"You can only see things clearly with your heart
What is essential is invisible to the eye"


The information, content and images on
these pages are purely in fun
and are in no way meant to cause anyone harm, grief or despair.
If you are sensitive and lack a sense of humor,
please, don't go any further.
Some places, names, and events are fictional
and any resemblance, likeness,
or similarity to any person living or dead
is purely coincidental.

Monday, July 1, 2013

With The Heart...

What's being talked about around the old water cooler
these days?

Let's see.

1. I guess we should start with this one.
Rob was seen driving in his neighborhood
with a 'mysterious Kristen Stewart lookalike'
(honestly... do the rags overuse mysterious a tad much?)
Kristen Stewart Lookalike.
I will admit she resembles Kristen.
But of course...

I honestly don't know.
I do know this much...
if these pictures were posted before May
No one would have really questioned who that was.
Everyone would have just thought it was Kristen.
But now of course...
Everything is over analyzed
and everyone is so SURE of what they believe.
But come on now
No matter who you claim it to be
No matter how red Kristen's hair is
No matter how much you hope its not...
or that it is.
(I thought it looked like Drew Barrymore! Hahahaha)

Can I tell you a secret?

I'm MUCH more fascinated in what's in the back of the truck.
I mean...
A ping pong table?
Who would have ever thought Rob would just be 
putting all kinds of shit in the back of his truck?
Imagine that.
What a 'man of the people'
Are you proud?
Couldn't resist.
But seriously.
He has trash bags in the back...
People go crazy.
Make up stories.
He puts a ping pong table in the back
and he's got a new girlfriend!
What if...
He carried a bunch of baby furniture sometime?
Oh dear...
Or maybe some coffins.
Or he packed the whole back with clowns...

The possibilities are ENDLESS!
What will Rob carry next??

I don't know about you...
But that's what has got me
on the edge of my fucking seat.

Come on Rob!
Show me something I don't know.

2. Kristen went to Paris!
(so that means it can't be her in the truck...

There she is.
And if you ask me
(and you did...you just don't remember)
She looks...

And no.
I'm not saying that is Kristen in the truck 
with someone who looks like Rob.
(Is it Rob? Maybe it's Kristen
and a mysterious Rob Pattinson lookalike?)
I'm not saying that at all.
But shit.
Her hair really looks red there... 

God I hope you all are laughing at this ridiculous
fandom as much as I am.
Please tell me you are.
(Pretty Please)

3. *sigh*
Thomas and Sienna.
Burberry Ad campaign.
I have to admit that they are fucking adorable together.
I mean.
I adore Tom on a whole different level here...
I just do.
And do you think it would be easy for me
to turn Nonienna?
I could play the Ninnie playing cards
and hate her for her being with Tom...
or constantly harp on her past mistakes
(and seemingly, some Ninnies have no problem with Sienna
and her past... curious... yes?)
I could make lame twitter accounts and attack
anyone who works with her or says a kind word about her...
I could make blogs and tumblrs
just ripping her to shreds.
I could spend hours a day
just talking shit about her on twitter....
But no. I wouldn't EVER do that.
And do you want to know why?
(you asked...you just don't remember)

 Well... for starters... I'm not a fucking psycho.
And truly, being a fucking psycho obviously takes a lot of time and energy
and who besides fucking psychos have that kinda time?

But because I can look at Tom...
And the way he looks at Sienna
and SEE how happy he is.
SEE how happy she makes him.
I mean...
He is completely smitten.
(Behaving much like someone else we all know)
It's not about what I want.
It's about what makes Tom happy.
(that makes me happy)
And that happens to be Sienna.
Is Tom happy?
Look at him.
That's all that matters.
His life.
His heart.

This post is brought to you by walking.
Towards someone.
To someone.

The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, 
but with the heart.

Follow it.

Until next time.

Bye for now


Holy said...

ROSE-best post ever.You made my day.


mari said...

dear rose,

the only robsten blog that i print is yours bec.
i want to read it over & over, you always write the right words, in fact i started reading & printing your blog since that incident last year. until now i still have that heartbreak but i am very hopeful & praying that everything will be alright. and i am with your MANTRA.
they said that red hair girl was riley keogh i knew she looks very much like kristen, they have the same big eyes. maybe they are friends i suppose, for me
true love never dies.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Perfect post!

And ANYONE in that truck BUT Kristen. Sigh...

IMO there's nothing new with this new drama... we always had one: they're just friends hanging around, or he's just helping her, it's PR...
Different day, the same stupid excuses...

Kristen does make Rob happy...

Thanks for this awesome post.

Kay said...

Loved this, Rose. :D

Take care, Roseland! ❤

RKsoulmates913 said...



Anonymous said...

Hello Rose and everyone.

Today has been a wild one must admit. I'm done with the analyzing of who is in the truck because if I don't I'm going to go mad...LOL. I do remember one thing from an interview that one of them did I remember them saying that they liked to play ping pong...so...anyway....yeah. I think the whole fandom would explode if there had been baby stuff in the back of his truck. I love the idea of what will Rob haul next...make an interesting blog that would.
Now about those last two pictures they so fit together. Kristen was so proud of Rob with his performance in Cosmopolis and he was so in awe of her in the movie Into the Wild. That has always been one of the best things about their relationship is their admiration for each other about their careers. I realize there are many more things to love about those two together but that is one of the best.
For me, I just hope both of their hearts are at peace whatever that means to them.

Nora said...

U r rite rose...i've been laughing since yesterday will all the names they come u with...*cough* oddysea, *cough* rimey. Even providing pictures so the whole world get to see how they very much look like K. Ohh God and the stories they cook up, the cronology...everything is hllarious.. One even said how crazy people are for believing in robsten coz they never was a robsten not realizing that shows how utterly blind the person is..
To me...the moment i look at those pictures i instantly knew who she was...not becoz i'm beng delusional but becoz it just is..if its another person then i wud say its another person.
Well like i've said yesterday i'll just sit back and enjoy the circus as much as both R&K enjoying playing with the circus , together or separately 😉✌

DreamerKind said...

Straight from the heart!
Night all. Catch the tunes I crooned on the last post. They're full of heart.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Good post Rose!

katy said...

Good morning everyone,

"The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes,
but with the heart.
Follow it." <------ <33

I love Rob. I love Kristen. I support both of them no matter what.

Barb said...

HOLY COW ROSE YOU READ MY FUCKIN MIND!! I looked at that picture and, then I looked to see who Kiley was, Then I thought... Runaways... hmmm...pfttt...everyone knows how close Kristen is with that cast... who else has a truck to move things. I CLOSED THE LAP TOP AND FILLED THE SINK AND DID THE DISHES. I WAS SO FRUSTRATED I COULDN'T LOOK AT IT ANYMORE!!! I FUCKING HATE DOING DISHES!! I HAVE A DISHWASHER AND I DID THE DISHES BY HAND. I COULDN'T STAND THE IDIOTS ANYMORE!!! Thanks Rose, Barb xoxoxo everyone ♥♥

Kathy said...

GREAT post Rose. @ Nora....I agree with you. The first time I saw the pics, I knew it was Kristen. To me, it just doesn't look like anyone else, and I don't think I'm being delusional. For two people, who have been together as long as they have, if they had broken up, I don't think they'd look as happy as they have been. True love NEVER dies. Have a good day everyone :)

Robert said...

hey there boys and girls

just an observation....remember when rob went to Australia and K kept getting photographed with all of robs buddies.............

and so we've had Rob being seen with Katie Perry, known to be a good friend of K's

Riley Keough, a really close friend of hers riding around with Rob in his truck [assuming it isn't K that is]

and now we have him being spotted at a beyonce show with Dakota, her BEST friend

i mean, i'm just saying.... and oh yeah there's that new ring.... that i have yet to hear anyone explain away yet

Birdie said...

So many things I loved about this post. It's not what is in front but in the back.lol
I am so glad you are not a fucking psycho. Do you think they see?
Tom and Sienna, they've got it. Smart, smart move by Burberry.
Loved those walking pictures. As a wise young woman once said "Just follow your heart."

Lovely note about the wedding. So glad it was a wonderful time.

Have a very happy day, Roseland!

Birdie said...

Hope you have recovered. I hear you.

Elizbeth said...

Dear Rose, nice way to start my morning. Nice. I really like. Good morning everyone. Heading out to work. New York City here I come. Kristen looks great in Channel by the way.

linese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
linese said...

Hi Rose, loved your post, but really loved the Tom and Sienna pictures so lovely.

I have to appreciate CJ Romero for saying that the young lady was not Riley Keough. I think he was trying to spare her all the crap that the Ragazines are writing about her and Robert as we speak.

Stella said...

This fandom is surely drama-friendly! LOL
Kristen looked sooo good in Paris. She can look as beautiful in fashionable clothes as she looks wearing old jeans and t-shirts. That's the amazing thing about her: she looks like herself, no matter the outfit. That's why she looks equally charming, no matter what she wears.
Rob looked relaxed at the concert he went last night. I won't even comment on how handsome he was, because I'll bore even myself with the repetition LOL
I loved Tom and Sienna's clip. They look good and I'm happy about that.

Take care, everyone.
It's always good to walk towards someone you love...

vernistene said...

ROSE _ As always you rock!!!! Best post. I love it......no buts.......

vernistene said...

Hey Roselanders still to many wishy washers. It is Kristen. Rose in her awesome way gay you all the proof you seem to need with the pic of Kristen at the airport. Believe your eyes. Believe your first reaction. Then eliminate the but.....Just saying....IT'S KRISTEN AND ROB!!!!!! Now lets move on to happy twirling. They rock as a couple so put that out there in the atmosphere. NO MORE BUTS!!!!!!!!!

vernistene said...

Not "gay you" but "gave you." sorry for the type-o

tufenuf55 said...

I am loving the new post. You ROCK gurl!

New pics up of Kristen at Chanel Fashion in Paris. She is rocking that outfit and is so beautiful. Also new pics of Rob out in LA last night on RPL. Enjoy....

olivia said...

Thank you, dear Rose.

Kristen was very elegant with a knock-out punch of hip at the Chanel show. Really liked the accessories: gloves, shoes and clutch. Wishing her a happy and fruitful visit to Paris.

Rob, friends and concert fun. Good to be young, enjoying some down time and doing normal things before the hectic work schedule begins again.

The Burberry campaign pictures of Tom and Sienna are beautiful. They glow together. Sweet Marlowe is such a lovely child. So happy for them.

Dear DK,
Delighted that the wedding was beautiful and that you had a wonderful time.
Sending you a virtual "bottle of champagne" to thank you for the vid of Joni and her heavenly voice and also to continue the celebration of the wedding. May your son and DIL have a lifetime together filled with happiness, friendship, and great love.

Hugs for y'all, dear Roselanders.
Hugs for Smitty, Gruff and Syd.
Respect Rob and Kristen.
Life is good.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


You have exceeded yourself!!!! Excellent !!!!! Ok I am just soo into the idea of WHAT can R put in the bed of his truck next??? The anticipation is just... Well... It's just killing me :))))).

Hi OLIVIA and All Roselanders:))

sue said...

Katy Perry. Mysterious blond. Now we have the redhead....and so the tale never ends.
Papz/rags/mags must be laughing their heads of while filling their pockets in the mean time.
My gut instinct says it's Kristen in the car, Kristen at the LF1 party in her trademark clothing, Kristen Kristen Kristen La Di Da.
It's all becoming too silly really, insiders/sources/friends/experts/clairvoyants/tarot cards...Twitter must be imploding.
As I don't do Twitter, I think I'll go by common sense and instinct, it always suited me fine.

Nice new ring Kristen is wearing by the way. Just saying.

Love the Tom and Sienna pics.

PamH said...

@ Rose
ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!!!!! Every post you do gets better than the last. THANK YOU

@ Robert
Good to see you here and I hope your doing great.

OMG how awesome did Kristen look last night :) hope she takes that home with her. I'm sure some else there will appreciate it as well.

Rob looked really good at Beyonce show. Poor guy backtracks from pappz just to get swarmed by fans inside.

Hope everyone is good and having a good week so far :)

LizzieD said...

WARNING: I know not everyone is on Twitter ... apparently two of the BIG rags are running with the R/Kiley story ...

Some are saying that R/K & friends are tricking us ... ???

Anyway, will probably be on TV tonight, etc. And CJ has already said it's NOT Kiley in the truck.

PamH said...

@ LizzieD
Good afternoon lady :)
Yeah I seen were they are already labeling RK as his new GF...how stupid
And CJ did post on his instagram for people to leave her alone that it wasn't her in truck, he finally deleted all posts.
I think Rob and Kristen and their friends are laughing their asses of at the obsurdity going on right now. Even though its not cool for their friends being drug into this mess.

The more pics of K in Paris the more I'm jealous of her beautiful flawless skin and complexion.
Finally see both tattoos a tiny 8/infinity and the 4 lines, very delicate and meaniful I'm sure.

Keep seeing people say Dakota was at concert ? any truth to that ? was this just on twitter ?

Pisteuo said...

Haha Rose!!
I don't know how anybody sane could NOT laugh at this silly fandom.
Great fan pics of Rob and Kristen out there! They both look great...don't they?
I'm so Happy, Happy, Happy for both of them!! :)))

LizzieD said...

PAMH -- I saw several places that Dakota was at the concert. No pics that I know of.

Pisteuo said...

DK, thanks for the tunes! Good to have you back DJing!
I had a feeling the wedding was going to be awesome. Glad everything went well. I bet you looked fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Dagnabit!!! Work is really interfering with my fun time!!! I barely had time to read your superbly funny new blob Rose! Loved it!

Now I hear there are Chanel pics, Beyonce concert pics and Burberry pics too! And I can't be on my iPhone every time someone walks by my desk! LOL! Oh well, I'll just have to be patient.

Nice defense of Sienna by Rose. I had no idea people were treating her that way. I would have thought people would be thrilled to see Tom so happy.

Anonymous said...

OMG. That should read blog. Not blob. Sorry my bad for posting from work on this tiny phone!!! LOL!

Em said...

hi Pist ur happy is adorable ;) thanks bc it's kinda contagious i hope ur okay n staying out of trouble lol I know I am bc I'm busy today lol so no twitter hahaha I got info for like a year yesterday so staying away lol can't believe I missed that kris got inked that's so cool n I love it lol I got one last summer n lol couple of weeks ago another one but maybe one more n I'm done hahaha lol anyway gotta get back to it but will try to be back later stay happy :)

oh dreamer hii hope to catch u one of these nights ;)

sue said...

You ok girl? Feeling deflated?
I get like that sometimes, so I stay away from blogs & comments untill I get (let myself) dragged back in again. The least you know is sometimes a relief.

@LizzieD, what do you mean by their friends tricking us? By saying or doing what? Not that it surprises me, I'd might have a devious pleasure in deceiving the media as well if I were their friend. Revenge for the way they are treated.

@Pisteuo, absolutely lovely gorgeous pics of R&K, haha, has a very nice red shine to it.

Linz said...

Rose- so many LOL moments in this post! I think Drew Barrymore is an excellent guess;) hope everyone's enjoying summer and if you're in the western u.s. staying out of this heat! 110 here today yuck...thanks rose for the laughs to keep my mind off the fact that I'm melting!

vernistene said...

MY Goodness each time I look at the latest pics of Kristen she gets more and more beautiful. In her latest pics she is breathtakingly gorgeous. Rob ain't no slouch either. This kind of beauty comes from inside and is tended with love. Love between her and Rob. No buts........

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I couldn't agree more...she is just prettier and prettier :)))

Hope everyone is having a great day !!!

Anonymous said...

Hello to all the Roselands! I had to workout today at my water aerobics and then work. Also, I have some wonderful news. Tomorrow I will be donating my hair to Hair for Love or something for cancer patients. I did it two years ago. And now I am doing it tomorrow. My goals every year I will keep growing all the way to my butt. That I will be donating. Without getting hair color.

Anonymous said...

Well got to go eat dinner with my families. Keep me posted on our couple.

ADD said...

That girl is Rob's table tennis/ping pong coach! Lol!

Tom and Sienna are so cute together. I wish them all the best.

Kristen is flawless. Who looks like that after a long flight?

LizzieD said...

SUE -- Below is a tweet I saw from a reputable source:

"If fandom can't see that R/K & friends are fucking w/us all....all of us...
then they deserve the mind fuck they are getting."

I don't know what it means, sorry.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


I think they are suggesting it's a deliberate attempt by R and K to make complete and utter fools out of the media and the extremes of the fandom and that for those that are " takin in" and analyzing every picture.....OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH....if they are doing that and it causes them any worry or despair, then they got just what they deserve.

That's my take on the paragraph :))))

LizzieD said...

SUPER -- You might be right. But I also read somewhere that the truck pics were "doctored" by the paps. So, who knows??? It truly has been a "circus" but everything surrounding R & K turns out that way. I don't blame them a bit for "going underground" and not doing anything together in public.

Pisteuo said...

Of course nobody asked me...but, About that "Reputable Source" that you guys are talking about...well, my take on the tweet is..."reputable source" is not very reliable.
Like I've said NUMEROUS times...be careful where you get your information from. I'd bet that ANY "real" "reputable source" would NOT be tweeting ANYTHING to start with. Just saying...

Zkorpiozz VOE said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zkorpiozz VOE said...

Totally.. absolutely.. was LOL the whole time.
This whole loading and unloading, less and more hair, wrong and right colour, yes and no profile... are so fucking funny, and will continue as long as the connected crazy is connected.

Yes... Sienna and Tom belong to each other.

Kay said...

I think sometimes people mistake R & K living their lives as they want to instead of how the fandom wants them to for "fucking with us". I mean, it would sure make everything easier if everyone around them wore name tags and if scripts were provided...or at least an official running commentary. o_O But seriously, I think Pisteuo is right...the people that actually know anything, aren't talking, tweeting or sending subliminal messages.

Em and DK - glad to hear you both had lots of wedding fun. :)

Take care and be happy, Roseland! ❤

Anonymous said...

Hi Holy, RKsoulmates, Ginger, Rose, PamH, Em, Robert, DK, KK, Kay, Katy, LizzieD, ADD, Pist, Super, and the rest of the Roselands! How is everyone? Did I miss anything while I was babysitting, working, and eating dinner with my family. Included making hair appt for tomorrow. Which I am looking forward.
Any news on our couple? I just saw Robsten Dream the pictures, videos of Rob and Kristen. Rob having fun with his buddy. Like a guys night out. And Kristen is in Paris getting her work done. I think its cool.

Anonymous said...

Now what is going on about our couple. To me the way I see and I am hoping and prayer they will stay together. From what I saw on Robsten Dreams. Rob is having fun with his buddies. And Kristen doing her work in Paris. I am hoping they spending together for Fourth of July. I don't know if Brit. Celebrate Independence Day. I am sure they do. I hope they will enjoy together.

As for these trashy tabloids and all the gossip sites are nothing but trashy. I wish that tabloids, gossip sites, Haters, Nonnies, Trolls, and Papz would go to some Islands and they can trash each other and see how they like it. I am against them.

Anonymous said...

Here we go...Hi to - Holy, Mari, RKsoulmates 913 (oooh it's fun to type that) Kay, wonderfulbliss, Nora, DreamerK, Whyistherum, Katy, Barb, Kathy, Robert, Birdie, Elizabeth, linese, Stella, vernistene, tufenuff, Olivia, Super, PamH, LizzieD, Pisteuo, Em, Sue, Linz, Arlene, ADD, Zkorpiozz and Ginger!

I loved reading all your comments today! So fun, there is a lot of humor, and I had some great laughs.

DreamerKind - I loved your write up about the wedding and the prancing and the dancing. It made me feel like I was there a little. Congratulations to you and your family.

vernistene - I agree! Kristen seems to be getting more beautiful! Even in her lovely casual dress at LAX she looked gorgeous, relaxed and with an inner peace somehow.

Very happy for Tom and Sienna to be doing the Burberry ads! They are beautiful together.

Loved seeing Rob at the concert, he is also looking pretty relaxed. I think they should go ninja all the time if that is the result! And.... A truck is very handy when one loves to buy things off Craig's List. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the Roselands! I am going to bed. Have to get up early. Good night. And Keep me posted.

Barb said...

Hey everyone!! Happier today cause I saw pics of K in Paris. Have to say she looks GREAT. Saw the new tat...hmmm...infinity...hmmm ♥♥♥ to ifinity and beyyyyoooonnnddddddd!!;) ;0 >> Have a good day everyone!

Em said...

hi Kay n thanks it was fun but I'm glad it's over bc all the running n stuff can wear u out lol but I think I read ur on vacation or going away? hope u have fun :) I should get moving still a bit out of it kinda long day yesterday but hope u guys r all okay n have n awesome day ;)) stay happy

sue said...

@LizzieD, thanks my lady.
It is rather cryptic, although I tend to agree with @Super. If you'd just said 'Friends' but you're saying friends AND R&K, seems rather obvious to me that they are playing the media and a lot of the fandom fall for it too as they believe all the rags and mags. Still can't get the image of Rob out of my head, looking so stressed in those Coachella pics. It's not that I know him, obviously, but he looked as if he had to be restrained and soothed by his girl.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Roselands! Hi ADD, Holy, Ginger, Mari, RKsoulmates913, LizzieD, KK, DK, Em, Super, Rose, sue, Barb, Birdie, Kay, Katy, Robert, Elizabeth, artemisluvv, Tuff, vernistene, PamH, Pattybg, Pist, and the rest of Roselands! Today I am donating my long hair to Hairs for Love. You know to the cancer patient that needed. I grew it without colored and dying it. Then after that I am going to work. Keep me posted on our couple.
ADD- Hi! How are you? We missed you. I agree with you about Rob and the coach about the ping pong table. Great job.
LizzieD- Hi! How are you? I agree with you completely. But we are keeping faith and positive and that they are together. That is what is counts.
Super- Hi! How are you? I agree with you too.
Em and DK- I am happy you had a great time at the wedding. I bet both of you enjoy your musics there.
Kay- Hi! How are you? Hope you have a great Fourth of July!
As for everyone. I hope you have a great day and Tomorrow. I better get ready.

LizzieD said...

SUE -- About Coachella ... I really that's when they decided to start "lying low" ... there still could have been a fight or a fuss or whatever but I don't believe there was ever a "breakup" .. JMO ...

ROBERT: SO GLAD to see you commenting. Maybe you had done so before and I missed it. I hope you're feeling well right now.

HELLO TO ALL == Sorry not mentioning everyone, gotta go to work, ... this is a lot more fun :D

No matter what anyone says ... I'm still ....

LIZ IN LALA LAND -- TWIRLING AND DOUBLE TWIRLING because Kristen looks so beautiful in Paris. And Rob looked kinda happy at the concert, too!!

LizzieD said...


THEY are together.

They ARE together.

They are TOGETHER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LizzieD- Amen to that.

natt39 said...

Keep on preaching it LizzieD.and I loved Kristen's outfit yesterday she looked great and Rob looked very happy also the night before and I really liked Kristen's new bling ring it is really huge and unique just like her only someone who knows her so well would pick that for her!Cough Rob Cough..

bwen said...

Brilliant Rose! who wouldn't want them both happy apparently a lot of psychos who think they know best *smh*.
Rob, Kristen to love and life... cheers babes!

Tracybell said...

Been loving reading ur posts hun. Love the pic of Kristen walking in jean shorts and wow...didn't know about Tom and sienna and Burberry. They are so cute!

Just a comment from a former auburn colored hair girl...
When I was young my hair was auburn. Dark brown inside the house but when outside the red would def show. As I aged the red went away and I was left with dark drown hair. If u know any thing about auburn or dark brown hair, or u are a beautician....they always. Always have red undertones. When people with this hair color dye their hair brown, no matter what brand of hair color u use, as the color fades, the red undertones show even stronger.

Kristin has colored her hair for movies off and on for five years now. As a auburn, or brunette, I am not surprised to see all that red when the light is on her. Especially the sun....lol.

Have a great holiday roselanders.

As a fan who never once believed there was even a fight, separatIon, nothIng...just bullshIt brought on by x17 ....you are my hero lol. Love ur attitude. I agree with you, she is beautiful. And wish I was around to defend myself against Jane. She has been trying to be a trouble maker for quite some time. Anyone can go back and read her posts and see where her heart is. And regardless of her saying she's not a troll....she is. Trolls come on here and try to cause drama imo. Anyway thanks for defending me in a way.

Good to hear ur move and wedding went wonderfully. Nothing like ur first getting married to warm ur heart. I know the feeling!

Hey girl!

Hey man....Wats up?

Good to hear ur working out is going good. You have such heart warming comments lately.

Ur cracking me up as usual. I'm am happy, happy, happy an no one gonna change that.

Hey everyone, don't mean to leave everyone else out but just caught up on comments and wanted to say hi.

One more thing...
There's absolutely no way to prove when any pap shots are taken. If they catch Kristin or rob at a specific event such as concert...well then that's specific. But that truck shot of Rob and Kristen with the ping pong table? That could be who knows when. And I read an observation somewhere I can't remember, I think JFK, but isn't it interesting that when paps catch rob outside CM with other girls we only get 4 or 5 pics and they're cropped to show him with specific people. But when he is with his buddies we have 20 or thirty showing everyone? My theory? Kristen is either with him or he's with a big group and paps are trying to make it look like he's with one girl....just saying lol.


Tracybell said...

And I'm with you....no buts....ever

Elizbeth said...

Kristen looked so beautiful in Paris. Love the look. And my goodness, the sun is something else. Causing trouble much? Playing tricks on me again? Now there is Kristen walking in Paris, redhead and all. And I didn't have to lift a finger, the sun did all the work for me. It simply followed her to Paris to clear up the misunderstanding. "Now she's a brunette, now she's a redhead". Even the sun is playing games in this fandom. All I can say is I hope the non believers stack up on some antacid because they are going to need them. Just a hunch. Oh, its my hunch and I'm calling it. Sue me.

Will check in tomorrow. Have a blessed 4th of July everyone. Big hugs to all. Rose gets the biggest shout out. She is the best!

Tracybell said...

Yes to everything u said...especially the sun lol. I think I'll invest in peptobismal lol. I think I'm gonna make a fortune ha!

tufenuf55 said...

Looks like HBG may have gotten some new ink. Inside of right arm appears to say "Blaine" (?). Kristen is so beautiful in every pic. Love seeing her smiling with her fans.

tufenuf55 said...

New Pics of Kristen out and about in Paris posted on RD. She is smiling; looks so very happy!

tufenuf55 said...

In the new pics you can really tell her hair has a lot of red in it still and it is dusk in the pics so sun is not doing it. Oh, the drama by rags over who is the redhead in the truck with Rob. I think we know. LOL

vernistene said...

Hello Roselanders ;)
Tracybell - you are so welcome. I know Jane is a troll in disguise. Like I said she needs to go fetch or go scratch. lol whichever flea bitten troll do best.
Super RN - she is rocking it isn't she? :)
Lizzie D - Keep twirling. They are together no buts.....
artemisluvv - She just keeps getting better with age. My opinion is the more he loves her and she loves him the more they blossom beautifully. And I hope he "put a ring on it" and I totally agree about the truck and Craig's list. Wouldn't we just die if he showed up at our door to purchase something from us he saw on Craig's list? I know I would just give it to him. lol lol
Arleen - awesome what you are doing with your hair. You Rock!!!
Hey everybody no buts!!!!!! just the ones on our backs lol lol

vernistene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Oneheart said...

Hi to everyone here at Roseland. A great post Rose made me smile. Seeing both Rob and Kristen so happy should make every fan happy and that alone should answer all questions. That is f you had any questions to start with about the past week or so, I know what I believe as most of you do here. No questions on my part.

Just the thought of Rob and Kristen messing with the tabloids and some in the fandom makes me very happy. Don't you love Karma? Not saying that is what they are doing, I don't know them. I just like the idea.

That sure would be a great way to payback tabloids and some in the fandom, have them jumping on and off so many lies, printing one day, retracting the next..ROFLMAO Great way to provoke in my opinion. Provoke the tabloids into destroying themselves. LOL

When it comes to believing stuff....Always follow what you know in your heart to be true, it sees what your eyes can't. It's usually right too. Great thought Rose.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oneheart, RKsoulmates, Holy, LizzieD, Ginger, vernistene, Tracybell, Super, KK, DK, Em, artemisluvv, Pist, PamH, Pattybg, Tuff, Elizbeth, and the rest of Roselands! I just got my hair done. Which I love it. And I am sending it tomorrow.
Tracybell and vernistene- Thank you.
So what is happening. I got about til 7pm. Then I will be leaving for the fireworks where I live. Here in Logan, Utah they do it the day before Fourth of July. Tomorrow is in another city. Any news on our couple? Is Kristen home in time for her holiday with Rob? Snuggle watching the fireworks.

Oneheart said...

Hi Arlene...You have such a big heart and that is a great gift of love you share with cancer patients. I applaud you.

I am on vacation so I am not able to keep up with the internet so I have no idea where everyone will be for the 4th. I know where I will be...that's about it. Enjoy the fireworks tonight. We often go to Gatlinburg for the 4th of July, they have their 4th of July parade a minute before midnight so their parade starts on the 3rd and ends on the 4th. LOL

Not sure they are having fireworks here in the Mount Rushmore area where we are this year...so we'll just probably spend the day doing things in the area tomorrow. They are in a drought here so fireworks is not a good idea. LOL

Super RN Gas Passer said...


HUGS. We haven't spoken in a while. I Hope you are doing well...

PamH said...

Good evening Roseland

Kristen looks even more happy and radiant in new Paris pics than yesterday's....just gorgeous :)
I think that is where her and Rob should go and live =D

I wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July

My husband cracked me up with this so I thought I'd share it with you all - a great song and a funny guy : )

Pattybg said...





DreamerKind said...

Rob & Kristen appear hale & hearty in their daily outings. I am happy for them.

Once again I give thanks to those who wished the wedding party, myself and everyone good times with happy happy happy. Tomorrow the happy duo head to the Fiji Isles for 16 days. They need the break. I need more sleep and some wine before that. Tra la, la.

Glad you felt a part of my celebration.

Thinking of you, too.


DreamerKind said...

Wow! Fireworks going off over the roof of a building west of me! Gotta love how eager we are to celebrate our independence and those original heroes that made it happen in 1776.

Toasting time. Join me.

DreamerKind said...

I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire

The Inkspots:

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Thank you/0scar1994

DreamerKind said...

Shine On Harvest Moon

Leon Redbone:

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Little maid was kinda ‘fraid of darkness, so she said I think I'll go

Boy began to sigh, looked up in the sky and told the moon his little tale of woe, oh

Shine on, shine on harvest moon up in the sky
I ain't had no lovin' since January, February, June, or July

Snow time ain't no time to sit outdoors and spoon
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Thank you/Leon Redbone

DreamerKind said...

French Talk May Cause This

Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

Rita Hayworth/Jo Ann Greer (Pal Joey movie):

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But a fool can have his charms
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Am I

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Thank you/CalangofCorona

DreamerKind said...

Climbing higher just because you can

Monkey Man

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Thank you/hristForte

Anonymous said...

Hi DK, KK, LizzieD, RKsoulmates913, Holy, Ginger, Pattybg, PamH, Pist, Tuff, Oneheart, Super, Robert, Rose, Tracybell, vernistene, and the rest of Roselands! I just got home from watching fireworks.
Pattybg- Thank you.
Oneheart- Thanks.
DK- I love your music lyrics. More like a poem. Thanks!
I am wondering if Kristen got home safe and that her and Rob get chance to watch the fireworks together. They can celebrate together.

DreamerKind said...

Got my face airbrushed for the wedding, and felt like a star in the making. Even had some eyelash extensions put on, to lift the looks.

Not comparing myself to the bride and bridal party, as they were topnotch. Makeup applying with new results is FUN.

Pretending to be a star is even more fun I felt. Unless you are actually one, and then, there's too much BS to be endured, so makes for sourpusses.

Trying to figure out how to post a bridal party pic. When I do, you will see them, not me. I await pics.

Oh, say, can you see, Kristen's new ring, with bling, which I covet, indeed? Pink diamonds are my favos, along with yellow, just saying, know nothing & no one. Like it this way.

DreamerKind said...

Rob & Kristen got those peepers!

Jeepers Creepers

Ethel Waters (1938):

I don't care what the weather man says,
When the weatherman says it's raining,
You'll never hear me complaining,
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Thank you/warholsoup100

DreamerKind said...

Oh, lordy, hang on! No-no's or buts!

Hang On Sloopy

Ramsey Lewis Trio (1968):

Thank you/Stephen A. Banks

DreamerKind said...

Geez, should I pull the plug on the jukebox? Well, I will, when it feels right.

Two ex-Bil's did tell me (when their wives weren't around) that I was looking good! You mentioned fabulous, and that perhaps t'was a home run. Tee, hee.

DreamerKind said...

Peace out and in through the fire

Falling Through Time

Asher Quinn:

Thank you/Asher Quinn

DreamerKind said...

Cheese and crackers coming right up! Join me. Munch along. Today is what we have and cheese is here to be shared. :)

DreamerKind said...

Mt. Rushmore! The Black Hills! Lucky you and Mr. O. Waving the magic wand you way. Missing you.

DreamerKind said...

I will them to live, the roses tree, the peach tree, the sunflower plant, and the maiden grasses I bought for my balcony, without thought or understanding.

No green thumb protects them. They'll still be, if it be their will, and I don't over water them and kill.

Joy is seen and felt, in the miniscule details, of being alive.

DreamerKind said...

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SARAH: Is that all you think there is to it?
HARRY: You've got so many reasons for not being with someone, but
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LARRY: Come on, you're on to something, Bobby. You're on to something.

Someone to need you too much,
Someone to know you too well,
Someone to pull you up short
And put you through hell.

DAVID: You see what you look for, you know.
JOANNE: You're not a kid anymore, Robby. I don't think you'll ever
be a kid again, kiddo.
PETER: Hey, buddy, don't be afraid it won't be perfect. The only thing
to be afraid of really is that it won't be.
JENNY: Don't stop now. Keep going.

Someone you have to let in,
Someone whose feelings you spare,
Someone who, like it or not,
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SUSAN: And what does all that mean?
LARRY: Robert, how do you know so much about it when you've never
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been there?
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PETER: Add 'em up, Bobby. Add 'em up.

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Someone to make you come through,

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As frightened as you
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Being alive,
Being alive,
Being alive.

AMY: Blow out the candles, Robert, and make a wish. *Want* something!
Want *something*!

Somebody, hold me too close,
Somebody, hurt me too deep,
Somebody, sit in my chair

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DreamerKind said...

Time for a cool change. Cool as in very nice, and so wanted after hot summer times in the city.

I'll be around.

DreamerKind said...

Time dictates

Cool Change

Little River Band/John Farnham (1983):

If there's one thing
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Thank you/FreeTheRocks

DreamerKind said...

Remembering the power & it's glory

I Was Broken

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Thank you/mrsmollycullen

DreamerKind said...



Kay said...

Happy Independence Day to all of the Americans, and happy 4th of July to everyone else!

Take care and have a wonderful, fun, safe and happy Thurdsay, everyone! ❤

sue said...

@DK, hahaha, you're being a busy girl. Hope you had a lovely time.

Birdie said...

Happy 4th of July!!!

You were in fine form last night! I would love to see at least one picture of the you in all your glory. Have a great 4th.

Miss Stewart,
Chanel, Zuhairmurad, jeans, T-shirt,doesn't matter...you shine.

Anonymous said...

To all the Roselands Good morning! Happy Fourth of July. Hi everyone. I got to go soon. I am babysitting and then go for breakfast. Later. Keep me posted on our couple.

Elizbeth said...

Good morning all in Roseland. Hope everyone is doing fine. Celebrating July 4th!!! The weather has been unpredictable but I have a backup plan in case it rains. Thank goodness for RESTAURANTS. That is my plan B. Went snooping on RD this morning. There are pictures of Kristen at the fashion show in a waist down see through jumpsuit, high pumps with her hair swept to the side. So beautiful. She has really grown and is officially a woman. Hope we get to see some pics of Rob. I really like that HBG and Ruth has been with Kristen for such a long time. I mean they've literally watched her grow from a teenage kid to a woman. Amazing. Will check in later. Have a great morning all.

Annie said...

Morning all.

To all Americans at home and abroad.....Happy July 4th!

Have a great day everybody.
We're in a heat advisory here from now through Saturday.

sue said...

Just been looking at those news pics of Kristen, damn she is so beautiful. Those 'green eyes...take me...' Yep that song again.
Still see that red glow in her hair...

Ginger with a Soul said...

Morning Ladies and Robert

@Rose - I love the post :))))

Happy 4th everyone

@Sue - not really deflated more annoyed but I am good :)- just sometimes the negativity is unbearable but everyone seems way more upbeat which is a pleasant change.

@Robert - they need it to be anyone but her and the pictures came from Rolando who is now calling himself Jesus - now why would he do something like ? Seems like he is manipulating something and feels he has done so and now has control...The shitty fans (I use that loosely) that keep starting this crap by tweeting the tabs are playing into his hands.

@Super - They lifted some of our fire bans so we can grill at the park and watch fireworks which fits right into our plans for the day. Might be doing a rain dance though here soon - we need the rain plaguing other states

@DK - So happy for your sons marriage - may it be blessed :))

Everyone else - hope your 4th is good and this is really a great place to be - you all make it a breath of fresh air

sue said...

@Ginger, hey girl nice to hear from you.
I know where you're coming from, I have days I need to stay away from blogs and comments, also cause I have a life to live, but mostly for my own sanity.
The fandom (well some call themselves fans but...)is fucking insane, shortage of straight jackets. Where does all this hate come from? Is it the sign of the times, people being miserable in general? Has it always been like this? Or was I immune to it, being in my safe Robstenation/Intoxication bubble?
Stupid little me was just not aware of how the media (papz/sites/rags/mags) works. I got wind of it with Jolie/Pitt but that was child's play compared to this. It really opened my eyes since all this stuff is happening to R&K, I really wasn't aware of how dirty/sick/criminal it was. They must really love making movies, I just can't imagine it being worth it otherwise.

Pattybg said...







Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Happy Fourth of July.
Ginger- Hello! How are you? Good to see you on the comments.
As for everyone hope you have a great day. Keep me posted.

Pisteuo said...

Happy, Happy, Happy...it's the 4th of July!
So, Happy, Happy, Happy...it's enough to make me cry!

Happy 4th America and Roseland!!

DK, I had no doubts, sweet lady. :)

PamH said...

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!

It's raining still here but hope it stops or my grilling outdoors will have to change to cooking indoors :(

Kristen looks comfy and beautiful in her baggy jeans. Hope she heads back to her little family soon to spend some time together before Rob has to leave for work.

Have a fun and safe night everyone.

vernistene said...

PamH - It's raining here in Nashville too. She does look awesome in those baggy jeans. She just gets more and more stunning every time we see her. Our girl has grown into a stunningly gorgeous woman. She carries her self with confidence and class.(minus the pap birds, which those fuck wads deserve.)
My fourth will be in the house baking in the oven. There is no end insight for the rain.
Twitter rumor saying Rob was at the airport today for a flight to Montreal. I read on Robsten Daily. no pics. I hope if it is true that when Kristen flies back she stops there for a couple days before she starts her movie. I love this couple. They are a couple with no buts.........
Happy Independence day All.....:)

Holy said...


Seeing happy Rob and happy Kristen is good.

@Pam- have you seen The Heat yet.

LizzieD said...

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY, EVERYONE!!! Sorry to be late with my wishes but had to work today, how rude??? And people actually wanted to look at houses today.

I haven't even looked at all of Kristen's pics yet so I'm so far behind.

I hope everyone will be safe today!!!

PamH said...

@ Holy
Happy 4th :)
Yes we saw The Heat last week and it was great these two make a great team. If you liked Identity Theif I think you'll like this one as well. There is a really cute part at the very end or after credits with the cat =D

@ vernistene
Still raining off and on here to, just when you think it's past it comes pouring down again.

vernistene said...

Hey LizzieD, Arleen, Artemisluv, Super, Tracybell, and all Roselanders. Hope your fourth is off the chain good.

PamH - same thought here. I ran to Jack's BBQ shack and bought dinner. I will grill on Saturday. lol If it doesn't rain.

Where our gorgeous grown couple is concerned no buts everybody.........

Super RN Gas Passer said...


GINGER. It has rained for over a week now. I wish I could move some of it to you...the sun should return by the weekend. Stay a good way back from those fireworks. Is it safe when there hasn't been any rain????

We had a lovely day...Low Country Boil. Aka Paula Deen, brownies..they were a hit,homemade peach icecream and salad...oh and deviled eggs, of course...my brother and niece from Charlotte came and my sister and bro-in-law, Hubs and daw...son is in Florida ...gotta work tomorrow


I bet cha both of those exes wish they had been nicer to you pretty lady:)))

Hi ANNIE, SUE, HOLY, ARLEEN, VERNI, PATTY, PAM, LIZ, BIRDIE and any I missed...I hope everyone had a lovely day.

vernistene said...

Hey Roselanders,
Kristen is on her way back to the US. Picture of her at the airport is on strictly Robsten. She is in her baggy jeans, smiling and waving. She's probably happy to be going home to Rob. If he did fly out to Canada hopefully she'll stop over there. No buts people.........

vernistene said...

Earlier I said Rob was at airport for flight to Montreal I meant Toronto. I was looking at pics of Montreal and type the wrong thing. I apologize. Never want to lead the wrong way. :)

LizzieD said...

Vern -- I heard that the Rob airport sighting was false but I don't know for sure.

DreamerKind said...

Happy 4th Roselanders who celebrate!

My son called and said that he is flying first class to LA. I told him that if he runs into Kristen to tell her "Dreamer" from Rose's blog says hello (just in case she lurks here sometimes).
He laughed, called me crazy, and said he would not do that, even if he did see her.
Gah, my kids don't have any sense of humor about my delights! Sillybillies, that they are.

DreamerKind said...

It's quite the celebration here in my flat! Ode to Classic Potato Chips, jumbo no-chem hot dogs, French champagne, and a hearty toast on the phone with SuperRNGP! Oh, and chocolate covered Bing cherries for dessert later. Mwah!

Now I am unpacking misc. boxes to see what's in them. The packers went bonkers with packing paper and I'll have mountains of it for others to use.

Found a champagne glass first thing. FGM skills always help in these cases.

vernistene said...

Thanks LizzieD I know he's home waiting for her.
Dreamer tell your son to give her a big old hello from us all lol lol that would scare him. My kids are the same. They don't understand my fascination with K and R. I tell them it is the blessing of actually seeing true love, soulmates, meet and bloom before your eyes. That everyone wishes for the love of their life to be the one made for them and when you see it you can't help but love it. You pray for it, you fight for it and you watch over it as if it were yours. Hoping that something you say or do will help keep it safe. They look at me and say "Yeah right, funny farms over on main. " lol lol

Barb said...

Hey everyone!
DK I know what you mean. My kids think I'm a nut job too. :P~~~ to them! I have a friend visiting San Fran told her to be on the look out for K or R ... she said who are they?!?! GAAHH! I'm sure they lurk. Why wouldn't they?

DreamerKind said...

Gotta love their double standards. Stuff they adore or find funny, I don't.

They get a kick out of vomiting, farting, falling, tricking, drunk dunking videos and more.

The bachelorette party featured sex toys, not boy toys which would have amused me.

The generation gap's alive and well, as usual! Love survives.

Barb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vernistene said...

Barb my friends are the same. They all read Fifty Shades of Grey and went nuts but didn't know it was loosely based on Rob and Kristen in Twilight. Most of them never saw the Twilight series. lol I was floored. I told them "Sacrilege" lol lol.
Dreamer u r so right. Boy toys would have been the cherry on top. Kids, gotta love um, we had um. lol lol

Anonymous said...

Hi ANNIE, SUE, HOLY, Ginger, VERNI, PATTY, PAM, LIZ, BIRDIE, DK, KK, EM, RKSOULMATES913, Kay, KATY, SUPER, TUFF, and the rest of Roselands! Hope you all have a great Fourth of July. Tomorrow have to work. And then home. Any good news on our couple. I saw RD video of Kristen saying to papz about cockroach and rats. I say go Kristen.

DreamerKind said...

Yipee! I was watching the spectacular fireworks of several towns from a neighbor's balcony, one floor up. We just met and had shared a glass of wine. So I bought an easy chair and small dining table from her, since they were lovely. Happy, happy, happy.

Of course they would lurk here, as it's a fabulous place for lurkers. :)

She did say those things with a hand over her mouth, which became the highlight of my day until meeting my real life neighbor. Real life things must trump papz videos no matter what. Go Kristen!

DreamerKind said...

Oh, it was "rats, cockroach and parasite" or such a combo! Lowly ones in every society, who do serve a purpose of sorts, to lie so truth may wash it all away.

DreamerKind said...

Oh, no! The exes were suddenly very delighted with each other's company at the reception, a sort of man's club thing developed.
If I was their topic, you can be sure they had shared relief.
I had meant my ex-brothers-in-law, who admired me. Chuckle, chuckle.

Anonymous said...

HI DK! I agree with you there.

Holy said...

WAVES- @Super/Arleen/Tuf/Annie/DK/mari/Patty/Liz/Tracy and to those I miss.

@Pam- thanks,I will try to see it this Saturday.I'm looking forward of watching the new movie of Jodie Foster and Mat Damon,Elysium-it looks good when I saw the trailer.

vernistene said...

Good Morning Roselanders,
There are pics of Kristen arriving at the LAX yesterday from Paris on Kristen Stewart Daily. The nasty paps are there. It's so hurtful had sad and angry she looks arriving back in her on country because of them. At the airport in Paris and out and about she was all smiles. As soon as she hits home ground the fucking criminally insane paps attack. It is disgusting. She looks beautiful and I know Rob is waiting at home to cheer her up. Hope everyone's fourth was great!!! Gotta get back to work. Longer day ahead.

vernistene said...

Hey and Everyone what's my motto? :)
NO BUTS............LOL LOL
They are together.......

NO BUTS!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Friday morning. HI to all the Roselands! I am up getting ready for work and the post office. And I just lurk on Robsten Dreams pictures of Kristen at LAX airports. She looks calm and pis.

Em said...

happy Friday guys ;) I hope ur all okay ;) crazy busy summer days lol have n awesome weekend

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Good Friday morning. I am about leave for work and the post office. I am going to send my hair today. Keep me posted about our couple.

KStew Krew said...

OMG....Fucking HILARIOUS!!!! Made my friday in spades!!!!


Have the faith, keeping the faith, never letting the faith go,....EVER!!!!

KStew Krew said...

BTW Rose, you have such a HEALTHY admiration for Tom. I just wish...and wish I might.....that the R/K fandom was as sane. Oh well, one can only hope. Unfortunately I believe this fandom, or a huge part of it, has completely lost it's marbles. It has gotten waaaaaay beyond the point of being funny;it's ridiculous. The pictures of Tom and Sienna are wonderful. Such love and admiratin between those two...yes, it does remind me of another couple...dare I say their names....ok,....ROB and KRISTEN!!!!

Loved the pics of Kristen in Paris...j'adore Kristen!!!! HBG...he cleans up nice doesn't he. He takes such good care of Kristen. Funny she commented to the papz...way to go Kristen!!!

Hello to Roseland!!!

KStew Krew said...
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KStew Krew said...

One last thought everyone...about Kristen's hair color. If she is going to be a blonde for her next two movies, it is wise for someone with darker hair to lighten up in stages. So a light reddish color, like now, or no color (let it grow out naturally)would be healthier than going from dark to ..boooom...blonde. It really is damaging. No surprise that her hair is really light. The papz really suck. Just a thought. I know that if my hair was as long as Kristen's is now, I would want to do as much damage control to prevent as much breakage as possible. JMO. Have a good weekend everyone.

Elizbeth said...

Happy Friday everyone! It has been a fantastic week. Wishing you all a healthy, happy, love filled, peaceful weekend. Yes, smile, life is good, we are never alone. I was nineteen when I met the guy I would marry. I accepted his proposal two years later. He is tall and handsome, funny and smart. But it was the way he looked at me, like I was the best thing ever to walk the earth. He had the look in his eyes man, like I was all that. Its been two decades and he still looks at me this way. When people question Rob and Kristen's relationship I wonder if they are blind. Do you see how he looks at her? Like she is the best thing that every walk the earth; like she is all that. But then again, when you don't know what love looks like, you just don't know. That boy loves that girl. They are not my relatives, or my children, I just love that two people are young and in love and they are keeping their love alive regardless of this kind of scrutiny and hate they have to face everyday. It is good to stand in their corner and say, well done, we are smiling with you. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Elizbeth said...

Happy Friday everyone! It has been fantastic week. Wishing you all a healthy, happy, love filled, peaceful weekend. Yes, smile, life is good, we are never alone. I was nineteen when I met the guy I would marry. I accepted his proposal two years later. He is tall and handsome, funny and smart. But it was the way he looked at me,like I was the best thing ever to walk the earth. He had the look in his eyes man, like I was all that. Its been two decades and he still looks at me this way. When people question Rob and Kristen's relationship I wonder if they are blind. Do you see how he looks at her? Like she is the best thing that every walk the earth; like she is all that. But then again, when you don't know what love looks like, you just don't know. That boy loves that girl. They are not my relatives, or my children, I just love that two people are young and in love and they are keeping their love alive regardless of this kind of scrutiny and hate they have to face everyday. It is good to stand in their corner and say, well done, we are smiling with you. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Pattybg said...



Super RN Gas Passer said...


" That boy loves that girl".... Exactly... Love your posts !!!!

PamH said...

Love the new pics of Rob doing the grocery shopping =D
Toilet paper, Coors beer and snapple...just the necessities LOL
He was probably giving Kristen a break after her jet lag :)

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

Pisteuo said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Friday, Roseland!! :))
I'm off to have a cold beer on a Friday night...with the radio oh-oh-on...

Yeah, I know some of you are like...enough with the Happy, Happy, Happy shit. Well, I'm a very firm believer that Happy is where it's at. And Happy, Happy, Happy is here to stay! Well, until there is nothing left to be happy about and I pray that day NEVER comes. :)))

So...CHEERS Roseland...and have an awesome Happy, Happy, Happy WEEKEND!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Hi PamH, LizzieD, Pist, Em. Holy, RKsoulmates913, Ginger, DK, KK, Super, Pattybg, and the rest of the Roselands! Just got home from work but will go back out soon.
PamH- I saw pictures of Rob shopping on Robsten Dream. One question what is he saying on the pictures. Looks like he telling them off.
KK- Hi there! How are you? Sounds like you were on vacation.

Before start talking to you guys. I better get going I have also grocery shopping and get some money for tomorrow farmers market. Keep me posted.

Super RN Gas Passer said...


Have a few for me...I'm on call tonight so..boohoo...sniff....sniff ...and I will be happy as much as humanly possible which may be possible tomorrow night...

katy said...

Hello everyone,


You do not bore anyone with the Happy, Happy, Happy...Happy IS the perfect mood to be.

Time you spent being happy, is not wasted.

Love DomesticRob!!

And, Kristen looked absolutly amazing in PFW.

Wish everyone an awesome weekend. Take care.

katy said...


Tracybell said...

I understand u completely. We're getting ready to celebrate our 27th and I can honestly say we are more in love today than we were 30 years ago because I fell in love the night I met him at 19. I can't stand it when people say rob and kristen haven't dated enough people and are too young and haven't experienced life. Wtf. We married at 19 and 21 and I thank god every day for my husband. So thank you for ur post. You are the sweetest....

@kstew krew
Agree with u about Kristen hair. Fellow brunettes around the world raise their hand and say "can I get an amen?" :)

Don't you dare stop being happy happy happy and have few or 5 for me girl. Coors light sounds good lol.

Hope ur night goes fast

Have fun at the farmers market tomrw.

Patty Pam and everyone else have a great weekend. Have a feeling we'll be hearing from rose this weekend?


Kay said...

I'm all for the Happy, Happy, Happy too, Pisteuo. Cheers!! :D

Take care, be safe and have a great weekend, Roseland! ❤

Anonymous said...

Hello to all the Roselands! How are you? I just got home from groceries. I am wondering what Rob is saying to them. Anything else I missed while I was out?

DreamerKind said...

Good morning! It's Saturday again. Loved fireworks I saw amd now the day old champs that still tastes okay. Got a slight cough/sniffles, and happy to be alive.

"Happy happy happy" shall live forever for me along with Liz's La La Land and Roses's twirling. Fun expressions that uplift do not easily fade.

DreamerKind said...

Not Fade Away

Buddy Holly:

Thank you/MinorThreat81

DreamerKind said...

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)


I ain’t got time for you baby, either you’re mine or you’re not
Make up your mind sweet baby, right here, right now’s all we got

A little party never killed nobody, so we gon’ dance until we drop
A little party never killed nobody, right here, right now’s all we got

At least I miss trips around the world,
Don’t mean a thing if I ain’t your girl

A little party never killed nobody, so we gon’ dance until we drop
A little party never killed nobody, right here, right now’s all we got

All we got, all we got, all we got, all we got
All we got, all we got, all we got, all we got

Glad that you made it, look around
You don’t see one person sitting down
They got drinks in their hands and the room’s a bust
At the end of the night maybe you’ll find love

Fake chit chat ’bout the things they got
And my stout reputation keeping it hot girl
At the party of the year I’m a master plan
If you make me realize I’m your man

If the people get loud,
Underneath the moonlight
Hotsy-totsy, paparazzi,
Hold it while I take this pic
Speak easy,

Rocking the fellas I’m breezy
Hope you can keep up boys,
'Cause believe me,
I’m the bee's knees

It don’t mean a thing if I give you my heart
If you tear it apart, no, uh, uh, ah, oh

It don’t mean a thing if I ain’t in your eyes
Papa that ain’t gonna fly, no, uh, uh, ah, oh
Just one night’s all we got]

What do you think GoonRock?
Are you ready?

Thank you/asif anwar

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Its raining here in Logan, Utah. I was walking from my bus stop to my house. All of sudden it started raining. By the time I got to my house. I almost got soak. I don't mind. Its been hot lately. I didn't run. I was just enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

DK- Glad that you are enjoying your fireworks.

DreamerKind said...

You shall see me in my glory, when I see you in yours! I can only imagine how darling you are.

Hi, dear girl!

You are the busiest young one but that is very good. Glad your wedding chores are over and you are back to your usual. Hugs.

So nice to see your comment! Like old times.

Holy said...

Hello guys.

@DK- waves.

Rob was adorable doing grocery shopping with Jamie and he bought broom,beer,snapples,chips and toilet paper.LOL

Birdie said...

It's a draw.LOL. I am sure you were gorgeous!
How could we ever tire of your happy,happy,happy? That is what sets Roseland apart, the positive and you are that!
Have a very,very happy weekend Roseland!

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning to all the Roselands! Hi Holy, Mari, RKsoulmates913, Kay, wonderfulbliss, Nora, DreamerK, Whyistherum, Katy, Kay, Pattybg, Barb, Kathy, Robert, Birdie, Elizabeth, linese, Stella, vernistene, tufenuff, Olivia, Super, PamH, LizzieD, Pisteuo, Em, Sue, Linz, artemisluvv , ADD, Zkorpiozz Rose, Ginger, and the rest of the Roselands! I am up and getting ready to go to farmers market, and a day.
Holy- I saw the pictures of Rob at a grocery store. I say cool. I say I don't blame him for being unhappy with the Papz. They got to follow them everywhere. That just nuts.

Elizbeth said...

Birds of the same feather flock together. This is nature. They love wearing baseball caps, sometimes backwards. They love their t-shirts, and sometimes, they love rolling up those t-shirt sleeves, and same thing with their jeans; they love to cuff them. They layer up clothing, and sometimes they wear a shirt over a tee and then button up three buttons from the neck down. They love their sneakers man, not boots, not shose; sneakers. Don't let me get started with the hoodie. They never dress up Hollywood style, they say there is a place and time for that. They play dress up when the is time right. And they drive old trucks and ordinary folks cars and keep company with folks who live in ordinary apartments. They have the same taste for things like music, movies, books, so much more to share than kisses and such. After all, a man can not live on kisses alone. And fools will never get, how easy it is to walk away from kisses and such when you can get that for a buck or less. But birds of the same feather, now that is something you have to hold on to ever so tight. The smart ones know, this is something that is not only rare, but all the money and fame won't buy you that. So anytime you see our couple walking alone or together hoodie, cuffed jeans, sneakers and backwards cap, remember, they are just birds of the same feather tied together by something deeper than kisses and such. And this one thing I want to add. Just because we don't see them strolling together doesn't need they are not together. I suppose Bear and Bernie don't exist? Well, when was the last time you saw them? All is well and I know this because love is a very powerful thing; the most powerful thing there is. Have a blessed day my friends at Roseland. And to Rose, have a blessed day as well. I am off to my dentist for a
root canal and deep cleaning. I hate needles, especially in my gums!! Oh well, I have to be an adult about this but I promise you I am going to hate it so much.
Much love to all of you. :)

Tracybell said...

You to Elizbeth....goodluck

Anonymous said...

Who is rpatz guy friend Jamie? He lives with him in Los feliz. Is he english too and is he an actor too?

Barb said...

DK Yep! FAB!

verni I'm with K on "50" kinda creepy!

Pist I love Happy Happy freakin' Happy!

Robert I'm with you about Kiley. Who did she hang with when he was away? I don't think they were alone you can't see who is in the back of the truck cause the windows are tinted. WOW what a ring!

Ebeth "That boy loves that girl." ♥♥♥

Arleen ((HUGS)) don't worry so much they are fine!

Sue Love that song too! I agree they MUST LOVE what they do! I'd be gone by now!

Well time to clean the windows! Have a good day aaaaaaaaaaaall!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I just got back from walking with my friend. From my house to fair grounds. We went to farmer markets. I love farmers market. They are so fresh.
Barb- I know. I just like you guys keep me posted on our couple. I like to hear good stuff and never bad stuff. And no I have been reading or clicking to those trashy tabloids. I am against them just as much as you guys do.

vana said...

I am Robsessed but I do like Rob and Kristen together I take offence at being called a ninnie for being Robsessed. I love Rob, in fact he is fantastic in every way and I support him above anyone else.