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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Couple of Things...

Yeah... I'm still around.
Maybe not as much as I used to be...
life has been exceedingly busy as of late
But still reading.
Still seeing.
Still getting DMs.

The thing is..
This fandom is kinda like a corny soap opera.
You really don't have to check in and watch it every day
to know what's happening.
All you need to do is peek in one or two days a week
and you're all caught up.

Not that there is even that much to catch up on.
Well sure...
Kristen's career is on fucking fire.
(burn baby burn)
So that is always lots of fun to keep up with.
But as far as the fanDUMB is concerned...
It's pretty much 
Same shit
Different day.
It's like some people are on a perpetual 

They just kinda say the same things
day after day...
and they actually think they are getting somewhere
that what they are saying...
means something.
But alas.
Tis not to be.
All they are doing is going around in circles...
arguing the same bullshit
spewing the same lies.
And never fucking going anywhere.
How sad for them.
But they deserve every miserable
moment they get.
And you KNOW they are miserable.

1. Like I said...
Kristen is on fucking fire.
White Hot.
She was all over the place recently...
and as I'm not a 'fan' blog
(never tried to be one)
I will touch on the things I found interesting.

EQUALS L.A. premiere was July 7th

And being next to Nicholas?
Does that look right to you?
How about Loveliest.
That looks good.
So do they.

It's obvious to even a casual observer
that Kristen and Nic are close friends.
The comfort and intimacy they share
is nice to see.
I don't SHIP them.
Good Lord.
But I do love seeing them together
and like seeing how they support each other
and how easily they laugh
and are in sync.
So there.

2. Kristen also had a premiere
for Cafe Society.

Rave reviews for this sweet beautiful girl.

3. Rob turned up in Utah
on a super secret movie.
How the hell did he pull that off?
I kinda like when they can make a movie
without the whole fandom watching
every move they make.
Kinda cool.

He looks pretty OK here.
And it turns out it may be a comedy.
Rob in a comedy?
Bring it to me NOW.

4. That brings me to this next thought...

Why are fans so fucking defensive all the time?
You know...
It's OK to not like what someone is wearing...
or their hair
Or maybe you don't agree with what they said.
It's not the end of the damn world.
In the past...
I've gotten attacked for saying something as simple as
"Rob looks skinny"
That's all I said.
And the locusts descended on me
like I said something horrible.
It's not that serious.

Another example...

This portion of a Twitter conversation
(which I believe was from 2015)
has been thrown in my face twice.
Well... because this is the worst thing they
could find that I've said about Rob.
And believe you me...
You KNOW they fucking went as far back
as possible to try and find something.
Thing is?
All I said was
"Not my style. But it appears to be Robs."

So what?
PDA isn't my style.
Never was.
 I'm talking about ME... personally.
And honestly?
I don't give a fuck if Rob or Kristen
or anyone else wants to kiss or hold hands
or whatever they want to do.
Asshats keep trying to make this tidbit of a
conversation mean something.
Well guess what?
People change.
If you don't think Kristen or Rob
have changed over the last 3 years
you are an idiot.
Of course they have!
Haven't you?
 I mean...
haven't you changed your mind on some things...
perhaps found new people/places/things to enjoy?
Rob and Kristen are human beings.
They grow.
They change.
Just like everyone else.
Who the hell would want to remain stagnant
and unchanging year after year?

5. Stagnant and living in the past
brings me to my next thought...
The resident fandom crazies...
HKN and the Baby Cult.
Still wallowing in 2009.
Every fandom has that scary group that
embarrasses them all over social media
that has wild conspiracy theories
and will never accept reality.
And I know that some people would rather
just ignore them and pretend they didn't exist.
But I can't.

It would be one thing if these silly shrews
just wanted to believe Rob and Kristen were married
because really... who gives a shit if they want to think that?
It would be another if these crazies
wanted to believe that Kristen has somehow become a Duggar
and is working on baby number 3.
(seems to be the standard GO TO when new pics
of Rob/Twigs or Kristen/Alicia come out)
3 babies in 2 1/2 years.

But the thing that needs to stop is
the constant trashing of Twigs and Kristen (and Rob)
That's really all the Cult do.
They trash Twigs.
Rob's fans come back and slam Kristen.
So then Kristen's fans slam Rob.
It's never ending.
How do these people read what the Baby Cult has to say
and be OK with it?
They are lying.
They don't know any truth... or facts... or anything.
And if Twigs was indeed only an 'investment' by Rob and Kristen
why are they constantly trying to bring Twigs down?
It's fucking lame, OK?

It wasn't right when Kristen was attacked
for years (pre 'scandal' by the way)
and its not right attacking Twigs now.
Twigs hasn't done anything to deserve this shit.
And I'm not saying you have to like Kristen or Twigs... or Rob.
I'm saying be a fucking decent human being
and stop trying to prop up your 'fave' by trashing someone else
Or to further your pathetic agenda.
Kristen doesn't need it.
Rob doesn't need it.
And not one of them deserve it.

6. I was watching a Twilight marathon the other night.
So I only started watching Twilight at
"Say it.
Say it OUT-LOUD."

and I did watch all of NEW MOON.

And you know how these movies make me feel?
No fucking regrets.

This is still a GREAT kissing scene.
(and my lord... ain't they pretty?)

And I STILL get choked up when I hear

"Have I found you?
Flightless bird, jealous, weeping
Or lost you?
American mouth
Big pill looming"

Because they fell in love making this movie.
And it was wonderful to watch.

"Jake, I love you. So please, don't make me choose.
 Cause it'll be him. It's always been him."


but now we have:

Cafe Society
Childhood of a Leader
Lost City of Z
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
Good Time
Certain Women
Personal Shopper

It might not be the same
but its more than enough...
and maybe even better.

This post is brought to you by

You've heard me say it for years.
"With Acceptance Comes Peace"

And it's true.

Rob is happy with his life.
With Twigs.
Kristen is flourishing in hers.
With Alicia.
Good enough for me.

And of course...
This post is also brought to you by
Thomas Sturridge

You know how hard it is to be his fan
if you don't live in the UK?
He makes these wonderful movies that I never get to see
until they are released on DVD
or maybe on PPV.
He's very private about his life
and is rarely seen in public.
I mean...

I still adore you Thomas Sturridge.
Green Sheep.
Fucking Forever.

Until next time.

Bye for now.