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What is essential is invisible to the eye"


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and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
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or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Random Thoughts

Couple of things...

1. This is another picture from DIOR.
Rob looks great (Of course)
He's perfect for this type of thing.
You can't go wrong with that face.

So then why must people ruin a good thing?
Getting all worked up over every picture
like they have never seen a picture of Rob 
in a white shirt before!


Not only has it been done before...
But I dare say
It was pretty fucking good.
Maybe its the hair.
I guess I miss that tousled mess more than I thought.

I get it.
Rob is gorgeous.
No one is questioning that. Ever.

But that isn't even the point.

Its not DIOR ROB that has the Robjectifiers 
shredding their panties and dry humping every pixel...
Oh no no...
It's the hope

Because we ALL know how much more attractive 
Robert is when he is FREE!

It's not easy to mute/block/ignore the overwrought fangirling...
I haven't seen anything like this since...
Well... 2009.

I often read how 'them dumb sheeps' only like Rob because he's with Kristen.
But the truth is...
Rob's 'TRUE' fans only like Rob when he's NOT with Kristen.
and as long as he behaves like they think he should...

Good luck with that.

2. This fucking breaks my heart.
I LOVE James Gandolfini.
When I heard he had died...
I cried.
It's tragic.
James was a phenomenal actor.
But he was not comfortable in the limelight.

Sound familiar?

Its no wonder that he and Kristen clicked on a personal level.
Acting was their job
The rest was stuff you had to deal with.
I just watched James on "Inside the actors studio" yesterday.
You could tell he didn't really want to be there...
He was so uncomfortable being in the spotlight...
talking about himself.
He sometimes fumbled for the right words
He kept his head down...
His hands covering his face
And he rarely made eye contact.
You could tell he did this for the film students.
He wanted to help them.
And when he talked..
He talked to them.

and it is because of the two people in this clip.
This is one of my favorite scenes...
Kristen plays this damaged wounded soul
and she wants his approval.
She needs it.
"Don't be mad at me."
She plays it brilliantly...
and so does he.

Remember what James had to say about Kristen?

Kristen Stewart is one of the mad ones. But mad in a beautiful way. 
And she is determined to make people mad. 
To show them she is more than Bella in Twilight. 
To show them she does burn, and smolder,
 and wants more out of her career and life. 
And smolder she does.

As soon as she steps into the movie On the Road,
 you can’t take your eyes off her.
 As Marylou, whenever she fixes her gaze, 
you see someone who will go as far as she can,
 and do it as mad as she can, to live and feel alive.
 And it is sexy and scary and reckless and smart.
 She can play all of these things. She has them at her fingertips.
 She is just beginning. She is fearless.
 And that can be that good, and that can be very bad.
 But she is smart enough to handle it.

Stick around my friends,
 and there will be much, much more to come. 
Thinking about it, I am smiling already.

This is from someone who KNOWS Kristen.
He didn't have to say anything about her performance in OTR.
But he did.
And he was right.

And now we have what Kristen says about James...

“When I heard of James’ passing I was in New Orleans, 
where we met shooting, and every memory flooded back and gutted me,”
 she tells EW in a statement. 
“I’ll hold that time near to me forever.
 He was immeasurably great.
 My heart goes out to his beloved family.”

Gutted is the perfect word for how this feels.

She didn't have to say anything.
But she did.
And she was right.

Final thought?

There are a lot of people playing the "BLAME GAME" right now.
Kristen's fault.
Rob's fault.
Her friends... his friends.
Blah Blah Blah

Everyone has an opinion.
Not any one of them matters.
Except Rob and Kristen's.

They will figure this out.
I have complete faith.

So keep looking over your shoulder...
It's coming for you.

This post is brought to you by...


And there ain't nothing wrong with that.

#ProudFan #Bwahahaha

How fucking ADORABLE is this man?

And where would a post be without

Tom Sturridge!
He's all kinds of adorable too...

Ain't life grand?
Why yes...
Yes it is.

Until next time

Bye for now


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Birdie said...

Good afternoon Rose and Roseland.
Thank you for the tribute to James and I loved WTTR as well. I loved this side of his acting,the tenderness. Kristen's performance was amazing and they were wonderful together.
I love the new picture of Rob,there is a hint of a smile in this one. I miss seeing them smile.
But you never know.....

katy said...

Great post, rose!

I fucking adore Rob and Kristen...that is all.

Lovely tribute to James!!

Take care Roseland

Helen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Helen said...

Rose - thank you. I love WTTR - beautiful emotional real movie.The most valuable role of Kristen in my opinion. Fantastic Melisa and James. I love James Gandofini and I always will. I waited for Kristen's words about him and she didn't disappoitment me. I knew it.

Tracybell said...

Hey Rose
Loved how you focused on what's real and true and out there and not the unreal, untrue and made up. I have to be honest...I've not seen WttR. I know...ima bad bad fan....anywaaaay, will have to search out video and see if walmart or Hastings has it lol. But I do love James g. He's a real guy who never had to search out People and make a statement to get attention. Love him because he always let acting speak for him. Anyway, sweet post.

Hi Roselanders
Life is sweet and precious....hope you all are having a great day.
Be safe moving and stay stress free at wedding. Here ur having one come up. Just married off my son and I had a stress free weekend in the process. It's a conscious choice to make. Don't let other stress junkies ruin it for you.

@kstew krew and topaz
I see you out there....love ur posts!

Signing off...my husband is coming home in a little bit...which is a surprise....and I'm freaking excited so I probs won't be around...not that it matters lol...I'm just excited to see him and have him all to myself :)....sweet reunions!

Kay said...

LOL at "Robjectifiers" - great term, Rose. I've been thinking all kinds of random thoughts about the fandom/anti-fandom craziness that surrounds Rob and Kristen....I just keep going back to WTF is wrong with people?! So many dickheads in the world projecting their irrational expectations on people that never asked them for their input.

Anyway, I'm very glad they are both going to be getting back to the filming and projects they enjoy very soon.

The loss of James Gandolfini is so, so sad. How bittersweet for Kristen to be in NOLA at the time, with the memories that evoked....gutting, for sure. I thought they were amazing together in WTTR.

Gotta go back to my crazy-busy Tuesday and rest of the week. Take care, be safe and have a great day, everyone. ❤

Anonymous said...

Love your post Rose.

I don't get it either why some people go all nuts for a picture of Rob in a white shirt. I realize he is a good looking man but what makes him amazing isn't just about his looks it is his personality as a whole.

I have to say that I love every movie that Kristen has done for so many reasons but Welcome to the Rileys is a gut wrenching movie and it moved me to tears during may times through the movie. Her performance was amazing but it was made even better by the fact that she had James to play off of in the scenes that they had. I'm sure that when Kristen said that quote at Comic Con about various actors that she just has to work with again he'd be in that list.

I hope everyone here is having a great summer and doing some relaxing.

Anonymous said...

Great post Rose! Hi everyone.

Tracybell said...

Oh yeah...I see u out there to babe...fist bump! Hope ur having a good. R u reading sanctuary? So good....

Holy said...

Rose- amazing tribute to James,thank you.


I'm a believer and I have faith with Rob/Kristen.We just need to be patience.

Claudia Bouffard said...


I only found your BlogSpot about a month ago, and additionally, it comes highly recommended by some very sane people in the Fandom.

I first thought it was only me and became highly offended by the comments which resulted from the first "blurry" pictures released for the Dior campaign. I ridiculously thought that after the first 24 hours of first inappropriate, salacious comments that would hopefully be the end of it. How wrong I was! With each picture released, the inappropriateness ramps up further; I did not think that was possible, but that is exactly what has happened. Please do not misinterpret me, he is an extremely handsome man, perfect spokesperson for Dior, but I am not sure I will survive Twitter if the continual release of the picture. Heaven help us when the full commercial is available for the "Robjectifiers" viewing. Twitter made explode or self implode with the comments. I fear that the barrage of tweets. retweets, TwitLongers, etc. everyone will be subjected to will be vomit inducing eventually. I want to simply implore people to get a handle on themselves. This commercial will be simply another venue showcasing Rob--he has not won a Pulitzer prize, he has not found a cure for cancer. It was another acting job. People need to keep that perspective in the forefront.

I also share your admiration for Mr. Gandolfini. Definitely a life cut short far too early. And, I truly wish people would try to comprehend the kind and praise-worthy comments that he expressed with regard to Kristen's acting abilities. He recognized her abilities, and was under no obligation to share them, but he did.

Once again Rose, you did not disappoint with this post.

Joni Webb said...

love this rose, great great post. as usual.

Delle1 said...

Thank you Rose especially for the wonderful tribute to James and especially this particular clip,they both played their parts like the complete professionals they are.WTTR is one of my fav Kristen movies made more special because of the wonderful cast she got to act with.
As for Rob and Kristen,we just need to keep the faith and believe,I do!


Anonymous said...

Delle1- I do to believe and have faith.

Stella said...

It's nice how you put things into perspective, Rose.

How are you, everyone?
Summer is finally here and I can't wait for my vacation time to start. I really need it, these last few months were really hard.

I still believe that the best is yet to come.

And, yes, Rob looks mighty fine in what we have seen from the Dior adv. Mighty fine, I must say... But, doesn't he always?

Take care, all.
Love IS all around us.

LizzieD said...

ROSE -- Wonderful post and great tribute to JG ... RIP.

Tracybell - *waves* glad to see you're remaining positive as we all should be!!! YES, I'm reading Sanctuary .. can't wait to see what's up ...

Stella - So glad it's almost vacation for you, you deserve it!!

Arleen -- *waves* So glad to know that you're staying positive ... I see no reason NOT to be positive!!!


ADD said...

"Dry humping every pixel" LOL! Perfect!

James Gandolfini was awesome. What he wrote about Kristen was beautiful and so true. He will be missed!

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Theres just something about Rob
against a wall
In a shirt that's white
Walking tall

Holding a microphone
Running his hands through his hair
Sitting, standing, surfing, staring
A bad picture of him is rare

My favorite pictures however by far
Are when his gaze and smile follow Kristen
Few men have I ever seen
That are sooo smitten

I will continue to enjoy his pictures
but again I must mention
I'm most fond of his pictures
When he is looking at Kristen !!!!!

vernistene said...

Good evening Roseland!! great post as always Rose.
Hi Arleen, Liz, Tracybell and all of Roseland. Just got home from work thirteen hour day today. Anything on our couple?
"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal. Not to people or things." Albert Einstein

Two things define you: Your PATIENCE when you have NOTHING and your ATTITUDE when you have EVERYTHING.
Just saying......

RKsoulmates913 said...

I'm really moved by your beautiful, true words. James was an amazing guy.

I completely understand you Rose, so tired of people thinking Rob is just a piece of meat, a beautiful face and NOTHING else.

Rob does not deserve 'this kind of fans'. So sad. If you wanna find out who they are, it's so easy... ALL of them or Most of them have the Dior pic on the twitter header or twitter Avi. The Kiss. It's pathetic, like it was real, not his job...

They are feeling threatened by us, RK fans, they are lurking our blogs, twitters and everything they can to figure out why we do believe they are together. It's so simple, 5 years watching, observing them... A love like that does not go away overnight.

IMHO it's just a matter of time, it's WHEN, NOT if.

It'll happen,we are going to see them again TOGETHER. Patience is a virtue that is always rewarded.




Ginger with a Soul said...

Evening Ladies and Robert that I hope is doing good

@Rose love the post and so sad about James still, he was a gentle giant and the first movie I saw him in was The Mighty which to this day is one of my favorite movies (I cry like a baby every damn time).

@DK - may your move be smooth and easy so much like the flow of your music and the sweet talks you provide.

I hope everyone is having a nice evening and beating the heat (which I am loving)

Oneheart said...

Loved the post Rose. Love your tribute to James. He was like a big Teddy Bear, something about him that made you feel like you would like to have him as a friend.

As always I want what Rob and Kristen want and I'm not seeing or reading anything from them that makes me think that they don't want each other. As far as Tabloids I don't read them, I don't need liars to try and tell me their story of the truth. ROFLMAO

Super you are right...my favorite look on Rob also is the way he looks at Kristen. Love looks good on him and on Kristen as well.

Lizzied hope you are having a twirling summer..I just wish it would slow down. June went by way too fast.

vernistene said...

Go to HKN Haven she has a new post. it is so good. It gives you the faith kick some need. Now I am twirling and smiling ))))))

LizzieD said...

VERNISTENE -- I was there on HKN and wow, the nonnies must have been waiting because they rattled their cages and broke out with a vengeance!!! While I loved the post, I have to say that 99% of what was said is EXACTLY what some of us (including you) have been saying for a while. But THAT'S OKAY!!!

ONEHEART -- *waves* how are you? Yes, I'm "twirling" through the summer and unlike most, I'm glad summer is flying by ... it's been warm and muggy and I don't have AC as don't usually need it.


TWIRLING!!! We'll be rewarded ...

Anonymous said...

Hi LizzieD, VERNISTENE, Ginger, Pist, Birdie, Katy, PamH, Pattybg, Oneheart, DK, KK, RKsoulmates913, Rose, Super, ADD, and the rest of the Roselands! Sorry I was resting because I was feeling well. I was having stomach pains. So I took my hubby's codene to see if it works. But it works. After that I was knock out. I am not addict just trying to see if it work. Anyways, did I miss something here.
LizzieD- Thanks for believe in me. You taught me to keep and have faith.
ADD- Hi! How are you? We missed you. Good to hear from you.
Oneheart- Hi! How are you? I agree with you about that Tabs. I don't need liars either.
Super- Hi! I agree with you there about Rob looking at Kristen.
vernistene- Hi! How are you? Sounds like you had a day from work. I just click from HKN. Seem to me she is on our side too.
RKsoulmates913- Hi! How are you? I am glad on I am you on twitter. You are a great person. I agree with you about Rob and Kristen.
DK- Hi! How are you? I hope you are having a great moving day. Hope you settle on your new place.
Ginger- Hi! How are you? How is your weather there where you at?
Rose- Great job on your blog. I agree with you there. You are doing a good job on your blog.
The one person I am missing is Atticus. I wonder how that person is doing. We miss you. I hope you feel better.

DreamerKind said...

Nice way to share your random thoughts and favo pics with us, your fanbase. Ever ready, we take a licking but keep on ticking!
Hello! All is smooth after the move. I'm about to have some crispy white vino from New Zealand. Yum.

Tired but replete.

Snappy rhymes! Looks do reveal, what we feel.

Aww, you like me and my songs. Likewise. :)

Loui White said...

Heard this song today and immediately thought of Rob and Kristen,

"I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot, I used to stay out 'til the break of day.
Oh that didn't get it, it was high time I quit it,
I just couldn't carry on that way.
Oh I did some damage,
I know it's true
Didn't know I was so lonely,
'til I found you.
You can go the distance,
We'll find out in the long run,
(in the long run).
We can handle some resistance
If our love is a strong one,
(is a strong one).
People talkin' about us,
they got nothin' else to do.
When it all comes down
we will still come through,
In the long run.
Ooh, I want to tell you,
it's a long run.
You know I don't understand
why you don't treat yourself better,
do the crazy things that you do.
'Cause all the debutantes in Houston, baby,
Couldn't hold a candle to you.
Did you do it for love?
Did you do it for money?
Did you do it for spite?
Did you think you had to, honey?
Who is gonna make it?
We'll find out in the long run
(in the long run).
I know we can take it,
If our love is a strong one
(is a strong one).
Well, we're scared,
but we ain't shakin'
Kinda bent,
but we ain't breakin'
in the long run.
Ooh, I want to tell you,
it's a long run,
in the long run,
in the long run....(etc.)

I like to think that this applies to R & K.....it's the long run that counts.

@Rose, thanks for your posts, they are a bright spot in a barren lot.
Here's to hoping for some happy news....real soon.

DreamerKind said...

Some Folk's Lives Roll Easy

The King's Singers:

Some folks' lives
Roll easy as a breeze
Drifting through a summer night
Heading for a sunny day

But most folks' lives
Oh they stumble
Lord they fall
Through no fault of their own

Most folks never catch their stars
And here I am, Lord
I'm knocking at your place of business

I know I ain't got no business here
But you said if I ever got so low
I was busted
You could be trusted

Some folks' lives roll easy
Some folks' lives
Never roll at all

Oh, they just fall
They just fall
Some folks' lives

Thank you/Casper Lai

Loui White said...

Forgot to add,

This was a song by the Eagles,
"The Long Run".

So happy to hear that your move was smooth. Hope it continues, for you. I am enjoying some red wine called "Dearly Beloved", very nice.
I enjoy all of your musical choices. They are a bright spot, in some dark times.
So, Thanks!

DreamerKind said...

That Lonesome Road

James Taylor:

Walk down that lonesome road
All by yourself
Don't turn your head back
Over your shoulder

And only stop to rest yourself
When the silver moon
Is shining high
Above the trees

If I had stopped to listen
Once or twice
If I had closed my mouth
And opened my eyes

If I had cooled my head
And warmed my heart
I'd not be on this road tonight
Carry on

Never mind feeling
Sorry for yourself
It doesn't save you
From your troubled mind

Walk down
That lonesome road all by yourself
Don't turn your head back
Over your shoulder

And only stop
To rest yourself
When the silver moon
Is shining high above the trees

Thank you/Heraclito05

DreamerKind said...

Love that song. Perfect for us all.

Loui White said...

I totally had a vision of R&K in my head when this came on the radio today, than I remembered it was on my Ipod.
When I listened to it again, it seemed so appropriate that I wanted to share it on Roseland...as that is the only place I have to share my Rob and Kristen connection.
I lurk more than comment, but your posts always bring a smile to my face.
Whenever I hear a song that I want to share....I think of you.
Your musical library seems to be endless.....and I, for one, am so very thankful for that.
Keep up the with positive vibes...they are a blessing to many.

vernistene said...

LizzieD - I know but it just always feels good for others to voice what we already know. It had me happy for the reinforcement after the day at work I had.
This didn't help me make up my mind. It's never changed it was just cool to read. I love reading your post they are always uplifting for doubters too.

Arleen - It was a very long day but reading good thoughts about R and K lift my tired mind.

They are as one and thee is no doubt in my mind. But as with human nature we like to hear others say it too. It just makes you feel better that others are in agreement sometimes. Then there are times you say "I don't give a f**k about a f**k of what a f**ker thinks as long as I f**king believe.

DreamerKind said...

Twirl, swirl, & whirl while

Shaking The Blues Away

Ann Miller:

Thank you/gedeo1983

vernistene said...

Oh and I hope my language didn't offend anyone. Sorry if it did.
Goodnight Roselanders
Arleen, Lizzie, and Dreamer.

PamH said...

Rose as always another great post :)

I think we all here can agree that Rob is a great looking guy and takes some very nice pics but some of the " fans " take their devotion to his looks to a very creepy level. I think if Rob were to ever meet those type of fans he'd probably be petrified LOL

Have a good week everyone :)

DreamerKind said...

Get a real kick out of that "fuck" word stuff, even today. There were the many years in my 20's and beyond, when being "a lady", I pretended not to hear it and certainly didn't use it myself.
Then, Lenny Bruce & George Carlin, cha-cha-changed my thinking (made me laugh, too) so why not?.
There are few words so expressively perfect, for some very important feelings. "UNF" and "fuck off" do it for me! Thanks, ever so.

What you said means a lot to me. Music being appreciated due to my posting, is especially sweet and I continue to do it because of people like you, dear.

Settling in doesn't seem to be my shtick karma-wise. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am going to bed now. Good night. Keep me posted.

DreamerKind said...

I can't believe how many hours I have been talking on the phone tonight. Good thing I can zap those EMF's I got from doing so, with my earthing mat (used while sleeping or flying in cyberspace.)

I free the static sizzling in my brain, releasing positive ions, for the doing of good in our world.

Buzz! Zap! Poof! Flowers! Proof!

vernistene said...

Good morning Roselanders :)

Have a great day Arleen and Lizzie:)

Thank you Dreamerkid. I am the same way. I am 54 years young and in my earlier years I wouldn't use it either. Working at the Jail, dealing with some not so savory characters taught me to say what I feel how I feel it and when I feel it. I like the statement a friend of mind told me: "I find myself saying what the f**k under my breathe 20 times a day. Then I ask myself why am I whispering this? Just shout it out. If I feel it why mumble it." so as our young woman Kristen might say, "WHAT THE FUCK?" or "FUCK OFF" and my fav "YOU DON'T KNOW A FUCK ABOUT MY LIFE!"

Everyone keep the faith with no buts...........

Anonymous said...

Good morning Rose and Roselanders.

This is the only the second time I have posted. You all are such a tight and smart group. Occasionionaly I see a post deleted and am so happy to see that done.

I am a fan of both Rob and Kris. I hope for the best for them. They seem so perfect together. They get each other. I thougth they were soulmates and then I read that Rob said she was not his soulmate. Anybody else read that article. I don't remember where. I think it was on this website http://blindgossip.com/?p=51337. It talked supposedly from Rob's point of view but if it was really him, he was angry and unkind. Will someone check it out and tell me what they think?

I will check back and have been ready Rose's posts since I found this site. No too long ago.

I am trying to keep the faith and only time will tel. Have a wonderful day and Peace to all.


Kay said...

Take care and have a great day Rose, Roseland, lurkers and everyone else out there! ❤

Happy Happy Happy Hump Day! :D

Anonymous said...

First that is a gossip site. Don't believe that gossip site. I have been good staying away from it. If I were you I would boycott them. Included the tabloids and all the gossip sites. They will bring you nothing but pain, hurt, and depressed to us and our couple. We hear have been staying positive no negatives.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi Rose, Ginger, Intruth, Art, Pist, PamH, Pattybg, DK, KK, Atticus, Robert, vernistene, Kay, Katy, Oneheart, Birdie, Tracybell, Holy, Add, LizzieD, RKsoulmates913, Super, and the rest of the Roselands. I am almost feeling better. I had a stomach problem. I was completely knock out. I took my hubby condene. It help alittle. But I am almost feeling better.
So what is going on with our couple? I am staying positive and praying for them.

Tracybell said...

@Jane?...oops June? No no it's Jane I'm sure lol. Good try...bwahahahahabaha..*wipes eyes* bwahahahahabaha....

Litmom said...

Great post, Rose. Saw it last night but had just posted on the other thread, so took a break.

Some "fans" really do creep me out. I mean, come on, are these "women" ( they act like 16 year olds, but I know some are my age) for real? Love the term "Robjectifiers" - tee hes.

DK! Glad the move went smoothly - what a week for you, right?

Arleen - hope your tummy feels better!

As far as the F bomb is concerned - I think working with 17 year olds every day has toughened me up. Even 5 years ago I would never have used the term (as my mom used to say - "ladies don't talk like that" ;-) ) but I certainly drop a few nowadays!

Okay - gotta run! Twirling with LIZZIE and the gang! All is well!

Anonymous said...

Litmon- Good morning! Thanks! I am almost feeling better. I agree with you about the fans.

KStew Krew said...

Shouts to all in Roseland!!! Just reading the comments and I must say, they do not disappoint.
@Rose...if humping a pixel was possible?....just wrong...wrong...wrong...wrong...LOL!!! Too damn funny! Love you!

@Super Rn Gas Passer....your thoughts are perfect. I think the best pictures of Rob are when he is with Kristen...animal magnatism!!!

@Tracybell....I see you too! Just lurking ever so carefully! Ha!

@vernistene....those French, what can ya say? They invented my favorite word. It is just a four letter word. I like to start my day with my favorite words and get them out of the way....so here goes....damn, piss, shit, and hell. And of course the finale...awe fuck, fuck, fuck. BTW...no offense taken by your post!

@Arleen...waves to ya babe! I finally remembered who Tempest was when I visited Do I Dazzle You. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Mine is rotted to the core unfortunately. Take care of yourself, keep the faith!

One last word...I still don't have twitter (twatter)...thank God.

Anonymous said...

KK- Hi! Thanks!

Pisteuo said...

Rose, very good job!
I'm so fucking happy that I don't do Twitter! Hahaha!!

Hello Roseland!!
Hope everyone is enjoying the summer and staying...

Happy, Happy, Happy!!! :)))

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I follow Roses tweets and that's all .. I don't understand how she puts her name upside down but she does. Haha. Happy Happy and Happy :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Roselands! I was checking when meteor showers comings. One in August 11/12 Perseids, October 21 Orionids, November 16 which is my sister's birthday Leonids, and December 12/13 Geminids. Maybe we can all wish for them.

sue said...

Me too Rose, me too.
When I saw that morning James died, the tears rolled down. My day was fucked.
For me, the Soprano's is the best series I've ever ever seen. The script, humor, sublime acting and the conversations are unforgettable. James was just..well I don't have the words to describe how good he was as Tony, writing this I still can't believe he's gone.

Dior? I'm sorry but I really can't see the big deal. I find all this circus/hooh ha way over the top. People are acting as if they found the cure for cancer. It's only a bloody commercial even if Rob is in it. I find it all very exaggerated or maybe I'm too much of a dinosaur.

Anonymous said...

Ok Roselands! I just saw Rob pic. on RD in a car. And I hope he is not kissing one of them.

Anonymous said...

KnittedUpInside- Thank you. I believe you. I almost puke for that. Or almost shit in my pants. LOL.

Jane said...

You people profess to love Rob and Kristen but the minute you see Rob with another woman, you feel like you are going to be sick, your world has come to and end. What right does anyone have to say who Rob or Kristen dates. They both are single people and young and it's natural. And Traceybell, you idiot, this is Jane, not June BAWAAAWAAAAWAAAA

Tracybell said...

@Jane....June....all u trolls sign in on different emails, monikers whatever. If ur not June u might as well be..your all the same...bwahahahahabaha

Jane said...

Tracybell..you call us trolls but you notice we don't call your little group of narrow minded women any names. Thought this was a blog for opinions on Rob and Kristen, not at least eight of you reading your dairy every day...boring. So maybe me, June and who was the other lady that dared voice her opinion need to find a more interesting site with smarter people.

Jane said...

Oops, I was thinking of the word cow and misspelled the word diary. Don't want to confuse you.

vernistene said...

Jane - I am new to this site as far as commenting on it as of late. I have come and read it for about a year. Now that I have conversed with these people on here I take offense to you deciding it's a good time for you to bring you disgruntled opinionated ass on here and disrespect people. Every one is entitled to their own opinion even slow witted people like you. Traceybell keeps her spirits uplifted and has faith in what she believes. She can do that!! You present yourself as a bitch so I will treat you as one. If you come here be kind or go find like minded bitches like you and stay the FUCK off this site!!!! We don't want or need your negativity nor did anyone solicit your tired ass opinion. So step the FUCK off!!! Rob and Kristen are grown ass people who can do what they want. We just love them together or apart as long as they are happy. We are of the mind and faith that they are together. Leave my new net friends alone and go do what miserable people do!!!!!

Barb said...

@ Rose Nope there ain't nothin' wrong with dat!

Maybe the reason K looks so sad in some of the recent pictures is JG's passing.

@ Super I too am fond of those kinds of photos. ;)

Jane said...

verminstene...nice vocabulary. I am sure your mother is very proud.

PC said...


Kristen is such a class act and so special. Her sentiments about James G's passing were so honest and heartfelt. And his praise of her was so sweet. I always enjoy reading the nice things that the people who have worked with Rob and Kristen have to say about them.

It's a shame that negativity has to find its way to this blog. I remember Jane from other places, along with the cringe-worthy comments she has made about Rob. Pretty gross IMO.

vernistene said...

Jane yes she is. I am 54 and I don't tolerate bullshit or ignorant people picking on people because they have a positive hopeful attitude about whatever they choose. They are not hurting you. Then again maybe it is. They are to classy to get in the gutter with you. But I roll with a different class. I can chat with the governor of my great state and deal with the scum of the earth in the jails daily. So yeah my mother is proud and she is proud how I don't take shit from people like you and let them run over people like Tracybell now what???

Kami said...

Please believe me when I say that I am in NO way condoning what Jane is saying, I am staying as far out of that mess as possible. And I know all of you have reasons to be angry with her, but Jane has posted on here for years and has done so pretty nicely. So everyone please go back to your...whatever, I just wanted to point out that while I am not addressing what she is saying, she has been here for years, and has never been mistaken for a troll before.

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Thanks Kami.... I apologize if I upset you......

Jane said...

PC...I have never made any cringe worthy comments about Rob. Please do not confuse me with other Jane's on other blogs. There are a lot of people named Jane.

Rose said...

Really? I guess your definition of 'not calling names' differs from mine.. In 3 emails alone you called the people here
1. Idiot
2. Cow
3. Narrow minded
5. Boring
5.And that you needed to find a more 'interesting' blog with 'smarter' people.

I vote for number 5.
See ya.

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

You go Rose. Better said than me. You are a class act and I applaud you...... clapping for Rose and Roselanders.
I apologize for being so raw on your site. I will refrain from being so nasty.

Rose said...

Both of them.

vernistene said...

LOL LOL for Rose. You are the real!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Rose! Sticking up for us and our couple.

tufenuf55 said...

New pics of Rob out in LA last night. There is a female in the back seat with him and as you imagine, the fandom there has gone nuts trying to figure out who she is, what's going on between them, etc. LOL

Anonymous said...

Tuff- Hi! Thank you!

vernistene said...

Hi Arleen :) I hope you had a good day

LizzieD said...

TUF -- I heard that there were actually TWO girls in the backseat of the car. And I heard that one of them is actress Michelle Rodriquez, who is a friend of Nick Jarecki, Rob's friend. Oh, and apparently Michelle Rodriquez is gay so it might her GF in the backseat.

Heard they were celebrating Nick's "real" birthday since it was yesterday.

Anonymous said...

vernistene- I am still having that stomach problems. I was doing fine. But now I am cramping.

LizzieD said...

Verni & Arleen -- Hello, glad you both are staying positive!!! No reason NOT to be positive that I can see.

Hello to ALL of Roseland ... I think it's a great day for TWIRLING!!!

ROSE --- LOL, you go girl!!! Glad you set Jane straight.

Barb said...

Rose Thanks for giving Jane the boot. :) I try to ignore ppl like her. It was getting really hard in her case. Guess it was for you too.

Anonymous said...

Barb- Hi! How are you? We missed you. Did you go on vacation?

vernistene said...

Arleen I keep you uplifted. Your stomach will feel better soon.
LizzieD - positive is the only way to be.....
R and K all day!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

vernistene- Hi! How are you? I am just resting. But I get bored while sick I usually just straight my house you know cleaning. I hope Rose take care of that Troll. Everytime I hear them it makes me want to puke or almost shit in my pants. LOl. Just like a sick humor there. Where is CJ with his water fun?

vernistene said...

Arleen - You make lemons out of lemonade! Your comment was funny. Feel better!!!
Where is CJ with his water?

LizzieD said...

palasluna - hate to tell you, dear, but R & K ARE TOGETHER and doing just fine.

Why are you even here? Go find another couple to ship or hate, whatever you're doing.

DreamerKind said...

Only this remains

There Is Love

Mary McGregor:

Thank you/sirpaopao

DreamerKind said...

Lies may fool some.

Here's The Thing Show (WNYC)

Debbie Reynolds & Alec Baldwin:

April 15, 2013

Debbie Reynolds: "I'm Aries. I'm born April Fool's Day. Aries is very stubborn, but very really good person. I don't think that there's a bad bone in the body other than our temper. That I – you're known for your temper.

Alec Baldwin: No. That's not true. All of that's a lie.

Debbie Reynolds: But it's not true, right?

Alec Baldwin: That's just all a lie.

Debbie Reynolds: It's just that if you –

Alec Baldwin: That's the press making up things.

Debbie Reynolds: Oh, the press love to make up things.

Alec Baldwin: Yeah. They just make up -

Debbie Reynolds: Well, luckily, see I'm not popular in this sense for the press.

Alec Baldwin: If you see a picture of me going to – it says I'm going to hit or push a photographer I'm going to help them. They might fall – I'm reaching to help them or I'm reaching to hug them.

Debbie Reynolds: Oh, I think the photographers today are terrible when they chase people. See, they didn't do that in my day. No. I'm so happy I was in the Golden Era – they keep calling it – of show business. We didn't have paparazzi like this."

DreamerKind said...

Packing but slacking, as am the same old FGM and Mother of Groom, but habits no diff. Wine may be poured soon.

tufenuf55 said...


Hope you feel better soon.

The banner is one of my favs of R&K. Love how they shot him looking down at her legs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tuff, LizzieD, Ginger, Holy, Katy, Birdie, KK, DK, Arte, and the rest of Roselands!
Tuff, LizzieD, and the rest of you thanks. Just feeling sharp part on the left side near my belly button. Like someone is poking me. That is what I feel. Its like off and on. I am just keeping eye on it. Hopefully I will be better by tomorrow.

Holy said...

WAVES and good evening/morning everyone.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Rose! First I was like wow!! when I read the "pixels" comment. Then, I was very touched by your writing about James Gandolfini and Kristen. Each day is so precious for all of us, hard to remember in our rush, rush world.

Hi dear Roselanders...each and everyone of you! Sorry I've been absent for awhile. I felt I was going overboard in the whole R&K thing. I've been lurking though, and reading all of your wonderfully touching, serious, musical, poetic and funny comments!

This blog was the first R&K spot that I ever came to, and I appreciate you guys so much. Thanks as always for everything.

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv- Hi! We missed you. Glad to have you back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene - Hope you are feeling better. Wow, you are up late girl! Thanks for the hello!

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv- Hi! And thank you. What is going on on DIDY? Are all the Robsten giving up? Because I am not giving up on them. I am still praying for them. And keeping positive here.

Anonymous said...

Arleen ~ I don't know DIDY very well, I've only posted there a few times.

I can only speak for myself and say I'm (almost) always positive and keeping the faith! Everything is all good.

To be honest though, I have to thank LizzieD and all you guys here for helping me stay positive!

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv- Thanks I needed that.

Anonymous said...

Arleen - u r welcome! :) I'm off to sleep now. You should sleep too girl - sleep with the angels. Good Night.

Anonymous said...

artemisluvv and to the rest of Roselands! Good night. Keep me posted.

Kay said...

Have a wonderful wedding weekend, DK!

Happy Thursday, Roseland ❤

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I was reading posts last night at DIDY. Every time I go over there and read the posts it scares me !!!! ( Chills ). I will check it maybe once every 6 months. I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't care for me but there's something about someone posting as Anonymous that bothers me really bad. It creeps me out. There's a bunch of that over there and I can't tell one anonymous from another !!!! Creepy creepy creepy. I'll stay over here ...

Hi KAY and Happy Thursday to you and all of ROSELAND :)))

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone!
Hi Super, Art, DK, KK, Birdie, Katy, Kay, Holy, Ginger, Rose, Pist, PamH, Pattybg, LizzieD, and the rest of Roselands!
Super- I am staying here too. For DIDY! Some of them are giving up. I am not. I have been keeping faith like LizzieD told me. And I have been praying everyday for our couple. But I did lurking on Misty twitter and SuzQ (RKForev0 twitter). We agree with them meaning boycotting the tabloids and papz.

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! And hi and hugs to everyone. I already told this to DIDY this.
I still believe in my heart and prayers that they are together. But privately. Same thing with Billy Joel. He never mention about his private life. I read his wiki about him. He is still married and never told anyone because he said its nobody business. Him and Patrick Swayze. Patrick and our Robstens have something in common. They both like to smoke. They like to keep themselves privately. They both have pets. And least they are together. Look at Patrick and Billy Joel. They still have their spouses. So I am hoping for Rob and Kristen like them. I have a feeling that they are still together.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I hate to break this to you but Patrick Swayze has been dead for at least 2 years now I think. Lung cancer

Anonymous said...

Super- I know. But like I said him and Robsten have both common on certain things I have mention.

Anonymous said...

Super- That I why I admire him. He was a great actor. And a good row model.

Anonymous said...

Super- I thought it was Pancreas cancers that Patrick had. From what I have read.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


You are right. He was a heavy smoker. People don't know this but smokers have a high incidence of pancreatic and bladder cancer. But of course we just think about lung cancer

Anonymous said...

Super- He was a good actor. And that is why him and our Robsten same thing in common.

DreamerKind said...

Thanks! Almost ready for take-off. Let the festivities begin.

Happy day, lovies!

Woody88 said...

@Arleen Parkinson - I agree with you. I feel that R/K are still together as well.

debbie hileman said...

so i'm going to try again cant seem to post First how is everyone? hope all is fine.@arleen hi hope you feel better today and i was one of those anon who was at DIDY but i did end my post with a :) DEB.I HAVEN'T given up hope if you go back and fine my post you well see how i feel about all this bullshit I LOVE Rob and Kristen like alot of you do here I'v been coming to Roses blog senses 2008 and i love this women with all her thoughts she says things that im thinking all the time LIKE SHE reading my mine heheheI STAND by her sayings like ( NOT IF BUT WHEN -ROB AND KRISTEN ALWAYS END UP TOGETHER _KEEP THE FAITH)Once again Rose THANK YOU for putting a big fat smile on this face see ya have a good day :) DEB.

Anonymous said...

Deb- Hi! And thank you. I will get better. I agree with you too. About our couple. Even LizzieD said it. They always end up together. I am still believing it. I have been praying and keeping faith like LizzieD told me.
Woody88- Thank you. Here we keeping positive.
You two I have been good. You guys have taught me good. And to stay away from the trashy tabs. By not clicking and reading them. I rather hear it from you guys. And all other Robsten sites and twitters. And Justice for Kristen. I always know that they will come thru. I know in my heart I am not giving up.

Jane said...

Kami, you and I go way back. I remember you when this blog first started.

Barb said...

Arleen and Super.. Patrick Swayze had pancreatic cancer. I know this because my sister-in-law died almost a year before he did of the same disease.

@ Arleen not on vacation yet I just haven't had much to say lately. My posts haven't taken up much space. ((hugs)) Take care of yourself! :)

Anonymous said...

Barb- Not yet. I am going in August to Yellowstone with my family. But I won't be bring my laptop to the trip. But Keep me posted on our couple when I am gone.

Holy said...

@Tuf/Annie/Super/Arti/Arleen/ DK/ K2/ Birdie/ Katy/ Kay/Ginger/ Rose/ Pist/ PamH/ Pattybg/Liz/Vernistene/Stella/Tracy/Litmom/Oneheart and to those I miss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tuf/Annie/Super/Arti/Holy/ DK/ K2/ Birdie/ Katy/ Kay/Ginger/ Rose/ Pist/ PamH/ Pattybg/Liz/Vernistene/Stella/Tracy/Litmom/Oneheart, and the rest that I missed. Hope everyone is having a great hot steam summer. Stay cool. Here in Logan, Utah now is 98 degrees here. I am use to it. I used live in LA. I used to lived in hot weather there. If I could get use to weather in LA. I am sure I could get use to weather here in Logan, Utah.
Holy- Hi! How are you? Hoping you're having summer vacation yourself.

vernistene said...

Hello Arleen, Tracybell, Holy, Super, Rose, Lizzie D and everyone else in Roseland. Hope you all had or are having a great day. Just got in from another long day of work. Kept the faith. Still no buts........ They are together :)

Anonymous said...

vernistene- Hi! Thanks! I believe you.

mari said...

i am sticking with everybody here at roseland that
time will come they will be together, we''ll see. i just don't know
why i have an undying love for both of them.
i always have the faith for both of them, and i am
praying nonstop. i love you roselanders. and rose always has the perfect words for both of them.

Atticus said...

Hey Roselanders! Had a week from hell and it still isn't over. Skimmed thru the posts and @Arleen, you are just so sweet & kind. Do you have spidey senses cuz I get the feeling you knew something was wrong.

Hubs is critically ill and is in hospital. Airlifted to the big city so I'm living out of a suitcase and sleeping on a lumpy couch which I'm very grateful for. Alone with my thoughts right now and sick of it so I came here.

Good to see mostly everyone keeping the faith in R/K.

Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Hi Super ~ About DIDY, you were right. I was just over there tonight, and there were some very poisonous comments about Rob. Kind of disguised as fans, but I think they were trolls.

Hi Holy! Hi everybody really!

Atticus - I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles are having. I pray that all will be well for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Atticus! How are you? Thanks! Hope your hubby feels better. We were worried about you. I thought it was you.
artemisluvv, Holy, Ginger, DK, KK, Atticus, and the rest of Roselands. Goodnight. I am going to bed. I already said my prayers. Keep me posted.

Birdie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your husband's illness and hope he is better soon.
Thinking about you and will bet you are having a wonderful time with your son's wedding. Bachelor's dinner tonight?

Glad to see you are all remaining positive in Roseland. Have a happy Friday!

Birdie said...

Good morning, Arleen. What are you doing up so early?

Anonymous said...

Rob and Jennifer have great chemistry together.They will set the screen on fire if they ever work together.They make a good couple.But i think something is burning already :)

sue said...

@Atticus, this is too much of a coincidence.
Are you Barbara's Atticus? If so, I wish you well, I saw your name mentioned a lot on DIDY.

Stella said...

Smile, people!
Sorry for not mentioning everyone's names, I have just a few minutes before I have to go again.
Life is good.
Everything is ok.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning! Hi Birdie, Ginger, Atticus, LizzieD, Katy, Kay, Super, DK, KK, Rose, RKSoulmates913, Robert, Stella, Intruth, Sue, and the rest of the Roselands.
Birdie- Hi! Sorry about at 3:22am I didn't back to you. I couldn't sleep that time. How are you?
DK- Hope you're having fun.
Stella- Hi! How are you?
And the rest of you keep me posted. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I still home with the flu bug. More like a nausea. But I am hanging in there. My hubby and my soon be 16 in August. Went camping. Its ok. All I need is rest and water. More like fluids. I don't need a babysitter. They have plan to go. More like father and daughter weekend.

PamH said...

Hello Roseland

I hope you feel better soon :)

@ Holy
I think it was you who asked about The Heat ? My hubby and I just seen it and it was really good, if you liked Identity Theif you'll probably like his as well.

To everyone else
Waves and hope you have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

PamH- Hi! Thanks! I thought I was feeling better but then I was wrong. I started feeling nausea. Will wait and see. And I am all alone at home tonight. Just resting. And drinking fluids.

KStew Krew said...

@amaltiya....are you referring to Jennifer Lawerence? if so, all I have to say is BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Rob is with KRISTEN. Show me proof positive he is not and I don't mean some lame ass story fabricated by x17 or those shitty rag/media sites. If you believe that crap,then I have a farm with plenty of crap you can have to snack on after the media is done feeding you their crap for dinner.

KStew Krew said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

KK- Agree with you.

Anonymous said...

KStew Krew - You go girl!!! Well said. :)

PamH said...

Great news about Kristen getting picked to be a judge at film festival in Oct. at NYC, I'm sure that's something that she'd be excited to do.

vernistene said...

Good afternoon, evening or whatever time it is where ever you are.
KStew Krew - Good on ya!!!! you got bite. Love that! You are so right. Kristen and Rob are together. No if, and, or but...
Arleen - How are you feeling?
Tracybell, Holy, Super, Rose, LizzieD, and Artemisluv hope everyone is having a wonderful Day. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracybell, Holy, Super, Rose, LizzieD, vernistene, KK, DK, Ginger, Atticus, PamH, Pattybg, Artemisluv, and the rest of Roselands!
vernistene- Thanks.
KK- Glad to hear.
PamH- That is good news. I hope Rob will go with her to the festival.

Anonymous said...

Hi vernistene! Good Friday here so far! I wanted say to you - sorry you didn't get to see Kristen in your town. That must have been so frustrating. Oh well. hope you get another chance someday.

vernistene said...

Artemisluv - Thank you. It was. I was physically two and a half blocks up the street from her. At 1pm when the tattoo shop opened I was getting off the interstate coming from one jail to the one downtown. I came right past the shop and never looked that way. They were probably in there. We were on the same street, on the same side of the street two and one half blocks away. But oh well Some of us went by there and they said she was the coolest and the sweetest. Still wouldn't give out about what tattoo she had. Said her friends were really cool people too. Loads of fun.

Anonymous said...

Vernistene - cool story! That is nice to hear the good comments about Kristen.

vernistene said...

Yeah and I forgot to tell you all they said she laughs and smiles a lot. Made my heart feel good. We all know she's awesome just feels great hearing it. :)

vernistene said...

Can someone tell me about the atmosphere on Robsten Daily?

Anonymous said...

vernistene - that comment about laughing a lot reminded me of that behind the scenes video from BD2 where the little baby grabs Kristen's hair. That is one of the best smiles & laughs ever! Even the baby was laughing!

vernistene said...

That is so true. I love that! All you hear from everyone that has worked with her is that she is a good person and they love her. She remains friends with almost everyone she works with. That says a lot.

LizzieD said...

ATTICUS & BIRDIE -- I hope both of your loved ones will be better soon.

HELLO to all!!! Glad we are all staying positive. Notice a troll trying to ship Rob & Jennifer, LOLOLOLOLOLOL, guess she forgot that BOTH ROB & JENNIFER have significant others ...


Anonymous said...

vernistene - it's true - that says a lot. Sorry I don't know anything about Robstendaily.

Hey LizzieD!

Gotta go to the store, bye for now.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I am taking it easy today and tomorrow. Hopefully I will get better tomorrow. Just drinking water. I am nausea but hungry. Any advice?

Pattybg said...


Elizbeth said...

Good evening all. Good evening Rose. After visiting this site for over a year, I am making my first comment tonight. Let me start my saying I am a fan of both Rob and Kristen. I do believe they are still together. What I do find disturbing however, is the things these haters are basing their evidence on. For instance, Rob taking his dogs in his red truck. And Kristen not wearing her ring anymore. And I am emphasizing the words, "dogs", "red truck", "ring". Once upon a time, in haters world, Rob had only one dog, bear. To even suggest a few months ago that bernie was his/their dog, they were threatening that poor dog because she was "Kristen's dog", not Rob. Today, she is Rob's dog (amazing). Back in December/January, Kristen was seen driving that red truck while Rob was in London. They swore up and down, that was not Rob's truck. Some had the guts to say that was Kristen's blue truck from the twilight set now painted red. And the ring. For years, they said, "that ring could be from anyone, or she bought it for herself, you know, she likes rings". Now that ring seem more valuable that a wedding ban. Just so we are clear, I hope these fools realize that by spending their days going on every Robsten site spreading their message that Rob and Kristen are over, they are admitting they were indeed a couple. Good, because the day will and is coming when they will have to swallow that. I am commenting today because I am so disgusted by the assumption that Kristen will literally die because Rob doesn't love her anymore. I believe a hundred and ten percent that they are still together. But if the day comes that they decide they want to go their separate ways, what makes these idiots think Kristen will break? And what kind of low self esteem, little or no self worthy women are thinking this crap?
(1) Every article I've read from Kristen tells me otherwise. She is a strong woman, one of the reasons I am a fan. She is beyond her years in terms of wisdom. She spoke of a woman being content with out a prince charming but that it is nice to have one as well. She speaks of women empowerment, being strong as an individual. She never feels the need to lean on Rob, or show possessiveness in public with him. She has him, and she never feels the need to shove that in people's faces. And I think that pissed a lot of haters off. Where as they would scream on a mountain top just to be in his presence, Kristen does the opposite. I guess, to her, he is Rob, not a movie star and these idiots will never know the difference.

(2) Rob is a really nice guy. They are trying to make him into this player, drunken, Kristen ridden individual he is not. He has been good to Kristen, respectful to fans although most of them do not deserve his respect. It must be the most frustrating thing having people call themselves your fans at the same time offending your loved ones and believing with every fiber of their being they are doing you a favor. What is so sad about this is that there is nothing he can do. They are like leaches and the internet is their breading ground.

I hope they understand, Rob is and has been Kristen's for the taking, for a very long time. Every inch of him. They can think about that when they flaunt silly pictures of him kissing a model which I hope they understand is just a job.

Thank you Rose for your wisdom and for this really wonderful site. And the ladies here are wonderful as well. Good evening everyone.

Elizbeth said...

Good evening all. Good evening Rose. After visiting this site for over a year, I am making my first comment tonight. Let me start my saying I am a fan of both Rob and Kristen. I do believe they are still together. What I do find disturbing however, is the things these haters are basing their evidence on. For instance, Rob taking his dogs in his red truck. And Kristen not wearing her ring anymore. And I am emphasizing the words, "dogs", "red truck", "ring". Once upon a time, in haters world, Rob had only one dog, bear. To even suggest a few months ago that bernie was his/their dog, they were threatening that poor dog because she was "Kristen's dog", not Rob. Today, she is Rob's dog (amazing). Back in December/January, Kristen was seen driving that red truck while Rob was in London. They swore up and down, that was not Rob's truck. Some had the guts to say that was Kristen's blue truck from the twilight set now painted red. And the ring. For years, they said, "that ring could be from anyone, or she bought it for herself, you know, she likes rings". Now that ring seem more valuable that a wedding ban. Just so we are clear, I hope these fools realize that by spending their days going on every Robsten site spreading their message that Rob and Kristen are over, they are admitting they were indeed a couple. Good, because the day will and is coming when they will have to swallow that. I am commenting today because I am so disgusted by the assumption that Kristen will literally die because Rob doesn't love her anymore. I believe a hundred and ten percent that they are still together. But if the day comes that they decide they want to go their separate ways, what makes these idiots think Kristen will break? And what kind of low self esteem, little or no self worthy women are thinking this crap?
(1) Every article I've read from Kristen tells me otherwise. She is a strong woman, one of the reasons I am a fan. She is beyond her years in terms of wisdom. She spoke of a woman being content with out a prince charming but that it is nice to have one as well. She speaks of women empowerment, being strong as an individual. She never feels the need to lean on Rob, or show possessiveness in public with him. She has him, and she never feels the need to shove that in people's faces. And I think that pissed a lot of haters off. Where as they would scream on a mountain top just to be in his presence, Kristen does the opposite. I guess, to her, he is Rob, not a movie star and these idiots will never know the difference.

(2) Rob is a really nice guy. They are trying to make him into this player, drunken, Kristen ridden individual he is not. He has been good to Kristen, respectful to fans although most of them do not deserve his respect. It must be the most frustrating thing having people call themselves your fans at the same time offending your loved ones and believing with every fiber of their being they are doing you a favor. What is so sad about this is that there is nothing he can do. They are like leaches and the internet is their breading ground.

I hope they understand, Rob is and has been Kristen's for the taking, for a very long time. Every inch of him. They can think about that when they flaunt silly pictures of him kissing a model which I hope they understand is just a job.

Thank you Rose for your wisdom and for this really wonderful site. And the ladies here are wonderful as well. Good evening everyone.

Anonymous said...

Pattybg- I made a appt with my doctor. He won't be available til the 9th of July. Because of holidays is coming. I am wondering what are our couple doing for fourth of july.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I am going to sleep now. I am tired. Because one the heat. And two cause of stomach bug. Keep me posted.
Elizabeth- Good comment. You nail it. I agree with you.

LizzieD said...

ELIZBETH-- Great comment!!! Everything you said is SO TRUE!!!

PLEASE come back and don't wait another year before posting.

Anonymous said...

Nite Arleen, hope you feel better tomorrow.

Elizabeth ~ What a wonderful comment! Wish I could write as eloquently. That is too funny about the changes with all those items, like the dog and then dogs, etc. I'm with you!

Atticus said...

@Sue, now I get it. No, I'm not the same person as Barb on DIDY. I know of her and her husband's name is Atticus, which strangely enough, is my moniker and my real name is Barb and my husband's name is not Atticus. Her and I have discussed this before on DIDY. It's very confusing, isn't it?

@Birdie, your guy is sick too? I know what you're going thru. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks for all the well wishes. It's been really distressing lately and I come here to escape the thoughts going on in my head, even for a short time.

Still glad to see mostly everyone keeping the faith in R/K.

Birdie said...

Morning Roseland!

Is today the big day,DK? Do we get a picture of the mother of the groom? Congratulations to your son and his soon-to-be-wife. Have a fabulous time!

A little confusion. No one is sick in my family. I was talking about your husband. Is he doing better,I hope?

I liked what you had to say. Welcome aboard!

tufenuf55 said...

Happy Saturday, Roselanders!!!

RD states Kristen to be a Judge at HS Film Festival in October.

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday morning. Hi everyone!
Elizbeth- Great comments.
artemisluvv- Thanks. I really appreciate it.
I am feeling better. I also got two little companies with me. They always make me feel better.
Anything new with our couple?

Anonymous said...

Good morning Roselanders! Hope you all are having a good weekend. Thank goodness for weekends, they really are wonderful!

Regarding keeping the faith about R&K, I read this R&K quote at another website from a poster called jesicama and loved it so much. I thought you all might like it too. It's from a 2010 interview after the Oprah show....

"I don't know if this is the actual reason why, but we have gotten better at hiding over the last year," Pattinson says. "That's totally the reason," Stewart concurs. "They just make up a story to go along with the pictures. If they never get the picture, there's no story. We are just good hiders now."

link to the full article..


Someone also said that Reese Witherspoon mentioned that Rob had given her with some good tips on hiding from the paps.

Like LizzieD has started saying, "it's just a drought"! :)

LizzieD said...


DK -- hope your day is going well, I'm guess the wedding is over and the reception is in "full-swing" by now. Girl, you deserve a truly relaxing week after this wedding and your moving. Hope you can take time to relax.

HELLO ALL-- It's a quiet Saturday in the fandom which is wonderful, right? I think it's great and I imagine that R & K are having a nice, relaxing weekend because they'll be hard at work soon with their movies. Kristen might already be in training, don't think we know for sure about that.

LIZ IN LALA LAND -- TWIRLING because everything is nice and quiet right now ...

debbie hileman said...

HI all hope you all are having a beautiful day.Its really hot here in Oregon. Elizbeath i just love what you post what you said about the ring got me to thinking about the BLACK ring she was wearing for so long then one day she wasn't to me she has alot of things that Rob has gave her and she has them on and next there gone does this mean shes done with him I DON'T THINK SO And what about the pin he gave her for her birthday?As a lot of here think Kristen knows where her hart belongs to she doesn't have to put on things to let her know And as her fans they should know her well enough to know that to I'm sure if she was to wear all the things HER MAN gave her she wouldn't have a place left on her that wasn't cover.@Artemisluw you my friend are so right they have gotten better in hiding who really knows how meany places they have to go to with not a soul knowing where they are GOOD FOR THEM.Cant wait for their next movies to come out.ALL IS GOOD with ROB and Kristen.Keeping the faith and twirling with Liz. Rose hope all is well with you and your family. :) DEB.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Sounds like everyone enjoying their summer. Trying to stay cool.
Deb- We agree with you. And also LizzieD.
The rest of you just to let you know. I am feeling better. But I am still going to doctor. Just to make sure. But other than that. Everything is cool. It about 100 degrees here in Logan, Utah. Keep me posted on our couple. And stay cool.

Barb said...

Elizabeth wonderful post! I agree 200%

Arte thanks for the link!

More links everyone... LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb! How are you? I am with you and Elizabeth. We agree with you both.

Barb said...

Hey Arleen! I'm good. Weather in PA has been very hot and humid lately. Lots of thunder storms!!

Has anyone else noticed how pretty the roses are this year? I'm a Master Gardener through the extension service that is part of Penn State. I notice everything about plants and weather. Got any questions? I'm your girl. ;)

Does anyone have any links to networks that stream movies? I need something else to watch.

Pisteuo said...

Hey, hey, hey Roseland!!!
I only have a few secs...but, wanted to say keep it...Happy, Happy, Happy!!! :)))
And...I just know in my heart that both Rob and Kristen loves us all so, so, so much!! And thanks for keeping the faith!!
Roseland is AWESOME!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Pist.- Hi! I am about to go to sleep soon. I am keeping positive here. And keeping faith too. Good night.

olivia said...

A very good morning to y'all, dear Rose and Roseland.

Hope this wedding weekend has been filled with joy and that it was as beautiful and magical as your son, his bride and you had hoped for. ((Hugs)).

Dear Pisteuo,
Always sending Rob and Kristen good wishes for happiness, privacy and success in all they do.

Hugs for y'all.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is very good.

Birdie said...

Good morning, Roseland.

Do your feet hurt? Hope you had fun dancing the night away.

Glad to see you are hanging on to your happy. That is why Roseland is awesome, no doom and gloom here.

You are uplifting,as always!

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning to all the Roselands. I am about to get ready for church. Hope everyone is all good and enjoying their summer. I know its hot or heated in some states. Here in Logan, Utah nearly 100's. I know LA which I used lived. Hotter than here. Hope everyone is staying cool.

olivia said...

((Hugs)) and a "wave"" to you, dear Birdie!

You are a sweet and kind soul.

Off to peek in at two different estate auctions today. Lots of fun to look at the "treasures and junk" and perhaps find a true bargain.

Take care y'all.

Anonymous said...

Olivia- Hi! And thank you.

Kay said...

It's good to see everyone holding on to their happy out there! :) I'm hanging on to mine with family in the mountains this week, mostly unplugged. Take care and have a wonderful, relaxing and safe week and 4th of July, Roseland!! ❤

katy said...

Hello Roseland,

Pisteuo, Your Happy, Happy Happy...makes me Happy, Happy, Happy.

“Whoever is happy will make others happy.”

Much love an hapiness for Rob, Kristen, Tom, Rose and for all Roselanders.

Take care everyone

Em said...

hi guys haven't been around much but just wanted to see what u guys were up to so hope everyone's okay :)

dreamer I think it was wedding weekend for u n im sure it was beautiful ;) lol mine too oh lol not mine but my best friend n thank god the bridezilla days r done lol finished my job as maid of honor n even caught the flowers hahaha I'm not even sure how bc I was like aaaallll the way in the back n not even trying but next thing I know BAM flowers in my hand hahaha

Okay guys I gotta go but stay happy n hi to everyone

Woody88 said...

God works in mysterious ways. I think that this split is a divine way for Rob and Kristen to put their pasts behind them. This may take some time, but I will personally not be shocked to see them back together when the timing is right. Perhaps they will both show at the Teen Choice Awards?

LizzieD said...

HAPPY SUNDAY, ROSELAND!!! IT'S A GREAT DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!! Rob & Kristen are staying out of sight TOGETHER and that's a great thing for them. I know a lot of us fans are sad about not seeing them together for about 50 days but it'll happen eventually.

DK -- Hope you survived the wedding, can't wait to hear all about it.

ATTICUS & BIRDIE -- Hope your loved ones are improving.

ARLEEN & ARTE -- As always, you both are staying positive!!

WOODY88 -- QUESTION: Why do you think that they are "split" when you did not believe it on 6/27 (see your comment below) "@Arleen Parkinson - I agree with you. I feel that R/K are still together as well."

If you are flip-flopping, it's okay, many are ...

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING because the FACTS say that R & K are together.

Anonymous said...

Hi Holy, Em, Barb, Ginger, Atticus, DK, KK, LizzieD, Birdie, Katy, Kay, Art, Pattybg, PamH, Intruth, Pist, and the rest of Roselands! Went to church from 9am to 12pm. Now just woke up from a nap. You can say heat will make you tired. Any news.
LizzieD- Hi! Its about 94 degrees here. Still staying positive here.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Oh no...you caught the flowers!!! that means you will be the next one to walk down the aisle...Good Luck !!!?? Haha


I can't wait to hear from you...I hope everything was perfection!!!


Welcome to the blog and thanks for posting some good common sense ...we love it!!!!


Where are you?????


I wish nothing but success and happiness for them. Becoming a fan of these actors has been very interesting and fun and has made me happy,happy happy:)))

Love to ALL:)))

Caroline said...

OK guys, is it Kristen in Rob's truck or not??!! I can't tell. Similar, but not convinced.

tufenuf55 said...


That was my first thought, but not sure either. Pics are up on RPL.

vernistene said...

Hello Roselanders!
Glad you are feeling better Arleen.
Not Kristen. It seems to be their friend (Rob and Kristen's friend) Riley Keough. Kristen was supposedly spotted at LAX on her way to Paris. Photos on Robsten Daily.

vernistene said...

I'm sorry shouldn't say seems to be I meant speculated to be.

vernistene said...

I just looked at Kristen's pics at the airport. She has on the "Ring." lol I love this. They are together and doing great, ring or no ring. No buts........

vernisten said...

There are pics of Kristen at the airport on Kristen Stewart daily. There is one of her right side view. Could someone go there and look. Her hair is the same as rtje girl in the pic with Rob. Color and all. Lot redder. Also. If u can blow it up it looks like Kristen glasses and all. Just look I didn't think so either but just look please.

Elizbeth said...

Good evening all. Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I would have responded yesterday but spent my day in PA with my sister helping out with her kid's pool party. 30 children and I am still burnt out.

Yes, there are pictures of Rob in LA driving around, and some of Kristen at the airport. There are 24 hours in a day. It remains me of Rose's post some time ago, the one about Chicken Little "the sky is falling". I don't don't know what time these pictures were taken, but I have a pair of eyes and no one can tell me what I see. I know what I see. I blew up these pictures of Rob with a girl in his truck. My computer monitor screen is 27 inches. Now, there is talk about a red hair. In one of the pictures, there is a contrast of extreme sunlight, and regular daylight, and there you will see the darker hair (normal) where the extreme sunlight isn't touching, and the reddish hair where the sunlight is touching. The glasses, those nonprescription glasses that Kristen wears; and she happens to be wearing them at the airport as well, is what the person in the car is wearing. Same way Kristen lets her hair down. Unless she has a double, the girl I see in that truck is Kristen. Yes, it is true she never turns to face the camera, but that looks to me like Kristen Stewart. She has a knee up, and that is her knee. Now, if I am wrong, then Rob is driving around LA with a girl that is a dead ringer for Kristen. Nah, that is Kristen, that's my truth and I am sticking with it. They are screaming that it is not Kristen. They are relieved she was spotted at the airport today, forgetting that there are 24 hours in a day. They are scared because the girl in the truck looks so much like Kristen; what if it is?

vernisten said...

The picture of rob in truck was Saturday and Kristen at airport was today, Sunday. It was Kristen. In truck. Like I said before I didn't think so either until blew it up. It is her to me no but.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Super, Em, Ginger, Katy, Kay, Birdie, LizzieD, vernistene, DK, KK, Pist, PamH, Pattybg, Rose, Tuuf, Super, and the rest of the Roselands! I am going to bed soon. Keep me posted.

sue said...

@Elizbeth, nice post and welcome!

@Atticus, thanks for clearing that up, funny coincidence isn't it?

The reports are adamant it isn't Kristen but damn, my initial reaction was: KRISTEN, my heart fluttering all over the place. Her posture, glasses, hair.
Ah well if it's not her they gave the papz/rags/mags/haters a few new ideas to be full of shite.

Caroline said...

I think it could really be Kristen. The way she is sitting so relaxed with her knee up (with very fair skin) seems like something Kristen would do.

OK Rose, we need you to sort it out! LOL.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


You've been busted ... Darn !!!

Kathy said...

I believe it's Kristen. Apparently the pics were taken on Saturday and Kristen left on Sunday. Who cares when they were taken though, it's her.

Em said...

Super nononono it's gonna be a loooong walk before Im ready to get there hahaha

Hope u guys r all okay ;) have n awesome week

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi everyone! I am getting ready for babysitting and work. Won't be home til 3 or 4pm. Keep me posted.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I couldn't help myself. I read comments on RPL. I am in stitches ... I can't wait for your next post :)))

natt39 said...

Forget the truck pics did you ladies notice that huge diamond ring Kristen had on display on her left hand right next to her ring finger it looked very unique and designed for her and we know she is not one to wear any sort of bling but it was gorgeous!And it will nice to see Rose's next post about all the drama llama's in the fandom!

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