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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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Friday, March 8, 2013

What If You're The Bad Guy?

I know that there are a lot of 'fan videos' out there...
But these two
They kinda got to me.
Like the weepy sad kinda get to me.
I hope HoneyBuzy and FragileCloud 
don't mind that I put these on my blog.
(If you do... let me know)
Listen to what they are saying
The looks on their faces...
Can't you see that these are just two human beings?
They are navigating a life under intense scrutiny...
Constant vicious attacks.
They are trying...  you know?
How can you watch them speak from their hearts
and not feel for them?
How can you not want to defend them?

Made by "HoneyBuzy"

Made by "FragileCloud"

How can anyone have such vile bitter hatred for either one of them?
Why would you want to hurt them in any way?
They are just people.
They don't want to be on anyone's pedestal.
What if they aren't Superheroes?
What if you're the bad guy?

And in keeping with my adoration for Thomas Sturridge...

He likes the word extraordinary...
and hats.
And his voice.
Good lord.

This post is brought to you by the following announcement:

Rob and Kristen always end up together.
Whether you like it or not.

Until next time.

Bye for now


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Pisteuo said...

God Rose...you made me cry.

katy said...


You're not alone on that.

Love the post, Rose!

Pisteuo said...

Thanks katy, it feels good to not be alone.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Rose - I remember when the color me Blue video 1st came out - it is as relevant now as it was then

I don't get it and I guess I am not built that way - she is this shy, articulate, personable young woman that people want to force into a round hole - cherish the person not afraid to be themselves don't try to ruin it. Rob's eyes spoke, there were no words needed. I look at my own children and can't imagine one or any of them having to deal with even a small portion of their lives yet those two are stronger and for that they win alone.

Kay said...

Those were really, really gut wrenching to watch, Rose....makes me so sad for what they are put through.

Hi everyone, and have a great weekend. ❤

Kenzz said...

The part in the first video when she talks about being used, and then realizes how it sounds, just broke my heart...

Kenzz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ginger with a Soul said...

@Kenzz- that was hard to watch :(

Pisteuo said...

Whew! Eyes dried, smile on!

Hi Kay, hope you have a great weekend too!

I'm about to get ready for some RL fun time so, I hope everyone in Roseland has a great evening/day!

JMF said...

That was so difficult to watch, may some of those who sit in judgement on Rob and Kristen watch and perhaps understand. It brought tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart.
Have a good weekend everyone. Hug the ones you love.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@JMF - hi stranger - have you gotten all dug out or did you get more snow?

Pisteuo said...

Oh, and Rose? Thanks, I so appreciate you.

Homeschooling Homesteader said...

I had some random thoughts about the whole tabloid scenario and put some thoughts to words. I just wanted to share, since you inspired the rant. :)

On tabloids and paparazzi:

In Academia, and as we should in everyday life, we often find ourselves relying on primary sources to recount current and historic events. However, in doing so we must take into consideration the context in which the person relaying the information is immersed. What are the insensional (not intentional, or maybe so) connotations that are being conveyed?

Herein, lies the problem with today’s sensational reporting.

In order to begin to understand the author’s context, we must decipher the document; what point is the author is trying to make, what evidence does the author give to support this thesis, what assumptions are made? etc. We evaluate the relevance of the text, as well as who sourced it and is there a history of credibility? We are taught to thoroughly examine the source; what we know about the person writing, what are their motivations, who was it written for? etc.

So, shouldn’t we be scrutinizing these sources? Shouldn’t we be analyzing bias and cultural content in which these bringers of information are passing on to us?

My second issue with the ensuing celebrity press mongers, dubbed paparazzi and tabloid writers, is the lack of responsibility to the greater good of human progress. Humans from the beginning of their existence have pooled their knowledge into a collective (think Dumbledore’s pensive). y We know such things, from the trial and error of others, as how to build a fire by friction and the specific gravity on the moon without ever having done or experienced them for ourselves. This collective contains the sum of all human information. The amount of information doubled once from about 1Ad until the Renaissance, it now doubles every day. Think about that…remember exponents in basic math?

But, how much of the information is truly useable for the betterment of humanity? Today, a huge amount of effort is going into data filtering on the internet, it has opened a large can of worms…and opportunity. I propose the amount of useless, erroneous, slanderous, and famacide infested press, hounding those in the Media Arts is preposterous and it is clogging our flow of information with cancer causing fatty deposits. To further the analogy, this bad cholesterol will eventually block good information from reaching our brains, depriving us of the much needed oxygen of truths, exploration, and invention that humanity needs to experience growth…or at the very least not to die.

I know some may argue (heck I might), but how dire is it to know if Robert Pattinson wears boxers or briefs. Who are we, any one of us, to pass judgment on his girlfriend and to publicize as fact that which is only suppositions told by un-scrutinized sayers, and by siting undisclosed sources? I feel 1st amendment laws on public information need to reassessed.

But, what to do in the meantime, while supporting such possible legislation? For us, the public audience, it really is only a matter of awareness and making sound judgment of what is and is not primary source. For the celebrities with a bit more resource…make a difference. If you are guilty in using the tabloids for publicity…stop. Stop your publicist. We, the people, are not so naïve, we are aware that bad publicity is still an opportunistic means of notoriety. Secondly, do something constructive. If you do not want to be tied up in a court case (understandable), create an action based examiner that exposes the bias and context under which the paparazzi, reporters, and entertainment splashers operate. I would love to see a counter column of accusers’ faults and pretenses. Esse quam Verdi…BE rather than to seem!
B. Williams

wig4usc said...

Same reaction here, I guess we're all cut from the same cloth, so not a surprise. The whole OTR interviews with her looking at her ring, just killed me then, and it does now.

Real people, trying to stay real. How can people bash the fake in entertainment but then bash those who are trying to stay "human". I'll never understand, I'll take awkward, shy, eager, reluctant any day over arrogant, self-indulged, narcissistic any day!

Thanks Rose, hope everyone is well! I've been lurking for a while, keeping tabs but not saying much.

PamH said...

@ Rose
Great post, but so sad for what these two people have to deal with on a daily basis. HoneyBuzys video has always made me sad for both but especially Kristen.
Like Kanzz said the look on her face at that moment makes me just want to put my arms around her because she just looks like she wants to cry and be anywhere but there at that moment.

Looking forward to some happy days for our lovelies in a week or so....REUNITED ( and it feels so good ) hahahaha

@ Ginger
Let us know what you think of Oz :)
Hubby and I are thinking about seeing The Call or 21 & Over

HELLO to Pist, katy, Kenzz, JMF and anyone I missed or lurking

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Wig - I see your USC updates :) Hi stranger

@Homeschooling Homesteader - I used to think that was what Gossip Cop and things like the examiner/huff post were for until they started crossing the lines - it would be nice to have a none bias counter attack. Nice post by the way

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - I will we are going to try to catch the really early show to beat the snow

PamH said...

@ Kay and wig4usc
Waves )))

@ HH
Welcome :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend

JMF said...

@Ginger with a Soul, we got more snow today, another 6 inches. Hometown canceled school, but where I work did not, interesting ride to school! But it has stopped snowing...for now. RL kicking my butt, taking a night course, almost finished, 2 more weeks. Found out my oldest brother who lives in CA is terminally ill, so I am rolling with the punches. I have been lurking here and on Twitter, but haven't had much time to chat. Thanks for the shout out!

Ginger with a Soul said...

@ JMF - I am so sorry about your brother :( I always enjoy talking to you !!!!

artemisluvv said...

Dear Rose,
Tears in my eyes. The voyage from that time, so heart wrenching. I loved what Cronenberg said, "people think they do, but they don't really know what's going on".

So true > "How can you not want to defend them?" Rose you are one of the best defenders, and I love you for that. You are one of the true GOOD GUYS!

Love, light and blessings from the universe to Kristen & Rob!

artemisluvv said...


P.S. My first time seeing Tom Sturridge in an interview and hear that awesome voice of his. He was so thoughtful, so real, and I liked what he said. Oh yes, he's a keeper!

trashapathy said...

I'm balling my eyes out at all three of these. With first two for obvious reasons and the last because Tom is so sincere ! And no BS question about Rob and Kristen!!

DreamerKind said...

I Believe in a Thing Called Love lyrics:

Can't explain all the feelings
That you're making me feel
My heart's in overdrive
And you're
Behind the steering wheel

Touching you
Touching me
Touching you
God you're touching me.

Always the choice of being the bad guy, usually choosing the good. Life.

artemisluvv said...

Very good and interesting comment you made. I'm always trying to remind myself when I see videos like Color Me Blue, that I can't make assumptions from what is shown there. Like Kristen said awhile ago "it's moment in time" usually taken "out of context".

All I do know is that the paparazzi (maybe with the connivance of RS) caused a huge controversy. I respect the courage it took come back into the public eye heads held high.

I agree with you that some of this knowledge is not necessary and may be clogging up our society, so that truly important knowledge can be missed. The Information Age!

But honestly, I can't say I will stop being a consumer of some of what I consider the good stuff like Twilight and all that's connected with it. Also, I find R&K very, very inspiring people/artists.

artemisluvv said...

Thanks for that! That's the idea, I believe in love!

tufenuf55 said...

I have seen all three videos before and was as touched by them today as in the past.

I don't know the current status of Rob and Kristen, but hope they work out their difficulties and remain together. I am also prepared (I've worked on this)that if they do not remain together, that I can let them go as a couple and cheer for them as individuals. In short, I in their corner no matter what they decide.

artemisluvv said...

Hi Tufenuf!

I'm all for saying "What difficulties?"

I mean we had all the lovely premieres, after that shopping for groceries in London, after Christmas London tube pics, the New Years eve in the Isle of Wight, and they didn't come back to the US until the middle of January.

Call me looking through Rose colored glasses but I think all is well.

@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@CrisRK913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
artemisluvv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
artemisluvv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
@CrisRK913 said...

I don't make comments very often but you guys are AWESOME! Here you can feel love and a huge positive energy. ♡

Rose it's difficult to try to express yourself in another language, especially when you have so many things to say to an amazing person like you, I believe you know you are a special person with a beautiful soul and heart. You make me happy, laugh, cry and I love each second of these occasions! Happy International women's day , bc you are without a doubt a woman that I admire a lot. Thanks sweet heart for all your beautiful words/Posts.

And least but not last ♡♡♡♡ Happy international women's day KRISTEN STEWART!!! You are a fantastic human being, the world would be not the same without you, you are our sunshine, sweetie girl!

With all my heart,



artemisluvv said...


LOL!!! Of course what do I know? I could be making some ginormous assumptions...

I wish I was Bear...then I'd know for sure!!! LOL!!!

artemisluvv said...


Welcome to Roseland! You write beautifully in English.

Happy International Women's Day, yes!

DreamerKind said...

"Where darkness was I look upon the light."

Have fun in your RL adventures! ((Hugs))

Barb said...

Rose :*)**** sniffff <3 :)

DreamerKind said...

Did I already say, "Happy Day!"?
Be it Intl Women's day or your birthday, for every new day, may it be the best.

Right on the mark! :)

Holy said...

Happy Friday everyone.

Rose-lovely post.And you made me cry.

@JMF-sorry to hear about your brother.My prayers to you and your family.

Kristen is being criticize all the time,because no matter what the media said the girl remains the same and will never change.And I'm glad she stay true to herself.To me she's just extremely endearing for who she is.


DreamerKind said...

Tom Sturridge's voice melts in my mind like a chocolate does in my mouth.

DreamerKind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DreamerKind said...

Have fun! Hope someone answers your questions soon.

DreamerKind said...

But his eyes, mesmerize.
Full of sighs.
(Tom again)

artemisluvv said...


Yes, melting chocolates Rob, Tom, Marcus and Eddie. It truly is a British invasion of the best mmmm kind.

DreamerKind said...

It works in every way for all


Thank you/Jositub

DreamerKind said...

Once, I had an older, wiser friend, who after listening to my tales of woe, would always say, "Call it good, it is all good.".

At the time, it was so annoying to hear, as I wanted confirmation of wrongs done.
Yet that phrase, has echoed in my mind again and again, saving me untold suffering.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Love your post Rose. Sorry was out working. I work at a store with my church. I help out. Just stocking and filling orders. That is all.

DreamerKind said...

They're like the finest truffles-all of those.

Barb said...

@ tuf Right there with ya babe!

ADD said...

Very good videos. I haven't seen them before.
The press and some "fans" were ruthless especially in difficult times like last June/July. It was heartbreaking.

Kristen is not a politician or a minister. It's okay to be terrified of public speaking like 99,9% of the population (myself included).

artemisluvv said...


Nice music in that vid, thanks for the link.

DreamerKind said...


Perla Batalla & Julie Christensen:

The birds they sang
At the break of day
Start again
I heard them say

Don't dwell on what
Has passed away
Or what is yet to be

Ah the wars they will be fought
The holy dove
She will be caught again

Bought and sold
And bought again
The dove is never free

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

We asked for signs
The signs were sent
The birth betrayed
The marriage spent

Yeah the widowhood
Of every government
Signs for all to see

I can't run no more
With that lawless crowd
While the killers in high places
Say their prayers out loud

But they've summoned
They've summoned up a thundercloud
And they're going
To hear from me

You can add up the parts
But you won't have the sum
You can strike up the march
There is no drum

Every heart, every heart
To love will come
But like a refugee

Ring the bells
That still can ring
Forget your perfect

There is a crack
A crack
In everything
That's how
The light
Gets in

Thank you//rlamtk
Leonard Cohen lyrics/www.azlyrics.com

Arleen Parkinson said...

They should Season Changes by Expose.

Arleen Parkinson said...

And come up with. They are my favorite group. That I group up with.

Holy said...

@DK-I love all the songs you posted.Thank you for sharing.

Intruth said...

I feel so behind... I've been lurking and reading, but couldn't post before.

First, lovely post, Rose. I got choked up right away, and then Kristen's face palm after her "use me" comment made me actually tear up. I agree with you all here: how can anyone NOT love these two and want to protect them??? I'm definitely not able to get it, and I'm glad.

I also wanted to thank you for the last post, Rose. I really appreciated you sharing how your intoxication has morphed from just being mainly about Rob to being about Rob and Kristen together. I think it's interesting and true that love in all forms grows and somewhat changes over time, even the love we feel for people from afar, and it's so good to be able to experience that and acknowledge it.

The intoxication for me has been Rob and Kristen, since I found myself fascinated with them after viewing the behind the scenes and interviews on my niece's DVD of Twilight that I borrowed to be prepared to see New Moon with my daughter and nieces. Rob and Kristen, their edginess, their obvious lack of interest in being polished or packaged in interviews, their very nervousness and the way they looked to each other for support was the most attractive, intriguing thing to me. Along with a sense that they are somehow very special and just might become really big screen icons or something...

When I first came to this blog I looked back at Rose's first posts and the whole reason she started writing this blog was to discover WHY she was so intoxicated with Rob. The whole reason I started coming to any fan blogs and sites was because I don't have anyone in real life to talk to about Rob and Kristen, and joining in on these kinds of conversations or reading what others write is a way to process and explore why I find myself so fascinated with this couple.

So thanks, Rose, for creating this blog for yourself and sharing it with all of us. And thanks to each of you for being here and writing what you do. You're helping me in this little part of my own self-discovery.

Waves to Arte, Ginger, DK, Robert, Arleen, Barb, ADD, Arleen, Holy, KRIS, Tuf, JMF, PamH, Pist, Kenzz, katy, HomeschoolerH...and anyone lurking or that I missed <3

artemisluvv said...

InTruth you wrote..

"The whole reason I started coming to any fan blogs and sites was because I don't have anyone in real life to talk to about Rob and Kristen, and joining in on these kinds of conversations or reading what others write is a way to process and explore why I find myself so fascinated with this couple."

I so perfectly agree with your comment you wrote. No one I can talk to about this who won't think I'm bonkers. I still haven't processed why I find them so intriguing. Sometimes it's very confusing, so glad for you all here at this blog of Rose's.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Intruth. I missed you too. And I agree with you.

DreamerKind said...

Okay, I've on an early roll, and bottomed out for now. BBL.

Stella said...

Great videos, great post, as usually.
I'm getting spoilled by how often you renew your posts lately, Rose...

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Rose...you made me cry. I love Rob and Kristen so much, and I also feel sorry for them, for all they have to go through.

I will never understand why people hate Kristen so much. She is beautiful, smart, and so talented, so why hate her because she is shy. I will never understand it.

Take care everyone.

DreamerKind said...

Thank YOU for caring, and bearing with my constant music sharing!

artemisluvv said...

Just wanted to say bye to you. It was fun hanging out with you in the daytime.

LIZZIED said...

ROSE -- Thank you for the videos ... had seen them before but it's always good to watch them even they make me cry.

JMF -- I'm so sorry to hear about your brother.

TUF -- What difficulties? They are fine.

ARTE -- You live in Oregon, I think. Can we meet for lunch at The Carver Cafe in early October?

GINGER, STELLA & DK -- I'm surviving vacation ... in the bed today ... had a collision yesterday on the slopes and the snowboard won, LOL. I'm very lucky I was wearing a helmet but have colorful bruises on my right arm.

HELLO, EVERYONE!!! I'm only lurking for a bit.

artemisluvv said...

Glad you are okay after your spill and your vacation is going well.

Are you kidding, I would love to meet up with you at the Carver Cafe? As usual I didn't know what it was, and I had to look it up. I always imagined that the cafe from Twilight was one that I like to go to on the way to Lincoln City. So, will you be in Oregon in October?

LIZZIED said...

ARTE -- Yes, I'm going to be staying in Welches from 9/30 until 10/6 and will have my elderly parents with me. One day when they're resting I can either meet you at the Carver OR at the StoneCliff which is where the Lion & Lamb scenes were filmed. I was in the area 2 years ago and it's lovely.

If you'll click on my blog name, you can see my email address. We have lots of time to plan!!!

MY SPILL -- I was minding my own business, listening to my music while skiing and a boarder hit me by accident, he was really sorry and he and his friend did what they could to help. I made my own way to the ski patrol center just for them to check me out. I was just "rattled" if you can imagine.

Oneheart said...

Wow Rose you sure know how to make a grown girl cry. While my eyes were filling up with tears my heart was running over with compassion for Rob and Kristen. Thank you for this beautiful heartfelt post.

I Love these videos and they always touch my heart. Both of these ladies are very talented and we're lucky they share that talent with all of us.

Hope all of you enjoy your weekend and that it's a good one.

artemisluvv said...

sorry for typing too fast the question mark should have been and exclamation point!

Oneheart said...

Lizzied you are so lucky. Your spill had the potential to be alot worse. Thank god you got by as lucky as you did. Enjoy the rest of your trip...nothing can keep a mountain girl down for long.

artemisluvv said...

You are freaking me out! The Lion & Lamb scenes were filmed in Oregon?.I thought they were filmed in Forks. How do you know all this? There must be a book or something that I haven't read. I want to do both! LOL! We'll have to figure it out.

Intruth said...

Okay, at artemisluvv and Lizzied-- I'm sort of scared to ask this....I live across the Columbia River from Portland on the Washington side. Would you let me join you two if you get together? I have to run now and probably can't check back until tomorrow morning, but I'll look back for any replies :)

Kenzz said...

Lizzied, you've just justified why I spend my time in the lodge while the family skiies!

DK... beautiful song selection, as usual :)

Super... I LOVED your poem from a post or two back!

Ill never remember everyone, but Hi to Ginger, Pisteo, PamH, InTruth, and so many more friends...

HomeschoolH: powerful words, and a truly well-thought -out argument... wish we could bottle your logic and sprinkle it upon the nuts...

artemisluvv said...

Wow you live so close to me! That is so nice. It's great for me if you come with us! :)

artemisluvv said...

Kenzz *waves to you*

Intruth said...

@artemisluvv-- that's so exciting! Thanks! I know it's a ways off... but nice to think of being able to meet other people who "get" this fascination we have :) Thanks for your shout-out, too.

Hey... just an idea. Would you want to go see "OTR" together? It's going to play at the Living Room Theatre in downtown Portland starting March 22.

I really have to run now... just couldn't really sign off until the last possible minute to see if you responded. Thanks!

Waves to everyone!!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Its too OTR doesn't play in Logan, Utah. But I will wait til it comes out in DVD. Maybe I could rented.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Right I am enjoying my healthy milkshake. Its just Nesquik Less Sugar Chocolate powder, Milk, Banana, two table spoons of cool whip, and ice. Put in a blender there you have it a healthy milkshake.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies

@Intruth - I so get the I have no one to talk about this in real life. I am pretty sure I would get a lot odd side looks but the few that do know agree with liking them too but that is the extent of that convo.

@Holy - waves back

@DK - You already know my love of your music

@Tuf - Girrrrrrrl - keep the chin up they are fine but I agree with the supporting them no matter what but cal me whatever - I am a sucker for a love story and for rooting for these two.

Everyone else and lurking - Howdy, Hola, and Hello

Kenzz said...

artemis... "Hi"

Jealous of you and Intruth living close -by... I would love to find someone local who shares my bizarre "intoxication" with R&K! LOL

tufenuf55 said...


Sorry not to be more clear.

Work out their difficulties to be together, if that is their wish.

tufenuf55 said...


Sooo happy to hear you are okay. It could have been much worse, I'm sure you know.

PS Clarified my "difficulties" better in comment to Arte a few posts above this one.

Atticus said...

Rose, the vids were heartbreaking and it makes you want to wrap Kristen up in your arms and shield her with titanium but she will be fine and Rob will be fine.

Hi everyone!

tufenuf55 said...


You know I want them to be together, but when last summer happened, I had to harden my heart just a little in case they didn't stay together. I'm so glad that they seem to have made it work for them. I'm a true romantic,also.

artemisluvv said...

No need to be sorry at all! Always love talking with you. I was probably reacting somewhat insecurely. Totally understand, and I will support K&S whatever the future brings.

artemisluvv said...

In Truth
I'm doing the happy dance twirl here! Yes, I saw OTR was playing on March 22nd, I do want to go with you for sure.

Are you interested in going to see Marcus Foster on Sunday night at 8:00 at the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland? I bought my ticket already, but I don't know anyone who wants to go. It's a Sunday night, not the best for those of us who work Monday AM. The ticket was only $12. I totally understand if you aren't into it, just thought I'd check.

Holy said...

@Intruth- hey there.

@Lizzied- I'm glad you're okay.

@Ginger- will be watching Oz early tomorrow too.My nephew was been driving me crazy all day,so as soon as the movie theater is open will be going.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Tuf - Oh I know - you are a huge cheerleader for them and honestly you make me smile and laugh a lot. All we can do is support them anyway we can

artemisluvv said...

How was the movie?

artemisluvv said...

Thanks, I'm surprised myself, it's a stroke of luck to find out someone lives close to me. At first I was afraid to even talk about where I live on the blog. Getting more comfortable now.

Arleen Parkinson said...

I wish I could travel some more states. That is my goal to travel more states. I have been to Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, Georgia, Lousiana, Reno, Utah which I live now. And parts of Idaho. I have been to Baja California. Just to Mexicali, TJ, Ensalada and that is it.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Holy - OMG I was talking to my son about the movie and I had told him who the wicked witch is and my 8 yr old asked where I heard that and I told her it was on the internet. She gave me her best 8 almost 9 yr old head swing and skeptic eye then said well I guess we will see because I don't believe anything on the internet.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arte - going to see it in the am - took the kids to get Sushi tonight

artemisluvv said...

I would love to travel to Mexico, that sounds like it was fun for you.

Arleen Parkinson said...

I need to save money to do rest of United States. I grew California all my life. Just to Fresno, Bakersfield, San Jose, Sacramento and almost all over
California. I use to live in LA. That is my home town. My hometown is my family. That is my hometown.

artemisluvv said...

Too funny, she is well trained about the undependable internet! :)

Arleen Parkinson said...

I have relatives in Mexico. Just parts.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arte - I am thinking that maybe I shouldn't let them watch catfish - the folks with twitter will probably get this joke but I am waiting for one of them to look at me and say mom show me the receipts LOL

Arleen Parkinson said...

Tomorrow I am taking my daughter out. As a mother and daughter thing at 10am.

artemisluvv said...

Did you get to watch Breaking Dawn 2 yet at home?

artemisluvv said...

Drat, I don't get the catfish joke either.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Not yet. Tomorrow I will watch.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Arte - the show me the receipts comes from a pap that showed a receipt to prove he saw Kristen and Ron and Catfish is a MTV show that basically lets people know that you don't know who is on the other end of your computer and that lots of things can easily be made up

artemisluvv said...

Ooo catfish sounds like a good show, I will check it out. The paps had a receipt to prove he saw Kristen and Rob? LOL!

Do you remember comments between SM and RP when he said "Oh that's why she said I wouldn't be a good boyfriend."?

Holy said...

@Ginger- she's smart so you better not trick her.LOL.

PamH said...

Ladies I think it's great that your planning a get together, I hope all works out for you.

@ Intruth
I totally get your comment about people getting our love of RK and Twilight, the only person that gets it is my niece who is also a fan and my hubby supports my addiction but that's about the extent of it.
For me I find myself not only interested in RK but am also fascinated by their friends as well, I think they are an interesting, loyal group thats had a hand in making RK the great people they are. I like looking at their instagrams but would never comment or ask them
anything. I hate to see people also disrespecting them.

So glad your OK : )

@ Ginger
I love Catfish but it is scary to watch and see how easy it is for someone to just steal a photo and create another persona and life and you are clueless this has occurred .

Arleen Parkinson said...

Now one question when is Rob coming home?

artemisluvv said...

Loved your comment..I think they are an "interesting and loyal group" too. I find them to be very inspiring.

artemisluvv said...

So funny, that's the question we are all asking ourselves. Hope it's soon.

artemisluvv said...

Have you guys already seen the "B" roll behind the scenes from BD 1&2? Part of it is still up on RPL.


PamH said...

@ Arleen
I think Rover is set to wrap around the 16 or 18th if all goes well so hopefully right after that we may hear a airport siting if not a photo. Maybe Kristen will be hiding in the car to pick him up :)
I'll be waiting to rent OTR also, the two places even close to KY are a good 2-4 hours drive, to far to just see a movie. Hope it comes to pay per view on Directv pretty quick.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - not only the comments on the insta's but tweeting them - I look but that is as far as it goes. The internet can be a very bizarre place - people will drop morals in a heartbeat to pretend to be someone else - it is disturbing.

@Holy - she is - it was so funny to see her though

@Arte - he did, he is an fool - he thinks he is friends with celebrities....a pap that is friends with his prey I don't think so.

@Arleen - I thinking it is anyone's guess at this point as to when he is coming home or them meeting up - could be any day now

artemisluvv said...

Any day now, what a cool thing to say! I'm always hoping for that.

Arleen Parkinson said...

I hope so soon. That would be a miracle.

Arleen Parkinson said...

I am really enjoying watching rerun of Fullhouse.

LIZZIED said...

LADIES -- THANK YOU for all the well wishes!!! I'm staying off the mountain one more day and then going to get myself an armor like Kristen wore in SWATH and get back out there on Sunday and ski for the rest of the week!!! No one will DARE ski near me, LOL

ONEHEART -- You are right, can't keep us mountain girls down!!! I haven't forgotten that we're supposed to meet halfway for lunch sometime in the spring ... hope we can work it out.

ARTE -- YES, Twilight was filmed in and around Portland ... Cannon Beach, etc. Below are two links but there are MANY, MANY more links, just Google. And INTRUTH is closeby? Maybe we could all meet!!!



KENZZ -- I've been skiing for 38 years and have only had a couple of minor injuries, LOL. Don't stay in the lodge!!!


LIZZIED said...

ARTE -- don't forget to email me, please.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Glad that you are having a great time. I wish I could ski. I don't have the training for that.

artemisluvv said...

Thank you so much for the links. I had no idea everything was so close! Yes, InTruth said she wanted to meet up with us when you are in Oregon, if it's okay with you.

Did you get to see Powell's Book Store, where Rob hung out, when you were here before?

LIZZIED said...

ARTE -- It would be great to get together with you and InTruth. If you both work a Monday thru Friday work schedule, hopefully we can do a Saturday. We have plenty of time to plan.

No, I didn't go to Powell's ... was only looking to see all the film sites at the time I was there. Oxbow park was amazing ... that's where the "reveal" scene was made and the "lion & lamb" location is amazing also. In St. Helens there are many locations like the dress shop, the book store, the alley where the bad guys corner Bella ...

LIZZIED said...

ARTE -- The only place I didn't get to see that I'd love to see is the baseball field. I know that it's on the WA side of the gorge as you can see the falls in the background. There was info online about how to find it but we couldn't find the actual field. If you find out exactly where it is, please let me know so I can visit there.

ARLEEN -- The next time I'm skiing in Utah, I'll give you a ski lesson!!!

artemisluvv said...

Okay, I'll try to find the baseball field. That would be so fun! Yes I do work Mon-Fri, but I have some flexibility about that. You have now idea how thrilled I am to find out about these locations!

LIZZIED said...

ARTE -- I'm so glad that you know now. There are actually a couple of tour companies in the Portland area that do this but it was really easy to find everything via the online info ... all except the baseball field. Also, if you read any fanfic like MOTU aka 50 Shades --- The Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland is one of the locations in the story, LOL. I didn't go in but got photos to send to the writer. It wasn't published at that time, wasn't even finished.

LIZZIED said...


artemisluvv said...

I emailed you. Between Vancouver and Washington I somehow got the impression that they didn't use Portland that much. LOL! Yes, we are going to the baseball field, hope we don't meet any bad vamps there!

artemisluvv said...

Goodnight to all Roselanders, sweet dreams in the arms of the cold one.

Arleen Parkinson said...

My father is having crisis with my older sister. She has a disability. So I was listening to him and give my advice.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Its for him. But there nothing could be done.

DreamerKind said...

Such interesting convos everyone! I didn't know all of those goodies, about the Twilight film locations. Well, maybe a thing or two. Thanks.

Those snowboards can do damage. I watch the action on the ski hill here, and wonder how often the ski patrol is involved. Take care of your dutiful body and enjoy the slopes today.

DreamerKind said...

Thinking of you and your family.

DreamerKind said...

I Know You By Heart

Eva Cassidy:

Midnights in winter
The glowing fire
Lights up your face
In orange and gold

I see your sweet smile
Shine through the darkness
It's line is etched
In my memory
So I'd know you
By heart

Mornings in April
Sharing our secrets
We'd walk until
The morning was gone

We were like children
Laughing for hours
The joy you gave me
Lives on and on
‘Cause I know
You by heart

I still hear your voice
On warm summer nights
Whispering like the wind

You left in Autumn
The leaves were turning
I walked down roads
Of orange and gold

I saw your sweet smile
I heard your laughter
You're still here
Beside me every day
I know you by heart

Thank you/varme0vn

DreamerKind said...

There is so much peace/acceptance radiating out from you. Such a gift you bring here.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


How's the night going?


I'm going to tell how my week has been...last Friday one of our retired surgeons son fell ill and now is brain dead at age 44, one of my coworkers found her mother dead in her bed on Tuesday, I have another coworker whose father dropped dead unexpectedly, I have 2 other coworkers each with a parent that is dying, one in a nursing home following a massive stroke,the other one on hospice care at home and on Thursday our receptionist at the business, her mother in law had a massive heart attack and died. This woman was in her 50's...

I say all this to make a point. Life is but a blip in time. We need to be good to each other ...smell the Roses...no pun intended Rose)

I watched the videos and my heart is sad for the scrutiny they must endure when under the public eye but I feel hopeful that they are going to be fine and proud that they can pick themselves up and meet their obligations ...I'm sure it sucked.., but they went out there and did what they had to do anyway !

I think the majority of us are here just as said earlier because we fell in love with this special couple, because we are incurable romantics and we had no one that cared or understood where we were coming from.

I know the media is a money making machine and somewhere along the way they figured out that if they expose people at their most vulnerable that a feeding frenzy would occur and that translates into a lot of money

In time, this will pass and the media will start picking on someone else. The best thing that we can do is not buy their magazines, the best thing that R and K can do is live and be happy


Hope you are ok. HUGS

Have a good weekend everybody:)

DreamerKind said...

You darling girl! You strike right to the heart of living, before the act of dying. All is Grace, nevertheless.


Been watching on YT, CNN's raw videos of the Oscar winners after winning, and enjoying getting a glimpse of the "real" people who won.

Anne Hathaway is the genuine article, and you can see, once and for all, her classic gown featured strategic darts. More importantly, she lights up the moment.

DreamerKind said...


Barbara Marx Hubbard ‏@BarbaraHubbard
You are free and fully equipped to give your best.



Kelly said...

Damn...Do you have a kleenex? Great post, and those videos speak volumes.

Thanks Rose,

xoxo 1918EC

Birdie said...

Morning Miss DK!

I was going to ask why you were up in the middle of the night but I wouldn't be able to sleep either after your week. Awful! I agree with all you said.

Rose and Roseland,
You are such wonderful and compassionate people. I will never understand all the hate. I may dislike people(ie certain politicians and pundits)but I don't hate. I sure as hell don't understand hating two actors you don't know. You would have to be pretty gullible to believe all the shit out there in the media and on the internet. There are celebrities I don't care for and I can't imagine wasting one ounce of energy "hating " them. It is fucking weird. Being a fan of someone is fun and brings some joy in your life. The hate is just a complete waste of time.
I would think the paps and trashy media outlets will have to run out of lies and get tired of taking pictures of such mundane activities as walking through airports, walking to cars and walking to cars with their friends.
Really? What idiots. Move the fuck on already!
How these two young people have navigated this circus, with quiet dignity is so impressive. I wish some of haters would take note.
Wow, I am in such a mood for so early in the morning. Need my coffee.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Thanks Dreamland. I really appreciate it.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good morning1 I know everyone sleeps in on Saturdays.

Barb said...

Not me Arleen I was up at 6! :) My dogs made me get up they were crossing their legs as during the week I get up at 4:45 (yuck).

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and most like home recovering from the flu lurking Robert

@Super - that sucks - just plain and simple sucks. It is a blip and sometimes things have to happen in peoples lives directly before they realize it. Sending you a big fat hug

@Birdie - I couldn't agree more

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Barb and Arleen - you guys will totally be set for time change tonight

gargamel said...

Could i safely say that 80% of K's followers have BANNED WEBLOIDS AND TABLOIDS in support of her? (against lies and hate). Why would waste time and donate to those who attack her?
Your US weekly...PEOPLE and the whole SHITLIST peddle people's lives just as worse as illegal drugs are pimped. Only difference is that they are in the open because of the guise of JOURNALISM. AUTHORITIES AND LAWMAKERS are ball-socked. CAN'T MOVE ei?

Barb said...

Super you made me cry.

Barb said...

@ Ginger I can't freakin' WAIT for the time change! I hate it when it gets dark at 4:30!

Intruth said...

Good morning, all!

@super: So true, so well said. Hugs to you at the end of a very difficult week!!!

@birdie: ITA! Rant away, bb!

@gargamel: I agree, and love that you include "People", which some people regard as the "trustworthy" source... um, no.

@Lizzied (thanks for the links and info-- I work weekends and would love to meet up with you and Arte!), Ginger, Arleen, DK (love the tunes, always!),Barb, Kelly, Oneheart, Topaz, Pist, ADD, tuf, and everyone... enjoy your Saturday! It's sunny in the rarely sunny Twilight state and might even make it to 60 degrees, so I gotta go get the shorts and sunscreen and get out and sit on a picnic table somewhere or something, LOL!

Intruth said...

@Barb, waves to you*! I'm with you on the time change! MORE LIGHT, PLEASE!!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

I was excited to spend a mother and daughter day. But bail out on me. So I am going by myself. Plus I am shopping for my husband's birthday and easter. We have same birthday. Which is next month. And we have anniversary next month. We got married the day before our birthday. Our Birthday is on April 16th and our anniversary is on April 15. We will be married for about 18 years old.

Intruth said...

@Arleen, how amazing you and your hubs have the same birthday!!! Congrats on 18 years of marriage!Have fun shopping-- too bad your mom had to bail :(

Arleen Parkinson said...

Intruth- I meant my 15 year old daughter bail out on me.

Intruth said...

Aww... that's even worse! Well, have fun, Arleen.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Thanks intruth.

Barb said...


PamH said...

@ good morning all

@ LIZZIED & arte
Make sure you share some photos with us after your trip.

@ Super
Such sadness around you and your so right about smelling the Roses

@ Arleen
Don't feel bad, I only have a 17 year old son and he bails on me all the time for his friends or playing music. I've learned to not take it personal. I'm sure I probably ain't who he wants to be seen hanging out with at his age, well until he need food, clean clothes and money for gas. Lol

Hope everyone has a good weekend :)

Intruth said...

@Arte-- check your e-mail :)

Arleen Parkinson said...

I will be stepping out in a few minutes. Keep me posted on Rob and Kristen. I just want to know, hope, and pray that they are ok. I want good news not bad news.

LIZZIED said...

ARTE -- I didn't receive your email :-( Can you please try again? Do you have a twitter account? I'm on Twitter @LizzieD1211 so you could DM me. Please try again.

LIZZIED said...

SUPER -- I just read your post from last night ... wow, what a lot of suffering to take in all at once. Like you said, life is but a "blib" ...

LIZZIED said...

HAPPY SATURDAY, ROSELANDERS!!! Gosh, we should all be so happy that R & K will soon be back together ... for Easter, anyway!!! I imagine the dogs will get an "Easter basket" with all kinds of doggie treats ... I know my dog will, LOL.

Not skiing today, resting up ... tomorrow - back to the battle on the hill.

artemisluvv said...

Super RN
So. so sorry to hear of the tragic events that happened in your life this week. It's sad to hear of friends passing too soon. My condolences to you, and hope you can find some solace and peace this weekend.

artemisluvv said...

It was a gmail account, is that correct? I just tried one more time.

I'm not on Twitter yet, still debating that one. I'm so absorbed by the Rob and Kristen intoxication that I'm afraid to add one more item to the list that I'm viewing every day. LOL! All fan sites, no rags on the internet.

I just emailed you back.

artemisluvv said...

Hi Roselanders!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

Intruth said...

@artemisluvv, thanks so much for your e-mail!!! I want to do justice in my reply, so I'm waiting until I have more time. But I had a second back at the house before heading out again and just wanted to send you a virtual hug and tell you I'll answer later!!!

artemisluvv said...

No rush on that. I'm going out soon also.

Holy said...

Happy Saturday,I hope everyone are having a good weekend.

Just finished watching Oz.I like the movie and I laughed a lot and loved the little twist.

Holy said...

@Super- hugs and kisses.

Annie said...

Hi all.

Super: Oh my. What a week you've had. I'm so sad for you, your friends and colleagues. :(
Your thoughts on it is so true though. Hugs.
JMF: So sorry about your brother.

LIZZIED: Hope you're doing better.

DK: Happy belated birthday to your daughter.

To everyone else I hope you're all having a great weekend!
Saw Oz, the great and powerful.......Loved it. The special effects were amazing especially in 3D.
Like Holy, I also liked the twists in the movie :)

I could actually see James Franco in Focus with Kristen.

Arleen Parkinson said...

I am home from a mother and daughter. Except my husband to tag along. Its not mother and daughter day when fathers come. We went to Family Dollar store and then went to Crepery place. That is our favorite.

Ginger with a Soul said...

Afternoon Ladies

@Annie/Holy/Pam - I just got back from Oz too and the special effects were amazing but I thought it dragged in the beginning a lot but the kids thought it was good all the way through. None of us liked Mila but we all liked Franco. I knew the twist going in :)

PamH said...

@ ginger
I'll have to wait on that one for DVD because hubby says no way am I watching that. haha
It appears the hobo gang are traveling according to their instagram. Wonder if K will join them ?

Annie said...

Ginger: I really liked Michelle Williams as Glinda/Annie and Rachel Weisz as Evanora. :)

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - I did too it was just something about Mila that just didn't work for us and I normally like her

Barb said...

Anyone know if there are any blogs as good as this one that i can check out? I'm looking for more adult like this one. Sometimes I have spare time and i need something else to look at.

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Pam - My guess if she is going to VC - doubt it but who knows.

Annie said...

Ginger: Do you think Mila was miscast?

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - yeah, it just was weird and I liked her with Franco in Date Night

Arleen Parkinson said...

Isn't James Franco gay or something?

Annie said...

Ginger: I thought she was more convincing with the Wicked Witch Theodora transformation than the "good" side of Theodora.

PamH said...

@ Arleen
James has a creepy thing for Kristen

Ginger with a Soul said...

@Annie - agree 100% she did not pull off the the first part of the movie at all and her eyebrows at the end were distracting - LOLOLOL

@Arleen - all I know is he has a big fat crush on Kristen

artemisluvv said...

Thanks for the heads up about the traveling hobos! I love CJ's view of the Vancouver skyline. I bet the gig tonight will be amazing! I feel kinda bad for Rob, but they're playing through April so he can catch up. :)

artemisluvv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

Ginger: :):):)
Her make-up as the Wicked Witch was "wicked." :)

artemisluvv said...

Ginger, Annie
Glad you guys liked the movie!

I guess I won't be seeing it. I still haven't gotten over James Franco's painting of KS. I can barely look at him. Even on the web I have to click fast so I don't have to look at him. But, the movie had hundreds of other people working on it, and they deserve to have audiences go see it.

PamH said...

@ Arte
Yeah, I bet he wishes he could've been there for some of the fun times they've had but hopefully like you said they can all come together when he's done filming so he can be part of the fun to.
I loved CJ's pic to and when I seen where he was I thought about looking at Suzies . I love the cute comments between Suzie and Jack sometimes :) not sure Kristen will travel with hem this time, we won't know for sure unless we get tweets or paps catch them ( you know they'll be waiting ) coming or leaving.

artemisluvv said...

Thanks for another clue in girl! Is he "standenjack" then on her comments?

Arleen Parkinson said...

I would blame them because of the Paps. But it shouldn't stop them for having fun. And enjoy themselves.

PamH said...

@ Arte
Yeeeppp, when you click on his link he has a really good pic of Suzie in her work clothes, I think just like Kristen , she is just naturally beautiful.

artemisluvv said...

I agree, she's lovely just like Kristen> Not the Hollywood style, just the natural style. I love the famous blue nail polish. Thanks for telling me how to go to Jack's Instagram. This is cool!

PamH said...

@ Arte
You have to give most of the credit to Ginger for always sharing her knowledge and answering all my questions :)

tufenuf55 said...

What is 9 + 7?


The Rover is to wrap filming on March 16th!!!!

Come on home, baby boy to your baby girl! Let's start the party:)

artemisluvv said...

Awww, you are right about that. Ginger is very amazing and generous that way! :)

artemisluvv said...

You are the best! Let's get the party started!!

tufenuf55 said...

You all probably know the answer. First question:

Who said "I'm just a tool."

tufenuf55 said...

Other Roselanders...join in with Q&A of your own. Let's have some fun!

tufenuf55 said...

Side note: NC Tarheels playing Duke at NC home. GO TARHEELS!!!

DreamerKind said...

Sweet Saturday is here! Howdy all.

tufenuf55 said...

Hey, DK!

tufenuf55 said...

Holy crap! I'm playing solitare online, watching basketball and keeping up with Rose's blog. I'm awesome! lol

Litmom said...

Hey Rose & the gang ~
I've been pretty scarce lately - I've been reading Rose's posts (wow, so prolific lately!), just haven't really been on to read all of the comments, or to comment myself.

I wanted to share why I've been MIA (some of you already know this). My Sox lost his job 3 Fridays ago; in fact, he lost it on my birthday. His position was "eliminated" (well, one position of four in the office was, and he drew the short straw, you might say). He is 59, and has been with the company for 20 years. Luckliy, he was able to "retire" rather than just get the boot, so things could be a lot worse, but he still needs to work. His pension and my paycheck won't quite cut it - I mean, we would survive, but life would be a bit different than it has been - and much different than it would have been if he had worked out his entire career and retired when he had planned to 5-6 years from now. Anyway, we've been sort of "cocooning" -spending time together. (Plus, he's home when I get home from work now, so I don't have my 2-3 hours of "me" time to spend on the computer. :-/)

Some of you also know that he has had some serious health issues in the past couple of years, so we're really looking at this as a blessing in disguise. The commute was killer, the job was intense - so his stress level should be greatly reduced, which will be a good thing. He is not panicking about finding another job just yet - he might be in a few weeks, we'll see...

SO - I may not post as much, but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading Rose's words and thinking of all of my buddies on here. And it CERTAINLY doesn't mean I've stopped thinking about Rob & Kristen!

I did want to say that this particular post just broke my heart. It's tough seeing those videos - seeing how precious those 2 are, and thinking of how they are treated. I hope they are insulated enough in their down time that they aren't aware of the negativity that surrounds them. They don't deserve that - they deserve to be happy and oblivious to everything except each other. I am so glad they have GOOD friends who look out for them, as well.

Thinking of all of you.
DK - miss you.
Super - sorry you had such a crappy week.
Ginger - ;-)
Homeschooling Homesteader - loved what you posted.

Hugs to EVERY ONE of you!

tufenuf55 said...


So sorry to hear your news. And I know this sounds so everyday, but I do believe that when one door closes another opens. That being said, the time between is not known and it can be hard to believe in this statement. I'm glad to hear that hubby's health was a problem and that this change may just be a blessing in disquise. Prayers lifted up for you and your hubby!

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