful celebration at someone elses
personal dilemma.
The legal issues is for the law to decide.
The moral issue brings us back to 
when did this get PERSONAL?

2. Someone somewhere took a picture
of a group of women off someones PERSONAL acct.
They then proceeded to mock the women in the picture.
They scribbled on the picture.
Do you know these ladies?
Do you think they deserved this?
What made you think this was OK to do?
WHEN did this get personal?

3. I know I give my opinion.
I can be sarcastic.
I can be bitchy.
But never once have I called someone out
individually and blasted them.
Never once did I name a specific person
to laugh at and make fun of.
I might say "Nonsten"
But that is a whole array of people, isn't it?
And like I have said before...
I love some "Nonstens"
Disagreeing with "Nonstens" isn't personal.

4. My post yesterday received a lot of comments.
Some were well thought out...
Some were silly...
Some were funny...
Some were incredibly sad.
I don't police the comments.
I'm not responsible for what someone says 
in the comments.
Because someone comments on my blog...
Doesn't mean *I* agree with them.
In fact, sometimes I just shake my head
and sigh when I read what some people have to say.


5. I hate generalizations.
I try really hard not to do that.
When I comment on the "Nonsten" haters...
It doesn't encompass everyone who doesn't believe
in Robert and Kristen.
(Like I said, I love me some Nonstens)
It doesn't include everyone who posts at
It's that lunatic fringe...
that small percentage of haters...
who just seem to enjoy hating.
They hate Kristen.
They hate Delaney.
They hate everything that doesn't agree with them.
They make it personal.

6. Obviously the same goes with "Robstens"
I love a lot of people who love Rob/Kristen.
But there are some who are just fucking scary.
They attack. They accuse.
They have their lunatic fringe, too.

7. Some people from
posted some comments here.
They gave their side of the story.
They gave their civilized opinion.
It was all well and good.
I know from experience how some take 
it too far... make it personal.
This blog has come under attack...
and honestly, I'm OK with that.
They don't have to like it.
But some of them have attacked ME.
Making comments about my marriage...
how I'm a horrible mother to my boys...
Calling me all sorts of nasty names
and making it personal.
Not one of those people know me.
Know anything about me.
I don't give out a lot of details about myself
and I most definitely keep my personal life 
details to a minimum.
So they make shit up.
Based on hatred.
They make it personal.

*Can't fucking wait for this!*


I guess some people have just taken
this whole thing too far.
I don't want to talk about it anymore.
I don't want to be involved in the hate.
I don't hate.
I love.
I love Robert Pattinson.
I love Kristen Stewart.
I love Robert and Kristen together.
And that's who I want to write about.
I will continue to love and defend Kristen.
I will continue to love and defend Robert.
I will continue to give my opinion
on the controversy surrounding them.
But I won't attack.
I won't hate.
It won't get personal.

Bye for now.

*Psssst... when are we going to see
a picture of Kristen in London?*

*Pssst... How many times did I write
personal?? ;) *

*Pssst... 13 times. You know how it is
when you see a word too much...
and it kinda doesn't even look like a word anymore?*

*Pssst... I love you, Robert.
Just throwing that out there.*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pack of Hyenas Chasing Robsten!

I have a lot to say today.
I've been thinking about how to say it.
In all honesty...
I'm embarrassed to be a Rob/Kristen fan right now.
I'm not sure why people feel the need 
to make this shit PERSONAL.
What is wrong with you?

This is how I picture some "Nonstens"
But I hesitate using that word...
Because I know a lot of people who don't believe
or care about Robert/Kristen being in a relationship...
And I happen to like these people.
Even if our opinions aren't the same...
we are sane, rational people.

Let's call them what they are...
A pack of ravenous, scavengers
foaming at the mouth...
Barking and snarling
over something that has NOTHING 
to do with them.
About someone they don't even know.

Now, I only know what I have read online...
Legal issues. Court documents.
Why do the hyenas get such glee from this?
Mostly its because they don't like what she has to say.
They don't believe her...
They follow her on Twitter.
Keep track of her blogs/journals
And dedicate page after page
after page after page
After page
of attacks on this one person.
If you don't believe someone...
Then don't.
Why is it a personal insult to you
what she has to say?
What do you care if there were leaked pictures?
Do you have stock in Summit?
Were you the photographer?
Where is the outrage at all the previous 'leaks'?
People who gladly ate up all the pics from
Harpers Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Details...
Somehow got all offended at the Eclipse pictures.
It's not the What.
It's the Who.

I don't know the details of this issue.
I'm not a lawyer.
But most of all...
It's none of my business.

But for some reason the Hyenas
are under the illusion that if this person
gets into trouble...
That all of a sudden Robert/Kristen will cease 
to be a couple.
That the whole relationship is based
on what she has twittered or written.
Um. That would be a NO.

Sorry Hyenas.
You need to find another carcass to gnaw on.
Leaked pictures has nothing to do with 
Robert or Kristen.
And seriously...
Do you think they are even aware of this kind of bullshit?
Yeah... Like they give a shit about gossip and innuendo.
Because you know that's all it is.
At least you should know.
It's the fucking internet.
You can say ANYTHING here.
Whether or not someone believes it...
That's up to them.
Up until a couple of months ago...
 I had no idea who the person in question was.
A friend told me about her...
So I read what she had to say.
Does she influence my thoughts? My opinions?
I take EVERY fucking thing with a grain of salt.
And so do I.
So we agreed on common ground.

But let me tell you this.

I started this blog approx 1 month before
Twilight came out in theaters.
My ROBsession was about 3 months old at that point...
But even then...
I believed in Rob/Kristen.

Excerpt from Oct 28, 2008
Title of Post: Chemistry.
"I wanted to talk about chemistry. As in on screen chemistry. As in Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They have it. And better yet, they have it off screen as well. I think it is so obvious that there was a little sumthin sumthin going on between these two...beyond Edward and Bella. I have watched all the videos of the two of them...and they are just so INTIMATE with each other. The way they look at one another...the way Kristen touches Roberts face (and that, my friends, is intimate), the way they couldn't keep their eyes off of each other at Comic Con...their body language on and off screen. But especially off screen, because they are always touching...always close.
Now, I know that they are supposed to be dating other people or whatever. But there is definitely something there. I don't care what anyone says. And if they get right back into making "New Moon" (oh please Lord) they will get right back into their chemistry."

And this a few days later.
October 31, 2008
No title.

"And then the "Empire Magazine Shoot"...OH MY GOD. That is one of my favorite videos thus far. Watching Robert stare at Kristen...watching Kristen steal a glance at Robert (and honestly, who can blame her for wanting to stare at him?). The sexual tension... the CHEMISTRY between them is so obvious. Yes, I saw Kristens BF get out of the car with her in Rome...but seriously...does he even stand a chance? Nope. After watching how Robert and Kristen interact with each other...looking for each other...watching for each other...feeling obvious comfort being next to each other...I say its only a matter of time. In almost every picture that they took together...she leaned into him. So intimate. Sometimes I forget how very young Kristen really is. She is only 18. But she seems mature beyond that...You can tell how uncomfortable doing interviews is for her, because she has a hard time verbalizing what she wants to say. She makes faces...stammers...looks to Rob..."

Just goes to show you how long 
I've been a believer in Robert/Kristen.
This was before there even was a "Robsten"
Or "Nonsten"
Or any other associated bullshit.
I don't need someone to tell me what
is right in front of my eyes.
I can see.
I make my own opinions.
And nothing has swayed my opinion
since Oct 2008.

So if the Hyenas want to gloat over
someone being in trouble...
Just because they don't like to hear
what she has to say...
Then that is beyond disturbing.
It has nothing to do with you.
And it has nothing to do with Robert/Kristen
or whether or not they are dating or not.
Nothing has changed.
It shouldn't be personal.
It's just opinion.
You do.
You don't.

It shouldn't be personal.
Don't act all self-righteous now...
It's too late for the dutiful indignation.
It's obvious why you are drooling and circling...
And it's pathetic.
You've gone too far.

Hyena: Applied to cruel, treacherous, 
and greedy persons since at least 1670s.

So keep doing what Hyenas do.
Ripping. Shredding. Attacking.
Enjoy your meal.
Although I'm sure it still tastes bitter.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rob and Kristen. Clothes Hamper Wars...

The Eclipse poster was released yesterday.
It was cool... but predictable.
I loved that Bella was front and center...
This is her story after all!
Someone (forgive me for not knowing who)
put together this collage of pics from all three
of the movie posters...
And I found it interesting.
Robert hasn't changed that much...
He's still gorgeous as ever
although with every movie they get
closer and closer to my Edward ideal.
Taylor obviously has matured...
And let's face it, you can only get better
after wearing that horrific wig from Twilight!
And Kristen.
She looks so young and innocent in Twilight...
she becomes more beautiful
and more 'aware' of what her life has become
in subsequent pictures.
Love it.

Kristen out and about in LA/Beverly Hills?
Loving the smile on her face.

So supposedly she was looking at homes in Beverly Hills.
Supposedly for Robert?
But I'm still giggly from yesterday
and the Clothes Hamper Wars.
Yeah... something about a jacket?
Does it matter?
Well... to some people I guess it does.
Someone says 'look at the jacket... it's just like Robs!'
Then someone says 'NOOOO! It's not Robs. We can prove it!!'
Then someone says ' I love how Rob/Kristen share clothes'
Then someone says 'NOOOO! The jackets aren't the same, losers!'
Then someone says 'Blah blah same clothes blah blah'
Then someone says 'You study Rob/Kristens clothes, Losers! GET A LIFE!'
Then someone says 'Pot.Kettle.Black. Haters! GET A LIFE'
And back and forth.
Round and round it goes.
Where will it stop?
Nobody knows.

And if you aren't laughing at the Hamper Wars?
And getting all pissy over it?
I truly hope you will be OK...
Poor thing.

What else is there to say?
Kristen looking for a house for 'someone'
Kristen vacationing with 'someone' overseas?
Kristen and Robert sitting in a tree?

The more information that comes out...
The more vile and bitter the hatred.
Its interesting...
Yet so sad.

Kristen is STILL a lesbian
(I guess Oregano didn't mind for the years they were together)
Kristen is STILL desperate
(I guess wearing your guy's clothes means that? huh?)
Kristen is STILL out of work 
(I guess she doesn't deserve time off)
Kristen is STILL pathetically following Robert
around and hoping to convince him to be with her
(I guess Robert has no free will about who 
he hangs around with)
Kristen is STILL playing the PR game
(I guess Summit has complete control 
over what she and Rob do on their own time)

Round and round it goes.
Will it stop?
Hell no.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kristen Vacationing in Budapest This Year?

You might wonder why I am posting about this picture.
How can I not?
It gave me a HUGE laugh!
That alone makes it worth it.
You see...
Earlier yesterday, I had seen the picture
of Kristen at LAX.
I thought nothing about it.
It wasn't until it was pointed out to me much later...
That she was wearing a t-shirt with a tear in the collar.
Let the hilarity ensue!
I'm giggling just writing this.
Now, I don't know who goes around analyzing
every article of clothing that Robert and Kristen wear.
But every once in a while they hit the jackpot.
Every once in a while...
They are right.
And when they are right?
The Haters come out in full force!
Let the Clinging Rationalizations begin!

1. "His shirt is white. Hers is gray. 
It's not the same shirt."

2. "What does she do? Go through his dirty laundry
and steal his clothes?"

3. "She's so desperate to hang onto him.
I'm sure he's sick of her wearing his clothes."

and my favorite Cling of the day?

4. " I have a white t-shirt that's ripped at the 
collar, JUST like that! I must be dating Rob, too!"
(as she takes out her scissors...)


6. And then.
It gets better!
Then someone actually...
ZOOMED in on the two tears in the collars.
*wiping tears from face*
Came up with the clingy deduction that...
Rob's tear was straighter than Kristens!
Come on...
You KNOW you are fucking laughing at this.
You have to be!
Fucking tears in t-shirts.
I had a smile on my face all day.
I'm smiling now.
So entertaining.
Thank You. Thank You.

I was going to talk about other
Kristen related bullshit.
Since I'm still chortling at the whole
torn collar debate...
I will focus on brighter, better things.

Now, I know some people go on
and on about how no one wants to work with Kristen.
The girl has been working nonstop for years...
So if she takes a break...
It's because no one wants her.
Yeah. OK.
What these people REALLY don't want 
is for Kristen to haul her pretty little ass to London...
Or Budapest
Or wherever Robert happens to be.
We can't have that, can we?
I just know this.
IF I were in a relationship with
Robert Fucking Pattinson?
And I had the means and the opportunity
to spend time with him?
I would SO fucking be there.
And you know you would too.
And April 9th is her 20th birthday.
What better way to celebrate?
Her Rob t-shirt collection is running low...
They need to exchange clothes again...
And Rob is particularly fond of the torn collar shirt...
He's missed it.
He's missed Kristen.
Ain't that a kick in the head?

Yeah. I'm smiling again.

Bye for now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Runaway to Remember Me

Robert in "Remember Me"
I don't think he has ever looked more beautiful.
Every shot. Every frame.

I saw RM...
I liked it.
I thought Robert was good.
I'm not sure I'm someone whose opinion
would really matter when it comes to Rob.
I think everything he does is brilliant.

Remember Me doesn't seem to be doing so great
at the box office.
I'm not an expert by any means.
My son told me about this site...
It measures the percentage of positive reviews.
Remember Me had only 27%
No, it wasn't epic film-making...
But it was still pretty good.
Kinda sad. But it made you think.
And it has Robert Pattinson in almost every frame.

Why didn't all the "Twi-Hards" follow Robert
into Remember Me?
If you are a fan... You go see his movies.
Even when he's not Edward Cullen.
And that's part of the problem with Robert's fans.
They call him Edward.
They only want to see Edward.
They aren't interested in him outside of Twilight.
And that's sad...
Because Rob's best acting is going to be 
in movies where he's not Edward.
And it's a shame people will miss that.

The Runaways opened in limited theaters this weekend.
Which meant I didn't see it.
Which means I have to wait until April.
How did it do?
Depends on who you ask. had it at 62%
That's pretty good.

I've heard lots of good things...
But then I tend to follow people who are
fans of Kristen Stewart.
So again... not really unbiased opinions.
I know I will go see it.
I guess only time will tell with this movie.
 What I want to know is this...
Why is there a 
Some Kristen fans want Remember Me to do poorly
so that The Runaways can beat it...
And of course...
We have some Robert fans blasting The Runaways
and saying it will NEVER beat Remember Me.
How can you even compare the movies?
WHY compare the movies?
RM is PG-13
TR is R-rated
RM is a doomed love story...
TR is a rock and roll biopic.
RM had a larger budget
Bigger advertising
TR is a small indie film
I don't get it.
The only thing the movies have in common
is the fact that each has a lead from Twilight.

I want BOTH movies to do well.
It's not one or the other.
Just because Remember Me does well
doesn't make The Runaways less of a movie.
Or vice-versa

Man, the whole Robert/Kristen bullshit
is so fucking out of control.
People will fucking argue over anything...
just for the sake of arguing.

And for the record... gave New Moon 28%

And so it goes.

Bye for now.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday's Soapbox

Are you tired of being mooned?
Are you all New Mooned out?
Or is watching the movie over and over again...
JUST what the doctor ordered?

I've watched it a couple of times.
I'm kinda wanting to watch Twilight
and then New Moon...
But then we are talking about a 4 hour block.
That's a lot of time to dedicate to watching movies.
Especially when there are other people
in the house who really don't understand
or share my fascination.
So I either have to watch it when there isn't
anyone around...
Which is practically never.
Or wait until everyone is in bed.
Fast asleep.
And I can just focus on Robert.

He is beautiful in this movie.
Of course.
Robert could put a bag over his head...
and still his gorgeousness would come shining through.
Is that me saying that his beauty is more than just his face?
Well... it is.
I don't need to ramble on about all his many wonderful qualities.
If you love Robert... You already know what they are.
And while all the worn out cliches about
"beauty being more than skin deep"
"You can't tell a book by its cover"
are more than true in Robert's case...
He is so much more.
So much more.

Couple of Sunday Soapbox Rants...

(Thought you would escape that, huh?)

1. I get comments about why I don't address the Rob hate.
But I do.
I don't tolerate it.
But I don't go searching it out.
I do NOT go to the IMDb boards.
I do NOT read the comments on Ted's site.
I can't.
Of course I am aware of the extreme hatred
he is subjected to.
I've always said there are fucking lunatics
at both ends of the whole Rob/Kristen debate.
Is fucking lunatics too harsh?
If anything... it is too kind.
I love Robert Pattinson.
First and foremost.
I adore Kristen Stewart.
But my heart will always belong to Robert.
And it breaks when I read what some
of these scary people say about him...

 I don't get the overzealous extreme.
Rob gets called a lot of names.
People wish him hurt... or dead.
And for what?
Perceived notions of his behavior?
I never understood the feeling of entitlement
that some 'fans'  take on.
If Rob doesn't say or do the right thing
in their critical and oh so delusional eyes?
He is verbally abused and attacked.
It's a disgusting way to behave...
As if Robert owes you a damn thing.
Like he has to live his life...
According to what some paranoid psycho
has deemed appropriate.
Good Fucking Grief.

And of course... 
Kristen gets even more bullshit thrown at her.
Mostly because Kristen is female...
and since most of the fandom is female...
They are harshest on one of their own.
You know its true.
I've been a female my whole damn life...
and women aren't always very nice to other women.
It's just the way it is.
Catty, vindictive and cruel.
And all I have to ask is Why?
Because you don't like her 'bitchface'?
She doesn't behave the way you think she should?
She doesn't dress the right way?
She gets to hang out with Robert?
Doesn't it sound silly to you?
Beyond ridiculous?
I would hope so.
But I know that some feel justified
in their constant hatred.

So what to do?
And as we all know in life, 
it's useless to obsess about things
over which we have no control.

Sounds good to me.

Bye for now.