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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Is Robsten a Dirty Word?

The post you are about to read is true. 
Only the names have been changed to protect the stupid.

If you are pregnant or nursing...
Are prone to heart attacks or leprosy
If there is even a remote chance that
you lack a sense of humor 
or cannot comprehend sarcasm.
Read at your own risk.
Possible side effects include:
Sausage fingers
Crook eye (not to be confused with Stink eye)
Fallen arches
Hair loss
Tennis Elbow
and Diabetes.
If you think you have any of these things.
Go to a fucking doctor.
Good Grief.

We are in a major drought.
Kristen hasn't been photographed since July 31st
and Rob since August 9th.
A month with no Kristen?
Is that true??
And yeah...
they have been tweeted all over the place
as usual.
And as usual...
Idiots keep believing the idiots.
I guess when people are desperate for
anything R/K related
They start fucking hallucinating.
And some people are so thirsty for ANY news
they are willing to believe anything as long as it has
Robert or Kristen's name attached to it.
You can feed these people shit...
and tell them its steak
and they will eat it gladly.
They will chew and swallow
and they will tell you its the best steak they ever had!

I really don't get the anguish.
Maybe because I'm not worried about the state
of Robert and Kristen's relationship.
Why should I be?
They have managed pretty good all by themselves
without my input.
Do you really think they need anyone
(especially people who don't know them)
Telling them how to conduct their very private relationship?
Right. Right.

So these fools come out of the woodwork.
On Twitter and Facebook...
Looking for attention.
Looking for excuses.
Looking for a way to find drama where none exists.

"I saw Rob _________"
Well you can fill in the blank.
It really doesn't matter where...
As long as its NOT with Kristen
You are good to go.
And there are always suckers who will eat that shit right up.


Anyone can say anything...
One random asshole
And it goes thru Twitter 
like the fucker came down off the mountain
with stone tablets in his hands.


It must be true!!!
I saw it on Facebook!
But someone saw Rob punching grandmas in Los Angeles!
It has to be!!

The whole twitter/facebook thing amazes me.
Not only because of the gullibility of the masses
Those who are so despondent for any news of Rob/Kristen
But because it's odd how easily some tweets/sightings
are believed...
and others?
Not so much.

One lonely tweet about making an 'ice cream sunday'
(sunday? really??)
For Robert Pattinson...
She admits to not seeing him
But she throws in Soho and a birthday candle...
and all is right with the world.
Etch that on the tablet.

But in the not too distant past...
There were numerous tweets 
about Rob and Kristen at an afterparty.
As in more than one.
Where they were seen kissing... and snuggling together.
Being Rob and Kristen
But no.
We cannot believe those!
Even though it was other famous people...
(Famewhores, no doubt)
Even though more than one person saw it
It quickly gets dismissed
and the familiar chant rings out...
(but exceptions are apparently made)

I say to you
Where is Robert Pattinson?
We haven't seen a fucking picture of Rob since August 9th.
And I will even give you the tweet from Norman
(Still loving Norman)
And his guitar shop because I think he's a good guy.
(And he waited a day to say anything)
Even given that...
That sighting was last Wednesday.
Almost a week ago.

 So let's fucking face it people
All you Rob/Kristen starved people out there.
We don't fucking know where he is.
Not you.
Not me.
Not Nana Rose...
And believe you me...
Nana Rose knows just about everything!

And I get it.
I really do.
I love seeing pics of Rob and Kristen
(especially together)
And sure...
I miss their faces.
I miss THEM.
I do.

But all this angst and worry about Rob and Kristen
is ridiculous.
Please tell me you agree.
It's one thing to miss them...
It's quite another to anguish over perceived locations
To get all worked up over random asshole tweets.
To stress out and start calling Rob names
for not being where you think he should be...
or that he wasn't home for his Mom's birthday.
To fucking stress out over NOTHING.
It's insanity.

My personal opinion?
You must want it if you are reading this... Right?

You don't know if Rob missed his Moms birthday.
You don't know where he was that day.
I think he's been to London at least once.
Maybe he's there right now?
Who knows.
(Maybe there will be pictures eventually telling us where he is)

But if you honestly think that a few weeks apart...
means anything in the grand scheme of things?
You need to lighten up.
You don't think Rob and Kristen talk everyday?
And is it really that far fetched to think that Robert
charters a jet and goes to London for a few days?

Don't be utterly foolish.
There have been days and days when
no one knows where Robert is.
Or Kristen for that matter.
Days and days.
Do you think he just ceases to exist
until the next butthead decides to make up 
some lame twitter sighting?

I prefer to think of Rob and Kristen
Happy and in love.
Living their lives without intrusion.
Their Love.
Their Way.
(I hear a song...)

Don't see drama where there isn't any.
Don't stress over bullshit.

The truth shall set you free.

Green Sheep Forever.

I miss that face.
I really truly do.
Even if it is buried under all that hair.
It's still a wonderful face.
A beautiful face.

This post is brought to you by Roseberry.
It's sweet.
It's delicious.

Bye for now

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Moments That Matter

I love Uma. She fucking rocked in Kill Bill (1 and 2)

Random Rose.

1. Bel Ami stills were released the other day.
Seeing DuRob being all sexy dirty with various women.
Why do I like the thought of Rob playing a nasty vile guy?
It's just so...

Greasy, unkempt Robert. Reminds me of the Twilight days...
This picture reminded me of this one...


Same hair.
Same face.

Oh yes.
I want Bel Ami.
I want to see this despicable DuRob.
I've heard Rob takes off his clothes.. A lot.
Oh to see Robert play against type.
Why isn't this movie out yet??

You gotta love Norman (is that his name?)

2. So.
Guess what.
As of Wednesday...
Rob was still in L.A.!!


That was tweeted on Thursday.
So Norman waited a day to let the world know that
Robert was in his store again.
I like this guy.
Classy move, Norman.
(Can I just admit that I love the name Norman?)
And this is one of the few tweets I actually believe.
Rob has been to this store before.
I know a couple of guitar guys...
You can NEVER have enough guitars.
I like the thought of Rob buying guitars.
Playing guitars.
Singing with guitars.
And storing them all in his hotel room.
Or some storage locker where they could be damaged.
As fucking if.
Silly people.

Oh what a dream to hear Rob sing in person...

3. And back to the whole
Rob is still in L.A. thing.
I honestly don't get why its such a huge fucking deal.

There was such fervor about an article
by Taryn on Celebuzz...
Because she said that Rob was going to a private party?
Because she said he was still in L.A.?
(which it turns out...she was right)
Why is it bad for Robert to be there?
There have been no pictures of him 
partying or getting drunk with other women
and there would be... believe me.
In fact...
There hasn't been any pictures of him
(Well, since grocery shopping with Sam)
Just random tweets from random people
placing him here, there and everywhere.
But Taryn got a lot of heat for it.
And to me...
People seemed to have forgotten what else
she has written about.
About Rob and Kristen.
A couple.
Hoping Rob will be joining Kristen soon...
She writes about that ALL the time.
So why not focus on that?
Instead of blaming her for Rob being in California.
Which... BTW
doesn't mean he's STILL there.
He was in L.A. on Wednesday...
He could be anywhere by now.

Perfectly Pretty.

4. Every time a new tweet comes out claiming
they know where Rob is...
(As long as its NOT London)
I get my usual batch of hate mail saying

I know... Right?
Why do some people care what I think?
Why do they think I care what they think?
That's a lot of thinking.

I just will never understand why they have to 
haunt my twitter and my blog...
I don't try and force my opinions down anyone's throat...
Why do they continually try to do that to me?
I hate to say this...
Because its so fucking cliched.
But I don't give a fuck if anyone agrees with me
that Robert and Kristen are together or not.

Either you believe they are together.
Or you don't.
There is no in-between.
No grey area.
It's as simple as
Yes or No.
Is you...
Is you ain't.
No whining about where Robert is... or isn't.
No complaining that they aren't spending enough time together.
No screeching about all the bullshit out there
and whether its true or not.

This wasn't part of a movie...

Do or Do not...
There is no try.

If you took all the lame excuses out of the picture.
All the PR bullshit.
All the 'Damage control' blather.
All the stuff that is just convenient justification
trying to explain why 
Robert and Kristen always end up together.
Take away all the Twilight promo
Take away all the award shows and public appearances.
And just look at all the rest.
The moments when they were just together.
Moments that weren't anything
but two people wanting to spend time with each other.
Moments that keep happening.
Private moments.
Dating moments.
Kissing moments.
Laughing moments.
Concert moments.
Airport moments.
Hotel moments.
Taxi moments.
Christmas with parents moments.
New Years Eve on IOW moments.

Take ALL of those moments...
and it adds up to a relationship.
Years of moments.

So either you believe... or you don't.
You see what I see
Two people in love...
In a committed relationship
People who know whats best and what works for them.

If you saw any 2 people in these moments?
You would believe.
You would have no doubts.
Yet there is always reluctance and skepticism
thrown at Robert and Kristen's relationship.

So this is supposedly just two friends out together...

But this is two people who are romantically linked...

Why is that?

Why can any other two people walk out of a restaurant together
and they are immediately linked and romantically involved...
(I admit that Emma and Andrew are all kinds of cute)
But years of Robert and Kristen doing things together
And still people resist.
Why is that?

I know what I know.
You can make up your own mind.
Of course Robert loves her...

 5. Looks like Nikki Reed got herself a twitter.
Should be interesting.
Yeah, I've admitted I'm not her biggest fan.
But so what?
I don't want bad things to happen to her.
I don't understand why people go on her twitter 
just to hate on her.
She sounds happy with her life right now.
Good for her.

Don't go breaking my heart...
6. Thomas.
And Sienna.
Such an odd pair.
But as long as they are happy...

7. This post was brought to you by Twirling.
I love how it pisses people off.
I love how some people do it all the time.
I love how twirling is automatically associated
with celebrating Robert and Kristen being together.
But I really like how it pisses people off.
A lot.
I haven't twirl nearly enough lately.
I need to remedy that.

Bye for now

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Robert and Thomas- You've Got a Friend

Since Rob and Kristen have decided to become
all unseen and out of sight
I've decided to focus on other things.
Don't be goofy...
Of course Rob will be involved in SOME way!

It's no secret that I absolutely adore Tom Sturridge.
I have Rob to thank for showing me the light.
The Tom Light.

I was barely aware of Tom Sturridge when I
first became infatuated with Robert.
I mean...
I saw the narrow guy who sometimes was lurking
behind Rob in pictures...
Trying to stay out of sight.
I read where they were friends from school days.
I thought it was sweet that the two managed to 
stay connected when Rob became Edward
and his star rocketed into the atmosphere...

Rob seems to the the kind of guy who is intensely loyal
to those he loves.
I sense that from Tom as well.
I've seen interviews with Tom where they
always go to asking him about Rob.
And I've seen Tom say that he doesn't
want to add to the oceans of words out there
about his friend.
His friend.

I love that Tom doesn't try and capitalize on his
friendship with Robert.
He doesn't name drop
He doesn't attach himself to Rob every chance he gets.
He quietly remains Rob's friend.

And truly?
Almost every time you see of picture of Rob and Tom together...
They are smiling.
Good friends.
Good times.

Can you imagine what it must be like
to hang out with Rob and Tom?
Remember when I used to say that my 'fantasy'
of Rob was just to kinda hang out with him...
have a few drinks
listen to music...
You can add Tom to that fantasy.
I know that sounds all kinds of kinky.
But unlike a lot of people in this fandom
My thoughts of Rob and Tom 
aren't exactly sexual in nature.
Don't get me wrong...
I find both of these guys incredibly sexy
in their own way.

But it's never been about the size of certain body parts
or the thoughts of 'rolling in the hay'
with one or the other.
I just think they would be such fun 
to hang around with.
2 adorkably funny guys
with piercing eyes...
floppy hair
scruffy or beardy
Beanies or baseball hats
Hobo-riffic clothes.

What's not to love??

What's not to love?

Then I think of Kristen.
She gets to hang out with both of them.
At one point they were quite the trio
Going everywhere together.
And if I didn't love Kristen
I would be all jealous of her.
Oh who am I kidding?
I'm extremely jealous of her.

Because not only does she get to have
the love and devotion of Robert Pattinson...
Oh no...
As if that's not enough.
She also has the love and admiration of
Thomas Sturridge.
She gets to work with them.
Hang out with them.
Laugh with them.
Love them.

Oh Kristen.
You truly do have it all.
Looks. Talent. Fame.
Robert's heart.
Thomas's devotion.

Oh to wear your chucks for just ONE day...

So here we are.
No Rob.
No Kristen.

OK... we did get pictures of Tom today...
walking with Sienna.
Of course.
They do that pretty well...
The walking thing.
And the hand holding thing...
and the kissing thing.

But what can you do?
You happily accept their choices in life.
You are happy they are happy.

Just one more thought...

I know Tom isn't in the same stratosphere as Rob right now.
He's considered an 'up and comer'
But Tom is more than just
"Rob Pattinson's best friend"
"Sienna Miller's boyfriend"

He deserves more than being somebody's something.
You know?
Have you watched some of his movies?
He's very good.
There are even some similarities in his acting
style that he shares with Rob.
He's also been honored for his work in plays.
And his accent?
Fucking to DIE for.

It's funny...
The more I got to 'know' Robert...
the more I came to adore him.
Same for Tom.
I barely knew who he was before Rob came into my life...
And with each page I turn
The more I discover about him
that I admire and adore.

I can see why Rob and Tom became friends...
and why that friendship not only remains important to the other
but why it has stood the test of time.

 And so I leave this post
with this wonderful picture
of Rob and Tom (and Bear, oh my)

Will we see this repeated in London anytime soon?
We can only hope.

This post is brought to you by the letter *F*

F for friends.
Rob and Tom and Kristen.
3 Musketeers!

F for Fuckery.
This whole 'where is Robert' thing
should be fun speculating
But alas...
The fucking 
have to ruin it... as usual.
You don't know where he is any more
than anyone else.
Admit it.
He could be in London.
He could be fucking anywhere.
Believe what you want
But get off your fucking soapbox.
Doesn't make you 'right'.

I imagine we will see soon enough
exactly where Robert is.

Good times ahead.

Bye for now

Monday, August 22, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Lather. History. Repeat.

Oh yeah, I´ll tell you something
I think you´ll understand

Robert has disappeared...
Of course
there have been the usual 'sightings'
You know...
Partying and kissing on mysterious blondes
Yeah, because Rob is always being 'caught' with other chicks.
(Sarcasm. Make a note of it)
But let's face it kiddos 
We don't know where he is.

And I'm digging it.
Yes, I said digging.
Because the desperation on both sides of this fandom
is highly entertaining.
Is that mean?
Nah... just honest.
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand

Don't get me wrong...
I'm all for Rob and Kristen being together.
And if they aren't right at this moment...
They will be.
Soon enough.
Don't you people pay attention?

When was the last time we saw Kristen?
Not nary a sighting since she landed in London.
You do realize that both Rob and Kristen
are masters at getting around undetected...
And by masters I mean they fucking travel in and out
of other countries without being seen.

Oh sure...
We get the occasional airport picture
but that is NOTHING in comparison to what we don't see.

And I love it.

Oh, please, say to me
You´ll let me be your man

I mean... 
Don't Robert and Kristen ALWAYS end up in the same place?
It's not a hard question.
Think about it.
Here's a hint...
I could list all the cities and places 
where one has turned up to be with the other
But do I really have to?
It doesn't matter where they are.
It doesn't matter how far apart they are.
It doesn't matter.
Because love does find a way.

Where is Robert right now?
Where is Kristen?
Could they...
possibly be together right this minute?
Do we have to wait until someone twitters about it
to know where they are?
Well... some people do.
if it fits their agenda.
But the truth is...
and isn't that positively glorious?
Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

I love the thought of Rob and Kristen...
living their life
their love
in plain sight
without anyone being the wiser.

And please, say to me
You´ll let me hold your hand
I wanna hold your hand

I'm giddy with anticipation.
I really am.
Because sooner or later...
Love is gonna getcha.
And Rob and Kristen will end up


And when I touch you i feel happy, inside
It´s such a feeling
That my love
I can't hide

Final thoughts.

1. It came to my attention that some haters were
actually making the effort to go out and hide
copies of "W" magazine with Kristen on the cover.
Mind boggling... yes?
Oh sure... they might laugh it off
but it reeks of bitter foam.
Are you so insecure and threatened by Kristen
that you have to go out and do something so 
blatantly ridiculous and childish?
Do you think it hurt Kristen in any way?
Or did it just make you look like a jealous fool?

Yeah you, got that something
I think you´ll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand
2. Guess what?
I'm still smiling about 'where's Rob?'
I can't wait for the next sighting.
Where will it be this time?
Who will he be with?
Will he still be in L.A.?
You have to admit... 
the possibilities are almost endless.
Will he have Bear with him?
Will his hair have grown back properly?
Will he have major scruff?
Will he be holding Kristen's hand...
Edge of the seat
Pins and Needles.
And when I touch you I feel happy, inside
It´s such a feeling
That my love
I can't hide

3. Isn't holding hands wonderful?
It's like staying connected to someone...
sharing intimate contact no matter where you are.
Something so simple
So sweet.
Holding onto someone you love
Someone you need to be touching...
Wanting to show you are indeed
Robert and Kristen seem to enjoy holding hands.
There have been so many pictures of them 
doing just that.
An innocent gesture of love.

Yeah you, got that something
I think you´ll understand
When I feel that something
I wanna hold your hand

4. I know this isn't even remotely nice...
But this fandom makes me laugh.
On a daily basis.
Usually laughing AT someone
But great moments of laughing with people, too...
Oh sure...
There are moments of complete disgust
and absolute bewilderment...
But for the most part.
Lots of laughs.
Stop trying so hard.
It will be OK.
I promise.
I really do.

Seek and Ye shall find.
Have some faith.
It's all right there.
Right in front of your face.

This post is brought to you by the letter *T*

T for truth.
As in Rob and Kristen are in love.

T for together.
If they aren't together right this very moment?
They will be.
Count on it.

T for Tome.
My heart belongs to Tome.
Green Sheep.

Bye for now