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Monday, January 12, 2015

First Thoughts for 2015

Well hot damn.
It's been a helluva 2015 so far in the fandom.
Huh? Right?
Not really?

What's been happening?
Let's discuss, shall we?

1. For once...
It's not Rob and Twigs all over Internet.
So there are still sightings 
and lame ass articles telling everyone
how Rob's family supposedly ADORES Twigs.
(Is there such a thing as sarcastic goosebumps?)

And for reasons unbeknownst to me...
There seems to be some debate as to where
Rob is these days.
Analyzing pictures.
Looking at the color of the water.
Studying the fringe on the huts on the beach.
Discussing the depth and weight of the sand.

2. I wanted to talk about pics of that actress
who has been in popular movies based on popular books
and who has dated a British guy.

There seems to be some controversy because
she likes to hang out with her BFF...
A lot.

Photo Assumption?

Big Smiles.

She takes her to the Oscars
and parties with her

And oh look...
They hold hands.

They vacation in Hawaii together.
Share a hotel room...
Drink wine and hang out in their PJs.

Get up close.
(See how you could interpret this picture?)

Just hugging it out.

(And they take naked pics together, too
but we won't post those...)

So tell me again why its a big deal?
It's just girlfriends being girlfriends...

Oh shit.
Wrong actress.

The point I'm trying to make?

A. I actually like Jennifer Lawrence.
But I've always found it fascinating how
Jennifer can do many of the same things
that Kristen does...
And doesn't get the same assumptions.

B. I'm not saying Kristen and Alicia 
aren't in a relationship.
I'm not saying they are.
It doesn't matter to me in the least.
It doesn't change how I feel about Kristen.
At all.
And it doesn't change the fact that she
was in a 5 year relationship
with Robert Pattinson, either.

I'm just saying...
(and this is what I've always tried to say)
That you can't judge and label someone
by a few pictures that represent mere seconds
of someone's life.
We don't know what is going on...
is photo assumption and speculation.
All. Of. It.
We Know Nothing.

Someone sent this article to me

"So, hey, speculate away about the existence
 of romance if you absolutely must, 
but let's leave the self-satisfied sexuality stereotypes out of it
 — and stop slapping people with labels 
they haven't chosen for themselves."


This post is brought to you by...

1. Don't you love how some of the 'Rob Onlys'
are all claiming to be 'happy' for Kristen?
Like they are fooling anyone.
Suddenly they are so accepting and wonderful
when it comes to Kristen...
As fucking if.

2.  Oh Pinocchio!
Your nose is growing...
You need to stop with the lies.

No marriage. No baby.
No PR (Ever)
If you have to constantly scramble and make up excuses
every time a new pic of Rob/Twigs shows up
and scream FAKE! OLD! MANIP!
You've got a problem.
It's called...
Here's the deal...
Outside of this fandom
few people really give a shit
who Rob and/or Kristen are dating.
I know they are a big deal to us...
and we care about them.
But everyone else?
Not so much.
There is no need to go to such extreme lengths
to 'protect' their family.
There isn't any conspiracy to shield their 'baby'
The reason you don't see pictures of
Rob and Kristen together
is because... well...
they aren't together.
And the reason you haven't seen any mention
or pictures of "sweet pea"
is because... well...
there is no Sweet Pea.
It's really that simple.

3. Nicholas Hoult

Guess what?
I think he's beyond adorable.
And guess what else?
I still think he and Kristen would be cute together.
But for those with reading comprehension...
let me spell it out.


I might think people are captivating together
(like Sam and Cait)
I might think some couples are beyond charming
(like Andrew and Emma)
But shipping?
Not gonna happen.
Except for Rob and Kristen.
I will always have shipper love for them.
First ship.
Real ship.
I guess there really is no getting over
your first true ship.

4. Tom Sturridge.


Another "EFFIE GRAY" trailer was released.

Tom's voice.
I can't...

And that face.
and that voice.

5. To the Pressed Fringe out there
Thank you for letting me live
inside your head.


Until next time.

Bye for now