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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rob and Kristen in the New Year


I like even years.
Even years are good.
I think I'm an even kinda person.

Two Thousand Twelve
will be a GREAT year.
Count on it.


Random end of the year thoughts.


1. Lots (and I mean LOTS) of feedback on
yesterdays 'guest' post.
Some people didn't seem to realize that I didn't
write that post...
But then again...
Reading comprehension is difficult for a lot of people.
I'm guessing even he didn't expect so much chatter
about his opinion
However passionate it may have been.
I agree with most of it.
We have had some heated discussions
on the whole 'pap' thing...
But my friend sees things from a different perspective.
And I appreciate that.
It's always good to see things from a different
point of view...
You live. You learn.
99% of the comments were positive
and of course the people that he targeted
were a bit... annoyed.
Oh well.

Nana Rose

2. For reasons that I cannot begin to fathom...
Whenever the Foaming Fringe get upset with me
They pull the 'Grandma' card.
Still haven't figured out where that came from.
I guess when you need to insult someone
and you really don't have anything to say...
You have to resort to the same old insults like 'fat' or 'ugly'

Twirling Granny!

I wish I could convey to you how many laughs
I have gotten over that.
"She's a grandmother!"

Well... I'm not a grandmother
although I hope to be one someday.
And seriously...
Is that really ALL you got?
Oh no!
I'm dare say there are plenty of women in this fandom
who are in fact grandmothers...
And since when is that a BAD thing?
Good Grief.
Surely you can do better than that.

How many sighting will there be?

3. The Rob and Kristen sightings will no
doubt be amped up the next few days.
Rob alone.
Kristen alone.
Rob and Kristen together.
People who think they are funny...
People who just want attention
People who have an agenda.
 It's tedious.
99 out of 100 tweets are bullshit lies...
and that makes you doubt the 1 tweet that is true.
Kinda sad that people believe the bullshit.
They swallow it and act like it tastes good.
Sucky people... Suck.

Is it midnight yet?
I'm sure everyone would just love to get a shot 
of Rob and Kristen kissing at midnight...
Good luck with that.
Rob and Kristen have a habit of NOT
performing for people's entertainment
And for keeping their relationship to themselves.
IF they go out and someone sees them...
I hope no one says anything until AFTER they are gone.
No tweets.
No pics.
No anything.

Let them have their moment.


4. The "Golden" child.
I'm indifferent to that whole thing.
I don't think about Rob and Kristen having babies
I mean...
Don't get me wrong...
I'm sure any babies will be incredibly adorable.
But their future offspring just isn't on my radar.
I know some people get all sappy and cute about 
the whole GOLDEN child idea...
It's harmless. All in good fun.

Nothing wrong with that.

Rob and Kristen?
5. Together

Live it.
Learn it.

Well... if you haven't realized that
Rob and Kristen are together...
Then you just don't want to believe it.
You see things your way...
I see the Truth.

This is what I want more of in 2012
6. Thomas Sturridge
Can I get enough of him in 2012?
Doubt it.
Tom plays hard to get.
I  think he likes being the guy
behind the guy.
The guy that the camera isn't usually looking for...
He always seems surprised that people want to take his picture
I mean really?
That beautiful face.
Who doesn't want to see that?
And who doesn't want to see
more of him this coming year?


7. In all honesty?
I hope you all have a wonderful new year.
Everyone deserves happiness and love.
I hope you all have a fantastic 2012.
Be happy.
Be loved.
Don't be so serious.
Have Fun.
And remember...
It will all be OK.

Toast the New Year!

Life is good.

Until next year.

Bye for now

Friday, December 30, 2011

Guest Blogger: Don't Feed The Beast

 This was sent to me... from a friend (of a friend)
I liked it.
So here you go.

Dear Rose Readers,

I do not follow your "fandom" that much. I think the word fandom is cute. You seem to have developed a few words that are cute such as Robsten. So cute to smoosh their names together that way. Brilliant really.

I do read Rose's blog because I like how she writes and how her brain works. It makes me smile. In so doing, I keep up with some of the drama surrounding Robert and Kristen. For a long time I've wanted to say some things but have held back. This is Rose's blog with her thoughts and who am I, a non-fandom person, to interfere. However, this recent bit of drivel regarding "poor Rob drinking wine alone" well, it wasn't so different from the usual drivel but it set off something. Maybe other things in my life did that also but here we go.  Come along for a ride on the reality train with me. 

Point Number One
Do we really need to review that Kristen and Rob are a couple? Really? I know we do because there are still Nonstens or Ninnies or Hyenas or Nonnies who want to believe they are not together. I have a few issues with these people.  If you are a Nonsten (or that type) read the next few lines v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y  


Are you still a Nonsten?  Go read it again until you realize those lines are the absolute truth.

I'm leaving his love for Kristen out of this part purposely because even if (stress the IF) he were not with Kristen (and he is, quite) ROBERT PATTINSON WOULD NEVER BE WITH YOU.  
How do I know this? Because for a couple years now I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing candy ass kisses and dolphin and the rest of you on twitter and elsewhere. I have seen the nonstens attack people and make fun of them. I've seen them make pornographic manipulations of Rob and his friends. I've seen them threaten to kill or wish death on people who disagree with them and on Kristen.  I've seen them take an Edward Cullen doll on a trip to England to stalk Robert.  I've seen them manipulate pictures to zoom in on Rob's crotch.  I've seen them lie and be discredited and lie some more.  

It is because of these actions that I can assure you, that I would stake my life on the fact that ROBERT PATTINSON IS NOT ONLY DISGUSTED BY YOU BUT WOULD CERTAINLY NEVER, NOT IN A MILLION YEARS, NOT IF YOU WERE THE LAST PERSON ON EARTH, NOT EVER WOULD HE WANT TO SPEND A MINUTE OF HIS TIME WITH YOU. EVER.  You Nonstens are not only annoying and delusional but also very much filled with hate and bitterness. Nothing about Robert is attracted to that. He is attracted to happiness, friendship, respect, intelligence, sweetness, and love.  You Nonstens lack those qualities.  

Point Number Two
Rob and Kristen are very much a couple.  At this point I'm so amazed that some people still doubt it. Now Rose is better at listing the proof but I think anyone who doesn't realize it now is blind or delusional (in which case go back and re-read point one).  The people they work with all know it, their families know it, their friends know it and are sometimes a bit nauseated by how much it is true (but that's for another time-ha).  When you have directors and producers and other actors talking about how they are a couple, how can people still wonder or deny it?  When you have them vacationing together and spending holidays with each other's families, how can you deny it?  When you know they live together, how can you deny it?  The truth is that it is truly undeniable. Look at them. Look at how he looks at her. Look at how he adores her. Look at how she looks at him. Look at how she adores him.  While both are talented, neither is capable of faking that type of love. Its rare and treasured by them both.  If you have a heart and eyes, you see it. Appreciate it because it doesn't happen that often in this world.  Normal people would feel happy just to see two people so in love.  Be normal and enjoy it. 

Point Number Three
Twitter is fucked up.  I just read a tweet that Robert was at a wine bar last night, sitting alone in LA and being sad.  Alrighty, let's think about this because these types of tweets happen daily or maybe hourly.  The problem is you in the fandom believe it and get all worked up about it.  Let's put on our thinking caps please.  Rob is in LA-Hollywood to be precise and he is at a bar that is open to the public on a Thursday night during a holiday week. Lots of people out and about I imagine. This was not Soho House so there's no club mentality where people respect his privacy.  He was sitting there for a long time and was noticed by only one person?  And NOBODY else who was there saw him?  And NOBODY else IN LOS FUCKING ANGELES took his picture?  REALLY?
It doesn't cross your mind when you read this tweet that "hmmmm, that's kind of hard to believe isn't it?"  I mean, the guy is on billboards, newspapers, magazines, and everywhere else his mug can be plastered.  Los Angeles is obsessed with celebrity and yet, one of the most famous faces in the world sits in a bar in Hollywood and nobody takes a picture.  Everyone has a camera phone these days so what happened?  I'll tell you what happened...whoever wrote the tweet either was honestly mistaken or lied.  Not getting into why someone would lie but those are the only possibilities because there is NO FUCKING WAY IN LOS FUCKING ANGELES THAT ROBERT FUCKING PATTINSON WOULD GO TO A FUCKING BAR BY HIMSELF AND NOT BE PHOTOGRAPHED.  
 Point Number Four

Apply this same logic to all the other "sightings" of Rob with models or Kristen with random men.  Its not just a matter of "pics or it didn't happen" but use some common sense.

And apply it to all the models/sluts/strippers that Rob has supposedly been fucking for the last 4 years. He's painted by some of the Nonstens or whatever they are as this manwhore but let's think this one over.  The tabloids would pay HUGE money for a story like this. They paid for Tiger Woods and Ashton and all the other celebs who cheat.  Sleep with the celebrity, tell your tale and you make some serious cash.  So, we are to believe that Robert has and continues to run around London, Hollywood, or wherever else he is, sleeping with hundreds or maybe thousands of women and yet, NOT ONE of these morally-lacking bimbos will sell him out.  WOW Robert must have some magical ability to sniff out the very women who will not only immediately sleep with him but will also never mention it to anyone, ever.  Shit he should stop acting and start teaching this to other celebrities because he could make a fucking fortune.  Oh wait, I know, Robert is actually a serial killer and after he sleeps with them he kills them.  Wonder where he hides the bodies.  Again, that is more likely than believing he has whored his way around for the last four years yet NOT ONE OF HIS CONQUESTS has come forward to earn some quick bucks.  

Point Number Five

Robert and Kristen are only together to promote Twilight.  Ah yes, my favourite excuse is the PR lie.  Rose has discussed this at length but if Rob and Kris were together only to promote a movie does it dawn on you who claim this that they would then be more open about their "fake" relationship?  Seriously, wouldn't they be going out of their way to be all Eddy and Bella-ish?  That would be the logical thing.  Instead they keep it private and guard it fiercely.  Sometimes it leaks out a bit around the edges...he gazes at her too lovingly, she spills over unknowingly in front of a then-unknown reporter about her "English boyfriend" but in general they keep what is private, private.  When, in the history of film has a couple that is actually not together, continued a fauxmance for years and years.  Even when the studios "owned" the actors, they might arrange some publicity dates but living together, family holidays, and NO links with anyone else for years? Really? The PR excuse is lame.  Stop using it.  If you are going to lie at least come up with something that makes sense. This one is beneath even you Nonstens.

Point Number Six

This is for those of you that believe Robert is not good enough for Kristen OR Kristen is not good enough for Robert.  Where to start?  The first issue I have with this type of argument is that it assumes the speaker knows something about Rob and Kristen.  Unless you actually do, in fact, know them, realize that the slice you might see during an interview or public appearance is not enough for you to claim to know what is best for them.  Do you know they send actors to classes to learn how to be interviewed?  Tis true.  So while both are honest (sometimes to a fault where Rob is concerned) they are not the same on Jay Leno as they are when they are off duty and just being themselves.  The second issue is that I find it insulting on behalf of Kris and Rob that you who argue this way seem to think they are too thick to know what they want.  These two are quite intelligent and well-read. They are young but they have both led very adult lives for some time now. They know what they want and they want each other.  Neither is a doormat nor so desperate for the other that they would put up with being treated poorly.  You do not know what is best for them so stop assuming that you do.  They love each other. They treat each other well. They are happy.  Be happy for them or ignore them but don't pretend to play God and send messages about how bad one is for the other. If one were bad for the other, they would end. They have a rare mutual respect and both would not take even the smallest chance of hurting the other.  Are they perfect? No-they have fights but the base of their relationship is respect and love. When they want your input they will ask for it but I wouldn't hold your breath on that request coming in this lifetime. 

Point Number Seven

Obsessing over them and their whereabouts.  Now I understand that there are fans who love the idea of them being together and that is great. Who doesn't love to see two people in love and especially when they are attractive, intelligent people. Only here's the thing...they aren't Bella and Edward. You did not buy a movie ticket that entitles you to know every detail of every minute of their lives.  If you are their fans, stop feeding the paparazzi and tabloids who pay photographers to stalk and chase them.  Don't frequent the sites of these sharks.  I realize you want to see them holding hands walking Bear or having dinner out or whatever activity they are doing but, could you possibly deny your desire so that they could have a shot at a more normal life.  It doesn't mean you would NEVER see them but, here's a newsflash, the tabloids and websites know your fandom is a bit wacko.  They KNOW you people will FLOOD their websites or buy their rags if they can snap a picture.  Your fandom is different than others for that fact. The mere hysteria that occurs if one of them is caught buying a guitar is unprecedented.  Please, tone it down.  If you have an inkling of true respect for them, if there is a tiny bit of your soul that actually cares about them and the quality of their lives, back off and stop feeding the very beast that makes them hide.  Does it really matter that much if you get a picture of them eating in a restaurant being videotaped unknowingly by some creature at another table? Was that really necessary or just creepy and sad? What about the pap who took pictures of them inside their flat through a window?  Is that really so important to you that you endorse and support them being stalked?   The constant airport pictures are the same thing.  Do you like the idea of Kristen having to fight through a pack of grown men who shout things at her to get her attention that are lewd and obscene?  Is THAT worth it to YOU?  Last time she went through an airport the photographer was asking "do you like sucking Rob's cock" and "do you swallow?"  Do you think that is something you would enjoy or, if you have children, would you like someone screaming that at your child?  I doubt it and yet, you feed the beast.  You go to the websites and fuel it by looking. They get a million hits and send out 10 more photographers next time who employ even seedier methods.  Stop it, if you care at all about them AT ALL, stop going to the sites and stop feeding the beast.

Point Number Eight

Stop talking about the Golden Child.  Its weird. She's 21 and in the middle of a busy career. Maybe they will have kids someday. Maybe they won't.  For those of you over the age of 14, did you ever date someone and have parents or friends ask when you would marry or whatever. Its awkward.  Cut it out.  

Point Number Nine

The true freaks of this fandom need to stop getting ANY attention.   I understand that at one time there was a little war between those who believed there was a relationship and those who did not. The war is over and the believers won. If you are a believer, congratulations and STOP FIGHTING.  You don't need to go to the tumblers and tweets of those lunatics who carry the Edward dolls and make the horrible manipulations and threaten their lives. Just IGNORE THEM as it will do two good things. First, it will drive the lunatics batshit crazy. Truly they will go mental when they realize how ignored they have become.  Second, your life will be better.  Don't give any of your thoughts, time or energy to anything that depraved and negative.  Ignore them please and be happy in your own lives.  Don't argue and be petty with them. Its over. You won.  Now go live a lovely life.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rob and Kristen- Only Tweet Will Tell

Make it stop!

Have we been déjà vued on our déjà vu? 
I think we have.

Look at my post from a year ago...
It's scary.

Yes folks
We have all been déjà fucking vued
Rob shows up in a pub on Christmas Eve...
People scream 'WHERE IS KRISTEN??"
Even though...
Rob showed up in a pub on Christmas Eve last year...
and then proceeded to kiss in the New Year with Kristen by his side.
But that is somehow forgotten.

Of course it is.
People would rather dwell on bullshit drama.
Self inflicted bullshit drama.
Which is worse.
Because there really isn't ANYthing wrong
the only place there are problems
is in the lunatic fringe mind.

He looks thrilled... doesn't he?

So anyway.
Blah blah blah.
Same story 
Different year.

What caught my eye in these pics?
Looking like a fat house cat...
(nursing his sore blunt tongue?)
Kristen must have been cooking a lot 
of great food for him in LA
Cuz her English boyfriend...
He's looking mighty well fed.

Lunatic Fringe

So what do we really have here folks?

We have the Ninnies hoping against hope...
Foaming against foam...
That Kristen stays in LA for New Years Eve
and hangs out with friends and goes to a concert.
And lets not forget.
Rob needs to stay FAR AWAY from her!
And then...
We have the Nonberts 
(Silly name, but what can you do? They are all silly names)
Hoping against hope
Foaming against foam...
That Kristen stays in LA for New Years Eve
and hangs out with friends and goes to a concert.
And lets not forget.
Rob needs to stay FAR AWAY from her!

This fandom is F.U.B.A.R.
People on complete opposites sides of the spectrum.
Love Rob- Hate Kristen
Love Kristen- Hate Rob
Want the same damn thing!
Isn't that scary?
I think they are both rather pathetic
to be honest...
Hate is fucking hate.
And hating someone for not being 'good' enough
for someone that you are a fan of...
Hating someone because YOU aren't happy 
with their relationship.
Did I happen to mention FUBAR?

Yes. She's laughing AT you.

This is how I picture Kristen right now.
Having fun.
Maybe pointing at something or someone
not believing how incredibly fucked up they are.

I mean...
I care about Rob and Kristen.
I've never denied that.
And I enjoy the speculation.
No doubt about it.
But I don't get myself all worked up in a foamy lather
wondering where she is and when she is going to be
somewhere else and who she is going to be with.

I mean come on people.
Come away from the edge.
It's going to be OK.
No matter WHAT happens the next few days
(and I will get into that in a moment)
It won't affect your life.
Tell me it won't affect your life.

Kristen is right about... here.

I try to be a 'good' fan and hope that
Rob and Kristen can move about undetected...
But the foaming is more bitter than usual
this time of year.
And sometimes you have to hope for a picture
to just shut them all the hell up.
All of them.
Even me.

 So we wait.
Tick Tock on the Clock.
Kristen just looks so comfy there...
Will Rob stay in the UK
and wait for Kristen's arrival?
Will Kristen stay in LA
and wait for Robert's arrival?
Is IOW3 even feasible at this point?

New Years Eve Tradition?
Only time will tell.
Or someone who happens to see them
Maybe it should be...
Only tweet will tell.
Only time will tweet.
Something like that.
This post is brought to you by the letter *D*
D for DEEP
Take a DEEP breath.
It will be OK.
I promise.

Does that pout come naturally?
D for Delicious.
That would be Thomas.
Have you ever noticed that he has a lopsided smile?
I have.
It's absolutely adorable.
Just like him.

And last but not least... 
Repeat after me
(you know it by now)
Rob and Kristen
end up 

Until then.

Bye for now

Friday, December 23, 2011

Where Rob Goes... Kristen Will Be.

I really don't want to dwell on negative stuff this weekend...
You know
Being Christmas and all.
And I know not everyone celebrates the holidays
or they do it in their own way...
So I just wanted to wish everyone 
a warm, loving and wonderful Holiday.
Whatever you do.
I hope you happy and smiling doing it.

So a couple of thoughts...

1. An actual sighting of Kristen.
One we know to be true.
Not made up.
Not fake.
No agenda.
Kristen hanging out at Norman's Rare Guitars...
One of Robert's favorite places.
Buying stuff.
You know...
For the guitar player in her life.
I like Norman.
I wish Norman would hire me.

2. Robert was seen at LAX.
Lo and behold
I guess he was in LA the whole time?
And we STILL haven't seen hide nor hair of the boy
And I'm imagining a lot of hair right now.
Kinda amusing.
But again...
I'm liking that Rob and to a lesser degree Kristen
have managed to stay out of sight.

I like it a lot.
People seem to think that just because we don't see them
they somehow cease to exist.
Like the whole time Rob and Kristen spent together in LA
is somehow null and void because Rob was spotted at LAX.
(Just like the whole time they were together in London)
Where do you think he was dear hearts?
And such an uproar over the possibility of him going to London
He's never alone for long, is he?
So what if he flies over a few days ahead of Kristen?
He's done it before.
Big deal.
It's really too bad Rob and Kristen didn't get
your stamp of approval on how they spend their holidays.
If they left together...
Kristen would be a clingy famewhore who doesn't have any friends
and doesn't care about being with her family...
If Kristen doesn't go with Rob
then of course...
Rob doesn't care to spend Christmas with her
Its not important enough for either of them to bother.
So there you go.
Now everyone will be on the edge of their seats...
Waiting to see if Rob truly does show up in London
and when Kristen will follow.

 Will they ring in New Years together?
Will there be an IOW3?
Did IOW2 ever really happen or was it all staged?
Who shot JFK?
Was Tom on the grassy knoll?
Will some young fan get pics of our sweet couple
out and about on Boxing day?
Did we really land on the moon?
Where's Bear?
Only time will tell...

I say this...
Wherever Rob goes... Kristen will be.

3. Bel Ami.
Well... Holy Hell.
We get to see smexy greasy, angry Rob.
And he IS kinda greasy, isn't he?
Kinda reminds you of the early Robert days...
Being all wrinkled and unkempt...
Charming and adorkable.

Bel Ami looks wonderful.
Now that is something to be on the edge of you chair for.

4. RobStenation is a wonderful blog.
Run by a wonderful girl.
She's sweet and kind and tries to stay away from the drama...
If you are looking for all things Robert and Kristen?
RobStenation is the place to go.
So recently they have been putting together these amazing posts
Looking back on Rob and Kristen's 2011.
So much fun to go back thru all the wonderful Rob/Kris moments
 She has put up 3 parts so far...


If you haven't read these posts...
What are you waiting for?
Get on it!
It's nice to see the positive sweet Rob/Kris moments...
Makes you feel all warm and smiley inside.
Thanks S (love you!)
5. Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge.
I like the hat.
Very festive.
I kinda liked the rabbit mask better...
But you can never go wrong with a picture of Tom.


This post is brought to you by Merry, Joy and Happy.
I hope you find them all this holiday season
and beyond.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Thomas Sidney Jerome!

I don't feel particularly sarcastic today...
It's Tom Sturridge's birthday.
Quite simple, really.
It's pretty obvious
(come on guys)
That I absolutely ADORE Tom.
So when his birthday rolls around...
I have to do SOMETHING.

I could put this post into relationship to Robert and Kristen...

Tom's own words about Rob.

"We went to school together, and then we lived together for a bit, so we’ve been friends and more for what feels like our whole lives.
I mean, we are friends. He’s my best friend, and that’s it. He’s like a brother to me, you know? We have the same group of friends, and I’m friends with all of them, not just him.
(pause) I really don’t want to talk about him. It’s just weird, you know? I want to respect his privacy, since he doesn’t have much of it anymore. I mean, I’d do the same for any of my friends."

"When you agree to be interviewed, it's an opportunity to review your own moronic-ness" he says. "It's OK if I come across as a complete idiot, but it's not fair for me to describe or refer to anyone else. Anyone can be tainted by my mention of them".

One of Tom's (many) charms is his loyalty to his friends.
He gets asked a lot about Robert, naturally...
And he never uses his friendship for his own purposes.
You gotta love him.

And of course...
Over the past 3 years
Tom has become good friends with his best friends girl.
He takes care of her.
He shields her.
He steps in when Robert can't be there.

What does Tom say about Kristen?

“It was so terrifying entering into that world and what was great was just having someone that I knew and actually working with her. She's just a fucking extraordinary actress, just really, really extraordinary and it's astonishing just to see her do her job.”

Fucking extraordinary is what I would use to describe Tom.

There honestly isn't anything much better than
seeing Tom smile.
Except maybe laugh.

And seeing Tom smile...
Makes ME smile.

Thomas Sidney Jerome Sturridge.
He is so much more than 'Sienna Millers boyfriend'
'Robert Pattinson's best friend'

He can stand on his own.
And he looks beautiful doing so.
Some guys don't like being called beautiful...
Thomas IS beautiful.
Even with all that hair and that beard...
He is classically handsome.
And his voice?
His accent?
Makes me all melty.
And yes... MELTY is a word.

Watch and listen.

So what else is there to say?
I hope Tom finds happiness and love
and his day is filled with friends and laughter.
Good people deserve good things.
Tom is good people.

One last thing...

I found this picture today.
Tom with a bunny mask.
As in 
As a 

I love and adore you Thomas Sturridge.
Blow out the candles on your cake
and make a wish...
I hope it comes true.

Final Birthday thoughts?

1. Happy Birthday Tom!

2. Happy Birthday Marcus!

3. Yeah... I know I didn't go into my usual
Robert and Kristen always end up together thing...
You KNOW they do.
They will.
They ARE.

4. Do I have a four?

5. I'm THRILLED that Rob and Kristen remain
under the cloak of invisibility.
It makes me GIDDY

I love the thought of Rob and Kristen
finding peace and privacy
and being able to spend their holidays together
the way they want to.
Wouldn't that be lovely?

6. Happy Birthday Tom!!

7. I don't seem to have a seven either.

8. It's almost Christmas!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend
no matter how you choose to spend your time.

9. Nope... Nothing.

10. This post is brought to you by bunnies and balloons
and birthdays.

 and 367 Green Sheep.

Happy Birthday Dear Thomas...
Happy Birthday to you.

Bye for now