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If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Robert Pattinson- Walking the Line

It's Sunday morning.
I'm feeling a bit... hungover from last night.
My best friend and her DH were over...
We sit... we talk... we drink.
It happens.
And now my stomach feels like I swallowed
a pail of dirt.
And there are like nails and daggers in it.
And something...moving.
Not good.
At. All.

To cheer myself up...
To try and make me forget that
there might be something alive in my gut
trying like hell to get out...
wallowing in the pit of what used to be my stomach...
I am going to post some of my favorite 
Walking. Moving. Awkward. Adorkable.
Pictures of Robert Pattinson.

I never get tired of this one.
The strut.
The smile.
The sunglasses.
The suit.

From the Tonight Show.
This is kinda where the whole walking thing
started for me.
I mean... seriously...
And could he have been more
charming, witty and sweet 
during the interview?
Um... No.

No fucking words.
Except for these ones...
And they don't count.
Because I'm not really saying anything.

I miss the suspenders.
I just realized that right this moment.

Robert was sexy hot on the Remember Me set.
There was always a shitload of new pics
while he was filming...
And he looks gorgeous in every one.
EVERY one.
But this one?
Walk. Cigarette. Smirk.

Are you noticing that I'm almost
as crazy about Rob with a cigarette
as I am with his walking?
Walking WITH a cig?
Yeah. That's right.

This one has a bit of everything.
Something in/on his lips...
Oh God...
that little triangle of heaven...
Right above his jeans...
I can't stop looking at it.
It's mesmerizing.

This is my new favorite.
Yeah... OK... 
So I posted this one just the other day.
It's my blog.
So this one gets another shot.
And don't be surprised if you see a lot more of it.
All of it.
The walk. The face.
It makes the dirt in my stomach churn...
Not sure if that's a good thing.
Probably not.
Churning dirt sounds like trouble.
That starts with T
It rhymes with P
and that stands for Pattinson.
And I'm so fucking gone.

Had to have one of Kristen.

1. I adore her (yeah, no kidding)

2. She's been getting a lot of shit from the haters
on how she looked at Sundance.
This picture is just recalling 
the one of MANY incredible dresses she wore
during the New Moon press junket.
She looked fantastic everywhere she went.

And now the dirt has turned to mud.
Might be a good time to get out of here.
I need a couple (hundred) Excedrin
Give or take.

Bye for now.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love Robert and Kristen.

Not a lot to say today.
Honestly, I just don't have the time or energy.
Real life does have a habit
of getting in the way of my addiction
from time to time.

As always...
I'm happy that Robert has figured out a way
to stay out of the glare of intrusive cameras.
Well... happy for him.
Me? Not so much.
Because you get used to seeing someone
ALL the time...
You look forward to seeing this person
Every day.
And then one day...
He's just not there anymore.
It's kinda like being punched in the gut.

Oh... I know that Remember Me press
will be starting up soon enough.
And there will be interviews...
And magazine articles...
And I will once again be immersed
in all that is Robert Pattinson.

And then I will tell you all how overwhelmed
I am about everything that is going on.
So I'm never satisfied, am I?
A true addiction.
What can I say about this beautiful picture
of a beautiful girl.
Look at her flawless skin.
Her gorgeous eyes.
I adore her.

Bye for now.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rose Rants. I Care About Rob and Kristen.

I'm having one of those days.
You know the kind...
Where everything and everyone just bugs
the living hell outta you.
(I use living hell a lot...
I was going to write living piss...
but really? Living piss?)
I'm in a mood.
And I'm just going to comment
on what is bugging me.

Rob looks like he needs a hug...

Rose Rant #1

Haters that cling to 
"Rob and Kristen have denied being in 
a relationship over and over again.
But the 'shippers' just ignore it"
Tell me...
When was the last fucking time 
Rob or Kristen denied anything?
And saying "He's a good friend"
isn't denying anything.
The following 2 quotes seem to be the biggest clings.
You actually have to go back to Dec 2008
when Rob said..
“They’re so ridiculous at the film company,” he says. 
“They keep refusing to deny it. 
They just say, ‘No comment.’ 
And we’re like, ‘We’re not.’ ” 
That was OVER a year ago, people.
And I'm pretty sure Kristen was still with
our beloved shorty spice... Oregano.

Or when Kristen said in Feb 2009
“It’s just totally false… Rob and I are good friends. 
We went through a lot together, so we feel very close. 
But if we go out in public, every little detail is scrutinized,
like the way I stand next to him.
And it’s like, I know this guy really fucking well [laughs]. 
It’s only natural that we’re sort of leaning on each other,
because we’re put in the most fucking psychotic situations.”
Again. Almost a year ago.
And Kristen was still with Michael.
What is she supposed to say?

Let's just say that its been MONTHS (and months)
since either one of them has commented
on their relationship.
Both of them have been sidestepping the whole issue.
All the while showing up all over the world...
Actions speak louder than words.


Naturally Gorgeous.

Rose Rant #2
So much Kristen hate.
I get that you don't like her.
You have that right.
But the hate?
EVERYthing she does is criticized.
If she donates money... it's not enough.
If she does fundraisers... she doesn't stay long.
If anyone is interested in her... its cuz of Rob.
If people say positive things about her...
Her PR paid them off.
And the Haters say that her age isn't an excuse
for her behavior.
But the thing is...
She is a teenager.
And she might be awkward sometimes...
And not completely polished and perfect...
And maybe she says 'like' too many times in a sentence.
Is that reason to constantly belittle her?
Because the truth is...
When she was dating Michael...
Those things didn't bother you.
And now that she is with Rob?
(and you know she is...)
EVERYTHING about her bothers you.
I don't even have to say the word.
You know what it is you are feeling.
(It starts with J and rhymes with bell-us)

I'm SO looking forward to this movie!!

Rose Rant #3

All the people out there...
That say...
"I Don't Care!"
"I Don't Give a Shit!"
And then proceed to spend every minute
of every fucking day...
Trying to convince everyone how much
They don't care so much about someone
who may have 'insider' information...
That they join her locked forum...
They follow her every word on Twitter...
They HAVE to know what she is saying...
They analyze every word!
And they don't CARE whether
Robert and Kristen are together...
But they keep telling themselves...
and anyone who will listen
That their relationship doesn't exist...
They look at every pixel of every picture
Scrutinize every interview
Every word that is written...
Just to prove that...

Guess what?
You fucking care.
Bye for now.
*I was going to say this post wasn't
about you. But you know what?
It probably is.*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

There Are No Robert Pattinson Outtakes.

Yes. More 'outtakes' from EW.
I guess when its your job to just pick a few
pictures out of a hundred...
It would be hard to do.
Can you imagine the dilemma? 

"That one! No... wait... THAT one!
Oh hell... I want that one, too!
Wait. Let me see that other one...
Shit. I love them all! HELP!"

I'm guessing that being someone who has
to decide which Robert Pattinson pictures
to include in articles...
Is kinda like any other high risk job...
You can only do it for short periods at a time.
And you are prone to nervous breakdowns
from having to make critical decisions.

 Of course, this was my favorite one.
You know why.
He's moving. Walking.
And he drives me crazy.
And I'm delusional.
I am.
I actually thought that I was getting OVER
my Rob addiction.
I thought I was on the down side...
Things were evening out.
Oh the tricks a delusional mind will play!
I'm as addicted and obsessed with Robert
as I have ever been.
Looking at the above picture proves that to me.
It makes my stomach flip flop...
I break out in a sweat... 
It makes it hard to breathe properly.
That sounds like someone
who is completely over her addiction doesn't it?

I like this picture.
Yeah. Robert is kinda nuzzling on Kristen.
Too cute for words.
(and shut up haters... that's what I see)

And what's all this bullshit talk about comparing
Robert's and Kristen's movie career?
That's what it's come to?
There really isn't much of a comparison
except to say they both are actors.
Why must everything be a competition?
Why must everything be one or the other?
Am I not allowed to be a fan 
of both Rob and Kristen?
Well...tough shit.
I am.
I want them both to do well.
I can't wait to see all their upcoming projects.
Some people will fucking make up any excuse
to whine and moan and complain.
It's getting old.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Robert and Kristen. Do You See What I See??

The KPattz world is pretty dead.
Well...not the Kristen hate
Of course...
What better thing to do with your life
than hate on some teenager that you don't know?

But anyway.
I was sent these pictures yesterday...
Someone told me that Kristen was wearing Rob's
shirts from the New Moon poster!
OK... I kid, I kid.

So here is our dear Kristen
getting back to L.A.
Note the shirt and black t-shirt
under her jacket...

And now look at the shirt/t-shirt that 
Robert is wearing in the NM picture...
(and let's ignore the little black box...)

SUPPOSEDLY those are the same shirts.
So SUPPOSEDLY Kristen is wearing Rob's clothes...
Or something like that.
I'm all for the dreamy Rob/Kristen romance...
I really am...
But I also like to think I'm kinda... logical.
maybe that's just my warped perception of myself...
But hell.. this is my blog after all!
Rob is like 6'1... right?
And although Kristen's bio says she is 5'6-5'7
I have to say she is closer to 5'4... maybe 5'5
Not that a couple of inches makes much difference.

It would lead me to believe...
That Rob's shirt would hang down to mid thigh
at best on her.
She's tiny.
The t-shirt I can see... because she twists
and tucks and ties that shit up.
But unless Rob shrunk his shirt
in the washer machine (heh)
Which is entirely possible...
I have a hard time believing that is the same shirt.

Another EW outtake.
There is NO SUCH THING as an outtake
when it comes to Robert Pattinson.
The man is glorious in all his gloriousness.
And that's probably not a word...
but it works... right?
Look at what he has on his wrist!
The Super Secret Strip of Shoestring
that tells the world that
Robert is in love with Kristen!
And yes...
I'm being FACETIOUS.
And that is a fucking word!
We don't need no stinking shoelaces.
It's pretty damn obvious 
to everyone who has normal sane rational vision...
That Robert and Kristen are in a relationship.
There is no need to prove anything.
There is no proving here.
Let the Nonsten/Hatestens keep yelling
about the need for 'proof'
It gives them something to live for do
with all their spare time.

 Just because.
I love him.

Bye for now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Adoring Kristen Stewart... And Bugs Bunny.

Cute, right?
Of course it is.
Because Dakota and Kristen 
are just teen-age girls...
living extraordinary lives.

I keep trying to pinpoint just WHEN
I realized that I liked Kristen Stewart.
She wasn't on my radar until Twilight...
And at first I wasn't impressed.
I thought she tried too hard...
I felt she was awkward and uncomfortable.
And maybe she was.
She was 17 years old when I first noticed her.
I'm sure all of those things were true.
Who ISN'T awkward at that age?
But the more I came to 'know' her...
The more I liked.
No, I'm not trying to live my life through Kristen.
No, I'm not thinking that if Rob can go for her...
He can go for me.
I'm not fucking delusional enough to believe
that Robert will ever be anything but a fantasy.
(Although I do have my moments, don't I?)

But I DO relate to her on some level.
Isn't that why you like certain people?
Aren't you drawn to people that you connect with?
That's how I feel about Kristen.
She wears t-shirts and jeans.
She cusses like a sailor.
She prefers Converse to Manolo's
She doesn't always care about her hair and make-up
She's passionate about what she does...
She's loyal to her friends...
And she knows who she is...
and makes no apologies.

That's why I adore Kristen Stewart.

I just miss Robert.
Yeah, I know we got to see him briefly on Friday.
I just miss him.
I can't help it.
I'm sure he's happier now...
out of the spotlight.
Away from the Paps...
But I hope its not weeks again
before we set eyes on that face.
That beautiful, gorgeous face.
(and all that goes with it)
Can't help it.
I just miss him.

Just because.
I mean...
I just like pictures of Robert and Kristen together.
Is there anything WRONG with that?
Huh? Huh?
You talking to me???
Sometimes when you get 
Robert and/or Kristen overload...
The brain starts to shut down...
It needs to heal.
Regenerate for the next overwhelming task...
Which might be the Bafta awards..
In England.
With Kristen.
With Robert?
Or will it be Remember Me promotion?
With Robert.
With Emilie.

Oh hell...
My brain will NEVER get any rest...

When I turn up under the care of 
Dr. Carlisle Cullen...
What's up, Doc?
And he admits me to the
Looney Tunes Rest Home.
You will understand why.
Of course you realize
This means War!
What a maroon!
Bugs Bunny is my hero.

That's All Folks!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Does Robert Miss Kristen?

Couple of things.

1. Kristen's hair looks adorable on her.

2. Joan Jett is little.
She always comes across so powerful
and confident...
Well, I guess she is all that.
Big things do come in small packages!

3. Lots and lots and lots and lots
of Kristen Sundance stuff 
all over the place.
A plethora of Kristen.
I love it...

4. With the love comes the hate.
Amazing how the haters still have to
find something to criticize Kristen.
And one of the most ridiculous?
"Kristen looks like she gained a bit of weight"
"Kristen needs bigger jeans."

Skinny little Kristen is fat now?
Isn't that the standard insult when 
you have nothing else to say?

What the HELL am I supposed to do with THIS??
I literally GASP when I look at this picture.
How is it possible for one human being...
to be so absolutely beautiful?
And you know its not just the outside...
He's gorgeous everywhere.
That luscious intelligence.
That pretty sense of humor...
The handsome sense of modesty.
The lovely honesty and integrity.
Robert epitomizes the phrase 
"Beautiful on the inside"

Since we haven't seen a picture of
Robert and Kristen together in some time...
I needed to post one.
And this one is pretty cool.
Kristen is all snuggled into Rob...
Looking at the camera like
"Yeah... he's mine."
And Rob...
He looks like it's a place he's comfortable being.
Viva Rob/Kristen!

Sometimes I wonder if Robert is missing Kristen.
I would like to think he is.
I would like to think that they will be reunited
(and it feels so good)
But of course...
that is only my thoughts.

Or is it?

Bye for now.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart- Life is Good.

Kristen Stewart.
At Sundance.
Looking gorgeous as usual.
I'm so happy for her.
Right now...
She has to be on top of the world.
2 films at Sundance.
Lots of 'buzz' about how good she is in
Welcome to the Rileys
The Runaways

POSITIVE comments about her.
And oh yeah...
The guy in her life...
Yeah... life is good for Kristen Stewart.

It's pretty obvious that Kristen and Dakota
have become good friends.
It's pretty obvious that the people that work
with Kristen adore her...
and admire her work ethic
her acting skills...
and have nothing but nice things to say about her.
Kristen looks like she bonded with Joan Jett.
Joan put on a concert last night at Sundance.
To say Joan Jett rocks...
somehow doesn't do her justice.
But she is one bad-ass chick.
Love her.
Love Kristen.
Pretty obvious.

Good Grief.
How do I handle all THIS?

I know I said yesterday that I love
Robert with the beard.
But the truth is?
I just love Robert.
It doesn't matter if he is clean shaven...
As long as it's Robert.
I'm loving him.

Bye for now.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Robert Pattinson Shows His Scruffy Face.

I love Robert Pattinson.

Look at him.
So sincere. So moving...
So Beautiful.

Hope for Haiti.
After the earthquake I donated to the Red Cross...
During the telethon...
I cried. 
I was amazed.
And when Robert asked me to help...
I had to.

BeardY Robert.
I love Rob with a beard.
And this is one helluva beard.
Scruffy, sexy...
He looked wonderful, didn't he?
Healthy. Relaxed.
I'm told that the beard is for his next movie...

So anyway.
I'm watching the telethon.
The amount of talent and star power
was amazing.
I'm alone watching it...
DH is on the computer.
The boys are doing boys stuff.
So there I am...
sniffing and sobbing...
And Robert comes on.
And DH happens to come into the room.

DH: "Who's that guy?"

Silence. I'm trying to listen to Rob.

DH: "Who is that guy? What's with the hair?"

ME: It's Robert Pattinson.

DH: "Who is that? I don't know him.
He looks weird."

I'm feeling two things here.

1. My DH is completely annoying.

2. I'm better than I thought at hiding
my ROBsession. In fact...
I'm fucking brilliant.
How can he NOT know who Robert is?
His picture is everywhere I am.
My computer. My phone.
Magazines. DVDs.
The locket with his picture next to my heart.
OK... I don't have the locket... (yet)

But I'm thinking that now I can finally
get the life-sized cut-out of Edward...
And DH will probably miss it.

It was so good to see her face.
Weird how I missed her.
So she's at Sundance.
I'm so looking forward to all the stuff
that is about to happen for her.
I can't wait to hear about her movies...

Oh yeah...
So last night on Twitter...
when the pics of Rob and Kristen were released...
A lot of immediate reaction?
I can honestly say I didn't notice.
I was looking at Rob's face.
Right away there was drama...
Over shoes.
From "They must shop together!"
"Big deal, I own a pair of shoes like that."

And I couldn't bring myself to give a damn.
It was kinda cute that they had the same kinda shoes.
But Rob's face was cuter.

Bye for now.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Robert Pattinson- You Know Its True.

Hope for Haiti.
Please watch.
Please help.
Please look at Robert Pattinson.
Because we haven't seen him in a while...
and we've missed him.
A. Lot.

I've been going through my emails.
The links and videos and pictures
that people send me.
And I have a couple of interesting emails I would like to share.

To whom it may concern:
Your blog is a joke. You are a joke. You don't get it, do you? 
Rob and the bitch aren't really together. 
Why must you keep trying to convince everyone that they are?
You are a crazy bitch with no life. 
You do realize that the whole relationship
that you are so sure of is fake.
Summit and their management had them sign
an agreement that they would 
pretend to be together for the duration of the movies.
That's all it is. So stop with the constant pushing 
of Rob and the mullet. It's not happening.

Dear Clown,
I'm not trying to convince anyone... of anything.
I don't need to.
It's all right there in front of you.
Do you honestly believe that Robert and Kristen are hanging out
ALL the time because of some PR stunt?
That is really a bit above and beyond, taking one for the team...
Don't you think?
Oh wait. Nevermind.
It's obvious you don't think.

Dear Rose,
I just wanted to say that its nice to read a sane, 
rational blog about Rob and Kristen.
Thank you for saying what so many people think.
Everytime I come here to read your blog 
you always make me smile and shake my head in agreement. 
You always seem to know exactly how I feel about things.
Thank you for sticking up for Kristen, too. 
She doesn't deserve all the hate and anger 
that is written about her everyday.
Love you and your blog!
-Robsten Lover

Dear RL,
What else can I say but thank you? 
It is very kind and absolutely flattering
that you relate to the words that I write. 
I love hearing from people who 
feel the same way that I do... 
it's nice to know that you aren't alone!
Thank you. Thank you.

Every time I come to your silly blog, 
I am more and more amazed at the stupidity of it.
I can't believe you actually are fooling 
some of the people who read your crap. 
I suppose you are one of those mindless sheep
who follow that Delaney and believe every word she says.
How stupid are you people? She doesn't know anything.
I know as much as she does. 
You all are so desperate to believe that
Rob and Kristen are together that you will stupidly
listen to any bullshit as long as it is what you want to believe. 
You are fools.
Rob would never really want to be with
someone as ugly and bitchy as Kristen.
Kristen is only using Rob to further her career.
It's obvious that no one cares about her
unless her name is attached to his. 
Rob is only being nice to his friend and helping her out.
Stop being so stupid. You look like an idiot.

Dear Delusional,
This is one of the most hateful emails I've ever received.
I don't even know where to begin.

1. If you despise me so strongly... 
why do you come here and read my blog?
I truly don't understand why you would do something that
obviously causes you such anger and resentment.

2. Again... I'm not 'fooling' anyone.
I just give my point of view.
My opinion. 
Take it or leave it
(I'd prefer you leave it)
Some of what I say must hit a nerve...
or resonate with some obvious truth...
or it wouldn't upset you deeply.

3. I have read what Delaney has to say.
I have read what a lot of people have to say.
Do I follow blindly? No.
Do I take EVERYthing I read with a grain of salt? Of course.
But Delaney isn't hurting anyone...
I don't see her hating and assaulting you.

You on the other hand are in attack mode.
I've seen a site that has a thread JUST for her.
Pages and pages of posts 
JUST to attack and make fun of her.
What does that tell me?
They are threatened by everything she does.
They claim to dismiss what she has to say...
But yet, they have a 'spy' join her locked forum...
to keep track of her every word.

Why do you care what she has to say...
Unless you are worried that it's true?

4. Someone mentioned this in the comments
the other day...
The pictures of Rob and Kristen in the limo.
I thought I would bring it up again...
Well.. cuz I want to.
Take a look...

The BEFORE picture.
This is when Rob/Kristen were leaving somewhere
(details escape me at the moment)
and the limo driver got them to get in his car...
and proceeded to let the Paps take their pictures
(with their legs wrapped around each other...)
Notice Rob's hair...

The AFTER picture.
Rob's hair is definitely 'mussed' up.
We have all seen how Kristen likes to put her hands
in Rob's hair when she kisses him
(Look... its in the movies...)
Looks like they got their KISS on in the limo...
And no, Haters...
Rob didn't stick his head out the window.
Just another in a long line of 
"You know it's true."

Bye for now.

*If you don't know the meaning of sarcasm, 
and don't possess a sense of humor...
You won't get it.
I almost feel sorry for you.*

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Robert and Kristen Intoxication :)

Someone recently told me that I should
change the name of my blog...
From "Robert Pattinson Intoxication"
Robert and Kristen Intoxication.
I guess I am kinda intoxicated with Kristen.
It's not the same KIND of overwhelming feeling
I get for Robert...
But it's pretty obvious that I adore her.
And waking up this morning...
to this...

FANfuckingTASTIC picture!!
Kristen looks phenomenal...
Hell... the whole cast looks great!
And damn...
Kristen has itty bitty little feet...
TOO cute.

I'm SO excited about Sundance.
That is fitting isn't it?

And this.
I have to say that I'm really impressed with Dakota.
She doesn't even look like herself...
She has really taken on Cherie Curie... completely.
And then we have our wonderful Kristen.
I just wish people could step back from
all the Twilight bullshit that is surrounding her...
And just look at her.
And really SEE her.

I saw the clip from "Welcome to the Rileys"
I'm already a huge fan of James Gandolfini
(Sopranos was a fave)
And I cannot wait to see these two actors
work with each other.

Do the Kristen haters ever stop and wonder
why some of the best actors around...
Somehow manage to work with Kristen?
DeNiro, Penn, Foster, Hurt, Gandolfini...
Surely if she had such a horrible reputation...
she wouldn't get another job?
Yet she continues to show everyone
that there is more to her than just Bella.
She can be...
whatever she wants to be.
And be damn good at it.

(And haters? its a shag...
not a mullet.
And don't you wish you could
look as gorgeous as Kristen...
on a good day?)

Well... I couldn't go without a picture of Robert.
I love Robert.
I do.
People have asked me if Robert will be in Sundance
to support and be with Kristen.
I don't know.
I just know what I read.

I'm guessing it's more complicated now
since he is doing the Haiti telethon on Friday.
From London.

I've 'heard' Kristen is already in the States.
I've 'heard' that Rob might have some time
before filming BA starts...
Does that mean he will turn up in Sundance?
Wouldn't it be nice?
Yes... Yes it would.
Although I'm sure if he DID turn up
(and we shall have to wait and see)
We would all hear all kinds of excuses
as to the reason why.

"Rob is just supporting his buddy"
"Rob was bored, so he flew across the ocean
to hang out with Kristen"
"Rob isn't there to see Kristen...
He likes to ski"
"Rob knows that Kristen has no friends
and he feels sorry for her"
"Rob was told by Summit to go to promote
New Moon and Eclipse"

You get the point.

It is what it fucking is.
Get used to it.

Bye for now.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robert, Kristen and Emilie.

I'm not even sure I want to write about this...
It's embarrassing to the good, decent fans 
of Robert Pattinson.
An MTV interview was published where Emilie de Ravin 
 said the following about her chemistry with Rob
and how it was to work with him.

"I flew to New York to test with Rob and
we immediately got along and had instant great chemistry, 
which is not an easy thing to come by. 
Obviously you're acting,
but you want to have that connection with somebody.
We had it."

The immediate fall-out?
Extreme hatred.
Because there are some people...
who call themselves 'fans'
Who just cannot distinguish between
Robert's work and his personal life.
And not only that...
Any female who has the audacity 
to come into contact with him...
Is immediately skewered and roasted
by the lunatic fringe.

I don't get it.
And I'm fucking glad.
Emilie's interview was very pleasant
and she was quite sweet and lovely about Robert.
She realizes how lucky she was to have
worked with someone who is so HOT right now.
She appreciates how kind and easy Rob was to work with.
Is that a bad thing?
I hope to hell she is right about their onscreen chemistry.
I want "Remember Me" to do well.
For Robert.
Because I care about his career.
I want him to have one.
And while I don't think the lunatics
out there will have much impact on his movie...
Does everything surrounding Robert have to be
all about the drama and the hate?
Emilie didn't do anything
except her job.
And that job happened to be working
with (and kissing on) Robert.
Most definitely.
Worthy of toxic hatred?
Absolutely not.

Someone sent me this quote.

"If only closed minds came with closed mouths."


And then we have Kristen.
Who still gets hated on every damn day.
Who some haters honestly believe
that she is only hanging out with Robert...
because he can further her career.
If you had a chance to hang out with Rob...
Wouldn't you?
Do you need a reason to want to?

To all the people who feel that
Robert and Kristen owe you an explanation.
Owe you a reason.
Owe you a piece of their lives.
Owe you a say in who they see...
and what they do.
Owe you ANYthing at all...
Get a fucking grip.
You are NOT entitled to anything.

It's one thing to speculate on a relationship...
it's another to intrude upon it.
In the end...
We aren't players in these 2 peoples lives.
What we want doesn't matter.
We are just watching from the sidelines...
Wouldn't it be nice to cheer
Instead of having to listen to the jeers?

Hope for Haiti.

I haven't said much about this.
Well, I'm a private person when it comes 
to things like this.
I feel no need to talk about 
how much I have given...
or what I plan to do to help.

But that being said...
It is a tragic, horrific circumstance
these poor people are going through.
And they do need our help.

Watch Robert on TV on Friday...
And do what you can do for Haiti
Watch. Help.

Bye for now